Profound Beast Companion?

I have only read what has been translated on WW, does Yun Che ever get a profound beast companion? I know he had Little Fairy's bird thing for a while but not sure that counts...

I just find it unusual that in most of these novels they all have some super OP profound beast companion to help them, and it has mentioned before that MX has her dragon.


  • Hong'er is essentially that. 
  • Lmao he doesn't get to ride Honger tho
    That aside I don't think there's any beast worthy of his growth rate.
    Perhaps he might get to ride the IP goddess later :)
  • if YC somehow got a beast companion, i guess itll be a very weak looking one, or a small pet something that is ridiculously strong. we need to keep that Underestimating thing going...
  • Still, he put the same kind of profound contract on Hong'er as a profound beast (he even commented as such) and she lives in his body just like one. She's basically a gluttonous beast sword.
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