What's good about ATG?

Hi all, I'm fairly new to reading Wuxia, only started this year, and I'd like the opinion of you all before delving into ATG.

I started with TDGs and was upset when the author pretty much discontinued it. Then I got recommended to ED which I enjoy a lot. I want to see other people's opinions on what's good and what's bad about ATG before starting in case I waste my time on it.

From the discussions in the forums there seem to be a lot of people that dislike the MC due to the MC being dumb and the 'plot armor' carries him. I enjoy overpowered characters a lot and I'd like to know in what way is the MC overpowered.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your replies.


  • He got strong ladies to cover him when needed
    He usually fight people stronger than him
    Intelligent and ruthless when needed
    Plot armor opaf yeah...
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    Just gets stupider as it goes. I liked it before but then it just became about fu*king every girl he sees.

    MC has no discernible intelligence but with the author covering his back, giving him one of the most ridiculous plot armors I've seen, he's managed to live so far.
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    Starts out strong and the first 800 chapters or so are really enjoyable but from that point sadly the story gets worse and worse at this point Yun Che is pretty much a walking hormone with an IQ of 10. 

    Yun Che is one of those really really annoying characters who almost constantly make poor decisions solely so the plot can move forward the author tries to portray him as a genius and constantly comments on how smart he is but then proceeds to have him make the absolute worst decisions possible {almost exclusively in regards to woman} so that the story can move forward. He is super OP because he has a bunch of OP inheritances and such but their will always be some woman in the arc who is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay stronger than him but will have a soft spot for him.

    That said it's still one of the more compelling and interesting xianxia's around so it's probably worth a read and it's certainly better than TDG

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    I didn't want to like ATG because the main character is a bit of a morally dubious, especially with women. I prefer the one loves over harem novels... but this one grew on me. 

    The main character can be violent and vulgar. He's promiscuous and almost always horny. You can pretty much expect he'll end up sleeping with every major female character and making her his wife. However, the women he surrounds himself with have interesting backgrounds themselves and each of them are important to the plot. They aren't mere ornamentation or trophies... at least for their particular story arc. He does get a new woman each arc and then she pretty much is cast aside when he goes off on his next adventure.

    That said, his story is a good one. He's loyal to his friends and family. The plot isn't heavy hitting. It's filled with adventure and humor and is one of the best paced novels I've read. I'm pleased that the fights aren't carried out onto DBZ levels across too many chapters. 

    For me, it didn't take one or two hundred chapters before the plot got interesting. I started liking this one from the first few chapters. Start it... if you don't like it within twenty chapters, then move on.


    Oh, I also like the current arc. I haven't read it for a month, but I left off in the 1100s. Translation releases are a bit slow these days and I am simultaneously reading several others while waiting for these releases to accumulate. In the current arc, he's been more focused on his growth. He's also uncovering a lot of new information about this universe, so it is more interesting to find out more about it as a read. 
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