Shambala Sect

edited October 2019 in Original Stories


Driven by the desire to meet a billion beauties from a million dwellings, Lirzod of the obscure Faceless Clan, a trusty youngster with a heart full of up-front feelings, embarks on an expedition together with two friends—or followers as he’d love to chaff around folks—to join a sect of repute and pick up his people’s place in the pecking order of earthly assemblies. On his extensive quest owing-to and for love, he discovers aplenty—the unkind darkness dancing amok under heaven, puppeteering cut-throat characters with undreamed-of abilities to act against the wellbeing of the wanting ones. How will Lirzod find his place let alone love in a realm largely ruled by reprobates and scallywags of sundry sorts? And what ensues from his endeavors? Hold your breath, and bear witness to his boundless undertakings.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

A Kind Note: “The story is lengthy, so go easy on ‘hold your breath’ thing, okay?”

Additional Info: Each chapter is 2000+ words long. Currently, I may or may not release a chapter every week, but with support, I can release up to 10K+ words per week.


“The Earth below me may crack, the sky above me may collapse, every chapter of mine will still release in time and be 2000+ words longer. To boot, the sun in the skies may no longer shine, the water in the oceans may no longer well up, every reader of mine shall still show perpetual support and be my greatest strength.”


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