what character makes Ni lie fall for Ye Ziyun (CHAPTER 456 Spoiler)

For me in the end i really wish the author will make Ziyun and Nie li to be together and Ning'er will find someone that will make her only his because ning'er really deserve to be happy.

In chapter 456 if you really study what the author really think why Nie li claim ning'er as his women because if he doesn't claim ning'er to be his women she cannot leave the sect and nie li doesn't know how clear this to zin yun and ning'er stared to Ziyun with guilt, because of that Ziyun understand it and ni lie dumfounded about the reaction of Ziyun that what makes her really admirable because if it is a normal girl it rages her of jelousy and anger this is the character what makes ni lie fall for her and turn Ni lie to be a strong man and Not coward because in the previous life ni lie is a coward person.

The only thing that i don't like about ninger is his jelousy towards Ziyun (NO OFFEND for those who fight for love)

But if author will make Ziyun and ning'er to be his two wife In the end, Ning'er will never be trully happy she will be satisfied Yes, but Never trully happy because the nature of human is to greedy. Unless their will be someone that will make ning'er heartbeat fast because in my opinion Ning'er only admires ni lie turn it into adoration. In the previous life even if Ni Lie was with the mask girl he never trully love her.

This is just only my opinion about the story and no offense to those who like Ning'er. But if you really like her you will wish her to be happy. But this only fictional so don't take heart hehhe

thank you
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