Issue with the site

Sorry, I can't find a proper sub-forum about help or something related but I have to create this thread.

I'm currently reading many different novels and everything seems to be working. This is my first time reading past 600 chapters and I always read the novels on my phone, for example, after 600 chapters (not sure if it was 600 exactly or something between 600 and 650) of Against the Gods, every single time I press the "next chapter" button on my phone, it goes back to the index, annoying as hell!

I tried everything, shutting down my phone, opening a new window but the issue is still there. Tried with chapters between 1 and 599 and the next button works perfectly but after the 600+ whenever I press the next button, it goes to the index of Against the Gods.

There is definitely something wrong and it probably happens with all novels after 600 chapters (didn't try) but if it happens once, it should happen to all novels because the script should be the same.

Does anyone have this problem? 

It's very annoying, going back to the index, scroll many chapters to find the one I want to read and possibly get spoilers for reading the other titles (which I hate and I can't stop my eyes from doing it).
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