What is the name of this Novel?

I read this novel before and I stopped reading it when the releases were slowing down. And now I just remembered it and decided to read it again from the start. The only problem is that, I don't remember the title of the novel. But I remembered some scenes and I thought maybe the forum is good idea since theres alot of readers in here, So here I am. 

It started when a new VR game was released and this OP guy was a "God" on the last VR game that was coming to an end. However when he joined the latest game, a player took his "Legendary Name" and then He decided to choose another one. He goes out and made a name for himself in the game. 

There are still some scenes that I can still remember. I know there are some hardcore readers in here so please help a guy out. 

Thanks again.



  • Sounds like The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor 
  • Maybe Evil Dragon Against The Heaven?
  • Thank you guys, I found it. It really was Evil Dragon Against the Heaven. At first I was hesitating if it was a Chinese novel or a korean one. But I guess it really was the former. Thanks again guys.
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