looking for wuxia with cool cultivation stages

So as the title says im looking for novels with great cultivation stages . To put it in perspective, in ISSTH the stages were the definition of awesomeness: you had Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Spirit Severing, TRANSCENDENCE... Another awesome one was Desolate Era: Samsara Daolord, Omega Emperor, Autarch, Lord of Chaos. BUT then there are novels like Coiling Dragon......demigodgodhighgod...not cool..., or another one I dont remember what was its name but it was reaaally popular and the stages were like: profound earth, profound heaven, profound emperor, profound master, profound king, then divine and alllll over again. So please recommend me some that are like the ones I liked, and if possible i would like finished (translated) novels, or atleast not like 40 translated chapters. (I've read Renegade Immortal too.)

PS: Oh and please guys, Im new here, write the full names of the novels not shortcuts. 


  • For completed ones, you can try Battle Through The Heavens (BTTH). If i recalled correctly, its 10 levels per stage. Wu Dong Qian Kun (WDQK) is somewhat similar since its the same author as BTTH. BTTH and WDQK is linked to The Great Ruler (kinda like a trilogy). The Great Ruler translation is slow though. I think they stopped the translation before and was only picked up again recently. 

    The profound cultivation stages one you mention is probably Martial God Asura. For ongoing novels with more than 1000 chapters translated, you can try Against the Gods. One thing to note is that both of these novels are still ongoing (as in the author is still writing them). 
  • I think the profound cultivation stages one is probably Against the Gods
  • Ravelt said:
    I think the profound cultivation stages one is probably Against the Gods
    How so? Cultivation stages are pretty boring. Just basically increasing quantity and quality of his energy. Pretty basic

    -Emperor's Domination is pretty unique in regards to cultivation (Fate Palaces and so on plus cultivating body as well with different body physiques)
    -Martial World (forming a world within yourself) and True Martial World (growing dao trees, palaces, etc based on realm) both have interesting cultivation style
    -The Magus Era has Magus, Body, and Spirit Cultivation. Among the most unique stories and cultivation I've seen
    -Rise of Humanity is also unique cultivation style I haven't seen in other novels
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  • IET's novels are famous for its balanced cultivation system. which most probably you've already heard of since these are quite famous novels.(CD, ST, DE and others...)
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