looking for wuxia with cool cultivation stages

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So as the title says im looking for novels with great cultivation stages . To put it in perspective, in ISSTH the stages were the definition of awesomeness: you had Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Spirit Severing, TRANSCENDENCE... Another awesome one was Desolate Era: Samsara Daolord, Omega Emperor, Autarch, Lord of Chaos. BUT then there are novels like Coiling Dragon......demigodgodhighgod...not cool..., or another one I dont remember what was its name but it was reaaally popular and the stages were like: profound earth, profound heaven, profound emperor, profound master, profound king, then divine and alllll over again. So please recommend me some that are like the ones I liked, and if possible i would like finished (translated) novels, or atleast not like 40 translated chapters. (I've read Renegade Immortal too.)

PS: Oh and please guys, Im new here, write the full names of the novels not shortcuts. 
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