Would you be interested in learning about (accurate) psychology as you read a Novel?

It can get a little complicated, and some of the things you can do with psychology is so far out of most people's everyday realities that I dare say people will claim it is fake. I feel like it is one of those things that sound nice in writing but would end up falling on resistive ears (or eyes) when put in practice as it almost forces you into an introspection into your own life. So clearly, it can be anywhere between a little to extremely invasive. I feel like wuxia already kind of does this with the "dao", but because it is more conveniently hidden under the guise of "Oh, I'm just learning about another culture" it is far more easier to get away with. I'm kind of tired of all these basic and "level 2 and a half" themes and ideologies in some of these novels, but of course that's how it must be since anything more would end up triggering repressed and 'dark' paradigms in the viewer. It is literally gotten to the point where (sometimes) the main character can't be too happy/confident/content/assured or readers will end up feeling too uncomfortable (not all of you guys I know, some may not even know wtf I am talking about- you innocent little flower you ;) ). I understand why as well, most readers are not here to expand their reality, they are here to be entertained. They demand the contrast and the roller coaster of emotions. So I guess I half-answered my own question here. If you want to add the psychology and "wisdom" aspect into a novel, it should be accompanied with great contrast (which makes it more real) and roller coasters, and more importantly, it must be subtle.
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