Which novel has the best plot?

It's subjective, but what novel has your favorite plot?


  • Warlock of the Magus World, I Shall Seal the Heavens, Against the Gods, and Release the Witch have some of the best plots out of all the Light Novels I have read. Especially RTW and WMW.

    WMW plot is so good that I wish I forgot about it just so I can experience the thrill of reading it over again. The world building and character development is where the magic lies. The MC isn't the typical one where he has to get saved by plot armour. He even goes as far as to challange plot armour. MC always has a backup plan and not some unexpected encounter to save his life. MC is cold hearted throughout the whole novel. The author doesn't bend him in any way. Everything the MC does is for his own benefit, he doesn't think twice even if it concerns is harem members. The arcs are all connected and everything just falls into place perfectly. Here is a quote that pretty much sums up MC's personality. 

    "You want me to help you? Sure… but what benefit can I get out of it? Nothing? Bye."

    RTW is different but nonetheless good. The MC has no powers at all and is in fact weak. What makes up for his weakness is his intellect, and the witches he meets who have certain powers that he takes advantage of and make machines. The story can be categorised under kingdom building. The MC brings in modern world technology to a backwater and medival era. He also changes the entire political system and brings in ideas from his previous world and basically reforms the whole country through propoganda and political beliefs. It is very fresh and new to read then typical xinxia and wuxia novels. It was an indescriable feeling when he arms his army with guns when he is at war against opponents. I will give props to the current translator when he encompasses the melancholy in one of the arc beautifully.

    ATG is the very first novel I read so it holds a special place in my heart. Therefore, when I read it it was a new experience as I have never read anything like it before. Thats why it I think the plot is good. ISSTH on the other hand rivals WMW in terms of character development and world building. Meng Hao really matures and it is not just half-assed. What makes the author really admirable is that he plans ahead and carefully places parts which come together to form a master piece. For example, he left some bits unexplained(?) in his previous novel which comes into play in ISSTH and makes you think "OHH that explains it

    I'm going to give a strong opinion which I think will trigger some ISSTH fanboys. I honestly think Yun Che plays the role of a con artist better then Meng Hao. I say so because in early chapter fro ATG you guys might remember where he pretended to be a doctor and brought ruin upon the Xiao clan. He planned it out so well from the very start to the ned when he loots their treasury. All Meng Hao has done is just lie and take advantage of the enemy while the enemy is aware he is being taken advantage of. 
    The defintion of Con Artist is: A confidence trick is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence, used in the classical sense of trust. 
    Yun Che gains the trust before bringing ruin whereas Meng Hao's enemies don't trust him at all and only give in becasue Meng Hao is stronger. 
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