Okay so I came
up with a way to “technichally” cultivate chi though the chi part is not proven its st


  • its still has results
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    I named it the True Cultivation Technique and it has 3 main stages (that i have created you may contribute some insight with the current stages or new ones and etc)
  • True Cultivation Technique
    -Stage 1 Body Strengthening Stage
    (you focus on making your body in having these 3 things)

    “Flexibility”(stretches, yoga)

    “Power”(Martial arts, Powerlifting and Explosive workouts (HIIT cardio and etc))

    “Endurance” (Jogging,Swimming,Biking,Jumprope)

    Stretching should be done after a workout and before sleeping
  • -Stage 2 Chi Awakening Stage
    Practice Wim hof method for the main breathing technique
    And chigong/taichi for better chi flow and cultivation speed

    (Wimhof or “Iceman” is known for his superhuman feets and world records he made the breathing technique and it is proven to work)
  • -Stage 3 Transcening Humanity Stage
    (Benefits include immunity to all diseases,Cold and Heat, proven by wimhof) Google it

    Train in extreme cold and heat (walk in the winter wearing only shorts and shoes,go to saunas,ice cold showers,ice baths and etc)

    (Dont do the breathing technique in the cold water or sauna do it in a normal temperature place)

  • Cultivation pills


    Turneric+Black pepper
    Chilis and Cayenne pepper
    Any and all spices

    DO NOT DO THE BREATHING TECHNIQUE IF YOU HAVE WEAK LUNGS (train your lungs first and do taichi instead until your lungs are strong enough)
    Make sure to NEVER do the breathing technique while in water or a hot place
  • I dont see the breathing technique
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