Mcs an idiot

As of last 2 years ago i was caught up with the mtl then dropped it cuz i was done with novels but then i picked it up again at of now im at chp 1062 and his desperately trying to save his master cuz hes too slow WTF HE COULD IDK SUMMON THE FUCKING ARC AND GO THERE AND TAKE HIS MASTER THAN RUN OFF LIKE HELL THAT ARC CAN TRAVEL AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT OR GO THROUGH SPACE WHICH MEANS ITS FAST AS HELL WHICH MEANS HE DIDNT EVEN HAVE TO WARN HIS MASTER AND JUST SUMMON THE GODDMAN BOAT 

PS. I think the author is just an idiot too.... i apologized if any one is angry cuz im just ranting..... and i think the mc couldve idk summon other things too...

Edit just finished that chapter i still think HE COULDVE USED IT SOONER


  • Please read the rest of the chapters before you create a thread just to go off on a rant, it takes a lot of fuel for his ark to move around the Realm of Gods because the spatial laws are higher there than the Blue Polar Star. At that time he barely had enough fuel to get next to her, which is why he needed the assistance of the Golden Crow Sect Master.

    He later used the ark to make a get away from the black soul sect, but that only worked out because he was in a lower star realm where the spatial laws are lower than higher & mid star realms.

    Sorry if I come as offensive but it really irks me how many readers seem to think that his Ark is a quick fix for almost every situation he ends up in.
  • Not to mention if he hadn't gotten in range to speak to Xuanyin before he jumped in the ship (which at 150km nearly exhausted the Vermilion Bird Jade), she wouldn't have been ready to immediately shield him and he'd have been liquefied by the force of their battle. Huo Rulie (a Divine Sovereign) couldn't get closer than 150km without risking damage, and his son (Divine Spirit) was 500km away and was severely crippled. Fights between Divine Masters are no joke. 
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