Above the Skies - 《凌霄之上》Translated by Lord Grass Jelly

Hello all! Because of the fact that my previous translation choice had no future, I have decided to change novels. 《凌霄之上》seems like a solid choice with about six hundred chapters out so far. It is a pretty interesting novel, as can be expected of the author Guan Qi who's publisher  apparently has a good publishing relationship with wuxiaworld. There was someone translating this novel on the forums, but it seems like they dropped the story after a few chapters(They have not updated in more than half a year so, I think it should be fine for me to pick it up). A confirmed updating schedule will begin after 5/26/2018 because of certain circumstances lined up for the next two weeks, however I will try to update at least three chapters a week for now. 


  • Translator's Synopsis

    Wang Xiong regains the memories of his past life. Regaining control of the human realm, he leads a mighty army and returns to the Immortal Realm on a conquest against the Divine Immortals. 

    Changes begin, chaos arises.
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    Chapter 1 - Calling Upon The Eye of Heaven

    At the foot of Qiyun Mountain laid an army camp steeped in chaos and disarray. 

    From it’s direction, one could hear the seemingly endless cries of pain and suffering of wounded soldiers as they were operated on by the army medics. Not too far away, one could see a tent, larger than the others in which the higher ranked generals had gathered in discussion for three entire days. 

    Currently, outside of this tent keeled a group of servants. At the front was a skinny middle-aged man, his hands grasping a golden seal that shinned with a glistening luster. 

    Every once in a while, the man would gaze in the direction of the nearby mountain in which the Tomb of The Gods rested. As of now, it was nearly impossible to spot due to an enormous tornado stirring up the desert sands and conjuring them into a large sandstorm wall. 

    The man turned his head back to the tent in front of him as he clasped his hands in front of him and called out for what seemed to be the umpteenth time. "Eastern Palace, first-class steward Wang Zhouquan, carrying the golden seal of the Eastern Royal Palace, sincerely requests an audience with the High Lady of the Southern Palace, Zhou Tianyin!" 

    One of the guards keeping watch over the outside of the tent stepped forward. "Wang steward, it has been three days, if the young miss wished to grant you an audience, she would have done it already, by now, it should be obvious that she does not want to see you!" 

    The steward did not move from his kneeling position. "Who the young miss wants to meet is not something that is up to you to decide. As a soldier, you must do your job, the golden seal is here so do what you are told." He refuted, eyes fixed on the front flap of the tent. 

    The guard sighed as he looked at the seal once more. The servant he could deal with, but the seal and the power it represented was not something that could be taken lightly. The guard made up his mind and walked back into the tent to repeat the stewards words once more. 

    Seeing this happen once again, the surrounding servants began muttering under their breath. The group had been there for nearly three days, it was enough to drive them mad. 

    One of them drew up their courage and spoke, "Head steward... Our master is gone, there is no changing that. We have waited for three days and nights already. Instead of waiting for a false hope, we should be preparing the funeral..."

    Wang Zhouquan's eyes snapped open in anger. "Impudent!" 

    "Head steward, we know it is hard to accept, but the young master is gone. The servants who returned have explained the situation. Young master was hit by an arrow while the army was under siege deep in the valley. Before they could recover his body, the sandstorm struck and they were unable to do so. Steward Wang, you should stop being so persistent and begin planning the funeral...” The faces of those present were all filled with shame, but it was clear that nothing would happen.

    “You are certainly correct, those servants did leave behind young master to die. They failed their duty, not only were they unable to protect the young master, but they did not think twice about running away to save heir own skins. Such actions should be punished by death! As long as there is still hope that the young master is alive, we will not rest. If you speak out like this again, you will face punishment!” Wang Zhouquan flared as a cold beam flickered within of his eyes.

    The servant who had previously spoken paused and lowered his head, he hesitated for a moment and then spoke again. “Head steward, it is common knowledge that there exists beasts who crave human flesh within the confines of the valley. It is likely that young master, along with the hundreds that have died during the battle no longer have corpses. Because of his demise, the Eastern Palace is now under great strain. We must return and try to alleviate the tension. As next in line, Wang Tianci needs our support right now. There can not be a palace without a master, and if we work hard now, we will likely find favor in Tianci's eyes."

    Wang Zhouquan shot to his feet and turned around, revealing a rage filled face. "Our young master is the rightful heir. Although Wang Tianci has talent, he is nothing; he is not even worthy to lick the young masters shoes let alone compete for the position of leadership! Whether or not the young master is alive is not something that can be decided by a servant like you. We will not return until we have proof that he is gone, to say that the young master is dead is the same as saying that he deserves death! For that, you will die!" 

    Hearing this, two other servants rose and moved forward. 

    "Execute him!" Wang Zhouquan said, his eyes burning ruthlessly.

    The servant who had spoken out began to shake. "No, please, Head steward, I have served you and the Wang household for nearly three years with upmost loyalty. As a second-ranked servant, all of my actions were done for the sake of the family! He stammered as his face began to lose its color. 

    "You have done everything for the family? Ha!" Wang Zhouquan scoffed. "Such deeds can only be determined by your master. While it is still unsure if your master is alive or not, you worry not about him, but yourself! Turning your back on him in order to support others when the tables have turned., you are more than deserving of death!" Wang Zhouquan waved at the two standing servants and they walked forward. 

    With a desperate look in his eye, the servant whimpered. "Pleas-" 


    Blood splattered as the servants behind him severed his head, the red liquid spraying a couple meters away. On the severed head, his face still contorted in a look of terror.

    Wang Zhouquan turned around and looked at the other servants behind him, "From now on, those who insult the young master will meet the same fate!" 

    "Yes." The remaining servants fearfully agreed, what the steward had done was killing one to scare a hundred. 

    A moment after the servants had voiced their agreement, a powerful voice boomed from the entrance of the tent.

    "Who is it that dares to make a scene in front of my tent?" The voice boomed, its aura blasting out in all directions. 

    Upon hearing the voice, the entire camp went silent, even the wounded stopped calling out in pain. The only sound was that of the howling wind and slow dripping of blood onto the ground. 

    Wang Zhouquan's face turned serious, a light of hope appearing in his eyes.

    From within the tent, large footsteps sounded as a shadow appeared underneath the front flap. Out stepped a young man dressed in regal pupal clothing who was followed by a large number of generals.

    The man was rather handsome with a regal bearing, in his eyes there existed a piercing gaze. As he stepped outside, a sense of unworthiness settled over everyone present.

    Wang Zhouquan's eyebrows furrowed slightly as he bowed to the young man, "Eastern Palace, first steward, Wang Zhouquan greets Fourth Prince!" 

    The Fourth Prince eyed the headless corpse laying on the ground with a cold gaze before turning back to Wang Zhouquan. "A mere steward? Do you even know where this is? Do you think that the King's tent is somewhere you can do as you wish?"

    Wang Zhouquan's eyes flashed as he pulled the golden seal out into plain view. "I have truly dishonored Fourth Prince these past few days by waiting outside your tent. However, with only the golden seal of the Eastern Family, I was not able to enter the tent and personally speak. I only wish to ask for an explanation from your majesty!"

    "How daring!" 


    The group of generals standing behind the Fourth Prince scowled, although Wang Zhouquan was currently holding up the golden seal, it mustered no response from the crowed. 

    The Fourth Prince looked at the seal as his face deepened. "The Seal of the Eastern King is something only the descendants of the Eastern family can wield. Although you may have been granted the Wang surname, the seal is not meant to be used by servants. You must have great courage to come here today!"

    "No matter how much courage I have, my actions are supported by my Eastern family. In fact, this golden seal was entrusted to me by the head of the Wang family. Everyone knows of your hatred for the Eastern mansion, and I have seen the way you look at the golden seal. Three days ago, our young master was harmed, even though he was near the back of the army, on the same day, it seems like there was a dispute between you." Wang Zhouquan said with a tone of resentment.

    "Ah, so are you saying that your young master's death was caused by me?" The Fourth Prince said coldly.

    "The young master is not dead." Wang Zhouquan scowled. "Furthermore, I do not have the time to argue with your majesty. I was waiting for..." The steward paused as a young woman came out of the tent entrance. "Young Miss! Miss Zhou!"

    The woman was wearing a white dress that accented her slim figure. On her head rested a wide hat with a silk veil covering her face. Through it, one could slightly see the small silhouette of her delicate facial features. 

    "You're looking for me?"The lady wondered aloud. 

    Her clear voice cut through the tension. Although one could not see her facial appearance, her voice gave off a sense of untouchable beauty. 

    Standing next to the girl was young man in sky-blue robes, on his face was an expression of extreme disgust as he looked upon the group of servants before him.  

    "Servants of the Eastern Palace huh. Why are you seeking out my sister? Is it not enough that your young master Wang Xiong sought after her as a toad craving the meat of a swan? Being so weak and fragile, it's no wonder that he couldn't keep himself from dying in the Valley of Sirius! Yet you are still here, begging for my sister's help? Her ties with your Young Master were cut the moment he stepped foot into the battlefield!" 

    Wang Zongquan's eyebrows twitched but he kept his head lowered. "So it is young master Zhou Chi of the Southern Palace... As a brother-in-law of master Wang, it is not befitting of you to talk of him in such a manner. You may call our Young Master a toad, but the marriage between him and Miss Zhou Tianyin is something that was personally decided by the four Kings and as well as the Emperor. If I were not to look for Lady Zhou's help, then who would I ask?"

    "Ha! Not only is my sister one of the most beautiful women in the empire, but she is of noble decent as well. How can a cripple like Wang Xiong be worthy of her? With his position, my sister would never be able to accept him as her husband. As you know, when my sister was ordered to find and retrieve the flowers in the Tomb of the Gods, the person she turned to was the Fourth Prince who agreed to her invitation. However, your Wang Xiong sought approval and rushed to his own demise! His death is of his own doing, so why are you all still here bothering my sister? Now that he is dead, there is no need to speak of an arranged marriage." Zhou Chi said.

    Hearing these words, Wang Zhongquan did not refute, but instead ignored Zhou Chi and turned to Zhou Tianyin. "Young miss, I beg of you to help our Young master."

    Zhou Tianyin lowered her head softly. "Steward Wang, I know that you are dedicated to your master, but I have never met him. Furthermore, we have never been joined together in marriage. The wedding agreements were nothing but jokes made by the elders... What you are asking for can not be done."

    Wang Zhongquan's expression turned dark for a split second before disappearing. He once again lowered his head and knelt at Zhou Tianyin's feet. "Young Miss, wither or not the marriage arrangement was real is not something for me to decide. However, it was your father who decided to do so. I must remind Young Miss that you father went so far as to even invite the other Kings to perform to matchmaking. In addition to this, he even got the Emperor involved with a marriage gift. Whether or not this marriage is still in effect is something that only the Emperor and four Kings can decide."

    "You!!" Zhou Chi ground his teeth. "To dare and try to teach even though you are nothing but a servant? Your Young master is nothing but trash, yet he still wants to be married to my sister? In his dreams!" 

    Once again, Wang Zhongquan ignored Zhou Chi as he spoke again. "I understand that taking advantage of the marriage is a dishonorable thing, but I truly have no other choice! Whether the young master lives or dies is something that is dependent on you Miss Zhou. I beg of you, please help him!"

    "Sister, pay no attention to him. Wang Xiong is dead. There are soldiers who saw it with their own two eyes, Wang Xiong was killed by an arrow that embedded itself in between his eyebrows, there is no way that he is alive! Not only that, but there are numerous beasts living in the valley. I'm afraid that Wang Xiong may not even have a single bone left of his body!" Zhou Chi said as he gazed coldly at Wang Zhongquan.

    The head servant spoke again. "Without the body, there is no proof that he is dead. Miss Zhou, whether you like it or not, you are my young master's finacee. I pray of you please help!" There was sorrow in his voice that could no longer be hidden. 

    Zhou Tianyin was a bit contemplative. "Wang Xiong was among those wanting to pick the flowers from the Tomb of the Gods for me himself. I am very grateful, but Wang steward, your Eastern Palace must have sent a large number of strong warriors into the Valley these past few days in order to retrieve Wang Xiong. If the Eastern Palace itself could not retrieve him, what makes you believe that I can?" 

    The Fourth Prince nodded. "What Miss Zhou just said is entirely correct. The mountain is one that is periodically blocked off by a large stream of wind and sand. With this wind pushing everyone back, it is nearly impossible for anyone to get in. The only way is to wait for the wind to die down, but each time this wind appears it lasts for longer than two months. When that time comes, I will support the Eastern palace in its ventures."

    Wang Zhongquan let out a faint smile. "The Fourth Prince is so generous to our Eastern Palace! However, I wonder why previously, even though you knew the identity of our young master, you did not help him in his time of trouble?"

    "You're saying that I left Wang Xiong behind intentionally?" The Fourth Prince glared.

    Wang Zhongquan no longer pursued this subject as he turned back to Zhou Tianyin. Miss Zhou, although it is true that it is impossible to enter the valley because of the winds, I strongly believe that if Miss Zhou were to summon the Heavenly Eye in order to search the Valley to search for and find a way to save the young master."

    "The Heavenly Eye?" Zhou Tianyin's expression froze.

    "You want us to use the Heavenly Eye of the Zhou family to search for a crippled piece of trash? Ha! What status does Wang Xiong possess that grants him this blessing?" Zhou Chi rolled his eyes.

    The fourth Prince also had an amused look on his face. 

    "Miss Zhou, please rescue my master!" Wang Zhongquan again knelt.

    Zhou Tianyin shook her head. "Only the head elders can use the Heavenly Eye. How can it be possible for me to access them? You have come to the wrong person!"

    "Sigh, Young Miss, back when the master was alive, he had told me that Miss Zhou had been granted the Heavenly Eye of the Zhou Family. I understand your dilemma, but is it really not possible for you to summon the Eye and save my master? Wang Zhouquan said in a sad tone.

    "Nonsense! My sister has not been granted the Heavenly Eye, what sort of wild guesses are the Eastern Palace making?" Zhou Chi rolled his eyes.

    Zhou Tianyin on the other hand was a bit silent.

    "Miss Zhou, whether you admit it or not, the marriage agreement between you and the young master still exists and was witnessed by the Emperor and
    Four Kings. Although our Eastern Palace has fallen into decline, you are still the lady yet to be married into the it. The young master is the last of the direct bloodline, so if he dies, no matter the status of the Eastern Palace, you are required by law to stay by the body of our master for three years." Wang Zhongquan said seriously.

    "What impudence! You want to keep my sister by the side of that crippled body?" Zhou Chi glared with anger.

    Zhou Tianyin also seemed fairly angry as the outline of her eyes could be seen through the veil.

     Although there was a marriage arrangement, Zhou Tianyin had never met Wang Xiong. Though Wang Xiong died looking for flowers for her, staying by his side for three years was basically impossible.

    "This is the law Young Miss. No one is above it!" Wang Zhongquan said coldly.

    "And if I do not agree?" Said Zhou Tianyin.

    "Miss Zhou, before the young master left to search for the flower, he left behind a letter that could be used to renounce his marriage agreement for you. He did this knowing the dangers of Sirius Valley. With that letter, Miss Zhou no longer has to be bound to this marriage!" Wang Zhoungquan said solemnly.

    "Ah, to remove the marriage?" Zhou Tianyin's eyes revealed a look of surprise. 

    Wang Zhongquan carefully took out the letter and handed it over.

    Zhou Tianyin was a bit curious when she opened it.

    "... A divorce letter?" Zhou Tianyin said coldly.

    "Let me take a look!" Zhou Chi immediately reached out and grabbed the letter. "A letter of divorce? Ha! Wang Xiong dared to insult my sister like this?"

    "No, this is not Wang Xiong's handwriting, but... Yours, am I correct old man?" The Fourth Prince said as he gazed over the letters contents.

    Everyone looked at Wang Zhongquan.

    "It doesn't matter whose writing this is. I hold in my hand the golden seal of the Eastern Palace, so if I place the seal on this letter, than it will take effect immediately!" Wang Zhongquan said solemnly.

    "Are you sure that the letter you have written can really be said to be done on behalf of Wang Xiong? To press a seal on behalf of one's master could result in the servants death you know." Zhou Chi stared with astonishment.

    "For the sake of getting the master back, this old man is willing to do anything. Sacrificing my life is a way to both break the Marriage arrangement while saving face for the Eastern Palace. Other than this letter of divorce, there is no other method. Now I ask once more, does Young Miss wish to watch over our young master's corpse for three years, or do you want to summon the Heavenly Eye and use it to launch a retrieval mission in exchange for your freedom?" Wang Zhongquan asked seriously.

    The Fourth Prince and Zhou Chi exchanged looks, it was true that if one used the golden seal without permission, then it would surely result in death. This was something that was decreed by the law of the Daqin dynasty. Yet, Wang Zhongquan was willing to use the seal on the slim chance that Wang Xiong was still alive. The loyalty of this servant was enough to slightly move them.

    "Please, Miss Zhou, I beg for your help!" Wang Zhongquan knelt and pressed his forehead to the ground, making a small thumping sound.

    The entire camp was completely quiet as the letter of divorce appeared in front of Zhou Tianyi for the second time.

    Zhou Tianyin looked at it and stood quietly for a long time before she sighed. "Make the seal, I'll summon the Heavenly Eye."
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    Chapter 2 - Wang Xiong 

    "Miss Zhou!" Wang Zhongquan brought out the now-stamped divorce letter.

    The letter, though rough around the edges portrayed its meaning clearly. 

    Zhou Tianyin looked through the letter once more before placing it within her sleeve. 

    "Now Miss Zhou, please uphold your end of the bargain! Wang Zhongquan said with a seemingly impatient expression. 

    Everyone's eyes moved to the beautiful woman as she took a step forward. With this single step, a strange energy began seeping out of the air. Around her, strong winds suddenly formed, pulling up clouds of sand.

    "Rumble rumble!"

    Strange dark clouds formed in the sky, expanding at an extremely rapid pace. In a blink of an eye, they had reached a size of a couple thousand feet. A flow of powerful air fell down from the sky, emanating an aura several times more powerful then the one exuded by the Fourth Prince previously. It quickly settled upon the soldiers, striking fear in everyone present.

    Zhou Tianyin closed her eyes and tilted her head towards the sky. "I call upon the Heavens! Open your eyes and shine, pierce through the mountains and rivers!"


    With a loud rumble, the black clouds that spanned over thousands of miles unfolded as if it was an eyelid. Inside the crack there appeared a thousand-feet long eye with a purple pupil resting within it. 

    "Rumble rumble!"

    A frightening power was repulsed by the eye as nearly thirty percent of those present were forced to their knees due to their low cultivation. Those who were still able to stand were not much better off as the aura caused them to tense up and terrified most to the point where they didn't dare to breath loudly.

    "The Ninth ranked Heavenly Eye of the Zhou family... So you really did have it?" The Fourth Prince said, looking at Zhou Tianyin with a surprised expression on his face.

    "Sis-sister, since when...?" Zhou Chi was also shocked from the reveal.

    "Ninth-ranked Heavenly Eye? Heavens, it really is! Young master, your servant has not failed you!" Wang Zhongquan bowed, his eyes growing moist.

    "Heavenly Eye, I call you to pierce through the God Killing Holy Wind and gaze at the Valley of Sirius!" Zhou Tianyin said calmly, placing her full attention on the ritual.


    The ninth-ranked Heavenly Eye turned to face the mountain, its pupil dilating slightly.

    The sandstorm could be seen even from the camp as it raged violently, stirring up sand and rocks. It was impossible to see through it.

    At this moment, the Heavenly Eye shook before unleashing a Heavenly beam towards the mountain.


    The Heavenly Eye instantly pierced through the storm and landed in the Valley of Sirius within the blink of an eye.  


    Zhou Tianyin waved her hand as a smaller ray appeared in front of her, showing everything that the Heavenly Eye saw. 

    "How is it? Where is the young master? Do you see him?" Wang Zhongquan said desperately. 

    The edges of the Fourth Prince's mouth curved upward into a faint smile.

    "Look for yourself, Wang Xiong is dead, nothing remains of his body but bones!" Zhou Chi said coldly.

    Zhou Tianyin's face was still covered by a silk veil. Though it was hard to see her facial expression clearly, it was obvious that at this moment, she too was staring intently at the pictures.

    Within the valley one could see that there had obviously been a struggle. Strewn across the ground were the corpses of hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers. 

     It could be seen that these corpses no longer resembled the body's to which they used to belong. The flesh was stripped off and the bones were munched upon until only fragments remained. 

    After three days, they could no longer be recognized.

     In the back, one could faintly see a pack of blue wolves, their mouths still dripping with blood as they gorged on the remains of the human army. 

    The camp began to echo with the sound of grinding teeth. The soldiers who were watching clenched their hands as they watched their comrades body's be consumed by the blue wolves. 

    "Steward Wang, are you sure that Wang Xiong was struck down within this valley?" Zhou Tianyin asked.

    "Sister, there is no longer any need to look. Our guards have already seen that Wang Xiong was shot right between his eyebrows with an arrow in this valley. There is no way that he is still alive!" Zhou Chi said aloud. 

    Zhou Tianyin nodded solemnly before noticing in the corner of her eye a faint and satisfied smile resting on the face of the Fourth Prince.

    Even if he was not struck, there is no way that Wang Xiong could have survived living in the valley by himself for three days. Either way, he was likely nothing but shattered bones by now.

    Sorrow fell upon the Wang servants as they gazed at the pictures depicted by the Heavenly Eye. One by one, they all began to lower their heads in acceptance, but suddenly, Wang Zhongquan's body began to shake. On his face, one could see indescribable joy.

    "Young master! I saw him! He's alive!" Wang Zhongquan said, shooting to his feet.

    "What!" The crowd froze as everyone once again examined the valley.

    "There, by the pack of wolves! It's really him! Its the young master!" Wang Zhongquan cried as he pointed at the screen.

    Everyone moved their eyes to where the Wang steward had pointed.

    Indeed, within the valley, one could see that a group of about ten blue wolves, along with a king wolf that was nearly twice their size, were crowded around a young man.

    This young man appeared to be about seventeen to eighteen years old. His face was cut and bruised, but one could still make out his facial features. This Wang Xiong was actually extremely good looking. 

    Propped on a rock, Wang Xiong could be seen with a shirt that was soaked with blood, however it did not seem that he was dead. Although unconscious, his chest still moved up and down in a steady rhythm. 

    It was strange. Although he was surrounded by wolves, none of them moved forward. Each wolf was growling and looking at the young man with hunger in their eyes, but yet they did not do anything other than bear their teeth,

    "Impossible." A guard behind the Fourth Prince muttered softly. 

    Although this was said quietly, due to the shocked silence, the guards' words were heard by everyone present. 

    "I saw it with my own eyes, the arrow struck right in between his eyebrows! How can it be possible that he is still alive, more importantly, where is the wound!" He stammered.

    "The blood on his clothing seems to come from a head injury, but there isn't one that can be seen!" Another guard added.

    The group once again fell into a shocked silence.

    The Fourth Prince's expression turned dark as his eyes gazed fiercely at the unconscious teenager. How could the boy not be dead!

    "This is Wang Xiong?" Zhou Tianyin said curiously. 

    "It's strange. I remember clearly that in between Wang Xiong;s eyebrows there existed a cherry blossom shaped birthmark. It was one of the things he was ridiculed because of... However, right now, that birthmark is gone, is this really Wang Xiong?" Zhou Chi showed a bit of suspicion.

    "Cherry blossom shaped birthmark?" Everyone turned their eyes to Wang Xiong's forehead.

    Even Wang Zhongquan was stunned. It was true, the birthmark between Wang Xiong's eyebrows had really disappeared!

    While everyone else was still examining the young boy, Wang Zhongquan smiled with a sense of delight. It was truly a blessing from the heavens! The birthmark was truly gone!

    From birth, Wang Xiong had been a bit dim-witted. The rate at which he trained and studied was always slower than others. Thus everybody jeered at him. When his father was still alive, he used up many riches in order to find a cure. In the process, he invited a Divine Healer to examine Wang Xiong. In the end, the healer told Wang Xiong's father that the birthmark on his forehead was the cause of all these problems. Wang Xiong's father begged the Divine Healer to remove the birthmark, but even the he couldn't do it. No one else knew of this except for Wang Zhongquan due to his devotion.

    Now, the birthmark had disappeared! Was it true that Wang Xiong was healed now?

    Wang Zhingquan couldn't hide his joy.

    "Please Miss Zhou, bring my young master back!" Wang Zhouquan said once again.

    Zhou Tianyin shook her head, "The Eye of Heaven can only be used to see through the storm, it can not bring Wang Xiong out."

    Wang Zhongquan shook as his hope was stripped from him.

    "Isn't that toad Wang Xiong still alive? Why are you worrying? It does not seem like he is too badly harmed, and for some reason, the wolves seem to be refraining from attacking him." Zhou Chi said.

    Zhou Tianyi frowned. "I also do not know why the wolves are not attacking, the Heavenly Eye can only see images from the location, it can not be used to sense for any other powers." 

    The Fourth Prince's eyes scanned the screen coldly with his gaze fixed on Wang Xiong.

    He seemed to be sleeping soundly in the middle of the pack. Although the wolves had been circling for a while now, they still hadn't made any move towards the young man. 

    It was strange.

    "Are there any treasures on Wang Xiongs body? Or is his breathing so loud that it is scaring away the wolves?" Zhou Chi said curiously.

    "Impossible." The Fourth Prince said in a low voice. "Those wolves possess high relatively high cultivation. Especially the Wolf King. With its higher intelligence, it wouldn't be afraid of some treasure, instead it would be planning to steal it!" 

    "If its not a treasure protecting him, what is it?" Zhou Chi said uncertainly.

    "Could it be...?" Zhou Tianyin murmured under her breath, drawing attention from everyone else.

    "It could be because of the emanating aura of his cultivation base. Those with a strong cultivation are able to release a strong aura that can cause those surrounding them to be suppressed. This could be what is keeping the pack of wolves back." Zhou Tianyi explained.

    "Not possible. As far as I know, that cripple has barely reached the first level of the spiritual sea realm[1]. At such a low level, his aura would not be able to scare away the lesser wolves, not to mention the King Wolf." Zhou Chi said, frowning. 

    Everyone present was extremely puzzled by this turn in events and turned to Wang Zhouquan for an explanation, however he was just as confused as they were, merely he didn't show it. 

    Little did the group know, Zhou Tianyi was correct. Wang Xiong, though unconscious, was releasing a dense murderous aura.

    The wolves around him all desperately wanted to eat him, but the aura suppressed them. The aura was so strong that if they got too close, then they would be pushed to the ground by it.

    The pack growled, every time they moved forward a single step, the pressure would increase by two times. If they moved close enough, then death would also be a possibility!  

    Wang Xiong had already been unconscious for nearly three days. However, now, his eyelashes suddenly moved. 

    A mall twitch was enough to cause mass chaos among the wolves and those in the army camp. 

    Unknown to those watching, the aura suddenly increased in intensity, causing the surrounding wolves to jump back in retreat. 

    "Is it time for him to wake up?" 

    [1] I did spiritual sea instead of qihai because that is pretty much the English translation, but if you guys don't like that please tell me.

    TN: Hey guys, sorry for the late updates, these past few days have been wild. I'm sorry that I didn't keep up with my promise of three chapters this week, so you will receive four next week. But damn, these chapters are way longer than I originally though. Oh well. Thanks for your support!
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    Chapter 3 - Awakening Past Memories

    Wang Xiong's eyelids fluttered once more before shooting open. 


    Wang Xiong sat up suddenly, his face contorted in an expression of pain as he grasped at his chest. Within his eyes there rested an uncontrollable rage as well as an intense sadness. 


    The moment Wang Xiong sat up, the radius of the aura doubled, forcing the wolves back as the weaker ones yelped from the pain. All of the wolves within the valley suddenly began to shake as their fur stood on end.

    "No! Don't! We have been through too much together. Please! Do not close your eyes!" Wang Xiong let out a grieving wail.

    As he cried out, an energy wave was released from his body, blasting away the surrounding wolves and throwing them against the rocky floor.

    Those who were watching from the foot of the mountain could not believe their eyes.

    Although the Ninth-ranked Heavenly Eye could see what was going on in the valley, they could not hear what was happening. 

    "Why is there such a pained look on his face?" Zhou Chi said, frowning. 

    "I do not know... But what puzzles me even greater is that the wolves seem to be afraid of him. Is his cultivation really so high that he can release an aura strong enough to scare away those wolves?" The Fourth Prince mused.

    "Miss Zhou, it there truly no way to bring him out of the valley?" Wang Zhongquan asked.

     "I'm afraid that that isn't possible. Other than viewing areas that one can not normally see, my Heavenly eye can also fire blasts of energy. Unfortunately, it can not be used to retrieve anyone." Zhou Tianyi said slowly.

    Wang Zhongquan's face fell as his last hope drained out from within him.

    The wolves had already gotten back to their feet, and although they were still barring their teeth, they did not move any closer to Wang Xiong.

    The young man felt his head clear as he looked around and examined his surroundings. 

    "My cultivation base... No... Where am I?" He looked down and lightly grasped at the space above his lap. "She's... not here?"  


    At that moment, Wang Xiong eyes narrowed as he examined his hands. "Wait... This is not my body..." He twisted his hand into a fist. "Resurrection?"


    Wang Xiongs mind suddenly felt like it was pricked by numerous needles as a flood of information shot into his mind.

    "No... This couldn't possibly be a reincarnation as I still possess the old memories of this body... Yet this is so strange... Why am I now in the body of a human?" Wang Xiong's eyebrows furrowed. 

    He closed his eyes and peered within his body. Upon reaching the forehead, Wang Xiong froze as between his eyebrows, a cherry blossom slowly faded into existence.

    "The cherry blossom birthmark is back? How is it possible that a birthmark can be there sometimes yet other times not?" Zhou Chi said, confusion splayed across his face.

    "Wang Zhongquan, do you know what could be causing this?" The Fourth Prince was also stumped.

    Wang Zhongquan scratched his chin. What was this cherry blossom birthmark? This was something even he did not truly know. Yet, the appearance of it made him immeasurably happy. Because of it's appearance, he could confirm for sure that that man was his young master, moreover, his young master would no longer be contained to the curse anymore.

    "Could it possibly be some a talisman of some sort?" Zhou Tianyin wondered aloud.

    "Talisman?" Everyone wondered.

    Indeed, within the valley, Wang Xiong opened his eyes and touched the mark on his forehead. To everyone's surprise, it came off, falling right into his hand. The item that was now resting in his hand was actually a slip of paper.

    The eyes of everyone watching widened.

    Wang Xiong gazed at the paper with a soft look in his eyes. "Your love simply transcends time and space itself... This God-Binding Talisman you gifted me has protected me as I went through the purification of the Six Paths of Reincarnation. Although my true self has been sealed for nearly seventeen years, this talisman has kept my soul complete along with my memories. But you..."

    Wang Xiong's face fell as he toyed with the talisman within his hand. As he looked at it, he couldn't help but reminisce about the past as well as the person who stood by him the entire time. The more he thought about it, the more miserable he felt. As time passed, turmoil built within his inner organs. 


    A spurt of blood shot out of Wang Xiong's mouth.

    Seeing the blood, the wolves began to become restless as their growls grew louder. 

    "Ha... Heavens do you really hate me so? To grant me reincarnation but not allow me to forget these painful memories?" Wang Xiong said miserably.

    Seeing Wang Xiong's weakness, the Wolf King howled loudly before charging in. Seeing the Wolf King running in, the other wolves took this as a chance and rushed in as well. 

    The howl released by the Wolf King snapped Wang Xiong out of his musings. He looked up at the wolves with a cold gaze. 

    In the process of removing the talisman, nearly all of the sealed items within his body, such as his memories, were unsealed. It was during that time that a few things from his previous life returned to him as well. 

    Wang Xiong sighed as he felt a familiar energy flow through his body. With a cold look in his eye he stood up. 

    As he did so, a wave of energy rushed out of his body in the form of murderous intent. This force was hundreds of times stronger than that of which he subconsciously released when he was sleeping. The energy rushed forward and slammed into the wolf pack, pushing them to the ground. Within the blink of an eye, all of them lay on the ground, unmoving. 

    To those watching from the energy screens of the Heavenly eye, it was as if Wang Xiong had merely stood up. However the wolves saw differently. As they whimpered under the pressure, the only thing that they saw was a peerless existence, an emperor above all beasts. 

    The Demonic Tiger!

    Wang Xiong tilted his head, his eyes gazing over the pack as if he were a lion picking a rabbit to slaughter. Faced with the gaze of a predator, the wolves could do nothing but shake uncontrollably.

    "What just happened? Why is it that the moment Wang Xiong stood up, the pack crashed to the ground?" Zhou Chi murmured in disbelief.

    It was as if an arc of lightning had struck the camp as each and every person watching was now shocked to the core.

    Although Wang Xiong lost his cultivation in the cycle of reincarnation, the inherent aura of the Tiger Emperor from his past life was still present within his soul. How could these wolves, who were near the bottom of the food chain, be able to resist the might of an emperor's royal aura?

    "Roar!" Moments after his intent had been released. An earth-shattering roar responded.

    From within the forest came a large and ferocious looking tiger that seemed to be about twenty feet long. 

    On its forehead rested a single word. "King!" The tiger growled as it studied Wang Xiong with its gleaming eyes. 

    "Another Tiger?" The wolves within the valley cried out in unparalleled sorrow. 

    The situation on the outside however was quite different. 

    "I see now! The wolves were not afraid of Wang Xiong, but that tiger! What did I say? Did I not tell you that it is impossible for that cripple Wang Xiong to posses a cultivation base strong enough to scare away those wolves?" Zhou Chi jeered.

    The Fourth Prince let out a breath he didn't know he was holding as everyone nodded in understanding, after all it was a well known fact that Wang Xiong was extremely weak.

    "That tiger... Although the valley it lives in is surrounded by a god-slaying wind, is able to grow to such a large size. If I were to guess, that tiger is likely at the early Martial Lord stage!"[1] The Fourth Prince said, examining the tiger. 

     "Martial Lord?" Wang Zhongquan's expression suddenly grew very solemn.

    "Yes. This tiger seems to be at the first level of the Martial Lord realm. Wang Xiong is only at the first level of the Spiritual Sea realm, so they are an entire realm apart. I'm afraid that Wang Xiong will not be so lucky this time around." The Fourth Prince seemed to have a saddened expression, but within his eyes one could see a beam of satisfaction.

    "Miss Zhou, I beg of you, please use the Heavenly Eye to strike down that tiger!" Wang Xiong said frantically from his kneeling position. 

    "It's useless. That tiger is the only thing keeping the wolves from eating Wang Xiong. If you kill it then Wang Xiong will be as good as dead!" By now a hint of a smile could be seen on the Fourth Prince's face.

    "Additionally, I have not cultivated my Heavenly Eye to it's strongest level yet. The power it can release can at most slightly harm the tiger. I'm afraid killing it is out of the question." Zhou Tianyin shook her head and sighed. 

    "This time, Wang Xiong is going to be dead for sure!" Zhou Chi said confidently.

    In the valley, the tiger had already approached by a few paces. From its spot, it stared intensely at Wang Xiong while paying no attention to the wolf pack.

    Wang Xiong tilted his head as he looked at the large tiger, within his eyes appeared a sense of amusement.

    "Hm?" The tiger furrowed it's brows as it focused it's gaze on Wang Xiong. "Human! The aura that was just released, why did it originate from here?" As it spoke, the tiger found itself subconsciously speaking in a mildly modest tone. 

    Wang Xiong;s lips curled into a small smile before slightly breathing in through his nose. As he did this, his pupil contracted fiercely, taking upon the shape of a tigers eye. From within his mouth shot out a strong but short tiger's roar.


    The roar was not abnormally loud, yet within the opposing tiger's ear, it felt like there was rolling thunder dancing inside its head. In this roar there seemed to be a large wave of heavenly force that heavily impacted the tiger's spiritual sense. The sound echoed within its head as the tigers vision blurred, making it seem as if there were thousands of tigers standing behind Wang Xiong.

    "This!? Heavenly Tiger's Godly sound?" The demon tiger shook as it glanced at Wang Xiong.


    The demonic tiger fell to the ground in a fright as it bowed towards the young man standing in the middle of the valley.  

    "Elder, this little cub has offended you, I beg for your forgiveness!" The tiger was still in its prostrating position, but one could see its limbs shaking violently.

    The Martial Lord ranked tiger was... bowing to Wang Xiong?

    Back in the camp, as Zhou Tianyin prepared to fire the Heavenly Eye, she stopped suddenly.

    Zhou chi's mouth opened to the point where it seemed like his chin was touching the ground.

    Impossible! Was this tiger ill? Why did it not eat Wang Xiong? The Fourth Prince's expression once again grew dark. 

    Out of everyone present, only Wang Zhongquan had a delighted expression on his face.

    No matter the reason behind the tigers strange actions, it remained unchanged that Wang Xiong was still safe.

    Back in the Valley, Wang Xiong had begun to walk towards the tiger. 

    "Elder please, forgive me!" The demon tiger pleaded miserably.

    Heavenly Tiger's Godly Sound was something only higher ups of the Tiger clan were able to perform. Thus, even if the person performing it seemed extremely weak, one could not act rashly. 

    Wang Xiong's body was still relatively weak, however he made moved forward until he stood directly infront of the demon tigers face. 

    The people from within the camp were all shocked at Wang Xiong's actions, but even more frightening was the fact that the demon tiger had not lashed out!

    "What is your name?" Wang Xiong said, his hands behind his back.

    "Elder, this Junior's name is Juque!" The demon tiger said fearfully.

    Wang Xiong grinned lightly. "I see, then for the time being, could you be my ride?" 

    "Ah? Elder... Sure!" The demon tiger was startled, but dared not to offend the young human. 

    Wang Xiong took this chance to jump on the tiger. 

    The tiger then stood up, raising Wang Xiong to an elevated position.

    At the moment, the demon tiger appeared extremely obedient. No matter how Wang Xiong positioned himself, it did not speak out. 

    As these images appeared on the energy screens, everyone was stunned. What was this?

    "This is impossible!" The Fourth Prince snapped.  "Wang Zhongquan, how does your young master know that tiger!"

    Wang ZHongquan was stunned himself. The tiger had changed from a bloodthirsty emperor to an obedient racehorse in the blink on an eye. 

    "This is Wang Xiong? The same Wang Xiong you described to be as dumb and weak?" Zhou Tianyin wondered as she gazed at Zhou Chi.

    Zhou Tianyin, though she had an arranged marriage with Wang Xiong had never met him in person. In her family, no one dared to tell her about the family's future son-in-law. The only one who spoke to her about Wang Xiong was her brother Zhou Chi, yet whenever he spoke, it was of how bad Wang Xiong was. 

    The belief that Wang Xiong was dumb and weak. That he was as stupid as a pig and so skinny that he could barely stand. These were all things installed into her memory by Zhou Chi.

    Yet, this person whom she had looked down upon had made a demon tiger of the Martial Lord realm kneel before him as a riding pet. If he was trash, what was she?

    "Ack... I... Him... I also don't know!" Zhou Chi was also shocked by what he had seen, but he was not the only one. Everyone present had been shaken deeply by the days occurrences.

    Back inside the Valley, Wang Xiong sighed as he sat atop the demon tiger. "Bring the wolves we'll leave this place first!" 

    "Yes Elder!" The tiger responded before growling at the wolves and forcing them to follow. 

    As the group moved towards the edges of the mountain, Wang Xiong turned his head and gazed at the sky before stopping at a certain point.

    The area he was looking at was actually where the Heavenly eye was! The entire camp burst out into commotion as the screen depicted Wang Xiong staring intently through the screen. 

    "Impossible! Has he discovered the Heavenly Eye?" Zhou Tianyin felt a chill run through her body. 

    The Heavenly Eye was a technique that could pierce through anything, a benefit being that it was nearly impossible to spot. This made the Eye extremely useful when it came to infiltration missions. 

    Yet the glance from Wang Xiong as well as the cold expression on his face had truly shocked Zhou Tianyin to the bone.

    "Coincidence, definitely a coincidence!" She muttered to herself.


    The Heavenly Eye made out of clouds suddenly closed its eyelids, becoming nothing more than a dark cloud before dispersing slowly.

    "Sister, what happened to the Heavenly Eye?" Zhou Chi said with a startled look on his face. 

    "My Heavenly Eye is merely ninth-ranked. Although it is powerful, it can only be activated for a short period of time." Zhou Tianyin said, still stunned by Wang Xiong's gaze.

    [1] I didn't really know how to translate Wu Zhong so i just estimated the martial cultivation level.
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    Chapter 4 - God-Binding Rope

    The foot of Qiyun Mountain, within the tent of the Fourth Prince


    Shards of porcelain scattered in every direction, remains of the cup that the Fourth Prince had just hurled on the ground.

    In front of him was a person dressed in black, kneeling nervously as he stayed silent.

    "I thought you said that this mission was completed without any mistakes... Would you care to explain to me why Wang Xiong is still alive then? Is the last direct descendant of the Eastern Palace really that difficult to kill?" The Fourth Prince said slowly, emphasizing his every word.

    "Forgive me your Highness! To our knowledge Wang Xiong was indeed killed in the Valley. Several of us saw the arrow strike his forehead with our own eyes. It was impossible for us to know that there was a talisman protecting him." The man is black reported, his head lowered. 

    The Fourth Prince scowled deeply. "Hrumph! I do not wish to hear excuses! Do you know the risks I have taken in order to make this plan succeed? Now that you fools have missed this chance, who know when the next chance will appear?" 

    "Your Majesty, please give me another chance! When the God-slaying wind ends, I will make sure that Wang Xiong is dead." The man in black said, gritting his teeth.

    "Another chance? Ha! At this point you are next to useless! Because of your carelessness, you have aroused suspicion from others. If the other Palaces discover that we were responsible for the downfall and death of the Eastern Palace's last heir, my family will be destroyed! Although my family's strength has been increasing steadily, we can not face two Palaces at once!" The Fourth Prince's face turned deadly serious. 

    "I... I!" A cold sweat broke out from the man's forehead. 

    "Wang Xiong must die before the God-slaying wind stops! He must not be allowed to return alive!" The Fourth Prince said calculatingly.

    "I understand your Highness's plan, but we can not enter the valley due to the winds. It is impossible for us to kill him ourselves..." The man said slowly.

    The Fourth Prince sighed before turning around to look away from the black robed man. "Lucky for us, Sheng'er is still inside the Valley." 

    "His little Royal Highness? 
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