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    Chapter 8 - Blood Absorbing Rope

    The foot of Qiyun mountain

    Although sound could not be heard from the Heavenly Eye, the image it projected could be seen by everyone. 

    Zhou Chi frowned in confusion. "Weren't they working together a few moments ago? Why does it seem like there is heavy tension between the two groups?"

    On the Fourth Prince's face was an understanding look. Yu Sheng's grudge with Wang Xiong was something that almost everyone knew about. 

    Although they both wished for Wang Xiong's death, they both knew that it could not be done in plain view. As of now, the Heavenly Eye was still aimed at the group. If Yu Sheng did kill Wang Xiong now, then news of it would spread to all the royal palaces. 

    The Fourth Prince watched anxiously.

    Wang Zhongquan also had an ugly expression on it. "Miss Zhou, although my young master is not a palace master yet, he is still the first in line and holds a considerable position. I fear that because of this, young prince Yu Sheng and his general may try some underhanded means... If this does happen, I hope that Miss Zhou will account for the relationship between our two palaces and help spread news of today's occurrences..."

    Zhou Tianyin nodded, "If such a thing does happen, then I will not hesitate."

    Hearing this, the Fourth Prince scowled. "Miss Zhou, that General likely does not know what is the right thing to do! If anything happens, I suggest using the Heavenly Eye to shoot him."

    "Oh?" Everyone was shocked. 

    Fear was present deep within the Fourth Prince's heart. He only cared about his son, General Bao was nothing more than a disposable pawn, and he was sure that the moment his son saw the beam of light fall from the sky, he would know that he was being watched. 

    Before the crowd outside could come to a solid decision, those within the picture moved. 

    The moment Wang Xiong had finished speaking, the general, as well as the remaining soldiers all drew their blades. Wang Xiong scowled at the sea of blades pointed towards him and his entourage. 

    Wang Xiong understood the crisis he was in. Although he had saved their lives, the soldiers of the Great Qin army would naturally stand by their general. 

    "Death? I'll see how you will make me die! No matter if you are dead or alive, we are leaving today with that Dan!" General Bao's eyes flashed in anger as he raised his blade. 

    Seeing this, the rest of the army encircled Wang Xiong's group, their swords all bristling and forming a wall of metal.  

    "Pah! You are courting death!" Wang Xiong's eyes flashed with a cold gaze. 


    Da Que leaped at the army, followed by the members of the tiger clan and the pack of wolves. 


    Sword qi collided with the tigers wind blades as battle began once more. 

    Not too far away, Yu Sheng froze, a sense of displeasure plastered on his face. The Wang Xiong he remembered was weak and timid, was this really the same person he once looked down upon?

    General Bao did not move, his blade still extended toward Wang Xiong's neck, but Wang Xiong's expression did not change. "You actually dare?"

    The group of wolves and officers of the Qin army fought relentlessly in the background, but one could see that the Qin army was slowly being pushed back.

    Yu Sheng's expression changed. What sort of leader would let his men be killed?

    "Wang Xiong, enough!" He shouted as he ran into the fray. 

    Wang Xiong had kept an eye on the prince ever since he stepped into the battlefield. Yu Sheng's actions caused Wang Xiong's eyes to turn cold.

    How could Wang Xiong not know what Yu Sheng was planning? Yu Sheng's previous tone and attitude, coupled with what Wang Xiong remembered of him from his past life, it was obvious what Yu Sheng was planning to do. 

    Although his cultivation level was extremely low, Wang Xiong was not afraid. He could still feel a heavenly gaze on his back.  

    The moment General Bao had unsheathed his blade was the moment Wang Xiong made his decision. With their hostile actions, everything he would now do could be passed off as "self defense". So what was he waiting for?


    In his hands, the talisman flashed before becoming a rope once again. A cold look flashed through Wang Xiong's eyes. 

    A few paces away, Yu Sheng unsheathed his blade, however it faltered when he saw the strangely calm look on Wang Xiong's face. 

    Yu Sheng did not obtain the position of the Emperor's High Officer solely because of his familial background. He had witnessed countless battles and taken part in many others. At the moment, he felt a shiver crawl up his spine. Although there seemed to be nothing wrong, his body seemingly thought otherwise. 

    Listening to his instinct, Yu Sheng shifted his trajectory and turned his blade towards the demonic tiger standing next to Wang Xiong. 

    Seeing this, General Bao moved swiftly as well. In his eyes, the tiger posed the largest threat. After all, it was the only one on Wang Xiong's side who had a cultivation base on the same level as him and Yu Sheng. 


    Ju Que growled in pain before leaping back, blood now covering his fur. He had been hit, but the wound was not too bad.

    Yu Sheng and General Bao's eyes widened as they realized that something was not right... The demonic tiger only had one wound on its body!

    "What!" A shocked expression appeared on their faces. 

    Wrapped around General Bao's wrist was a red rope. General Bao froze, wasn't this...


    The whip returned to its owner with a snap, leaving behind a red welt that left his sword hand unsteady. His eyes moved to the teenage boy, a whip in one hand, baby tiger in the other. 

    "Courting death!" General Bao's face filled with rage, killing intent radiating from his body.

    But it was too late. The whip flashed again as it found itself wound around General Bao's neck. 

    "Guh!" General Bao's face tightened. 


    The rest of the whip moved at a terrifying speed as it twisted around General Bao. 

    The whip extended in length and within a single breath's time, had completely wrapped around the general to the point where only his head was left sticking out. 

    Yu Sheng was stunned. "What kind of weapon is that?"

    In the blink of an eye, this rope was able to leave a trained general with a Martial Lord cultivation helpless. 

    Those watching from outside were in a similar situation. Previously, Zhou Tianyin had been preparing to fire the Eye of Heaven, but once again, Wang Xiong's actions left her frozen on the spot.

    Beside her stood Zhou Chi, his eyes wide. "Could this whip possible be a holy grade weapon?"

    The fourth prince frowned. "Although the Eastern Palace has declined to such a poor state, there should still be one or two holy grade weapons left within their treasury, so it is normal that Wang Xiong would have one. However, that General Bao is being too reckless. Miss Zhou, we must act now!"

    Zhou Tianyin was silent. No matter how one looked at it, General Bao seemed to like he was not in a position to cause harm. Because of this, she did not use the Eye.

    In the image, Wang Xiong stood silently, gazing coldly at the incapacitated general. Although the rope was a treasure, its original function was not for battle. Because of Wang Xiong's past memories and experiences, even the lowest of all weapons could be used to such an extent. 

    "Release me!" General Bao ordered, struggling. 

    "Release you?" Wang Xiong scoffed loudly. "If I let you go tiday, how can I save face? I gave you a chance previously, yet you don't even know how to write the simple word "die". It seems like I will have to teach you how..."

    "Stop!" Yu Sheng cried.

    Wang Xiong ignored Yu Sheng and gripped the handle of the whip , pulling it back.

    Although the whip had little power, it was already entwined around General Bao's neck. The small force he exerted was definitely enough to rip General Bao's head off his neck. 

    It was not that Wang Xiong was a bad person. It was because he knew what would happen if he let an enemy live. Sooner or later, it would come back to bite him, he would never get a chance like this again. 

    However, before the rope was pulled back, it trembled as if sensing Wang Xiong's intent. A spike suddenly appeared on the whip and penetrated into General Bao's body. 

    "Ah!" General Bao yelled in pain.

    The whip made a small squeaking sound as the general's body dried up in an instant. It was as if all the blood in his body was absorbed by the whip. 

    Those watching stared in horror. 

    "He dares!" Yu Sheng was furious. 

    Wang Xiong flicked his wrist and released the now dry body of General Bao from the whip, the spikes retracting slowly. For a moment, the color changed from a light pink to a dark scarlet. 

    However, within a few breaths time, the color returned to its original pink. As this happened, Wang Xiong felt a rush of power flow into his body. 

    "Oh, this actually has the power to absorb blood?" Wang Xiong was surprised.

    "That blood-sucking whip, could it be a demonic instrument?" Zhou Chi asked fearfully. 

    To be able to kill a Martial Lord with little to no effort? Zhou Chi felt shivers down his spine as he remembered all the things he had said about Wang Xiong behind his back. 

    If he found out...

    The Fourth Prince's eyes were also gazing solemnly at the screen. The rope did install some greed within him, but the greed was replaced with fear. Fear for his son who was still in front of Wang Xiong, sword drawn.

    The Fourth Prince began to panic. "Miss Zhou, the Qin army was rude and offended Wang Xiong. All of those actions were caused by General Bao. You should contact them right away with the Eye of Heaven and tell them to make peace!" 

    Currently in the image, Yu Sheng was surrounded by a horde of wolves, group of demonic tigers, and a single young man who seemed to radiate an untouchable aura. 

    The situation was now reversed with Wang Xiong on top. 

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    Chapter 9 - Poisonous Woman

    The image was clear for everyone to see. Wang Xiong, a trash of the spiritual sea stage was victorious over a battle hardened general an entire cultivation realm above him.

    During that time, the demonic tiger Ju Que and the son of the Fourth Prince Yu Sheng had fought as well, with neither one being able to gain the upper hand. This battle came to a stop when Wang Xiong defeated General Bao.

    Yu Sheng's eyes suddenly lost their arrogant look as fear became apparent in them. Were his eyes decieving him? Just how powerful was Wang Xiong's whip?

    These same thoughts were present in nearly everyone's hearts. None of them believed that it was Wang Xiong's power alone. 

    Although Wang Xiong had killed General Bao, he was still emanating killing intent. These people actually attacked him even after he had saved their lives. He would naturally no longer care about them anymore.

    Therefore, he did not signal the wolves to stop their attack. Time passed quickly as more and more soldiers fell under the wave of wolves. 

    "I-I am the first daughter of the Qinghuan Province Lord! Y-you can't kill me!" The female soldier was close to tears as a group of wolves leaped in her direction.

    Looking towards Yu Sheng, she cried out. "Your Highness please save me!"

    However at the moment, Yu Sheng was stuck in an even worse situation. How could he possibly go help?

    Right before the wolves were about to finish off the last group, the sky opened.


    A large ray of energy struck the ground, blowing up dust and filling the air with small stones. 

    Those fighting came to a standstill.

    Yu Sheng sighed in relief as he looked up into the sky. Although he was a bit confused, he had a grasp on what was going on. 

    A voice echoed out, filling the ears off all present. "Eastern Palace master Wang, Zhou Tianyin greets you."

    "Oh?" Wang Xiong frowned as he looked up at the sky.

    "Tianyin?" A strange look appeared on Yu Sheng's face.

    Zhou Tianyin shivered from her seat in the camp. Wang Xiong was once again looking directly at the eye and therefore directly at her. 

    "There have been many things that have occurred within the last few hours..." Zhou Tianyin said solemnly. "These actions have been seen not only by me, but a head steward of the Wang family as well as the Fourth Prince." She sighed before continuing. "It has been agreed that General Bao's actions were wrong, thus the punishment of death is deserving. Wang Xiong, I hope that you will be able to come to your senses. Not only are you threatening the life of the young Prince, but the successor to Qinghuan Province as well. It would be best if you have mercy and save me a little face."

    Zhou Tianyin's words sparked hope within the hearts of those of the Qin army who were still alive.

    "Tianyin-jie!"[1] A feminine voice said in relief. 

    Yu Sheng's face on the other hand was extremely ugly. Yu Sheng had been chasing after Zhou Tianyin for quite a long time. Yet today, he had showed her an unattractive scene. At this moment he put all the blame on his subordinates for rushing in rather on himself for making the order to General Bao. As of now, although his strength greatly outstripped Wang Xiong, he was unable to do anything. This was an extremely depressing situation for him.

    Yu Sheng took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. "Very well then, we will listen to Miss Zhou's suggestion."

    Those watching breathed out a sigh of relief.

    However, a cold smile appeared on Wang Xiong's face. "Could this Miss Zhou be Zhou Tianyin of the Southern Palace?"

    These words caused tension to rise once again.
    Wang Xiong looked coldly at the sky. "I hope you understand that you were not the only one burdened by the marriage contract Miss Zhou. However, out of respect for the Emperor and the Four Kings, I remained stagnant towards it. Nevertheless, I seem to remember that a wife's duty to her husband is to stand by him in times of danger." Wang Xiong's voice turned incomparably cold. "Yet, as someone who wields the Eye of Heaven and could see the danger I was in, why is it that I received no support at all? It would seem like your actions were simply to amuse yourself rather than help me. As a wife, you watched as I stood surrounded by a pack of bloodthirsty wolves. You stood by as a demonic tiger of the Martial Lord rank appeared and tried to kill me. You stood by as I found myself facing someone who wished to kill me solely because I was trying to protect an innocent tiger cub!"

    Rage could now be seen clearly within Wang Xiong's eyes. "As a wife who shows no respect for her husband, why should I show respect for you?! You are nothing less than a scheming, poisonous woman who cares only about her own personal gain!"

    Poisonous woman? Personal gain?

    The moment Wang Xiong finished speaking, thunder boomed, echoing through the mountain.

    "He, he, how dare-" Zhou Chi was speechless as he pointed at the screen.[2]

    Zhou Tianyin was one of the top beauties of the Great Qin Empire. Not to mention her position in the Southern Palace, even those within the Emperor's courts had to treat her with respect. Within the empire, thousands hailed her as a goddess, and thousands more would be willing to do anything for her.

    Yet what did Wang Xiong say?

    A poisonous woman? Someone who schemes?

    Let alone Zhou Chi, everyone was shocked to their very core!

    On the side, the Fourth Prince had a gloating expression on his face. In his eyes, Wang Xiong was simply digging his own grave!

    Wang Zhongquan on the other hand was shaking. Partly out of fear for his master's well being, but also because his young mater had finally grown up. This shaking was to hide his pride! 

    Wang Xiong's remarks had naturally impacted Zhou Tianyin's feelings deeply. It was true that she had been watching over him for the last few days. And he was not wrong in the case that she had not helped. But she did not help because he did not need it! Yet Wang Xiong dared to rebuke her? Zhou Tianyin was indignant.

    "Wang Xiong, if you must know, my marriage contract with you was ended ten days ago! There was no need for me to help you in any way. Our ties were cut!" She said furiously.

    Zhou Tianyin previously had not wanted to reveal the fact that their marriage arrangement was over until after he had been rescued, however, Wang Xiong's words had simply driven her mad.

    Within the picture Wang Xiong blinked. 

    It was not that Wang Xiong cared about the marriage, it was Zhou Tianyin's tone and nagging that really surprised him. It really sounded as if he had married her.

    "Hm? You have removed of the contract? Do you have my signature? Did any of the Four Kings, or perhaps the Emperor witness it?" Wang Xiong laughed coldly. "The moment the husband is killed, the wife's first thought is to remove all traces of the marriage? Ha! You really are a snake!"

    "You!" Wang Xiong's anger was reflected in Zhou Tianyin.

    Currently, the only reason why Zhou Tianyin was willing to continue speaking to Wang Xiong was for the sake of keeping Yu Sheng and the soldiers alive. However the moment Wang Xiong finished rebuking her, he turned around and looked coldly at those present.

    "Kill." Wang Xiong ordered simply.


    Ju Que leaped toward Yu Sheng once more while the remaining beasts rushed towards the crowd of Qin soldiers.


    Yu Sheng thrust out with his sword, pushing Ju Que away before he turned around and ran into the forest.

    The situation was naturally not good so there was no trace of hesitation in Yu Shengs mind. 

    "Your Highness, Brother Sheng, Save Me!" The female soldier cried out in terror. 

    However, Yu Sheng was long gone. Who would have thought that this once renowned general would have fled in order to save his own skin?

    Ju Que recovered from the sword blow and began to chase Yu Sheng when Wang Xiong raised his hand and sighed. "Little Que, let him go for now."


    The tiger came to a halt and turned to the crowd of soldiers.

    Everyone watching were shaken yet again by Wang Xiong's actions.

    After hearing Wang Xiong's words, Zhou Tianyin was caught speechless. As someone who had only received praise and was never cursed, she did not know how to respond.

    To the side, the Fourth Prince was gnashing his teeth in anger. Although his son had survived, he had lost great face and brought shame to himself. His anger was naturally directed towards Wang Xiong as he scowled.

    "Sister, that Wang Xiong is truly shameless..." Zhou Chi frowned.

    Wang Zhongquan on the other hand had trouble hiding his excitement. His young master was no longer the timid weakling he had been before. Although his actions may later bring troubles to the Eastern Palace, it was okay. The old steward was sure that what Wang Xiong had done would have greatly pleased the old master if he had still been alive. 

    "Wait! The Qing huan Province's first daughter! Not good!" The Fourth Prince's expression changed dramatically.

    Qinghuan Province?

    Everyone's expression turned dark and even Wang Zhongquan frowned. 

    "Wait, no!" Time had run out for the Eye of Heaven as it slowly began to close once more. In the final scene, those watching could see a group of soldiers huddled together in a sea of wolves. 

    The daughter of the Qinghuan Province Lord... Would she be alright?

    If she died, not only would Wang Xiong be in deep trouble, but Yu Sheng would be held accountable as her superior in the military.

    The crowd was anxious but there was nothing they could do.

    Back in the mountain, cries echoed out as more and more soldiers fell under the wave of monsters. Wang Xiong naturally did not take this to heart. Although he had the body of a human, his mind was still one that originated from a tiger. Death was something he was used to. While needless death saddened him, this was not it. The Qin soldiers were saved by him, yet they turned upon their savior. Not only that, but if he let them live, they would naturally also be killed or forcefully silenced in order to keep the humiliating actions of today secret.

    Soon the only one left was the daughter of the Qinghuan Province Lord, shivering as she looked at Wang Xiong in horror.

    Wang Xiong raised his hand and the group of wolves and tigers moved back. 

    If he remembered correctly, the Lord of the Qinghuan Province and his late father used to be good friends. 

    "P-please don't kill me." The female stuttered in fear.

    Wang Xiong sighed. "Little girl, how could you follow someone like him?"

    "His Highness said that he would take me to see the flowers in the tomb of the gods and that he would protect me! I... I..." She began to sniffle as she looked down.

    Wang Xiong rubbed his nose. "Stop crying!"

    His words scared her as she no longer dared to make a sound. Wang Xiong sighed. "I will bring you along for now. It is better for you to follow me than to stay here alone.

    "!" The daughter of the Qinghuan Province Lord was stunned.

    "Do not think too much of it. I am simply giving face to your father." Wang Xiong said seriously.

    He leaped onto Ju Que's back. "Let's go back to the Wind Valley." He ordered.

    "Yes elder!" Ju Que nodded as he led the group of remaining beasts out the battlefield.


    A few breaths of time later, eight figures arrived. Within the eight, two of them were the red and green robed elders who had retreated previously. The remaining six were all dressed in black robes and one showed great eagerness.

    The red robed elder's eyes grew wide as he examined the battlefield. "These bodies belong to Qin soldiers! Did the tigers and Qin army fight? Judging by the number of Qin corpses, it seems like the Tiger Dang must be within the tigers possession."

    "Hrumph! Elder Hong[3], if you had notified us of the appearance of the Dang the moment you saw it, I dare say it would be in our hands by now..." A black robe elder sneered. "Could it be that you wished to hog the credit for yourself?"

    The green robed elder frowned as he looked at the battlefield. "Now is not the time to be pointing fingers. We believer that we could have handled the situation by ourselves, that is why we did not call you. As of now, we need to put all of our efforts into finding the Tiger Dan. Luckily, with the scent it secretes, it should be fairly easy to find."

    "Hn." The elders agreed as the leaped off in the direction of the Wind Valley.


    A few moments after they had left Yu Sheng arrived once again, ten people following behind him. 

    The group studied the battlefield and looked grimly at the bones that were scattered about.

    "General Yu, is it true that General Bao was killed by Wang Xiong?"

    "But Wang Xiong, according to the plan, wasn't he killed in Sirius Valley? How can he still be alive?"

    These questions remained unanswered.

    "Wait... If everyone in the army is dead, then..."

    Everyone froze.

    "Qinghuan Province..."

    [1] Jie is a way of saying older sister
    [2]I don't really know how they can hear him talking, even though previously it said the Eye couldn't transmit sound
    [3]Hong is red, so elder hong is the Red robed elder
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    Chapter 10 - Wolf King

    Wang Xiong arrived at the Wind Valley, a group of wolves and tigers trailing behind him. 

    It was there the demonic tigers buried their eldest brother, each one of them holding great sadness within their faces. Beside the tigers sat the group of wolves, twenty short of their original number. 

    The daughter of the Qinghuan Province Lord did not speak. However, she seemed to be in a much better state than before now that she knew that Wang Xiong meant her no harm at the moment.

    Wang Xiong held the Tiger Dan to his chest as he gazed solemnly at the mourning tigers.

    The group was off and moving once again a few moments yet. 

    "Sniff, Sniff."

    Ju Que's nose twitched as he turned his head towards the cub within Wang Xiong's arms.

    "So this is the Tiger Dan? Elder, I do not know why, but the smell that thing releases... Elder, could you perhaps give it to me?" Ju Que licked his lips.


    The cub within Wang Xiong's arms began to panic. Seeing that there was nothing it could do, it turned its eyes to Wang Xiong.

    Wang Xiong pet the cub softly and turned to look at the demonic tiger. "Eat it? I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to absorb the energy."

    "It doesn't matter. I know that every living Dan is created when it swallows a treasure from heaven. Although I may not be able to absorb all of its energy, I firmly believe that I can absorb at least its tail!" Ju Que said eagerly. 

    Wang Xiong smiled grimly. "Ah. How about if I told you that this tiger is the grandchild of the Yeh family? Are you still willing?" 

    "What Yeh family? What does that matter?" Ju Que did not understand.

    Wang Xiong studied the demonic tiger's face. He was not lying, Ju Que simply did not know who the Yeh Family was. 

    Wang Xiong sighed softly. The Yeh, the royal family of the tiger bloodline who began from the tiger ancestor Yeh Fengtian. Yet, these demonic tigers did not know who they were?

    "Never mind then. However, if you harm a single hair on this child's body, then you will face the same fate as General Bao!" Wang Xiong said threateningly.

    General Bao?

    Remembering the General who had been left nothing more than a shriveled corpse, Ju Que felt fear creep up his throat. "Yes ancestor!"

    Wang Xiong looked at the cub curiously. "With such a weak body, how did you come to have the blood of the Yeh family flowing through your veins?"

    "Aah!!" The baby tiger began to cry after hearing Wang Xiong's words, as if recalling a bad memory.

    "Don't cry, this is not your fault. That blood essence of yours which can be smelled within a ten mile radius is likely what caused everyone to believe that you were a Dan, of course, you can be considered a Dan of some sorts..." Wang Xiong chuckled softly. "Your bloodline hasn't kicked in yet. Does your Yeh family not fear that you will be eaten?"

    "Ah?" The tiger cub was still sad.

    Wang Xiong rubbed the cub's head tenderly. "Well, don't cry, it can be said that our lives were destined to cross. I'll bring you along and take you back to your family as soon as the opportunity comes up."

    The cub was slightly comforted. The things it had gone through these past few days had caused great fear within his small heart. Now that the danger had blown over, it released all the emotions that it had been holding back.

    Wang Xiong sighed as he held the sniveling cub closer to his body.

    On the side stood the Qinghuan Province Lord's Daughter. Although she was scared for her life, curiosity was also present within her eyes. She had heard certain rumors about Wang Xiong from Zhou Tianyin, but it would seem like those rumors weren't true at all. 

    Wang Xiong turned and looked at the Wolf King. 

    Feeling Wang Xiong's gaze on him, the king suddenly felt uneasy.

    "Wolf King, this ancestor is truly interested in you. As a simple wolf, you were able to cultivate to such a level and can gather so many wolves at your call..." Wang Xiong smiled. "You have a talent that is truly worth nurturing. In fact I would even say that your latent talent is slightly greater than Ju Que." 

    The wolf king was stunned as shook his head nervously. Was this human trying to get him in trouble with the demonic tigers?

    "Ancestor, this Wolf King is merely in the third stage of the spiritual sea realm! How can he have a greater talent than me?" The demonic tiger frowned. 

    "This wolf may only be in the third stage, but his intellect surpasses you. With a simple growl he was able to gather those of the first and second stage to fight with us. Could you do the same?" Wang Xiong asked. 

    Ju Que scowled. "I... But this wolf is nothing in front of me!"

    "He may be weak now, but that is because he was not nurtured by a clan as you were. Although you are now at the first stage of the Martial Lord realm, I am willing to bet that if this Wolf was to reach the seventh stage of the Spiritual Sea realm, you would not be able to be its match!" Wang Xiong refuted.

    "How can this be?" Ju Que was speechless.

    Wang Xiong sighed. "The Wolf King's strength is not his cultivation, but the sheer number of wolves he can control. Under the onslaught of hundreds of sixth stage Spiritual Sea realm wolves, even you can't survive." 

    "It's the sheer numbers then?"

    "No!" Wang Xiong sighed at the tigers idiocy. "The Wolf King is a leader. Wolves naturally travel in packs and the pack obeys the king's orders. The Wolf King has naturally been in countless group battles and possesses many strategies."

    Ju Que still couldn't believe it. 

    Wang Xiong smiled mischievously. "Back by the lake, didn't you say that it was the Wold King who inspired you to attack me? Would that not mean that the Wolf King possesses the ability to control you?" 

    The Wolf King fell to the ground after seeing the murderous gaze Ju Que was looking at it with. 


    Next to the Wolf King, a single wolf stood up shakily. Its loyalty had surpassed its fear of the tiger. 

    However, the Wolf King did not move. He knew that the more he resisted, his death would come sooner. 

    "Stop!" Wang Xiong ordered. 

    "Ancestor!" Ju Que felt uncomfortable. 

    Wang Xiong ignored Ju Que and turned to the Wolf King. "Little wold, this ancestor will give you two choices."

    The Wolf King was looked up in surprise.

     "The first choice is freedom. This ancestor is willing to let you and your pack go free."

    Ju Que frowned. "What? Ancestor, just them?" 

    The Wolf King had doubt in his eyes. 

    "Yes, with just the group of demonic tigers, I should be able to make it to my goal safely. I do not really have a need for you wolves." Wang Xiong explained.

    The Wolf King was still confused. It did not understand where Wang Xiong's confidence came from. 

    "The obedience you have shown on the battlefield makes up for the offence you showed me in Sirius Valley. Now, this ancestor will allow you to leave. I will not stop you."

    The Wolf King blinked. 

    "However, first listen closely to the second choice I am about to give you. This ancestor will give you a chance to prove your loyalty. From now on, if you wish, you will follow me. This ancestor will protect you and nurture you. However, there will be countless life and death battles in the future. Whatever you get is up to your own good fortune." Wang Xiong said slowly.

    Ju Que was surprised to see the Wolf King hesitate. 

    Previously it could be seen that the Wolf King wanted nothing more than to leave Wang Xiong's entourage. Yet, now that Wang Xiong gave his offer, the Wolf King was unsure. 

    The group of wolves were all looking at the King. Obviously, the Wolf King's orders were absolute. 

    The Wolf King obviously wanted freedom, however his every instinct was telling him to follow this human. If he were to follow Wang Xiong would it be possible that he could achieve levels he could normally never reach.

    No one knew the hardships the Wolf King had faced over the years. Did people think that becoming the king of Sirius valley was an easy task? How many times had he narrowly escaped death?

    Without the guidance of anyone else, the Wolf King was sure that he would reach his limits sooner than later. Then he would no longer be able to protect his pack.

    "Ou!" The Wolf King thought for a second then bowed to Wang Xiong.

    "Woo! Woo! Woo!: 

    All of the other other wolves followed his example.

    The Qinghuan Lord's daughter was stunned by the scene in front of her. Wang Xiong was actually able to get this group of bloodthirsty wolves to submit to him?

    Ju Que frowned. The Wolf King actually...?

    "How, why? You actually chose to follow him?" He said in surprise.

    Wang Xiong looked at the Wolf King who let out a few short howls. 

    "Esteemed Ancestor, this Wolf King says that he is willing to follow, he is actually willing to...!" Ju Que was utterly shocked by this point. 

    "This Ancestor understands!" Wang Xiong said smiling.

    "Ah?" Ju Que's eyebrows rose. 

    The human understood animal language?

    Wang Xiong turned his attention back towards the Wolf King. "Now that you have decided to follow this Ancestor, this Ancestor will give you the name Yu!" 

    "Ao!" The Wolf agreed seriously.

    Just as the wolf cried out, a cry of surprise came. "There! I found them!"

    "Quickly! We can not afford to lose the Tiger Dan again!"

    In an instant, the sky burst into brilliant light so bright that it could be seen from miles away.
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    Chapter 11 - The Valley of Wind

    Six lights flashed in the sky, visible to all those on Qiyun mountain. A few kilometers away, the light caught the attention of the remaining disciples of the tomb of the gods.

    "This light?"  Ju Que's eyes widened. "That is the tomb's reinforcement signal! Not only will the minor disciples arrive shortly, but Sovereign Hei Ban will likely respond to it as well!" 


    Fear crept into the crowd of beasts.

    "They're insane! This kind of signal is a rare treasure! For the sake of this tiger dan, they're going so far as to call over the sovereign?" Ju Que was worried. If he remembered correctly, Hei Ban was last seen possessing a cultivation base in the Martial King realm.

    The daughter of the Qinghuan Province lord's face was white with fear.

    Wang Xiong looked back at the Wolf King. "I am giving you one last chance, if you want to leave, you may still do so!"

    It was obvious that the tomb of the gods was after the tiger dan within Wang Xiong's hands, however it did not seem like Wang Xiong would be parting with it anytime soon.

    The wolves paced nervously, but were stopped when the Wolf King shook his head and nodded at Wang Xiong.

    Although their were many doubts in his heart, the Wolf King, now named Yu, stood firmly beside Wang Xiong.


    Yu cried, causing the wolves to stop their panic. 

    Seeing the wolf king's actions satisfied Wang Xiong, however he knew that this did not mean that the wolf king was loyal to him. After all, Wang Xiong had only known it for ten days. Absolute loyalty was out of the question.

    However, Wang Xiong was still satisfied. The wolves current actions were enough, they had proclaimed their intent to follow him.

    Ju Que on the other side was facing a different problem.

    The signal the tomb fired into the air meant that the possibility of Hei Ban appearing was high.

    Ju Que moved uneasily for a while before realizing that even if he did leave Wang Xiong, there was still the possibility that they would run into disciples of the tomb of the gods. His fellow demonic tigers were already weak after the battle that they had gone through and he could not protect them alone. If they were to follow Wang Xiong then perhaps...!"

    "Ancestor, I will follow you!" Ju Que cried nervously.

    Wang Xiong looked at the demonic tiger and blinked. Was there any reason for them to leave? As for the daughter of the Qinghuan Province Lord, Wang Xiong did not give her a chance to speak. 

    "Very well then, we will go deeper into the Valley of Wind!" Wang Xiong said. 

    Ju Que froze. "Ancestor, within this valley are sharp winds that even I can not sense, let alone defend against."

    Wang Xiong petted the tiger's head. "This ancestor will guide you. As long as you all follow and listen to my orders, then we will be fine." 

    "Aou!" Yu confirmed. 

    Although the outline of the tomb of god members could now be seen in the distance, Wang Xiong did not fear as he nudged Ju Que forward. 

    From within his hand, the rope appeared once more, bundled up neatly. The wolves slightly shuddered at the sight of it as if remembering bad memories.


    Within the Valley of the Winds, there was no sound other than the whistling of sharp air currents. 

    Among the group, Wang Xiong was the only one unafraid. Even the demonic tigers who possessed inborn wind comprehension were extremely nervous. 

    Yes, the winds possessed great danger, but how could Wang Xiong fear them?

    Under his orders, the group slowly moved forward, avoiding all of the wind blades that flashed by.

    In the distance approached the red-robbed elder, elder Hong. 

    "There is no where to run! Hand over the tiger dan now!" He ordered as he rushed to the pack of wolves in the back.

    Seeing him approach, the wolves began to panic, but were put into place by a quick bark from Yu. 

    The red-robed elder sneered as he extended his blade to launch an attack on the wolves. 


    In this moment, a pink whip lashed out like a serpent, colliding with elder Hong's wrist and knocking the sword out of his hand. 


    The sword struck a nearby boulder and instantly shattered it. 

    Unfortunately, this boulder had originally blocked some of the wind in this valley. Now that it was shattered into dust, the winds rushed out and whistled into the valley.


    A large number of wind blades suddenly appeared a breath away from Elder Hong's body. 

    "Not good!" The red-robed elder struck out with his palm. 


    The palm technique shattered a wind blade, but before Elder Hong could react, more whistled by, tearing portions of his robe. 

    The red-robbed elder's face changed as he launched himself back to the entrance of the valley. 

    It was at this moment that the other elders arrived, surprised what they had just witnessed.

    Not only was the red-robbed elder pushed back by the wind, but it seemed like the tiger dan's entourage was completely unharmed, yet they were heading deeper into the valley!

    In fact, it seemed like wind blades were moving around the tiger dan's group!

    Wang Xiong smiled softly, was he the sort of person who would recklessly risk his life?

    Within the valley, once could slightly see gaps between the mountains. While wind blew from some gaps, they did not for others, making it extremely strange.

    "Ancestor, the wind should be getting stronger any time now-..." Ju Que blinked twice, the wind around the group was not violent, but extremely gentle. 

    "Move forward in a straight line, do not make one step out of place!" Wang Xiong ordered. 

    The tigers and wolves nodded. 

    Wang Xiong looked over at the Qinghuan Province Lord's daughter. "Little girl, help me watch over this for a second!" 

    "Aou?" The baby tiger within Wang Xiong's arms struggled and held on to Wang Xiong tightly.

    "Don't worry, I will be back. I merely want to go and see the power of the tomb of the gods for myself!" Wang Xiong smiled, caressing the tiger's head softly before handing it to the Qinghuan Province heir. 

    "Ah? Me?" She asked surprised as she cradled it carefully. 

    On the side, Ju Que tried to stop himself from drooling. Now that Wang Xiong would be gone, the dan would be practically defenseless...

    While the demonic tiger was thinking this, Yu looked over at Wang Xiong. 

    "Aou!" Yu yelped questioningly. 

    "No, I can do this myself. Watch over the group and keep them here. This ancestor can handle himself!" Wang Xiong laughed. 

    "Mn!" Yu nodded knowingly. 

    Wang Xiong turned back and looked at the elders as the group marched forward.


    In the distance, the eight elders were stunned.

    "How can they not be affected by the wind?" Elder Hong muttered aloud.

    The green-robed elder laughed. "Not affected? Ha! They can't escape!"

    "He's right, the Valley of Wind is deadly. The only exits are through the gaps between the mountains. Even the demonic tiger's can't control wind that well. They're trapped!" A black elder smiled.

    "But we can't get in!" A disciple said out loud. 

    "If I remember correctly, within this mountain there are 108 wind valleys that stretch in four directions. Moreover, the wind is not constant. It may come some days, but it will eventually stop for a short period of time. It is during that time that we can rush in!"

    As time passed, more and more disciples of the tomb of the gods arrived, filling the entrance of the valley of wind.

    More and more people arrived and soon there were nearly 2,000 disciples standing before the eight elders. 

    Under the elders orders, the entrance was sealed off. A few hundred meters away, they could see the group of beasts standing unharmed in a single area with nowhere to escape. 

    "That boy, he seems to be that Wang Xiong right? I recall the last time I saw him was at his fathers funeral when the Sovereign took me to the Eastern Palace." An elder said curiously.

    "Wang Xiong, the son of Wang Hong of the Great Qin Empire?" The red-robed elder asked, surprised. 

    "Yes, he's the son of that old freak. I remember his appearance. But didn't he used to have a thing in between his eyebrows? How could he be here?" Another elder replied. 

    The red-robed elder sneered. "Back when Wang Hing was alive, he was indeed powerful. Eight years ago, he came to the tomb of the gods and made a big commotion. Stealing something from our treasure hall. I guess it is expected that a thief would sire another theif." 

    Now that they knew who Wang Xiong was they no longer had any fear in their hearts. 

    In the distance, Wang Xiong stood silently. They were not too far from the tomb of the god's army so he could hear every word the elders said. 

    Although the memories of his past life had been restored, the memories belonging to this life were still present. 

    The memories of his childhood were still fresh in his mind. His mother had died giving birth to him, leaving Wang Xiong's father a single father. However, he watched over Wang Xiong and taught him about the world. Although Wang Xiong was not bright nor talented, his father still tried his best to help his son succeed. A fathers love was something that could not be replaced and would naturally be imprinted into the depths of ones soul.

    By the time he was fourteen, Wang Xiong's father mysteriously disappeared and he was named head of the house. 

    How could he allow others to dirty the name of his father?

    Wang Xiong's eyes turned red as a bloodthirsty aura seeped from them. "Thief? Who are you calling thief?" Wang Xiong voiced coldly. 

    The valley was silent except for the whistling of wind. However, a cold began to spread, causing many to shiver. 

    The eight elders looked up, surprise present in their eyes. Some did not dare to believe that this kid was able to release such pressure. 

    The red-robed elder sneered. "Boy, Wang Hong is dead! Do you really have the courage to talk to us in this manner? I am calling you a thief for stealing the tiger dan that was rightfully ours!" 

    "Ke!" Wang Xiong's eyes burned as he leaped into the wind, towards the direction of the entrance of the valley of wind.

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    Chapter 12 - Hell

    The entry point of the Valley of Wind.

    The eight elders of the tomb of the gods along with over 2,000 of their disciples had surrounded the entire Valley of Wind. As time passed, one could notice that the wind within the valley was dying down ever so slowly. 

    The eight elders had recognized Wang Xiong and had been mocking his father for a while now. 

    In a hidden place in a nearby forest, Yu Sheng crouched along with ten others. 

    "Your Highness, Wang Xiong really must be killed?" A subordinate asked. 

    "Yes! He must be killed!" Yu Sheng sneered. 

    "Your Highness, do we really not need to save the Qinghuan Province heir? I mean, just in case...!" Another subordinate questioned. 

    Worry could be seen in some of the peoples eyes. 

    Yu Sheng wrinkled his eyebrows. "As of now, Wang Xiong is our number one priority. If the Qinghuan heir was killed, only Yu Sheng would be punished, however if Wang Xiong gets away, our entire palace will pay the price! This time, we must make sure that Wang Xiong is dead, no matter the cost!"

    The ten subordinates looked uneasy, but a flash of firmness appeared in their eyes. "Yes!"


    Within the Valley of Wind.

    Wang Xiong gripped the whip so hard that the veins on the back of his hand became visible. Rage was flowing through his heart. 

    These people dared to insult someone he loved!

    "Oh, you guys are really brave!" Wang Xiong smiled, fury present in his eyes. 

    "Ha! So what if I insult you and your father? What are you going to do about it?" The red-robed elder sneered. "Listen up everyone! The wind has already decreased to the point where none of you will be injured unless you go too far in. Furthermore, the one who retrieves the red tiger cub will be given the Sun Sword and be accepted as a direct disciple of the sovereign!" 

    "Yes!" More than two thousand disciples cried in hope, as they readied themselves. 

    "You really dare to attack? Come then! This Ancestor will see just how powerful you elders are!" Wang Xiong sneered, lashing out with his whip. 

    "Pa! Pa! Pa.........!"

    The whip collided with a large number of rocks, causing the wind flow in the valley to change drastically. The rocks that had preciously been blocking the wind blades were now gone as they rushed forward. 

    Wang Xiong twisted his whip toward the wind blades and flicked his wrist. The blades swirled around and condensed into a small tornado, blowing up waves of sand and dust.

    "This...?" The elders froze at the sight. 

    The two thousand disciples were also stunned. None of them knew why the winds had suddenly obeyed the command of the teen standing in front. 


    The small tornado rushed forth, ripping up the ground and growing larger as it absorbed more and more wind. 

    The green-robed elder's face turned ugly. "Could it be possible that he is using the array to control the winds?" 

    "Not good! Quickly, we must kill him now!" The red-robed elder screamed. 

    The dust blown up made the visibility extremely poor. If it was previously, no one would have believed that Wang Xiong was able to do this, however, before their very eyes, the wind bent to Wang Xiongs will, something that caused extreme panic within the ranks of disciples. 

    In the forest, Yu Sheng's eyes widened. "Impossible, Wang Xiong is an idiot, how can he possibly know how to wield the array?"

    Ju Que was also watching with an amazed look on his face. Wasn't it true that only the head members of the tiger family knew how to manipulate the array like this?

    Everyone was horrified as they watched Wang Xiong's whip lash out once more. 

    From within the depths of the valley, a powerful wind full of wild power roared out.


    The tornado grew tenfold as nearly 3,000 large wind blades rushed into it and were absorbed, speeding up the rotation as well. 

    "Three thousand wind blades? This...!" Ju Ques eyes widened even further as he unconsciously took a step back out of fear. 

    The eight elders were also shaken. 

    "Quick! Quick! Kill him! A black robed elder yelled. 

    The elders quickly rushed forward and surrounded Wang Xiong, a cold, death like feeling seeping into their bones. 

    "Kill!" All of the men took lunged forward with their blades. 

    Wang Xiong's eyes were cold. "Too late! You have brought this on yourself!" 

    Wang Xiong gripped his whip tightly as the tornado swelled instantly and spiraled toward the eight elders.

    The elders faces went mad. 

    At this moment, they no longer dared to treat Wang Xiong lightly. If the tornado hit any one of them, then they would surely be dead. 


    The eight elders barely evaded the tornado as they swung their swords. 


    The sword qi released by the eight elders' blades collided with the wind blades but more replaced the ones that were destroyed. 


    In an instant, all eight of them were covered in blood and retreating. 

    Although their appearance was poor, their injuries were not too bad. Only one black-robed elder had been harmed to the point where he could no longer attack.

    "Hurry, kill him!" The red-robed elder ordered in pain. 

    The disciples rushed forward in a wave of black. 

    "Hrumph!" Wang Xiong grunted. 

    The whip in his had turned as the wind seemed to change along with the path of the rope. The wind blades turned away from the elders and within the blink of an eye, reached the two thousand strong army. 

    "Ah, no!"

    "Elders help!"


    The tornadoes did not move in a straight line, but instead swirled chaotically, wiping out a great number of disciples in the blink of an eye. 

    "Don't stop! The number of wind blades are limited! It can not kill all of you at once! If you can kill Wang Xiong, the Sovereign will reward you greatly!" An elder cried before rushing forward. 

    The other elders did not hesitate and followed. If Wang Xiong died, then the wind blades would cease. 


    The eight elder leaped forward once again, their blades pointed at Wang Xiong. 


    A few meters away, another tornado swirled into existence, three thousand wind blades spinning towards the elders. 

    "What? Again!" The elders faces were filled with horror. 

    "How can he make another one?!" The Green robed elder's face turned dark.

    "Disperse, we must kill Wang Xiong!" The red-robed elder ordered.

    The elders split and rushed in from different directions. 

    Wang Xiong grinned coldly. "You can split, but that will not change your fate!"

    Wang Xiong turned the whip once more.


    The tornado shuddered then exploded, blasting wind blades in every direction. 

    Wang Xiong had been the Emperor of the Tiger Clan in his past life. His mastery over the law of wind had reached its peak. Although his power was diminished because of his current body, he was still able to control a certain amount of wind with the help of his whip.

    The elders' previous plan of splitting up had failed. Thanks to it, they were now more scattered and vulnerable then before.  

    "No!" A black-robed elder panicked.


    Due to the burst of wind blades, every single elders' injuries became even more tragic. A black-robbed elder suddenly collapsed to the ground, unmoving. 

    "Wang Xiong, Wang Xiong!"

    The elders began to shake in fear as yet another series of wind blades came out of the depths of the valley. 

    "You truly did not recognize the might of this ancestor. Do not say that I did not warn you!" Wang Xiong growled.  


    The wind blades continue to rush out in a near endless stream of wind. 

    Everyone within the valley immediately began to shake uncontrollably. 

    Within a few breaths time, everyone was covered in bloody cuts and most were already collapsed on the ground. However, it was just beginning. Waves after waves of wind blades flew out of the valley, each wave fiercer than that last. Those present only had one expression present on their face. Despair.


    No one knew who called it first, but soon, everyone was stampeding out of the valley. 


    The first person who stepped out was instantly cut to shreds. 

    How could Wang Xiong have not thought of escape? Once of his first moves was to block the exit with a series of wind blades. 

    Once you entered the Valley of Wing you will no longer be able to escape. If you wish to escape, then you must suffer!

    "You all dared to try and kill this Ancestor, so this Ancestor will bestow it back upon you!" Wang Xiong said coldly.


    The blades of wind slashed in every direction, causing blood and flesh to fly everywhere. Within seconds, the Valley of Wind had become a living hell.

    The sheer number of wind blades made the exit comparable to a maze of knives. As the speed of the blades increased, so did the casualty rate. 

    The valley was akin to purgatory.

    The eight elders faced even harsher winds. Before soon, everyone from the tomb of the gods was lying in a pool of blood. 

    Wang Xiong stood silently in the center of the valley of wind and recalled his whip. Who would have known that this rope would end up as an instrument of death and despair.

    A weak body that was able to manipulate the heavens and the earth, as if it was an Asura from hell. The group of wolves and tigers watching were stunned. 

    Outside the valley stood a group of disciples belonging to the tomb of the gods. They had heard screams, but no one dared to enter. 

    The screams echoed out one after another, the smell of blood wafting out of the valley. As the wind blades slowed to a stop, one disciple peered into the valley and nearly threw up at the sight that he saw. 

    "How could this have happened?"

    "Quickly, inform the Lord and the other elders!"



    From the forest, Yu Sheng crouched, his knees shaking uncontrollably. 
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    Chapter 13 - Small Wind Beads

    The top of Qiyun mountain, within a large sect. 

    In the center of the sect was a large building, the palace, also known as 'The Temple of the Gods'.

    The palace was surrounded by an abnormal amount of qi, many times more than in the outside. The density of the qi was so thick that it appeared as a light fog, granting the temple a mysterious air. 

    A place like this was surely a blessing for all who lived there, however only one person had access to it. 

    The Sovereign, Hei Ban!

     The qi originated from a well in the backwoods of the temple. From within the well, a nearly endless stream of black smoke spewed out, however the black color dispersed quickly, seemingly absorbed by a large flower planted nearby.

    The flower consisted of white and black petals. As the black petals absorbed the well's qi, the white petals releasing the purified form.

    This flower was the same flower that Zhou Tianyin, Yu Sheng, and Wang Xiong were looking for. Its latent purifying ability made it a true gift from the heavens. 

    Currently, a few meters away from the temple, a group of disciples stood solemnly. Within their hands was an enchanted golden jewel. As flames burst skyward from the enchantment, a demonic tiger struggled to move forward, countless wounds covering his body.

    Beside the tiger stood a burly man wearing black robes. From underneath his red hair, a single black eye peered in amusement at the tigers actions as the man placed countless medicines into the jewel.

    "Ju Men, there is no use in resisting. This Fire Dan Array leaves no chance of escape! The moment the flower provides another solid amount of qi, you will be thrown in!" The one-eyed man said, a cold smile on his face. 

    This Ju Men was a member of one of the first groups that headed to reinforce the tomb of the gods. However, the moment they realized that the call was a trap, it was too late. At this moment, all Ju Men could do was watch as his clansmen were forced into the jewel's fire array.

    "Hei Ban, we gave you face and came to help you when you called. Yet you actually dared to ambush us and steal our tiger dan?" Ju Men's eyes were full of hatred. 

    The one-eyed man smiled coldly. "Ju Men, if you wish to blame someone about your current state, you have no one to blame but yourself! Who told you to bring the tiger dan along? If it stayed within the clan then I would have never dared, but allowing it out with little protection, you would have to be an idiot to think that I would not want it for myself!"

    "The moment my Tiger Clan finds out-"

    "Ha!" Hei Ban laughed coldly. "Find out? Other than us, who knows that you are here? Moreover, even if they did know, I would not care! That tiger dan is worth getting on the clans bad side!"

    Hei Ban snarled. "The moment I get out, you will pay!"

    "You can't get out no matter how hard you try. The same can be said for your precious dan. While we speak, eight of my elders along with all of my disciples are searching for the tiger dan! A few moments ago, they fired the emergency flare. The dan has already been found!" The one eyed man sneered. 

    "No..." Ju Men's face fell. 

    "If you wish to blame, blame yourself. For me, this is truly a gift from the heavens. I will not let this chance pass by!"

    Ju Men lunged forward once more but was repelled by the array surrounding him. 

    "I don't even have to do any footwork! I will have you watch as your precious dan is brought to me!" Hei Ban laughed coldly.

    "Sovereign, its not good!" Suddenly a call came. 

    "What?" Hei Ban looked away from the demonic tiger, turning his attention to a disciple who rushed in. 

    To be continued...
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