[Bug Report] VIP Ad filter did not catch an Ad... also I want an answer to my previous question.

So the situation is like this, I was reading latest (sponsored) AWE chapter when a sudden AD attacked me ( and it was the most dangerous one - redirect that came served together with loud noise)
I checked, I was logged on (otherwise I wouldn't be able to access that sponsored chapter, mind you)
And we all know that once one popped up, there are dozens others lying in wait (just like their cousins the cockroaches)

On a serious note, just giving a heads up, please fix it.
I was using Chrome from my phone, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, on OS Android 8 Nougat

And I want to ask about the slow response from wuxiaworld staff, my other question is up there without an answer for over two weeks already.
Yes, this is a complaint about the quality of service...
Is this even a right place to ask something from wuxiaworld staff?
If not please tell me where should I post it because I cannot find any links neither on the forum nor on the main wuxiaworld website.


  • From the HOMEPAGE, you know, where you actually read the novels:


    For advertising inquiries, please reach out to us at affiliate[at]wuxiaworld[dot]com

    To report malicious ads (porn, ads that autoplay sound, redirect ads, viruses, etc.), please report them to us at badads[at]wuxiaworld[dot]com

    For technical inquiries or problems accessing the site/registering, please feel free to reach out to us at techsupport[at]wuxiaworld[dot]com

    For general inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at contactus[at]wuxiaworld[dot]com.

  • ok, I wont bother u guys here anymore then
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