千年灵狐 The millennium fox and beauty kung fu fairy



  • I took the bottle of medicine that the EFANG sister got it out of the medkit ,  hold it in my hand and put the water in the tea cut. At the same time EFANGNV FAIRY came to her patient hit at certain acupoints to keep her body unmoved  , after that she sat on the floor close to my older sister WANER , began to said some Elven language,then WANER's body up with her two hands' action of up-bear but her hands far from her ,and WANER's body same freeze never changed any shape. WANER was taken to my bed and lying down. 
    I saw it miraculous power , not payed attention to what I was doing at the time and put the water out of the tea cup .And my roommate XIAOHE(I thing her name is quite like the English name Lily so I called her Lily in the following words) saw the supernatural strength , open-eyed,amazed and slobbered out.
    EFANG sister stood up and said," please help her took the bottle medicine!" I just stop to put the water in the teacup and took them raced to WANER and said ," Lily, please bring me a cold tower and a dry one."
    I sat on my bed close WANER sister,Efangnv fairy hit her and released her acupoints. I propped up my remained unconscious sister and fed the bottle of medicine to her  mouth , she ate a little and cough out little on her face, Lily brought me the dry tower, I cleaned her face, and test the temperature of her forehead , she still got a fever I put the cold wet tower on her forehead, then she woke up gradually revived. Efangnv fairy open her extensive eyesight saw her body clearly, very sadly said:“ it have already dead !The mother hurt so much! "   put her her right hand in front of her abdomen , the centre of the palm was toward her uterus ,cured her hurt inside. 
    " Please bright a basin of water here!and let her sit up at the bedside make her two legs apart from the bed as far as possible." Efangnv said, we followed then she gave her magic power to her used a purple light that could be divorced her body from reality bed and hanged her in the air. She said :" push, I am energizing to help you push, harder.....push , that nice....."A lot of semens , blood and flesh ball ......came out from her vagina.....
    She was so sad and her tears ran down on her white and delicate chest, I I kneed and was cry too, could see this any more, thought ,"I am really so sorry for this!I decide take care of her like my family members from that day, Even she lost her child but I can with her together let her not alone."  
    " Bang, bang ,bang....." suddenly some one knock the door.

  • “Oh,I have to leave, it seems someone want to use the magic to hurt her.” Efangnv fairy sister put her back lying on my bed ,stood up and asked.
    "Yes, recently,it's not peace and tranquility in our palace, and I was ordered to come to the Chuxiu palace, that is a perverse trend place and we saw many sorcerer came there." I said this short and fast.
    "This is for you and another is for her, the name is ZIJIN spiritual magic figures, can protect your memories not be impaired or impact from the evil magic,aslo preserve your sanity !" The fairy extended her pretty hand and two spiritual magic figures with the purple and gold color appear on her hand, she quickly gave them to me and disappeared.
    The bamboo was trembling;
    The picture was appearing;
    And the beautiful fairy with her medical kit was disappearing in our room secretly!
    I glanced at my sister ,she looked a little nervous I put the spiritual magic figures in her chest and it’s stealth , I hang on my neck, that's stealth,too.I had no time to thing about its maraculous,I indicated her pretended the state of coma,tuck the quite on her body and ran to open the door.
    That's Caixia(the name of my another roommate) and XIAOXINZI was coming, before she came into room the dog jumped in first.
    I hold the dog up and asked," Huihui(I save the dog before, Huihui is its name), I have more than two years never seen you, where were you living these days?"
    The puppy licked on my face, just like the old friend never met the other for a long time.
    " Why you still live here, just escaped with Huihui(explain: the puppy know the way how to come here and go out)"Xiaoxinzi anxiously said.
    "We were not looking for any doctor because he said you need to run away ASPS!" Caixia awkwardly said with her fat and plump hand embarrassedly clutched a corner of her garment.
    "It doesn't matter, but I can't leave now, I need to take my older sister!" I argued.
    " She is not your sister, she is only a stranger and if you don't leave now, when the decree came you want to leave you shouldn't leave anymore.” XIAOXINZI got angry with me.
    "Why you not leave, but me ?" I asked in reply.
     "I am only a eunch, a disable man, not useful for that kind things, who will take me to CHUXIU palace? "He said.
    " Please do not talk about this, this is the prescription , I need you help to buy these medicine follow this prescription,this is the money ,thanks."I took my three months' salary from the chest gave to him said,"Hurry up please, I need use them!"
    " AYOU,my GUNAINAI, I really convinced you !" He said with feeling no choice face , I put the money and prescription in his hand, pushed him out of our room.

    After he go we began to cleaned the room and washed the body of my older sister, she was very said when she saw the dead baby in the basin; I couldn't see it anymore, I really hate I don't know Kong fu, if not I would beat the crap out of(da de man di zhao ya) these five bed guys. I found my most elegant casket gave to my older sister with my heads bent against seeing it anymore.
    She made it clean and put it in the box with tears, want to found a suitable place and buried the corpse of the baby.
    “Older sister,LIUBU:don't bother to go any further, YE SHEN LU ZHONG:it was very cold outside and we can help you!"I said and stop she came out side.
    She was agree and gave the box to me, I went out with CAIXIA, left Lily to took care of her.
    I came to the back of the hill , there is a no person place , cause of closing CHUxiu palace began to dug a hole at that time a team of solders seized a group of men to come to the the  orientation of CHU XIU GONG palace, the men ,between about 18-25years old tall, strong and handsome, all walked like a puppet, their face looked rather pale with a dull look in their eyes.
    We concealed ourselves behind the trees with holding our breath. After they pasted, we went on our works. When I was digging I saw severe purple and dark lights flied in the CHuxiu palace ,  the evil spirits guffawed and roars wildly came from the Chuxiu palace, that's horrible blares .....
    " That the virgins were possessed by the fiends!" said CIAXIA.
    "Don't drivel, I don't think there are some fiends in the world, but the bad person only!" I against.
    " You never hear that , it was  ...........” Caixia never finished, the noise came from the brushwoods.   

  • "Who?" I asked.
    No one answer, CAIXIA was too scared to make herself wet, weak and limp, like soft mud on the ground.
    " These's nothing!But we need hurry up, I don't know what will happened else!....." 
    I said  when I put the box in and covered, tied a piece of cloth to the branch to a butterfly shape , then supported Caixia with my hand and shoulder.When we were back to our room , CAIXIA's panty was all wet.
    " I can't close the CHUXIU palace any more,....." She sat a long time regained consciousness and cried with a pale face.
    I closed the door and the window, then WANER sister could opened her eyes and don't need  pretend,I helped her clean her body, because of much blood was coming out of her grotto( you know that place of the woman) and Lily talked with Caixia about the JIU LING XUE ZHEN( this was the name about: the warlocks made the tactical deployment of the virgins who bithed in YIN year YIN month YIN day in the Chinese lunar, that means they all birthed in the special times. The function of this tactical deployment was  summoning the souls ,the alluring women of the dead , and the alluring women souls took the possession of the virgins.)  

  • " do you hear that Zhao Gao  wants to own the most beauteous, enchanting, the most delicate, the most charming ,purest,the most attractive and exciting ladies in a mysterious way to make the young emperor happy, but he only found two, so he let the warlocks put the souls of the most pulchritudinous and ravishing women in their virgins' bodies, and it can make them changed their surface to the souls' comely exterior, ....." Lily said and massaged CAIXIA's numbness legs with fear.
     "I don't think he really wants our emperor happy, but he true intention is that he lets the emperor degenerate under the temptation of the fairness beauties' lascivious little hole , ignore the political situation and power of an imperial government, so he can do everything he want to do use the emperor's right."CAIXIA said.
    " What pity for these teenagers, they with the goodliness virgin bodies even not the most alluring but be put in the evil plan and lost themselves." Lily said.
    " not only this , Zhaogao kills many officials loyal to his sovereign and a lot of common people were buried alive with the dead. No matter how suffering I will save my life and kill ZhaoGAO !......" WANER sister said ,expressed her firm and persistent,indignetion feelings, the bleeding from the corner of her mouth.
    " I am agree with you, if ZhaoGAO will not be killed, I don't know how many girls will be robbed in the place and the parents will be killed because they don't want her children come here to take care of them.But we only the little girls ,how can we do this? He was so powerful, we only can save the lives that is the best results for us."Lily said with a very.very low voice, because of fearing the other person outside hear it and told Zhao GAo.
          "Our parents were killed by them and if you wanted to do this to help more people, I will help."I said the voice also low only can let my sister hear it.

    XIAOXINZI bought  the medicine back in the very early morning darkness outside, he knocked the door very fast and jumped gave them to me and said ," Some one around here and some one following me, you should be careful!"
    He left stealthily and I decoct medical herbs for my sister.
    WANER still pretended, no one knows that her secret except my two roommates and me. When no one in the room or they were all sleeping, she would talk with me, I slept closed her bed on the floor to take care of her. Step by step I know she was a rank of ladies in waiting and served for Price FUSU before , and they fell in love with each other,  she was pregnant for him. After Price FUSU was killed by Zhao Gao's making a false portrait of the deceased , some bad things came to her, ......
  • After ten days WANER sister was get better the puppy came back again at that night everyone's sleep deeply time.
    I plan to escape with my sister together, I made everything we need in my load and put it under my sister's bed. She still lied there,I tried to look for the way first with my puppy HUIHUI, at the last we really found the way through the doggy hole in the wall hide with the brushes and branches and could climb out of the palace. I don't know who made the holes maybe because the wall was old ,maybe some naughty boy or his puppy made them. I was very happy back to the room where we lived and wanted to show the way to my sister, but when I came to the wall closed my room some bad things happen, Zhao Gao with a lot of solders and eunuchs came and my room was besieged by Zhao Gao's solders. 
  • This was the first time I saw Eunuch Zhao Gao, the mid-life age man who really had a very strong desire to get the potential, the lust for power and influence because of the highly centralized governed by QING SHI HUANG, the product of a government's monstrous ego.
    The eunuch read the decree:   

    They said that the emperor gave a order: because of the promiscuous behavior of my sister at that night, she took 5 men outside the palace and broke the rule of the palace, so she need be punished, but because she severed the Prince FUSU very hard , so they gave her the light punishment measure that is let her come to the CHU CIU palace to learned how take care of the emperor very well, if she did this very well, they will not punish her; but if she was not, they will kill her with her families, implicate the nine generations of her family, that was they would gave two punishments together to her.
    I was shocked there, that was she got raped violated by 5 men, that was not.....I had no time to think that too much and had been taken to the Functionary Eunuch Zhao Gao.

    " ZHAO GONG GONG(the name that the other one called ZHAO GAO), you are looking at this face, this is the most lovely and fairness face in the world, this is the first pulchritude girl in our country, if we could make her body more sexy, then we will win recognition from the empertor."The bad gay that night said"ZHE NIU ZHANG DE ZHEN PIAO LIANG" that one said this to the Zhao Gao and with a gesture that he counted the money, that means he wanted to get the money from Zhao Gao because he gave an important information for him.
    " Really a daring act!" Zhao Gao saw my face and said, " I only let you, 5 guys, do a small things you were could not do it very well, and let the maids all saw, you said,'I should make the two maids blind and cut their tough let them can not tell all this to the other person, even they tell to the others they saw two blind will not trust them. Or I need to let you 5 to follow the rules of the palace to cut your things? '
    I heard that they wanted to make my two roommate blind and cut them toughs , was very angry. My left hand suddenly moved the hand on my face away and my right hand took the sword from the scabbard of a solder who closed me besides my neck. I said ,"If you dared to hurt my roommates, I will kill myself !"
    " YOU,YOU,YOU, what a staunch fair girl! I really like it, you help me to take care of WAN ER for these days, I still never thanks to you, so tomorrow I will fried 5 squabs of the 5 guys to you, let you drink the arrack for you will left each other with this dishes, then you can come to the CHU XIU palace to take care of your WANER sister." ZHAO GAO said with a sinister smell and took the sword of my neck.
    " ZHAO GONG GONG ,spare our lives, we, smell ones know that we make a mistake, ...." the 5 guys hold Zhao Gao's legs and begged.
    " Move them to the cutting off testis house, and lift WAN ER's body to CHU XIU palace and tomorrow after the lunch for leaving bring CHICHI lady come to CHU XIU palace, I am quite busy, need to go!"Zhao Gao said and left,the other solder to encircle our room. I heard that Zhao Gao told the leader of the solder that:" Guard her well, don't let her escape !" 
    " Yes, even a fly can't fly out!" The leader of the solders said.
    I was really very wired, why they let me, a airport girl come to CHU XIU palace, I only a girl who always low my head and I don't know how to take care of the emperor, if he had come to me , I might cry for him.
    No matter what I thought, the second day I still need to leave my roommates and came to that strange,mysterious and frightening palace.  And my roommates cooked 8 dishes for me but I lost my appetite. Zhao Gao really let the person sent the 5 fried things to us, I was not interesting in these things, because I was not hating them, I know even they did not do that thing to us, the other one still would, that was not cause of them , that was cause of the government . ... However , my roommates didn't think this like me, they ate it with happy faces and said," let you rape again!"and saw me so sad could not eat anything, CAIXIA said:" CHICHI, you eat a little, these are all your favorites!...." 
    Lily saw I still too sad to eat anything said:" CHICHI, we are the roommates for years, you know that the living experiences of CAIXIA and me were not better than you, don't come back to us after you came to the CHUXIU palace, we are really afraid of ghost or the ....."
    " I got it, please don't scare, I will be never back again!" I drunk cups with eating nothing ,stood up and said, then I took my load and left with MOMO(the old maids),who had already waited a long time for me beside our dinner table, and solders came to CHU XIU palace. 
  • 3.初见 the first sign of my life

  • 3 初见 the first time I saw him

    ***********If , as has shown sign of life only, I have to tell you how************
    ***********Some times in the midnight,I always think about this sentence, but I saw him the first time at that palace before more than two thousands years ago.**************

    At that time I came to that palace followed in MO MOs' footsteps really very sad with my head down. I heard someone seems called me with a lower sound and suddenly changed to cuckooed, looked back by stealth, just saw XIAO XIN ZI was hiding behind the red wall of the palace with the same sad face, he wave good-bye to me with tears.
    At the last, we came to a palace with a very high red wall, the CHU XIU PALACE’s golden words on the blood red plaque.
    MO MO knocked the door with the two big circle in the lion's mouths, two little demons, I thought they were teenagers(18+) only wear the red bellyband and the bananas all show out, they made their costumes like a child, because in the china ancient, the little... don't need wear  a lot , opened the door and let us come in.That the common palace view only more luxurious than the emperor's garden, nothing special. 
    "  Take all your things off, include your dresses, your ornaments and everything with you!" One demon said with a evil and lewd smell like the man.
    "Yes!" MO MO said and followed.
    I refused and pushed the two women.
    " That was only not for you, this rule for all the beauties will come in the CHUN YANG palace!"  Another demon said.
    " How old are you?"I drunk a lot with no ate anything before, the Alcohol plucked up my courage, asked.
    " More than 200 years old!" One said with the child's sound.
    " I'm 368 years old!"    Another said the same sound.
    I was very surprising that they all looked like so young and wore red DUDOU (bellyband), how odd that they were hundreds of years old than me.However I didn't know that as their age really not a old one in the world of demons. 
    Even I didn't like this, but the women still stripped my palace dresses.
    "Think about who gave you these pretty clothes?We all the people belong to the emperor......   You don't need sad, some day if the emperor made a pet of you and you might become a imperial concubine, then you come back to your roommates,they will all admire at your fortune, who can look down you!" one MO MO said.
    "Quite right! Exactly! Come in and learn the skills hard to let the emperor was fascinated by you, then you can do everything you like , everyone will admire you and respect you, your families will all proud of you...... " They chattered without stop and took off my clothes.
    I don't like the other one all admire me, I only want the true love man can live with me and protect me. I saw the two little demons they still stared at me that made me very shameful , my face were red like a mature apple.
    After they took my clothes one by one , they took everything away, the door of  magic palace show in the large garden. That palace in the palace, it was really grandiosity but with the aura of evil .
  • "This is the JIAOZI ,the chair of palanquin , ride it !" They said used magic to show a palanquin on the stone road.
    "Please let me take this picture with me,"I said and cried with hold my EFANG sister 's bamboo slip roll,"This is my sister's portrait and I bring it like my family member with me together."
    " Let me see!"The little demon grabbed my sister's portrait and saw it, they began to licentiously and shamelessly laugh and said," I love the pretty things come to our place, OK, you can take it!"
    At that time I saw their bananas all harder and harder, like a ice stick. They gave back it to me and saw my pistil, it smooth,pink and white , grass had never grew up. 
    I was allowed to bring my sister's picture come with me to the palace, that set my mind at rest a bit but not all, I still scared they could see that I was tremble with fear.
    "You don't need worry! This is a YAN DIAN , a palace for the alive people, we have picked up two beauties in this palace and they both safety and not changed her bodies or souls. There are a lot of eunuchs, they will take care of you, don't fear!" They said and help me  jump into the portrait with anything but only the portrait. No matter I would like it or not, I could not change anything.
    The two little demons picked up the chair, when the door opened.Suddenly the puppy HUIHUI came out from the magic door and leapt on my arm ." How can you come there, my little puppy!"I asked ,to my astonishment, I hold it. we went through the door ,crossed the stone road in the palace and came into a huge room.
    The room was shrouded in the purple incense.  
    “ That's the sweet smelling like the fresh flowers'  appetizing , do you like it?" The little demon asked.
    I was not smell flowers, but only the women's sapidity.Lengths of red veils buried the 9 beds , the 5 women on them was managed and practiced by the oomph peri who wore a blood color undergarment only covering the chest and half big white balls showed out with a deep cleavage, long dress from the half buttocks down to the floor, the navel and the half buttocks with its cleavage between them all show out. The peri wore the dresses but not hide too much body than us. There were a lot of picture hanged on the wall all about the skills of drills, everywhere of this room almost al red , this room decorated like the new marital home at that time.     
    " wo shou buliaole , I can't take this .... I'll go.....! "
    "My that place is so comfortable ..... " 
    "I am also .....,my body is limp and numb ....."
    The 5 women on the bed was trained by the peri and the eunuchs, they were the obedient girls, but anther group was not obedient girls they were tied on the floor and crying:
    " No , I don't need it , please put it away, wooo..."
    " No this stick is too thick to my chrysanthemum.....It can insert my body ...... A..... so pain!....A....no "

    This was the one side of the training room, around the big censers made the purple mist , that was leaded to loose in morals by the demons.
    The other side of the room is the thermal spring, the demons put the herbal medicine soup with the wood basins now and some red rose petal.
    "The youngest girl is coming,such an attractive girl, shou ruo rou yi, fu ru ning zhi , the hands is very soft and slim and the skin is white and delicate like a baby,and skin may be made by gel, that is stainless ! You see the eyes with nature long and black lash , they can talk with me , I love this body so much! Only there never grow up.....the eunuch , put the best and strongest medicine and give her massage ..... "The HU SHI ,a seductive peri, said and saw my under body," But before that , let her little hole eats our magic warm, so the little hole will become hungry and thirsty......"  Anther seductive peri ,named Fei yan zhao ,,stood  behind her with the lubricity smell. 

    Personaes' characters in the novel introduce: 
    After the fair war she escaped with another seductive peri, and became a very famous lady in Chinese history:
    HUSHI seductive peri,when she  an empress dowager in  the Northen Qi Dynasty(500-577), really loose in morals, and taught the queen and the other women to do the bad things with many men, at the last she became a hooker and managed the brothel because her special hobby. She said that I much preferred hooker to empress dowager.......
    Fei yan zhao also a very famous beautiful queen of Han Cheng emperor in Han Dynasty, loved to play with a lot of men and can not birth a baby so killed the other women's children sometime with the mother together...... 

  • ********************
    In my novel the translation about XIAN NV and YAO JING: 
    the peri is the evil one with the magic,that in Chinese means YAO JING;
    but fairy is the kind and nice ,XIAN NV

    this part  is cut ....
    That only can know a four words idiom that will use in the later novel.
    SHA JI JING HOU: that was the ZHAO GAO let the peri published my sisters who did not listen to them and made us all scare and complied with him.
  • I don't want to recalled this party of memory, because that is a kind of the distortion and metamorphosis of human's nature: the girls became the tools of some one got the right, power, but also at that kind of highly centralized society, the mind of some human's nature had been changed little by little , some of them became thirsting for using their beautiful body and sex to change the right, the power , the lordliness and power meant everything, your life, your family's lives, your future....
    But I was not changed because of him.Two thousands years later, after I pulled out my tendons and cut my bone piece by piece ,used the CHU HUN's power to reminded my thousands years of memory, spread of my fairy's immortals. For changing to a common person who are looking for my lover and wanting to live with him for ever.   when I met him again, even he had forgot me, forgot our promised, our child that being put in the QIAN NIAN MO LIAN and we, my sisters and I, are looking for it thousands of years...., I still can feel that strong feeling, the man I really loved with each other, but be forced separated by the fate.
  • My mind came back to thousands of years ago <span>:smile:</span> I was very shameful to see all of things happened there ,I used one hand hide my follow and anther hide my fore breast and holding my puppy, my face liked a red apple cause of pudency followed the peri was walking to my red flower bed, that is my trained place, suddenly the puppy jumped out my embrace, it came to a boy who wore the eunuch clothing and bended over , lower his head and stood there. When the puppy jump up to his embrace, he said:" Don't naughty ,Hui hui!" And touch its head hold it at the same time he saw my face, he saw I was so shy and lower his head immediately,his face was red ,too. He was not looking at me again just saw the floor. I was very strange at that time:"How can he know the puppy's name was Hui hui?It  was the name that I gave to it!"  Because I did not know that he was the master of Hui hui and always hided in the rush to see me. But I guessed he was the really master of my lovely puppy Hui hui before I saved it, and now it was so close to him and was licking his face."Hui hui came back to your place, don't naughty!"After he said this , Hui hui jump out and ran away.
    I saw him in a curious signs, he was so shy , like a little girl just broken a bow ,even he model the eunuch 's posture but that could not hide his tall and handsome face.
    " What are you doing there, lie on the bed!" The peri ZHAO said.
  • ********I will travel but I still will write my novel but maybe can't put it on the internet, because every place police is different, we need follow the law. But I am a USA citizen and I will be back to finish my story ******
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