Question about Ying Huanhuan reincarnation.

During the first fight with the Yimo, Ice Master ignite her reincarnation and she reborn as Ying Huanhuan in lower plane.

But in the last battle, Ying Huanhuan reignite her reincarnation, her spirit reborn in another plane because she was not from the lower plane?

What the different between her previous and latest reincarnation? If the first time she could reborn as human in lower plane, why suddenly her status as denizen of higher plane become a factor for her spirit to rebirth not in lower plane and making Lin Dong travel just to claim her?


  • The first one her aim was to be reborn again to heal, get her powers back and get a 2nd chance at defeating the Yimo. And even then the success rate of successful reincarnation is very-very slim.

    The second time is to totally sacrifice herself, burning literally every single fragments of her soul, a complete reset so to speak. She manages to reincarnated back but her soul was locked (not sure if this is the right term) in a sacred tablet of the Ice Clan of the Great Thousand Worlds. Lin Dong or Ling Qingzhu (not sure which one) requested from the Ice Clan to at least see the Great Tablet of the Ice Clan but was denied. So he went back and told everyone he will definitely succeed... and asked Qingzhu to wait for her. Then he goes on to storm the Ice Clan alone.

    Read about it here: and (this one is more like a side story for The Great Ruler but there are some story in regards to Ice Clan Family as well).
  • @fendy721 Thanks for the info.
  • I can tell you that they finally met in another world, and that world is the next book by the author, the main character of wu dong qian kun and the main character of dou Po cang qiong, who also met there
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