Looking for novel suggestion with good consistency in plot and characters

         I am new to Chinese novel and I have only read ISSTH, Coiling Dragon, TDG and The King's Avatar. I am looking for a novel with consistence plot and characters like TKA where the character personality are shown through both word and action. Their character also stays consistent with their ideology unlike in CD where the MC would sometimes be ruthless and kill everyone without batting an eye because "he knows sparring them will bring trouble later on". And then turn around and spare some cockroach villian just because the plot needs that guy to be alive. It's not even character development because the author keeps going back and forth with his personality. I am fine with either character traits, I just hope the author would stick with one. All these novel that I have read except for TKA started out really good and then at some point the plot just get so convoluted and author start pulling stuff out of his a** and the ending suffer because of it. I have nothing against these novels I just hope to find a good novel that stays consistent and doesn't start going downhill halfway in making me having to read the rest of the novel as a chore because I only want to know how it ends. It leaves you very unsatisfied and feels like you just wasted a lot of time.

        I am not looking for any particular genre but I do prefer cultivation leveling up kinda thing. I don't mind slow world building at the beginning and I quite enjoy it actually. If you guys can help me out I will be really appreciated it. 


  • Yeah I don't think you will find such a story in this genre, at least no in regards to any "full-length" novel. The way almost all these stories are written and plotted out as well as the general themes make such a thing damn near impossible to achieve. And ISSTH And CD are probably the best examples you can find in that regard anyhow so if they don't satisfy you I doubt anything else will either.

    You might have some luck if you look at shorter, more concise stories but those aren't exactly my area of expertise so i can't help you with that. 
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