The Dark Demon Lord



  • Chapter 48: Here To Take Your Room

    As Arnin entered the building, he could already feel the various types of essence components. Not only that, he could also feel the essence of time somewhere deep within the tower. This excited him to the point where he couldn't help but grin broadly. 
    "Alright. The school assigned me, Xaac, to explain the rules about the Essence Tower, and the whole Training field in general." The teacher turned around once all five of them had entered the tower. He looked at Arnin and the other three students with a smile. Judging by his appearance, he seemed to be a fairly old teacher in the academy, so of course, his cultivation base was extremely high when compared to the Butterfly teachers.
    "The Tower has twenty floors, each with greater amounts of essence than the previous. The first floor is free for Moth students, while the rest can be accessed through payments of academic points. Only Moth students can enter the first ten floors, while Butterfly students can only use the first three." The teacher explained slowly. 
    "Wait, if we can't pay to access the last ten floors, how do we get access to them? Do we have to do some special missions, or something similar?" Arnin could already guess that the higher floors were much better than those beneath them, not only because the higher floors would have greater amounts of worldly essence to absorb, and a larger variety of essence components,  but also because the higher floors probably had rare components, like time. 
    "How do you enter the higher floors? Well, you are right that there are certain missions that can grant access to higher floors, however the best way is not through missions, but through competitions." Xaac's eyes showed satisfaction regarding Arnin's question as he spoke. 
    "Competitions? What types of competitions?" Arnin knew that there were different types of competitions in the world. Even in his previous life, there were multiple types of competitions that could be conducted, however every world tended to focus on a certain kind. These competitions were considered the most important. When he was the Demon Lord, he went to a world of dryads, where one's control over nature was the focus of competitions, while in another world of humans, they focused on intelligence. Every world stressed whatever they considered to be important. Although Arnin didn't know the focus of Afloria, he assumed it was probably based upon strength.
    "Well, we have so many types of competitions, a lot of them will let you get into the higher levels of the Tower, however these competitions are not in the academy. They are held between different academies, regarding different topics. If you do really well, then there is a high chance that you can go to higher floors." Xaac spoke patiently, without showing any sort of annoyance. 
    The other three students were still extremely exhausted and found it difficult to listen. They weren't use to such long jogs and sprints, as they were only Orb Birth - Earth, so they hadn't received much training. One of the students, Alisma, was even feeling somewhat sleepy. However, this was to be expected of them since they were still five years old, and their bodies weren't fully conditioned yet. 
    "Let's not discuss the other floors for now, since that is still a while away. I have just done a small intro of the tower, but if you want to know more, you can ask me, or any of the teachers in the Tower at a later date. Let us now talk about the rest of the training field." Xaac smiled and nodded. He looked at Arnin this time because he noticed that the other three didn't really show much interest in the other floors.
    "Now, the Essence Tower is the middle of the Training field, and is surrounded by the field, however there are more places other then the field and Tower." This time Xaac pointed towards three other entrances. Arnin looked at them from a distance and found that they didn't lead to a green field like the one he just came from. From his perspective, he could see three different colors. 
    "There are four gates that lead outside the Tower. They are labelled North, East, South, and West. The one we just came from is the South gate…." He carefully explained where the other three gates led to. Armin was even more astonished when he heard Xaac's explanation. He couldn't believe what Lepidoptera had for a training field; it was insanely large.
    The South Gate led to a large grassy field which focused on components like wood, life and fire. The North gate lead to a barren land with dead trees and shrubs which focused more so on the components of death and withering. The East gate led to a snowy world where water and ice were supreme. The last gate, the Western one, led to an underground world. This world emphasized the components of earth, metal, and darkness. 
    Arnin nodded his head when he heard this. Xaac only spoke about two or three of the components in each of the worlds, although there were probably many others. 
    "Is there some sort of formation that created these worlds, or were they naturally spawned?" Arnin didn't believe that the worlds were natural spawned since that would be extremely weird, however Afloria had many unusual happenings, which was why he decided to question it. 
    "Umm, actually, all of these worlds were naturally created, however they are not all around the academy. We built teleportation portals that lead to the different places. Only the grassy field world is around the academy, with the underground world being right below us. The dead world is actually quite far, and the same goes for the snowy world." Xaac explained with a smile. He couldn't help but feel astonished that Arnin was asking these types of questions. Most students wouldn't care about such trivial matters. They would usually only question which world was the best for cultivation, and sometimes make other minor inquiries. 
    Arnin nodded his head and asked one last question. "Can we begin our cultivation now, or is there anything else left to talk about?" He just wanted to go and cultivate now. Now that he had learned everything that he needed to know, there wasn't much else he was interested in. 
    "Let me see, we covered the info on the Tower's floors, and the overall idea of the training fields. Actually, there is one other thing that I have to tell you about the Essence Tower. Most, if not all of the students that use the Tower are in the Essence Manifest realm. The biggest reason for this is because of the chaotic essence components in the tower. They are able to handle them better then Orb Birth students, which is why there are more of them here. However, there is another reason. The Tower has limited rooms…" Xaac was about to continue speaking, however Arnin interrupted. 
    "And because there are limited rooms, we have to claim them through force or something along the same lines, am I right? This academy really makes us students fight too much. First it was the residential area, and now this Tower. You guys really like watching children fight." Arnin mocked with a sneer. He didn't find these rules to be bad, since they could temper the students, however it was still annoying that everything had to be fought for. He felt that this might lead to him not being able to have a peaceful time cultivating. 
    "Haha, you are correct. You have to claim each room through force. However, if a person has already entered a room and has begun to cultivate, then the other students are not allowed to disturb them until he or she comes out. Of course, we make sure that the student isn't just hiding in there and not cultivating." Xaac felt somewhat embarrassed because of Arnin's remark. The school was technically watching the children fight one another. Arnin pointed it out as if they were enjoying other students getting hurt, however this was simply a way to temper everyone. Xaac could only laugh with some embarrassment. 
    "Can we go now? You have told us everything, right?" Arnin felt that the information given was already enough. If he needed to know more, he could always come back and ask later. There was no need to explain every little thing, down to the very finest details. 
    "Yes, you may go now." Xaac sighed before waving his hand helplessly. He didn't take offense towards Arnin's attitude. He didn't find it impolite, rather it was quite refreshing. 
    Arnin quickly rushed away from the group and went deeper into the Tower. The other three students continued to rest for a while as they watched Arnin get further away. 
    "That guy is really something. We should make friends with him. He looks like a fun person." One of the boys spoke up. His golden hair was tied behind his back. It wasn't extremely long, however they still reached his shoulders. 
    "What are you talking about Rumir? He doesn't seem like a fun person at all. He is too quiet, and only spoke to the teacher so far." One of the other boys said. 
    "He might just be a shy person, Meak. He looked nice, so I still think we should talk to him." Rumir replied. 
    As the two boys conversed, Alisma had already closed her eyes. She just wanted to rest before doing anything else. 
    Arnin decided that he would cultivate in the Tower, rather than go to the other four places. Although the Tower had chaotic essence, this was still very good for Arnin. He just wanted to find the time component and begin absorbing it into his orb. Plus, the Tower had various types of components, while the other four places emphasized specific types. 
    He found that he couldn't see any other doors, except for the four main gates. He knew that he was on the first floor, so there should be cultivation rooms somewhere, however he couldn't find any way to access them. As he zoomed around the first floor, he finally found a large square desk in the middle of the floor. There were a few people standing behind it, however Arnin found someone else there that he didn't expect to see. It was Surk. 
    "Arnin? What are you doing here?" Surk also saw Arnin and quickly asked with a smile. 
    "Me? I should be asking you that question. Don't you work at the library?" Arnin didn't think that Surk would have two jobs at the same time, that would just interfere with his cultivation. Plus, both of the jobs were very good, so why would he need both?
    "Well, I was switched over to the Tower. The library position was given to someone else." Surk spoke with nonchalance. Even though he saw Arnin beat people in the library, and even had to pay him twenty Academic points, Surk kept a normal attitude and didn't show any displeasure. He acted as if the library scene had never happened. 
    "Since you are here, then help me find the cultivation rooms. I don't know where they are." Arnin didn't care that much anymore. Although he was surprised in the beginning, it didn't really matter to him. He just wanted to get a room for cultivation. 
    "So you are looking for a room? Well before you do, let me just warn you, all of the rooms are taken by Essence Manifest cultivators, so you will have to duel them for it." Surk warned Arnin with a good heart. Even though Arnin was ruthless and much stronger than the average Orb Birth cultivator, he still didn't think he could get deal with just about anyone. 
    "I don't care about their cultivation base. Just tell me which rooms I can duel for." Arnin waved his hand in the air and spoke with some arrogance. He honestly didn't care about Essence Manifest cultivators after his breakthrough. He felt that he could beat Earth level cultivators easily, and even fight well against Sky level cultivators. Not only that, Arnin also felt that he might be able to go head to head with a Essence Manifest - Hell cultivator, however he couldn't guarantee a win. 
    "Alright then, let me pull out a list and see which rooms you can fight for." Surk smiled before pulling out a small notebook. He flipped through the pages and looked through them with serious eyes. 
    Arnin was still wondering how he was going to access the room. He couldn't feel much space essence, other than what came from his interspatial bag, and from the two of the gates that had teleportation portals.
    "Alright, there are three rooms that are available for a fight. One of the cultivators is Essence Manifest Sky, another is Hell, while the last one is in the Heaven realm. So which would you like to fight for?" Surk asked with a smile. Arnin was somewhat surprised that there would be Hell and even Heaven cultivators on the first floor. He expected that such cultivators would be on much higher floors. 
    "Is there a major difference in the rooms, or are they all the same?" Arnin had a feeling that the two higher realm cultivators were probably weaker than others in their own realm, which was why they were on the first floor. It made no sense as to why they would be on first floor for any other reason. 
    "Not really. The first floor's rooms are basically the same. Only higher floors will have different ranks for rooms." Surk replied quickly. Arnin nodded his head and began to decide who he would fight with. Even though the Essence Manifest cultivator was probably weaker than others in his own realm, Arnin didn't think that he would have a high chance of winning unless he went all out, which he didn't want to do. He would expose too many of his skills. 
    The other two cultivators were manageable, but Arnin didn't want to create too much of a ruckus, so he ultimately decided to go with the easiest opponent. He felt that he could beat the Hell realm cultivator, however he wanted to hide some of his skills for the future. 
    "I will duel the Sky realmed cultivator." Arnin spoke up. If he fought the Sky realm cultivator, he could gauge how strong he is after the breakthrough. Plus, if other Essence Manifest - Sky cultivators came to fight him because of his high skills, he could pummel them quite easily, but he couldn't do that with cultivators who were at the Hell realm and higher.  
    "Alright then. Let's head over to that room." Surk walked from behind the desk and towards a wall between the North and West gates, and Arnin followed behind.  At first, he felt somewhat confused, however as he got closer, he noticed that there was something unusual about the wall. There seemed to be a huge amount of essence trapped behind the walls. 
    Arnin stared at Surk, who began to tap on the wall. He did not hit the same place, but rather tapped out a certain pattern. Arnin tried to memorize these points, which Surk quickly noticed. 
    "Haha, you won't be able to use the same positions every time. They change, so there is no use memorizing them." Surk found it funny that Arnin was trying to remember what he was doing, however Arnin's countenance became solemn. He was very discreet in his actions, so he never expected that he would be caught. Even Moth teachers wouldn't be able to catch him doing something like that unless they were watching him closely, however Surk had just looked at him once. 
    'This person is not as simple as he seems.' Arnin smiled wickedly at such a thought and couldn't help but find Surk much more interesting. 
    After completed the code, a door appeared in the wall. Surk opened the door and walked through, Arnin following suit. 
    Behind the door, Arnin found a small room made from some type of black material. The whole room had only one candle that hung on the wall. It was the only source of light. Sitting down with her legs crossed, was a woman with long silver hair. Her eyes were open, and she was eating some bread. She had beautiful green eyes, and was quite young, possibly around the age of sixteen or so. Her cultivation was pretty good, however this made Arnin think that the people he had met so far were not very talented, except for Kurse, who barely made the mark. Torne was extremely pitiful with his low cultivation and high age, while people like Revi, who he had assumed were talented, were actually not that good.
    'Seems like I haven't seen the real talents of the academy yet, however I still feel that this Surk is much stronger then he shows.' Arnin glanced at Surk before looking back at the girl who was silently eating her bread. 
    She looked up and her eyes brightened when she saw Surk. When they landed on Arnin, they went back to normal. "Senior Surk, do you have business with me?" Her eyes went back to Surk as she asked with a bright smile. 
    "Hello, Unuz. I am here because my friend here would like to duel you for this room." Surk went straight to point, and didn't try to speak much more than was necessary. The girl showed a disappointed look on her face before looking at Arnin with some shock. 
    "Do you mean that this boy here? He wants to duel with me? He seems to have just started his cultivation and is probably at Orb Birth - Earth. How could he fight me? Senior Surk, you really like to joke." Unuz giggled. She didn't take Surk seriously, and even began to think that he may have just used a this as an excuse to speak with her. She began to blush slightly, mesmerized by the deadly charm that Surk exuded. 
    Arnin didn't have much of a reaction and found it comical that the girl assumed his strength without testing it herself. He began to wonder how such an incompetent person was so talented. 
    Although she didn't check Arnin's cultivation, she couldn't be blamed for such a thing. Who would ever guess that a five year old that had just begun his path in cultivation would be at Orb Birth - Hell? Possibly no one. 
    "Unuz, I am not joking with you. This friend of mine wishes to duel with you, so I hope that you can abide by the rules and proceed with the duel." Surk spoke professionally and didn't try to warm up to the pretty girl. 
    Unuz was astonished by Surk's serious attitude. The first time he mentioned it, she took it as a joke, however now that he mentioned it another time, he must be serious. 
    The girl looked at Arnin once more, and began to seriously inspect him. She couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air when she saw how high Arnin's cultivation realm was. 
    "Y-you, are you really a new cultivator? I have never heard of someone being at Orb Birth - Hell at such a young age. I entered that realm when I turned eight, and only because of large amounts of cultivation stones and pills." The girl was extremely shocked. She couldn't help but spout out as she looked at Arnin with a much more serious expression.  
    "Whether I am new or not isn't of your concern. I want this room, so either fight me for it, or scram." Arnin didn't show any hint of politeness when he spoke. 
    The girl was displeased by his tone. Although she believed that Arnin had demon-like talent, she still didn't think that an Orb Birth cultivator could beat her. 
    "What is your name?" She asked him with a solemn look. 
    "None of your business. Surk, can I just attack her now, or do I have to wait for you to say something for us to begin. You already told her the reason for my visit, so that should be enough." Arnin looked at Unuz with some annoyance before asking Surk. 
    "Umm, well technically, you can beg-" He didn't even finish his sentence before Arnin launched an attack at Unuz. 
    Arnin's fist landed directly on Unuz's stomach and she flew towards the black wall. 
    "--in" Surk's lips twitched when he saw Unuz hitting the black wall with such speed.
    Arnin coldly looked Unuz and spat out with some annoyance. "Since you wanted to know my name, here it is. My name is Arnin, and I am here to take your room."
  • Chapter 49: Flames of Neutrality

    A ruthless expression dominated Arnin's face as he looked at Unuz. He didn't hesitate to hit her as soon as he found out that the duel had technically started. He wanted the room, and that was end of the discussion. 
    "You *cough cough*... shameless person!" Unuz got up from the ground and coughed up a little blood. She was hit extremely hard, and the crash into the wall made it even worse. 
    Surk, who was watching from the side, had a faint smile on his face. He didn't react when Arnin launched the sneak attack, rather he found the whole situation interesting. Unuz was laughing at Arnin just a while ago, and now she was coughing blood. 
    "Whatever. Shameless or not, this is not your room anymore." Arnin didn't give Unuz another chance to speak before he rushed towards her once again. The room was fairly small, about the size of his old house in Talonton village, and because of this, Arnin was in front of Unuz practically instantly. 
    "W-wait for m--" Before she could even say another word, a fist was planted directly onto her cheek. Again, she flew across the room and crashed into another the black wall. 


    "Either give up and leave, or continue to get beaten. Pick one." Arnin looked at Unuz and spoke without a shred of emotions. He couldn't care less about the girl and wouldn't even mind killing her. However, the academy was still not a place where he could do what he wanted without restraint. His current body wasn't strong enough yet. 

    Unuz got up from the ground and lightly touched her swollen cheek. She felt the bump and couldn't help but feel enraged. Her aura began to climb up, and the hatred in her eyes also rose. 

    "I don't care if you're a kid, I'm going to kill you!" Unuz rushed towards Arnin without hesitation. She wanted to eradicate Arnin's existence. He didn't even let her speak and attacked her twice. How could she take this lying down?

    "Hey Surk, since she wants to kill me, can I do the same?" Arnin looked towards Surk without paying any heed to the incoming Unuz. If this girl wanted to kill him, then that would be the perfect excuse to kill her instead. 

    "Haha, umm, she won't try and kill you. Just restrain yourselves a little, alright." Surk had a bitter look on his face. He knew that Arnin was a ruthless person, and would kill Unuz if he could. However, there shouldn't be any deaths during duels, especially just for first level rooms. 

    Arnin scoffed before looking back at the girl. Since he couldn't kill her, he would do something else. He patiently waited for her to get to him, his hands clenched into fists. 

    Just as she was about to land a punch on his face, Arnin ducked to the right, avoiding her arm, and then grabbed her head. He yanked it down, pulling her along with the force.

    "AHHH!" Unuz couldn't help but scream out with pain. Having their hair pulled with so much force would cause many people to feel pain, especially someone with long hair like hers.

    "Now then, let the duel begin." Arnin smiled wickedly before grabbing the girl's throat. He kept a tight grip on her neck and pinned her to the ground. 

    "Let *cough cough* go!" Unuz found it difficult to breath, let alone speak, but she still tried to force some words out of her mouth. 

    "I don't think so. You had your chance to quit." Arnin didn't release his grip, rather he tightened it. He then lifted his other hand and slapped her across the face. 


    "Arnin, I think you won…" Surk wanted to speak out, but Arnin had already landed more than five slaps onto her face. He then lifted Unuz up and threw her towards the door. 

    "Get out of here. I am going to cultivate now." Arnin looked at both Surk and Unuz with a glare. He wanted to quickly begin absorbing the essence components. 

    Surk nodded before walking towards the door. He helped Unuz up and walked out, leaving Arnin alone inside the dark room. 


    "Who *cough cough* is that… boy?" Unuz still found it difficult to speak, however she was horrified by Arnin's strength. Never had she imagined that she would find such a talented person, someone who could defeat an Essence Manifest cultivator while being in the Orb Birth. She had never heard of such a case. 

    "That kid is not someone you want to mess with, so just ignore what happened. That would be better for you. I will have someone send you to the medical department." Surk didn't try to dissolve much of Unuz's confusion since he himself didn't know the extent of Arnin's mysteries. Anyways, even if he did know something, he wouldn't tell Unuz. There was nothing to gain from that, instead he might even make his relations with Arnin worse. 

    Unuz stopped asking about Arnin when she saw that Surk didn't want to say more, however she was still curious. Although she felt hatred for Arnin due to his previous beating, she knew that nothing could be done about it. She just wanted to know more about this child, and understand how he got so strong at such a young age. 

    Reaching the front desk, Surk had someone take the injured Unuz to the medical department. He smiled at her before continuing with his own work. 

    Inside the black cultivation room, Arnin was sitting silently with his legs crossed. His eyes were closed, and he was breathing at a very steady pace.

    The essence in his surroundings was very chaotic, however Arnin did not find anything wrong with such an environment. Not only could this chaos help temper his control over the absorption of essence, he could also find various types of essence components lingering inside the chaos. 

    Arnin had the white saber come out of his body once more, making it look almost like his bones were coming out of him. After the saber blades were out, Arnin began his absorption. 

    He was focusing on was finding the components of darkness, death, space and time, as these were what he wished to master as soon as possible. Of course, he was absorbing the excess components into his threads to increase his essence energy. 

    Time slowly passed, and Arnin was able to find a large amount of death, darkness and space essence. The rarest of the three was not space, but rather death. Darkness was extremely common, and space was also not too difficult to find. Arnin directly absorbed these three into his orb, making them a part of his powers. Sadly, he couldn't find any time components in the room, however he could feel it further up.

    As he was engrossed in his own cultivation, he began to notice that there were some components that went into his orb without his approval. He didn't send them in, yet they were still directly absorbed. Arnin found this extremely weird, because he knew that his control over the essence absorption was very good, probably better than many of the people in the academy, however even he wasn't able to control these components that went into his orb. 

    'Let me see which components have made their way into my orb.' Arnin couldn't understand why this happened, so he wanted to at least check which components traveled into his orb. If they were components that would cause future problems, he would find a way to quickly remove them, however if they would help him, then he wouldn't. 

    Arnin looked at the new symbols that appeared in his orb and began to derive what elements they were. He discovered a total of three different components went into his orb without his personal efforts. They were namely withering, fire, and… blood. 

    Arnin was shocked to find a component that was related to blood. He didn't think that something like this would be a component, however what confused him more was why these three elements went into his orb. 

    The withering had relations to the death component, which could help to explain why it would go into his body, however why did fire and blood appear? Arnin pondered over this for a while before coming up with some theories. His saber had properties of fire, which could possibly attract the component of fire as well, however there was a flaw with this theory. The saber was created from the orb and the tattoos, however the orb was not created from the saber, so there shouldn't be much of a linkage.

    'Is it because I controlled solar essence in the past?' Arnin did use the solar essence before, which was mostly composed of fire and life, made him think that maybe this caused it. Arnin wasn't too worried as to why he got the components, but he what made him somewhat apprehensive was whether these components were harmful to his cultivation or not. 

    Withering was something that fell in a similar category as death, so he didn't find any problem with it. Fire was a very peculiar component, since it was considered one of the major four elements. Although it was it's own component, it had many different types of properties. It could be used for healing, killing, mark making, and much more. It had many benefits, however fire also had another property… light. 

    One of the major components that Arnin wanted to cultivate was the darkness element, especially since he had cultivated something like darkness in his Demon Lord life. However if he simultaneously nurtured the fire component, there was a chance of these two elements conflicting with one another. 

    Arnin delved deep into his thoughts to figure out how to solve this problem. Although he could completely remove the fire component, he felt that this would not be a wise choice in the long run. Fire was extremely useful, and it might even help strengthen the saber, but he just couldn't think of a way to make it work with the darkness element. 

    'What if I tried to combine darkness and fire together to create… that flame?' Arnin suddenly got an idea. In the past, when he was roaming the universe as the Demon Lord, he ran across a particular person who could use an abnormal type of flame. Arnin had captured the person and experimented on his body and his flame to find out its origins. 

    Later, he found that the flame was composed of different elements that were completely contradictory towards one another. Fire was the core, while darkness and light were mixed to create the energy. The man called this type of flame 'Flames of Neutrality'. 

    Arnin began to ponder whether he should create such flames for himself. He didn't do so in the past since it was useless for him and it had only piqued his interest, however now was probably a good time to make use of that experiment. 

    Arnin decided to begin collecting the three different components for this flame. If he could create such a flame, he would have the ability to control three different components with one ability. 

    Arnin had the fire and darkness components move onto one side of the orb, which wasn't too difficult. He also began to absorb the light essence, and placed the marks on the same side. At the moment, the three different components would not conflict. Only when he progressed in power and realm, and when he had an abundance of the components would they conflict. 

    A few hours passed and Arnin had collected a good amount of the three components. He made sure that the light and darkness components were equally abundant, while the fire component was double in quantity. 

    Arnin wasn't able to bring out the three components from his body since he had yet to enter the Elemental Formation realm, however he was still able to combine them inside his body, but there was still a problem with this route. If a problem occurred, then his orb threads, and maybe even his orb could be damaged. Not only that, but his blood vessels, pores and organs could even be seriously hurt, which would cause major concerns in the future. 

    Arnin took a deep breath. Although there was a chance of injury, he still wanted to risk it and create the Flames of Neutrality. 

    Arnin delved into the orb and began to combine the components. The first components he would need to combine were those of light and darkness. After they reached an equilibrium,  he would add them into the fire component. 

    He calmed his mind and began to combine the two components. It was extremely risky, but it would be worth it in the end. Arnin slowly pushed the two marks made from the darkness and light components towards each. They were the same size since he had absorbed the same amount of energy for each. 

    The second the two marks touched one another, sweat poured down his back as he heard his body made noises that resembled crashing waves. His heart pumped faster, and his orb began to shake. Arnin stayed calm, however his body was still going into chaos. 

    'You goddamned components, mix for me!' He couldn't help but scream inside his head. He slowly began to push the marks deeper into each other. They were overlapping by approximately half now. 
    If someone walked into the room, they would find that his body was releasing two different gaseous substances. One was black, while the other was white. It looked peculiar and they each gave off completely different auras. 

    Arnin's nose, eyes, ears and mouth were oozing blood. His body was already taking significant damage from the combination, however he was still extremely lucky. After his body created the octogonal symbols, it was much stronger than the average Orb Birth cultivator's, and probably even stronger than many Essence Manifest cultivators. If it wasn't for that, his body would have long been broken by now. 

    The two components were already overlapping completely, however they didn't combine yet. They were still two different entities that were in conflict with one another. Arnin had to think of a way to completely combine them, but was unsure as to how he should go about it. Plus, he had very little time to think. 

    'Wait, isn't this similar to mark making? I can just use the saber to redraw the marks and create a mixed mark.' Arnin suddenly thought of an idea. He remembered that when he first made marks with the saber, the life and fire component combined together to create one single mark. He was sure he could do the same with the darkness and light components. 

    Determining that this route was possible, he began to control the saber within his body. This time, it was much more difficult than before. Not only was his control over the saber less than amazing, he even had to control it within his body. The risk factor was extremely high, however the rewards would also be much higher.

    'I should have tested this out beforehand! Such a dumb mistake!' Arnin cursed his own lack of preparation. He didn't think that there would be so many problems, however he couldn't stop it anymore and had to continue with the whole procedure. If he did stop, then the two components would repel like two opposing magnets, and that would severely damage his orb, possibly crippling it. 

    Lilise and Elidia were in the same class, under the same teacher. Lilise had to work extremely hard since she had yet to break through into Orb Birth - Earth, however she could feel that the day was near. 
    Elidia was not the brightest in the class, however she was still considered very talented. Lilise, on the other hand, was not treated as well as her sister since her cultivation was lacking. 
    "How do you think she got accepted into the academy? She is not even in Orb Birth - Earth." One of the kids spoke with her friends. The class was only composed of females. "I heard that a Moth student helped her get in." Another child said. 
    "Wow, if only I could get a Moth student's help. I bet you she isn't even talented." Many of the kids were envious and jealous. Lilise heard what they were all saying and couldn't help but feel disheartened. 
    'It isn't my fault that I couldn't gather essence like all of you.' She pouted before sitting quietly in the corner. She paid attention to the classes with great interest, however nowhere near being considered popular like her sister. Elidia was very popular, but she was hard to speak to. 
    After the classes ended three hours later, Lilise walked out with a sullen face. This was the first class, and she was already disliked by so many people. Elidia was one of the most popular people in class, which made her excommunication even more unbearable. 
    Lilise didn't hang around, and decided to go home first. She felt as though she would get in the way of her older sister, so she walked home alone. 
    "Haha! My dad sent me here and I passed the exam very easily. I may not be a Moth student, but my talent isn't bad." Kids spoke to each other in the hallways, ignoring the existence of Lilise. 
    "My talent isn't too bad either. I didn't need to use the quotas since I am not untalented." Kids would usually make fun of others that used quotas, since they believed that having to use one was as sign of weakness. When Lilise heard people bad mouthing quotas, it hurt her even more. She had used a quota to get into the academy. Those remarks were like blades, and made her almost tear up. 
    Lilise silently walked home. She felt reluctant to go to the Moth residential area, since it felt as though she was leeching off of Arnin, however at the thought of him, she couldn't help but smile slightly. He treated her just like her grandpa did, making her feel safe. She didn't have romantic feelings for him since she didn't understand those kinds of emotions, however she still treated Arnin like a brother. 

    Arnin had been in the cultivation room for over three hours now. The light and dark marks were finally completely incorporated. Arnin couldn't help but release a deep sigh of relief. The whole procedure was extremely dangerous, but he finally completed the most difficult part. Now the last thing left to do was to combine the fire essence with the fused component. 
    Arnin used the same procedure as last time, deciding to utilize his mark making skills. He still couldn't practice beforehand, as he didn't have any excess of light and dark mixture to experiment with. He had no choice but to directly mix them without any preparation.
    This time, the level of difficulty was significantly lower, since the two marks being mixed together weren't completely contradictory to one another, however that didn't mean that there was no danger. If he failed to properly mix all three or if he made a mistake, his body could burst into flames and explode from the inside. 
    Arnin quickly calmed himself down and began the same process once more. This time he had to create a mark that incorporated the three components. Darkness and light were already at an equilibrium, however if he made a mistake, the equilibrium could easily be broken. 
    A few hours passed by and the situation became much more relaxed. Arnin was able to combine the fire component with the darkness and light component at last, albeit with some difficulty. 
    Although the three were finally combined, Arnin felt as though there was something missing. He assumed that he would be able to complete the process if he used the mark making method, however the new Flames of Neutrality didn't seem to be complete. It was as though there was still something left to add. 
    Arnin began to think. He knew everything he did was correct, and that it should be complete, but what was he missing? Suddenly, a thought hit him.
    'I used the saber to make the Flames of Neutrality, which means that there are some bits of the saber flames inside of the mark as well. Do I have to add more of the saber flames to prevent the deficiency in the mark?' Arnin didn't think that such a situation would occur, however it wasn't entirely impossible. All three of the main components were integrated inside the mark, however because of the saber flames that were secretly inserted into it, the mark was now considered incomplete. The only possibly solution was to create an equilibrium with the saber flames as well. 
    Arnin couldn't help but shake his head, however he continued to add in the saber flames, making the mark brighter, and more vibrant. Gradually, it also began to change shape. Flames began to appear, taking the shape of a small oval ball, almost like a… seed!
    Arnin was shocked. This new object that the mark transformed into was most likely what Xillar described as a Elemental Seed. 
    Right when the 'seed' was completed, Arnin felt his whole body heat up. He felt as though he was in a lava pool, however that wasn't everything. A sharp stabbing pain began to spread across his whole body. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling, however Arnin gritted his teeth and tried to wait it out. This was most likely the last step. 
    Two colors of gas rushed out of his body, black and white. White and orange flames also began to slowly appear on his skin. Suddenly, all four of the different substances began to merge. The two gasses combined together, then the two flames, and then finally, the new grey gas combined with the cantaloupe orange flames. 
    The sound of an explosion reverberated across the room, however no one other than Arnin heard it. 
    Arnin had his eyes closed the whole time as he tried to fight against the pain, however after the explosive sound, the pain suddenly turned into a feeling of comfort. He felt as though he had just jumped into a cool lake. 
    Arnin opened his eyes and saw a flame in front of him. In the past, when he first saw the Flames of Neutrality, they simply looked like a grey fire, however this flame was different. Passed the grey exterior, there were also two small flames rotating around the core. One of the flames was a pure white, just like snow, while the other was an orange like sun. 
    "I-is this my Flames of Neutrality?"
  • Chapter 50: Blood Cultivation

    Arnin looked at the flame in front of him. Is was different from the one he saw in the past, however the aura it exuded was much more intense. It felt extremely strong, and also somewhat mysterious, almost like the saber. 
    "This is my Flames of Neutrality, haha!" Arnin was exhilarated. He never thought that the outcome would be so amazing. Arnin swallowed the flame and it went back into seed form. What confused Arnin about the whole ordeal was the seed that was created. He didn't know what element it belonged to. 
    Would it fall under the fire element? Maybe the darkness element? Possibly light? Or would it be all of them? Or maybe even none? 
    Arnin could feel each of the elements inside of the seed, however they felt slightly different from before. Arnin decided to call it the Neutrality seed, since it was birthed from the Flames of Neutrality.
    Arnin was extremely happy, however there one last thing that was on his mind. He had decided to keep the withering component inside his body, and even created a seed of Neutrality with the fire, however there was still one more component left, the blood component. 
    This was one of the three that came into his body without him directing it inside. It was also a very rare type of component, and he only knew that it existed because of one of the cultivation manuals that Fae gave him.
    'Should I discard this, or keep it? I kept the other two, and this is also just a type of component. It doesn't conflict with anything that I already have.' Arnin pondered quietly. The blood component was rare, however it might have many mysterious uses that Arnin didn't know about, especially since he had never used anything like it in the past. 
    After pondering for a few minutes, Arnin decided that he would keep the blood component. It didn't hurt to have it, and it might even be helpful in the future. 
    Arnin brought out the saber once more and began to hunt for some more components. He no longer needed to look for light, darkness, or fire, so he focused on space, withering, death and blood. He knew that time would be difficult to obtain unless he went to higher floors, so he decided not to waste his time trying to find it. 
    Another hour or so passed, and Arnin had absorbed plenty of death and withering components. He took in a decent amount of space components as well, however he only managed to absorb a very meagre amount blood components. 
    'Hmm, is there a special way to get the blood component?' Arnin looked around the room and found that there was a little bit of blood on the floor. 'Wasn't there much more last time? How did it decre-' That's when it hit Arnin. The best way to obtain the blood component was to be in a place where one could find lots of blood, like battlefields, or anywhere blood was spilled. 
    Arnin smiled wickedly. He knew that this essence was very good for him. He enjoyed the process of killing others, whether it was for his own objective or just for fun. It was thrilling. 
    'Alright, I have cultivated enough in this room. I will have to find a way to get blood later. Right now, I need to go and train with this new flame of mine.' Arnin got up and walked out of the room. The door was still visible in the dark room, and opening it didn't require any special order of knocks. 
    Arnin walked out of the door and stretched his body, as he had been sitting down for many hours. The sun was still up, but it would be setting soon, so Arnin wanted to quickly get what he needed done. 
    As he walked towards the middle desk where Surk was, people looked at him with strange eyes. Arnin was confused as to why they were looking at him like that, so he began to inspect himself and quickly found the reason. His clothes were in tatters and there was blood on his arms and face. He looked like a wreck, so who wouldn't stare? 
    Since he now knew the reason why they were staring, Arnin shrugged his shoulders and continued on his way, ignoring their weird looks. 
    Soon, he got to the front desk and found Surk standing with his back towards him. "Hey, Surk." Arnin spoke without the proper respect that a junior should show to a senior, however he didn't care. He didn't find anyone to be his senior, since he himself was actually over a hundred million years old. 
    Surk turned around and had a smile on his face, however that smile quickly froze when he saw Arnin's condition. "W-what happened to you? Weren't you just cultivating in there?" Surk asked with some confusion. He couldn't help but shake his head. He always felt that there was something wrong with Arnin; bad things just always tended to happen around him.
    "Become my slave, and I will tell you." Arnin smirked towards Surk, however he wasn't really serious about it. If Surk did accept, then that would be great, but if he didn't, then it didn't matter. It was just a joke. 
    Surk's mouth twitched when he thought back to the library scene. Arnin beat his servant and slave to the point where they weren't even recognizable. He shuddered at the memory. "Heh… heh...heh. Y-you sure are a funny guy." Surk laughed awkwardly. 
    "I need to find a place to train some skills. Is there a place like that in the Tower or even in the academy?" Arnin asked. 
    "Umm, well there is a place like that in the Training field. It's not in the Tower though." Surk said after thinking for a few seconds. 
    "Take me to it." Arnin spoke and then turned around. Surk was about to decline, but seeing that Arnin already begun to walk away, he couldn't help but shake his head bitterly. 
    'This kid really likes to push me around.' Surk hesitated before following Arnin. He went in front of him very quickly, and led him out the South gate, toward the grassy field. 
    "So, where is this place?" Arnin looked around at the familiar sight and asked Surk. 
    "Just follow me. It is not that far." Surk smiled before leading Arnin around the Tower. The kept walking around the large walls and Arnin eventually began to hear some noises. 
    "Hah! AHH!" 
    As they finally circled the Tower, Arnin saw a large area that was fenced around the sides. The barrier went on for many kilometers, enclosing a sizeable amount of land. 
    "This is the place where the Moth students come to practice their skills. They either duel each other, or practice with the training bags." Surk pointed towards the large grassy area. Not only was there lots of space filled with grass, Arnin could even see dozens of platforms which looked like they were made of a gem like material. 
    "What are the rules here? If we duel, can we kill? How seriously can we damage the opponent?" Arnin asked without any change in his expression. Surk knew that he wasn't asking this as a joke, Armin was serious. 
    "Well, you can't kill anyone here unless--" Surk hesitated but Arnin quickly cut in. 
    "Unless what?" Arnin smiled wickedly. 
    "U-umm, let's ignore that. You can duel them and injure them, but you can't kill them." Surk became bitter because of his slip of tongue. 
    Arnin glared at Surk. "I won't ask again. What is that 'unless' you were about to mention?" Arnin slowly released a lot of his sinister aura. Surk shivered and took a deep gulp. After Arnin's breakthrough, Surk didn't feel confident in taking Arnin down, especially since he saw him destroy Unuz, who was in the same realm as him. 
    "Well, a duel of life and death allows for you to kill. However, both parties have to agree, or else you will be punished severely." Surk quickly reminded Arnin that both parties had to agree. If he didn't, he felt that Arnin might go and begin killing indiscriminately. 
    "Say I do have the duel of life and death with someone, and I happen to kill them. Will the academy pester me, or will they act as if it didn't happen?" Arnin thought that this would be the best way to collect some blood essence components. If he went up to the stage, killed some of the people, and started to cultivate around their bleeding bodies, it could help him collect a lot more blood components.
    "The academy will not pester you if both parties agreed willingly, however the family behind the person might try to harm you. That's only if you go outside the academy though, they can't do anything inside." Surk explained. He hoped that Arnin would back off if he knew that the families would have something against him. 
    'The families could become a problem. I will be doing missions soon, and will most likely need to go out of the academy. Hmm.' Arnin put his hand on his chin as he began to ponder what he should do.
    "Let me ask you one more thing. If I cripple a person, what will happen?" Arnin decided that killing right now may not be the best choice. However, if he sliced off their arms and legs, and then allowed the blood to drain for a period of time, that could still work for him. 
    "As long as they can continue their cultivation, then anything is fine." Surk decided to tell Arnin whatever he wanted. He knew that if he didn't, then Arnin could force it out of him, or he could just go and ask someone else. 
    'Should I call a teacher and have them supervise the area?' Surk began to think of a solution. He felt that once Arnin stepped onto a platform, things would become very chaotic, very quickly. Surk nodded his head and decided to get a teacher to supervise the area to prevent Arnin from doing anything excessive. 
    "Arnin, you can head over, I'm gonna go back. I still have work to do as well. Hehe!" Surk laughed bitterly as his mouth twitched somewhat. 
    Arnin raised an eyebrow and smirked at Surk's obvious expression. 'This guy is going to do something.' Arnin shook his head and waved his head. He didn't really mind what Surk did. If he followed the rules, then no one could do anything to him. 
    When Surk got the signal, he bolted away. He was going to find Xaac, since he was the one who led the new students over. 'Let's just hope I can do this quickly, or else there might be too many casualties.' Surk would have warned the other students about Arnin, but he knew that they wouldn't believe him, especially with their towering pride. 
    As Surk disappeared, Arnin scoffed, before walking towards the training area. He looked around with a mysterious smile, while everyone also looked at him with weird looks. Arnin hadn't changed his clothes yet, so he was not surprised by their reactions. 
    Arnin walked over to a big guy who was punching a training bag. He looked to be around the age of twenty one, however his body was much larger than that of others his age. He had refined muscles that bulged out, while his face also had a small beard. He looked like a macho man, however his cultivation was not too high, only Essence Manifest - Earth. 
    Arnin didn't care if the person was at the Sky or Earth realm, he was just looking for people who would spill lots of blood for him. 
    "Hey, ugly beast, wanna duel?" Arnin walked over and began to taunt right away. He wanted to anger the guy into fighting him since no would fight a five year old, unless they were similar in age or realm. 
    "Are you talking to me, brat?" The big guy looked at Arnin and puffed up his chest. His eyes looked cold, however Arnin wasn't intimidated. 
    "I don't think there is anyone as ugly as you here, am I right?" Arnin continued to taunt the big guy. 
    "Little kid, why don't you just scram. I don't have the time to play with you!" The macho guy felt extremely annoyed, however he wasn't going to lower himself to beat up a little kid. That would hurt his pride as a cultivator. 
    "Are you scared, ugly? Or maybe you don't have a third leg. Is that the case? Oh, my bad, I thought I was talking to a man. Seems to me that I'm talking to an ugly duckling." Arnin's vulgar words made the man extremely angry. Many people had insecurities that they were extra sensitive about, and this man hated it when people said that he didn't have a third leg. It was humiliating to be told that. 
    "Kid, are you looking to die?" The man squinted as he said in a low voice. 
    "Yup. Come and kill me, ugly man. Maybe you might even grow something." Arnin laughed wickedly as he spoke. It seemed like the taunting was somewhat effective. 
    "Come to the dueling platform if you dare! I will take you on, and teach you respect!" The large man was extremely angry. His glare was menacing, and it was obvious that he had been rubbed the wrong way. 
    'I have something between my legs! Who the hell does that kid think he is to say that? Anyways, I am not ugly! I am very handsome!' The man kept repeating this in his head, and the more he did, the more infuriated he got. 
    Arnin smiled as he followed the man to one of the platforms. Many people saw this and couldn't help but laugh. 
    "Een, you are so shameless! How could you fight a child?" Some of the people watching couldn't help voice out. The macho man was supposedly called Een, and Arnin kept that in his mind. 
    "Shutup, I am just teaching this child lesson." Een glared at the crowd before standing silently in the middle of the stage. Arnin also walked towards the middle and couldn't help but mockingly smile. 
    "Are you ready kid? I am going to throw this coin in the air, and once it hits the ground, we begin." The man pulled out a copper coin and showed it Arnin. He then tossed it into the air and waited for it to fall. 
    Arnin smiled before… 
    The man began to cough and he spat out some of his saliva. He looked down and found Arnin's hand digging into his abdomen. 
    "W-what the heck? Didn't we agree to wait?!" The man was extremely pissed. He wanted to grab Arnin and slam him into the ground as hard as he could, however before he could do that, a fist flew from the right and directly attacked his cheek. Een flew through the air, landing on the edge of the platform. 
    "I don't remember agreeing with your terms. You did what you wanted, and I did what I wanted. Simple as that." Arnin smiled with an evil light in his eyes, accompanied by a small amount of red, however no one noticed. 
    "You shameless bast--" Just as Een was about to finish, Arnin was already in front of him. He grabbed Een by the hair and threw him towards the middle of the stage. 
    Arnin followed his flying body and elbowed him back to the ground, making him spit out a mouthful of blood. 
    "You dem--" Arnin stopped him from speaking once more by punching his face with his right fist. 
    "I surr--" Een was just about to surrender, however Arnin smiled. He quickly grabbed the man's jaw and slammed it shut. 
    "AHHH!" The slamming of his jaw caused the man to bite his own tongue. Arnin smirked, before turning the man around and sitting on his back. He then forced the man jaw open and slowly let the blood out, along with a small piece of his tongue. 
    "UHH! AH URRENDAH!" The man couldn't form the words properly, so Arnin didn't considered it a surrender. 
    "What was that? I couldn't hear you. You want more? Well, alright then!" The crowd was dumbstruck, as they were still processing what was going on. Everything happened way too quickly. 
    "H-hey, kid! That's enough!" A person from the crowd couldn't help but jump onto the platform. Although he wasn't friends with Een, he still couldn't watch a fellow student he was familiar with get beaten in such a way. 
    Arnin turned around and looked at the guy approaching him. "You also want to duel? This is bullying, but what can I do except fight back?" Arnin smiled and rushed towards his next victim. 
    The man wasn't able to react quick enough, and soon found himself on the ground. Arnin used one hand to grab his lower jaw, while he used the other hand to grab this upper jaw. Then, he began to pull in opposite directions. 
    "AHHHHHHH!" The new person's jaw cracked, leaving it hanging. He couldn't move it anymore, and he was now on the ground, rolling around in pain. 
    "You wanted to duel. I didn't ask for you to come." Arnin smiled before walking back to Een. He looked at the macho man who was slowly getting up. Arnin kicked his bottom and forced him back onto the ground. He needed much more blood than just that tiny amount of vomit. He needed a pool, he needed all the blood in the man's body. 
    Arnin wasn't able to solidify the saber properly yet, however he could still use a real blade. Arnin jumped off the platform and grabbed a small dagger from the ground. No one stopped him, or attempted to block him; they were just too scared. 
    Most of the people in the crowd were at Essence Manifest - Earth, while the rest were still in Orb Birth. How would any of them be able to block Arnin? 
    With a blade in hand, Arnin walked towards Een first. He looked at the man who had his mouth open, blood spilling out. 
    "I can't cripple your cultivation, or kill you, but no one said I can't cripple your body." Arnin smiled, before kicking the back of the man's head. Een's head hit the floor, causing him to pass out. 
    "Good, since you can't move, it makes things a lot easier. However, it's quite unfortunate that I can't hear those screams anymore." Arnin's face was cold as he shot a sinister smile at the unconscious man. He emit a sinister aura from his body, causing the crowd to freeze out of fear and sweat all over. 
    "W-we have to stop him." A man said as he watched Arnin's aura become more and more sinister. 
    "Do you really think we can do anything to him? He took that guy on without a problem! We need to get a teacher! Go, quickly find one." Another person also spoke up, however he made sure that only the previous speaker could hear him. 
    Arnin was able to hear them with his impeccable hearing, however he didn't care. He wasn't doing anything against the rules.
    Arnin lifted the knife, and stabbed him right above his elbow, letting it slide into the bicep. Een, who was previously unconscious, suddenly woke up and screamed in agony. 
    "AHHHHH!" Blood gushed out the arm, however Arnin didn't stop, and he continued to slowly cut through the arm. Many people in the crowd couldn't help but vomit at the sight. It was just too disgusting. 
    Finally, the arm was completely cut, and blood rushed out of it like a waterfall. Een began to whimper and cry. Arnin watched happily as the blood gushed out. 
    'This isn't a lot, but it should be good for now. I should cultivate right away.' Arnin sat down cross legged and began to absorb the blood components which were very rich beside him. Arnin smiled brightly because he knew that the method was very effective. 
    Seeing that Arnin began to cultivate, two brave individuals rushed towards Een and the other man. They seemed to be friends with the other two. 
    "Quickly grab them, and let's take them to the medical department." They were very quiet, however Arnin was still able to hear them. He didn't plan on stopping them since he had gotten what he needed. If he did anything else, then more problems could possibly crop up. 
    Ten minutes passed, and a teacher ran over. The person leading the teacher was Surk and another man. The teacher in question was Xaac, and he couldn't help but frown when he smelled strong smell of blood. 
    When Surk first came to look for him, he was too shocked to say anything, but he didn't completely believe him. However, when the other man told him what was happening on the platform, he rushed over. 
    Now that he was here, he saw Arnin sitting in a puddle of blood, cultivating, while two men were being carried away. The bulky man had his mouth open with blood gushing out, and he had even lost an arm. The other person also had his mouth opened unnaturally wide. It looked as though it couldn't even close. 
    "W-what happened?" The teacher couldn't help but whisper faintly when he saw all of this.
  • Chapter 51: Helping Someone Break Through

    Xaac stood watching the scene in shock. He had seen bloody scenes in his life before, but he had never seen such a scene in the academy. He couldn't help but feel dumbfounded. 
    "What the hell happened?!" Xaac quickly snapped out of it, before asking a student with anger. 
    "U-umm, Teacher, that child over there beat them up ruthlessly. He didn't even give them a chance to surrender." A student spoke with shaky fingers.  He pointed towards Arnin, who was sitting in the blood pool, cultivating silently. 
    "What kind of rubbish are you spouting? That kid is a child, plus he is only in the Orb Birth realm. How the hell could he beat these Essence Manifest students up?!" Although Xaac didn't think the student was lying, he just couldn't believe such a thing. 
    'An Orb Birth cultivator beat two Essence Manifest cultivators? How is that even possible?' Xaac was standing in shock as he watched Arnin silently sit there. 
    He then jumped onto the platform and walked towards Arnin. "Kid, what the hell happened? How… why…?" He couldn't even find the right way to word his question. 
    "Teacher Xaac, I didn't break any of the rules, did I? It was a normal duel, and I beat the other opponent." Arnin spoke without much fluctuation in his voice. 
    Xaac couldn't believe what he was hearing. Didn't break the rules? Normal duel? "Arnin, that was in no way a normal duel. You injured them so severely, and you call that normal? How is this in accordance to the rules?!" Xaac raised his voice when he spoke. He was angered because of Arnin's attitude towards such a situation. However, he was more curious as to how Arnin beat them, than angry at his actions. 
    "Actually, I really didn't break any of the rules. People get hurt during duel, and that's what happened to them. I took off his arm, but he can still cultivate. As for his tongue, Een bit it off himself, so that isn't really my fault. Now for the other guy, he ran up during the duel, so I just taught him a lesson. Anyways, he can still cultivate, so no rule was broken here." Arnin smiled towards Xaac, however the latter found that smile to be hell sent, there was nothing pleasing about it. 
    Xaac was about to say something more, but he couldn't find the words. Arnin was technically not wrong. No rules were broken, and the two injured people could still cultivate, so he wasn't able to punish Arnin for that. 
    "If you are done here, can you please leave, and let me cultivate? I am going to need to cultivate a little." Arnin lifted his hand and waved it as though he was swatting away flies. It was a rude gesture, however Xaac was in a weird state of mind, so he didn't take too much notice. He walked down the stage with a pale face. 
    "T-teacher, what are you going to do? What kind of punishment will he receive?" A student asked with worry.
    Xaac turned his head and looked at the student with dull eyes. "He doesn't get punished." Xaac's words were like bombs that fell onto the ears of the students. They opened their mouths in shock,
    "Teacher, what do you mean? He just beat those two up as if they were his worst enemies. He needs to get punished!" The students thought that letting Arnin off the hook was completely unfair. His actions were so horrific, so why wouldn't he get punished?
    "I am sorry, but there is nothing we can punish him for." Xaac said with a bitter smile. He had fully collected himself, and couldn't help but feel frightened because of Arnin's cruelty.
    "Nothing? What does that mean? He cut that guy's tongue and arms off, and even broke another's jaw. How can he not get punished?" The students were not satisfied with such a response. They wanted Arnin to get severely punished because of his dreadful attack on the other two students. 
    "He really didn't break any of the rules. He didn't kill anyone. He didn't cripple their cultivation, and both sides agree to the duel. Plus, no one surrendered." Xaac shook his head and felt extremely bitter. He felt as though someone threw rotten fish into his mouth and had him slowly savour the taste.

    All of the students, including Surk, couldn't help but gasp. They thought about it for a few moments and also came to the same conclusion as Xaac. Arnin actually didn't break any rules. All of them turned and looked at Arnin with some hatred. They couldn't help but feel angry that he was able to get away with such despicable actions. 
    Arnin still had his eyes closed and was slowly absorbing the blood essence. He was much slower than he normally would be since he didn't want the others finding out too much about his saber. If they found out that his saber had miraculous functions, who knows what would happen.
    Time passed, and two hours quickly flew by. Arnin had finally absorbed all of the blood essence component into his orb. The mark for the blood component was much brighter than before, which was extremely heartening. Now that he got some blood components, Arnin wanted to practice one more thing, the Flames of Neutrality. 
    He wanted to test out their power and see the extent to which he could control them. He was still struggling with the saber, however he didn't want to have the same problem with the flames. 
    He slowly got up from the ground and walked down the platform. Many people had already left the area since night was approaching. The orange sun was slowly sinking behind the horizon which told Arnin that he had very little time left to practice. He decided to practice for about an hour, and then he would head back to his house. 
    He walked over to a training bag and stood in front of it. He took a deep breath, and tried to call out the Flames of Neutrality. Suddenly, a grey flame with two smaller flames inside appeared on his palm. Arnin was still bewildered by the change, however he considered it a good thing that he got more inside the Flames of Neutrality than the creator himself. 
    The flame floated above of his palm, however there was something very mysterious about the flame. The sound that it made was no sizzling, but more of a snake's hiss. It sounded extremely demonic, however to Arnin, that sounded wonderful.
    He then began to think of what the flame should do. He wanted to attack the training bag, however he wasn't sure whether it could get off of his hand, and get it to go further away from his body. Yet, he tried anyways. 
    He commanded the flame on his palm to move forward, and it began to do as it was told. Arnin then had the flame move up, and it did just that. He was extremely happy that the flame was moving the way he wanted, however he found one problem with it; it stayed in the exact same shape. Arnin wanted to see whether he could make the flames change shape. 
    Half an hour passed by, and Arnin already figured out that he could change the shape of the flame, and make it move the way he wants, where he wants it. Throughout his experiments, he realized that the flame had a very mysterious power. The training bag in front of him before was no longer there. 
    Unlike a normal flame, the Flames of Neutrality did not burn things into ashes, or anything of the like. It would completely wipe the object or person out, there would be nothing left of the receiver of the attack. Arnin was very happy with this attack, however he still felt that there was more he hadn't yet uncovered.
    Arnin continued to practice his control for a longer period of time on different objects. Sometimes the fence, other times, the training bags, and even the platform. Another half an hour passed quickly, and he was leaving the training area. 
    Once he went home, one would be astonished to see the sight he left behind. Many of the punching bags were completely gone. There were areas on the fences that had wooden planks that were completely missing, however there was no evidence of any attacks, or thievery. The worst of them all were the platforms. There were holes everywhere, however there was no sign of any stress or breakage, but instead it seemed as though parts of it had just vanished. 

    Arnin made his way back very quickly. It was already night, and Arnin wanted to quickly rest up. His goal was to have Akig come over and watch Vilis, however he got busy with the Tower, so he didn't have time to get Akig to his house.
    He was feeling very tired after the day's cultivation and fights, however he had to go and check on Lilise and Elidia first. He felt that Elidia was acting different, and that there might be a problem, he decided to head there first. 
    He approached the house and walked in without even knocking. "Lilise! Elidia! Are you guys here?" Arnin yelled out without concerning himself with whether they were sleeping or not. He didn't really care about that. 
    Arnin head quick footsteps and knew that the two girls were now awake, if they were not before. He made his way into the living room and sat down onto a chair, patiently waiting for the two girls. 
    The first person he saw was Lilise. She walked into the living room, and had an extremely happy smile on her face. Arnin noticed that her eyes were somewhat red, and knew that something must have happened. Elidia was the next person to walk in, however her expression was filled with annoyance and hate, however Arnin caught a little dullness in her eyes. 
    "Arnin? What are you doing here so late? And why are your clothes so dirty? Is that blood?" Lilise walked up with a concerned look in her eyes. She looked at Arnin's condition and couldn't help but feel extremely worried. 
    "Don't worry, I was just training and fell down. What about you two? How was your first day? Did you guys find anything hard to understand, or did you learn everything?" Arnin first asked the question that had brought him here in the first place. He mostly just cared about their cultivations, however seeing Lilise's red eyes, he curious to know what happened. Since he was supposed to protect them and make sure that they were not harmed, so he needed to know everything that was going on with their lives. 
    "Umm, everything was good. Sadly, I am not in Orb Birth - Earth yet, so I still find some things hard to understand, but sis was very popular. She was considered one of the talented people in our class." Lilise spoke with enthusiasm when she talked about Elidia, however at the mention of herself, she went a little quiet. 
    Arnin of course, caught on to this and smiled. Although he didn't really care too much about Lilise's social life, he would still help her if she needed it. Lilise somewhat reminded Arnin of Nekaia, however there were still many differences. 
    "Lilise, did something happen? You can tell me, you know." Arnin smiled at her, however his smile was very neutral. It contained neither warmth nor coldness. 
    "W-well, I was just hoping to breakthrough into Orb Birth - Earth as quickly as possible so that I can make some friends too." Lilise started off speaking normally, however her voice became quieter and quieter. Elidia, who was listening from behind, couldn't help but feel sorrowful for her sister. Since her previous condition had not allowed her to enter the Orb Birth - Earth realm, it would be difficult for her to find anyone to talk to.
    "So, that's the problem. Well, if you want, I can help you break through right now. How does that sound?" Arnin looked at Lilise with a calm expression. Since his control over the saber had increased, he was able to direct essence towards other people. However, this only applied to people who were at a lower realm than him. 
    "R-really? Can I really breakthrough right now?!" Lilise looked up with shock and couldn't help but ask with happiness. She really wanted to make some friends and get stronger. 
    "Of course. I am here to make sure that you guys do well in the academy. Come here." Arnin called Lilise over. "Sit on the ground cross legged." Arnin also got onto the floor. 
    "What should I do next?" Lilise was feeling extremely excited, so she couldn't help but ask.
    "Push your hands against mine lightly. After that, just close your eyes and do what you always do when you cultivate. I will do the rest." Lilise nodded her head, and did exactly as Arnin said. He then had the saber come out from his palm and attached it to Lilise's palms. 
    After Arnin broke through, his skill with the saber went up a notch. Although he wasn't able to fully solidify the saber, he did learn how to insert the saber into another's body, similar to what he would do with his threads. The concept was very similar, so Arnin was able to pick it up instantly. 
    As the saber went slightly into Lilise's palm, Arnin slowly began to pull his palm back in order to let the blade absorb the essence, however he didn't pull back all the way. He kept a connection between the blade and himself. 
    He began to absorb the worldly essence into the saber, however he directed it into Lilise's body rather the his own. The process was extremely long and slow. Since Lilise wasn't in Orb Birth - Earth yet, Arnin had to transfer the essence very slowly in her body.
    An hour went by, and Elidia watched with worried eyes as she stood to the side. Suddenly, a huge amount of aura began to collect around Lilise. It was so significantly large that people in their surroundings were even woken up by it, however no one was able to tell where the aura was coming from, so they could only stay up and feel it with some shock. 
    "Is someone breaking through again?" Asked a girl.
    "I don't know! When can I get some proper sleep?" Another girl said with some annoyance. 
    "I agree. This happened last night as well. People just really like to breakthrough when others are sleeping." The previous girl replied replied.
    Inside the house, Lilise opened her eyes and her face brightened up. She looked at her hands, and then inspected her whole body. She stood up and smiled even brighter. 
    "I.... broke… through? I broke through! I broke through!" Lilise began to jump around in excitement. Elidia watched with a smile as she released a sigh of relief. Her eyes carried a tinge of gratitude when she looked at Arnin, however he didn't look back at her. 

    "Now then, Elidia, let us have a talk as well." Arnin smiled at her before walking out the door.
  • Chapter 52: I Will Make Him Stronger

    Arnin stepped out the house, Elidia following him after some hesitation. Lilise didn't come out since she didn't want to come in the way, plus she wanted to familiarize herself with her new abilities. 
    Elidia stood behind Arnin silently. She didn't know what to say, since she still felt some fear and apprehension towards Arnin. Plus, he was the one who had scarred her princess-like life with blood and cruelty. 
    "U-umm, t-thanks for helping Lilise breakthrough." Elidia didn't know what to say, so she started with this. Despite his previous actions, she still thankful that he helped Lilise. 
    "Recently, has your strength grown or become weaker? Are you cultivating faster or slower?" Arnin ignored her gratitude and dived straight into the topic of cultivation. He was unsure as to what was happening to Elidia at the moment.  He would find a way to help her if there was a problem, however if there was none, and Elidia was doing better then before, Arnin could just drop the subject and allow Elidia to do whatever she wanted. 
    Elidia stopped and started to think about what happened after the library scene. Her mindset was slightly different now, and she knew that people in this world could be very cruel. She had also learned that people would not listen to her just because she wanted them to. Her cultivation speed went up, and supposedly her talent was higher now too, which was the main reason why she was so popular in class. 
    "W-well, my cultivation is higher, and my talent has increased. I cultivate much faster then before." Elidia spoke after some hesitation. 
    "That's good then. Go back inside. I'm going to go and rest." Arnin nodded his head. He understood the reason. Elidia was trapped in her own fantasy before, which limited her experience, and also prevented her from speeding up her cultivation. Now that she knew how the world worked, her fantasy was crushed and reality attacked her ruthlessly. Usually, a person would start to face problems with their cultivation when their fantasy was broken, however some people are able to accept it quite quickly. Fortunately for her, Elidia fell in the latter. 
    She didn't like how really worked, but she couldn't deny that it was how it was. 
    Arnin began to walk away from Elidia, causing her to be stunned. She was only outside with him for a minute or so, and now he was leaving? She didn't like Arnin, but she knew that everything she was experiencing now was because of him as well. She didn't want to admit it, but she was grateful towards Arnin. 
    "A-Arnin, t-thank you." She spoke silently. Arni heard her and nodded his head without turning around. Her appreciation didn't really affect him. In his mind, she was just another person who would be in his life for a small period of time, before continuing on her own path. 
    After a few minutes, Arnin made it to his home. He was extremely tired, and just wanted to sleep. He still needed to decide what he would do tomorrow. He couldn't work on the mark making, since he didn't have a cultivation method yet. He would go on missions when he entered Essence Manifest, since demonic beats would start on that level. Plus, he would be able to get better missions as an Essence Manifest cultivator.
    'Maybe I'll head over to alchemy department. I could see what type of pills they have to purchase. Plus, I could also try to get some materials to create my own pills.' Deciding on what he wanted to do, Arnin went into his house. He found Vilis laying in the corner, sleeping. Arnin hadn't fed much to Vilis yet, which was a major problem. He needed to find a way to allow for Vilis eat in his absence. 
    'Akig will be my priority tomorrow. Who knows what Vilis will do when I am not here?' He went to his small bed and laid down. 

    Morning arrived and Arnin quickly got changed. He didn't change last night, since he was extremely tired, plus he needed to find a place to wash himself. Arnin walked into a room and found a bucket of clean water. The bathroom in the house was very small, but it was enough for Arnin to clean himself. 
    Arnin took his clothes off and began to wash himself. Since he had lots of blood and dirt caked on his skin, it took him a long time to finally scrub himself clean. 
    After his bath, Arnin put on a normal robe and walked out. His Moth uniform was ripped to shreds, so he wasn't able to wear that. Arnin walked outside and surprisingly found Lilise and Elidia standing outside, waiting for him.
    "Morning!" Lilise was the first to greet him. Elidia just nodded her head, while Arnin smiled back towards the duo. 
    "Do you guys know which class chubby boy is in?" Arnin asked the two girls. 
    "I think Akig is a part of the Blue class." Lilise pondered for a minute before saying. The Butterflies had so many students that they were separated by colors, sex and cultivation realm. For example, Lilise and Elidia were a part of the Orb Birth - Earth, Green female class. 
    "Alright, lead me to him." Arnin nodded his head. He wanted Akig to start tending to Vilis right away. As for the boy's cultivation, Arnin decided to take care of it himself. He would provide Akig with a good cultivation manual and have him cultivate through that. 
    "Umm, Arnin, where is your student robe?" Lilise was wondering what happened, so she finally asked. 
    "Remember how my robe was in tatters yesterday? Well, I can't wear it in that condition, so I'm going to need to get a new one, or I'll have to fix it myself." Arnin shook his head. He had to admit, the robes the academy provided were quite comfortable. 
    "Why don't you give it to sis? She knows how to sew." Lilise asked Arnin. The latter looked at Elidia in surprise. She was only about seven years old, so being able to sew was very impressive.
    "I only know how to do a little. I might ruin your robe, so it's better not to let me do it." Elidia told Arnin after some hesitation. She also didn't forget to give Lilise a glare. 
    "That's fine, I want to see how good you really are. You can go to my house after class and take the robe." Arnin smiled. He knew that Elidia didn't want to do it, but he didn't care whether she wanted to or not. She would do it. 
    Elidia grumbled a little before bitterly shaking her head. Although she held grudges against Arnin, she really didn't want him to get mad. If he did, she was scared that he might beat her, or someone else up, like he did with his servant and slave. 
    The trio walked towards the Butterfly building, and since Arnin wasn't wearing his Moth robe, they weren't getting too much attention. Only a couple of kids walked over and spoke to Elidia before moving away. 
    Arnin noticed Elidia's popularity and Lilise's dull face, and he couldn't help but shake his head. Lilise was still young and it was natural that she would want friends. Arnin, however, wasn't looking for friends, he more so just wanted slaves and servants. 
    "How how far is the Blue male class?" Arnin asked.
    "We should almost be there." Lilise replied with a still somewhat sullen expression. 
    The group finally reached a class with large doors. Arnin nodded his head and pulled the door open, walking in with the two girls behind him. When the three entered, many looked over before doing their own thing. People walking in and out of the class was a common sight, so it didn't really catch their attention. 
    Arnin looked around, trying to find Akig. In the corner of the class, a chubby kid sat with an angered face. There were over five people around him, however it didn't look like these five were on good terms with him. 
    Seeing this, Arnin smirked a little as his killing intent slowly seeped out. He liked Akig because of the kids straightforward personality. Plus, he was going to be his Beast sitter, so bullying him was the same things as bullying Arnin. 
    Arnin walked over with a wicked smile. Elidia noticed the smile and froze. "Lilise, come with me for a sec. Let's go and tell our teacher about your breakthrough. She will be very happy." Elidia still didn't want Lilise to know about Arnin's way of dealing with people. She believed that it would be a great blow to Lilise, and she wouldn't let that happen. 
    "What about Arnin? We can go later." Lilise was confused and decided to reject the idea. 
    "Lilise, if we don't go now, then all of the other students will speak to her until class starts, then we won't have the chance to tell her. Let's go now. Anyways, Arnin is going to do his own things later." Elidia pulled Lilise forcefully, and walked out the class. The latter was bewildered by Elidia's suspicious actions, however she reluctantly agreed. 
    Arnin noticed Elidia taking Lilise away and shook his head. He knew that Lilise would find out sooner or later, and he didn't care when this would happen. 
    Akig, whose face was now red, saw Arnin walking over. Simply the sight of Arnin rid him of all his anger. 
    "Arnin! What are you doing here?" Akig got up and shoved the five boys aside. This annoyed them all, so they followed behind the chubby kid. 
    "Well, didn't you want to hang out with Vilis? I am here to bring you there." Arnin said with a smile. He saw the group of five following Akig from behind, which bugged him even more, 
    "Really? That's great, but I have a class right now, and I don't know if I can leave." Akig then said with a saddened face. It was a rule that all Butterfly students needed to attend classes until a certain realm was achieved. If that did not happen, then a punishment would befall them. 
    "Don't worry, I will talk to your teacher. Plus, I can also help you with your cultivation, so you won't fall behind." Arnin smiled, and then looked at the five people who had finally made it.
    Arnin already knew that they were not friendly, so he didn't ask him anything and pushed Akig behind him. 
    "Akig, let me show you what you must do when others bully you." Arnin didn't ask any questions about the boys. He didn't even check if they were actually bullying him, because from his angle, it looked like they were. 
    "What do yo--" The boys heard this and became somewhat angry. However before they could finish, Arnin already launched a fist towards the supposed leader of the five. 
    That leader flew across the room and landed on a couple of desks. "AH!" The leader's back hit the edge of the desk, causing him to grunt. 
    Arnin, without waiting for anything else, proceeded to knock the remaining four out cold. He then turned around and walked towards the exit. He didn't do anything major this time since he could get in major trouble by the teachers. 
    "W-what?" Akig stood in the same spot, shocked. The five boys actually were bullying him, and it made him very mad, but he didn't dare to say anything because their collective might was much higher than his own. Not only that, but each person was also slightly stronger than him, with the leader being much stronger. 
    "Let's go. Lead me towards your teacher." Arnin said without much of an expression. He was going to get Akig out of the class as quickly as possible, and also get some information on him, such as his abilities with certain elements, and other some other things regarding his cultivation. 
    "Alright. Most teachers should be in the teacher's lounge, which isn't too far from here." Akig led Arnin towards the said location. He was happy that Arnin beat the five of them up for him, and made him feel as though he had found a true friend. Arnin, however didn't think that deeply. He found Akig to be pleasant, but only because of his personality and his crazy interest in beasts. However, the main reason he helped Akig was not because of he liked him, but instead, because Arnin already considered Akig to be his underling, so of course he would protect him. 
    Soon the two boys reached the front door of the teacher's lounge. This place was much larger than the classrooms they passed on the way. In fact, it was it's own small building. 
    *Knock Knock*
    Akig went up and knocked on the door. Soon, it opened up without any creaking sounds. In front of them was a beautiful teacher. She had hazel eyes, and long blonde hair. She was stunning, however Arnin wasn't affected too much, especially since this was his second time seeing her. The first time was when she stood on stage, and explained the Butterfly group rules. She was the same Green Butterfly teacher that taught Lilise and Elida and was the Butterfly representative during the Academy introduction. 
    "Oh, are you kids looking for someone?" Her soothing voice was extremely attractive and just her voice could cause the downfall of many kingdoms, let only her looks. 
    Akig felt that the teacher was very pretty, but that was it. He was still a child, so he didn't really think anything other than that. "We are looking for Teacher Lod." Akig stepped up and spoke. Lod was his teacher, and was a very respected teacher overall. He had been in the academy for an unknown amount of time, and people just knew that he was very old. 
    The stunning teacher nodded her head, and walked back into the lounge. A few moments later, an old man walked out. He had a short grey beard, and long black hair, however the black on his head didn't seem natural. 
    "Akig, right? How may I help you?" Lod had a very warm voice when he spoke. There was no hint of anger or annoyance. Arnin couldn't find any arrogance in his tone either, which made him think that the teacher probably wasn't too bad. 
    This time, Arnin stepped up and spoke. "Teacher Lod, I would like to pull Akig out of your class." Arnin spoke with some politeness. 
    The teacher was shocked then his face showed a small bit of displeasure. Having a student pulled out of his class was humiliating for him, however he kept his cool. He knew that there must be a reason, so he couldn't go on a rampage just because of assumptions. 
    "Why is it that you would like to leave my class? Is there a family problem? Or us there another reason?" Most of the time, students would leave because of personal problems. That was the most common reason since most of the kids in the academy were from good backgrounds and anything could happen back home that would need their attention. 
    "Nope, I just want him to get out of the class and help me from now on."Arnin spoke casually and honestly, since there wasn't really any reason to lie. 
    "Kid, what is your name? Why are you trying to take this student away? Don't you think that this would affect his future?" Lod spoke with some annoyance. He was now mad. Although he couldn't really stop students from leaving his class if they told him beforehand, he still would try to persuade them to stay. 
    "Does it really matter? I told you that he is leaving your class, so the conversation should end now. I hope you can provide me with his information." Arnin was also getting annoyed at the old man. He felt that Lod shouldn't be making such a big deal out of such a small situation. Lod had many students, losing one shouldn't be a problem. 
    "Of course it matters! If you take him out of my class and put him in a new one, I wouldn't mind, but you taking him away is going to destroy his future. Is that what you want?" Akig stood in the back silently. He didn't know what to say, so he allowed Arnin to speak. He honestly didn't like his class because of the constant bullying, so if he could leave with Arnin, he would do it. 
    "Old man, don't be so shameless. You don't really care about his cultivation, you only care about your reputation. Stop trying to glorify yourself." Arnin spoke with a cold expression. If his cultivation was high enough, he would probably kill the teacher on the spot, but he couldn't do that right now. 
    "Little brat, I am a teacher, your superior. Don't go acting smart." Lod was extremely pissed now. Arnin knew from his reaction that he got it right. The old man really didn't care about Akig's future, and was simply worried about his own reputation. Thinking about one's own reputation was not wrong, however when he lied and said it was for his students, rather than admit it was for his reputation was extremely shameless. Lod was saying that he wanted to help Akig, however he really just didn't want his reputation getting sullied. 

    "Technically, you are not my superior. As a Butterfly teacher, you cannot be considered the superior of a Moth student." Arnin smiled before pulling out his identity card. It showed Arnin's status as a Moth student. 
    Butterfly teachers were very strong and important to the academy, however Moth students were even more important. Moth students were the backbone of an academy's future, which was why a Butterfly teacher was considered on the same level as a Moth student. 
    Lod was shocked that Arnin was a Moth student. Now that he knew he was not Arnin's superior, it meant that he couldn't really do anything to stop Arnin. 
    "Since you now know, go and fetch me Akig's information. I will be responsible for his cultivation from now on." Arnin spoke with mockery when he saw the expression on Lod's face. 
    "Even if you are a Moth student, you are not qualified to teach this child. Are you trying to ruin his future?" Lod showed a little more restraint, but he still was angry. 
    Arnin sighed, before shaking his head. He raised his hand. "If you are hiding, then come out. If you don't, then I will go and torture my slave and servant once again. I might even go and get new ones." Arni yelled into empty space. 
    Lod looked around and noticed a faint ripple from behind a pillar. He saw a person walk out and couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air. 
    "Arnin, I still wonder, how are you able to notice my presence?" Xillar walked out and shook his head. Arnin always caught him off guard. Lod's body shook, and looked at Arnin more deeply. He had a much higher realm than Arnin, even past the Elemental Formation realm, however even he was not able to detect Xillar. How could a child who was yet to enter the Essence Manifest realm detect him? 
    "It doesn't matter how I know. You should have already heard everything, right? Help me get Akig's information." Arnin didn't ask, but rather he commanded him. This made Xillar feel very bitter, and also shocked Lod. Lod knew that a Moth teacher had an extremely high status, so how could a student show such disrespect? What surprised him even more was that Xillar actually obeyed the command.
    Although Xillar was feeling very bitter, he couldn't do anything about it. He needed to make sure that Arnin would not become an enemy of the academy. He had too much talent, and it would be a waste to kill him. 
    "Teacher Lod, would you mind getting the information of the student?" Xillar felt somewhat embarrassed to ask. Lod's face also began to burn a little since he lost to Arnin. 
    Lod turned around and walked into the lounge to get the information. Xillar sighed and looked at Arnin. "You should really stop following me, but if you insist, then stop thinking about killing me. It gives away your position." Arnin smiled at Xillar wickedly. 
    Xillar began to sweat a little, and was also extremely frightened. He did express some killing intent, however it was an extremely small amount. He couldn't understand how Arnin could feel it. Plus, Arnin's smile frightened him even more. 
    "Haha! What are you talking about?" Xillar nervously laughed, trying to dissolve the awkward situation. Akig stood behind Arnin and didn't understand much of what was going on. 
    "Pft!" Arnin snorted and continued to wait patiently. 
    Ten minutes later, Lod came back back with a few papers in his hand. He handed them to Arnin who immediately turned around and walked away. 
    "You consider yourself a great teacher, but I think you are only mediocre. I will train Akig to the point where none of yours students will be able to match him. He will be so strong that he will enter the Moth group with his skills. I will make him stronger."
  • Chapter 53: Apprentice Alchemist?

    Arnin walked in front, while Akig followed him from behind silently. Arnin was flipping through the pages and looking through his information. No affinity test had been done, so he wasn't able to find Akig's talent, however Arnin knew he could figure it out soon. There were some other bits of information, however nothing too personal, just some family background, and the town that he came from. 
    Akig was silent through the whole trip. He knew that Arnin was busy figuring out some things, but he still felt extremely happy. Arnin had said so himself that he would make him strong, which made Akig glad. He knew that befriending Arnin was a good choice. 
    Half an hour later, both boys arrived at Arnin's house. Vilis was awake and jumping around. When he saw Arnin, his eyes glowed with happiness, however the sight of Akig made him whimper. 
    Vilis began to take some steps back, however a shadow suddenly appeared in front of him. Akig leapt towards Vilis's body and began to hug him extremely tightly.
    "AH! Vilis, I haven't seen in you in so long! AHH! Marry me!" Arnin shook his head when he heard the things Akig said and saw the bear hug he gave to Vilis. 
    Arnin was still extremely surprised. Although Vilis wouldn't hurt his new caretaker, he was still try to escape, but Akig was too fast. Arnin couldn't believe that Akig had such speed, plus his strength was also very high. 
    Arnin began to ponder his new findings. There was a reason that Akig was not placed in the Moth group, but Arnin felt that he probably had some hidden talent that no one knew about. Plus, he had an abnormal love for beasts, which even made Arnin a little weirded out. 
    Akig continued to hug Vilis, and sometimes his hand would 'accidently' grab Vilis' butt. "Oh, how I love touching you, Vilis. Your fur is so beautiful, and you are such a cute beast." Akig said with a look of pleasure. 
    Arnin walked over to him and tapped his shoulder. "Akig, I'm going to go out and will be back at night. Take care of Vilis, and if he starts to feel bored, take him for a walk. If he gets hungry, then try to find some small animals for him. Don't kill anyone while I'm out." Arnin warned. He was alright with killing, but Akig was not strong enough to protect himself. 
    "As for you Vilis, don't kill Akig. Also, don't attack humans while I am out." Arnin gave his warnings and left the house. He needed to buy some things and read up on the different types of bodies in this world. 
    When Arnin was a Demon Lord, there were humans and other species that would have special types of bodies. The most common of these special bodies were the Yin and Yang bodies. They were common in the sense that one would be able to find at least one person in a group of a billion people with this type of body. The other special bodies would be hard to find even in a group of a hundred billion people, resulting in the Yin and Yang bodies being comparatively common.
    Arnin had met many people with special bodies, and had even experimented on them to obtain special abilities. Although Yin and Yang were strong, they were not the strongest, and were actually quite limited. People with these body types would have to go to the route of Yin or Yang, meaning ice or fire. They would not be able to cultivate other elements, making them weaker than other people with special bodies.. 
    He couldn't help but feel that Akig was a person with a special body. His likes and dislikes were extremely weird. Although there were many people who loved beasts, there was never anyone who acted like Akig. It looked as though he genuinely found Vilis to be extremely attractive. Plus, his speed and strength increased when he saw Vilis. 
    Arnin wanted to read about the different bodies found in this world to see whether Akig fell under one of the categories. If he did, then Arnin would have to make future plans for the boy. 
    As he walked quietly, Arnin first headed towards the library. He would grab some books, and then head over to the Alchemy department. He wanted to get some small glass bottles to collect a little bit of blood from Akig. He needed to test out his affinity.
    Arnin quickly entered the library and asked the librarian at the front desk to lead him to where the books about special bodies were. Surk was not around because of the transfer, however that didn't bug Arnin. He was only in the library to borrow some books. 
    The person at the front desk this time was another young student who was around the age of eight or nine. He didn't know what special bodies were, so he wasn't able to help Arnin, but luckily there was an older student who did know a thing or two about them. He was able to find the bookshelves that had information about them on both the first and second floor. 
    Arnin borrowed a total of five books. That was all the first two floors had on the subject, which made Arnin a little bit annoyed. He placed the books inside the interspatial bag that hung on his waist.
    He would only be able to keep the books for a month before having to return them, however if no one needed them, then Arnin could keep them for a longer time. 
    Finishing his business in the library, Arnin headed towards the Alchemy department. He remembered that it was next to the Medical department Kurse and Torne were staying at. He didn't see them yesterday, which probably meant that they were still recuperating. 
    Arnin thought of going to the Medical department, but only after he was done in the Alchemy department. He needed to get some small glass bottles, or even better, some jade vials. These things were helpful to him in the past, but he didn't know if they existed in Afloria, and he could only hope they did. 
    It took him around twenty minutes to reach the Alchemy department. When he got there, the first thing he noticed was the crowd of people gathering on the first floor. They were all either looking through the items, or purchasing them. 
    An alchemist was just as important as a Mark Master. Not only could the pills they make heal a person, they could also poison, or increase cultivation. To become an alchemist, one needed to be at around Essence Manifest - Hell, and have the element of fire as one of their mastered elements. 
    Fire was crucial since it would be used through the whole process of pill making. Arnin himself was an alchemist. He knew various jobs because of his incredibly long lifespan. He had to learn many things to survive and become the greatest Demon Lord in his universe. 
    'Will the Flames of Neutrality be able to make pills as well, or will I have to use normal alchemic flames?' Arnin used to use Supernova flames when creating pills. They had incredible power and were wonderful for making pills. The Flames of Neutrality were on a much higher tier, so Arnin began to wonder what effect would be created by these flames. 

    'I should first get myself some extra vials, and possibly a cauldron.' Arnin already had twenty Academic points, which were used as currency in the academy. Shops would still allow one to use gold and silver, since the department still needed to buy items from the outside, but the Academic points were worth more. 
    Arnin walked into the shop and began to look for the items he needed. He went to the section for bottles and found hundreds of different types. Some were made from glass, while others from stone, and there was a variety sizes. Arnin was even able to find the jade vials that he wanted. He looked for the small sized vials and grabbed ten. Arnin was feeling annoyed that he didn't have more space to buy a cauldron. Alchemy cauldrons were quite big, and there was no way it would be able to fit in the interspatial bag unless the latter was empty. The vials would fit perfectly, but not the cauldron. 
    He walked into the line and waited to check out his items. Five minutes later, Arnin was able to go to the front desk. He placed the jade vials on top of the counter and waited for the person to tell him the price. 
    The one who stood behind the desk was a gorgeous girl. She had chocolate brown hair and obsidian eyes. Her skin was slightly tanned, but that made her all the more beautiful. She had a wide smile as she greeted each person she served. When Arnin was in front of her, she was very professional and treated him the same as everyone else. 
    "Young man, is this all?" Surprisingly, the girl's voice was quite low pitched, however it still sounded very nice. 
    "This is all." Arnin nodded his head. He was interested in how this world practiced alchemy, but it would just be a waste of time for him to try and learn it. He was already highly skilled in alchemy, so there was no reason for him to try and learn a new method. 
    The girl nodded her head and asked for five gold. Arnin was extremely surprised. Jade vials were usually very cheap in his old world. Why were they so expensive here?
    "Outside, these vials will sold for an extremely cheap price, but over here they will be much more expensive. I don't recommend buying them here, little kid." Just then, a lady walked out from behind a shelf. In her arms was a cauldron about the size of Vilis' head. 

    This woman was wearing a teacher's robe, however she was wearing the Green butterfly robe not the Moth teacher robe. It was the gorgeous teacher once again. 
    "Teacher, we met at the teacher lounge, remember?" Arnin didn't find her irritating, unlike Fae. Even though her beauty wasn't enough for Arnin to fall in love with her, it was enough to make him look twice. 
    "Yes, you were that boy who made Teacher Lod infuriated. Haha! You really are a funny one." The Teacher spoke with her soothing voice and her laughter caused many of the males in lines to blush, and have… reactions. 
    Arnin was thankful for the teacher's advice, but he needed to buy the vials. He had no time to go outside the academy to purchase vials. 
    "I will take the jade vials. I don't have gold, but I do have some academic points." Arnin really didn't have any money. He came from a poor background, and at most his parents would be able to lend him a couple silvers, but that was extremely rare. Plus, he had run away from his village, so he didn't have much. 
    "Alright then, you can use one academic point to purchase all of these vials, and you will also receive five gold as change." The tanned girl said with a smile. 
    "Why am I receiving five gold?" Arnin said that while grabbing the five gold and the jade vials. He didn't mind receiving money, more did not mean anything bad, but he was still confused. 
    "Seems like you are new here." The person who spoke up was the pretty teacher. Arnin nodded his head, so the teacher continued. "Well, academic points only work inside the academies, not outside, so all of the academies have set up an exchange rate for them. 1 Academic point equals to ten gold." Arnin nodded his head when he heard this. 
    He was still suprise that Academic points were worth so much. If one academic point could get him ten gold, then he would be able to allow his family to live comfortably with just around one hundred academic points. Such vast wealth. 
    Arnin decided that even though he couldn't go to his family, that didn't mean he couldn't support them. Although he was the great Demon Lord who killed people like mosquitoes, and tortured people without even batting an eye, he did enjoy having a new family. 
    His family was killed right in front of him in the past in the most brutal way possible. He grew up in a terrible environment where he was betrayed and almost killed by people he truly trusted and cared about. Zhaik was all he had left, but even he began to become more formal and treated him more like a master than a friend. 
    Ashia and Florian were his new parents that had cared for him since his new birth, this allowed him to finally feel the warmth of a family after hundreds of millions of years. Nekaia was even more important because her memories seemed to be very similar to the massacre of the demons his family was victim to back then. Nekaia was the closest person to him in all of Afloria. If he could make their lives better with money, then he would make sure that he earned lots. 
    After deciding this, Arnin knew that he wanted to quickly begin earning lots of academic points. Missions, jobs, and competitions, all of these would get him the points he wanted. 
    Arnin took the things and nodded towards the tanned girl and the stunning teacher. Arnin wanted to begin creating marks as soon as possible. Since he didn't have a cultivation manual yet, he had to go back and make one. 
    He was decently knowledgeable on cultivation, plus he had received a dozen of mysterious books from Fae. He just needed to read them and create a manual. Once he did that, he could begin creating marks using the standard procedure. 
    As Arnin left the shop, the gorgeous teacher fell into deep thought. She quickly chased after Arnin. 
    "Hey, little kid." Arnin was lost in his own thoughts when he suddenly heard the soothing voice call out from behind. He looked at the person chasing him and couldn't help but scoff. Although he was somewhat thankful for her explanation, that didn't mean she could get over his head whenever she wanted. 
    "What do you want?" Arnin was in a rush to get started, so he looked at the teacher annoyingly. 
    The teacher was clearly very surprised by Arnin's quick change in temper. Just a while ago, he had a faint smile and was showing her some gratitude, and now he seemed to want her to get lost. 
    "Well, I have a proposition for you. I can feel some fiery essence around you, which probably means that your affinity is related to fire." The teacher was shocked when she first felt the essence. She knew that only Essence Manifest cultivators would be able to work with components, so how could an Orb Birth student give off such a feeling? She didn't understand, but she knew that Arnin was probably very talented, or was very skilled with fire at the very least, which was why she went to talk with him. 
    Arnin knew that the real reason people could detect the fire essence around him was because of the Neutrality seed inside of him. He wasn't able to prevent the seed from releasing tiny amounts of essence for others to detect since he wasn't in Essence Manifest yet. 
    "Since you have this affinity, you could probably become a great alchemist. What do you say? Want to try it out?" The Teacher looked at Arnin with some glittering eyes. 
    "Aren't you a Butterfly Teacher? What is your relation to the alchemy department? Plus, I am already a Mark master, I don't want to waste my time doing alchemy." Arnin was, of course, lying to her. He was going to begin practicing alchemy soon, since it would be able to provide him with pills which would benefit his cultivation. However, if he worked for the Alchemy department, would he receive anything, except for a few extra pills? 
    "Don't call me 'you', that is disrespectful. My name is Fasona, and yes, I am a Butterfly Teacher, but that doesn't mean I can't work in different departments. I am one of the alchemists in the Alchemy department." She acted calm on the outside, but was indeed incredibly shocked. 
    'Only Essence Manifest cultivators could become Mark Masters. How did he become one?' She didn't say this out loud and kept a calm face. Both alchemy and mark making were extremely high ranking jobs, but it was much harder to become a Mark Master, since one would have to use essence components to create stones and other cultivation materials. An Orb Birth cultivator could still do minor alchemy, however it could only be extremely easy items, like pastes and creams. 
    "Well, becoming one wouldn't be a problem. What can I gain from it?" Although he initially decided not to do it, but he suddenly had a thought. Alchemy could be a great way to temper his control over the Flames of Neutrality, and he might even be able to earn some extra academic points. Plus, he wanted to test out his Flames of Neutrality, so it really wouldn't be a loss for him to join.
    "There are many benefits to becoming an alchemist here. You can earn academic points from what you make, and you gain extra if it sells. You will get incredible discounts on items. For example, if you were an alchemist, you would only have to pay a couple silver for those vials." Arnin listened with happiness. He wanted to make lots of academic points, both for him and for his family. 
    "I just told you that I am a Mark Master. I will be busy with cultivation and am forced to go to the Mark Master department to create marks. How will I get the time to work here?" Arnin knew that he was going to be forced to do many things in the Mark Master department, so he wanted to know whether he had to come into the alchemy department on certain days and work. He didn't mind doing that, but he would need to create a schedule for himself. 
    "Well, we can figure something out with the Mark Master department once you become an alchemist. Before anything can really happen, you are going to need to pass the alchemy exam." Fasona spoke quickly. It would usually take a person dozens of years to become an alchemist, which was why she wanted Arnin to join the Alchemy department early, so that he could be trained until he could become an alchemist. 
    "Sure, when is the alchemy exam? What do I have to do and know?" Arnin remembered from his past life that an alchemist would have to know the names and properties of billions of different herbs. He assumed that it would similar here. 
    "Well, you will be taking an apprentice exam. Unlike the Mark Master exam, we have to have knowledge about various herbs. You probably don't even know ten, so you will have to take an exam to become an apprentice, and then learn from real alchemists for a while until you can take the official exam." Fasona was somewhat excited that Arnin showed great interest in the job. If she could get Arnin as her apprentice, then she would be able to make him a great alchemist in the future. 
    However, this was all based on whether Arnin was suitable to become an alchemist. She was hooked because of the fiery essence that she could feel from Arnin. Since she could feel it at such an young age, that meant Arnin would have a high attainment in controlling and absorbing fire and the fire component. Now it all just depended on him being able to understand the different herbs. 
    Arnin thought about it and nodded his head. It made sense that he couldn't do the alchemy exam yet. If he was not in Afloria, he could guarantee passing the alchemy test right away since he already knew about almost all the herbs in his universe, however Afloria might be different. That being said, the chance of them being different was very small, because throughout the universe, almost every planet had the same herbs. Sometimes the powers on the planet might be different, but the herbs tended to stay the same. He had a feeling that Alforia would be similar. There might be some new herbs, but most would be the similar to those he was familiar with in his past life.  
    "Alright, I will take the apprentice test then. What are the benefits for that?" Arnin would drop the idea and figure things out for himself if there were no benefits for being an apprentice. He could slowly figure out the different herbs through books and his own experiments. 
    "The benefits are mostly the same. You still get discounts, create some small items, and get academic points from those." Fasona smiled and explained. Arnin nodded his head. 
    "When is the test, and what should I know?" Arnin just wanted to pass the test and begin earning and practicing. 
    "Well, we could do the test any time you want. All we really need to do is an affinity test to see if you can use fire in the future, and you would also have to name around a hundred herbs and their properties. Here is a book that will tell you what herbs you need to know." Fasona handed Arnin a book. They didn't have to do the affinity test because Arnin exuded a fiery essence, so all they really needed to do was test Arnin's knowledge on the hundred herbs. 
    Arnin nodded his head and grabbed the book. This book was helpful to him whether he took the test or not. He would need to know the types of herbs sooner or later. Arnin opened up the first page and his eyes glittered. 
    Moon Flower - A flower that blooms only during a full moon. The flower is cold to the touch and has white petals. The pistil of the flower is a piece of soft ice that resembles the moon. Has high amounts of Yin energy and is used to create pills related to coldness and removal of Yang. Uncommon herb. 
    The first herb that Arnin saw was something he knew. This was a common herb that would be used to make simple heat removing pills, or cultivation pills for people who used the ice or water element. 
    He flipped to the next page and saw another herb. Solar Grass.
    Solar Grass - This is a type of grass that grows in areas closest to the sun. It is a yellowish color, and feels extremely hot when touched. It has high Yang energy and is used to remove coldness from a person body, or to make fire cultivation pills. Uncommon herb. 
    Arnin continued to flip through the pages and gasped. The same! All of them were the same! Arnin was extremely happy that his luck was so high. If all of the other herbs were the same, then he could go straight to becoming an alchemist. 
    Arnin put the book down after looking at all of the herbs. He had a huge smile on his face, which Fasona found to be very weird.
    "Is something wrong?" She couldn't help but ask. She was worried that Arnin would give up right after looking at the many herbs. Although it may sound easy, it would usually take a person a month or so to memorize the contents of the book, and that was only if they fully focused on the material. 
    "Nothing is wrong." Arnin continued to smile. He then walked back towards the alchemy department. 
    "Huh? Why are you going back?" Fasona asked. She thought Arnin had everything, so she was confused. 
    "I want to do the Alchemy apprentice test right now." Arnin turned his head and said with some confidence. 
    "What?" Fasona was at a lost for words. She rubbed her ears and made confused face which was so cute that it could cause any man watching to get aroused.  
    "I said, I am going to do the Apprentice Alchemy test." Arnin repeated, before turning around.
  • Chapter 54: HOLY SH*T

    [Note: Orange -> Pink -> Yellow -> Green -> Blue -> Purple -> White -> Silver]

    Fasona looked at Arnin with shock. She had assumed that Arnin would need at least a month or so before taking the apprentice exam. 
    Arnin, on the other hand, was feeling very confident. He had thought that even if he did find herbs that he recognized from his previous life, they would at least have different names, but he completely forgot one point. 
    When he created Afloria, he did not create the people and animals living there. The ancestors of everyone in the world were past citizens of his previous world. Some were alchemists, others warriors. He had relocated the people into Afloria since he didn't have the power to create sentient beings. 
    The ancestors brought their previous world's knowledge to Afloria, which was why it had many similarities to the original world. Not only that, but herbs almost always the time stayed the same, regardless of the power in the place. It was a mystery why this happened, but Arnin wasn't ever able to figure it out.
    Now that he knew that most, if not all of the herbs would be the same, so he was ready to do the exam for an apprentice. Not only that, but he would go for an official alchemist title as well. 
    Arnin had entered the shop once more, while Fasona stood in a daze before chasing after him. She was still thinking about why Arnin wanted to do the exam so quickly. 
    "Hey, wait for me!" Fasona yelled towards Arnin, ignoring the stares that others were giving her. Arnin slowed his footsteps and looked at Fasona with a calm expression. 
    "Where do I take the test? Take me there, so I can quickly complete it." Arnin allowed Fasona to go in front of him, as he didn't know where the test would be. 
    "Are you sure you want to do it right now? You just got the herb book, so shouldn't you go back and study it first?" Fasona spoke with goodwill. She felt that Arnin would do very well in alchemy if he could memorize herbs, simply because of the fact that she was able to feel the fire essence around him. 
    "It doesn't matter. Just take me to do the test. Is there an entry fee, or anything like that?" Arnin knew that most tests would ask a person to pay beforehand. He was alright with paying as long as he could do the test. 
    "The apprentice test is free. Only the official alchemy test has a fee." She took a deep breath and decided to explain. 
    "That's good. Hurry and take me to the testing place." Arnin waved his hand nonchalantly, gesturing at Fasona to proceed. The latter shook her head and walked towards the door beside the counter. The set up was similar to the Mark Master area, where the door was right beside the counter. 
    Everyone watched the two enter the the door and the disappear. They were momentarily shocked before moving on with their own business. 
    Arnin and Fasona quickly arrived to the second floor. Just like the Mark Master department, the second floor also had some bookshelves and desks. People were roaming around the area, and when they noticed the duo enter, they bowed towards Fasona before moving along. 
    Alchemist were proud people who liked to mind their own business. Although they would be happy to learn from higher ranked alchemists, that could sometimes be useless. Alchemy was heavily dependent on talent, hard work, and affinity. Only if someone had talent for alchemy, would they do well. If one practiced everyday, and never forgot the herbs that were  to be memorized, it was possible to do decently well. To do extremely well, it was mandatory to have a strong affinity with fire. This was the main reason Fasona wanted Arnin to become an alchemist. 
    "So, how do I do the test?" Arnin looked at Fasona with a confused look. 
    "We will have to enter the testing room on the third floor." She spoke before walking towards a different door. Unlike the connected stairs in the Mark Master department, the Alchemy department had the stairs at two different ends of the room. 
    In the other department, Mark Masters would usually work on the second floor. They would have their own private areas on that floor, and would usually do their work there, however the Alchemy department was different. The third floor was for testing, while there was another area where alchemists would concoct pills and other alchemic materials. 
    The third floor had a narrow passage with many doors on the left and right. The first door on Arnin's left said 'Apprentice Alchemist Test Area,' while the one on his right said 'Orange Alchemist Test Area'. 
    When Arnin saw the color, he became somewhat confused. He understood that Mark Masters would be differentiated through color since the mark color determined strength, but why would alchemists also have the same types of levels? Was this some new concept in Alfoira that other worlds didn't have?
    Arnin looked at Fasona with some confusion, who had noticed that Arnin was at a loss. She smiled a little before speaking. 
    "Just like there are colors for Mark Masters, Alchemists are also differentiated in a similar manner. If you are wondering why, it has nothing to do with product color. It is simply a way to make the levels easier to understand. Pills have various colors, but their levels aren't as numerous…" As she explained, Arnin finally understood. Mark Masters were ranked by colors because of their products, but the other jobs simply borrowed the ranking system. They just used colours to represent rank to make things easier to understand, and also to make sure all the jobs had similar ranking systems. 
    Alchemy, and many other jobs, were organized into different levels of skill. Alchemists could make eight different types of pills. An orange level pill was the lowest level of pill, while a silver level pill was the highest. Things like weapons from blacksmiths were ranked using the same scale as well. 
    "That makes sense. Do I just enter the room?" Arnin didn't know the procedure, so he had to ask Fasona. 
    "Just enter the room. Since you are a Mark Master, you must have been given an identity sphere, right?" Fasona looked at Arnin and asked. The latter pulled the black sphere out from his sleeve and showed it to Fasona. "Well, once you enter the room, you will place this sphere into an empty hole inside a pillar. Then, the test will then begin." 
    Arnin knew that the sphere was not specifically for Mark Masters. Although Xillar said that it was for Mark Masters, but in reality, it could be used for multiple jobs. The type of identity items people received differed depending on their first job. Mark Masters would get spheres, Alchemists would get prisms, while blacksmiths would get cubes. Other jobs stick with cards, but those would not be able to hold as much information, and their level of security would be lacking when compared to the items used by the three big jobs. 
    Arnin walked into the room and found that the lighting was very dim, however his eyesight was extremely sharp, so he could still see very clearly. Right in front of the entrance, slightly to the right, was a large white pillar. In the middle of the pillar was a hole. The shape was that of a hexagon. It was slightly larger than Arnin's sphere. 
    He slowly inserted it into the hole and found that the hexagonal shape began to change to match his sphere. Suddenly, a question came to his mind. If one didn't have a previous job of any sort, how would they take the Apprentice test? 
    Arnin decided not to think too much about it, since it didn't really impact him. When the hexagonal hole finally changed into the shape of a sphere and tightly held onto his identity sphere, Arni couldn't help but release a smirk. "Interesting." 
    Suddenly, lights began to appear, and the whole place lit up. Arnin looked around with interest, and found that on his right, there was a platform, and on his left, a huge shelf with a small table and chair in the side. 
    Arnin walked towards the platform first and stepped onto it. He knew that nothing bad would happen since he was taking test offered by the academy, and they would not risk hurting potential future alchemists.. 
    When he stepped onto the platform, he felt something begin to scan him. Arnin knew that this was the affinity part of the exam. It was just a check to see whether the person had an affinity with fire or not. Arnin slightly released some fire essence from his Neutrality seed. 
    A blinking noise began to sound,  and then the scan was complete. "Affinity Test: Complete!" When Arnin stepped off the platform, he noticed that the pillar had some words written on it. He smirked and laughed at the technology used in Afloria. It was cool, but just a waste, in his opinion.
    Arnin then walked towards the other end of the room. When he got there, he noticed that the large shelf held around a hundred herbs. All of them were from the book that was given to him by Fasona. Beside the large shelf was a table and chair. On top of the table was a large stack of papers and a couple of ink pens. 
    Arnin picked up a piece of paper and looked through the questions. They generally just asked for the herbs' names and effects. He couldn't help but lightly laugh. He knew more about the herbs then anyone else, so this test was way too easy for him. 

    Outside the testing room, Fasona stood by anxiously. No one else was around, or else they would have been shocked to see Fasona acting in such a way. She was usually very calm, and didn't show much of an expression in response to anything. 
    "I wonder if he will pass. He did go in without even studying." Fasona spoke to herself. She thought of Arnin as a good seed solely based on the fire essence she could feel around him. She wanted to make him her apprentice, and train him to become a great alchemist. 
    Arnin didn't know this, but Fasona was actually a pretty good Alchemist. She was a Green Alchemist, which was considered to be quite uncommon. Plus she was very young, which only emphasized her talent. 
    She kept walking back and forth. She was tense, because if Arnin didn't pass, then it might be a big blow to him. This could affect his future as an alchemist, and her goal to make him her apprentice. 
    Suddenly, the door opened up. Fasona was extremely surprised. Normally, the test would take around five hours, the fastest pupils finishing in a little less than four hours, however Arnin was only inside for twenty minutes. 
    'Was he unable to solve any of the questions?' Fasona had this thought and couldn't help but be really worried. 'I told him to wait, but he was too arrogant!' She cursed in her mind, but still waited for Arnin to come out. 

    When Arnin walked out the door, Fasona rushed in front of him and said in an anxious tone. "The test was difficult, wasn't it? Don't worry about it, everyone fails it on their first try, plus you didn't even study. Don't feel down, try again ne--" Just as Fasona was going to finish speaking, Arnin had already began to walk towards the second floor. 
    When Fasona saw this, her face became ghastly white. 'Did this failure really make him lose all confidence? Did a person who exuded fire essence at such a low realm lose his chance to become an alchemist?' 
    Fasona followed behind Arnin and was very worried. She looked at Arnin's face and found his eyebrows wrinkled. Her face became even paler when she saw this. Her mind was quickly coming up with reasons for why Arnin would have such a face. 
    'He failed, and is trying not to show his sadness.' 
    'He is angry that he failed, but is trying to suppress it.' 
    'The failure hit him so hard that he is debating whether or not to commit suicide.' 

    Ridiculous ideas rushed through her mind, however she couldn't think of the reason. Armin had a wrinkle on his forehead, but he didn't seem sad or angry, rather his face was calm. 
    'Maybe he passed the test? No, that's impossible. Doing this test in twenty minutes is impossible for a new person. Even alchemists who have reached Pink level would barely be able to do this.' She completely pushed the idea of Arnin passing aside. She just didn't believe that such a scenario could be possible. 
    Arnin continued to walk, while Fasona kept her silence. She wanted to say something, but she felt that giving Arnin some time to accept his failure would be a good thing. Arnin just needed some time. Eventually, he would heal. 
    She then saw Arnin walking towards the bookshelves very slowly. He picked out a few books and sat on a table, reading quietly. He then sat down cross legged to cultivate. He repeated this process multiple times. Arnin had finished over ten books in only about three hours. 
    Fasona continued to watch Arnin's abnormal actions. 'Is he studying? But why isn't he studying with the book I gave him? All the books he is using seem to belong to the Orange Alchemist level.' Every book that Arnin grabbed was meant for the Orange alchemist exam. The topics varied from different herbs, to the creation of pills. 
    Arnin would read, and then cultivate. Finally, he got up and went towards Fasona with a slight smile on his face. "Teacher Fasona, would you mind lending me a pill cauldron?" Arnin looked at Fasona and asked, however he already had his hand out, giving her no time to say no.
    Fasona was confused, but she took out an old pill cauldron that was about the size of a baby's head. "You can use this one, but why do you need it?" She still mentally rejected the idea of Arnin wanting to create pills, or anything of the like. In her mind, Arnin was only going to look at the cauldron to study it. 
    Arnin kept the cauldron on his side, and then extend his other hand. "Would you happen to have some Moon Flower, Ice Petal, Water Flower, …" Arnin listed out ten different herbs in one breath. 
    No matter how much Fasona wanted to reject the idea of Arnin passing the test, she couldn't help but gape at Arnin's mention of such a list. 'Aren't these the herbs for the Orange level water pill?' She thought, and then looked at Arnin in surprise. 
    "Are you trying to create the Orange level water pill?" Even though she knew that it was very likely that he was trying to make one, she still needed to confirm, unwilling to believe.
    "Yes, and no." Arnin grabbed the many herbs that Fasona was slowly pulling out. She had many herbs in her bag, which was similar to Arnin's interspatial bag, but bigger. 
    "Arnin, shouldn't you study for the apprentice test bef--" Arnin waved his hand and gestured her to stop speaking. He didn't answer her and went towards the stairs to the third floor once again. 
    "Don't follow me up, I want to do something. Make sure that no one else comes up." With that, Arnin walked towards the third floor. Fasona stood there in shock, before collecting herself and shaking her head. 
    'He hasn't even passed the Apprentice test, and wants to try and make a pill? I can only hope that this won't be another major blow to him." She sighed bitterly and stood guard. 

    Arnin sat down in the narrow hallway and pulled out the herbs from his robe, placing them onto the ground before him. He also put the cauldron a couple centimeters away from them. 
    "Time to see of the Flames of Neutrality can be used to make pills." Arnin smiled before igniting a grey flame on his palm. Within the grey flame, the two different coloured flames continued to rotate. Arnin took a deep breath, and began to change the flames' shape into a ring. He then surrounded the top of the cauldron with the ring of flames. 
    Arnin picked up an herb and broke a piece off. He then threw it into the cauldron, and began to surround it with fire. He needed to test out whether he could rid the herb of its impurities, and turn it into a liquid form of essence. 

    Half an hour passed, and Arnin had a huge smile on his face. It could be done! The Flames of Neutrality really could be used for pill making! Arnin was thrilled. If anyone walked up and looked into the cauldron, they would be extremely astonished. 
    Inside the cauldron, there were five completely formed ocean blue pills.. Arnin continued to smile as he took a look at the room that said, 'Orange Alchemist Test Area'.

    Three hours passed, and Fasona couldn't take it anymore. Turning around, she rushed towards the third floor.
    When she reached the top, she saw Arnin walking out of one of the testing rooms. She gasped when she saw which room it was. 'Orange Alchemist Test Area'.
    "What were you doing in there? You need to pass the Apprentice test before trying the official alchemist test. These are the rules." Fasona was extremely shocked. Sh couldn't believe that Arnin was coming out the Orange Alchemist examination room. 
    "Don't worry, I passed the Apprentice test when I first did it, and I also just passed the Orange Alchemist test, meaning that I am now an Orange Alchemist." Arnin smiled brightly as he stared at the gaping Fasona. It had taken Fasona one year after passing the Apprentice test to become an Orange Alchemist, and that was already considered quite fast. 
    The Orange Alchemist test was much more difficult than the Apprentice test. Not only did one need to know more than a thousand different herb names, looks, and functions, it was essential that one was able to create an Orange level pill. This would require years of practice, and memorization. One year was already extremely quick, but how much time did Arnin take? It only took him twenty minutes to complete the Apprentice test, three hours of study, and then he was on the third floor for another three hours. That was a total of just over six hours. 
    Fasona took a couple steps back, before looking at Arnin as though he was a demon. "Let me see your identity sphere first." Fasona was still in a state of denial. She wanted to confirm this with her own eyes before believing it. 
    Arnin took out the sphere and handed it to her. Fasona quickly vanished. She walked into a room that had an identity analyser and placed the sphere on top of it. Some basic information quickly appeared in front of her. 
    Arnin Foro: 
    Age: Five Years Old
    Race: (D)Human Race
    Realm: Orb Birth - Hell 
    Jobs: Pink Level Mark Master | Orange Level Alchemist
    'HOLY SH*T!'
  • Chapter 55: Alchemy Dimension

    Fasona looked at the information in shock. Arnin really was an Orange level Alchelmesit, and not only that, but he was also a Pink level Mark Master. This shocked her even more. 
    One was only able to become a Mark Master at Essence Manifest, and Arnin was just at Orb Birth. She had assumed that when Arnin mentioned being a Mark Master, he would just be an assistant.
    Although Assistant Mark Masters were similar to the Apprentice Alchemists, and could be considered the same things, however there was one main difference. An Assistant Mark Master did not need to do a test, while an Apprentice Alchemist did. This didn't mean that one was harder then the other, but an alchemist needed to know lots of information before starting anything, while the process of making marks was very dependent on talent, and how hard one practiced. 
    Seeing that Arnin was a Pink, not Orange level Mark Master shocked her completely. 'T-this kid is a monster! How did he become a Pink level Mark Master at such a young age, and with such a low cultivation realm?' She just couldn't understand this. 
    Fasona was also very shocked by Arnin's Alchemist level. He had actually passed the tests. This made her feel extremely wierd. She had wanted to take Arnin under her as an Apprentice so that she could train him until he made it into the official Alchemist ranks, but Arnin had done all of this much quicker than she could ever imagine. 
    Six hours! He took only about six hours to pass both the Apprentice and Orange level tests. 'Monster!' She couldn't help but repeat this. Arnin really was a monster in the eyes of Fasona.
    Arnin had reincarnated into Afloria to level up his cultivation so it could help him break through his Demon Lord cultivation. However, he retained all of his memories, meaning he still remembered all of his skills from his Demon Lord life. Previously, he was considered one of the best Alchemists in the Universe, so passing the Orange test would not be considered something impressive. Rather if he didn't pass, that would be remarkable. 
    Fasona calmed her rampaging heart, and grabbed the sphere, heading back to where Arnin was. She saw him standing there causally. For some reason, this action of his made her really want to beat him up.
    'Do you know how hard I had to work to get to where I am? It took me dozens of years, but you took six hours just to become an official Alchemist. Why don't you show some sort of happiness!?' Arnin's apathy really infuriated her. 
    Arnin didn't know what was going on Fasona's head, and he honestly didn't care. He was unhappy with the results he got in the test. He could have completed the test in mere minutes, if he had proper control of the Flames of Neutrality, that is. The flames were extremely difficult to manage, but their effects were amazing. 
    Arnin had prior experience with controlling flames for pill making, which was why it didn't take him too much time to learn how to roughly control the Flames of Neutrality, however that wasn't enough. If he had better control over the flames, he could have made more than twenty Orange level Water pills. His control was lacking, which only enabled him to create five in one batch. This disappointed him greatly. 
    Another thing that bugged him was his result in the Orange level test. Although he passed, he just barely did so. The test wanted him to create an Orange level pill, and Arnin did that, but he almost destroyed all the herbs in the process. Unfortunately, he was only able to create a total of ten Orange level cultivation pills. 
    If Fasona could listen to Arnin's thoughts, she would have collapsed by now. One must know that the cultivation pills were extremely difficult to make, and she too could only make ten if she put all of her effort into making them. She would have sliced Arnin with a blade if she discovered his disappointment with such a number. 
    Shaking his head, Arnin continued to wait for Fasona. A few moments later, he saw her walking over with a bright smile. Her face was glowing, but Arnin saw her upper lip subtly twitch. 
    He extended his arm for the sphere. "Have you seen enough? As you can see, I passed the tests, and am now an alchemist." Arnin grabbed the sphere as she handed it to him, and placed it back in his robe. 
    "You really are something. With such skills, it's no wonder a Moth teacher would support you instead of a Butterfly teacher." Fasona spoke. Almost every Butterfly teacher knew about Xillar taking Arnin's side over Lod's when Arnin had come to snatch a student. At first, even Fasona was surprised by such actions, but now, she completely understood the reason. Arnin was just too talented. 
    "Well, since I am done the test, do I receive anything? Like an alchemy manual, or cauldron?" Arnin received his own place to work in the Mark Master departement, and he also received a mark making manual, so he assumed that he would also receive something from the Alchemy department. 
    "Of course you will get some things. I will take you over to the main Alchemy building where all of us work. We have tons of books there that can be used by alchemists, and it has lots of space for new alchemists as well." When Fasona spoke about the Alchemy department, her eyes began to slightly shine. She herself was an alchemist of a very high rank, and one could see the pride she felt when mentioning the alchemist building. 
    Arnin nodded his head and walked back to the first floor with Fasona. She didn't purchase anything, and instead went straight towards the exit. Both of them walked for about fifteen minutes, before reaching a small building. It was much larger than the houses for the Moth students, but it was still smaller then the two main building for Moth and Butterfly students. Arnin speculated that it was about the same size as the academy library. 
    The walls were made from a grey wood with some green stone pillars. The roof was flat, which made it difficult to see what it was made from. There were no windows, or any openings for that matter, that would allow for one to look through to the other side. 
    Arnin nodded his head, and followed Fasona towards the gates that were similar to the ones used in the library. There was even a scanner on the side, however this time, it matched the one that Arnin saw during the Apprentice test. 
     It had a large hole that was shaped like a hexagon. Fasona walked up and placed her blue prism into it. Just like when Arnin had placed his sphere, the hexagonal hole began to change shape and firmly held onto the prism. 
    The large doors that seemed to be made of some extremely dark stone began to open up. He heard a deep rumbling sound and even the pebbles that hid in the swaying grass began to jump around. 
    Arnin didn't show much of a reaction to the happenings. It wasn't super impressive to someone like him. 
    When the doors finally opened, Arnin was unable to see inside. It looked as though a black wall was placed there to prevent others from seeing the inside.
    "What is this? Why can't I see anything?" He looked at Fasona and asked. With his low cultivation level, he was not able to discern what was going on. 
    "Ignore that. Just follow me, and you will enter the building." Fasona smiled before walking straight towards the black wall. Arnin followed without hesitation.
    Fasona was the first to reach the barrier, and when she went towards it, Arnin found that she walked through the black wall without any resistance. He was next, and just calmly walked through it as well. 
    When he touched the barrier, it felt as though touching the surface of water. He walked through and felt as though he entered a pool. Arnin was very surprised that such a lace could have this type of mechanism. 
    Darkness surrounded Arnin's eyes, and even with his amazing vision, he wasn't able to see a thing. He didn't move in any other direction, as it felt as though something was dragging him along onto the right path. It was all very mysterious. 
    Finally, a yellow light shined onto Arnin's face. Arnin looked around and couldn't help but feel slightly astonished. 
    'So this place is the Alchemy building? Impressive.' Arnin looked around and felt as though he had entered into another world. The place looked nothing like a building. There were neither walls nor ceilings. Arnin found that there was a blue sky looking over the place, with green grass went as far as the eye could see. 
    People were walking around, carrying cauldrons, pills, and herbs. Fires were erupting left and right. Sometimes, a cauldron would explode, other times, pills appeared. The place was extremely beautiful, and looked just like the outside world. 
    Arnin could feel a large amount of space essence in the surroundings, which told him that this was another dimension. 
    Fasona felt very proud when she noticed the small change on Arnin's face. Every academy had a Alchemy building, but not all of them had a dimension like Lepidoptera. Only the very large academies could afford something like a private dimension. 
    "This place is really nice, right? Well, this is where the alchemists do their work." Fasona explained. Arnin nodded his head, as also felt that this place was quite incredible, however he was confused about one thing. An academy would need an extremely strong space cultivator to create this place. How could they afford this?
    "This place is very nice, but how did you guys afford it? I don't think every academy has a private dimension like this, right?" Arnin looked over at Fasona. 
    "You are right, only the high ranking academies can have a private dimension like this, however in the past, our Alchemy department's creator saved a space cultivator. The cultivator then repaid the creator of this department by giving him this dimension." Fasona had a very proud look on her face. This look held some arrogance, but many would have felt extremely delighted to see it. Fasona was extremely attractive, so many men would fall for her every expression. 
    "Well, you guys were pretty lucky then." Arnin nodded his head,. The way he spoke sounded a little weird to Fasona. He showed some interest in the place before, but now he seemed very calm, as if this was something he saw every day. 
    "Arnin, you are now a part of the Alchemy department, so you don't have to sound so distant. We were all lucky to have this place." Fasona smiled at Arnin while saying that. He didn't answer her, and only smiled in a very mysterious way. She couldn't understand such a smile, and so she decided not to dwell on the topic. 
    "Alright, let us go and get you set up. This place you see is the public area for alchemists. Many come here to create pills and get help. Some even come to trade and buys herbs, but almost every alchemist has a home in this dimension. We will have to get you one as well." Fasona began to explain some small things. From her explanations, Arnin understood that what he saw right now was only a very small portion of the dimension. There was a huge section where the alchemists would stay. That place was, however, different from normal housing areas. Everyone would get a plot of land that they would be able to cultivate, grow herbs on, and use to create create pills. It really was incredible. 
    Arnin smiled and was extremely happy with such a set up. He was glad that he accepted to become an alchemist. Such benefits were extremely good. 
    Fasona led Arnin towards a small hut. Inside, there was an old man who seemed to be sleeping. Fasona didn't disturb the old man, and just grabbed a booklet that laid on a table. She began to flip through the pages slowly, her eyes scanning whatever was on it. 
    Arnin wasn't able to see anything, however he just kept quiet. Suddenly, Fasona gave him the booklet and pointed towards three different houses. 
    "So these are the three different available properties. You can look through the information on the three and decide which you want." She smiled and waited while Arnin began to read through the information. 
    The first property was very close to where they were. The house was very large, but the surrounding area was slightly small. Arnin shook his head and decided not to take this one. He himself wanted to grow lots of herbs that were specialized towards his needs. Plus, being near the public area would result in lots of noise, which Arnin didn't want. 
    The next house was extremely far from the public area. The place was very isolated and the land was extremely large. The house was also very well built. Arnin nodded and liked the house description. He decided that this would be the place he wanted. He didn't care about the other property since he was set on the second one. 
    "I want this one." Arnin pointed towards the decided property, however Fasona was shocked. 
    "Arnin, this property is very far from here. You would be isolated from the other alchemists, and won't be able to make continuous trips. The land is good, but the isolation is incredibly terrible, do you really want it?" Fasona couldn't understand Arnin's thinking. The first property was actually very popular. Not only was it very close to the public area, but the house was also extremely big. Although the field wasn't as large as the second house's, that didn't mean that it was small. 
    The last house wasn't as good as the first, but in Fasona's head, it was much better than the second. Although it wasn't extremely close to the public area, many alchemists lived around the area, making collaboration very easy. 
    The second house did not seem to have many good points, other than a large plot of land. Almost no one lived in the area; it was completely isolated. 
    "I am sure. This is the place I want." Arnin smiled. He didn't mind isolation, rather he liked it. Silence would allow him to do what he wanted, and since no one else was around, he could even do other jobs. 
    'Maybe I should bring Vilis to this area? There is a supposed forest near the area.' Arnin began to think. Vilis wasn't really needed at his home anymore. After his breakthrough, his strength equaled or was just barely lower than Vilis', which meant he could protect himself. Plus, being in such a small area all the time would be very annoying for a beast like Vilis. 
    "I have a question though. The forest, does it have plants and animals?" Arnin looked at Fasona. The dimension was extremely big, so he felt there should be something nearby. 
    "Of course there are animals. Let me tell you something very interesting about this place. Although the space cultivator gave it to us, he didn't create this space. All he did was cut a chunk of real land and connected it to the academy. We call it a dimension because that piece of land won't ever appear in public view again." She spoke with admiration. 
    Arnin was clearly shocked. He also felt that this place was not created by a space cultivator, since only one at an extremely high cultivation would be able to do so. Afloria should not have had anyone like that, because if they did, he would have known about it when he was the Demon Lord. 
    He assumed that the Alchemy Dimension was similar to the tower's two worlds, where there was a portal that connected to a different location, however that wasn't the case. The cultivator actually isolated a large piece of land for the academy. This type of skill was still incredible. 
    "Am I able to bring others into this world?" Arnin asked. 
    "Yes, you can, but only a limited number. The only thing is that they are not allowed in the public area unless they are apprentice level alchemists or higher. If they aren't, then they can only stay around your property. Since you are an Orange Alchemist, you can bring a total of three people." She explained. 
    Arnin nodded his head and was happy to hear such a thing. That was enough to bring Vilis and Akig over. It would be better for Vilis to be in the dimension because of the large fields and animals. Akig would have to join Vilis since Akig was the beast tamer, and now someone who Arnin was going to train. 
    Fasona handed Arnin a white liquid. "This is?" Arnin raised an eyebrow and asked while taking the bottle filled with the milky substance. 
    "Spill this liquid over your identity sphere. This will place the coordinates of your house into the sphere, allowing you to transport there easily from the platform. " She said after some reluctance. She still didn't want Arnin moving to such an isolated place, but she couldn't stop him since it was his decision to make. 
    Arnin took out his sphere and spilled the liquid over it. After a few minutes, the liquid was completely absorbed inside the sphere. Arnin raised an eyebrow towards such mysteriousness. 
    "Now then, you can stand on that platform and place your sphere into one of the hexagonal holes. You will be transported to the new house." Arnin nodded his head, and walked out the hut. He suddenly stopped, and looked at Fasona. 
    "How do I leave the dimension?" Arnin didn't know how to leave yet. If he got there and was trapped, he would not be able to do anything. He didn't have the power to rip through space like he did before.
    "Haha! When you get to your house, you can search for a similar hole. However remember this, you cannot teleport here without going outside first. The only way to get to the public area from your house is if you leave the whole dimension, and then reenter." Fasona beautifully shook her head. This was one of the annoying things about the house Arnin chose. 

    Arnin smiled and went over to the large platform that seemed to be made from a magical blue material. Arnin inserted his sphere into one of the holes, and then his body vanished.
  • Chapter 56: Secret in the Basement

    A bright light appeared in a large field. The area was surrounded by wooden fencing, and in the center was a mid-sized house. It had a few windows, and seemed to be quite short, which indicated that it most likely did not have a second floor. 
    Arnin's looked at his surroundings a smiled with satisfaction. The place was quiet, and the field was large. Although there was still some grass around, Arnin felt that he would be able to get rid of it in a day or two. 
    He walked towards the house while inspecting the field on the way. Other than the grass that needed to be removed, the field was in great condition. The ground was soft, and the grass was very green and healthy, which let him know that the ground had plenty of nutrients and of water.
    The door to the house was normal, and was made from wood that came from the surrounding forest. Arnin grabbed onto the handle and turned the knob, slowly opening the door. 
    The door made a sound when it was opened, however Arnin didn't mind. When he entered the house, he was very surprised. Unlike the houses he had in the residential area for Moth students, this one had no furniture. It was bare. 
    The first floor was quite big, with four rooms in total. The main entrance led into a open room. Two bedrooms were to the left, while a kitchen was on the right. Arnin walked around the house and found that there really wasn't a second floor, however, he did find a basement. The stairs to it were located in the living room. 
    When Arnin walked down them, what he felt was very surprising. The first floor felt completely normal, as if he was back in his house in Talonton village. There was little essence, and everything seemed quite normal, however the basement was quite different.
    Just the stairs were made from from extremely hard wood that looked somewhat purple. The side walls also seemed to be made from the same material. Not only that, but the further Arni went down, the more essence he could feel. Plus, there was an herbal scent which continuously got stronger as he neared the basement. 
    Finally, his feet landed on soft, fluffy ground. It didn't feel like grass, or dirt, rather something much softer. Arnin looked down in surprise and saw that the material looked exactly like dirt, and even had some grass on it. This made him somewhat confused, as he hadn't seen a material like this before. 
    Arnin squatted on to the ground, and tried to scoop out some dirt, but regardless of how much force he exerted, the dirt just wouldn't budge. He then tried to pull a piece of grass out, however Arnin was unable to do that either. The 'grass' was tightly stuck in the 'dirt', as if they were molded together. Arnin couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.
    'Interesting. Seems like I need to do some more research on the materials used in Afloria.' Arnin's knowledge was still very lacking when it came to the materials that were unique to Afloria. He was already lucky that the herbs were the same as the ones he knew in his previous life, plus they were even named the same way, but that was only because herbs were mysterious in general due to their conformity, regardless of where they grew. Materials for buildings, formations, and many other things were different on each planet. He remembered that he once visited a planet where there was almost no cultivation. It was a land ruled by humans who believed that cultivation and magic were fairytale creations. The animals there were also extremely normal.
    Although the planet was very weak in strength, Arnin found that the humans there were very curious about the world, and had discovered things about it that other species in the universe hadn't. He entered that world for a few hundred years to understand their knowledge, and couldn't help but praise their knowledge. 
    Arnin, who was considered the strongest, and also one of the most experienced people in the universe, felt that the humans of the planet 'Earth' were extremely remarkable. He would usually destroy the world's he visited, but he had left Earth intact because he found that group of people very interesting, and wanted to manipulate their intelligence for his own benefit. 
    Arnin was not omnipotent; he did not know everything. Every world had something unique about them, and Arnin did not know about them all, and Afloria was one of those. Although he created the whole planet, the weird power also made its own alterations that Arnin was unaware of. 
    The flooring in the basement was extremely weird, but Arnin decided to figure out its properties later. He began to walk deeper in the narrow passageway that had began after stairs ended. As he walked, he discovered that the basement was much larger than the main house. He found many vacant rooms as he walked through the passage, and the smell of herbs also got stronger. Arnin began to wonder if anyone else knew about the wonders of this basement. It seemed different from a normal house, and he didn't expect other houses to have something similar. 
    Once Arnin finally reached the end of the passage, in front of him was a large, metal door. There seemed to be a lock around the handle, and it was even tied using chains. Arnin laughed at the sight and broke the lock with his fist. It was extremely weak, which made him wonder why it was there in the first place. Slowly, he loosened the chains and threw them onto the ground. He grabbed onto the cold metal handle and slowly pushed. 
    The door began to make a weird sound that resembled creaking, but also the roaring of thunder at the same time. It was so loud that even Arnin began to frown.
    'What is it that they locked here?' Arnin's interest was piqued. The lock was very weak, meaning that the thing or whatever that was inside was either also extremely weak, or it was just a warning to outsider to them tell them not to enter. 
    The door swung open, and a strong smell attacked Arnin's nose. It was a  strange mixture of the aroma of herbs and the stench of blood. Arnin's eyebrows slightly twitched, but he moved forward. 
    The room was very wide, and he found that in it were ten doors. What made Arnin happy was that in the middle of the room was a large cauldron. It was much larger than Fasona's, which he had used for the Orange Alchemist test. It was about the size of a small bathtub, able to fit three people the size of Arnin, or one full grown man.
    Around the cauldron was the same grass that he found in the narrow passage. Plus, there also seemed to be various herbs that even Arnin didn't know about. He swiftly walked over to the herbs surrounding the large cauldron. 
    He crouched down, and pulled an herb off the ground. Surprisingly, it came out without much struggle, almost as if grabbing a pebble off of the ground, no resistance. 
    Arnin's eyebrows rose slightly when he heard the sound. It wasn't coming from the herb, rather it came from one of the rooms. Arnin looked up to see where the banshee-like wailing was coming from.
    He got up and walked towards one of the doors. The door he went to was the first one on the left, because it seemed as though the sounds were coming from inside. He walked over, and placed his ear onto the door.
    The closer he got, the louder and more frantic the sounds got. Arnin nodded his head and began to think about something. 
    'The sounds seemed to be related to the herb I picked up. The closer the herb is getting, the louder the sounds seemed to be.' Arnin made this hypothesis because of the correlation of the situations, however he wasn't exactly certain that was the reason. It might have been because he was inside the room, or maybe it really was just a coincidence that all the events happened simultaneously. 
    Arnin saw that the door had a small hole on the top, however because of his height, he wasn't able to look through it when he was standing on the ground. Arnin decided that he might as well open the door. 
    Arnin didn't have many fears. He had seen too many things, making him fearless towards almost everything. The sounds in the room, the smell of herbs, and even the marks of blood didn't really frighten him, rather they made him even more curious. 
    Arnin grabbed onto the rusty metal door handle. "Hot!" Arnin couldn't help but exclaim. 
    The handle was extremely hot, almost as if he was touching a smelted weapon that had yet to go into water for cooling. 
    Arnin thought of his Flames of Neutrality and they appeared on his hand. He had decent control over his flames, or at least enough to wrap it around his hand like a glove. 
    When the flames had enclosed his hand, Arnin grabbed the handle once again. He didn't feel any of the heat this time, and was able to turned the handle easily. 
    A clicking sound resounded in the quiet area when the handle was completely turned. Arnin pushed it open and squinted his eyes. 
    Inside the room was a chain that hung on the wall. There was also a large black ball that had a chain coming out of it as well. In the right corner beside the entrance, Arnin found a stack of herbs that looked exactly like the one in his hand. 
    The leaves were green, with black petalled flowers. They were similar in shape to sunflowers, however the black petals looked like rocks. Even the pistil was slightly different. Other than it being purple in colour, Arnin found that the pistil was also a liquid, rather than a solid. 
    Arnin walked over to the herbs, the herb in his hand began to tremble. Arnin looked down weirdly, and was somewhat shocked that the herb was able to tremble like a sentient being. 
    The sound came once again, but this time Arnin felt as though the sound was right beside his ear. He turned his head and found that there was nothing screaming into his ear. The whole room seemed a little weird, but the weirdest thing was not the flowers, or the chains, rather it was the extremely black spot in the front right corner of the room. It looked out of place, but what was inside the black spot was even weirder… a dead body. 
    Arnin walked over to the body. His eyes slowly inspected it and found that the body lacked five fingers. Replacing those missing fingers was the same type of flower that was in the room, and in his hand. 
    The body lacked eyes and just had empty sockets. The mouth was wide open, showing yellow, crooked teeth. It didn't show signs of decay, which made him think that the it died recently, however, Arnin couldn't feel anything coming out from the body. There was neither death aura, nor even life aura. 
    When a person died or was near death, they would begin to release a death aura. Once they died, the aura would linger for a week or so, before disappearing completely. Since the body in front of him had no aura, it should have been dead for at least a week or more, but there was no decomposition of the body, not even a little, which Arnin found to be unbelievable. Even high realmed cultivators would decompose very quickly. 
    Arnin decided to leave the room for now, and decide what to do next after inspecting the other rooms. 
    He walked out of the room and closed the door. The banshee sound was completely gone. He couldn't hear it anymore, but suddenly, he felt his hand become a little lighter. He looked down and discovered that the herb was gone. Not only did the herb vanish, they was also a stain on his hand. 
    He lifted his hand, and found that the stain was of the purple liquid. He smelled it, but found that it was odorless. Arnin tried to wipe his hand onto his robe, but he noticed that the stain was not going away. 

    'Who lived here before me?' Arnin was curious as to who lived in the house before him. It didn't seem like anyone knew about the basement, or Fasona wouldn't have showed it to him. 

    The basement resembled a small torture chamber rather than a pill making basement. Arnin shook his head, and continued to the second room. He opened up the door, and saw something similar to the first room. Chains on the wall, a dead body, and a stack of herbs. 

    This time, the body was of a female who had three missing fingers. The type of herb was also very different. It didn't look like a flower, but instead like an apple, but the exterior was like a pillow, very soft and cushiony. The herb was snow white, however Arnin felt that the inside might be a little different.

    Arnin picked out one herb from the batch, however before he could do anything, the herb began to wither away. It resembled burning paper, making for an extremely weird sight. 

    Arnin walked out the room, however this time he didn't head over to the other rooms. He walked over to the cauldron. Around the cauldron, Arnin found that other than the purple flower herb, he also saw the white apple herb. 

    He didn't touch any of them, and went straight for the cauldron. Arnin reached it after a few seconds, and then looked inside. 

    He was shocked to find skeletons and a variety of herbs inside the cauldron. The herbs were dry, but Arnin could tell that each of them were the same herbs as the one surrounding the cauldron. 
    There were plenty of bones, but they were very small, which gave him the impression that this was the skeleton of a child. 

    He didn't feel any sorrow or hatred for whoever put the child in the cauldron. He only held some interest. He had done many heinous things as a Demon Lord, many that even Zhaik didn't know about, so putting a child in a cauldron didn't make him feel shocked, or anything really.

    'What was this person trying to do? Was he trying to make a pill using humans?' Arnin had heard of many pills that used humans, or other species as ingredients. Not only that, but many high ranking pills needed a living being as an ingredient. 

    When he was a Demon Lord, he commonly used Dragons, Phoenixes, and even other demons as ingredients. 

    Arnin stopped looking in the cauldron and began to inspect the room for anything other than the doors. He would slowly go through the other doors at a later time, but for now, he wanted to see if there was anything else. 

    Arnin looked around, and found a small table hiding in a corner. He walked over to the chair when suddenly, 


    Screams began to sound. They were terrifying screams that would cause any normal person, or cultivator to shiver, and even faint with fright. Arnin didn't flinch and became much more curious. 
    He made his way towards the table while the screams got louder and extremely frantic. Finally, he reached the table, and the screams vanished. Arnin raised both his eyebrows and found two items. There was a piece of paper and small vial that had three purple pills. Arnin grabbed the page and and began to read the contents: 


    I became an Orange Alchemist at the age of forty. My talent was low, so many people avoided me, and soon I became isolated from all the Alchemists in the Alchemist department. I found this house, and thought it met all my needs, so I moved far away from the rest. Years passed, and I finally became a Pink Alchemist at the age of eighty. 

    People often made fun of my talent, and some would even come to my isolated home to make sure I knew of this fact. One day, I discovered a secret manual, deep in the forest. This secret manual allowed one to transform and obtain a special body, the Human Pill Body. 

    This is a legendary special body that would allow one to transform and become the greatest Alchemist in history, however obtaining the body had too many sacrifices. 

    The formula forced me to use children as ingredients, however a problem occurred. The sacrificed humans would turn into different types of herbs, not allowing me to create the pill. 

    After years of research I found the hidden problem behind the formula. This land, the Alchemy Dimension, it is not from the human world. No, it isn't from any of the continents we know about. This piece of land is from the two hidden continents, so I am heading over to these unknown lands to find the complete formula. I will obtain the legendary Human Pill Body. 

    Arnin read the letter and couldn't help but scoff at the person who wrote it. Human Pill Body? Arnin had heard of a body like that, however it was an extremely rare, and demonic body. Although it allowed one to have unmatched pill creating skills, there was a catch. The body would slowly begin to turn into a pill, thus the name 'Human Pill Body'. 

    He looked at the page and tried to see if there was anything on the pills. Luckily, there was something written on the back.

    The pill bottle contains pills that are extremely heaven defying. They came with the formula, however after taking one, I found that taking another one do harm to my body. I ate two of the pills, but now I hear wailing and laughter. I leave these pills here and hope that whoever finds them will only take one pill. 
    The name of the pill was on the formula sheet. The name given to this heavenly, yet demonic pill was, Body Return Pill. 

    Arnin's face suddenly warped into a sinister smile. His hands trembled as he looked at the pill with greedy eyes. His face flushed, as he began to laugh out loud in a sinister manner. 
  • Chapter 57: Enemies Crossing Paths

    "HAHA!" Laughter resounded throughout the chamber. It was childish, but also seemed somewhat sinister. 
    Arnin's eyes regained their clarity, and he couldn't help but mock the person's stupidity. 'Whoever wrote this letter is extremely dumb. The Body Return Pill is a pill specially made for people with the Human Pill Body.' Arnin couldn't stop laughing. 
    The Human Pill Body was extremely rare, almost one in one hundred trillion. However, the Body Return Pill was over a million times more rare. The formula for this pill was lost, and couldn't be found throughout the whole universe, and there were almost zero Body Return Pills left. 
    The function of the pill was very well known to Arnin, since he had tried to find this pill for his own interest in the past.
    Body Return Pill: A pill handmade for anyone with the condition 'Human Pill Body'. Once swallowed by a person with such a condition, transformation into a pill will completely halt, returning the body back into the previous state. Taking two pills will allow one to then transform the body from Human Pill Body into Heaven Pill Body. 
    If one takes the pill without having the condition, Human Pill Body, their bodies would be able to advance in their pill making skills, however if another pill is taken, then their body would deteriorate and become the Hell Pill Body. 
    Arnin went through the information that he knew about the pill. He mocked the person who took two Body Return Pills. If he hadn't, then he would have been able to increase his pill making skills, but now the person would slowly die in anguish and pain. 
    The formula for the pill was lost, so Arnin running into the pills at such a time was really lucky, however there was one thing that confused him greatly. As the creator of the world, he didn't place the Body Return Pills in Afloria, so he wondered how they got in. 
    'I need to find out who the person that wrote the letter is, and what formula he has in his hand.' Arnin would luck out if he could get his hands on the Human Pill Body formula. Since he had the Body Return Pill, he could become the greatest Alchemist. He just needed the formula so he could create himself the body. 
    'Seems like I need to pay a visit to the mysterious continents, but which one did the person go to?' Arnin knew that the person was at one of the two continents, but he didn't know which one. 
    Arnin placed the bottle of pills in his interspatial bag, and then burned the page. He didn't want anyone else reading the information if they ever entered the basement. Arnin decided to quickly check out the remaining eight rooms. He quickly went through them all, and found something extremely weird in each one. The first two had two dead bodies that had yet to decompose, plus herbs began to form on their missing fingers. 
    The third and fourth rooms had similar chains, and new herb stashes, however this time the dead bodies were a little different. They had full limbs turned into countless herbs. This went on until the last room didn't have a dead bod; it was just filled with herbs. 
    'So, is this the failed experiment? Does this mean that the other bodies will actually turn in to herbs?' Arnin pondered for a moment, and came to this conclusion. It seemed that the former's failure in creating the pill turned a person into a herb. 
    'Is this truly a failure? What if this is a part of the formula?' Arnin had worked with various types of pill formulas. Some were extremely weird, and had abnormal requirements. Sometimes the pill formula was a two step process, where one would need to create an object through the formula and then reuse that object to form the actual pill. 
    In simpler terms, the formula that the person had said to sacrifice people, and those people eventually turned into herbs, so maybe the herbs that were created were the ones to be used for the pill? 
    Arnin came to this conclusion and decided that it was possible. Maybe he could really do this. Arnin went over and grabbed the ten different herbs, but then he then stopped. 'Wait, the mysterious person had tried to add these herbs into the cauldron with the child too, so is this really possible?' Arnin stopped what he was doing. The dried herbs that were in the cauldron were exactly the same as  the herbs in each room. This meant that herbs created from through the sacrifice of each person was already added into the cauldron and still came out as a failure. 
    He sighed and stopped doing anything else. Of course it wouldn't be so easy to figure out, or there would have been many before him to do so. 
    'Since I can't make it right now, I can use the cauldron for my own pills.' Arnin thought. He didn't have a pill cauldron, so he could use the large one. Although it would expend more energy, it was still a very good quality cauldron. Arnin nodded his head and decided to go with this decision. 
    Quickly, Arnin took out the Flames of Neutrality, and began to remove everything inside the cauldron.Since his flames didn't burn, but instead, made them vanish completely, Arnin found it very easy remove everything. 
    After the cauldron was cleaned, Arnin nodded and headed back to the first floor. He didn't have any herbs to create any pills with, so he could only come back later, and plant some when he got seeds.
    Arnin began to look for the hexagonal hole so that he could go out of the dimension. He wanted to go and bring Akig and Vilis over to this world. Plus, he also wanted to begin making the cultivation manual so he could start Mark making. 
    The sooner he could begin making cultivation stones, the sooner he would be able to start making some academic points. That meant he could start to earn gold and send some back to his family. 
    Arnin looked around the house and finally found the hexagonal hole in one of the bedrooms. He inserted his sphere and slowly he began to vanish.
    He appeared right in front of the Academic building that held the dimension. Arnin smirked, before moving towards his home in the Moth residential area. When he got to his house, he found that Vilis and Akig weren't home. 
    'Seems like they either went out to hunt, or to take a walk.' Arnin quietly sat down in the middle of the room. He took out the dozen books that Fae had handed to him. If he was going to create his own cultivation manual, then he would need to learn about the different cultivation methods.
    The first manual that Arnin looked at was related to cultivating blood components. It discussed cultivation around a large pool of blood, and the path the blood essence should take in his body. 
    Arnin nodded his head, and engraved the information in his mind. The next manual he picked up was related to ice essence. The one after was for withering, the next…
    Arnin read through all of the manuals, and finally had a general idea of what he wanted to do. The main purpose of the cultivation manuals in Afloria was to create a path for the essence to travel from the orb and through the threads. Every element, however, had its own path that differed from others, which was why Arnin would have to read through the many different types of methods, so he could create his own. 
    Arnin needed to create a cultivation manual that took all of his elements into consideration. Once the elemental seeds were created, and the cultivator broke through into Elemental Formation, then the seeds would sprout and allow a person to use the element as they pleased. However, they would have continue absorbing the specific element to strengthen the sprouted seeds. 
    This was one reason Arnin needed to create his own manual, the other reason being so he could begin mark making. Although he would use his unorthodox method in the future, it would take too long to master his saber. The cultivation manual method would be quick, and allow for Arnin to strengthen his control over the saber over time. 
    Arnin sighed. He had gone through a lot of things, and still had yet to begin proper mark making. He made a mark on his first try in the past, but for some reason, he was unable to do it again. This had bothered him, but he still maintained his calm. 
    "Now, let's begin." Arnin took out a stack of papers from a box. He had an ink pen, and started to scribble on the pages. Arnin didn't have a main element that was superior to others. Instead, he had many elements that he focused on equally. This meant that the cultivation manual that he would create would have to have an equilibrium with all of the elements. 
    The first thing Arnin did was draw a diagram of each element that he would focus on, and their circulation. Even though elements would have various types of circulations, Arnin only needed to know a single circulation to create his own. 
    He drew one for the essence components of fire, darkness, light, withering, death, space, blood, and even life. He had yet to cultivate life, but he planned on  doing it soon. Life and death went hand in hand, so Arnin wanted to combine them together. The only element that Arnin wanted, but did not have, was the time element. 
    There were no books on time, so he could only create a partial cultivation manual until he figured out the circulation for time. 
    Although it may cause problems in the future, Arnin had to take the risk. The cultivation manual was important, but so was the time essence. It might have an effect on him later on, but if he could find a time manual quickly, then this problem would be solved. 
    Arnin drew all of them and found something extremely weird that he didn't notice before. Elements that were considered pairs had the same circulation pattern, just in reverse. Death and life were pairs, and so were light and darkness, and also… space and time! 
    Arnin thought that he might be able to create something suitable for time if he reversed the cultivation circulation, but he wanted to first make sure that this was the case for every other element too. 
    Arnin then began to draw all the circulations for each pair. One page had life and death, while another had light and darkness, then, there was fire and water. He looked through all of the pairs, and found that his theory applied to each one. 
    Then, Arnin began to create a new calculation method from the space's circulation, however it was in reverse. 
    Every element would start from the orb and end back at the orb. The space element would go from the orb and enter the threads in the arms, then it would return to the orb, then enter the threads in the legs… this would continue until all the threads were covered.  This would be a single circulation for space essence. 
    Arnin created the circulation for the time essence by using the reverse, however there was one problem. If he wanted to test it, then he would need to find a place that had time essence. He began to think, and then it hit him. The Essence Tower. 
    He wasn't able to get time essence on the first floor, but what about the higher floors? He had some academic points, which allowed him to get onto at least some of the higher floors. Not only that, but he also had five water pills which he could sell for some points. 
    With his mind made up, Arnin rushed towards the Alchemy department. The tanned girl was still in front of the counter, and when she saw Arnin, she smiled and waved at him. She still didn't know that he was a Orange Alchemist, so she didn't show him the respect someone his rank should have received. 
    "Hello, young man. What are you back for?" She asked Arnin with a smile. 
    "I want to sell some pills for academic points. Can I do that here?" Arnin spoke quickly. He wanted to finish things up as quickly as possible, so that he could rush towards the Tower. 
    "Of course. Let me first get the head of this place. Only she can appraise pills, and then give you the proper payment." Arnin nodded his head and waited. 
    The girl rushed off and came back a few minutes later with an old woman. Arnin looked over curiously, but when he saw the woman, his expression became somewhat ugly. 
    Arnin was usually very expressionless, but he needed to get a good amount of points as quickly as possible, however judging by the appearance of this old woman, Arnin felt as though his goal would be much more difficult to achieve. 
    His face became sinister as he began to have evil thoughts. 
    The tan girl brought the old woman over and pointed towards Arnin. "Teacher, this is the boy who wants to sell some pills. I have other matters to attend to, so you can speak to him here." The old woman nodded and waved her hand, gesturing at the girl to leave. The girl then left the front counter and began to sell the items at a different desk. 
    "So, may I se--" Right as the old woman was about to continue speaking, she finally got a good look at Arnin. Before, she wasn't paying much attention, but now that she saw him, she couldn't help but feel shocked. 
    Arnin smiled wickedly towards her. 'Seems like she still remembers me. If this old woman causes me any problems, then I will make sure to take care of her later on!' Arnin's thoughts became ferocious. 
    "So you are the boy who wants to sell some pills? Well, we don't buy them here, sorry. You should go and find a different place to sell your pills." The old woman spoke with some mockery and a hint of anger, before waving her hand as though trying to wave off a bug. 
    Arnin was irritated by such actions. "Old hag, I know you buy pills here. If you don't want to buy some, then let's see what happens to that girl. Monifa is her name, right?" Arnin had a cold smile on his face when he spoke. 
    The old woman was none other than Teacher Zesiro. She was the one who wanted to cause Arnin trouble after he beat Monifa up for her house. She had threatened him, but was eventually stopped by Xillar, who had her leave. 

    Her hatred for Arnin was deep. Both because he beat up her young mistress, and because he was extremely rude to her. 
    "Little brat, you better watch your tongue. I am only sparing you because of my status as a teacher. If not because of that, I would beat you until you couldn't ever get out of bed." The old woman looked at Arnin threateningly. 
    "I'd like to see what you can do, wrinkly old sl*t!" Arnin spat out vulgarities that caused Zesiro to become extremely red with anger. 
    She walked out from behind the counter and slowly moved towards Arnin. "Let me teach you what the word respect mean, brat!" Her teeth were gritting together as she spoke. 
    Arnin was still smiling with mockery. "Make sure you know how to spell 'respect'. With your single brain cell, I don't think you are capable of such a feat."
  • Chapter 58: The Bet

    Arnin looked at the Zesiro with mockery, however he was somewhat tense as well. He knew very well that his current strength was a far cry from being able to match a senior Moth student, let alone a Moth Teacher. He just wasn't strong enough to face this woman yet. 
    'Since I can't beat her in cultivation, what if I face her in something else?' Arnin wasn't going to go and pick a fight that he knew he would lose. He was able to become the strongest for a reason. He didn't act brave when he shouldn't; he knew his limits. 
    "Old hag, you really are stooping low, trying to face me, a five-year-old. Don't you have a conscience?" Arnin smirked as he spoke. He made sure that his voice was loud enough for the crowd in the store to hear. 
    All of them looked over with interest. Most were students, but there were a couple of teachers lurking in the crowd as well.
    "Really, I am hundreds of years younger than you, and can even be considered the same age as your great-great-grandchild. Not only that, but your cultivation realm is at least a thousand times higher than mine, if not more. Shameless!" Arnin spoke sharp words, and made sure that everyone heard each and every one of them. 
    Zesiro's face turned ugly when she saw the crowd nearing. She had a reputation as a Moth Teacher. "Don't try to play innocent, little boy. That vulgar mouth of yours spouts out a lot of bad things. I am just teaching you a small lesson. You must show respect to your elders!" She quickly came up with a valid reason to teach Arnin a small lesson, however she began to feel a little worried when she noticed Arnin's smile brightening. 
    "Then let me ask you, why did I speak in such a way? Isn't it because of you discriminating against me, and not allowing me to sell pills? I came here with no ill intent, and just wanted to sell some pills. That girl can be a witness to that." Arnin that pointed at the pretty tanned girl. Everyone looked at her, waiting for her to affirm or deny Arnin's claim. 
    Seeing that she had become the center of attention, the girl hesitated before nodding her head slightly. "It is true. He really only came to sell pills but I don't know what happened after." She quickly spoke, and added a little more. 
    "You hear that? I only came to sell my pills, but was outright rejected without any good reason. Would anyone stay calm in such a situation? I am just a little boy. Of course I will have outbursts if I am treated wrongly." Arnin made a pitiful and angry face, trying to showcase himself as a child who had been wronged. 
    Everyone looked over at Zesiro, and frowned. "That little boy is right. This is wrong. Teacher Zesiro, you have no right to teach him a lesson." An older Moth student was the first to speak out, and looked at Zesiro with some anger. 
    Although Moth teachers held a higher status than Moth students, that didn't mean that the former could anything they wanted. There were rules that people needed to follow, regardless of their status. 
    "Exactly. Little boy, do not worry. I will not allow for you to be wronged. Teacher Zesiro, as a fellow teacher, I am telling you that what you are doing is wrong." A Moth teacher stepped forward and also spoke up for Arnin.
    They didn't speak out without thinking. Initially, they didn't completely believe Arnin's claim, however when the girl verified that Arnin had come to sell pills, then how could they not believe him? Anyways, Arnin was not wrong. As a child, he was more likely to get mad than others, especially if he was discriminated against. 
    "Y-you! If you do not know the full story, then do not speak up. He ruthlessly beat up my mistress a couple of days ago, and she is still recovering in the medical department. Not only that, but he also showed little to no respect to me when I asked him about the matter. Even now, he shows disrespect. I was not going to kill him, or send him to the medical department. I was just going to teach him a lesson as his elder." When Zesiro spoke, many people quieted down. It was natural for people to get mad if people they cared about were hurt.
    All of them then turned to looked at Arnin. If what Zesiro said was true, then she could deny buying pills off of Arnin. She had the right to do so if Arnin had done something like that. 
    *Clap Clap*
    Arnin began to clap his hands and smiled at Zesiro. "I applaud you for your shamelessness, old Zesiro." This time, Arnin did not even refer to Zesiro as a teacher. Many frowned at his actions, but didn't say anything about it. 
    "Child, what do you mean by that? Is what she said not true? If so…" The same teacher looked at Arnin with wrinkled eyebrows. He was very confused. Why would Arnin call her shameless again?  He didn't think that Zesiro was making anything up because he knew that she didn't lie. 
    "You want to know what I mean? Well, let me call down one of the spectators of the whole situation back then. Teacher Xillar, would you mind coming out from the shadows?" Arnin looked behind him and spoke. 
    Many turned their heads, and saw Xillar appear with an ugly face. 'Why the hell is this kid bringing me into this?' 
    "Teacher Xillar? How long were you hiding there for?" The other Moth teacher looked at Xillar with some surprise, and then turned his head towards Arnin, his eyes brightening slightly. 
    Xillar waved his hand, and didn't speak about it. "Alright, now that you are here, can you explain what really happened? Why did I beat up the young mistress?" Arnin looked at Xillar with a smile. 
    The latter's face went somewhat pale when he looked at Arnin's smile and Zero's glare. He then shook his head bitterly and decided to speak honestly. 
    "Well, Teacher Zesiro is right that Arnin ruthlessly beat up her young mistress, and even said harsh words to her," Many people looked at Arnin. "However, there was of course a reason behind all of this. Since all of you are here, let me ask a question. What does a person have to do in order to get an occupied house in the Moth residential area?" 
    Xillar decided that he would take Arnin's side for this one. Although Arnin was a little excessive back then, ultimately, he didn't do anything wrong. Plus, it was Zesiro that really went out of control. 
    "Well, you can either live with the person, trade something in exchange for it, or… duel!" Many people finally came to understand what had happened. 
    "As most of you have guessed, the reason Arnin beat up the young mistress was because of a duel. Although he was somewhat excessive, he didn't break any of the rules, and fairly won the duel." The people who heard this nodded their head. That meant that Arnin was not in the wrong. They could already guess the next scene with Zesiro, so they shook their heads. As teachers, they should not lose their temper with students, unless they had broken the rules. 
    "Now then, Teacher Zesiro, will you still attack me?" Arnin looked at Zesiro with scorn. He would use the public to fight against Zesiro for now, but in the future, he would get rid of such a nuisance. 
    The crowd also looked at Zesiro with their eyes hardened. If Zesiro made a move, then they would intervene. 
    Zesiro's face was ghastly pale. She looked at Arnin, and then Xillar with hatred. "Since so many of you are taking this brat's side, I will give you all face and back down, however I will not buy his pills. I still have the right to decline him." Zesiro harrumphed as she continued to glare at Arnin. Although she couldn't attack Arnin, she still had the upper hand. It was her decision about whether she would buy the pill or not. No one else had any say in this. 

    The people in the crowd nodded their heads. People had to take a step back as well. Zesiro held her own hatred towards Arnin so they couldn't say anything about that. If she was unwilling to buy them, then that wasn't their problem. 
    Seeing that no one was saying anything else, Zesiro looked at Arnin with a smirk. 'What will you do now, brat? Even if I can't hurt you at the moment, I still won.' 
    Arnin didn't get angered, and was still very calm. He smiled a little, before opening his mouth once more. 
    "This is no good for me. I need to sell my pills, so we have to find a solution." Arnin spoke up, however this time, many people frowned. 
    "Little kid, although we will stop her from attacking you, one must know when not to go too far. She has the right to refuse buying your pills, so you need to give up on this." Arnin ignored the old man and walked forward. 
    "Why don't we make a bet?" Arnin smirked when he said this. When Xillar heard this, his face became pale. He had seen Arnin's bet with Torne, and the state the latter had ended up in because of it. 
    "Hmm? What kind of bet?" Zesiro was somewhat intrigued. She hated Arnin, but if she could humiliate him, and make him lose something, then that would help decrease her anger. 
    "Well, we will have a competition. If I win, you will become my dog, and do everything I say, however if you win, then you can do whatever you wish to me." Arnin smiled and said. 
    Zesiro was angered by Arnin's demand, but she couldn't help smirk. 'If I can just get a chance to do whatever I liked to this brat, then I will be able to die happily.'
    "Before I agree to your bet, explain the type of competition we will be doing, and when it will take place" She looked at Arnin with cunning eyes. She would not agree to a competition where she would lose without even being able to fight back. 
    "Hmm, let me think. Why don't we do a competition on concocting some pills?" Arnin smiled towards Zesiro.
    "Haha! Brat, are you sure about that?" Zesiro couldn't help but laugh loudly when she heard Arnin's words. 
    Xillar quickly walked over to Arnin and whispered into his ears. "Arnin, Zesiro is an extremely high ranking Alchemist, a Blue Alchemist to be exact." Arnin was somewhat shocked when he heard this, however he smirked slightly. 

    Blue Alchemists were just one level higher than green ones, but the difference between the two was as much as that between the heavens and earth. There were a total of eight ranks in total, however every two ranks there was a dividing line. Orange and Pink were considered Earth, Yellow and Green were Sky, Blue and Purple were Hell, while White and Silver were Heaven. 

    To get to Hell from Sky, a person might need around fifty to one hundred years, so Zesiro being at the Blue rank showed that she was quite talented. 

    Arnin waved his hand, and didn't take Xillar's advice. Although Zesiro might be very high ranked in Alchemy, that didn't mean she would be better than him in the future. 

    "I am sure about this, however we will not do the competition right now. It will be held at the end of next year." Arnin still needed to increase his control over the Flames of Neutrality, so it would not benefit him to face her off right now.

    "That is fine with me. Here, let us sign this contract so that neither of us will go back on our words." Zesiro quickly created a contract that differed from the ones Arnin usually made. Unlike his contracts that would bind the soul, the one Zesiro made was a tier lower, as it would only bind the orb. 

    Arnin looked through the contents, and couldn't help but smirk. The terms listed that whoever lost the bet would become the other's slave.

    He quickly signed the contract, and suddenly felt something appear on his orb. He looked in his body, and found a snake like mark that wrapped around his orb, however it didn't do any harm to him. It was just there to bind him upon completion of the contract. 

    "Now that the contract is signed, you can buy my pills right?" Arnin smirked and looked at Zesiro. He still had his goal of getting academic points.

    "Sure. Since you will become my slave sooner or later, I will be nice." Her face was ruthless. Many people looked at Arnin with pity. Although it was considered wrong to bet with a student, Arnin was the one who initiated it. People could only shake their heads at Arnin's stupidity. 

    Arnin took out the five water pills, and handed them over to Zesiro. She looked them over, and nodded her head. "I will take these pills for five academic points each, so you will receive twenty five points." She said. 

    "Would the price increase if I was an alchemist?" Arnin asked. He would kill this old hag sooner or later, so he was patient for now. He would strike when the time was right. 

    "If you were an Apprentice, the price would rise by ten percent, and if you were a Orange Alchemist then it would rise by fifty percent." Zesiro spoke casually, however she inwardly mocked him. 'Why are asking questions that are unrelated to a brat like you?'

    "Well, I am an Orange Alchemist, so I would like the fifty percent rise" Arnin smiled, and said. He took out his Mark Master sphere, and gave it to Zesiro. The latter went behind the counter and quickly brought out an item to check the sphere's information. Her face became pale when she saw the results. 

    'That little brat is an Orange Alchemist? He is so young!' She couldn't help but be shocked. It had taken her until the age of twelve to become an Orange Alchemist. Her talent was considered decent but she was not the best. Arnin, on the other hand, had talent that could be considered demonic or godly. 

    "Humph, you can get the increase." She snorted. Arnin took back the sphere, and handed her his student identity card. The points increased by thirty eight, giving him a grand total of fifty seven point. (Author note: I know that a fifty percent increase of twenty five is a 37.5, but I am going to round it) 

    Arnin took back his card and walked away, leaving Zesiro with an ugly face. 'Who cares if he is an Orange Alchemist at such a young age? How much can he grow in one year?' Although she said these words in her mind, deep in her heart, the calmness that Arnin exuded made her feel somewhat fearful. 

    Xillar was also surprised by Arnin's Alchemist ranking, however he just bitterly shook his head. He had the same thought process as Zesiro, but suddenly, a thought crossed his mind. 

    'Should I make sure Zesiro wins? Id Arnin falls under her control, wouldn't that be the same thing as falling under the academy's control? Not even his backer could anything about it if something like that happened. I need to tell the principal.' Xillar disappeared, and Zesiro also vanished. Arnin, however, headed towards the Essence Tower. 

    His face carried a wicked smile, 'I will make sure that you suffer, Zesiro. You will live a life worse than death after you fall into my hands.' His face looked extremely sinister, which could cause many to shiver uncontrollably, however no one saw his expression.
  • Chapter 59: Elder Sister

    Now that Arnin had got a hold of more points, his next stop was going to be the Essence Tower. He needed to find out whether the cultivation method he made for the time essence actually worked or not. This would help him determine if his theory was correct. 
    If the theory he had laid out really did work, then Arnin could probably make this concept work with different elements, and might even be able to create an army using his knowledge on elements. This would be extremely beneficial to him. 
    It took Arnin about twenty minutes to finally reach the Tower. He quickly headed over to the front desk, and found that Surk was there. 
    "So, Arnin is back again? What can I help you with?" Surk smiled at Arnin when he saw him. 
    "I want to head over to the upper floors. Tell me how much each floor is." Arnin looked at Surk, and directly asked for what he wanted. 
    "Sure, I can check that for you, however you have to remember that the higher the floor, the stronger the people you will find." Surk warned Arnin as he took out a large booklet. Arnin, of course, didn't take his words to heart since he already knew that was case. If the people on the higher floors were just at Essence Manifest - Hell, then he could still handle them to a certain extent, however if their skills were any higher, then he would be at a loss. 
    Soon, Surk found the pages with the information, and began to recite them all one by one. "All of this information is for the Moth students. The first floor is free, the second floor is five academic points, the third floor is fifteen academic points, the fourth floor is thirty-five, then sixty-five…" The points had a weird way of increasing, and Arnin was somewhat annoyed because of such growth. Since he only had fifty eight points, that meant the highest he could go was the fourth floor. 
    "Alright then, since that is the case, then send me directly to the fourth floor." Arnin shook his head bitterly, however he decided to go the highest floor he could. 
    Surk wasn't too surprised that Arnin was able to rack up so many points. Although he didn't know that Arnin was an alchemist yet, he wouldn't be too surprised. He always felt that Arnin was different. 
    "Give me a minute... and… here it is. You see the small platform in the corner? Just head over there, and scan. You will be sent directly to the fourth floor." Surk smiled towards Arnin. 
    Arnin nodded his head, and walked towards the small platform that Surk mentioned. He saw a few people surrounding the platform, however they were moving in and out of the platform pretty quickly. 
    Arnin reached the location, and scanned his card. His body began to vanish in front of the small crowd. 
    "Why is that kid heading over to a higher floor? Doesn't he know that the first floor is already his limit?" Some person couldn't help but voice out after Arnin left. 
    "Don't you know who that is? That is the new Moth student who is able to beat people above his own realm. Don't underestimate him." Another person who had seen Arnin's fight with Torne couldn't help but speak. He warned his friend to not say much, making the latter quiet down. 
    Arnin finally entered the fourth floor, and looked around with calm eyes. He took a deep breath, and couldn't help but smile. 'The essence here is more than a hundred times thicker than the first floor. Not only that, but I can feel various types of components.' Arnin smiled and walked towards desk on that floor. 
    When he got there, he found two beautiful students. From their clothes, Arnin could tell that they were Moth students, however he was somewhat surprised. The two girls in front of him had very high cultivation realms,  Essence Manifest - Hell. They only looked to be around the age of eighteen so this was extremely rare. 
    'So, these are the most extreme talented? Well then, they really are very strong.' Arnin couldn't help but think. Not only were the girls young, strong, and beautiful, they were able to stay on the fourth floor, allowing them to cultivate in such an amazing environment. 
    The two girls saw Arnin, and couldn't help but cover their pink lips with their fair, white hands. One of the two, who had curly brown hair, walked towards the part of the desk that Arnin was standing by.
    "Little boy, what are you doing on this floor?" This was the first question that the girl asked. Arnin was extremely young so she was very surprised to see him on the fourth floor. 
    "I am here for a room. Tell me which ones are available, or the ones I can duel for." Arnin directly dived into the topic. He wasn't there to act like a child and explain himself. He just wanted to cultivate.

    The girl so astonished that her two rosy pink lips separated apart. This cute action could cause many males to blush, however Arnin continued to maintain a calm look. 
    "Are you sure that you are at the right place? This is the fourth floor. Did the people downstairs send you here by accident? Should I help change it for you?" Arnin began to feel a little irritated at the girl in front of him. He strictly believed in the idea of not judging a book by its cover. He had met many people who looked innocent, but were extremely vicious, people who were young, but stronger than most old people, and even those who were small, but their weight exceeded that of mountains. 
    Having the girl judge him by his age annoyed him, but he just wanted to quickly get a room, and not waste his time bickering. 
    "Miss, I am in the right place. Don't ask so many questions and do what you were assigned to do. Find a room that I can use, or a room that is available to duel for." Arnin spoke with irritation and some sharpness, leaving the girl speechless

    She soon showed a faint hint of displeasure after a moment of processing, however she didn't begin to quarrel with Arnin. She pulled out a booklet that was similar to the one Surk had taken out previously. She began to flip through the pages, and eventually stopped on one. 

    "You can look through these. There are five places that can dueled for. Here is the person and his cultivation realm." The academy allowed students to hide their abilities and other private matters, however, they always kept track of their cultivation realms, and kept them public. This would allow people at lower cultivations to make goals to achieve and encourage competition between students.. 

    Arnin looked through the five, and found that three of the people were at Essence Manifest - Hell, one was at Essence Manifest - Heaven, and another was at Essence Manifest - Sky. Arnin chose the person who was at Essence Manifest - Sky, as he didn't want to waste any time with duels, so he quickly told the girl about his selection. 

    When she saw the person he chose, she looked at Arnin pitifully. Although the person was the weakest of the five, she was still was many realms higher then Arnin. 

    "As your senior, let me give you some advice. These people are too strong for you, really, every person in the Tower is too strong for you. Go into one of the four other locations and cultivate there. Once you are strong enough, then come back." Although the girl with curly brown hair was displeased with Arnin's attitude, she decided that he was only a child that had just began his cultivation path. He would be arrogant, and somewhat naive, so she was responsible for reminding him as his senior.

    "I don't care about that. Just take me into the room so that I can begin my cultivation." Arnin waved his hand, and told the girl with an expressionless look. He wasn't going to listen to the girl since he already knew that the Essence Manifest - Sky cultivator would be defeated by him very quickly. 

    The girl shook her head and stopped trying to persuade Arnin. She could only hope that he would learn his lesson after experiencing the difference in strength first hand. The girl led Arnin to one of the hidden doors, and entered after completing a pattern of knocks. 

    When Arnin entered with the girl, he noticed that the room was completely different from the previous one he had used. The first room he had cultivated in was made out of a single black material, however the room in front of him was constructed from green and yellow jade. There was also a small fountain in the right corner of the room. The lights were also quite bright. 

    "What are you doing here? Is there someone who wishes to duel me for this room?" The person occupying the room was another lady. She looked to be around the age of sixteen, meaning that she was extremely talented. Chances were that she was more talented than the two girls who were at the front desk. 

    "Yes, this young boy here would like to duel for this room." The brown haired girl hopelessly nodded her head. The young teenager who was sitting in the cultivation room was a very well known beauty in the Moth group. Her name was Lyosi, and there were many boys who were attempting to court her, however she was unwilling. Arnin only knew it was her because of the many Moth students who talked about her. 

    Lyosi was a fairly tall woman with braided red hair. Her eyes were like white pearls that one would find deep in the ocean. Her figure was extremely slender and she was very curvy, making her extremely attractive. The main thing that made her stand out was not her looks, but a certain part of her hair. On the backside of her head, closer to the middle, one could find thick strands of green hair. This was very abnormal, however many found this feature to be very attractive. 

    "This kid wants to fight for my room? Are you sure you aren't messing with me?" Lyosi had a very pretty voice. It sounded like chimes from the heaven. Her attractive eyes looked at the small stature of Arnin and she couldn't help but ask. 

    Before the girl who led Arnin to the room could say anything, Arnin stepped forward. "I am here for the room. I will give you two options, either you leave without getting hurt, or leave after getting hurt. Of course, the answer should already be clear." Arnin smiled while he spoked. 

    When Lyosi heard what Arnin said, she couldn't help but look at his figure once more. She noted his height, and his baby like looks, and couldn't help but quickly take her slender, pale hands and cover her succulent pink lips. "Pff!" Her eyes began to water as she attempted to hold in her laughter. 

    Arnin saw this and couldn't help but be somewhat stunned. Most people would either be very angry at his words, or would wave him off, however this girl seemed to be laughing, not with mockery, but something else. 

    "Haha!" Lyosi couldn't take it anymore, and began to laugh heartily. She looked at Arnin and couldn't help but laugh a little more. She then got up, and walked over to Arnin, and got on her knees. 

    "You are such a cute little kid. Don't worry, your elder sister won't fight with you. You can use the room for as long as you want." She looked at Arnin's dashing face that still resembles a child's. She found him extremely cute, and couldn't help but light pinch his cheeks. 

    She then got up, and walked out the room, not forgetting to rub Arnin's head with some adoration. Both girls left the room, leaving Arnin standing there alone, stunned. He touched his head, and couldn't help but clench his fists while he made a very ugly face. 

    'That b*tch!'

  • Chapter 60: Demon Cultivation Manual

    Arnin stood alone in the room. He couldn't believe that Lyosi treated him in such a way. He felt anger, humiliation, and even embarrassment. The threat that he threw at her was as ineffective as an egg trying to break a boulder in a single hit. 
    Quickly, Arnin began to calm his breathing. He collected himself, and shook his head bitterly. There were many types of people in this world, and it seemed that Lyosi wasn't one of those who would get scared of someone like Arnin, who was more than ten years her junior. 
    Finding the center of the room, Arnin sat down and closed his eyes. He had the circulation path for the time component memorized, and right now, all he had to do was see if it worked. 
    If it did, then he would be able to attract more of the time component, and would be able to absorb it into his body. If it didn't work, then the time component would just not come his way. It was as simple as that. 
    Arnin started off by absorbing the worldly essence into his orb, but he soon began to take the normal wordly essence through the path that he had created. 
    Usually when people started using the cultivation manual as a guide, they would circulate with wordly essence. After they gained an excess amount of essence, they would begin to separate it into the components that they needed. This was typically done during the Essence Manifest realm. 
    Cultivators needed to collect a large amount of an elemental component in order to circulate with it. Arnin had to come to the fourth floor because there was a high chance he would be able to attract the time component. Although he had some time component inside his body, it wasn't even enough for one circulation. He needed more. 
    Slowly, time trickled by and Arnin had collected a large amount of the worldly essence that was around him. He then began the separation step that only Essence Manifest cultivators were usually able to conduct. 
    The essence was split into many components. Sometimes a darkness component would appear, other times, space. Arnin would occasionally even find some of the more rare types, such as lightning. An hour passed, and Arnin finally found the component that he was looking for, time. 
    "Haha! It works! The circulation works!" Arnin was thrilled. He was finally able to attract the time component through his circulation, and even found that there was quite a bit of it. This made him even happier. He speedily absorbed the time component into his orb, making the time mark around his orb much brighter. 
    Seeing all of the marks laying on his orb becoming brighter and stronger, Arnin couldn't help but grin. He had a head start in comparison to many people because of his early access to the ability of essence separation, and because of his seed of Neutrality. Only Essence Manifest cultivators around the realms of Hell or Heaven would be able to form elemental seeds, but Arnin had already done so. To further boost his advantage, his seed was a combination of three elements, making it extremely strong. 
    Now that he was able to confirm that the time circulation was correct, Arnin pulled out some sheets of papers from his robe, some of which had the diagrams for each element that he would use. He then took out a blank sheet of paper, and began to draw. 
    He needed to create a circulation method that would attract all of his elements together. This was very risky because if he drew something incorrectly, then he could possibly damage his orb and orb threads. 
    Arnin had past experience with creating cultivation methods, however this time it was a little different. In the past, he would only need to create a breathing exercise that would take in the surrounding power, and then have it rotate around the center of his chest, however this time it was different. 
    The method he needed to create had to start from his orb, travel through every thread, and then come back into his orb. Plus, he was creating a path for many different elements and they would have to travel through the same threads at the same time. If he messed up, the elements could conflict and cause a lot of damage. 
    Arnin sighed as he continued to overlap the many circulation diagrams in an attempt to find some similarities. 
    Hours passed, and Arnin had been sitting in the room for about three hours now. The two girls outside noticed this, and couldn't help but feel a little worried. They had an ominous feeling that something might have happened to Arnin. 
    "Do you think he is all right in there? He has been in there for hours." The girl with curly brown hair asked the other girl. 
    "I don't know, Telize. Maybe we should check on him." The other girl spoke with some hesitation. Many cultivators would take a long time in their cultivation rooms, some even lasting for a few days if needed. However to the girls, Arnin was just a child, so being in the room for three hours was already worrying enough. 
    "Yeah, let's go see if he is doing alright." Telize, who had led Arnin to the room, agreed with her friend. Both of them walked from behind the desk, and went towards Arnin's room. 
    The closer they got to the room, the more astonished their faces were. The first floor had various types of components and was already very chaotic, however the higher one went, the more chaotic the components would be. The fourth floor was much more dangerous than the first floor, and the closer they got to Arnin's room, the more they felt that something was extremely wrong. 
    The components weren't chaotically crashing into one another, instead everything was very stable. This was very shocking to them so they both closed their eyes. They tried to absorb some into their bodies to see whether it was still difficult like before, or if it was actually as stable as they could see. 
    A few minutes passed and the two girls opened their eyes. They looked directly at each other, not hiding their shock. "W-what is going on? How could the components be so calm and stable over here? Is it because of that little kid?" Telize asked the other girl, but the latter just shook her head, also clueless about what was happening.
    "Telize, I think that the only way we'll find out is if we ask that little boy. I think he might know the reason." The other girl wasn't able to stop herself from saying this. Although they had first thought that Arnin was just a little kid who lucked out by being able to come to the fourth floor, they began to change the way they thought. If the calmness of the components was caused by Arnin then he really was different from a normal five year old. He might even have some secrets that he was hiding. 
    They were now in front of the hidden door that led into Arnin's room. They could see the hesitation on each other's faces. It was considered extremely inappropriate, and even punishable for someone to enter another's room in the midst of their cultivation. The academy allowed for duels for cultivation rooms, however it did not allow entry into the room if someone was still cultivating. 
    Disturbance could break their concentration, causing damage, or even possibly ruining any enlightenment they were going through. They wanted to give students a quiet place to cultivate for a reason. 
    After the initial hesitation was gone, the two girls nodded their heads and Telize began to tap out the pattern. After it was complete, the door quietly opened up and the two girls slowly walked in. 
    At first, they were unable to see anything, however once they entered the room, they were shocked. They could feel a dense amount of components gathered at a single point in the room. They were shocked when they found that it wasn't just one component, but many different types, some even contradicting one another. 
    They sucked in a cold breath of air when they saw Arnin sitting, and absorbing all of the essence. They didn't even dare to breath in such a situation. At first, they had entered because of concern, and also some interest, however now that they saw that Arnin was doing alright, and was actually in the midst of cultivating, they felt very fearful. 
    If Arnin was disturbed because of their entrance, it would be considered a major crime and they could be punished severely. The Lepidoptera academy took the act of disturbing someone's cultivation very seriously. A common punishment was being locked up for at least a month without being able to cultivate, while a more severe punishment could be expulsion from the academy, however this was very rare. 
    The girls stood in their spots very quietly, hoping that Arnin could finish soon so that they could leave. Sadly, that wish of theirs was not fulfilled. Arnin cultivated for another two hours before he slowly opened his eyes. 
    Arnin had an extremely wide smile on his face. He couldn't help but silently laugh a little. He was feeling a profuse amount of joy. Not only was he able to complete his cultivation manual, something else had also happened while he was cultivating. Since he was able to absorb lots of components directly into his orb, and even strengthened his threads because of the circulation, he had surprisingly made a breakthrough. It was a very silent breakthrough, almost unnoticeable, but the effect on his body was humongous. 

    Arnin was now sitting at the peak of Orb Birth - Heaven. He was only one step away from Essence Manifest, and felt that if he continued to cultivate with manual, he would be able to reach that point very soon. 

    Arnin still hadn't noticed the two girls standing by the door, however when Telize noticed that Arnin was finally done, she calmed her tense heart and body, and walked over. 

    "Little kid, you seem to have finished cultivating." She spoke with a soothing voice, however it also carried more respect in it. She noticed that when Arnin was done cultivating, the calm essence began to become chaotic once again. This told her that Arnin was the one that had caused the components in the surroundings to become calm and stable. 

    He looked up and stared at the girl. When he saw that she was in the room, he frowned. "What are you doing in here? Don't you know that it is a crime to come into another's cultivation room while he is cultivating?" Arnin said with a deep voice. That deep voice of his sounded somewhat childish, but it still caused the two girls to shudder. 

    "Little kid, we didn't mean to walk into the room. You were in here for so long that we got worried but after we saw that you were alright, we didn't have any choice but to stay. If we made noise while you were cultivating, it would have been a disaster." Telize looked at Arnin with pleading eyes. She hoped that Arnin was the type of child that would forgive others easily, however this thought of her's was completely off. 

    "It doesn't matter whether you were here because of your worry or not. The fact is that you were here while I was cultivating. I wonder what type of punishment you will get for such behavior?" Arnin smiled wickedly as he spoke to the two girls. 

    "P-please, we didn't mean to. How about we give you this, and you can enter the fourth floor and below for free for a month." Telize quickly handed Arnin a card. 

    "Telize, you can't. That was specially given to you by sen--" Before the other girl could speak up, Telize gestured for her to quiet down. 

    Arnin looked at the card and couldn't help but feel somewhat joyful. A person had to pay a lot to get onto the fourth floor, and although they could stay for as long as they wanted, once they left the floor, they would have to pay again for reentry. 

    With the card that Telize gave him, Arnin would be able to enter the first four floors for a month without paying a single point. He had to admit, it was pretty good deal. 

    "Alright then, since you are begging so much, I shall spare you. Leave while I am still allowing you to." Arnin looked at Telize with a threatening glare, before waving for them to leave. The two girls quickly exited the room, leaving Arnin alone. 

    "Now then, since this cultivation manual is complete, I should give it a name." Arnin smiled, and looked at a small stack of paper. There were descriptions and diagrams on the pages . This was the cultivation manual that Arnin had created for all of the elements that he was going to cultivate. 

    "Hmm, let's call this the Demon Cultivation Manual." It was a simple name, however he chose it because of his original form, and the people he hated the most. 

    He was a Demon in the past, and it was other demons that had killed his family. This would be his only cultivation manual in Afloria, so he chose to call it such. 

    Arnin then pulled out a small, empty book, and copied the manual instructions and diagrams onto the empty pages. 

    Now, the Demon Cultivation Manual had been officially created. Arnin flipped through the pages, and nodded his head in satisfaction. After completing the manal, he began to circulate the essence in his body through the path that the manual showed. 

    Since he had broken through, he needed to stabilize his realm, and see what exactly had changed. Another hour passed and Arnin was done with the stabilization. He let out a deep sigh and smiled. He found that his orb was much larger than before, and that his threads even gave off an aura of the various elements that were absorbed. 

    Not only were his orb and threads affected, even the octogonal marks inside his body had a slightly changed. They were much larger than before, and they were scattered in many more places. He even found some around his orb. 

    Arnin felt that he could most likely fight an Essence Manifest - Hell cultivator with some ease, and could possibly withstand a small fight with a cultivator at Essence Manifest - Heaven. This was great news to him. Everything that had happened to him during his cultivation period was positive. His seed of Neutrality looked larger than before too. 

    He got up from his sitting positions, and began to do some stretches. Due to him being seated for so long, his body was somewhat sore, however it wasn't too bad because his body was continuously absorbing essence components. 

    Arnin walked towards the exit of the room, and headed towards the platform that led to the lower floors. He didn't say anything to the two girls and just left. Since he now had a cultivation manual, he could begin creating cultivation stones as a Mark Master. 

    As the two girls watched Arnin leave, Telize's friend looked at her with some worry. "Why did you give him that card? That was a present that senior Su gave to you. What will you do if he finds out?" Telize let out a sigh when she heard her friend's question. Senior Su was one of the big shots in the Moth group and he was also Telize's fiance. Senior Su was incredibly strong and his name was known by almost all students in the Moth group. 

    "What else could I have done? That was the only thing that I could give to him to let us off. If he complained, we could have been locked up for three months. How much cultivation time would have been wasted because of that?" Telize was bitter as well, however she could only try to calm down and think rationally. 

    "That little kid really is such a devil. Couldn't he just let us off? We went in because we were worried." The other girl snorted as she said with displeasure. 

    Telize smiled at her, not commenting any further. 'Let's just hope Su won't find out. If he does, then that kid will be in trouble.' She sighed before continuing her work.
  • Chapter 61: Creating Cultivation Stones

    Arnin finally got onto the first floor, and headed towards the exit. Since he was now done creating his own cultivation manual, he could move onto creating cultivation stones. Then, he would be able to earn some academic points, and use them to buy what he needed. 
    He didn't go, and bid Surk farewell, rather he wanted to head straight to the Mark Master department. He walked out onto the large green field, and headed towards the forest that would lead him to the academy. As he walked through the grass, Arnin noticed that there were many students cultivating on the ground. Some were sitting on the grass, other on the rocks, and there even a few sitting on tree branches. Arnin noticed that the further he got from the tower, the younger the students got. Most of the students sitting around the border or middle of the green field were the same age as Arnin, and their realms were still at Orb Birth - Earth. 
    Arnin understood that the kids here were more talented than the Butterfly students, however he didn't feel that the gap was that large. He felt that if Akig came and was able to use his full strength, then there was a high chance that he would be able to beat these students up. However, that was on the condition that he would be able to figure out Akig's special power or special body, if he had one. 
    Finally, he exited the training field and forest. It took approximately twenty minutes to finally reach the Mark Master department. There were many more people than the first time he was there, but that was to be expected. People wanted to buy cultivation stones as soon as possible. 
    Arnin headed towards the door that lead to the second floor, and found that the person sitting behind the counter was not the same old man who had implanted a strange thing inside his body. This time, it was a young boy around the age of eleven. Arnin decided to ignore him, and headed straight towards the second floor. When he got up there, he didn't stop and kept going until he finally reached the third floor. 
    When he got there, he found that there were about five people sitting on different tables. The floor was very large, so five people seemed to be almost nothing. Arnin understood that this was because becoming a Mark Master was very difficult. Not only would one have to be at Essence Manifest, but they would also have to have high control over Animus. 
    Alchemists didn't need to do this as Animus was not needed for Alchemy since the orb itself had the ability to control flames. Animus was more so related to Mark Making, and some other rare jobs. 
    The five people saw Arnin coming to the third floor, and were somewhat surprised. However, they didn't say anything. Even if Arnin was new, everyone knew that the third floor was only for Mark Masters, so they didn't stop him. 
    Although the five didn't stop Arnin, that didn't mean that their hearts were calm. They were all around the ages of twenty, and had dedicated a lot of their time to mark making, so seeing such a young Mark Master really hit them hard. They assumed that Arnin was an Assistant Mark Master, but even then, it took them until the ages of seven or more to become one. They shook their heads, and tried not to compare themselves to Arnin. 
    If they knew that Arnin was not actually an assistant, but a Pink Level Mark Master, they might have actually fainted or gone into comas. One had to know that out of the five, only one was a Pink level Mark Master, and he was nearing the age of twenty five. Plus, he barely made the cut. 
    Arnin slowly walked towards a table that had his name printed on. He noticed that out of all the tables, many had names and only a select few didn't. 
    He was happy to see that his working desk was in a corner, far away from others. This was something he liked. Arnin nodded his head, and looked up. He found that there was a window on the top that was letting in a small amount of sunlight. 
    'So this is how the Mark Master's will collect their solar essence? Seems a little too small." Arnin shook his head, and decided to just go with it. 
    He remembered that the mark making manual said to circulate the cultivation manual one was using and then begin to draw. As one drew, they should try to absorb the solar essence at the same time. This will allow the cultivation stones to gain some of the solar essence needed, however Arnin decided not to follow the last step. 
    Why should he use the solar essence when his saber flames are much stronger? Arnin got in front of his desk and realized that it was too tall. He sighed at his small body and stood on top of his chair. He wasn't able to sit on it since that would make it harder to see. 
    Arnin stood on the chair, and looked at the large table. He found that the table had many things other than his own name. There were some books, a box filled with empty cultivation stones, another box that had nothing inside, and there were even papers and pens. 
    Arnin looked at the set up, and concluded that the papers and pens were for testing marks out, while the empty box was supposed to be filled with completed cultivation stones. 
    Arnin smiled, and picked out a cultivation stone. He looked at it for a bit, and began to draw the mark he knew about. His right hand's index finger pointed forward as a small blade appeared from the tip. Arnin began to circulate his cultivation, and began to draw the mark. Arnin wasn't creating a cultivation stone just yet. He was just trying to familiarize himself with the method. 
    Arnin added in bits of the saber flames into the stone as he drew. A few minutes passed, and Arnin looked down. He found that a small pink mark had appeared. This showcased Arnin's rank as a Pink Mark Master, however he was a little surprised. He assumed that he could only make a pink mark using his unorthodox method, but to his surprise, he was still able to make one using the generic method. 
    'Maybe it's because of the strength of the saber flames, and the Demon Cultivation Manual being abnormal.' Arnin concluded that these two factor played a large role in the creation of the marks. Right now, he just needed to practice creating marks, and after that, he would begin to create the cultivation stones needed. 
    An hour passed and Arnin was finally able to familiarize himself with the technique. In front of him were about a dozen stones. Some of the stones had pink marks, while others were orange. 
    During his practice, Arnin found that he would occasionally stop circulating his essence, or would even lose control over his saber, however he was still able to create a mark. If others were to know Arnin's trials, they would have lost their minds. Normally when a person stopped circulating essence, their stones would burst apart, let alone create a mark. Even if someone would begin to lose their control over their drawing fingers, damage would be inflicted upon the stones, making them unusable, however Arnin was able to continue drawing under such conditions, and was even able to reach the Orange level. This was considered terrifying talent. 
    Arnin stopped practicing after he was able to get three pink marks in a row. He then pulled out a book that was neatly placed on his table, and looked at the title, 'Creating Cultivation Stones I' He flipped through the pages. 
    The book was somewhat thick, but nothing terrible, only around a hundred pages or so. Arnin quickly went through the begining information, and found the most simple cultivation stone one could make. This cultivation stone would be the lowest level, and required one to use worldly essence. 
    Arnin nodded, and found the marks needed and their orders. The shapes of the marks used were a language that Arnin was unable to understand, however after reading the description, he found that the collective marks meant 'neutral'. They allowed for anyone to absorb them, regardless of their cultivation method and element.
    Arnin made sure to read every step, and completely memorized it after he read it a few more times. His eyes glinted as he grabbed an empty stone, and began to draw. It was both easier, and harder than just placing down a single mark. It was easier because he didn't need to insert any of the saber flames, while it was harder because there were more marks. 
    Arnin worked slowly, and after doing it for about half an hour, he finally completed the mark.  When he looked at it, he realized that it was orange, not pink. This disappointed him, however he threw the cultivation stone into the empty box, and grabbed a new stone from the stone basket. 
    He thought that his skills would increase as he made progress and gained experience. Time slowly moved by at a snail's pace, however that slowness allowed Arnin to create tens of cultivation stones. Inside the previously empty box, one could find many cultivation stones. The stones that were on the lower levels had orange marks, however the ones on the top were all pink. This showed that Arnin's skills were increasing while he created the marks. 
    Arnin had a bright smile as he made a cultivation stone in under ten minutes, and then moved onto the next. He was extremely thrilled because he found that his skills with the saber was increasing as well as he made the cultivation stones. This was one of the goals Arnin had. 
    Soon, he found that he was able to make the neutral cultivation stones with ease, so he moved onto the next type. He flipped the page and found that it was a cultivation stone for the element of fire. 
    After reading the description, Arnin understood why his unorthodox method was so amazing, and why one needed to be at Essence Manifest to be a Mark Master. 
    A Mark Master would need to absorb essence into their body, and then separate it into the elements that they needed. They would then direct those elements onto their drawing pens or fingers and they would add them into the stone. 
    Separating essence was a skill that people would only gain once they entered the Essence Manifest realm, however Arnin was still able to do it. He smiled before beginning the creation. The marks this time were different, and one needed to use solar essence, however Arnin didn't because he could just use his saber flames.
    Just as Arnin was going to begin, he stopped. He thought about what would happen if he used the fire component from his Flames of Neutrality. Would the stone become stronger? 
    Arnin decided to try this method. He had relatively high control over his Flames of Neutrality, so he was able to bring it onto the blade quite easily. 
    Arnin circulated the essence in his body, and began to draw. This time, the process was much easier than the first time he drew the neutral mark. Because of his experience, he was now able to create the mark quite easily. 
    Arnin then began to mass create the cultivation stones. Hours passed, and Arnin's box was now filled to the top and it wasn't able to hold anymore stones. Arnin wiped his head and was satisfied with his output of cultivation stones. Arnin didn't feel physically tired, but he did have a splitting headache.
    'This must be related to the Animus usage. Seems like I used too much.' Arnin sighed but he was still happy with the result. 
    He immediately picked up the box, and headed towards the first floor. One would need to hand in their created stones to the person behind the counter to retrieve their academic points. A Mark Master would usually have an assistant to these minor jobs, but Arnin's assistant, Kurse, was in bed, unable to do it. So, Arnin had to do this job himself. 
    As he walked towards the staircase,  Arnin noticed that other than the previous five people, there about ten more people present, however, they were all teachers. Most of them were Butterfly teachers, but there was a rare Moth teacher also working here and there. 
    When they all saw the box in Arnin's hands, they couldn't help but take in the a sharp breath of cold air, especially the five people who Arnin saw previously. They looked at Arnin as though they were looking at a monster. 
    'Did that create all of those stones himself? I don't see anyone else from where he came.' One of the five thought. 
    'This kid is a monster if he created those. What rank is he as a Mark Master.' Another one thought, but still didn't say anything. He had his own pride, and wasn't willing to ask Anin for pointers or questions. He just kept doing his own work. 
    Arnin traveled down the stairs, and finally got to the first floor. He found that there were less people than before, and so he walked over to the counter. There wasn't a line since most people were still looking around, however they all noticed the box in Arnin's hands. When they saw the various cultivation stones, they also couldn't help but take in a deep breath. 
    'Which Mark Master created those?' One of them thought quietly. They didn't believe that it was Arnin because he was just too small, which made them all assume that it was someone else.
    The person behind the counter saw Arnin coming and smiled, but his smile froze when he saw the things inside the box. His face became pale, and he showed a large amount of shock. 'Pink! Most of those are pink leveled cultivation stones.' He began to sweat a little. This sweat was not of fear, but of excitement. It was as if he was going to retrieve a large bucket of gold. 
    "Little kid, how may I help you?" The boy looked at Arnin and said. 
    "I want to sell these for academic points. How much will I get?" Arnin put the large box on the counter and took out his identity card. 
    When the person saw this, he felt somewhat bewildered. 'Why are you taking your card out? Shouldn't you give me the card of the Mark Master who created this?' He didn't say this directly, but instead questioned Arnin. 
    "Little kid, would you mind telling me who made all of these stones?" He asked with a smile. 
    "Sure. I did." Arnin replied with his own smile. The boy looked at Arnin with shock.
  • Chapter 62: Flame Suppressant Pill

    Arnin replied to boy with a emotionless smile. He just wanted to sell the cultivation stones, and move on. Plus, he still had to relocate Vilis and Akig to the Alchemy Dimension. 
    The boy stood behind the counter, looking at Arnin dumbly. 'W-what? This kid made all of these? T-there is no way that is true.' The boy was in a complete shock. He was older than Arnin by a few years, however he was still only an Assistant Mark Master that wasn't even allowed to practice mark making. 

    "L-little kid, you must be joking. How could you cre--" Just as he was going to finish speaking, he saw an old man come down from the second floor. Arnin also looked over and when he saw the old man that he came, he couldn't help but frown. It was the same person that had placed something inside his body when he first came to the Mark Master department. 

    "What seems to be the problem here?" The old man looked at the boy behind the counter and asked. 

    "Manager, this boy is here to sell cultivation stones, however he is claiming them as his own. I am not sure what to do." The boy was somewhat panicked but he explained what happened. 

    The old man looked over at box filled with cultivation stones, and then back at Arnin. He couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, however this subtle movement would have shocked many teachers. The old man usually was calm and didn't show much of an expression in response to anything, so him raising his eyebrows meant that he really was surprised. 

    "Did you really make all of these?" The old man looked at Arnin and asked. He already knew that the answer would be yes, however he still wanted to confirm it for himself. 

    "Yes, I did, so can we move on? Just give me my points." Arnin was frowning as he spoke. He really just wanted the points. It wasn't hard to understand.

    The old man nodded his head when he heard Arnin's words. He then sighed and began to look through the box. After a minute passed the old man was done inspecting, and looked towards the boy who stood beside him. 

    "Alright, give him a thousand academic points." The old man said his words calmly, however the boy was shocked. 

    'A thousand academic points? But these are worth eight hundred at most. Why is he giving so many?' The boy thought this, but didn't say anything. He didn't want to get on the bad side of the old man since he sort of ran the Mark Master department in a way. His decision was final and no one could say anything about it. 

    The boy quickly added one thousand academic points into Arnin's card. Arnin nodded his head, and walked away without saying anything more. He didn't know whether he got a large or small amount, however with one thousand academic points added into his card, it gave him a grand total of one thousand twenty three points. This was a hefty sum and Arnin felt that he could possibly buy many things with this. He might even be able to get himself some herbs for alchemy, or some good quality weapons. 

    Arnin walked out of the Mark Master department, and decided to head over to his house in the Moth residential area. He needed to move Akig and Vilis over to the alchemy department. This was something he would have done a while ago, but he had other pressing matters he needed to attend to. 

    After half an hour passed, Arnin finally reached his house. When he went inside, he saw a scene that dumbfounded him. Vilis, who was previously frightened of Akig, was purring on his lap. Not only that, but Vilis seemed to be a little bigger than usual. His overall size had increased and his power level was also a little higher. Arnin was shocked so he moved closer to see. 

    Suddenly, Akig, who was lying beside Vilis, woke up and saw Arnin walking over. "Arnin!" Arnin nodded towards the boy, and went over to begin inspecting Vilis's body. 
    A closer inspection gave Arnin results that he never expected. Inside Vilis' body, the power was somewhat chaotic. It seemed as though he was about to break through into Rank One - Heaven. This was equivalent to Essence Manifest - Heaven. 

    Arnin looked over to Akig questionably. "What happened? Why is Vilis about to break through?" He knew that the way beasts cultivated was different from humans. They would devour other objects, and take their energy from them. They could kill a living being and absorb their energy to break through, however there was another way the beasts were able to become stronger. Evolution!

    "Well, we were walking around a forest, and ran into a two horned tiger. It had white fur that kind of looked like snow. Vilis attacked the beast, and began to eat it. Of course, I also… ate… some…" Akig spoke with some hesitation, however Arnin was shocked. Although many people did eat demonic beasts, they would first have to get rid of all the energy inside. The energy in a beast could cause damage to the human body and orb because of how different it was, but since Akig ate the beast with Vilis, that meant he was able to take in the energy with no issues. 

    Arnin thought for a moment and came to the conclusion that Vilis was most likely evolving and that he would not stop at just Rank One, rather there was a high chance that he would enter the Rank Two category. As for Akig, Arnin began to feel that he was becoming more and more mysterious. 

    "Akig, come here for a second. Let me check something." Arnin hadn't actually checked the condition inside Akig's body, and had only looked at his realm. 

    Beasts did not have orbs like humans, instead they had something called demon crystals inside their bodies. These demon crystals worked somewhat like a human's orb, but it also affected a beast's bloodline. This was the reason people used demon crystals to suppress or tame beasts, as a demon crystal that was on a much higher level than the beast itself would forcefully suppress its bloodline. Not only that, but a demon crystal was like a cultivation pill for beasts. It would help to strengthen their bloodline, possibly resulting in an evolution event. 

    When Arnin looked inside Akig's body, he saw something extremely shocking. Akig did have an orb like a normal human, however a crystal was orbiting around it. Arnin was extremely shocked, and couldn't help but look at Akig once more. 

    'So, he does have a special power inside of him. It seems like he's related to beasts. Was one of his parents a beast?' Arnin couldn't help but question. It didn't look like Akig had a special body as Arnin thought initially, rather it seemed that he was a hybrid between a human and beast. 

    Arnin nodded his head. The demon crystal seemed like the only thing inside Akig's body that came from his beast parent or ancestor, which was why he did not have any beast parts on his body. 

    "Akig, let me ask you a question. Are one of your parents a beast?" Akig was stunned for a moment before his face became somewhat red. 

    "Arnin, we are friends so I will not say much, but do not insult my parents." Akig had some anger on his face, but it seemed like he was suppressing it. Arnin shook his head and asked once again. 

    "No one is insulting your parents. When I say beast, I mean like Vilis and his kind. Your body is different from others, so I have a feeling that one of your parents, or maybe one of your ancestors was a beast. Am I wrong?" When Akig heard Arnin, he calmed down and began to ponder. His eyes were closed as he thought about things related to his family. 

    "I am not certain, but I think I might have heard about one of my ancestors having a wife that was a tiger beast like Vilis. However, that is only a rumor. No one knows for sure." Akig spoke with some hesitation. 

    Arnin nodded his head and sat down quietly. He knew that the rumor was most likely true, or else Akig's body would not have a demon crystal that only beasts possessed. He then began to think about the cultivation path that Akig should take. Although he had an orb, it didn't seem like he had high talent due to that, rather his talent seemed to stem from the demon crystal. 

    'Maybe I should create a cultivation manual that supports both the demon crystal and the orb?' Arnin had this thought but he knew that it would be very difficult. A beast didn't use cultivation manuals since they devoured things to increase their power. Plus, Arnin needed to understand the elements that Akig would focus on, and this depended on what type of tiger beast his ancestor had mated with. 

    'Seems like I am going to need to pay a visit to Akig's hometown soon.' Arnin shook his head. He then pulled out a piece of paper, and began to scribble some words that were foreign to the people of Afloria. The language he used was that of the demon's, it was the language from his past demon clan.

    Arnin finished making the contract and threw it towards Akig. "Sign the contract. Do not ask questions. If you want to become stronger, then sign it, however if you don't, then you can leave right now, and find a way to become stronger yourself." Arnin looked at Akig threateningly. He wasn't going to help him become stronger for free. If he was going to help him, he wanted some benefits as well, and that benefit would be Akig's loyalty towards him. 

    The contract that he gave to him was a servant contract that would bind his life to Arnin's. No harm would be done, however if the master were to die, the servant would too. It was a parasitic contract. 
    Akig hesitated for a moment before signing the contract with his name. Although he was extremely young, he wasn't dumb. He understood some things, and knew about how the real world worked. Some people could be trusted while others could not, however had faith in Arnin. He believed that Arnin would not harm him, which was why he signed the contract. 

    "Alright, now that we have finished that, let us head over to a new place I got. From now on, you will live there." Arnin said as he got up. 

    "What about Vilis? Isn't he coming as well?" Akig asked. He really liked Vilis, and had developed a good friendship with him when Arnin was gone. 

    "Don't worry. Vilis will join you right after he evolves. We can't disturb him right now, or else something might go wrong." Arnin headed towards the door. Akig followed after a little bit of hesitation.

    Both boys headed towards the Alchemy building which held the dimension. Although Arnin was not allowed to bring others to the public area, Arnin had no other choice. He needed to get to his house and didn't know any other way. 

    Soon they arrived in front of the building and Arnin inserted his sphere into the hexagonal hole, which caused the doors to open. The same black wall appeared in front of him, however this time Arnin was the one leading. 

    When they entered the dimension, Akig was shocked. His mouth was open and his eyes looked like they were about to pop out. 

    "T-this place is amazing!" He couldn't help but exclaim somewhat loudly. People nearby looked over, and acted somewhat prideful before looking away. They assumed that Arnin and Akig were new Apprentice alchemists since they were so young. 

    Arnin walked over to the platform that would transport him to his house. "Akig, stay here and don't go anywhere. I am going to quickly go and purchase some items." Arnin needed to get himself a small cauldron that he could take around with him. The large one in the basement of his house was not something he could drag around in public as it was too eye catching and heavy. 

    Akig nodded his head, and sat down in the middle of the crowded platform. No one spoke to or disturbed Akig as he sat quietly. All the alchemists just minded their own business. 

    Arnin walked into the public area and began to look around. Other than a pill cauldron, he also needed herbs and seeds, and maybe even some gardening tools. 

    Arnin looked around and found many shops. Some were selling herbs and pills for points, while others were only looking to trade. Arnin entered the shops that would sell for points, and bought himself a bag of seeds. These seeds weren't of high-level herbs, rather they were just for low-level herbs. Arnin just needed to create Orange level pills, so he didn't need anything fancy or high leveled. 

    Arnin used about twenty points to get himself at least a thousand seeds of various herbs. Seeds were much cheaper than herbs since the latter had already reached maturity, and could be used directly for pill making, while seeds needed to be grown, resulting in time being wasted.

    Arnin was carrying the seeds around in a large bag that was tied onto his back. With his small body and the large bag, Arnin looked quite funny to others. He, of course, ignored their giggles and laughter. He needed to find himself a cauldron now that he got the seeds. 

    Arnin walked for ten minutes before finally reaching a place that sold cauldrons. "Hello there, little kid." An old man was sitting on a wooden chair as he looked at Arnin with a smile.

    Arnin nodded his head towards the old man, and began to search for a cauldron that met his requirements. He needed the cauldron to have ten holes for the fire, and have enough space to hold at least fifty pills. Not only that, but the cauldron needed to be made from materials that were extremely fire resistant. Ordinary cauldrons were resistant enough to handle normal fire, however Arnin's fire was different. He had the Flames of Neutrality, so he needed a cauldron that was like Fasona's, very high leveled. 

    Arnin slowly looked through the shop, and began to walk in deeper, and as he did so, the prices also began to increase. The cauldrons he was looking at costed about sixty points. They were good, but they didn't meet Arnin's standard.

    The old man watched Arnin look around, and couldn't help but smile and walk towards him. "Little kid, if you have a particular cauldron in mind, why don't you tell me? I can help you narrow down your search." Arnin thought for a moment and agreed. He began to explain the number of holes needed, the size of the cauldron, and also the level of resistance he required. 

    The old man stood in shock. He looked at Arnin weirdly before asking after some hesitation. "Little kid, which alchemist needs this cauldron? Although a big cauldron is common, ten holes are extremely hard to control. Even Purple Alchemists can barely control them. Would you mind telling me which alchemist needs this cauldron?" The old man spoke with reverence at the mention of a Purple Alchemist, which was likely because the Lepidoptera Academy only had a extremely small number of Purple Alchemists. 

    Arnin thought for a moment, and decided not to mention who the cauldron was for. It was better to remain a little mysterious, and hide some of his cards so that others would be caught off guard when he did reveal his skills. 

    "Sorry, I cannot mention his name." Arnin's reply caused the old man to sigh deeply before shaking his head bitterly. 

    "That is fine. People of such caliber usually do not like to be known and disturbed. This is normal." The old man looked at Arnin with a little more respect. Since Arnin was here to buy a cauldron for the 'Purple Alchemist,' that meant he had some sort of connection with him. 

    The old man gestured for Arnin to wait, before he quickly ran deep into the store. He came out a few minutes later with a red and black cauldron. 

    "Here you go. This cauldron meets the requirement, and is also very special. It is made from the bones of a fire phoenix, and was discovered around the borders of one of the mysterious continents." The man smiled, and handed Arnin the cauldron. He looked at it, and began to silently inspect it. He was satisfied, but felt that the price would be much higher then he could afford. 

    "Old man, I only have about a thousand points, so I don't think that would be enough." The old man was somewhat shocked. Usually a cauldron at the level Arnin described would go for tens of thousands of points. 

    The old man thought for a moment, before his eyes brightened. He nodded his head, and looked at Arnin. "Since you cannot use points, why don't we make a deal?" The old man said.

    "Deal? What kind of deal?" Arnin was suspicious, and decided that if it was something too difficult, then he would just get the cauldron when he had the points for it. 

    The old man quickly ran to the table he was sitting by, and opened a hidden drawer that Arnin didn't even notice. He pulled out a sheet of paper and gave to Arnin. 

    "You can take this cauldron as a gift for that senior, however I hope that he could concoct this pill for me in return." Arnin looked at the pill, and was somewhat dumbfounded. 

    Purple Level Pill: Flame Suppressing Pill

    Flame Suppressant Pill: A pill that can be taken to suppress flames of the Hell rank. Can also be used to tame flames of the Sky level. 

    Arnin was shocked at the description. He knew about the flames ranking system. They were ranked as Earth, Sky, Hell and Heaven. 

    There were about ten thousand Earth flames, a thousand Sky flames, a hundred Hell flames and only ten Heaven flames. 

    Inside each each category, they would be ranked based on their strengths and abilities. Most mortals could only use the Rank Ten Thousand Burning Earth Flame. It was the most simple of the all. It didn't do much damage to cultivators, and was really only used for bonfires, and possibly to boil water. It was the weakest of them all. 

    If this pill was able to suppress a Hell ranked flame, then its use was extremely high. "Alright, I will tell him about your request." Arnin nodded his head and quickly placed the formula inside his robe. 
    Arnin didn't even know the ranking for his Flames of Neutrality, but he felt that the original version of the Flames of Neutrality would be ranked as Heaven flames, however he felt that his version of the Flames of Neutrality were much stronger, and could place as peak level Heaven flames, or even higher.
  • Chapter 63: Flickering of the Mysterious Page

    Walking out of the cauldron shop, Arnin's expression was that of satisfaction. Not only did he get a free cauldron, he also got himself a Purple ranked pill formula, that in itself was an unexpected surprise. In the future, even if he didn't give the old man a pill, nothing could be done to him since he was just an 'assistant' for the supposed master. 
    Arnin couldn't help but grin at his own luck. All that was left was for him to do was go and buy some tools for gardening and planting. He had already bought some low level seeds, which were extremely inexpensive. All he had to do now was go back to his home and plant them. After that, he would wait until they grew so that he could use them for his own pills. 

    He continued to walk through the public area, and thought about Akig's condition. That kid was a hybrid human, and had the abilities of both a beast and a human. Arnin already planned on going to his village to find out what type of tiger his ancestor mated with, however before that, he had to do many other things. 
    Arnin knew about many pill formulas that were specifically for hybrids who had yet to awaken their powers and he also knew ways to strengthen a beast's bloodline. As a past Demon Lord, he was in command of both normal beasts, and divine beasts like dragons, so he knew many ways to power them up. 
    His mind began to think about the many formulas that he possessed. He could only work with simple ones at the moment since Akig's body was still extremely weak and he was not able to absorb too much essence. The gears in his mind turned until finally he remembered a specific formula that was specifically for the tiger beast race. 
    Arnin had created this formula for one of his generals, the White Tiger Lord of the West. He was a divine beast that controlled space, and had power over all tigers. Not only that, but as one of Arnin's four generals, he was the ruler of the west. 
    In the beginning, the White Tiger Lord was just a small infant that Zhaik had found in a world where tiger's ruled. Not only was the White Tiger Lord extremely weak, he was the target of every other tiger because of his easily seen white fur. 
    Zhaik had brought the White Tiger back and Arnin found that there was some special bloodline deep inside of its body. Because of this, Arnin began mass experimentation on millions of tigers, some were tortured, while others were just test subjects. It was all just to find out whether every tiger had this bloodline. 
    At the end of this experiment, Arnin found that every single tiger had a small amount of special blood, some had more, while others had less. The White Tiger that Zhaik had brought possessed the strongest and highest amount of that special blood. 
    Arnin then created a pill that awakened that special blood, which allowed the White Tiger's strength to soar so he could become the White Tiger Lord that ruled over the western part of the universe. 
    Arnin knew that there was a high chance that Akig also possessed this special blood, but it would be much lower in quantity than the White Tiger Lord since the former was a hybrid. 
    'I can create this pill for Akig, however he might not be able to handle it until much later on. Maybe I can start by slowly strengthening his bloodline?' Arnin nodded his head at the thought. Although he knew that creating another Divine White Tiger like the White Tiger Lord would be extremely hard, Akig would be able to get infinitely close to having such power. 
    Plus, Akig also had the bloodline of the humans, who had the highest adaptability of all the races. There was a chance that a new type of tiger would be created because of his mixed blood. 

    Arnin couldn't help but smile at such thoughts. The stronger Akig got, the more useful he would be in the future. Arnin wasn't going to keep anyone around unless they had some use for him. If Akig became a burden in the future, then the only thing that Arnin would do is get rid of that burden. 
    After determining his next course of action, Arnin tried to recall the pill formula. Different amounts of information began to appear inside his mind. 
    Bloodline Pill: A pill used to awaken the hidden bloodline of a beast. Has high amounts of energy and requires a strong physical body. One must reach the Emperor realm before taking the pill. Created by Demon Lord Arnin.
    Arnin nodded his head when he recalled the information, but he also sighed when he saw the requirement. The Emperor realm was a rank that was used in his previous life, and it was the second highest realm that was known in the universe, just below the Lord realm. That was the highest known realm, however Arnin had already far surpassed it, but one knew what realm he was at, not even the Heaven Lord. 
    Since the Bloodline Pill had such high requirements, Arnin had to find a way to make it simpler, so that it would allow Akig to take the pill. 
    He began to ponder the formula and the ingredients used. He looked through them and found that he needed the body of a Emperor level beast, a Devil Devouring flower… A list of ten different ingredients appeared in his mind . 
    Arnin shook his head as he knew that these were extremely difficult to find in Alforia. Although he could get all the herbs if he searched hard enough, the problem was the Emperor level beast. Not only that, but he specifically needed an Emperor level Tiger beast since he was trying to awaken a tiger bloodline. 
    He already had all of the replacements for the herbs figured out. They were not too difficult to change since he just needed to find the lowest form of the said herb. For example, the Devil Devouring flower was the highest evolution of the low level herb, Blood Devouring flower.
    The only problem that Arnin was running into was finding a suitable tiger to replace the Emperor level tiger. A tiger that would be around the realm of Essence Manifest or Elemental Formation was suitable because he was making a weaker form of the pill. He began to think, and suddenly, it hit him.
    'Vilis is about to evolve soon and he is also a tiger beast. Maybe I can use him as the replacement ingredient?' Arnin smiled wickedly before nodding his head. Vilis would be used as the ingredient to replace the Emperor level Tiger beast. 
    Arnin didn't have much affection for Vilis. Although he found him to be better than most people, that didn't mean that he was loved. Arnin knew that in the long run, Akig would be a lot more helpful than Vilis, plus it was very difficult to care for a beast like him, so since he would be useless, why not sacrifice him? 
    Arnin was alright with his decision so he began to look for the herbs he needed. Since he altered the Bloodline Pill, and was making it for a low realmed person, he had to look for low level herbs. 
    He walked around, and after an hour, he was able to find eight out of the nine herbs. All that he was missing was the rare Blood Devouring flower. This flower was very vicious, and although it was considered low level, one needed to have strong mental energy and lots of battle experience to acquire this flower. 
    The flower had a special characteristic; it would release a baleful aura that would creep into a person body, slowly corroding their insides along with their mind. That person would eventually completely lose themselves to bloodlust, and begin a mass slaughter. As the slaughter continued, the flower would slowly devour the blood spilled, and use it to evolve into its next form. 
    Arnin had been looking for a while, and had checked all of herb shops, but he was unable to find the flower. 
    'What a pity. Seems like I will need to ask Fasona, or maybe even Fae if they know where to find the flower.' Arnin shook his head and carried the large amount of supplies back to the platform. Ever since he read the dozen cultivation manuals that Fae had given him, he never put them back into his interspatial bag. At the moment, the eight herbs and the formula for the Flame Suppressant Pill were taking up the space. On his back was the large bag filled with seeds, while he was holding the cauldron in front of him.
    'I need to get myself another interspatial bag for larger items, or maybe even increase my control over space.' Arnin had never used a interspatial bag in his past life. Because his mastery over space was extremely high, he was able to create space pockets and store items in them. This allowed him to carry around whatever he wanted. 
    Arnin sighed and walked back to the platform. His goal of finding gardening tools was gone since he knew that he would be unable to carry anything else. Plus, he wasn't allowed to bring Akig into the public area and make him carry stuff, so he would need to come back to purchase the gardening tools at a later time. 
    Right now, Arnin only had about seven hundred academic points left. The herbs were very expensive since they were fully matured, plus they were somewhat rare. Arnin, however, found that they were actually sold for a good price. 
    Of the ten ingredients he needed, he had gotten eight of the herbs, and already decided to use Vilis, so last one would need to be searched for later. He had a feeling that the Blood Devouring flower would be extremely expensive. 
    When Arnin finally got to the platform, he found Akig sitting in the middle. He was looking at all of the people that vanished into thin air with shock and amusement. He had never entered a portal himself, so seeing others use one piqued his curiosity. 
    "Akig, get up. We are heading over to my house." Arnin said in an expressionless tone. 
    "Alright. What did you get? Did you get food? I am actually very hungry." Akig began his non-stop chatter, making Arnin a little irritated. 
    "I didn't bring any food." Arnin said with a wicked smile. 
    "What? Why not? What are we going to eat then? You should know that I have a very large appetite. My dad would have to get me a full animal for a meal." Akig spoke with sadness yet there was also a hint of pride in his voice. It seemed like he was upset over the lack of food, however he was feeling very prideful at the mention of his own appetite.  
    "Don't worry. I didn't bring food, but that doesn't mean that you can't eat." Arnin smiled, and hand
    ed him the cauldron. "Hold this for me." Akig held onto it with both his hands, while Arnin grabbed his left arm. He placed the sphere into the hexagonal hole before both of them vanished. 
    At the location where Arnin's house was, both of the boys appeared rather quickly. Arnin had his usual expression, however Akig was extremely pale. He then got onto his knees before suddenly…
    Akig began to vomit. "That was not fun at *BEEURG* all. Please don't make me do that ag- *BEEURG*." Akig continued to barf, however Arnin ignored him. He grabbed the cauldron from Akig, and began to walk towards the house. 
    "Don't come in until you finish vomiting. I don't want to dirty the house." Arnin was strict when he spoke. Akig could only helplessly nod his head as he sweated profusely, and continued to vomit. 
    His face was ghastly pale, however Arnin didn't plan to help him. Akig needed to get used to teleportation since the academy used it for transportation. 
    Arnin walked into the house, and placed the big bag of seeds by a wall. Arnin then chose a room from the many available, and placed his interspatial bag onto the large bed. He didn't plan on taking the herbs out just yet, but he did pull out the formula for the Flame Suppressant Pill. 
    He looked through it one more time, and checked whether the herbs were hard to find. As he slowly looked through it, his expression became serious. 
    Flame Suppressant Pill Formula: Five cores of Sky Flames that are ranked five hundred or lower. Three flame type demon crystals of beasts reaching Elemental Formation - Heaven or higher. One one thousand year old Wolf Howling Grass…
    Arnin hadn't looked at the ingredients needed until now, and when he looked over them, even he felt somewhat shocked. All of the items needed were extremely precious. The only thing that he could possibly get very soon were the three demon crystals, but other than that, everything else would be very difficult to find. A Sky Flame was rare, but finding the cores of those flames was even harder than finding a Blood Devouring Flower. A Sky Flame core required the condensation of the flame, and this would usually last at least a thousand years. Finding one was extremely difficult, let alone five. 
    Arnin began to get a headache. He didn't even think about the fact that such a precious pill would obviously require so many materials. He shook his head helplessly, and lightly massaged his forehead. 
    'Seems like I am going to have to find a way to collect all of these materials. Where should I begin searching?' Arnin lifted his hand and rubbed his chin. 

    Back at Arnin's house in the Moth residential area, there was a hidden bag underneath a wooden plank. A sound came from the bag, along with a small white light. It sounded like the buzzing of bees, however no one was able to hear it. Vilis was in the midst of evolution, so he of course couldn't hear it either. 
    If Arnin was nearby, he would know right away that the bag itself was not making the sounds and releasing the light, rather it was the thing inside. The item was none other than the mysterious blank page that Fae gave to him. It was finally having some reaction, and it was also earlier than predicted. 
    Silently, the page flickered for ten minutes before becoming silent once again, leaving the dark room in eerie silence.
  • Chapter 64: Hybrid

    Akig finally stopped vomiting and came into the house. He started to look around and was extremely surprised. The house was a lot bigger than the one in the Moth residential area. "Hey Arnin, which room is mine?" He looked and asked. 
    Arnin pointed to the room next door. "Take this one. This will be your room for now." Akig nodded his head, and walked into the room. The first thing he did was jump onto the large bed. 
    "What happened!?" Arnin hurriedly came into Akig's room and the sight dumbfounded him. The large bed that should have been pretty sturdy collapsed from the middle as Akig was right in the center of the wreckage. His face carried a weak smile as he embarrassingly got up and scratched his head. 
    "This bed was a little weak. Hehe." Akig spoke awkwardly, however, Arnin then began to ponder something. He decided to ignore what happened and walked into the living room. He sat on the ground since there was no furniture. 
    'Alright, it seems like Akig's weight is abnormal. This is probably because of him having the bloodline of a beast inside of him, making him heavier than normal people.' Arnin nodded his head and took out a small booklet. He grabbed a pen from his room and began to walk towards the exit. 
     "Akig, follow me. We will begin your training now." Arnin smiled and walked out. Akig was astonished before he became somewhat pale. 
    "But, I haven't eaten yet…" Just as he was going to say more, he saw Arnin glare at him. 
    "Forget about food for now. You can eat soon." Arnin had a wicked smile when he mentioned food, however, Akig was unable to catch the intent and only thought of it as a normal smile. 
    Both of the boys stepped out of the house and Arnin walked towards the forest. "Why are we going into the forest?" Akig questioned Arnin, however, he didn't receive an answer. He looked slightly to his left and saw that there was a strong smile on Arnin's face and he couldn't help but shiver a little. 
    Although he was still very young, he was somewhat able to sense something bad, and he felt that Arnin's current smile was a little evil. 'What is Arnin going to do?' 
    They walked for about half an hour before finally entering deep into the forest. Even though the trees were not super plenty, the forest was extremely dark. It was as if it was night time. Akig looked around with a bit of fear as he trembled. 
    "Arnin, what are we doing here? Why can't we train back at the house?" He continued to question Arnin, however, Arnin didn't answer him and stopped suddenly. 
    Arnin looked around and smirked. He closed his eyes and began to inspect and see if there was enough essence in the area. After confirming that the essence was abundant, Arnin opened his eyes and looked at Akig. His face was no longer smiling and was somewhat serious. 
    "W-what is it? Why are you looking at me like that?" Akig took a couple steps back as he felt somewhat frightened by Arnin. 
    "Akig, let me ask you a question. What kind of place was your village?" Arnin suddenly began to ask about his village with confused Akig. "Just answer my questions!" Arnin said deeply. 
    "A-alright. Well, my village was a large place with lots of people. We were near a small forest, however, the forest didn't have any demonic beasts. Everyone was very nice and it was a happy place." Arnin nodded when he heard this. 
    "Have you ever been in a place like this? Have you ever adventured alone in dangerous areas?" Arnin asked another question. 
    "Never. My parents would never let me enter anywhere dangerous. This is my first time in such an area." Akig said without any hesitation. 
    "Alright then. We will begin your training in a bit. First, let me do some tests on you." Akig reluctantly agreed. Arnin walked over and began to write down things like Akig's height, weight, waist, etc. As he had done tests like these hundreds of millions of times, Arnin was able to calculate all of the information with just a touch or look.
    Arnin wrote all the information down in the booklet. Suddenly. He walked in front of a tree and punch it three times. The first punch was much weaker than the second, which was weaker than the third. 
    Arnin looked at the three holes he made and noted something down on the booklet. "As you can see, I have made three holes in the tree. The first hole is is the size a normal Orb Birth - Earth cultivator could make. The second hole is for a normal Orb Birth - Sky cultivator, while the last one is of a normal Orb Birth - Hell cultivator." Arnin said and Akig nodded his head with some confusion. He understood what the holes represented after Arnin's explanation, but what he didn't understand was why Arnin punched the tree to make the holes.
    "Umm, why did you punch the tree?" Arnin nodded his head with the question and walked over to another tree that was similar to the one he punched. 
    "Well, those holes represent the basic strengths of the different cultivation realms. What I want you to do and punch this tree as hard as you can. Use all of the strength that you have, don't hold back anything." Arnin said with some serious. Akig was still a little confused, but he did just as Arnin said. 
    He used all of his force to punch the tree. His fist landed on the tree and a small hole appeared. "Arnin looked at the hole and nodded his head. 
    "Akig, again," Arnin said. Akig felt a small amount of pain in his fist, but it was bearable. Arnin noticed that Akig didn't feel too much pain and wrote something down on the page. 
    A minute passed and Arnin had Akig punch five times in total. He found that all of the holes were the same size and so he wrote it down on the page. 
    "So, if you look at the five holes you made and compare them to the ones I made, which level of strength would you say you are at?" Arnin asked Akig. The later looked at his own holes and looked at the ones Arnin made. He closed his eyes and began to think. Arnin didn't disturb and waited for him to think. 
    "Well, my holes seem to be slightly bigger than the Orb Birth - Earth hole. Which should mean my strength is around Orb Birth - Earth, but why is this important?" Akig answered arnin's question, but also asked his own. 
    "You will know in a bit. Now, I am going to move a few meters back, and I want you to run towards me as fast as you can." Akig nodded his head and waited for Arnin to give him the signal. Arnin moved around ten meters away from his spot and gestured Akig to run towards to him. When Akig got to him around three seconds later, Arnin scribbled something onto the booklet. He then looked at Akig. 

    "Wait here. I will be back in a second." Arnin suddenly vanished, leaving Akig alone. Akig looked around worriedly as he felt some apprehension towards the surrounding. 
    A few minutes passed and Akig began to panic. Arni hadn't returned and he was still alone in the forest. Plus, he was also feeling extremely hungry.
    *Rustle Rustle*
    Akig quickly turned around and tried to search for the sound. Fear was quietly building up, but then his nose began to twitch. He smelled something, something good. 
    *Sniff Sniff*
    It was the smell of blood. Normally, Akig would have been frightened, however this time he had a completely different reaction. The smell made his blood boil and also began to increase his heartbeat. His eyes dilated and he began to move closer to the smell. Akig's kept twitching as he continued to sniff. Not only that but the closer he got the more he breathed and it even got to the point where his mouth opened up and some drool began to escape. 
    *Rustle Rustle* 
    Suddenly, something rushed from the bushes. Akig tried to follow the sight with the best of his abilities. He used his nose to sniff out the bloody smell and when he turned around, here was nothing. 
    *Drip Drip*
    The sound attracted Akig and so he looked up. His eyes suddenly became heated as his breathing quickened even more. On top of a tree was a dead rabbit that was soaked in blood. It was very high up and Akig tried to jump for it, however, he was unable to reach it. 
    Akig stopped for a second before walking right in front of the tree trunk. With his fist raised, he launched an attack straight at the tree.
    His fist penetrated the tree, however, the tree didn't collapse. Akig punched three more times before the tree finally began to fall. Akig watched the rabbit intently and when he saw it fall towards the ground, his body vanished and appeared right next to the rabbit. He quickly grabbed the rabbit and threw it into his mouth. 
    *Crunch Crunch*
    The sounds of bones being chewed resounded in the forest. Akig devoured the rabbit as if his life depended on it. His eating style was more like beasts, rather than humans. 
    The sound of sucking was heard from Akig. he sucked the blood from the rabbit and drank it like water. 
    *Rustle Rustle*
    "Grrr!" Akig became to lightly growl at the sound. His eyes were bloodthirsty, however, when he saw a figure come from the bush, he dropped the rabbit. 
    "Well done Akig." The figure was none other then Arnin. He looked at Akig with a smile as he slowly approached. 
    Akig looked at the surroundings and saw a half eaten rabbit on his lap. "AH!" He quickly jumped away and looked at the scene with some fear. "Arnin, w-what happened?" There were some tears in his eyes as he looked at Arnin for some answers. 
    Arnin smiled and walked over to the dead rabbit. He lifted it and inspected its condition. He nodded his head and began to write something in his booklet with bloodied fingers. 
    "A-Arnin?" Akig looked at Arnin with tears. He couldn't help but call out once again. Arnin looked over and saw that Akig was trembling with fear. He snorted before sitting down onto the grass. 
    "Let me ask you a question Akig. Do you remember anything that happened after I left?" Arnin looked at Akig with a serious face. 
    "I don't know. All I remember was hearing a sound and smelling something before everything went dark." He explained with fright. Akig looked around with caution and even backed away from Arnin a little. 
    "Well, let me explain what happened. Do you see this tree that collapsed?" Akig nodded his head, however, his body continued to tremble. "You did this." Arnin's words were like drums bangning near his ears. 
    "I-I did this? No way! You saw that my five punches could barely make holes in the tree." Akig denied the claim right away. He knew his own strenght and felt that it was impossible for him to do such a thing. 
    "Whether you believe it or not doesn't matter. It was your doing and that is an undeniable fact. You want to know something else?" Arnin looked at Akg, however, the latter stood frozen in his spot. "You were able to cover five meters in a blink of an eye. Not only that, but you were in the air for a but too. But it all happened in a blink of an eye." Arnin explained as he slowly got up. He lifted the rabbit and threw it towards Akig, who immediately took a couple steps back in fright. 
    "This rabbit use to be a whole animal. You damaged it to this extent by trying to eat it." Arnin's words continued to rampage inside Akig's head.
    'How is it possible? I am not this strong or fast. I don't even eat raw animals, and when I do eat something I never make such terrifying marks.' Akig was in his own thoughts as he was despairing. 
    "Akig, let me tell you why you did all of this and how. Remember when you told me about a rumor that one of your ancestors mated with a tiger beast?" Akig nodded his head, however, his eyes were extremely unfocused. "Well, that rumor is actually true." 
    Akig looked up and stared at Arnin with confusion and shock. "What do you mean? There is no way that is true. Humans can't mate with beasts." Mating and talks about such things were very common. Most children would already understand some things about it. Akig also knew some things about mating and also knew that humans could only mate with humans. 
    "That isn't true. Anybody can mate with one another. Plus, a beast is able to become humanly at a certain cultivation realm." Arnin slowly explained and Akig began to pay attention more. 
    "Even if this is the case, what does this have to do with me?" Akig asked with impatience. He was frightened by the things he did, but what frightened him more was that he didn't even remember anything. 
    "It has everything to do with you. When a human mates with a different race, there is a high chance that the offspring will die or there wouldn't even be an offspring, but that there is another possibility." Arnin looked at Akig and had a dee smile. 
    "What? What is the other possibility?" Akig was becoming frantic. Arnin couldn't help but shake his head when Akig wasn't able to figure it out with so many hints. 
    "The last possibility is a Hybrid being born." Arnin started with a calm expression. 
    "Hybrid? What's that?" Akig was somewhat confused since he wasn't able to understand the term Hybrid. 
    "It's when a child is born that has characteristics of both parents. That child will be half of each of the parent's race, just like you." When Arnin said this, Akig took a couple steps back before falling onto the ground. His face began to warp as he looked at Arnin with fearful confusion. 
    "N-now way. I am a human, fully human. I am not a hybrid!" Akig got up and quickly ran from the scene. 
    "Childish!" Arnin snorted before vanishing from his spot. He reappeared in front of Akig. He held the rabbit that he threw towards Akig in his hand. "Stop acting like a brat!" Arnin raised his voice before quickly shoving the rabbit into Akig's mouth. 
    Tears fell from Akig's eyes as Arnin forcefully fed him the rabbit. What made him even more fearful and sorrowful was that he somewhat enjoyed the taste.
  • Chapter 65: The Tenth Floor

    The sound of someone breathing from their nose appeared in the forest. It was a sad sound and one could even hear the breath tremble. 
    Arnin was silently watching Akig eat the rabbit with tears running down his cheek. "Why did this happen? Why am I a Hybrid? Now, no one will like me." He finally finished the rabbit, however he felt extremely sorrowful. As a child, he didn't want to be different from his friends. He wanted to be the same so that he could continue playing with them, however now that he knew he was different, he felt that no one would ever play with him. 
    "Akig, you need to stop acting like a child. Being a Hybrid is not a bad thing, rather it is actually extremely rare and good." Arnin slowly explained. "Look again at all the damage you did. Do you think any of your friends could do this?" He asked. 
    Akig was silent. After looking at the scene again and again, even he felt that his strength was extremely high. This type of damage was not something his friends could do, not even if they trained for many years. 
    "What should I do then? Will people still want to be friends with me after knowing that I'm only half human?" Akig still had this concern. Afterall, he was still a child, and to him, friends were very important. 
    Arnin shook his head, and couldn't help but sigh. "You need to understand something, Akig. From now on, you will be staying here. You will not be going back to the academy until you are stronger." Arnin looked at Akig with little to no expression on his face. "In this world, people will want to be friends with the strong. If you are strong, everyone will be your friend, however if you are weak, then no one will like you." His words were like waves crashing onto Akig's heart. 
    What Arnin said was actually not entirely true. If the strong were the only ones that could have friends, than Arnin would have been the most popular person in the universe, but that wasn't the case. People hated and feared Arnin, many wanted him dead, some even desiring to torture him, and make him live a life that would be worse than death. 
    "What about my three friends? We always play together and they don't care about my strength." Akig said in an almost mouse-like voice. 
    "If your friends find out that you are only half human, they will hate you. Do you want that?" Arnin glared at Akig and questioned. 
    "N-no! I don't want to be hated!" Akig firmly rejected the idea of being hated. 

    "Then you have to get stronger." Arnin said with a look of seriousness. He also felt that Akig was extremely strong and had great potential. All Hybrid creatures were extremely talented and powerful. 
    "T-then what should I do? How will I become stronger?" Akig calmed down and got up from the ground. He wiped snot and tears off of his face, and looked at Arnin with resolution. 'I will not be hated! I will become stronger so that I can still have friends.' 
    "If you want to become stronger, then you will do everything that I say. I will make it so that in the future, no one in Afloria will look down on you." Arnin said with seriousness. When Akig heard Arnin's words, he couldn't help but become emotional, however he was also oblivious to one fact. 
    'Akig is such an easy person to control. Once he becomes stronger, I will be able to dominate Afloria with him as one of my generals.' Arnin couldn't help but inwardly smile. He didn't care about Akig's friendships with others, all he cared about was his usefulness. 

    "Now then, the first step to making you stronger is very easy. You will live in this forest all day and come back at night. If you want to eat, you will hunt. If you want to drink, you will find water." Arnin's words thundered inside Akig's head. 'This is the perfect training method for him. He will need to embrace his animal instincts, and slowly awaken his tiger bloodline. While he is doing this, I will be able to collect all the ingredients needed to make him the low leveled Bloodline Pill.'
    "H-how am I going to survive out here? The beasts are much stronger than me." Akig's eyes became red once again. 
    "Don't worry, I will make sure that you aren't here alone. I will allow your friends to train with you." Arnin smiled wickedly. He had a plan to make him stronger. 
    "Really? My friends can come here as well?" Akig's eyes brightened when he heard this. The three friends that he always hung out with were from his village. They grew up together, and so they were extremely close. If he could train with them, he wouldn't mind hunting and eating in the forest. 
    "Now then, I am going to head back. For now, you come back with me and once I bring your friends over, you will begin your training." Arnin turned around as he spoke and headed towards the exit of the forest. 
    Akig was no longer crying, instead, he was feeling extremely happy. He looked at Arnin with gratification, however Arnin's face carried a wicked smile. No one knew what he was thinking. 
    Soon, they arrived back at the house. The sky was darkening and Arnin decided to leave the dimension. "You can sleep in the house for now. I will bring your friends tomorrow." Arnin walked towards the hexagonal hole inside his bedroom, but just when he was about to insert his sphere, he found Akig curiously looking down at the basement. 
    "Akig!" Arnin said in a deep voice. 
     He was startled, and quickly looked at Arnin, who had a serious face. "Yeah?"
    Arnin glanced at the basement, before looking at Akig once more. "No one is allowed to enter the basement. If I find that you have entered without my permission, then I will make sure that you stay weak, and have no friends." Arnin said seriously. Akig jumped back, before quickly nodding his head. He walked away from the stairs that went down in the basement, burying his curiosity. 
    The sphere entered the hexagonal hole before Arnin vanished from sight. He appeared back in front of the Alchemy building, and went back towards his house in the Moth residential area. The sky was darkening, and Arnin wanted to head back to his home and rest. He had many things that needed to be done now. He had to find the Blood Devouring Flower, and begin the hunt for ingredients of the Flame Suppressant Pill. Not only that, but he needed to get stronger, much stronger. 
    Arnin was a little excited about all of the things that needed to be done. The boredom he had faced as the strongest in the universe was now gone with all of the excitement in Afloria. 

    After reaching his house, Arnin noticed that Vilis was still in the midst of his evolution. He saw changes in Vilis' body, and noticed that he was now much larger, and his fur was becoming somewhat lighter, with hints of white here and there. Not only that, but Arnin noticed an extra horn growing from Vilis' forehead. Arnin nodded his head, and began to feel the fluctuations that Vilis released.
    'Hmm, his aura is higher then Essence Manifest now. Let's see how far he can evolve. He can't go too high in realm cultivation, or I won't be able to concoct the low level Bloodline Pill for Akig.' Arnin's expression became somewhat serious. Vilis had most likely reached the realm of a Rank Two beast by now, but his evolution didn't seem to be nearing completion anytime soon. This was troublesome for Arnin. 
    Arnin sighed, and shook his head. If Vilis' strength did become higher than he wanted, then he could just try and strengthen Akig a little more. He walked past Vilis, and sat down in the middle of the room. He crossed his legs and began to silently cultivate. 
    'I have already created the cultivation manual, and even have an elemental seed from a combination of three elements.' Arnin thought in his head. He already had the elements of light, darkness, and fire combined, but he began to think about combining other elements together. 
    A combination were able to exponentially increase the power of each component, which made it very beneficial to the cultivator, however it was also extremely difficult to control and create. 
    Arnin pondered which elements he should combine, but then he suddenly remembered a very important skill that he had in his past life. Reincarnation. This was a skill that Arnin didn't have complete control over, as he could only use it on himself, and not on others. Although his control wasn't high, he still had a good understanding of the power. Reincarnation was a mixture of life and death. One would die, and then gain life once again. This was an ability that every phoenix possesed. 
    'I have death and life stored in my body, so maybe I can try and create the seed of Reincarnation?' Arnin considered. Once this thought took hold, it was hard to extinguish. 
    Arnin smiled as he decided to create such a seed. Although there was a large chance of failure, or even a completely different power being created, Arnin wanted to try. Reincarnation was a very peculiar subject which greatly interested Arnin. In the past, he infiltrated the great Phoenix clan and began a massacre because he wanted to see how a phoenix would reincarnate after death. 
    This whole experiment lasted about a thousand years before Arnin was able to understand what he wanted. The problem that frustrated him was that he could not control the reincarnation of others. He simply didn't have the power to. 
    Now that he possessed the elements of life and death, there was a chance he could control reincarnation. 
    With that thought in mind, Arnin decided to head over to the Essence Tower. It never closed, and was always opened for students to utilize. He wanted to head over and see if he could create the elemental seed using the vast amount of essence. 
    He got up and walked towards the door. 
    Suddenly, a buzzing sound began to resound in the house. Arnin raised his eyebrows and he looked around.
    Arnin followed the sound, and found that it was coming from underneath a wooden plank. He immediately knew that it had to do with the mysterious page Fae had given him. 'Seems like there is finally a reaction.'
    Arnin had a smirk on his face as he removed the plank and brought out the bag that contained the page. He pulled the page out, and noticed that there were some words written on it. 
    He tried to read the writing, but found that it was in a language that he couldn't understand. 'Maybe I need to research this language, or find Fae and have her decipher this for me.' Arnin had this thought, but decided that he would figure out the information later. He only had some interest towards the mysterious page, so there was no need for him to wrack his brain to figure it out. 
    "I'm going to first head for the Tower before doing anything else." Arnin prioritized increasing his own strength over anything else. It was one of the only things that mattered to him. If his strength didn't increase, then what was the point of him reincarnating?
    Arnin stuffed the mysterious page into his interspatial bag, and quickly headed towards the Essence Tower. 

    An hour later, he finally arrived at the tower. Right now, he had an abundance of points. With around a thousand points he would be able to enter the tenth floor with no problem. Although the cost was very high, around 365 academic points, that would take a little more than a third of his total points. 
    He found that the person who was at the first floor desk was not Surk, rather it was a teacher, but not only that, it was a teacher he knew. 
    "Teacher Xaac." Arnin called out to him as he approached. The latter looked over, and was somewhat surprised to see Arnin. 
    "Arnin, what are you doing here so late?" Xaac, of course, knew Arnin's name after the whole incident involving him beating two students behind the Tower's training field. 
    "I am here to cultivate." Xaac nodded his head when he heard what Arnin was there for. Although it was late, there were still many students that were cultivating in the Tower. 
    "Would you like me to help find you a room on the first floor?" Xaac asked with a smile,  however it was a little forced. Initially, he only thought of Arnin as a very talented child, but after the whole incident behind the Tower, his impression of Arnin was a little different. 
    "No, I want to go higher than that. I want to enter the… tenth floor." Arnin words entered Xaac's ears, almost causing him to fall down. 
    "A-Arnin, you must be joking? The tenth floor is filled with the strongest students in the academy. All of them have already reached Elemental Formation realm." As a teacher, Xaac had to make sure that Arnin wouldn't do anything that he was unable to do. Although he was aware that Arnin was extremely strong for his age, he knew that there was no way Arnin would be able to beat an Elemental Formation cultivator, at least not for now. 
    "Teacher Xaac, it is alright. Just send me to the tenth floor. I will handle the rest myself." Arnin said without much of an expression. 
    Xaac shook his head, and was a little hesitant before extending his hand out. "Alright, pass me your Identity card." Arnin handed it over to Xaac, who took out the points required. "Here you go." He then hesitated before asking Arnin once again. "Are you sure that you want to head over to the tenth floor? If you change your mind, I can immediately give you back the points."
    "Teacher, I have already decided." Arnin said before walking away towards the platform that would lead to the higher floors. Xaac watched Arnin disappear with bitterness. 
    "These students really are becoming more and more gutsy." He said, before sitting down on a chair. 
     Arnin appeared on the tenth floor. When he stepped off of the platform, he began to stagger. Sweat poured down, as if he was sitting right next to the sun. 
    'This floor really is much higher leveled. The amount of components is too high, and is even suffocating me.' Arnin continued to sweat as a smile formed on his face.
  • Chapter 66: Danger from the Flames of Neutrality

    The tenth floor was a place that even caused Arnin to feel pressure. This type of pressure might have been a problem for many people, however Arnin found it to be extremely good and beneficial. 
    He took a deep breath, before closing his eyes and beginning to inspect the various components on the tenth floor. What he really needed to find was an area where there was an abundance of life and death components. 
    As he began to sense his surroundings, he found that the life and death energies were mostly found to his right. There seemed to be enough for him to possibly create the seed he wanted. 
    Arnin opened his eyes and walked towards the desk in the middle of the room. Since it was night, there was no student occupying the desk, rather he found another teacher behind this one too. 
    This time, the teacher was a female with short red hair. Her eyes resembled the grey moon as she watched Arnin approach her without much of an expression. 
    "How may I help you?" She asked. Unlike the many people who tried to obstruct his path or question him, this teacher didn't do any of that. She went straight to the point, causing Arnin to nod his head. 

    "I need a room around that area of the Tower. Is there any available room?" Arnin would prefer to get a room in that area, however if he couldn't, then he could still get another. Although life and death were abundant in the area he pointed out, that didn't mean that there was a lack of the components elsewhere. 
    "Let me check to see if there are any." The teacher spoke professionally. Even her expression remained normal, not showing any changes. 
    She pulled out a booklet and began to look through. Her eyes stopped looking after a few minutes and then she passed the booklet towards Arnin. 
    "There is one room that is available, however you must duel for it." Arnin nodded his head, and grabbed that booklet. He looked at the person's picture, hoping that it was the man who had humiliated him, but sadly, it was someone else. 
    The person in the picture was a young man. He looked around the same age as Torne, however Arnin was shocked to see his cultivation realm. 
    Name: Kosok Boyle
    Age: 21
    Realm: Elemental Formation - Sky

    The information was vague, but it allowed Arnin to see who was a part of the real talent in the Moth department. Surk, who was around the same age as Kosok, was only at Essence Manifest - Sky.
    Arnin began to think deeply. He knew that there was no way he could beat Kosok with his current strength. He would be humiliated again if he tried to fight Kosok head on, however there was always another way. 
    "Alright, I want to duel for this room." Arnin said. He had a plan in mind that he hoped would work. Since he had never met Kosok, and didn't even know the type of personality this person had, Arnin was going to be taking a risk with his plans. 
    The teacher nodded at Arnin, before walking towards the room where Kosok was staying. She did a series of knocks before the door swung open. Arnin followed the teacher in, however once he stepped in, he began to feel large amounts of life and death components try to invade his body. 
    Arnin calmed his breathing before preventing anything from entering him. His orb had an attraction towards the death and life components since he had already made marks for them in his body. 
    Inside the room, Arnin found that it was like a small field, however there something very peculiar about it. One could see that there was a strange slit where half the room had dead grass and shrubs, while the other half was filled with life. 
    This discovery led to Arnin understanding that the room he was currently in focused on the death and life components. This was surprising since the Tower didn't have calm elements. Every element was basically at war with one another, so making a room where two components were evenly distributed was extremely difficult. 
    If once looked at the field that was filled with life and vitality, they would be able to see a man with spiky white hair. His robe was also white, making him look like a saint. His expression was calm and one could even find a hint of gentleness in his expressionless face. 
    This was Kosok, a talent that even Arnin found to be somewhat impressive. 
    The teacher walked towards the silent Kosok before speaking out. "Student Kosok, I know that you aren't cultivating at the moment, so get up." The teacher said in an expressionless tone. 
    "Haha, Teacher Spiras, you caught me." Kosok opened his eyes and smiled brightly at the teacher in front of him. He looked at her with more than just respect, which Arnin couldn't help but smirk towards. 
    'This Kosok person seems to like this teacher.' Spiras wasn't oblivious towards Kosok's small crush on her, but she still had an expressionless face. 
    "Kosok, this boy here would like to duel for this room. You know the rules." Spiras briefly explained before pointing towards Arnin. The later nodded towards Kosok, who also nodded back with a smile. 
    "Wow, the new students are very talented this year. Not only that, but this one here has quite a lot of courage. I like that." Kosok smiled gently towards Arnin before getting up. 
    Teacher Spiras moved to the side of the room and began to watch the show with little interest. Arnin stepped forwards, and also smiled at Kosok, however this smile was neither gentile, nor vicious. There really wasn't much expression or emotion in the smile. 
    "Senior Kosok, I would like to duel you for this room, however I was wondering if you be willing to change the dueling style?" Arnin asked with a faint smile on his face. He wasn't stupid enough to fight someone like Kosok with his current strength. 
    "Oh? What do you propose?" Kosok asked with interest. He clearly knew that Arnin was much, much weaker than him. He also wasn't willing to fight Arnin and beat him in a one sided battle. If Arnin could make the duel interesting, then he was willing to take him up on that. 

    "I will give you two options. It is up to you which one you choose." Arnin smiled before lifting up one finger. "The first option is that you and me have a fight without using any of our essence. We will fight as normal people. Whoever wins gets to have the room." Kosok nodded his head. 

    "What about the second option." The first option was interesting, but Kosok didn't find it too enticing. Having a physical brawl seemed a little too… primitive and brutal. Kosok wanted to hear the second one, and hoped that it would be more interesting. 
    "The second option is that you and me competing with… our elemental seeds. One attack each, and they will be launched at the same time. Whoever is able to make their attack last the longest, or even injure the other wins." Arnin said. This was the option that he was truly hoping for Kosok to agree on.
    "Elemental seed? Little kid, you are only at Orb Birth - Heaven, how will you even use such an attack. Only people at Essence Manifest - Hell or above can create an elemental se--" Before Kosok could finish, he saw that in Arnin's palm, a small black flame began to appear. It was extremely dark, however in the middle were two smaller flames that revolved around each other. 
    "H-how did you create an elemental seed?!" Kosok was extremely shocked. Even Spiras had her mouth opened widely and her eyes almost popped out. 

    "It doesn't matter how I am able to do this. Just tell me, which option do you choose?" Although Kosok could decline both of them, Arnin knew that he wouldn't do that. 
    Kosok looked at the flames intensely. For some unknown reason, he felt a great amount of danger from the flame in Arnin's palm. This astonished him, however he wasn't able to figure out why he felt such a sensation. 
    'No matter what, I am still an Elemental Formation realm cultivator. This boy might have found a trick to create an elemental seed, however mine's is genuine. I shouldn't lose to him, right?' He felt a little hesitation. He looked over at Spiras, who looked back at him, waiting for him to make a decision. Kosok took a deep breath before calming his nerves. 
    "Let us go with the second option. Each of us will send out one attack towards each other. Whoever lasts the longest, or is able to endanger the other wins." He agreed, repeating the rules once more. Arnin nodded his head before a small smile appeared on his face. 
    "Senior, after you." Arnin gestured towards Kosok with a smirk. He was extremely confident in his Flames of Neutrality. He had seen the power they held in his previous life, and the one he had was even stronger, so he felt that winning would not be a problem. 
    Kosok nodded his head, before bringing his hands in front of his chest. He struck his palms forward, forming a small white cube. Arnin looked at the cube with interest and found that it was completely created out of the life component. "Little kid, I will be using all my power in this attack. Surrender if you are not able to withstand it." 
    Kosok still had some goodwill towards Arnin, which was why he was reminding him. However, he was still going to use all of his power in his attack. Although he knew that Arnin was still but a child, he felt an intense amount of danger from the Flames of Neutrality. This risk caused him to not underestimate Arnin's flames. 
    "I send those words right back at you. Surrender if you feel that you might be injured. Teacher Spiras, please make sure to save Kosok at any point." Arnin smiled wickedly as he arrogantly spoke. Spiras didn't say anything, and continued to watch the flames in Arnin's palm. 
    As Kosok began to gather up power, Arnin also began to change the form of his flames. Right now, his control over the flame was extremely high. One could say that it was almost perfect, but there was still something that Arnin was not able to do with the flame. The two smaller flames inside were still silent and uncontrollable. This was the only problem that Arnin had, but other than that, everything else was perfect. 
    Soon, the small flame on Arnin's palm began to increase in size. It continued to grow, and quickly became much larger than Spiras and Kosok, however it's growth didn't stop. Spiras watched the scene as her eyes contracted slightly. 
    The grey flames became so large that the grass on both sides of the room began to vanish like burning paper. This sight somewhat frightened Spiras, her body growing tense as she moved a little closer to Kosok's side. 
    Suddenly, the large flame in Arnin's hand stopped growing and became extremely small. It turned into a shiny sphere, however that small sphere gave off a more dangerous feeling than the previously huge flames. 

    'These flames are not simple. Kosok might not be able to take them head on.' This thought came to her like a wave, crashing and causing havoc in Spiras' mind. She felt that it was impossible for something like that to happen, however the thought didn't fade away. It only grew stronger as the grey sphere in Arnin's hand began to get bigger. 
    Kosok also felt shocked as he watched the scene in front of him, however he gritted his teeth, and finally formed a cube that was about the size of a chair. He looked at Arnin as his eyes grew slightly red. "I am about to release my attack. Get ready, little kid." 
    Arnin smiled because his sphere was also completely formed. It looked like a shiny pearl that one would find under the ocean, however the color was grey. 
    Suddenly, a beam darted out of the cube that Kosok formed. It was insanely quick, and even Arnin found it difficult to keep up. Something peculiar about the white beam was that it didn't not travel in a straight path, but rather it travelled in a zigzag pattern, almost like a large white snake. 
    As Arnin saw the blurriness of the beam getting closer, he began to control the small grey sphere in his hands. 
    A large grey flame seeped out of the sphere, almost like a angered python. "Senior, take my attack!" Arnin also gave a small shout as his slow flames collided with the snakelike white beam. An explosion occurred as the two powers collided, causing Spiras to sweat. 
    'Those flames are… too dangerous.'
  • Chapter 67: Suspicions

    A room was filled with both white and grey light. Sounds similar to that of a beast's roar and a snake's hiss resounded throughout the room. Grass that was both filled with life and death began to wither away like burning paper. The room was slowly losing it's previous tranquility and splendor, turning into a world of ruins.
    In each end of the room, two people stood. Both had a different expression on their faces. The older man had the expression of horror and anxiety. Sweat poured down his face quicker than water in a raging river. His teeth chattered as if he was standing on top of a cold, snowy mountain without any clothing. His eyes contracted to the extreme, as if he was looking at a bright sun, not allowing any more light to enter his eyes. His extended hands were trembling excessively, his face ghastly pale, lacking a healthy color. 
    On the other end of the room stood a child around the age of five. Contrary to the previous person, this child had an extremely calm expression. Not only was it devoid of any fear, a mocking smile was even plastered on his young face. His skin remained without a drop of sweat, his hands as stable as a mountain. 

    Grey flames were entangled in a war with a snake like white beam. On the surface, it looked as though both lights were evenly matched, however if one took a closer look, then a horrifying sight would be meet the eye. 

    The white beam that moved with the speed of sound was being devoured by the grey flames. They weren't quick, however the flame met no hurdles; there were no pauses. 

    Arnin watched everything with a knowing smile. He had already predicted such a situation, however even he felt that the power of the Flames of Neutrality was extremely strong. This was especially true considering they were still in the beginning phase where the seed had only just been created. 
    Arnin could already imagine the insane amount of power the Flames of Neutrality would have once he began to develop the seed of Neutrality. If he reached the same point as Kosok in developing the seed, then he would be able to entirely destroy the latter's life beam much faster. 

    As the two powers were in the midst of battle, Spiras watched on with an ugly expression. She could tell what was happening and knew that Kosok would not be able to win such a battle. Not only that, but she also felt a hint of horror from the flames that Arnin was releasing. 

    What really confused her was the kind of special skill Arnin must have had in order to create such a power. It was common knowledge that only people in Essence Manifest - Hell and above would be able to create and develop an elemental seed. Of course, people with extremely high talent would be able to create one a little earlier, but even then , they would have to be in Essence Manifest realm at least. An Orb Birth cultivator was not able to do such a thing through normal means, it was simply unheard of. This led Spiras to believe that Arnin had used special means to acquire such a power. 

    As time slowly progressed, the expression on both Spiras' and Kosok's face began to turn even more grave. Arnin's flames were too strong. The light beam was almost completely devoured. The result was clear, Arnin would acquire victory in the end. 

    As both of them thought, something began to happen within the flames that made their expressions ugly, a transformation. 

    If the flames before could previously be considered a rampaging bull that would get rid everything in its path, they were now like an enraged dragon. 

    The intensity of the heat increased exponentially, and the flames grew a dozen times larger. It was as though the white beam was being converted into energy for the flames. Even Arnin was a little surprised to see such a scene. He thought that the flames only had the ability to damage, but he never thought they could absorb. 

    'This flame really is different from the past.' Arnin recalled the first time he saw the Flames of Neutrality. Other than the grey color, the current flames were much too different from before. 

    "Arnin, recall your flames. Victory is yours." Seeing that the situation was becoming much more grave, Spiras couldn't help but shout. Arnin ignored her calls, and continued to send his flames towards Kosok. 

    "Teacher Spiras, I believe that the duel stated that the other party must either be out of strength, or get hurt before the duel would end. Am I wrong?" Arnin smiled towards Spiras. Now that he could see a hidden ability of the Flames of Neutrality, there was no way that he would let go of such an opportunity to test its capabilities. 

    "Arnin, stop your attack!" Spiras couldn't help but shout again. As a teacher, she needed to make sure that a talent like Kosok was not hurt because of small matters. 

    "Teacher, I don't know why you are screaming at me. If you truly wanted to stop me, couldn't you directly stop me or the attack?" Arnin scoffed at Spiras' actions. 

    So far, he had seen such a scene more than once. He knew that something was going on with the academy. If the teachers truly wanted, he would not have been able to make Torne a slave, or turn Kurse into his servant. Something was going on, and he wanted to find out what that was. 

    When Spiras heard Arnin's words, she couldn't help but glare at him. She could indeed block Arnin's move with her strength, or go and directly stop him. 

    'This kid!' She thought, but nevertheless, she didn't take anymore action. 

    Kosok also saw all of this, and couldn't help but feel a little suspicious. He knew that he was unable to resist Arnin, and also wanted Spiras to give him a hand, however Arnin's words also struck him. 'She could stop him whenever she wants to, so why doesn't she?' This thought ran through his head, but he couldn't think of a good reason. 

    Arnin saw Kosok's reaction and couldn't help but smirk. Suddenly, the large flame that was about completely devour the white beam vanished into thin air. "Senior, I have won this exchange. Leave." Arnin showed no politeness. Since he won, there was no reason to act humble. 

    He felt a little surprised, but he sighed in relief. He didn't mind Arnin's tone towards him, instead he felt some respect for his junior. At such a young age and low realm, he was able to create a elemental seed, even if this seed may have been created through special means. 

    "Since you have won, I will take my leave. I will try to meet you later if that is possible." Kosok gave Arnin a mysterious look, before walking towards the exit. When he passed by Spiras, he looked at her with an expression that lacked both love and hate. There wasn't any of the previous nervousness or giddiness, rather his eyes glinted with some other emotion. 

    Arnin noticed this, however he only replied with a nod. Soon, both Spiras and Kosok left the room, leaving Arnin all alone. The latter sat down onto the ground at the intersection between the grass filled with vitality and that which was dying. Although damage was done to the room, it was still much better than the rooms of the lower level. 

    His eyes were closed, however he didn't begin cultivating right away. He had a smirk on his face, however it held a slight bit of mockery. 

    'What is this academy really trying to accomplish? This Spiras woman had the same reaction as Xillar; she didn't protect Kosok when she had clearly been able to. Seems like I need to become more aggressive in order to figure out this school's plot.' Arnin had been suspicious of the academy for a long time. Ever since he saw the reaction Xillar had towards his words of destroying the academy, he had felt extremely suspicious towards the whole situation. 

    If a person who was on the same standing as Xillar had said such words, then Arnin could understand a reaction like that, however Arnin was low in cultivation realm and extremely young. There was no reason behind Xillar wanting to hurt him back then, even if he 'joked' about it. 

    Not only that, but when Arnin began testing the school, he got some suspicious results. Back when he went to duel Kurse, he felt the presence of Xillar, however even after he made Kurse his servant, Xillar didn't move. 

    Xillar giving Kurse the Mark Master Assistant badge when he himself was not a Mark Master was extremely suspicious as well. 'That bastard, the principal, is probably up to something, and it seems that I am a focus.' Arnin always thought that Xillar hiding around was very suspicious, however he felt that Xillar allowed himself to be found. 

    Arnin shook his head, and decided to think about the situation later. He had been utilizing many aggressive tactics in order to attract the attention of the higher ups in the academy, however, it didn't seem like anything was going to happen anytime soon. His treatment towards Torne and Kurse seemed to be ignored by the academy. 

    Now, even Spiras was acting somewhat suspicious when Arnin was going to do something extremely bad to Kosok. 

    Arnin began to circulate the Demon Cultivation Manual. Slowly, he began to absorb the life and death essence, however this time, he was not going to absorb it right away. He needed to create an elemental seed that might have abilities similar to reincarnation. 

    He looked extremely weird from the outside as he collected an abundance of life and death energy in his body. Half of his clothes looked worn out, while the other half looked completely new. 

    Arnin opened his eyes, and took out a piece of paper. Now that he was more skilled in mark making, he wanted to create a mark that combined both the life and death components. This was going to be similar to the process of creating the seed of neutrality. 

    Arnin calmed his breathing, and began to draw out what he needed. 

    Inside a dark room, four people stood present. It was extremely dark, however there was barely an ounce of light present. A small, dim candle in the corner allowed one to barely make out vague figures in the darkness. 
    "Principal, that boy seems to carry a special ability." The person who spoke was none other than Spiras. She stood behind two people, her expression solomon. 
    "Kelnorin has already informed me about the situation." The principal spoke without much of a change in his voice. "That boy seems to have the ability to make a elemental seed before even entering Essence Manifest. His talent is the highest I have ever seen, however…" The man became quiet.
    No one spoke for a while, but then another person sighed heavily. "Principal, should we get rid of the boy? It seems that Fae has made contact with that boy again. This seems to be the fourth or fifth time." The person who spoke this time was Kelnorin, standing directly beside the principal.
    "We need to get rid of him soon. Xillar, you continue to watch the child, and make sure that his contact with Fae is limited. Although she is from the others' side, that doesn't mean anything." 
    "Yes, Principal!" Xillar responded with a grave expression. 
    "Kelnorin, I want you to continue watching Arnin from afar while Xillar distracts everyone else. When you see a chance, try to strike that boy down. Even though his talent is high, there is a low chance that we can bring him over. Even the other side has made contact with him." The principal's voice was different this time, there seemed to be some traces of ruthlessness and anger. 
    "What about Fae? I don't think that Xillar could distract her. Only I can fight her." Kelnorin said helplessly. "Not only that, but Fae isn't alone." 
    "Don't worry about Fae, plans will be made for that woman." 

    Although Arnin didn't know exactly what was happening, his hunch was right. Now only was he attracting the attention he wanted, he would even be able to begin the plan he had in mind. 
    The academy, which seemed calm on the surface, was slowly beginning to get a little tense. However, only people like Arnin would be able notice such things.
  • Chapter 68: Title at the End of the Chapter

    As Arnin began to draw the two marks, he used the same method as mark making, however he was using his own unorthodox style. It was the best, as it utilized the life and death components completely, which would allow him to better understand the new marks. 
    Hours passed, and Arnin was finally able to create marks that used the life and death components completely, however, there was a problem. Instead of him having only one option like he did when he combined light and darkness, Arnin found that he had three different options. This was unexpected, and he took it very seriously. 
    His goal was to combine life and death in order to create the seed of reincarnation. He didn't want any other powers, but now he had to choose. 
    This would have been fine if he could just find the one that gave off the aura of reincarnation since he knew exactly how it felt, however that wasn't the case. All three of them were emitting an aura of reincarnation, and not only that, but they all emitted the exact same amount. 
    'What the hell is this? All three of them have the aura of reincarnation, but what are those other powers I am sensing?' Arnin closed his eyes as he tried to figure out what the other unknown powers were. 
    Another few minutes passed and Arnin was unable to tell what the three different powers were. He felt that they had some similarities, however he was just unable to decode what each one was. 
    'If I don't even know what the three powers are, then how am I going to decide which combination of marks to use?' This thought struck Arnin, causing him to get a small headache. He just didn't know which to go with. 
    'If I were to choose the weaker one of the three, wouldn't that mean that I have basically just wasted my time?' Although Arnin knew that the unknown powers were just bonuses, that didn't mean that he would try and select the weakest one. If he could get the strongest one, why wouldn't he?
    Arnin sat in contemplation as he began to think about the three options in front of him. Right now, he had to make a gamble that affected his future cultivation with life and death. Although the effect would not be anything bad, he wanted the best outcome rather than the worst. 
    Suddenly, an idea came to his mind. 'What would happen if I made them all? I have enough life and death essence to accomplish such an act.' Arnin was smiling when he thought of this, however he stopped before going through with the procedure. 'No, that would just waste essence, and force me to nurture three different seeds. This isn't a good idea in the long term.' Arnin sighed when thought of this. 
    He felt as though each of the three had their own specialties, however if he were to create seeds for all of them, then he would need to nurture all three of them evenly. Not only would this waste time and essence, but the three different powers might not be entirely compatible. They could be conflicting powers that would try to devour the others, which would ultimately harm his body. 
    'Maybe I can redraw the mark, but with all three of these designs in mind.' Arnin nodded his head and tried it. If he could successfully combine the three marks, then there was a chance of creating an equilibrium between the three unknown powers, and the reincarnation aspect of the mark might be boosted in strength. 
    Arnin took out a large page, and began to draw. Although these pages were normal, they were able to hold mark designs, however there was one problem. These papers were very weak when compared to the marks, which would force one to decrease the amount of components put onto the page to prevent it from being completely destroyed. This was also one of the factors that did not allow for Arnin to detect the unknown powers. 
    Slowly, he began to draw a new mark. Of course, he was unable to do it on his first try, but after using nearly a dozen pages, he was finally able to create one. This mark, however, only had two of the unknown powers inside. 
    Even though this was the case, Arnin couldn't help but smile. At first, he was worrying whether these marks could even combine, however seeing it now, he knew that it was possible. 
    He redrew them a dozen more times, destroying many of the pages in the process. Finally, he was able to combine two powers together again, but this time, one of the powers were different. 
    This continued until Arnin was able to combine all three powers together with one another. However, this final step was the most difficult, as he needed to combine all three of the marks onto one page. He knew that the three powers were only able to interact with one another if there were a total of the two marks on a page, however he was unsure as to what would happen if he placed all three powers into one mark together. 
    Arnin took a deep breath, and went back to drawing. 
    "Haha! This power! Haha!" Laughter resounded inside the room that had less grass than before. There were craters, and even flames in the corner. It was obvious that the room was in an unstable position. However, all of this was not the weirdest part. If one looked at the piece of paper, they would notice a weird mark on it that was half black and half white. Not only that, but around the paper in a five feet radius, the grass was dying and regrowing simultaneously. 
    Sometimes, the grass would become dry and dead, soon to disappear, however, it would then grow back and look completely revitalized. It was extremely weird, yet also fascinating. 
    'This is it! This is the mark.' Arnin looked at the mark on the paper with his smile reaching his ears. 
    After finding the mark that he needed, and seeing the power it released by just being on the page, he felt extremely excited. Arnin calmed himself down, and observerved his orb. Creating the mark inside his body would make things extremely difficult since he could see that the power level was extremely high. It was just as strong as the Flames of Neutrality that Arnin created, however unlike the Flames of Neutrality, which were peaceful inside his body, this new power was extremely aggressive and tyrannical. 
    'This may cause problems, but I need to control it.' Arnin gritted his teeth, and began to draw the new mark onto his orb. 
    A couple of hours passed, and the sun was already peeking out from the horizon. Arnin was just about to complete the mark, and only needed to draw a few more lines and symbols. 
    Soon, the mark was complete, however… 
    A sound that was similar to that of a frying egg exploded throughout the room. It became louder and louder, and noise of bombs exploding also began to sound. 
    The whole room was rumbling as if there was an earthquake happening right under it. 
    Arnin, who was the center of the sounds and rumbling, was not in a good position. His previously childlike skin would sometimes dry up and he would be near death, however the very next moment, he would look as if he was filled with lifeforce. 
    His young body would wrinkle, and then become a new. His face was a ghastly pale, and his whole body was trembling greatly. Blood also slowly fell from his seven facial orifices, and his clothes were now completely gone. His body seemed to have bruises everywhere, and small bits of ghastly power even seeped out of his fingernails. 
    Arnin scratched his body with his nails, as if trying to rip open his own skin. Clawlike cuts began to appear all over him. He was bleeding profusely, and looked like he was in extreme pain. 
    'This damned power, it is so painful! They won't stay still, they won't!' Arnin screamed internally as he slowly opened his eyes. Blood continued to seep out, making everything red and blurry, however from the corner of his eyes, he saw something horrifying. The page that had the mark was wrinkling and disappearing. 
    Arnin knew from the scene in front of him that this would be him sooner or later. 'No! I won't let that happen, I am the Demon Lord for a reason!' 
    Arnin gritted his teeth as he tried to use the Flames of Neutrality to fight against the new mark he had created. 
    Both of them had about the same strength, so the flames were able to counter them relatively well, however the damage caused by the fighting was even more devastating. 
    'This is not working! I need to find a different solution!' Arnin could now only think, as speaking had become too difficult. 
    Arnin's options were limited. The Flames of Neutrality helped suppress the new mark, however there was still a lot of damage being done. 'What should I do?!'
    He kept thinking about all the possible ways he could deal with the situation. His saber was extremely powerful, however he needed to manually control it in order to do anything, so this would not be a good decision. His tattoos did have abilities that could help, however he didn't have complete control over them either. Plus, he didn't exactly know how to activate them. 
    'Seems like there is only one thing that I can do.' Arnin resolved himself, and resorted to the only solution he could use at the moment. 
    Arnin's mind slowly appeared in front of a large cube that was floating in front of the white saber. Although it felt extremely dangerous, Arnin felt something familiar from the powers. 
    'My powers, I shall use you to help me seal this mark and complete the seed creation.' Arnin's control over his powers was at perfection, however just a tiny bit of strength would absorb essence completely, and it might even destroy his orb. 
    Although this was true, and the risk was high, Arnin knew that there was a way to pull out a small amount of power from the cube, and make sure nothing was absorbed. Although the amount would be very insignificant, almost like a small hair from amidst a million bulls, Arnin felt that even that much would be very helpful.
    The saber. This was something that had the abilities of both the tattoos and the orb. With the saber, Arnin could control some of his original powers without allowing them to do major damage, however the whole procedure was extremely risky. 
    'Let's just take the risk!' Arnin calmed his breathing, and began to use the saber to pull out some of his Demon Lord power. (Authors note: Let us call his original powers, Demon Lord power from now on. The rest of the powers will be the same.)

    The previously white blade was now completely black, however because the saber did have some of Arnin's Demon Lord power during its creation, the saber's ability to control the Demon Lord power was very high. 

    Arnin led the Demon Lord power infused saber towards the tyrannical new mark. He then began to attack the mark ruthlessly, however he made sure not to cause it any damage. He wanted the mark to quickly transform into a seed like the Flames of Neutrality.  

    Another hour passed, and the new mark was completely subdued. There was no more violent or tyrannical aura being released, rather the mark seemed extremely submissive. Arnin couldn't help but sigh in relief, until another problem occurred. His moment of distraction led to the Demon Lord power becoming somewhat out of control. 

    It began to travel throughout his body, aiming for the orb. He went extremely pale. 'Sh*t! It's trying to absorb the orb!' Arnin's face became extremely ruthless. 

    'Don't act so arrogant in here, I am your owner! Stay still!" Arnin yelled towards the power, and unexpectedly, the Demon Lord power halted. 'Go back into the seal!' Arnin said in a serious tone. 

    The Demon Lord power acted as if obeying a god, and went back towards the cube, and sealed itself. Arnin sighed in relief when he saw this. He knew that this only worked out because of the power being extremely insignificant when compared to all of his Demon Lord power. If there was any more, Arnin knew that his orb would have been devoured and he would have lost his chance to cultivate in Afloria. 

    'That was way too close. I need to make sure I find a way to control future problems like this without using my Demon Lord power.' Arnin sighed, but shook his head, and continued to observe the mark slowly transform into a seed. 

    He saw all the damage that happened to his body due to the Demon Lord power. Many of his threads were gone, and even his internal organs were extremely damaged. Arnin felt his body weakening, and knew that if he didn't do anything soon, he would die. 

    Kosok, who Arnin previously faced off against, did not actually leave the tenth floor. Rather, he was waiting outside Arnin's door. He wanted to speak with Arnin, and had some questions. 
    He had been out there for many hours and couldn't help but begin to feel a little impatient. 'What is that kid doing in there? It has been so long already!' He felt a little frustrated, but was also very curious. Although he would sometimes stay inside a cultivation room for a couple of days, he was only able to do so because of his patience increasing with age. 
    Arnin was only five, and he couldn't fathom such a child having such diligence in cultivation. 'Maybe this is why that kid is so strong.' He shook his head and smiled bitterly. 'Seems like I am still incomparable to that kid.' 
    Kosok continued to wait as people who came out of their cultivation rooms looked at him curiously.

    The seed was finally complete. Arnin stared at the seed that looked completely different from the flame like seed of Neutrality. This new seed, although shaped like a seed, looked nothing like his first one. 
    The tip had two extremely tiny black and white seeds revolving around it. The main seed was three different colors, purple, green, yellow. Arnin looked at the three, and could finally feel what the three unknown powers were. When he understood, he felt extreme shock. 
    The purple was Samsara, the green Nirvana, while the yellow was also another form of Nirvana. Arnin was dumbfounded. He knew that Nirvana had two stages, however it was considered impossible to achieve, or have control over both. For the first time, Arnin possessed both of the Nirvana's powers. Previously, he was able to touch upon one of the powers of Nirvana, emptiness, however he was unable to master it. 
    Now, he was able to obtain both of the Nirvana's powers. Arnin was happy, also felt extremely worried. His internal organs were in an extremely bad state. He would die if he didn't get any treatment. Plus, many of his orb threads were absorbed by the Demon Lord power, which weakened him greatly. He felt that his realm was sitting around Orb Birth - Earth at the moment. If he didn't treat his condition right away, he would probably not be able to move further up in his cultivation, plus he might even die because of his injuries. 
    'That power of mine is truly not something I should unseal. Just that tiny amount, even smaller than a grain of sand, was able to put me in such a condition. I have been lowered in cultivation realm, and even my injuries are life threatening. What should I do?' Although Arnin had was highly skilled in medicine, he just couldn't do anything in his current state. He was barely able to move, for if he made any sudden or drastic movements, he would die on spot. Things were looking extremely bleak for Arnin. 
    Suddenly, his eyes began to close. He tried to keep them open by gritting his teeth, but he couldn't with his current state. His essence was slowly leaving his body, and blood also escaped from all over his body. Arnin could feel his organs not being in their proper spots. 
    'Am I going to die? Do I need to unseal my power in order to stay alive?' Things slowly went black. 

    Title: {New Elemental Seed and Life or Death Condition}
  • Chapter 69: Second Thoughts

    Arnin was in a state of panic as his vision slowly blackened. He didn't want to unseal his powers in order to stop the purge that was occuring inside his body, however he felt that if things progressed too far, he would need to completely unseal everything and turn back into his Demon Lord form. 
    'This isn't going too well.' Arnin felt bitter. On the surface, his body could be considered as unconscious, however, Arnin could see everything that was happening inside of his body. A large amount of his orb threads were missing, and even his organs were in a severe condition. 
    'Sh*t! What the heck do I do? I am not awake, so things are even more dangerous!' Arnin would have been able to handle the situation better if he was still conscious, however he was not. He wasn't able to move his body around, and wasn't even able to find a way to heal himself. Right now, if he wanted to do something, he would have to depend on what was inside of his body. 
    Arnin looked through everything and tried to see if he could find any solutions. Right now, the only things inside of him that were in optimal condition were the elemental seeds, his orb (not orb threads), the saber, and his Demon Lord powers. 
    Although his orb threads were damaged and he was in a lower realm than usual, it still wasn't anything life threatening at the moment. Although there was a chance of him dying if the essence continued to seep out of his body, that would not happen right away. The most important things to deal with currently were his physical injuries, however he just couldn't figure out how. He needed something that would repair his organs, and allow his blood to replenish back to the normal amount. Right now, he was bleeding internally, and had lost quite a bit of blood. 
    Normally if this were to happen to him, he would be able to use pills, or other special items in order to save himself, however he currently had no way to get to them. Another problem was that if he did decide to awaken his Demon Lord powers, then there was a large chance of him dying. His body was currently too injured to endure anything like that. 
    Arnin knew that this was most likely one of the most grave moments of his life. Although he had been injured more severely, and had literally been to death's door many times, he had his full power back then. He was able to hold himself longer and slowly heal, however right now that was impossible. Things were extremely bleak.
    'What should I do!?' Arnin was still extremely confused. He had never been placed in a situation where he was physically injured and had no way to help himself. Plus, he was also losing his powers slowly. He had nothing he could do to help himself. 
    As Arnin was in this state, his new seed began to tremble. 'What the hell is happening now?!' Arnin began to get a little agitated when he saw the new seed begin to react. 'Is this seed going to continuing attacking me since I am in this condition?' Arnin cursed the seed inwardly. 
    However just as Arnin was cursing the seed, something strange began to occur. The two tiny seeds that revolved around the tip of the main seed began to shine in a black and white light. The lights traveled everywhere around his body, however Arnin wasn't able to notice any changes. After a while, the black and white light had traveled all around his body, and had even left some of their light in a few places. One could see a jumble of black and white light masking his injured organs, and also surrounding any other part of his body that was injured. 
    Arnin assumed that this black and white light would start to heal him, however that wasn't the case. Nothing was happening. They just surrounding his injured areas, not doing anything. 
    After a few minute passed, Arnin saw another light appear, however this time the light was purple. It was the glow of Samsara. As if breaking through a dam, the light rushed out the seed and went throughout his whole body. Any place that had the black and white began to glow brighter. 

    Outside the door, Kosok was still waiting, however he was feeling a little worried now. Although one could not feel exactly what was going on inside of the room, people could tell if the surrounding energy was changing or being absorbed. This would show if someone was cultivating or not. 
    As he was standing right in front of Arnin's room, he could tell that there was no change to the room's essence. There was a large change before, however for the last hour or so, everything was silent. This very silence worried Kosok greatly. 
    He didn't have great feelings for Arnin, however he didn't find him to be annoying either. In fact, he found the latter to be interesting, and even wanted to ask him some questions. Some were related to the elemental seed that Arnin was able to produce, while the others were related to the reaction Spiras had towards their duel. 
    He wasn't able to understand the reason, however a gut feeling told him that Arnin knew something. 

    Kosok had liked Spiras since the day he saw her, however since she was a teacher and he was a student, a romantic relationship was considered inappropriate. Because he didn't want to ruin his beloved teacher's reputation, he never said much, but he always felt that Spiras might not hate him either. At least he hoped that she felt something more for him than just the feeling a teacher would have for a student. 
    Yet, when he was dueling Arnin, she never tried to help him. He knew that Arnin's attack would hurt him greatly, and also knew that Spiras was aware of this fact, but her not doing anything other than speaking once really hurt him. 

    It was alright if she didn't like him, but to just stand and watch him get hurt was a blow to him. This was the reason he was waiting for Arnin. He wanted to know why something like that happened. He felt that there must be a hidden reason that he didn't know about. Plus, he was hoping that there was a hidden meaning, so then he would be able to feel less hurt, albeit slightly. 
    'What the heck is taking him so long. It's already morning and people have headed to class. This is taking way too long. Is he even cultivating in there?' Thinking about this, Kosok decided to go to the tenth floor information desk, and find out what was happening. (Author's note: Imma call those desks in the middle of each floor, information desks. Like this was where Surk, Spiras, and the two girls were.) 
    Kosok quickly headed towards the information desk, and found that Spiras had been replaced by another teacher. This time, it was a man who looked around the age of thirty. He had long hazel hair and white eyes. These eyes of his looked extremely weird as there was no pupil visible, but people around the same status as Kosok knew that the teacher in front of him had this condition because of a certain cultivation manual he used. It was simply a side effect of it. 
    "Teacher Drem, how are you?" Kosok quickly asked. The teacher in front of him, although he looked young, was extremely strong, even among the Moth teacher group. Plus, he was considered a huge talent during his own generation. This alone was enough for him to receive great respect. 
    Drem turned his head and looked at Kosok with his eerie eyes. For some unknown reason, Kosok felt a chill run down his back, and couldn't help but feel himself become extremely pale. Not only that, but he felt somewhat nauseous. 
    "So it is student Kosok. What can I do for you?" Drem smiled towards Kosok who felt everything turn back to normal. The latter couldn't help but shudder when he remembered his previous state, however he kept a smile on the surface in order to hide his horror. 
    He quickly walked closer, clasped his hands towards Drem, and slightly bowed. The other man nodded his head, waiting for Kosok to speak. "Teacher, I was wondering if you can look into a specific room for me. I want to know whether the person is cultivating or not. If he is not, then I would like to enter the room." Kosok spoke with a smile. 
    The teacher lifted his eyebrow, but he still nodded his head. "Alright, please tell me which room you wish to look into." This was basic information that one was permitted to ask for. They were allowed to know whether the person was cultivating or not. Of course, there wasn't a way to see what the person was cultivating and how, unless they were inside. 
    "The room is in that corner, and is the Life and Death field essence room." Koskok explained. Drem nodded his head, and began to look through a booklet for the room. He found it and passed the book towards Kosok. 
    "As you can see, the person inside is not cultivating, however the room is not free for dueling. This means that the person inside is either asleep, resting, or injured." Drem spoke with a monotone voice. 
    No one knew how, but the rooms in the essence tower were able to determine what condition the person was in, however, there were only three different conditions that could truly occur. The first was the cultivating state, where entry was not allowed no matter what. If someone did enter at this time, then the rule breaker would be punished.
    The second condition was when one was done cultivating, and would be able to leave at any time. This would allow anyone to enter in order to duel. 
    The last condition was similar to the second, however it was a little special. This would be when the person was exhausted from cultivation and would need some rest before continuing, or if they were injured and were unable to continue for a while. During this moment, one could enter the room, however dueling was prohibited. This was only to check on the person inside, in order to make sure that they were still breathing. 
    The third condition was fairly normal in the Tower. People would often feel tired, or get injured quite a bit, so many would not enter the room even if this condition was listed. 
    "Injured? Teacher, do you think that the person inside might be injured?" Kosok didn't really care much for Arnin's health, and he just wanted some information from Arnin. If the latter was injured and in no condition to speak, then that would be detrimental towards his cause. 
    Drem rubbed his chin and pondered slightly. "I am not quite sure. As you should know, the rooms only tell us these three conditions. It is impossible to know what is really happening inside without actually entering the room." He spoke while shaking his head. "Why are you so worried? Is the person inside someone you know?"
    "Yes, Teacher. It is a friend of mine. He has been inside the room since last night and I couldn't feel any changes from the room for the past hour. I am just worried that he might be injured." Kosok sighed a little.
    "Well, since it is the third condition, we are allowed to go inside and check what is going on. Let me lead you in." Kosok's eyes brightened. This was exactly what he wanted. 
    "Thank you, Teacher." Kosok bowed again, while Drem gestured him to stop with a smile. 
    Soon they arrived beside the room, however something completely out of Kosok's expectations occurred. Drem, who was previously smiling, now had a grave face. Sweat appeared on his forehead as he looked extremely alert now. "Teacher?" 
    "Kosok, let me ask you a question. Who is the person inside? Tell me everything you know about him!" Seeing the grave expression on Drem's face, Kosok couldn't help but feel somewhat shocked and confused. 
    "Well, from what I know, his name is Arnin. When I dueled him, he was at Orb Birth - Heaven, however his age only seemed to be around five or six. This is already quite incredible, but that isn't all…" Kosok recounted all the things he knew about Arnin
    Drem, who was listening intently, couldn't help but widen his eyes when he heard the different things about Arnin. He had never heard of such talent, and never even imagined it either. It was just too high. Almost all five and even six year olds would be a Orb Birth - Earth, and even in rare cases, the highest one would at the peak of Orb Birth - Sky. 
    "What else is there?" Drem still couldn't believe what he was hearing, however his face became even more grave.
    "Arnin, although only in Orb Birth - Heaven and extremely young, was able to create an elemental seed. Not only that, but the power of his seed was so strong that I was unable to do a single thing against it." Kosok spoke about Arnin's Flames of Neutrality with fear and awe. Those flames were just too strong and magnificent. 

    Drem almost tripped over himself. Everything he heard about Arnin already was unbelievable, however there something even more ridiculous? Elemental seed at Orb Birth - Heaven? And to add on to that, it was even stronger than the seed of an Elemental Formation - Sky realm cultivator? What the heck!
    "Kosok, are you sure that you aren't making all of this up? This should not be possible, not even in the other four, or even the central section of the human continent. This talent, it is just too…" He didn't finish what he was saying, but Kosok already understood the latter's words. He felt shocked, but understood him as well. Although it still might be possible for someone to find another person that achieved the same realm as Arnin at such a young age, it was impossible to find someone that could form an elemental seed at such a low realm. Plus, that seed was stronger than an Elemental Formation realm's cultivator. 
    "Teacher Drem, every word I spoke was the absolute truth. Even Teacher Spiras was there to witness all of this." Kosok spoke with great seriousness. 
    All of this shocked Drem greatly. He had very high talent as a kid, and could be considered one of the stronger Moth teachers, however even during his time, Arnin would be considered a monstrous, or a demonlike talent. 

    People would have said that he was blessed by the heavens, or even descended from them. Such talent was just too amazing. Yet, all of this did not excite Drem, rather it caused his face to become extremely ugly. 
    "Kosok, if everything you said is true, then something major might have happened inside the room." Before Kosok could even ask anything, Drem quickly did a series of knocks, before rushing into the room. 
    Kosok followed, however when he entered the room, the sight frightened him. 
    The two sides which were evenly cut into life and death fields were not in any good state. The essence in the room was in great turmoil with grass growing and dying at the same time. Plus, craters were everywhere and one could even see a small bit of multicolored flames burning away grass. In the middle of all the chaos was a bloody body. 
    The whole body was a mess. There were lacerations and burn marks all over it. The body was drenched, as if the person had been swimming in a pool of blood. One could even see small bits of of internal organs lying around his mouth, it was as if the person coughed out pieces of flesh. The sight was gruesome.
    Kosok almost barfed at the sight, even with his high tolerance towards gore. Even Drem had a serious face. Both of them would have thought that Arnin was dead, if not for the slight rising and falling of his chest. 
    "T-Teacher, what happened!" Kosok couldn't help but ask while his face was ghastly pale. Right now, he had genuine worry for Arnin. The former was considered a very nice person who loved to see talents and newcomers rise. He was a person who many juniors adored because of his humility and kindness. Although he did just want to use Arnin for his own purposes before, right now, he truly wanted Arnin to stay alive. 
    "I don't know, however I need to report this to someone higher. They might know what is happening. You go and get a medical team here as quickly as possible. Go!" Drem was also considered a good teacher who looked out for the students. Although he would allow injuries and ruthless tempering of the students, he didn't feel that they should die because of the tempering. The academy had a limit, and that was killing. Unnecessary deaths were things that the academy would not allow. 
    Kosok nodded his head as he quickly rushed out the room. As soon as he left, Drem also began to rush out, however he bumped into a familiar face. 
    "Teacher Xillar!" Xillar was older and more experienced than Drem. Plus, the latter looked up to Xillar slightly because of his passionate pursuit towards mark making, even though everyone knew that he was unable to achieve the step to become a Mark Master. 
    "What happened?" Xillar had a serious face when he saw the panicked Drem. 
    "Teacher Xillar, please come and look at this child. I found him extremely injured in this place, and it looks like he is about to die if he does not receive help." Drem spoke seriously. 
    Xillar quickly went into the room. He had been following Arnin for a while, and also felt that something was up. However once he saw the condition of the boy, he couldn't help but feel as though he was electrocuted. Arnin's condition was extremely severe. 
    "W-what happened?!" Xillar couldn't help but raise his voice slightly. For some reason, he felt a slight pain seeing Arnin in such a condition. Although he knew that Arnin was meant to die, he still felt somewhat hurt seeing him like that. 
    The first time he saw Arnin, he wanted the child to do what he himself couldn't. He wanted Arnin to become a Mark Master and achieve his dream for him, but soon he was told to follow Arnin and watch him.
    Although Arnin was excessive at times and he even found the boy to be somewhat frightening and evil, there was still a bit of pride that he had. He had discovered Arnin's talent in mark making, and even considered himself Arnin's mentor, whether the latter accepted it or not. 

    After the principal decided that Arnin should be killed, he felt like his heart had been cut into pieces. He had been watching Arnin ever since the latter entered the academy. Although he knew that Arnin was not going to be loyal to the academy, he never felt the latter to be a threat. He saw Arnin intently focus on his training, and even though Arnin did horrible things to Torne, Kurse, and some of the other students, he didn't truly mind such actions.
    The real world was much more dangerous and wicked, if Arnin was already such a genius and possessed such ruthlessness, one could say that he was mentally ready for the real world. 
    "I don't know, he was like this when I came. A student told me that he was most likely in this state for at least an hour." Drem had serious look on his face. Although he was also extremely anxious, his reaction was more normal, while Xillar seemed to be a little more emotional.
    "Teacher Drem, go and find me the medical staff. Get me a physician right away. It would be best if you could bring Teacher Zilu." Drem was shocked, however he just nodded his head.
    After he left, Xillar couldn't help but sigh emotionally as he walked closer to the dying Arnin. 
    "W-what did you do? What were you doing in order to become like this?" Xillar couldn't help but whisper. He suddenly felt extremely confused. He had always liked Arnin, and considered the latter to be like a disciple, however he never tried to stop the principal from trying to kill him. 
    'Maybe the reason I helped you when you were in trouble was to make sure you weren't going to become an enemy.' Xillar was extremely confused. He couldn't understand his own feelings. He truly never wanted Arnin to become the enemy since they would be on opposite ends. His mission was just to observe him from afar, however he rushed to the scene to save Arnin many times, which made no sense to him either.
    "Xillar!" Suddenly, a voice came from the entrance. The latter looked up with somewhat dull eyes. "Is he dead? Wait… no, he isn't." The person who came in was none other than Kelnorin. 
    "Teacher Kelnorin." Xillar's face went slightly pale. He felt somewhat worried, and even a little anxious now. He didn't know why, but he just didn't want Arnin to die. 
    "Since no one else is here, let us complete our mission and finish this kid off." Kelnorin's face was ruthless when he spoke, however every word that came out of his mouth caused Xillar's fist to clench tighter and tighter. 
    Kelnorin began to walk forward as a spiritual blade similar to Arnin's saber appeared in his hand. Right when he appeared next to Arnin, Xillar's face became ghastly pale.

  • Chapter 70: Fae and Kelnorin

    "WAIT!" Xillar quickly screamed out towards Kelnorin. The latter knitted his eyebrows before looking at Xillar with confusion and even some irritation. 

    "What is it? We need to finish this kid off and make sure that he doesn't become a threat. Are you planning on disobeying the orders of the principal?"  Kelnorin asked with anger. 

    "N-no, that's not it. Inspect him once more. He is not at that high of a realm anymore, plus he is dying already. Do you think he is still a threat?" Xillar pointed towards the blood covered Arnin. He still felt heartache looking at his current state.

    Kelnorin looked at Arnin and began to his own inspection. It was true that Arnin was dying, and that his cultivation was extremely low, plus it was continuing to decrease. "Even if he is already dying, then it shouldn't matter if I end him now, right? Either way, he will die. Move aside!" Kelnorin continued to walk over, and his aura slowly seeped out of his body. Although both Xillar and Kelnorin were considered Moth teachers, there was a large gap between them. Just a tiny bit of Kelnorin's aura suppressed Xillar. 

    He couldn't help but clench his teeth as he watched Kelnorin finally reach Arnin. The spiritual blade in his hand began to swiftly move towards Arnin's head, which made Xillar close his eyes in deep pain and regret. 


    Suddenly, both Kelnorin and Xillar heard something rushing in the wind. Kelnorin's blade didn't stop making its way towards Arnin's head, however he looked at Xillar and screamed. "Block the blade. We have to kill him now!" Xillar looked at Kelnorin and the flying blade that was rushing towards the latter. He hesitated. 

    Kelnorin noticed this hesitation and his face darkened. "Xillar! Block the blade, or else I will make sure you pay for your betrayal!" Kelnorin threatened Xillar, which finally made the him take action. 
    Xillar rushed towards the blade, and just as he was going to block the flying blade, a shadow flew passed him with ridiculous speed, shocking even Kelnorin. He stopped his blade, and parried the incoming figure. 


    Two blades met one another. The shadow did a backflip, falling back, while Kelnorin had his blade ripped out of his hand by the shadow. His body also was pushed back a few steps. 

    "Who is it?!" Kelnorin couldn't see the figure's face, however he felt that it was someone familiar. "Fae? Is that you!" The figure landed on the ground and dropped the blade that was previously in Kelnorin's hand. Then, the figure lifted the hood that hid the face. 

    "Hehe. Master Kelnorin, you are still as evil as ever. You would even try and strike an injured student? Do you not have any shame?" Under the hood, the face of Fae appeared. Her face held the smile that Arnin despised, however this time there was some killing intent hidden in her eyes. 

    "You b*tch! You still dare to come here?" Kelnorin looked at the woman in front of him with anger and extreme hatred. 

    Fae put on a face that looked as if she was offended. "How could I not dare? I was previously a student here, was I not? Plus, weren't you my master back in the day?" Fae played with the blade in her hand while looking at Kelnorin with a smile. 

    "Don't you dare still try and call me your master. You are nothing more than a traitor that was willing to go to the other side!" Kelnorin crossed his hands over his chest. 

    "Master, why do you still call us the 'other side'? Aren't we all a part of the Academy Alliance?" Fae said with a pout, however this only caused Kelnorin to become even more infuriated. 

    "Academy Alliance? Does your side even consider itself an academy? You are nothing more than a slaughterhouse. All of your so called students have their swords pointed towards one another. Murder is as common as grass in your dark academy!" Kelnorin said with deep hatred. 

    Fae couldn't help but shake her head and sigh. "Master, is your side any better? All of your students will eventually become puppets, only to be used by the academy until their deaths. Our academies may allow students to slaughter one another, however we also allow the to have their freedom." 

    "Shut up! You dare to still call me master? Do you even know what that word means?" Kelnorin spoke with his eyes turning savagely red. Fae was his first and only disciple in the past. He treated her like his own daughter, however not only was he betrayed, but she also joined the other side that he completely loathed. 

    "Yes, I do know what it means, however I don't know if you do." Fae said with some anger. 

    "What the hell are you talking about?" Kelnorin's rampaging emotions were completely new to Xillar, who had only ever seen the calm Kelnorin. 

    "You know exactly what I mean. I called you master and treated you like a father, however you only nurtured me to create another puppet for the academy. You are extremely despicable!" This time, it was Fae who lost herself in anger. 

    Kelnorin quieted down. His face calmed down slightly when he saw his previous disciple become angry and lose herself. He couldn't help but sigh. He then looked at Arnin and pointed towards him. 

    "What are you guys planning on doing with this kid? Why are you trying to bring him to your side?" 

    "I do not need to answer your questions. You should already know the reason we want him, however I wonder, why do you wish to kill him?" Fae asked as she slowly moved forward. Xillar kept his guard up, however he didn't take a single step forward, rather he didn't dare to. 

    "You guys want his talent, and so do we, however if he becomes a threat, then he will be disposed of." Kelnorin spoke truthfully. He already knew that the other side knew the reason for the academy's actions.  

    "You guys are still the same. Well, I don't want this kid dead. You have two choices. Either you let him stay in the academy without trying to kill him, or I take him with me to my side." Fae said as she finally arrived in front of Arnin, however she was only a few steps away from Kelnorin. 

    "Why do you continue to give out pointless conditions? You should know me well enough. I will not let this kid live. As long as I live, he will be an enemy!" Kelnorin said as he completely released his aura. "Let me see how much stronger my dear disciple has gotten!" 

    Fae also completely released her aura, her eyes looking at Kelnorin with anger and some conflicting feelings, portraying the complicated emotions she was feeling. "Let's hope that you can still match up to me, or else this might be quite humiliating. Hehe!" Fae lifted her hand and put it over her rosy lips, laughing lighty. 

    Both of them rushed at each other, not showing any restraint. Xillar couldn't help but feel suffocated under the pressure that the two of them released. 

    Kelnorin's fist rushed towards Fae's left cheek, however the latter dodged it and countered with a kick. Although the kick landed on Kelnorin's stomach, it didn't do much damage. 

    Fae used the kick to push herself away from Kelnorin, who was also pushed back a couple of steps. 

    "You have become stronger, Fae!" Kelnorin smiled viciously as he lunged towards Fae. 

    "Master, it seems that you still have strength, even after living for so long." Kelnorin wasn't considered old, rather he was actually quite young. However, one could not tell the difference because for cultivators, age barely affected their appearance unless they were willing to look older. 

    Disciple and master, both of them held hatred for each other, saying that the other was the traitor. They attacked each other without mercy. 

    Xillar watched on. The room was small, and damage was being done to the walls in the surroundings. They were both very close to Arnin's bleeding body. This caused Xillar to panic slightly. Suddenly, both of the fighters stopped. 

    "Fae, you know as well as I do that if we continue fighting, it will attract the attention of others." Kelnorin was lightly panting, however he still looked like somewhat ready for a fight. 

    "Master, then why don't we stop for today? We should continue in the future. I will escort this little one, so don't try to stop me." Fae smiled lightly as her condition was much better than Kelnorin's. Although they looked fine on the surface, only people around the same level as Xillar could tell that Kelnorin had received many internal injuries, while Fae received almost none. 

    'Even Teacher Kelnorin isn't a match for Miss Fae.' Xillar found the situation to be very alarming. Kelnorin was one of the strongest fighters in Lepidoptera Academy, and while Fae was also one of the strongest on her side, it didn't seem like Kelnorin could get any advantage over her. 

    As both of them stopped, Fae went towards Arnin's body and lifted him up lightly. Kelnorin didn't stop Fae, and only watched on with a calm expression, however one could see that Kelnorin's body was trembling slightly. 

    Soon, Fae disappeared from the room. Right after she left, Kelnorin fell onto one knee and coughed up large amounts of blood. "S-she has grown much stronger. I am no match for her unless I make a breakthrough." Kelnorin clenched his teeth, and pounded the ground with his right fist. Under all the anger and hatred, one could see that his eyes carried a hint of sadness and even some… pride. 

    Xillar stood by the side, not knowing as to what he should do. Suddenly, Kelnorin turned his head and looked at Xillar with a glare. "If you didn't hesitate, you know that we could have killed that child, right?" Kelnorin said with anger. 

    Xillar looked down and kept his silence. There was a high chance that Arnin could have been killed if he didn't initially obstruct Kelnorin, or if he didn't hesitate to block the speeding blade. 

    "Since you brought us another threat, you will enter the punishment grounds for a month!" When the words came out of Kelnorin's mouth, Xillar's body trembled greatly. He looked at Kelnorin with fear, however seeing that the latter was extremely angry, he held back his words and didn't say anything, silently accepting. 

    Far away from the Essence Tower, Fae carried Arnin on her shoulder. She had some blood falling down her mouth to her chin, however there wasn't much else. She looked at Arnin, who was lying on her shoulder, and couldn't help but shake her head. "It seems like you have become an enemy of the academy now. This is great!" Fae smiled and said, however Arnin, who continued to watch the amazing changes inside his body, didn't hear a thing. 
    Inside of his body, the purple light was gushing everywhere. All of the black and white lights were glowing brighter and brighter. Arnin could see that all the blood that was previously extremely chaotic was now calming down. Everything inside of his body was now calm, however his injuries were still present. 
    Suddenly, another strange light appeared along with the black and white lights. Arnin looked closer and found that the new brown light that had appeared in his body was actually from the octagonal marks all around his body. Each of them shined with the brown light, attracting the purple light towards them. 
    "T-this!" Arnin saw something that completely astonished him. When the purple light passed through the the brown light, a red drop would enter the symbols. 
    New things slowly occured. The previous shining white light became green and rushed towards the injuries, as if adding life to them. The black light, on the other hand, turned grey, and rushed out of Arnin's body, carrying something dark with it. 
    Arnin, who was still unconscious, was extremely surprised, and even Fae, who was carrying Arnin, could see a grey light coming out of him. 
    "W-what is going on with this kid!"
  • Chapter 71: Purple Runic Eyes

    Arnin watched everything with extreme surprise. The white light that had turned green was actually not green, rather the thing inside the light was green. Arnin tried to feel what the green energy was and became extremely surprised. 
    Vitality! The light carried vitality and life force. Arnin was shocked, however he began to understand something. As a past Demon Lord, his comprehension and ability to understand the unknown was much higher than normal people. 
    'Seems like my body is going through Samsara.' Arnin came to a conclusion. He knew that his condition was so bad that high leveled pills would be required just to heal him slightly, however he didn't have anything like that at the moment, but one thing he did have was an elemental seed that contained the two Nirvanas and Samsara.
    Samsara was the cycle of rebirth and Arnin knew that his body was going through a physical transformation right now. Previously, black and white lights had burrowed themselves all over his body, with his injured areas having the highest concentration of them. After that, a purple light began to move around, making the black and white lights turn brighter. 
    Soon, a brown light, which Arnin knew was from the octogonal marks, began to also appear.
    The purple light then completed another circulation around his body, however this time, things became different. Drops of red blood entered the brown light while vitality and life force entered the white. Now all he needed to do was figure out what the grey light leaving from the black light was. 
    Arnin inspected for a while and found that what was leaving his body was the exact opposite of life force, death energy. 
    This was different from the death essence that one would absorb into their bodies to cultivate. When cultivating death essence, people would absorb it from the outside in order to increase their own understanding and control over death, however the body's death energy was never touched. This death energy, which was inside one's body from birth, would lurk around and try to deteriorate muscles, organs and anything really. 
    It was harmful and the only job of this energy was to slowly kill the main body. Arnin was exhilarated seeing the energy leave his body. Arnin had only gotten rid of the death energy from his Demon Lord body when he first entered the Emperor realm. That took him hundreds of years to accomplish, but it was happening right now for this body, plus the death energy was leaving in enormous amounts. 
    Arnin knew that he was currently being cleansed, and would be completely reborn when he next opened his eyes, however there was one thing that still worried him. His orb threads didn't seem to be going through the same healing process, rather they continued to die and deteriorate. 
    'Is my physical body the only thing that is going through the rebirth?' Arnin had this thought, and the more he looked at his dying orb threads, the more he was assured that this was most likely the case. 
    His physical body would be greatly powered up later on, however he might not be able to live long enough because of his rapid decrease in essence. 
    Time passed, and the green and grey finally turned back into white and black respectively. Arnin could see that there were no more injuries, but everything inside of his body seemed completely different. The organs that were previously injured shined like metal balls. His muscles, which were previously completely torn, looked extremely resilient, as if they were made from carbon fiber. 
    Arnin was extremely happy with the physical changes he could see, however his orb threads and the loss of essence were still a large headache for him. 'Seems like I need to find a way to heal this.' Arnin sighed internally. 
    Fae had been carrying Arnin for over four hours. She had to make a couple of rest stops, not because of her exhaustion but because of Arnin. Although the later was still unconscious, she could sense that a great change was occurring inside of his body. 
    Every half an hour, there would a large release of some grey energy which would cause damage to her own body. This frightened her, so she would stop and place Arnin down. This grey energy was very peculiar, and wasn't something she could comprehend, however she felt that if it lingered around her for too long, then death was certain. 
    It was because of this reason that she stopped and rested, allowing for the grey energy around Arnin's body to disperse. 
    "This kid is something else. What is that grey energy?" Right now, she was looking at the largest amount of grey energy she had seen yet. It was ten times larger in quantity than the previous outbreaks. This caused her so much fear that she moved at least ten meters away from his body. 
    On the outside, the grey energy was rapidly exiting his body, while on the inside of Arnin's body, there were no more flashing lights. 
    Suddenly, the grey light outside of Arnin's body began to transform. It turned from a normal ghastly light that lingered around Arnin's body into a grey beam that shot into the sky with great speed. 
    "W-what is going on!" Fae watched with horror. Where the grey light went, things would disperse. Some clouds would even disappear like burning paper. It was extremely abnormal and frightening. Fae's mouth stayed wide open as she watched the scene with dilated pupils. 
    The calmness in Arnin's body was also completely gone. "What is going on? Isn't the rebirth done? Why are the wounds opening up again!?" Arnin yelled inwardly. All of the great changes that happened before were gone. Although outside his body, a grey light was piercing the sky, inside of him, the purple light was turning into a large ocean.

    His organs were more injured than ever before and even his muscles seemed completely obliterated. 'What the hell?!' Arnin cursed as his consciousness faded into the dark purple area. 

    Ten days went by. This time, Fae was unable to move Arnin's body at all. The grey beam was still present, however it was much larger and terrifying then before. She was over a hundred meters away from Arnin, but she could still feel the terrifying presence of the grey energy.
    There were no trees or grass around Arnin's body. Clouds seemed as though they were hiding from the grey beam, while no animal neared the light. 
    Fae was horrified, and even debated whether she should stay or not. What was happening around Arnin's body was way too ridiculous. "I need to tell Headmistress about this. She needs to know about this before taking this kid in." Fae realized that Arnin was much more terrifying than she could have previously imagined. 

    Suddenly, the grey light completely vanished. Without any warning or anything, it just… disappeared. Right after the grey beam vanished, a green ocean like aura began to sweep through the area. 
    This time, Fae felt extremely comfortable and safe. Grass that was previously destroyed grew with even more splendor. The trees that vanished began to appear everywhere, trying to pierce the sky. The clouds that burned away came out of hiding and began their lazy journey. 
    "H-how?!" Fae was bewildered. Everything that was happening was too astonishing. As a well learned person, she had heard of many tales and stories, but right now, everything was almost too… godly. 
    Fae couldn't help but think that Arnin was a god, albeit just for a second. The way things began to return back to normal and become even stronger and vitalised was something only a high realmed cultivator could accomplish. 
    'Is this kid really only at Orb Birth? Can he be stronger than the Headmistress?' Fae had this thought but she shook her head, denying it. She knew that Arnin was not that strong. Plus, many tests were conducted on him, so there was no way that Arnin could possess such power. 
    Fae just knew that everything she saw needed to be reported. 

    A few days passed, and Arnin finally opened his eyes, however the previous black in his eyes was gone. Right now, his eyes carried a tinge of purple. It looked extremely demonic. 
    Arnin got up, and found that his body was naked. He looked around, however he didn't see anything out of the ordinary. 
    Suddenly, he caught sight of Fae from the corner of his eyes. He saw her standing a hundred meters away with fear and shock on her face. Arnin held his chin and thought about why this would be the case, and related it back to the events that happened inside of his body. 
    His eyes became sharp as he looked at Fae with a deadly stare. "What happened while I was out?" Arnin needed to know what happened, and how much Fae had seen. 
    The latter quickly rushed over, and looked at Arnin with a slight bit of trepidation. She noticed the change in his eyes, and couldn't help but gasp. "Arnin, your eyes. They changed!" 
    Arnin got up and reached for his interspatial bag, which was luckily still on him. It didn't disappear with all of his clothes. He pulled out a small mirror, and looked at his eyes. 
    When he stared long enough, he also couldn't help but gasp. Others wouldn't understand what happened, but he clearly knew exactly why his eyes changed, and what it meant. 'Seems like my physical body has been altered by Samsara.' He knew that this wasn't the only reason.
    His purple eyes were different from normal purple coloured eyes one would see in Afloria. His eyes carried with them a small rune like shape, which was hidden extremely well. The rune was shaped to look like eight small petals, each petal having two smaller horns. 
    The shape was extremely mysterious, however Arnin had read something about Runic Eyes. 
    'Back then, I read about an extremely small group of people having this type of eye. These people are called Successors, however that is all I know.' When Arnin was a Demon Lord, he visited the Heaven Clan, and was luckily able to 'borrow' some of their books. In one of their books, there was a description of many mysterious occurrences. There were various topics, however a certain one intrigued Arnin greatly. 
    There was a special type of eye that only a few selected people could possess. Just like the special bodies, these eyes also had their own abilities or drawbacks. These eyes were called the Runic Eyes. 

    They would appear in extremely small amounts of people, and were one of the most rare occurrences in history. Not even those other places had many Runic Eyed people. 
    Of course, everyone had a different Runic Eye, and a different color. There would never be the same Runic Eye, at least that had never occured in all of history. 
    'Haha! I have Runic Eyes! Doesn't this mean I am also considered a Successor? But of what?' Arnin laughed, but also became confused. People with Runic Eyes were called Successors, however Arnin didn't know why this was the case. He had tried to obtain more information on them, and even confronted the Heaven and Hell Lords about the topic, however neither knew a thing. 
    "Well, since I will be visiting those other places in the future, I could get more information from there." Arnin whispered quietly, however Fae was able to hear him. 
    'What places is this kid talking about? What information does he need?' Fae didn't speak out though. 
    After Arnin consoled himself on the topic, he began to inspect the inside of his body. He completely ignored Fae. 
    He looked at everything thoroughly and the more he looked, the more shocked he became. Currently, his physical body greatly resembled his Demon Lord body, however there were some small differences. 

    His physical body was weaker than his Demon Lord body, however that was because he hadn't trained it as much as his previous body, but that wasn't something that Arnin considered important at the moment. The most important difference was that his muscles and organs were surrounded by a purple hue. 
    The purple hue was actually the Samsara light, however it didn't seem like it was ever going to disperse. It seemed as though the muscles and organs were connected to the purple hue, which made them look sturdier and even more mysterious. 
    'I obtained a lot in this, the Runic Eyes being the greatest benefit, however what should I do about my depleting essence and lost orb threads?'
  • Chapter 72: Fear and Excitement

    Arnin silently stood in his spot, inspecting the purple hue around his organs and also his new Runic Eyes. These eyes, which only a small amount of people knew about in the whole universe, were now with him. 
    This was a great shock but also a pleasant surprise. Arnin knew that at the moment, he was much stronger than before, only based on his physical body, however, his greatest concern was his depleting essence and orb threads. 
    He sat back onto the ground with his legs crossed. Right now, he needed to find a way to prevent any more loss of essence, or at least slow down the process. 
    'This isn't good. With the rate of depletion, it is only a matter of time before the essence in my body runs dry and I… die!' Arnin was feeling somewhat panicky, however, he kept his composure. He had been in many scenarios which were extremely life-threatening, however, right now he was in one of his weakest moments. 
    The heaven-defying pills, godly physicians, or even demonic herbs were unavailable to him. He didn't have anything to fall back on like the past, he had to completely depend on the limited resources that were available to him. 
    His eyes remained shut the whole time. Fae watched Arnin silently. Although she was able to notice the change in Arnin's eyes, that was it. She didn't know what the eyes meant or even what was truly going on with Arnin. 
    Of course, her not asking did not mean that she wasn't curious, rather her curiosity was reaching the clouds. She wanted to know exactly what was going on with Arnin. 
    After hesitating for a moment, Fae resolved her will and decided to ask. "Arnin, what happened? Other than the purple eyes, other weird things happened around you. A grey…" Fae quickly explained everything she saw. 
    The latter didn't notice it, but the more she spoke, the more Arnin's face became grave and ferocious. 'She has seen a little too much.' Arnin smirked slightly as his face became normal once again. He looked at Fae with a deep smile, which Fae was not able to understand. 
    "So, all of that happened? That really is surprising. I truly don't know what happened, I was just in so much pain that I fell unconscious." Arnin shook his head bitterly while showing a surprised look in his eyes. 
    Fae raised an eyebrow and looked at Arnin for a few seconds before also smiling with the same irritating smile. "Well, if you don't know then that is fine. Your physical body is better than before…" Fae said the words casually, however, Arnin was able to pick out the emphasis on the word 'before'. 
    "Yea, I was in a very bad state before, luckily I was able to make it through." Arnin smiled while he spoke, however, his eyes didn't show the slightest bit of goodwill. He didn't plan to do anything as of yet, Fae was much stronger than him, plus he was already injured quite badly. 
    "Hmm, although you look fine on the outside, your essence seems a lot lower than before. Would you mind allowing me to check your orb?" Although Fae spoke as if she was asking Arnin's permission, her movement was anything but. She was already in front of Arnin and had her hand reaching for Arnin's wrist. 
    Quickly, Arnin pulled his wrist back and took a couple of steps away from Fae. "Don't worry about that. I think I should be able to handle such a minor injury." Arnin made sure not to speak in the same manner as he would in the past. Right now, he was alone with Fae, plus he was not able to do anything to her. 
    Even his Demon Lord powers were unusable. Just using a tiny bit almost killed him, plus he wasn't even fully healed and death was nearing. If he released the powers again or even fully unlocked his Demon Lord powers, then death was guaranteed. 
    Arnin knew that at his current state, being too aggressive or even getting on Fae's bad side would result in a dire situation. Fae pulled her hand back as her smile grew a little deeper. "Are you sure? Your condition seems to be getting worse every second." Arnin inwardly spat. 
    'Does this woman not understand something so simple? Or is she doing this purposely? What is her goal?' Arnin kept a slight smirk on the outside, however, he continued to talk down on Fae in his head. 
    "I am truly fine. This is just a simple problem that can be healed with some pills and herbs." Arnin spoke as if it was an everyday problem, however, he knew that death was closing in on him. 
    Fae looked at Arnin with a smile and after a few moments, nodded her head. "Alright then. If you say that everything is alright, then we can head back." Fae turned around and walked away from Arnin, slowly. 
    Arnin waited until Fae was about ten steps away from him before following behind her. Although his cultivation realm was low once again and he had extremely low amounts of essence, his physical body was in an extremely good state. With just his physical body, he was able to keep up with Fae. 

    Kelnorin walked through a dark hallway with his eyebrow locked together. Inside the hallway, there was no rooms or doors. Even a candle only happened to come by rarely. It was a very eerie hallway. 
    After walking for around ten minutes, he finally reached a large, towering stature. The statue was of two insects. One a butterfly, while the other being a moth. 
    He walked towards the right of the state, where the moth figure silently stood. He then used his left thumb to lightly cut his right palm. 
    Blood slowly dripped onto the floor. Kelnorin extended his hand and placed it on a pedestal under the moth figure. The blood began to enter the pedestal and a miraculous sight occurred. 
    The moth figure began to split from the middle. As if a door was opening, the moth's body opened up, revealing a small staircase. Kelnorin walked into the figure and ascended the stairs. 
    The thundering sound occurred once again, as the moth's split body returned back to its previous state. 

    Arnin traveled behind Fae, who leaped from branch to branch. Luckily, he was able to keep up with Fae and he didn't even lose much of his breath. It was all thanks to his new physical body. 
    Fae turned her head and watched as Arnin kept a constant distance from her, however, he never once fell behind. She smiled slightly, but this time the smile had some deeper meaning. 
    "Where are we going?" Arnin asked when he saw Fae looking at him. He wanted t head back to Lepidoptera Academy since he had a lot of things to do still, including Akig's training and also he needed to abide by a contract and care for Lilise and Elidia. Yet, going back would endanger him, so he needed to find a way to get back to the academy without being hunted down by the teachers, especially Kelnorin. 
    "How much do you know about the academies?" Without answering Arnin's question, Fae asked her own. 
    Arnin didn't mind and just pondered for a moment. He knew that right now was the chance for him to learn more about the conflicts and parties of Afloria. Plus, the academy alliance was said to be a very strong alliance, but Arnin knew that not everything was as perfect as it seemed. 
    "What I have been told is that the Academy Alliance is extremely strong and that every academy always has each other back," Arnin spoke about what he knew. 
    When Fae heard this she shook her head slightly, which made Arnin's ear's slightly perked up. "That is both right and wrong. The Academy Alliance is indeed very strong, however only when facing external threats." 
    "Does that mean that the academies are actually not so close?" Arnin asked with a slight smile. He began to feel somewhat excited. 
    "Exactly. On the surface, the Academy Alliance is very strong and close, but that isn't the case. The Alliance is actually split into two major groups. These groups have their own beliefs."  
    Arnin closed his eyes for a moment to ponder something. "When you mean beliefs, do you mean religion or belief in say… teaching." Arnin only mentioned religion because it was something major when related to an individual's or a group's beliefs, but he didn't truly believe that religion was a reason for the conflict in the alliance. 
    Fae looked at Arnin and slightly frowned. She stopped leaping and stood still on a branch, Arnin did the same. The latter watched Fae with a smirk. Fae lifted her right hand and grabbed her lower lip in a seductive manner. 
    Arnin didn't show any reaction and watched on with a smirk, however, his eyes hid a tinge of shock. Noticing that Arnin was unperturbed, Fae faintly pouted, however, this increased Arnin's shock. 
    "You really jest, little Arnin. Religion? Now is that really something an academy should have conflict over?" For some unknown reason, Fae's voice was a little higher pitched and the rushing wind seemed to have stopped in its place. The leaves on the trees froze as if inside of ice. 
    'Could she really have…' Arnin wondered. 
    "Religion is not the reason for the conflict, your second guess was the correct one. Teaching!" Fae said as she extended her arms in the air and stretched, showcasing her curvy body. 
    Arnin continued to remain silent, hiding the shock that began to grow in his body like bamboo. 
    "Why would teaching cause such great conflicts? Even if there are disagreements, shouldn't people with great wisdom find a middle way?" Arnin said in a questionable manner. He ignored the seductiveness of Fae and spoke his mind. Since he was 'five' he could play it off as if he didn't understand anything about the females. 
    "That would be easy if the teaching methods were somewhat similar, however, the two groups have completely different ideologies," Fae said as she fiddled with her hair. 
    "Oh? And those ideologies are?" Arnin had a thought on the ideology of the group that Lepidoptera Academy was a part of, however, he was unsure. 
    Fae smiled with his pearly white teeth before extending her fair hand forward, waving towards Arnin. "Come closer, I will tell you secretly." Her smile seemed extremely beautiful and pleasant on the surface, however, Arnin felt something completely different. 
    Killing intent. Danger. 
    Arnin was not new to these feelings, so he knew that going to close to Fae would result in anything but goodness. 
    Arnin waved shook his head and said with a smile. "That is alright, I will figure it out myself." 
    Fae was surprised at Arnin, however, her smile increased and she couldn't help but hum something silently. 
    The roses are thorny
    And my blood may fall
    But keep them for me
    So I can have them all
    As if a silent devil was lurking in the forest, the silent tune was like a thunder strike to Arnin's ears. 
    Sweat slightly appeared on his forehead as he looked at Fae with something he hadn't experienced in millions of years. Horror. 
    'She… Has… It…!'

    Arnin shook his head as he watched Fae leap off a branch and continuing moving further away.  As her figure began to blur, the sweat on his forehead increased, however a maniac smile appeared on his face. 

    'She has it! She has that… that… f*ck!' Arnin's smile grew wider and wider as if a tiger getting excited after seeing blood. 
    Calming himself down, Arnin's heartbeat became normal as he followed the distancing Fae. The smile on his face, however, didn't vanish, rather the closer he got to Fae, the more demonic it became. 

    The roses are thorny
    And my blood may fall
    But keep them for me
    So I can have them all
    'Sing, you wretch! Haha!' Arnin's inwardly laughed when he heard the lullaby once again. His body was shaking as he closely watched Fae. His Purple Runic Eyes also had some movement. The runes began to move like snakes as if reacting to the lullaby that Fae continued to spout. 
    Fae finished her little lullaby before turning her head, looking at Arnin. When her eyes met Arnin's she froze. The evilness in Arnin's eyes was not hidden, while his smirk seemed even more sinister than the depths of hell. She felt her body lose all movement and even felt as though there was a giant demon-like creature behind Arnin. 
    'W-what is this!'
  • Chapter 73: The Headmistress

    Arnin followed behind Fae with eyes that resembled a hungry beast. Fae decided not to look at Arnin anymore because of those terrifying eyes. For some reason, his new Runic Eye's made her extremely scared, as if she was looking at some ruler. 
    "W-we will arrive at the location in about an hour." Fae decided to break the stifling silence. It was suffocating her and just the glare that Arnin gave her made her want to die. 
    Arnin didn't reply with his mouth, rather he just smirked and nodded his head. His eye's never left Fae's back, he just kept staring. This caused the latter to tremble a little, however, she kept her composure. 
    'What the heck is going on? Why is this kid's stare so weird and terrifying?' Although she loved to tease Arnin and even get close to the latter, right now that wasn't the case. She wanted to be far away from Arnin. 
    "Fae, I have a question for you." Arnin finally spoke after a few minutes of silence. 
    "What is it?" She asked after some hesitation. Unknowingly, she shivered when Arnin spoke. 
    "I just wonder, where did you learn that lullaby?" Arnin smirked and watched Fae's back tremble slightly. 
    "Oh? Are you interested in it?" She asked with a shaky voice, however, she still tried to tease Arnin a little in order to hide any changes to her voice. 
    "Very," Arnin said a single word, however, Fae felt as though she was being judged by the devils themselves. "So? Are you going to tell me or are you going to leave me curious?" Arnin spoke again with great interest. 
    Fae didn't turn her head and took a deep breath. Although she was still quite shaken, she kept her composure on the surface to the best of her abilities. "Well, if you are that interested, then I don't mind telling you." Fae put on a 'gentle' smile as she continued to jump from branch to branch. 
    "This lullaby was created by me." When Fae said this, she secretly turned her head and glanced at Arnin. She tried to be as discreet as possible, not wanting Arnin to see her actions, however when she turned her head to see Arnin, her whole body froze. 
    A towering image of a Demon with three horns. A long white saber in one of the hands of that Demon. This was what she saw behind Arnin. She blinked a few times and the image disappears, however a manic smile appeared on Arnin's face. 
    Sweat fell from her forehead and even her clothes were getting a little wet because of that. 'What the hell was that? That image!' She kept these thoughts in her mind, however, she decided not to speak anymore. She wanted to report everything to the headmistress and see what would be needed to be done about Arnin.
    Arnin felt his blood boil as the runes in his Runic Eyes began to twist and turn. Of course, this was not seen by Fae and would be impossible to be seen by many people. 
    His blood rushed and he felt his heartbeat accelerate. There was fear and also great excitement in his eyes. He continued to look at Fae and licked his lips. 
    Arnin began to calm his breathing and reverted back to his previous state of calmness, however, no one could understand how much his heart was rampaging at the moment. 
    'This little thing really surprises me. To think that I would be able to find another person with that devilish physique. Last time, I wasn't able to get a hold of the physique because of that woman's early death, but this time I need to make great preparations.' Arnin's thoughts began to turn like a gear. 
    A single woman appeared in his mind. There was no love or hate when she appeared, however, the only thing that ran through Arnin's mind was obsession and greed. 

    An hour passed and Fae finally led Arnin out of the forest. When they escaped the large forest, the first thing that caught Arnin's attention was a certain smell. He sniffed the air a couple times before he looked at Fae with a smirk. 
    "It seems that this place is not as clean as I thought," Arnin spoke with a smirk. Fae was shocked at Arnin's words before showcasing one of her famous smiles. 
    "No wonder you are different from other people. You really are a special case. You probably have figured out that the smell is of blood, am I right?" Fae looked at Arnin while maintaining her smile. 
    Arnin didn't answer and only smiled back at her. This time, Fae noticed a change in Arnin's eyes. In the past, there would always be some disgust and annoyance hidden in his eyes when he looked at her, but now a completely different sparkle was present. 
    It was dangerous and Fae couldn't help but take a step back, however, this was an unconscious action. It was as if her survival instincts were warning her to stay away from Arnin. 
    "Well, since we are here, would you mind telling me where this is?" Arnin turned his head and looked at the sight before him. Other then the smell of blood, he could distinguish that there was a lot of sweat and other kinds of nauseating stenches in the air. However, Arnin didn't find any of the smells annoying rather he continued to maintain his smiling expression. 
    The place that Fae brought him to was different than expected because all he could see was a large hill. This hill was different from other ones because of the tens of holes that were on it. 
    "This place is one of the hideouts for the academy I am from," Fae spoke with a casual tone. She, however, kept an annoying smile planted on her face. 
    Arnin nodded his head and began to closely examine the area. Everything else seemed normal, however, he felt a threatening aura from one of the holes in the hill. It was the hole directly in the center, plus it eh smallest of all the holes. 
    "If you are going to continue lurking in the dark, then I might take that as you being hostile." Arnin smiled before speaking in a loud voice. 
    Fae looked back at Arnin before looking at the smallest hole. There was some surprise in her eyes, but she kept it hidden. "Headmistress, this is the boy. You can come out now." She also knew that someone was hiding in the hole but that was only because of the person releasing there aura purposely for her to detect, but she had never thought that Arnin would be able to detect that subtle aura. 
    "Hehe! This boy is really something different, I never thought that he would be able to find me so easily." A woman's voice came from the smallest hole. Arnin Kept his guard up, however, he kept a mocking smile on his face. 
    "So, it seems like you are the big dog around this place? Why the need to hide? I don't bite." Arnin spoke ruthlessly. He didn't fear being attacked by the other party since that would be detrimental to them. Arnin already figure that the other party had some uses for him, so there was no way they would attack him, 
    "Little boy, you need to watch what you say. You never know when those words could cause your death." The woman's voice had no fluctuation, it continued to hold some interest. 
    "Maybe, but will you kill me. Rather, can you?" Arnin shrugged his shoulders and didn't intend on backing away. 
    "Haha! You really are a funny one." The woman's voice sounded out from the hole. There was no anger in the voice, it continued to be playful and interested. 
    Finally, the woman who was speaking from the center hole walked out into the open. She looked around her thirties, but Arnin could feel that she was much older than that. 
    The woman had short silver hair and chocolate skin. Her eyes were ink-like, however, something that made her threat level really high was the fact that Arnin was unable to sense her power. 
    'Interesting.' Arnin smirked when he was unable to tell what cultivation realm the woman was at. 
    "I presume that you are the leader of this so-called cult?" Arnin continued with his sharp words. 
    "Hehe, you are right. I am the leader, or you could say the principal." The woman didn't get offended and just continued to casually speak with Arnin. Fae kept her silence, however, something that surprised Arnin suddenly occurred. 
    The woman walked out of the hole and when he thought that she would leap onto the ground, he found that she began to slowly step on the air. It was as if there was a platform hiddenly put on the air for her, however, Arnin knew the real reason for this. 
    'Flight!' Arnin was only shocked for a moment before smiling inwardly. The real reason he was shocked was not because of the hidden cultivation realm of the headmistress, rather because of the low cultivation realm needed for flight. 
    From his knowledge, almost in any world he visited, the ability of flight was only possible after one reached the Fusion Realm, which was only two realms lower than the Emperor Realm. However even achieving this would require a talented person at least a few tens of thousands of years. 
    Arnin knew that there was a possibility of people being in the Fusion Realm inside Afloria, however, he was certain that the headmistress was nowhere near that level. 
    'Seems like the order in this world is a little different than the outside. This weird power continues to intrigue me more and more.' Arnin couldn't help but smirk when he thought of the weird energy that powered Afloria. 
    "Since you are here, let me introduce myself. I am the Headmistress of Thorn Academy." Arnin nodded his head before looking at Fae with a smile. 
    "Does that mean that this so-called Academy is a part of the group that opposes Lepidoptera Academy?" Fae nodded her head with the same irritating smile, however, this time Arnin did not scoff. He continued to star at Fae and even licked his lips in front of her, allowing her to see every one of his actions. 
    Fae couldn't help but tremble slightly at such a sight. She quickly looked away and continued to stare at the headmistress. 
    "How much did Fae tell you about this place and the two opposing sides?" Arnin felt everything distort in front of him before finding himself standing inside one of the holes. Beside him was the headmistress who looked at him with a smile. 
    "I know nothing of this place and only know that there are two opposing powers in the Academy Alliance. She has told me nothing else." Arnin pointed towards Fae with his thumb.
    "Than, let me clear some things up for you. The two opposing sides have different methods of teaching the students. The side that Lepidoptera Academy chose was a gentle, yet snake like method. I won't go into to too much detail though." Arnin nodded his head. He knew that right now was not the best time to know everything. Plus, he would be able to figure out things himself later on. 
    "As for Thorn Academy, we have a more aggressive teaching style." The headmistress spoke with a mysterious smile.
    "When you mean aggressive, do you mean…" Arnin caught on quickly and also smiled somewhat. The headmistress gave an approving nod to Arnin before pushing his back slightly forward. 
    "Keep walking straight, you will see what we do here." She spoke a little more before vanishing into thin air. 
    Arnin nodded his head and walked into the dark tunnel. He didn't have much hesitation, rather he felt some adrenaline. He already had a feeling as to what he would see, so he felt a little excited. 
    Half an hour passed and Arnin noticed a light in the distance. When Arnin saw the light, he noticed a small red gas appearing around the exit. Arnin sniffed and smiled. 
    'Blood!' Arnin walked closer and suddenly a few sounds landed in his ears. 
    "Hiya! Hah!"
    "Take that! ARG!" 
    Arnin walked towards the edge and when he saw the scene in front of him he nodded his head in satisfaction. It was a scene that he loved to see. 
    Desperation. Fear. Anxiousness. Bloodthirsty. Excitement. Horror. Despair. 
    These expressions that appeared in the faces of others were things Arnin enjoyed to see. Especially when he was bored out of his mind. 
    In front of him, thousands of people were having a bloody battle. Death and tears were everywhere. Every single person on the ground was between the ages of twelve and twenty. 
    There were blades in some hands, while knives in others. People were screaming in both fear and excitement. Others were crying with blades either entering their bodies or another. 
    The sight in front would have broken down many people, and probably would have angered them, however to Arnin, such a scene was nostalgic. It reminded him of the battlefields that he would go to during his time as a Demon Lord. Of course, back then things were much more horrifying. Death was a wish many had back then. 
    Suddenly, Arnin felt something tap his back, pushing him forward, towards the battlefield. He turned his head and saw the Headmistress looking at him with a smirk. "This is a test for you. Make it out alive and prove to me that I didn't waste my time." She then disappeared. 
    Arnin ignored the Headmistress' words. He wasn't going to do things for her, rather he wanted to join the battlefield in front. 
    'Although I am losing essence quickly and death is near, that doesn't mean I cannot fight. Let's test out how great this new body of mine is!'

    Soon, I will stop uploading here and will only Upload on Webnovel and Wattpad. Sorry about this and if you wish to continue reading I hope you can check out these two webs :)
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