The Dark Demon Lord



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  • Chapter 23: The First Mark

    The white saber dimmed as the weakening progressed. The threads were strong in their ability to weaken and the tattoos were also not falling behind in their control. The light they shot out was slowly taking control over bits and pieces of the blade. If the saber was any stronger, than the whole situation would have been hopeless. However, with the weakening and controlling abilities being used at the same time, the process was moving quite smoothly. 
    Arnin was delighted to see that his plan was working. If he could control the blade then he would be able to continue with his marking test. Although, if he used the tattoo and the threads together, the effect would be similar, but there was a problem with this. He was unable to guarantee that another problem like the one that occured in the cave, would recur. Not just that, but the blade would have an equilibrium between the abilities, allowing for more precise control. The blade was just a much better way to continue with the procedure. 

    Outside his body, Arnin was unable to notice that a group of teachers had appeared. Not only that, but Kelnorin was standing on the side, observing seriously. When he had arrived to the location, he questioned Xillar as to what was going on. When he heard about the situation, he couldn't help but take the matter extremely seriously. Beside Kelnorin was a middle aged man. His hair was tied up and placed behind him, his slender figure releasing a domineering aura. His resting abyssal hair swayed under the wind pressure that Arnin was creating. This man was the principal of Lepidoptera Academy. He wore a similar robe, but his was golden. The moth and butterfly were the same as the other robes however. 
    "Xillar, Kelnorin, this is the boy? The one that has to go through the third test?" The principal looked at Arnin calmly. His eyes contained a hint of pleasure when he saw what Arnin was doing. He couldn't help but be gratified that such a gifted student was coming to his academy. Kelnorin and Xillar saw the hint of happiness and pleasure, and couldn't help but say something. 

    "Principal Alastar, this boy may be a danger to us. Shouldn't we lock him up or even…" Kelnorin was very happy when he first met Arnin. However, after he saw Arnin's current state, he was feeling threatened. He didn't know if Arnin would become a disaster to the academy in the future, which was why he wanted to get rid of him early. He would rather sacrifice a child for his academy than the other way around. Talents appeared everywhere. Although rare, they would still appear randomly. Arnin was just too talented and could even be slightly dangerous. 

    "Kelnorin, as a teacher, why are you saying such things? Didn't you want to recommend this child for the third test? Isn't he what you called the Demon talent? So why are you becoming too hasty now?" Alaster joked with Kelnorin. He also felt a threat from Arnin, but he didn't want to get rid of him. He wanted to allow Arnin to grow and see what would become of him in the future. 

    "Principal, I know that I have suddenly changed my mind, but this child could become a major threat. We need to ensure the safety…" Alaster lifted his hand to quiet Kelnorin down.

    "We will do no such thing. He will also not do the third test...yet. Right now, we will allow him to join the academy and treat him like any other student. He will receive adequate guidance and will not be given special privileges. I will think of something later on, but for now we will only observe him." The principal walked away from Arnin, leading many teachers with him.

    "Also, do not mention our gathering to him for now. Xillar, you stay here and continue with the test. The rest of you, get back to position. Make sure he doesn't find out that I came!" With that said, Alastar disappeared from sight. Kelnorin and the rest took one last glance at Arnin before also disappearing. 

    Xillar stood alone. It was still bright outside and the crowd of people that were here left when the teachers gathered. Luckily, that crowd did not hear anything about the principal or anything related to Arnin, or they would have gotten in deep trouble. He continued to watch Arnin with a relaxed look.

    "I truly hope that you don't become something that must be destroyed in the future."

    Inside of Arnin's body, the blade that was previously dimmed and going through the process of being controlled, floated in his mind. The white flames returned to normal and the blade was no longer unmovable. Arnin was extremely delighted that he could control the saber now. Although he was limited to using very little power from the blade, it was still more than enough for him. 
    The blade floated in front of the cube that sealed his powers, not going higher or lower. It was like a trapped mouse. Arnin thought of controlling the saber with his mind and extracted some power from it. Unlike the bright light rays from the tattoos, the threads from the orb and the gas from his sealed power, the saber didn't release anything. The whole blade itself transported to the location where it was needed. Arnin was bewildered by the discovery. He followed the blade to his fingers, but he found that the blade only got as far as his palm. It didn't go to his fingers. Arnin was confused but also somewhat worried. He needed the blade to get to his fingers in order to make this work. If that didn't happen, then how would he create marks? Just as Arnin was crazily thinking of ways to make the blade go to his fingers, the blade began to split. The single blade turned into five similar ones. All the new blades had the same characteristics and looks; white with grey. 
    It was then that it hit Arnin. The blade didn't release a type of branch, rather it was able to create more versions of itself and use those as branches. The multiple blades traveled to his fingers and pierced through, however Arnin felt no pain. Rather, he felt a weird energy begin to enter his body. He hurriedly came out of his body and was astonished by the sight. 
    His fingers had white blades coming out, which looked somewhat like nails. Not only that, but the blades were surrounded by multiple colors. Arnin tried to feel them out and understood that all of these were the colors of essence. Although there was the worldly essence in there, Arnin also felt some other essences. After thinking for a few minutes, Arnin figured that there were essences from sun as well as other places, however what he needed was the essence from the sun. Arnin quickly soaked his hand in the sunlight, which increased the amount of red and white. He was able to see that the red and white were brighter than the other colors. Arnin  assumed that these were the life and flame essence from the sun. 
    He was now able to gather solar essence, which let him complete step one. The next part was about him figuring out a way to isolate these two essences onto his fingers. He only needed the flame and life solar essences, nothing else. Since he had the saber under his control, he was able to easily think of a good method to complete this. What he thought of was having another saber coming out of his palm, but this piece will absorb all the essences except the solar ones. He would take the solar essence with his fingers while the rest would go to his palm. Arnin had his palm begin absorbing the essence, whenever he felt a solar essence make its way to his palm, he would use his finger saber blades to wrap them up and drag it back towards themselves. 
    This was the first time Arnin was executing such a skill, so he had to do everything manually. After his control over his blades increased and his knowledge on the essences furthered, then he would be able to make the process much quicker. 

    Xillar watched on the side with astonishment. Although he felt a threat from Arnin, now that Arnin was able to control his blade, and the orb and tattoos were silent, he went back to his previous harmless look. However, Xillar did not expect that Arnin would grow claws or white blades from his fingers. When he saw the essence gathering around the white blades, he was even more astounded. How could a five-year-old have such an ability? He just couldn't believe it. 
    "Now that I can gather solar essence, what I need to do next is the most important part. I needed to find the best way to create the mark using the solar essence. Luckily I was able to isolate the solar essence to my fingers, so I won't need to worry about the interference of the other essence types." Arnin suddenly began to explain what he was doing. Xillar was grateful that Arnin was doing such a thing. Although he wouldn't explain how he accomplished the things he was doing, it still helped to know what his goal was for each step. "Since the solar essences are isolated from the rest, now I can do the most important step. The goal for me right now is to find the sequence needed to create each mark. As I am working with solar essence which has only two components, I can find the sequence easily. There is really only two, either life is first or second. But that isn't the hard part, the most difficult part is to understand how much of each component is needed." Arnin kept explaining calmly as he flipped to the first page in the book. The first page consisted of about a hundred marks. The name of the mark was written down, as well as how it looked. Arnin nodded when he saw the first mark. It was called Hal. It looked like 'Z' that was rotated slightly and the ends each had a circle. It was a simple mark that didn't require much. Arnin began his first test, he started drawing with his first theory about the essence components. The sequence that he chose was life-flame-life.
    Life is born into the world through birth and creation, using lots of power, then the life loses its flame and dies. With the burning of the life, rebirth occurs through the flames of death, creating new life. This was his thinking and so he chose the sequence that he did. The first life he would use would create half of the mark, then the flames would create a small twenty percent. The second life would use thirty percent. He needed a mark that would be one hundred percent essence, so this was his way of going about it. 
    He began to finally create the mark. Xillar, who was watching, knew that this was a vital step, so he held his breath and watched carefully. He didn't want to make a single sound. 
    Arnin used his index finger to draw. The blade that was coming out touched the ground and began to release the essence the way that Arnin wanted. Arnin decided to draw the main base of the mark with the life component. The base was about seventy percent of the mark so he could not completely cover it in life essence. He stopped drawing after he got a good part of the base done, next came the red flame component. This would be much harder to control then the calm life component. The flames would become chaotic and move around rapidly. He needed to contain in the spot that he needed to fill. 
    Red essence released from his fingers when he began. Sparks flew out, causing the mark to twist somewhat, looking life-like. Arnin knew that this meant the flame component was taking over more than just the twenty percent. It was trying to control the base as well. The blade increased in length, releasing the white flames that it was made of. This helped to increase the control over the flame component, but it still wasn't enough. Arnin began to think of a way to make the flames more calm. 
    Xillar watched silently from the side, sweat pouring down his forehead. He saw that the red component was moving against what Arnin wanted, which meant something was going wrong. He wanted to step in, but he knew that this test was meant to be done by the individual. 
    "I am sorry Arnin, but you must complete this yourself." (Author note: Boi, Arnin can do it, why don't you just watch from the side? ;). Peasant!) Xillar clenched his fists.
    Suddenly, Arnin's finger blade stabbed through the ground where the mark was being drawn. However, it stabbed into the ground where the flame mark was supposed to be drawn. His finger then moved the blade through the path where the flame component was supposed to go. The chaos ended and the flame component was more calm. Arnin used his pinky blade to fix the life component, which the flames ruined. 
    Half an hour passed by, and Arnin finally completed the base. All that was left was the circles on each end. Arnin changed his plans when this came around. At first, he wanted to complete the mark with the life component, but he found that his white flames actually had a similar, yet stronger form of the life component. Plus, the white flame also had the properties of the flame component, which would make a better finish. 
    Arnin began to create the circles, but he did not do them one by one. The only way to complete the mark was if he made the circles at the exact same time. He knew this because of his past experience with his own symbols. 
    Arnin began to create the circles, which took him over an hour. The circles, which were the last, and should have been easiest step, were in actuality the hardest and most dangerous. The circles were meant to finally link the whole mark together, which was why the life component would not be able to complete the step. One needed all components involved to complete the step. 
    The mark was finally completed. Arnin took a deep breath and fell onto his back and layed on the ground. Sweat was pouring down his forehead and down his cheek. His chest was rising and falling, while the blades went back into his body.

    All of a sudden, the completed mark began to shine in a golden light. It was so intense that both Arnin and Xillar had to block the light with their hands. They were unable to directly look at it. 

    "Arnin, what is going on?" Xillar called out from the side. When he saw the mark being completed he was extremely excited, but with the turn of events, he became worried. 

    "I don't know! Let's just wait and see." Arnin didn't turn back. There was also worry written on his face. Although this was his first time creating a mark, and the process was actually very different from the symbols, he didn't want to fail after he completed the final step. 

    Ten minutes flew by, the golden light dispersed. Arnin moved his arm away and rubbed his eyes. After the blurriness disappeared, he saw a strange sight. The mark that was previously created from three colors, was now one. The color of the mark was an extreme pink. The mark looked the same, but the power that it exuded was ten times the one from before. Arnin looked in astonishment. Xillar who saw Arnin's reaction chose to walk over as well. When he saw the pink mark, he couldn't help but release a shout of surprise. 

    "That mark was completed! Not only that it blended into the pink level!"
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  • Chapter 24: Mark Master

    Arnin became confused after Xillar's exclamation. What was pink level? He could also see that his mark was pink, but what did that mean? Was it strong, weak, or extremely rare? Xillar noticed Arnin's blank face. He couldn't help but sigh at Arnin's talents. 
    "There are different levels of Mark Masters and marks. This is something that you should have already guessed. 'Being a demon talent'." Xillar whispered something under his breath that Arnin couldn't catch, but he decided to ignore it. "The marks one creates are separated into eight strengths: orange, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, silver. The first is the weakest and the last is the strongest." Arnin began to understand what was going on. He was able to create a pink mark which was the second type of mark one should be able to create. 

    "Then what I created is not something a beginner should be able to make? That's understandable. My method is unorthodox so things would of course be different. I am also guessing that each level of mark determines the strength of a Mark Master." Arin basically understood how a Mark Master's strength was determined.  

    "Umm… yea. Arnin you are a little too smart for your age, you should make sure that you are careful though. Some don't like the smart." Xillar gave out a friendly warning. He didn't want Arnin getting killed prematurely because of his wits. (Author note: Didn't you just want to kill him? Faker!) 

    "What? Are you saying that there may be people who want to get rid of me? If they come after me, they might not be able to return, so I don't mind. Now, back to the test. What is the strength of my Animo?" Arnin knew he could handle many people, but that could only happen if he relied on his sealed strength. He wasn't worried about his life, rather he was worried that he would have to one day release his powers, which would ruin his whole reason to reincarnate. 

    Xillar couldn't help but widen his mouth because of Arnin's confidence. However, after he felt Arnin's terrifying aura, he knew that Arnin was not as weak as he seemed. 

    "Of course! So the way Animo is measured is very similar to cultivation levels. Just as the first level of cultivation is Orb Birth - Earth, the first level for Animo is Animo Birth - Earth." Arnin nodded his head when he understood this. Although both Animo and the Orb were related to an individual's power, they were still separate systems. Animo was spiritual power that used the mind, while the orb was more physical that used the whole body. 

    "Well, what level would I be at?" Arnin understood the basics', so he just wanted to know where he stood. 

    "Your Animo is difficult to understand because of the way you made the mark. Usually, Animo is unseeable until one reaches a frightening stage, however I was able to see a form for your Animo." The more Xillar spoke, the more Arnin understood the saber. He didn't know what the blade was at first, but it seemed like it was related to Animo. If the orb was his power, then that could only mean that the tattoo were his Animo. If his orb and Animo were able to mix to create the saber, then that blade was possibly something frightening that could use the powers of both Animo and the orb. 

    "The what about my Mark Master level? We can discuss Animo later, but what I want to know is whether I am able to be called a Mark Master." Arnin figured that his tattoos were his Animo holders, which explained how they had the ability to control other things. Animo was based around one's ability to control the essence and other powers.
    "Your Mark Master rank is pink. Just the like the eight colors for marks, the Mark Masters are also differentiated through those colors. You really are a talent Arnin, I have never heard of someone skipping Mark Master levels on their first trial. You are the first." Xillar couldn't help but praise Arnin's talents. Not only did Arnin create his own method of mark making, but he also skipped a level of Mark Masters. Xillar couldn't help but self-mockingly laugh. He wasn't able to even pass the test, let alone skip a level. Arnin was just too talented. 
    "Oh yes, Arnin. I got a message from Kelnorin saying that the three conditions don't have to be discussed anytime soon. He said to just proceed into the academy after you finish with your test here. You are officially a student of Lepidoptera Academy!" Xillar took his hand out and brought it in front of Arnin for a shake. Arnin raised one eyebrow, but didn't move his hand.
    "What happened? What's with the sudden change?" Xillar was surprised that Arnin didn't shake his hand or even seem happy. 
    "I don't know what happened, but it seems like the three conditions are to be given at a certain age. You are not of that age, so you don't have to receive them yet." Xillar went ahead and made up a lie. He couldn't tell Arnin that the principal made the decision when he saw him. 
    Seeing that Xillar wanted to hide something, Arnin thought that he would investigate the issue himself. For now, he was considered a student of the academy so they had to have some resistance towards him. Arnin brought his small hand into Xillar's and moved it up and down. 
    "Well, thanks then. You can explain the rules of the academy tomorrow. I have to wait for some people who will be arriving tomorrow, so I am going to find a place to stay. Unless you have a place that students can reside in?" Arnin questionably looked at Xillar. As an academy, they must have a place for students to stay, at least in the town that they protected. 
    "Of course we have a place for students. I will have a student lead you there. I am going to go and get you a student robe and identity card. I will come back tomorrow." Xillar quickly explained the plan. Arnin was okay with being led by a student. He didn't mind who led him, as long as he made it to his destination. 
    "Just to clarify with you, my beast, Vilis, will be staying with me in the academy and in the student houses. This is not me asking you, but telling you." Arnin didn't give Xillar an option when it came to Vilis. Xillar didn't hesitate and nodded. 
    "That is no problem. We will just need to assign a 'tamed beast' card. It will tell others that Vilis is under your protection." Arnin nodded. 
    Xillar turned around and rushed to find a student to lead Arnin to the student quarters. Ten minutes passed when he came running with a group of students. When Arnin saw the group, he couldn't help but release a smile. It was Dane's group. 
    "You guys are already heading over to the student housings, so take him there as well. Tell the people from the front desk that he will be getting a free room, and put it under teacher Kelnorin's name. Hehe!" Xillar smirked when he thought of using Kelnorin's name for the housing and how he would react.
    Dane looked at Arnin and couldn't help but nod. He already knew about what happened between Arnin and Brajus. Dane understood that Arnin was extremely strong, and Brajus didn't have the same hate that he did before. Brajus only disliked Arnin because he assumed that Arnin was a danger, but he later found out that Arnin was actually going to attend the academy. Dane's group however, did not have the same thought process. They only remembered surrounding Arnin and getting ready to attack him. 
    "Teacher, this kid is dangerous. We can't take him to the student house. We found him alone in the forest that was under our school's protection. He is too suspicious." The young boy with the spiky black hair spoke out. He was the one that looked similar to Brajus and was the one that Arnin heard when he was by the lake. 
    "Student Lekro, this is Arnin. He has passed the requirements to join the academy and is now a fellow student of yours. You will treat him the way you treat your other classmates, do you understand?" Lekro shook under the yell of Xillar. He never thought that Arnin would become a student of the academy. 
    "Yes, teacher Xillar." His voice came out like a whisper. Lekro couldn't help but glare at Arnin for getting him trouble. 
    "Dane, you will be in charge of Arnin until tomorrow. I know I can trust you, so make sure he gets his room and comes to the academy after meeting with whoever." Xillar spoke to Dane with seriousness. He understood Dane's quiet but mature personality. 
    "Got it." Dane agreed without any hesitation. He didn't have hate for Arnin, only suspicion, but now that Xillar was able to confirm that Arnin was a student of the academy, his suspicions dropped. 

    Arnin and Vilis silently followed the behind the group. 
    "Why didn't you tell us that you were going to the academy?" Lekro pulled back and spoke to Arnin questionably. 
    "I've always wanted to speak to a person with short term memory." Arnin mocked Lekro.
    "What did you call me? I have a great memory!" Lekro defended himself. Anger was written all over his face. Why was Arnin teasing him for no reason? 
    "Lekro, Arnin did tell us. We just didn't listen to him." Dane spoke up before things got worse. Arnin mentioned the reason he was in the forest alone, but they were just too blinded with suspicions to even listen to him. Lekro became extremely embarrassed. He asked a dumb question and thought that Arnin was mocking him. He scratched his head and became silent. 
    "Arnin, since we are now fellow students, let me brief how the academy works." Arnin nodded his head while he walked. "The academy has two groups of people; the butterflies and the moths. The butterfly are the normal students who receive normal education and are the largest group in the academy. My group falls under this category. We have normal talent and have average cultivation rates. The Moth group consist of the talented students. They recieve much higher education and resources, however it is harder to survive there as well. The talented have to earn their resources and education, they don't just recieve it." Dane spoke about the two groups for a bit. The others had a look of worship when the Moth's were mentioned. 
    "From what I know, you will most likely enter the Moth group in the near future, however you will begin in the butterfly group." Dane's words were like a lightning strike to the others. Lekro couldn't help but look at Arnin with surprise. He lifted his finger and pointed at Arnin, trembling slightly. 
    "H-he is going to the Moth group? How? He doesn't seem talented." Lekro went into denial. He couldn't accept the fact that Arnin was going into the Moth group. 
    "It is true, Lekro. He defeated Brajus during the battle test. He has more than enough talent to go into the Moth group." Dane confirmed Arnin's talents. 
    Dane looked at Arnin for a few seconds before turning his head. He was also surprised when he heard that Arnin was able to defeat Brajus in a fight. He felt Arnin's cultivation when he first met him. He knew that Arnin was only in Orb Birth - Sky level. However with the Brajus confirming that Arnin truly did defeat him, Dane had no choice but to believe it as the truth. 
    "Arnin, I am not in the Moth group so I can't explain much about it, but I am able to tell you some things about the butterfly group. We are larger in number, but by the time we leave the academy we will either be in Orb Birth - Heaven, Essence Manifest - Earth, or even Essence Manifest - Sky. However, the last one is rarely seen." Arnin understood that the students of the Butterfly group did not have high talent. 
    "What about the Moth group? What is their cultivation in the end?" Arnin needed to know how fast they grew so that he would understand the speed he would grow at, or at least approximate the rate of growth for himself.
    "The Moth group is special. The talent there is very different. The lowest of the talents graduated with Essence Manifest - Heaven. Everyone else would usually graduate by entering the Elemental Formation realm." Everyone in the group released a sigh. They couldn't help but feel dejected about the fact that they would not achieve that realm, any time soon. 
    Arnin nodded his head and silently remembered the realm's name. He finally found the name of the realm after Essence Manifest. If a student was able to achieve such a realm, then that meant the world had many realms that he could achieve. He became excited about increasing his cultivation to levels that were only achieved by the strongest. 

    Dane noticed Arnin's excitement and didn't say anything. Who wouldn't be excited after learning that they would join a group where only the talented gathered?  

    "Arnin, you have to remember this though. The Moth group is very competitive. Fights happen very often because resources are limited. Only the strong are able to receive anything in that group. I recommend that you join another party so that you can receive some resources as well." Dane warned Arnin from the goodness of his heart. He didn't have any negative feelings towards him anymore, so he was willing to provide some tips. 

    "Thanks Dane. Your information is helpful, I will keep this favor in mind." Arnin decided that he would spare Dane in the future if they became enemies, but it would only be a one time spare if he decided to fight him again and again, then he would of course rip him to shreds.
    Dane felt that Arnin didn't look that thankful. He also felt Arnin to look somewhat frightening when he smiled at him.  

    As the group proceeded on, a large building came into sight. It was very tall, and was shaped like a small castle. The materials looked like limestone and glass. The windows were tinted with red, which Arnin assumed was a defense mechanism. The white walls also had some black symbols here and there. Arnin gave them a short glance before turning his head towards the towering door. 

    "Arnin, this is the student building in the town. It is well protected by a barrier and is hard to invade. We will be staying here until tomorrow." Dane walked up to the large doors and grabbed onto the handles. He pulled and the doors slowly opened. 

    The creaking of the door seemed to annoy Vilis greatly, as he went prone onto the ground, covering his ears with his giant paws. Arnin ignored the actions of the beast and only stared straight ahead. When the doors finally completely opened, the group walked in, Arnin following behind. 

    Entering the large building, what met Arnin was not an open area or high ceilings, rather it was a closed space where there was nothing but a front desk and two doors. Dane walked to the front desk and pulled out his identification card. The rest did the same thing. 

    "Dane we will meet you in our rooms later. Hurry up though!" Lekro spoke out before walking through the door on the right with the rest. Dane stayed behind to get Arnin sorted out. 

    The person in the front was a woman with long, brown hair. She looked to be around the same age as Ashia, probably a little older. She had toffee brown skin. Her eyes were black like charcoal. She carried  smile on her face which reached her ears. It was a pleasant smile that made people feel welcomed, other then Arnin. He didn't like her smile. he felt it was too forced and even somewhat annoying. 

    "Miss Fae, this is Arnin. He is a new student that was appointed by Teacher Kelnorin and Teacher Xillar. He is going to be staying here for a night before heading to the academy tomorrow. The beast beside him is his and will be accompanying him. Teacher Xillar told me to get him a room in this place under Teacher Kelnorin's name, so would you mind getting that ready for him?" Dane did the introduction without missing a beat. Arnin stood by the side in silence. He just wanted to get a room and rest. 

    Fae nodded. She looked at Arnin before walking through the door behind her. A few minutes later she came out with a purple key in hand. 

    "Young man, you will be staying in a room that is on the lower floor. Since you have a beast, you will get a larger room, however it will be on the lowest floor. Are you alright with that?" Fae asked Arnin with an apologetic tone. "You see, we don't get people who have beasts with them, so no one has ever used the lowest room. If you would like, I can make the room yours permanently?" Arnin nodded his head and walked through the door that led downstairs.

    "I will take the room then. Thanks. Dane, you can go. I like the quiet, so I will be good. Vilis, let's go!" Arnin nodded towards the two before disappearing with Vilis. 

    "Miss Fae, just put everything under teacher Kelnorin's name. He will make the payments. Remember to look after that kid, he will be joining the Moth later on. He is very talented." Dane said his piece and went through the door on the right. 

    "Another Moth? That kid looks stronger and… more dangerous than the rest. Let's see what happens in the future." Fae smiled wickedly before walking back into the room behind her.
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  • Chapter 25: We Meet Again

    Once Arnin entered the door on the left, what met him was a spiraling staircase that led downstairs. He walked down with Vilis, occasionally finding doors to other rooms, however, there were very few of those. The walk down the stairs took Arnin quite a large amount of time. When he finally reached the floor, he noticed a brown door. It was round from the top while the edges were carved sharply. There were no bars or glass on the door; it was fully made from heavy wood. Arnin nodded slightly before slowly opening the door. 

    A creaking sound resounded from the door. Arnin understood that the door was used very rarely and was probably extremely old. since it was an old door, it was bound to make some noises.
    When he entered the room, the first thing he ran into was a spider web. It was covering the whole door entry, giving off the feeling of ancientness and passing of time. Arnin smiled slightly and walked in. After Vilis also entered, he shut the door behind him. 
    A dim candle, which sat on a dusty table, barely lit a small portion of the room. There were no windows because the room was underground. Although the light was able to infiltrate most of the darkness, there were still some spots that were untouched. 
    "What a nice room. It is underground and away from almost everyone. If I just add some barriers and other protection symbols, then I can do almost anything I want in this place." Arnin was extremely happy with the room. He was glad that he could get privacy from others. Plus, the room was now his for the keeping. He inspecting every nook and cranny in the room. The bed was wobbly and made noises, but it wasn't anything that he couldn't handle. The room was very large. A table sat in the middle, while a bookshelf was hidden in the corner. The large bed was on the other side of the room, plus the walls did not have any extra accessories. It was a bare room, but Arnin saw lots of potential in it. 
    "Vilis, let's first clean this place up before we begin settling down. I need a clean space to begin my cultivation." Vilis nodded his head before he began to use his tail to sweep the floor. Arnin, on the other hand, found a broom beside the door, so he used that to clean. An hour passed by; the room was not completely clean, but there was no visible dirt or webs. It was enough for Arnin to begin cultivation. 
    "I will have someone come and clean this room before I head to the academy tomorrow. Let's first begin by testing out some of the marks." Arnin sat down on the chair and faced the table. Vilis jumped onto the bed and began his nap, not concerning himself with what Arnin was going to do. 
    Arnin went through his memories and tried to remember the marks he saw in Xillar's book. Since he was barely able to draw the first mark, he wanted to practice more and get a better handle on them. He was luckily able to recall five of the marks from the book. Since he was working on the first mark, he didn't try to remember the other marks, but he skimmed through them once, so he memorized a few. 
    Arnin decided to draw the first mark once more. He had a better idea as to how he should proceed, plus he wanted to test out a theory that he had. From what he knew, the solar essence was necessary for creating marks, but when he was drawing his first mark, he found that the white saber had properties similar to the solar essence. Not only that, but the white saber was even stronger the solar essence. He also remembered that he felt a darker energy while he was gathering solar essence. He assumed that the dark energy was related to the essences that fell under death. If the sun released life and flame components, then he should be able to find darker components underground and away from the sun. 
    Arnin went in his body and searched for the white saber. The white saber was next to the cube that sealed his power, shining with bright white flames. Arnin tried to control the saber and this time he didn't feel any resistance. The saber allowed Arnin to use its power, which Arnin found to be a great thing. Same as last time, Arnin had the blade go into his hand and then duplicate into smaller blades. Five of them headed towards the fingers while one of them came out of his palm. The transformation this time was extremely quick, however, Arnin found that his control over the blades had decreased. He knew that the reason behind this was because of the blade regaining its previous splendor. 
    He decided that he would try and increase his control over the blades as he practiced mark making. Arnin began by collecting a large amount of essence. Just the same as last time, different colors shrouded the white blades. Arnin scoped through the different colors and, after a few minutes, found the death related components. It was a grey colored essence. The grey was much more abundant underground than on the surface. 
    Arnin pulled the rest of the essence towards the blade on his palm, while the grey essence stayed on blades that came out of his fingers. He wasn't sure what the essence was exactly, it gave the feeling of death, but there was still something more to it. Arnin absorbed some of the grey essences into his own body and had his threads break them down into usable energy. He knew that the orb was capable of transforming the essence into something the body was able to use. Arnin theorized that if he absorbed the essence, then it would be able to split into different energy types. From that, he would be able to discover what the grey essence was truly made of. 
    The process of absorbing the essence took a long time because the orb was breaking the essence down into specific components. It was a much more tedious task then just absorbing the essence and transforming it all into a general body essence. The latter method only allowed the essence to become usable, however, there was no variety.
    Ten minutes passed before the first batch of essence was finally separated into individual components. To Arnin's surprise, he found that there was life essence inside the new batch. He also found an essence that exuded a strong death-like feeling, which made him conclude that the energy was that of death. There was one more component left inside. The last one didn't have a color. It was visible, but Arnin was unable to determine the color of the component. Arnin tried to sense the type of energy that it was, but all he could sense was an old ancient type of energy. It had the feeling of oldness, yet also something new. It didn't feel like it belonged in the present, but it still exuded a presence of something from the present. It was a very confusing type of energy that Arnin was unable to figure out. He first thought that it was related to space, but he knew the feeling of space energy. He had mastered space in his previous life, the only thing that he wasn't able to comprehend was...time! 
    Time was the most mysterious power in the universe. Although he touched upon it, he was unable to master it. The heaven lord exceeded him in the area of time because the heaven lord was the ruler of heaven, however, even that person was unable to fully comprehend time. It was a type of power that was always there but also always dispersing. There were many species in the universe that could efficiently control time power, but none got as far as him and the heaven lord. 
    "Is this truly time essence? If it is, then this energy that provides power to Afloria is much more mysterious and powerful then I first thought. It might even be stronger and older than the power I used in my past life!" Arnin couldn't disguise his shock. His previous power was considered as old as the heavens themselves. He always thought that there was no power stronger than his own, this stayed true... until now. The mysterious energy supporting Afloria was much older than his own. 
    "Hahaha! Time power! If I master this, then I can finally enter that place!" Arnin laughed hysterically. His eyes turned a bright red, as his tattoos began to glimmer. A faint halo of his demon appeared behind him. 
    "ROOAAR! AWOOOO!" Vilis stood on the bed and howled. There was an intense excitement in his eyes. Nothing but happiness could be seen from Vilis. He got off the bed and walked towards Arnin. He rubbed his head on Arnin's arms before lying down beside him. 
    Arnin was filled with so much joy that he almost released his own powers. He quickly calmed himself down before smiling widely. 

    *Knock Knock*
    "Who's there?" Arnin was annoyed that he was disturbed at such an important time. He walked from his seat towards the door. He opened the door and saw the woman from the front desk.
    "I heard some noises and was wondering if everything is alright?" Fae put on a facade of worry, which greatly irritated Arnin. 
    "Nothing is wrong here. You can leave." Arnin waved his hand and turned around to shut the door, however it was quickly grabbed by Fae. "What are you doing?" Arnin looked at Fae with impatience. 
    "Arnin, right? Why does it feel like you have some hate for me? I don't think we have met before, or am I wrong?" Fae innocently looked at Arnin, her eyelids fluttering. Arnin scoffed before putting on a face of irritation. 
    "I have never met you before and I am happy about that. You feel the hate from me? Well, you must have felt wrong. You are not even worth that much affection. Leave, now!" Arnin angrily looked at Fae. He was finally touching on the concept of time, and the person who gave him so much irritation had to show up. He was extremely pissed. 
    "Now, is that really how a five-year-old should speak to their elders? I could be your mother's age." Fae patiently spoke with Arnin, her fake smile still planted on her face. 
    "You could be my great-grandpa's age and I would still say the same thing."  Arnin mocked Fae without hesitation. She, on the other hand, was shocked, she still continued to smile. 
    "You are interesting, kid. I like that style of yours, however, don't you think that you will make fewer friends and more enemies with that kind of attitude?" Fae asked with a 'concerned' face. 
    "I don't care if people come knocking on my door. If they want a fight then they should prepare their own graves beforehand. Same goes for you, miss Fae. You should leave now before your coffin is the first to be lifted." Arnin smirked evilly at Fae before slamming the door shut in her face. 
    "This child is truly special one. Hehe!" Fae smiled before walking up the steps slowly. 

    Inside the room, Arnin was sitting back in his chair. He went back to his orb and began to study the time component. It was small, but it was large enough for Arnin to gain some enlightenment. 
    "If I add this time component to a mark then what kind of effect will occur? Will I be able to combine life and death together? Or will I be able to turn the death component back to a point where it was life?" Arnin began to think of different ideas revolving around the time component. It was a truly mysterious power that had almost infinite potential. 
    Suddenly, the time essence began to shake. It moved up and down inside the orb, and then it disappeared into the threads. Arnin tried to make his threads stop the time essence, but it wasn't working. Just as Arnin thought he was about to stop it, the time essence disappeared into his body, becoming completely traceless. 
    "Hmm, seems like I need to learn more about the time component before trying to use it in any of my experiments. What a pity, however, I can't do anything about it right now. Let's begin the test I wanted to try from before." Arnin decided that he wasn't strong enough or had enough knowledge on time to continue trying to control it. He began the experiment that he wanted to try since he made his first mark. 
    The first mark was based on life, however what if he created one through death? The death component was not rare, rather it was just as common as the life component. Since both of the essences were interlocked, then there couldn't be more of one and less of the other. Someone just needed to know where the death essence was located; it was found underground or in dark areas. 
    Arnin had the orb release the death essence towards the white blades on his fingers. When the white blades were shrouded in a black hue, Arnin began the drawing. He decided that he would begin with 'Z' mark since he had some experience with it. 
    This time around, Arnin decided that the whole base would be made of the death component, while the circles would be created from the sabers power. Although life was linked with flames because of rebirth through ashes, death was also not an exception. Flames causing destruction or extinguishing were linked to death. Flames were very unique types of powers, they worked with almost anything. They were one of the most flexible elements in the universe. 
    The base took around twenty minutes to complete, however, the flames were harder to manipulate. Although the flames were being released from his saber, they were much dimmer around death, then around life. The life essence would energize the flames, increasing the heat and chaos, however, the death essence did the opposite. The death essence caused the flame to extinguish, meaning a much higher amount of flames were needed to complete the mark. 
    An hour passed by, and the mark was completed. This time, there was no blending of the colors, it was a mark that was both black and white. Arnin knew the different levels of marks, so he deemed the trial a failure. 
    "Maybe I'm missing something? I don't know, lets just rest for now. My energy is completely drained after that trial." Arnin got off the chair and lifted his arms in the air, causing his body to slightly tremble. He walked towards the bed and instantly fell on top. Since he didn't have any extra clothes, he decided to sleep in what he had on. Arnin closed his eyes slowly and fell into a deep sleep.

    The next day, Arnin got up early. He went to his table, hoping that the mark might have had an overnight change, but there was still nothing. Arnin didn't carry high hopes, so the sight didn't cause him too much of a problem.
    He did some small workouts and stretches before walking out the door. When he stepped out, the first person he saw was not Dane or any of the people from Dane's group, rather Fae was the first face he saw. 
    "Good morning, Arnin. How was your rest?" Fae smiled brightly at Arnin, however, it only caused his mood to lessen. 
    "Why are you in front of my room so early? Don't you understand that you're a pest?" Arnin was getting really annoyed with Fae. If he wasn't in the academies premises, he would have already killed her. 
    "Am I not welcomed?" Fae asked with a pout.
    "Of course you're not welcomed! Don't you understand that simple fact?" Arnin harshly spoke to Fae, but he wasn't budging. He honestly disliked Fae very much. Her fake smile and fake everything really pissed him off. 
    Arnin walked by Fae and headed up the stairs; Vilis followed suit. Fae looked at Arnin with some sadness but also some interest. She followed further behind, keeping a good distance between them. Arnin ignored Fae and walked silently up the spiral staircase. He reached the top door and suddenly felt something behind him. He turned his head and found that Fae was gone.
    "Hmph. I knew she was hiding something behind that smile of hers." Arnin turned around and opened the door. He walked into the front lobby once more and found a new person standing at the front desk. He walked over to her. 
    "Send someone down to the lowest room and have them clean up. It's a mess in there." Arnin commanded and walked away from the front desk. The woman looked at Arnin with shock. She wasn't able to process who the little kid was. Just as she was about to call out to him, a hand grabbed her shoulder. She turned her head and found that it was Fae.
    "Miss Fae?" The woman looked at Fae in confusion. 
    "Just do as he says, he will be a part of the Moth group soon." Fae didn't look at the woman, she only glanced at Arnin's departing silhouette with a smile. 

    Arnin stepped outside and took in a deep breath. Vilis also excitedly leaped around. Arnin knew that Vilis felt suffocated in the room, mostly because it was a beast that was accustomed to the outside, rather than a room underground. Arnin continued to walk forward and followed the path he came from. He knew that Dane was supposed to be his guide, but he could care less about that. He already understood how to get back to the front gates of the academy. Plus, today was the day that the village elder was supposed to meet him. 
    As Arnin walked on the path back to the academy, shadows began to appear on the ground. Arnin looked up and found large birds flying in the air. He concentrated his eyes and saw people on top of those birds, heading towards the academy. 
    "So that's how the old man was going to get to the academy? No wonder he was going to leave late. That sly old man." Arnin smirked when he saw the many flying birds. He knew that one of them carried the old man because some of the birds were coming from the direction he entered the town. 
    As Arnin finally got to the academies front gates, he saw hundreds of giant birds landing on the ground. The whole place was filled with children around his age. These were the new students that would attend Lepidoptera academy. 
    Arnin inspected all the birds, looking for the old man. Suddenly he heard a shout from behind.
    "Little Arnin! Little Arnin, behind you!" Arnin turned around and saw the village elder getting off a giant bird. There was a wide smile on his face as he got off the bird. Arnin also saw Lilise and Elidia coming off the bird. He walked towards them with an undisguised smile. 

    "So, we finally meet again, old man."

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  • Chapter 26: Tension

    The village elder walked towards Arnin with a large smile. Behind him, Lilise and Elidia followed with their heads low. Both of the girls were unsure as to why Arnin had suddenly left the village. Lilise was able to feel the tension in Ashia and Florian first hand, so she was even more confused as to why Arnin had left. 
    "Arnin, when did you get here? It seems you got here quicker than us? You should have gotten here tomorrow at the earliest if you went through the path that I made for you." The old man looked questionably at Arnin. He knew that if Arnin went by foot, he would have made it here tomorrow at least. Suddenly, Vilis came running from behind Arnin. 
    "Arnin, watch out!" The old man and the two girls yelled at the same time, but Arnin didn't move an inch. 
    "This here is my beast, Vilis. I met him in the danger area when he was really injured. I helped him out and he began to follow me around." Arnin used the same lie he used on Kelnorin, on the three. He couldn't tell them he had demon powers which was the reason behind Vilis following him.
    The old man patted his chest and took a deep breath. He looked at Arnin with some complicated feelings before walking towards him. He bent down and moved his head next to Arnin's right ear. 
    "I met miss Avian at my home before I came. Both of your parents are extremely worried about you and it seems like miss Avian is set on finding you. Are you really alright with being away from your parents?" The village elder whispered silently into Arnin's ear. He didn't want Lilise or Elidia hearing what he was saying. The village elder knew how much Arnin's mother was worrying. He saw her face when she first barged into his home with Avian. 
    "Old man, you don't need to worry about me. I need to get out and become stronger, that is my goal. All you need to do is abide by the contract and protect my family. If something does happen to them, then pray I don't find out." Arnin seriously looked at the old man as murder appeared in his eyes. During the five years that he was with his family, he developed a love for them. Ashia and Florian were his second parents, and he didn't want them to die like his first ones. However, he still had his initial goal of breaking through in his cultivation so that he could finally enter the other places. Plus, he could develop his understanding of time and possibly master it, which would bring his power to a completely new level. 
    The old man moved his head back and stared into Arnin's eyes. Although he could feel the power inside the beast and knew that the beast was possibly stronger than him, he feared Arnin a little more. He had the eyes of a killer, someone who experienced battle and death. 
    "Don't worry, I will do my best to follow the contract, just make sure you don't forget your own part. You will protect my granddaughters in the academy." The old man also said what he wanted. 
    Arnin nodded his head and walked towards the two girls. First, he glanced at Elidia for a moment before walking in front of Lilise. He lifted her hand and inserted his threads into her body. He discovered that she had recovered a good portion of her worldly essence, but she still wasn't in the Orb Birth- Earth realm. The old man watched with his arms crossed over his chest. 
    "You didn't complete her training so she hasn't gotten to Orb Birth- Earth yet. I was able to help remove a majority of the problem and allow her to cultivate throughout the trip, but it still wasn't enough." The old man spoke with some annoyance. He trusted Arnin to help her get to Orb Birth- Earth, but Arnin left so early that the job wasn't completed.
    "Old man, you talk as though you cured her and helped her get to this stage. Don't forget that I cured her ailment and also got her to finally cultivate with little to no knowledge of how to do so. Plus, you were the one who suddenly dumped her on me, without even ask for my consent. So don't go trying to act like you did most of the work." When Arnin first bumped into them, he was in a good mood, but because of the old man mentioning his parents, he couldn't help but fall into a bad mood. Plus, the village elder began to act like he was in charge, which bugged Arnin quite a bit.
    Lilise and Elidia noticed the tension between the two, and couldn't help but feel that something bad happened. 
    "Arnin, you know as well as I do why I'm mad." Arnin didn't budge and only continued to stare at the village elder. He knew the real reason why the old man was pissed. He killed the family of the old man's second-in-command. The old man knew Arnin for a few days, while he knew the second-in-command for dozens of years. He would, of course, have more feelings towards the second-in-command then Arnin. Plus, the contract that Arnin made him sign forced the old man to go against the second-in-command if he wanted revenge. All of these reasons would make anyone very mad. 
    "Don't blame me. I warned you that this contract might be something burdensome, it was your fault for agreeing, so quit pointing fingers." Arnin didn't care that the old man was in a bad mood. He had some good feelings towards the old man, but he didn't consider him a friend or any of that sort. The only people in Afloria that he had feelings towards were his own family. 
    "Umm, can we all calm down? We haven't met in a while so we should be happy, not mad." Lilise broke the tension when she spoke out. She didn't want to see her grandfather getting into a fight with Arnin. 
    "Lilise, what are you saying? Arnin and I are not fighting, we are only talking about grown-up stuff. So don't worry, we are not mad. Right, Arnin?" The village elder spoke quickly. Arnin nodded his head and shifted his gaze towards Lilise. 
    "Don't worry, we aren't fighting. This is just how boy's talk." Arnin didn't hate Lilise. Since he did train her for a small period of time, and she had a good relationship with his family, he found her to be somewhat likable. 
    "Back to the main topic. Since we have just arrived, Lilise and Elidia need to go and get signed up for the academy. Arnin, you also need to get signed up so come with me. You guys don't have to do the examination." The old man was proud when he spoke. He was proud that he had connections with someone in the academy that would allow his family to get in without doing the entry exam. 
    "About that, I already did the exam yesterday, and I passed. I can wait by the side while you sign them up." Arnin casually pointed out that he was already accepted. He was early so he had already completed the whole process, plus he was going to possibly join the Moth group. 
    "Y-you what?! You have been accepted? Wait, when did you get here?" The old man was astonished. He didn't expect that Arnin was already accepted in.
    "Wait! Didn't you say that you met the beast in the danger area? Don't tell me! You went through the danger area?" The old man began to sweat. The reason he marked the danger area as off limits was because it was supposed to have beasts who were Rank One - Earth and above. Arnin wouldn't have been capable of traversing the place. 
    "The danger area wasn't too chaotic. Especially since I had Vilis, the other beasts just stayed away. I got here yesterday because of Vilis' speed." The old man couldn't help but curse Arnin's luck. It was just too good. He ran into a beast that was very strong and was even able to tame it. Not only that, but he was accepted into the academy. 
    "Well, since you are already accepted, then let me just get Lilise and Elidia into the academy." The old man knew that Arnin was very mysterious. He had always ignored the secrets that Arnin hid, so he decided to do the same again. 
    "Let me come with you. I want to meet this person who is helping you with this process." Arnin was curious as to who would allow the village elder to enroll his granddaughters into the academy without taking the test. Although the academy allowed for this to happen, a teacher would usually have a quota of three people every half a year. 
    "Sure. Lilise, Elidia, when you enter the academy make sure that you wholeheartedly cultivate. Listen to all of your teachers and try your best. Arnin will be there to help you with whatever he can, so during emergencies listen to him, alright?" Lilise nodded, but Elidia abruptly turned her head.
    "He is younger than me, why do I have to listen to him?" Elidia was stubborn. She didn't want to listen to someone who was younger than her. 
    "The reason you listen to me is simple. I am strong and you are weak. The weak must follow the strong, that is how the world works." Arnin dropped a bucket of water on her head with his statement. Elidia knew that she was weaker then Arnin, but she didn't want to listen to a person younger than her. 
    "Elidia, although you are older then Arnin, you're still young. Arnin is different than other children, he is extremely mature and is also very strong. No one is telling you to listen to his command during your training or anything, but if an emergency comes up, you must do what Arnin says. Alright?" Elidia pouted when she was told that Arnin was mature. 
    'I am also mature." She couldn't help but have this thought, however, since her grandfather was the one saying then she could only listen. She nodded her head in approval, but she still didn't look at Arnin. When she first met Arnin, she had high hopes for him and thought of him to be very strong. Later, when she found that Arnin ran away from home, she couldn't help but become disappointed and look down on him. 
    The village elder lightly laughed before walking towards the gates. There were two long lines in front of the gate, one was for the examination, while the other was for the teacher quotas. The village elder took out two stones that had a butterfly insignia. Arnin looked at them and noticed that there was also a name printed on them. Getek.
    When the group of four finally reached the front of the line, they were met with a teacher with grey hair. 
    "Stones please." The teacher didn't ask for names or anything, he only asked for the stones. The village elder quickly took out the stones and presented the teacher with them. When the old guy took the stones and inspected them, he couldn't help but look at the village elder seriously. 
    "I'd like to apologize, but Getek has told me to inform the party with his stones that he wishes to use the stones for his own family." The words attacked the village elder like a missile. 
    "What do you mean? Getek told me that I could use his quota for my grandchildren. Can I speak to Getek?" The old man was very anxious and his face was becoming red with embarrassment. Arnin watched everything with a calm expression. 
    "I am sorry, but Getek is busy at the moment. Sir, there are others in the line so I would like to ask you to move to the examination one. You can try your luck there, however without a quota from a teacher, I cannot permit entrance through this method." The old teacher spoke in a very monotone manner. He didn't care whether someone had or didn't have a quota, he only did what he was told. 
    The village elder walked out of the line with his two granddaughters. "What is going on? Getek told me that I could use his quota. Why did he suddenly change his mind?" The village elder had a red face, he was both embarrassed and angry. Lilise and Elidia had concern written on their faces. They were mostly concerned about their grandpa rather than their own entrance. 
    "Arnin, Arnin, over here!" Suddenly, the group of four heard someone call Arnin's name from the back. All of them turned around and saw a teacher running towards them. In his hands was a robe and a card. The teacher was Xillar. 
    "Arnin, I have your robe and identification card for the Academy. Also, you are to be enlisted straight into the Moth group because of your scores in the exam." Xillar had an expression of excitement. He knew that Arnin had the capability of a fighter after watching his spar Brajus, plus Arnin was also incredibly talented in mark making. "You are also going to be joining the Mark Master classes since your talent in the area is very high." This was the news that Xillar wanted to say the most. Although the Moth group was difficult to join, it was still far easier than the Mark Master classes. Only students with high talent in Animo could join.
    The village elder and the two girls listened with shock. Although the two girls didn't know about the Moth group, they could feel that it was a special group. The old man was, however, was very shocked. He knew what the Moth group was, and even knew what a Mark Master was. He looked at Arnin with surprise and astonishment. He couldn't believe that Arnin was so capable. He also felt very glum; Arnin was accepted into the academy but he wasn't so sure that Lilise and Elidia had the capability for that. Lilise wasn't even in a cultivation realm yet, so her chances were almost zero. Elidia was in Orb Birth - Earth, but she had never experienced a fight. 

    Arnin noticed that the village elder was somewhat depressed and knew the reason behind that. 
    "Teacher Xillar, I have a favor to ask of you." Arnin decided that Xillar could help him with this. 
    "Ask whatever you need. Since you are in the Moth group, you and I will be in the same academy section because I'm Moth group teacher." Xillar was very proud when he spoke. His nose faced the sky and his chest was puffed out, but Arnin had no reaction. 
    "Well, do you have any quotas for student entries? I would like to use two of yours." The village elder was very surprised when Arnin said that. The hope in his eyes was reignited after Arnin's question. He could only gratefully look at Arnin. Lilise looked at Arnin with some happiness, while Elidia showed less hate. 
    "Quotas? Of course, I do. As a Moth group teacher, I can bring as many students in as I want, unlike those Butterfly teachers who only get three. Haha! So, what do you need them for?" Xillar finally noticed the village elder and the two girls. He smirked when he saw the two girls and suddenly thought of a wicked plan. 
    "So, you want me to help these two girls in? Of course, I can do that!" The three were extremely happy, however, Arnin noticed a spark in Xillar's eyes. 
    "But?" Arnin knew there must be a catch. 
    "I want you to join the academy guards. You will still be able to go to your classes, but you will also have to go outside the academy and clean out the forest of beasts." The wicked smile on Xillar grew. The guards were prestigious, but they had to be extremely loyal to the academy. If Arnin became a guard then he would have to sign a contract which would make him unable to go against the academy in the future. 
    "No. You want me to pledge my loyalty to the academy, right? Well, I'm not going to do that. If you want to set such a condition, I will just leave this academy and go find a new one. If you prevent me from doing even that, then watch as I crumble down this place in the future." Arnin began to release a small amount of his aura which caused Vilis to howl. The village elder and the two girls panicked because of Arnin's threat. Xillar's smile froze and he also released a small amount of aura which suffocated the people from the surroundings. Everyone, counting the village elder and the girls, began to tremble, however, Arnin had no reaction. Rather, he increased his own aura. 
    "You want to crumble this academy? Do you really think that you can escape this place alive?" Xillar grew serious. The quick personality change caught everyone by surprise, however, Arnin already planned this. A Moth teacher had an unlimited supply of quotas, why? Because they were extremely loyal to the academy. Only the most loyal teachers would be allowed to train the talented. 
    "Do you want to test me?" Arnin didn't budge under Xillar's pressure. Suddenly, Xillar released a smile. 
    "Fine, you win. If I hurt you, then not only will I lose my favorite newbie, but Kelnorin might get mad at me. I will give them my quotas, however, you have to accept a different condition of mine." Xillar stopped releasing his aura and spoke calmly to Arnin. 
    "What is it?" Arnin also stopped, but he kept a good distance from Xillar, which was obviously noticed by him.
    "You have to work in the Mark Master section. You don't have to be loyal or anything, however, you will become a student plus work in that department. Is that a deal?" Arnin thought about it for a moment and weighed the pros and cons. He could practice his mark making and also get real-life experience. However, he might expose some of his own secret powers, which was something he didn't want. 
    "I will accept it, only if you provide me with the orthodox way of making marks. I believe I will get better results that way." Xillar thought for a moment before nodding his head. 
    "That's fine too. You're really sucking me dry, you know that Arnin? Here, give these two stones to the girls. I have to go get you registered as a worker in the Mark Master department. Hehe!" Xillar quickly vanished into thin air, leaving the group of four alone. 
    "Now, the stones have been taken care of, let's go sign them up for the academy." Arnin walked in the front and led the way to the quota's line. 

    In a dark room, three people silently gathered, including Xillar. 
    "Xillar, how did it go? Do you think that he will be a threat?" The person asking was none other than Kelnorin.  
    "Well, he won't be loyal to our academy, that's for certain, however, I don't think he will be an enemy, unless provoked. What should we do with him, he is very different than the other children." Xillar had a concerned face while he spoke. 
    "Do nothing for now. He is no threat to us. He is still young and if we kill him, then the public will question us, plus that woman has told us not to touch him. She is too difficult to deal with, so let him be. Just try not to provoke him, and keep an eye on him." The person who ended the conversation was none other than the principal of the academy.

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  • Chapter 27: Another Play

    Arnin led the group towards the quota line. He wanted to quickly enter the academy and begin his cultivation practice. Although his eyes were relaxed and his body wasn't trembling, only Arnin knew fast his heart was beating. He wanted to quickly understand the time essence and figure out a way to master it. If he did that, adding to his sealed power, then he could truly enter those worlds and begin conquering. 
    He was still wearing his worn out tunic and pants; Arnin hadn't changed into his robe because of how long it would take. This caused him to not receive any special treatment in the line, so he had to stand in the back with the three people and his beast.
    "Arnin, are you really alright with how you spoke to that Moth group teacher? He isn't someone you or I can handle at this stage. You didn't have to do that for us!" The village elder held a face of apology and concern as he spoke, however wrinkles appeared between Arnins slim, jet-black eyebrows. 
    "Do you truly believe that I would go to such lengths for you? Although I argued with him, it wasn't for your stones. He wanted my loyalty through a contract, which was something I could not accept. Even if your pitiful life was on the line, I still wouldn't have signed the contract!" Arnin ruthlessly spoke to the village elder. Even though he wasn't going to do anything major for the stones, he was still mad that such an event occurred because of them. (Author note: Dam… Arnin u some savage beast)
    "Arnin, isn't that a little too harsh?" Sweat poured down his wrinkly forehead as they slowly made their way to his somewhat saggy chin. The village elder couldn't help but find Arnin's comment to be a little too bold. He began to feel even more guilt and shame because of his uselessness. 
    "Arnin, how could you talk to my grandfather like that? Aren't you too mean?" Elidia's eyebrows knitted together as her small face turned red with anger. She spoke with gritted her teeth towards Arnin's harsh words.
    "Harsh? I don't think so. I would never ruin my own life for a random stranger. Your grandfather is nothing more than a partner to me; we made a deal and that is all. I am not obligated to risk my life for his, little girl." Arnin spoke unbridled. He was speaking honestly, he wouldn't sacrifice his life for anybody, not even his own family. He would try his best to protect them, even if he had to climb a mountain of swords or walk through the depths of hell, he would try to protect them. However, if protecting them came to the point where he would have to kill himself, or do something that would guarantee his death, then he wouldn't take that risk. (Author note: Dam… you too much Arnin, lol) 
    Elidia's face became even redder. She looked like she was about to burst and attack Arnin. Just as she was going to take a step towards Arnin, the old man stopped her. His face was covered in sweat, while he had a bitter smile on his face. 
    "It's alright, Elidia. Arnin is not wrong. We are nothing more then partners. I will protect his family, while he will protect you girls. That was the deal." Arnin calmly nodded towards the two girls, which infuriated Elidia even more. She knew that her grandfather really liked Arnin and treated him like a friend, however Arnin just declared that there was no friendship. She couldn't even imagine the pain her grandfather was feeling. Her eyes became slightly moist as she glared at Arnin with extreme hate. 
    Although the village elder was feeling down and even a little hurt, he didn't take Arnin's words to heart. He saw how Arnin was going to leave the academy because of them. He felt that Arnin didn't truly mean those words, so he didn't take them to heart. (Author note: Sorry old man, but Arnin is serious :D
    Lilise listened from the back, however she also had a similar feeling like the village elder. She saw the relationship that the two had in the village and how Arnin was going to leave the academy because of them. She truly felt that Arnin didn't mean what he said, it was only something that slipped out of anger. 
    "Next in line, please." Arnin walked forward with the village elder and the two girls. Vilis stood by the side and watched with boredom. 
    "I would like to register these two girls into the academy." The old teacher lifted his head and was surprised to find Arnin's group appearing once again. His face became a little annoyed as he spoke with some anger. 
    "You guys again? I have already told you that you cannot enter witho-" Just as the old teacher was about to finish speaking, Arnin threw the two quota stones on the table. Xillars name was imprinted on the top which cause the old teacher to become surprised and even suspicious. 
    "Where did you get these from? Did you steal them someone else?" The old teacher's eyebrows slammed together as he slowly rose from his seat. 
    "Stupid old teacher, why do you think we stole these? Just because we didn't have stone previously doesn't mean we can't get them later on. You're getting old, do you really think that I would lie to someone as old as you? You already have one foot in the grave, what can you do to me? Teacher Xillar personally handed these stone to me." Arnin spoke without a care in the world. He didn't care if the person in front of him was a respected teacher or not, he treated them all the same. 
    Seeing Arnin's attitude towards the teachers only helped to further boost the speculations that the village elder and Lilise made.
    "Little boy, you must learn to speak with respect. Who do you think I am? I will call Sir Xillar over and get rid of all of you." The old teacher was infuriated with Arnin's attitude. Arnin knew that if he brought out his identity card, then he could use it as proof of receiving the stones, however his anger towards the academy was still present. 
    'You want to trick me into giving you my loyalty? I will give you something alright.' Arnin thought of a plan quickly. 
    "Teacher, believe me, I am not lying! I was truly given the stones." Arnin put on a tearful expression as his eyes became round and puffy. The village elder and the two girls became surprised with Arnin. Elidia was about to go forward and say something, however the village elder put his arm out and blocked her path. A smirk could be seen on his face. 
    "So, you finally show me respect? Well, it's a little too late. Leave now, while I still treat you like a child." The old teacher was furious. Although Arnin was a child, he was impartial. He didn't care if the person was a child, woman or an old person, if they treated him with disrespect then he would do the same. The village elder put on a pathetic face and walked forward. 
    "Sir, please. My grandchild was a little rude before, but he is only five years old. Can you not let the matter go? Also, those stones are truly ours. Sir Xillar handed those to this boy himself. Please believe us." Arnin was surprised that the village elder was able to understand his plan. He couldn't help but praise and curse him at the same time. 'What a cunning old fox'. 
    "I don't care if he is a child or not. If anything, his parents should have raised him properly." The old teacher calmed down, but he still spoke with a harsh tone. He felt offended because of Arnin's attitude and the way he addressed him. 
    "Mom, Dad, if only I knew who they were." Arnin began to tear up as his parents were mentioned. He turned around and put his head into the village elders chest, who was surprised at first but also put on a sad and angry face. 
    "Sir, I am respecting you because of your status, but how could you talk to a child like that? He lost his parents when he was young, so your comment is very much uncalled for." People in the surrounding began to speak in hushed tones. They also had anger written over their faces. 
    "How could such a teacher be in the academy?"
    "Yea, he really brings the schools reputation down." 
    Arnin smiled slightly when he heard the different comments. He was successful in his plan. Suddenly, the wind picked up and a woman appeared from behind the old teacher. 
    "What is going on here?" The woman was a person that Arnin knew. She had a smile on her face that was very bright. Her eyes, however didn't show the smile, which only Arnin was able to notice. 
    "Miss Fae, nothing is going on. Only a little problem has occurred with this thief, nothing to get yourself involved for." The old teacher switched his personality immediately. There was a smile on his face that reached his ears and his chest was puffed out like a warrior who was getting selected. (Author note: So much for being impartial. Smh) 
    "Thief? I know this boy. What did he steal?" Fae smiled when she saw the current Arnin. It was shocking to see him acting in such a way, however she picked up the acting right away. Arnin, however wasn't too pleased with Fae's entrance. He didn't like her or feel that she was genuine. Her arrival where he was did not mean anything good. 
    "Umm, these two stones are Sir Xillar's. I believe that he stole them from another person, which is why he has them." The old teacher's voice was slightly trembling as sweat drenched his back. If Fae knew Arnin, then he might just be walking into his own grave. 
    "So, that's the case? Well, where is your evidence?" Fae looked at the old teacher with a pleasant smile, however this only caused the old teacher's spine to tremble. 
    "About that, I don't have any. I just assumed." His voice was shaky as he spoke. 
    "You assumed? Who gave you the authority to do something like assume?" Fae continued to question with her pretty voice. 
    "No one, Miss. I thought that since they couldn't come through Getek's stones, they might have stolen some from someone else. I am sorry." The old teacher felt a pressuring aura encompass him. 
    Arnin watched everything happen with a frown. He didn't believe the woman would help him through such a situation for free. Although he could deny her, if she intended on killing him, he would need to release his own powers, which was detrimental to his reason for reincarnating. 
    "Gil, why did you call me here?" Suddenly, another person joined the fun. Xillar walked out from the gate with a frown. When Fae saw Xillar coming, her smile lessened. 
    "Well, since someone has come to solve the problem, I will take my leave." Fae vanished mysteriously. Arnin grumbled when he saw her leave, however he felt his battle instincts reduce when she left, which was good news to him.  
    "Sir Xillar, I was just doing my job, but these people claimed that you gave them your quota stones. I didn't believe it and was about to remove them, however Miss Fae came and began to question me." The old teacher spoke to Xillar in a complaning manner, almost like a child crying to their parents. Arnin and the rest of the crowd began to curse the old teacher because of his shamelessness. 
    "Miss Fae was here? Where did she go?" Xillar was surprised to hear about Fae, but couldn't find her anywhere.
    Arnin became even more suspicious about Fae's identity. She was feared by the old teacher and even Xillar seemed to hold her in high regard. 
    "She was right here… where did she go?" The old teacher found that she was gone, so he began to panic, however Xillar waved his hand to quiet him down. 
    "So, someone stole my stones? Who could that… Arnin?" Xillar looked around and was surprised to see Arnin with a tear filled face. He panicked at first before his face was completely red. He placed his hand on his mouth as tears came out and his eyes filled with water.
    "Hahaha! Arnin, what happened to your face?" Xillar couldn't hold himself back as laughter bursted out. He held his stomach as he looked at the childlike Arnin. Who could have imagined that this very child was about to go toe to toe with him over a couple of stones?
     Arnin didn't have much of a reaction towards Xillar's laughter. He only took his hand and wiped the 'tears' on his face. 
    "Can you hurry up and get these two signed up? I have been waiting for a while now." Arnin reverted back to his informal way of speaking. 
    "Yeah, alright. Gil, come here and sign them up. Don't call me unless something major happens. Arnin, I will see you in a bit. I am going to go and handle some small affairs." Xillar was just about to go when Arnin appeared in front of him. "What is it?" Xillar became confused. 
    "I have a question for you, teacher Xillar. Have you signed me up for the Mark Master class, or any of my classes yet?" Arnin felt that something was off. Xillar reacted really weirdly to him when Xillar was releasing his aura. He was happy, and then became a threat, and then became joyful once again. Arnin felt something was up. 
    "Not yet. Something came up, so I got busy. Why?" Xillar was still confused why Arnin was asking such a question. No one could hear what they were talking about, which also made Xillar suspect something was off. 
    Arnin smiled and walked past Xillar, however he stopped right behind him for a second. 
    "I hope that whatever you were busy with, or whoever you were discussing things with, doesn't concern me. If it does, then…" Arnin didn't finish, and just continued to walk. 
    No one noticed, but Xillar's face was drenched in sweat. When Arnin walked past him, he released a very threatening and piercing aura, which traveled to the depths of his orb. It was something extremely frightening. Xillar turned his head around and looked at Arnin before vanishing. 
    "This kid is too frightening. He must be hiding his true powers and even something more… threatening. I must report back." Xillar ran through the hill, towards the academy, however just as he was about to approach the top of the hill, someone appeared. It was Fae.
    "Xillar, it seems you are in a hurry to report something? Before you go, let me give you a present." Fae vanished from her post and appeared before Xillar. Her slender finger tapped onto his forehead, causing him to fall onto the ground. Fae then vanished from the area with a wicked smile. 

    A few minutes passed before Xillar slowly got up from the ground. He looked around to see where he was."What am I doing here? I needed to report something to the principal, but… what was it?"

    Enjoy the chapter. :)
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    Chapter 28: Lepidoptera Academy

    Arnin silently waited for the group to finish their process of signing up. Gil, the old teacher, did not make much of a sound while signing them up. His head was mostly faced down, so one could only catch glimpses of how pale he was. Finally, after a few minutes passed, the two girls were signed up. They didn't get their robes or identity cards just yet. They would receive them in the academy, which was different from how Arnin went through the process. He got his items directly from a teacher that delivered it to him. Arnin felt that this was the difference in treatment for Moth group students and Butterfly group students, plus he felt that his identity was special in the academy. 
    At first, Arnin wanted to stay in the low and just try to learn what he needed before slowly conquering Afloria and becoming stronger, however he felt that the academy wasn't going to do anything to him. This feeling came to him after the initial agressive contact with Xillar. A normal teacher would have attacked him or atleast kicked him out of the academy for the way he spoke, however that didn't happen. Xillar didn't attack him or kick him out of the academy, rather he gave him a job that was rather important. He felt that there was something suspicious going on, and this feeling was nothing good to him. Arnin decided that he had to avoid students and teachers in the academy. He would try and dedicate himself into learning whatever he needed to, and not contact other students. As for Lilise and Elidia, he would protect them from the dark if needed, however if that wasn't possible, he would try and get them to shift to a room or location near his own. That way, he would be able to keep a better eye on them. 

    The group were right in front of the gates to the academy. The old man took a step back and watched from afar. 

    "I am not allowed to enter, so I will see you off from here. Lilise, Elidia, I will try and come during your academy breaks, and your mom and dad will possibly come with me. Arnin, I am counting on you to look after them; leave your family to me." The old man spoke calmly.

    Arnin was surprised at the mention of the two girls' parents. He had assumed that they might have died since they were never mentioned, however that didn't seem like the case. He was somewhat curious as to who their parents were.

    "Don't worry grandpa, we will study hard and make you proud. We will show our progress to mom and dad as well." Lilise replied with happiness, There seemed to be a spark burning in here eyes at the mention of her parents. Arnin became a little more curious as to who these people were. Parents who were never mentioned of before were going to appear in the near future. Arnin felt that the situation might not be as simple as it seemed, however since it was going to be at a later time, then he would just wait until then. 

    The three humans and single beast walked through the gate and slowly made their way to the top of the academy. The village elder silently watched for a bit before turning around and walking away. His face, which was full of smiles a while ago, was now sullen and serious. During the trip to the academy, the large bird they rode on top of flew over the danger areas. While flying, he noticed the body of a person on the top of one of the trees. He knew that Arnin went through the forest and was likely not the reason for the death, but a small part of him kept yelling that it was Arnin.

    "Let's just hope that the feeling I have is wrong. If not, then…" The village elder continued and walked away from the gate.

    Arnin led the way to the top. Vilis stayed at the very back, acting like a guard dog, or in this case, guard tiger. Arnin wasn't spread out this way because of danger; he just didn't feel like he needed to speak with the girls. Vilis, on the other hand, was doing it for some unknown reason. (Author note: Vilis is a loyal, kind, big, cool, fab, tiger. He is going to protect the group from the greatest of dangers. He is the true OG) 
    The walk up the hill was very silent and awkward. Arnin kept his mouth shut because he didn't want to speak, however the two girls didn't know if they should speak or not but they were frightened of Vilis, so they kept quiet. 
    "Arnin, umm… can you… tell your beast to move away… He is scaring me." Lilise was barely able to speak up. Vilis was a frightening looking beast, and having it follow her right from behind was not  great feeling. 
    Arnin turned around and noticed how pale the two girls were. He nodded his head and waved towards Vilis. 
    "Vilis, come here. Lilise, Elidia, he is not a scary beast. He is actually very kind. Do you want to try riding him?" Arnin knew that the two girls were scared, but they would be seeing things far worse if they wanted to be cultivators. Plus, since he was going to be protecting them, even if it was from the dark, Vilis would be with him. They had to get used to him being around. If they rode on him, then they might have less fear. 
    "Arnin! Can't you see that my sister is scared? Why would you ask her such a dumb question?" Elidia put on an  angry face. She already had ill feelings for Arnin, but now he was basically asking them sit on what they feared! 
    "What is it? Didn't you want to be called a mature girl? Why don't you face your fears? That's what mature people do. Unless… you are still a little girl." Arnin spoke to Elidia as if he was speaking to a very young child. Elidia was young, but she was still a part of the older children group; she wasn't five anymore. 
    Elidia's face was shaded in an even redder color. She gritted her teeth and walked towards Vilis, albeit slowly.  
    "I am a mature girl. I am older then you too, so don't act like your the boss. Watch me sit on this beast." Elidia spoke big words and acted like a child her own age. Arnin knew that children from families that were on a higher standing in their society would be different. Elidia and Lilise acted different then kids like Nekaia. They would try to avoid doing fun things and only look for ways to improve their cultivation, however this was for their families. Nekaia acted like a child her own age. She was spoiled, complained and even slept with her parents every so often. When Arnin was training Lilise, he noticed that she took everything too seriously, something that shouldn't be in a child. 
    "Then get on the beast." Arnin kept taunting her. Although he was cold towards others, he didn't want people acting like someone they were not. Elidia and Lilise acted too seriously, as if they were holding the world on their shoulders, which wasn't to his liking. If they acted in such a way, then they were guaranteed to fail in cultivation. They needed to have a free mind and act as if nothing but themselves mattered, that was how one rapidly progressed through the different realms. Arnin was a special case, he didn't act like someone who was older, rather he was someone older in a child's body. It was something that was difficult to alter. 
    "Alright… here I go… and…" Elidia was next to Vilis, however she didn't even touch him. She made motions of almost touching him, but in the end, didn't. This went on for a few tries before Arnin couldn't take it anymore. 
    "Vilis, get on the ground!" Vilis laid onto the ground quickly, which surprised Elidia into taking a step back. Arnin walked behind Elidia and suddenly lifted her up. He then put her directly on to Vilis. He then walked towards Lilise and did the same. To him, the girls were nothing more than babies. With his age, they could even be considered fetuses. (Author note: lolz) 
    "Put me down, no, no, ahhhh!" Elidia and Lilise had very similar reactions. Both of them had fear written all over their faces. Vilis was the like the monsters they dreamt about and feared. Being suddenly placed on him was like a nightmare. 
    After both girls were finally on top of the beast, Arnin began to clap his hands
    "Vilis, get up now. Let's go." Arnin didn't care much about the two girls' reaction. He just needed to make sure that they didn't act like they were adults and were not under lots of pressure. That would be detrimental to their future cultivation. Facing their fears and acting like children would be a benefit to them. 
    When Vilis suddenly got up and began to walk, Elidia's and Lilise's eyes were already puffy and red. Although, tears didn't fall out, but they were extremely scared. However, as Vilis slowly moved and they didn't feel his threat,so slowly their little hearts calmed. 
    "Are you finally done screaming?" Arnin turned his head and mocked Elidia. 
    "Hmph, I wasn't screaming. You were just hearing things." Elidia crossed here arms and was about to turn her head, however out of fear of falling off, she grabbed out to Vilis' fur. She then let go just as quick, thinking that if grabbed too hard, the beast might eat her. Arnin noticed all of this and couldn't help but shake his head. 
    "Elidia, you can grab his fur. Vilis won't hurt you." Arnin slowly explained to Elidia, as if he was trying to explain that threat level of a ladybug to a baby. Seeing that Elidia was still somewhat hesitant, he walked closer to Vilis and grabbed a handful of fur. Seeing that there was no reaction from Vilis, Elidia blinked with a gaping mouth. 
    "Now, both of you try." Arnin spoke with dull eyes. Elidia and Lilise nodded their heads and grabbed onto a handful of fur. Seeing that Vilis still made no reaction, their eyes brightened. Wide smiles appeared on their little faces, making them look like children. 
    "We are finally here!" While the girls were in their own worlds, they had already reached the academy's front gate. As the group reached the gate, Arnin decided that it would be a smart idea if he put his robe on. Although he could mess with the teachers like the way he did with Gil, he didn't want to waste anymore time. When they finally arrived, they found that a teacher was signing people in and handing them robes and identity cards. The three got into the line and waited until it was their turn.

    An hour passed and it was almost their turn. The girls stayed on Vilis the whole time, which Arnin didn't mind. 
    "Next." The teacher called for the next set of people. Vilis walked forward with the two girls. The teacher looked up and surprised to see a beast. He then frowned slightly. "Were you unable to walk up the hill? How are you going to be cultivators if you can't even do that?" The teacher didn't ask with any mockery or scorn. He asked a simple question, however it still made the girl feel embarrassed. 
    "Teacher, whether we walk up the hill or not shouldn't be of your concern, right? So why are you asking such questions?" Arnin didn't speak disrespectfully to the teacher in any way. Arnin found that the teacher did make a fine point, so there really wasn't a reason to cause a problem. 
    "And you are?" The teacher looked at Arnin with some surprise. He was shocked to find that he was questioned on the first day. He didn't feel irritated, rather he felt more shocked and surprised. 
    "Teacher , my name is Arnin and I am a part of the Moth group and Mark Master's class." Arnin didn't hide his academic identity. He wanted to get through the process as quickly as possible, so exposing his identity would help speed that up. 
    "So you are a Moth student! I didn't notice the robe. Well, yes, it isn't something that I need to ask, but a student should be able to walk up themselves. If they can't, then they are honestly not fit to cultivate." The teacher was more courteous when he spoke, however he still answered without hesitation.
    "I see where you are coming from, but who's to say that they are not able to walk up the hill themselves? People have different reasons for their actions, and you can't judge based on what you see." Arnin spoke like a scholar, which surprised the teacher greatly. He couldn't believe that such words were coming out of a child's mouth. 
    "The Moth group is truly different from the rest. Here, let me take back my comment, I should not have asked before knowing the truth. Let's move onto the robe and identity hand out." Arnin was surprised and glad that the teacher was not some petty person that would argue with a child. He was happy to see at least someone that would accept the truth without getting angry.

    "The names are Elidia and Lilise. They were assigned through the quota method." Arnin told the names that should be in the list.
    "Hmmm… alright, found them. So, you two will be in the Green Butterfly class. These colors don't mean anything, they are just a way to divide the classes." The teacher gave the two girls their robes and identity cards. Arnin nodded his head and walked past him. 

    "Thank you for your help, teacher. Maybe we will see each other in the academy." Arnin smiled before crossing through the gate and stepping into the academy building.

    He finally made it to Lepidoptera Academy.

  • Chapter 29: The Chubby Boy

    When Arnin stepped into the large academy, what he noticed was the bustling of students going left and right. Kids were walking in groups, discussing different topics with passion. One could see their eyes blazing with fire, which showed that these were the newly accepted students. Other people who were a little older didn't have the same look. They were more serious and even somewhat dull, which distinguished them as returning students. 
    The robes everyone wore were very similar. They were white, however each of them had a large butterfly imprinted on the front and back, located on the chest and upper back respectively. The only difference that could be seem was the color of the butterfly. The robes that Lilise and Elidia wore had a green butterfly; the children walking by sometimes had green as well, or blue and many other colors. Arnin was the exception in the group of students. Not only did he not have a butterfly on his robe, but rather his robe itself was a navy blue color. There was a large black Moth on his chest and upper back, while the shoulders had an insignia with multiple marks. It was a robe that stood out quite a bit, even attracting some of the students. 
    "Who is that? Why is his robe different than ours?" The first student asked his friend. He carried a look of awe. He didn't know who Arnin was, but the different robe most likely signified something important.
    "You don't know? That robe is only worn by the students of the Moth group. We can't compare to them, so don't make trouble." The student friend quickly explained. Although they were all about the same age, these students had large mouths. They spoke loudly and because of the loudness of the first student, other people began to notice Arnin as well. This was the one thing Arnin wanted to avoid. Although he made trouble with some of the teachers, he wanted to stay low in the academy so that he could get his work done undisturbed. 
    "Let's go talk to him. He may become our friend." Some of the students began to have ideas of befriending Arnin. They were young and they only thought about making friends with others, especially if they stood out. None were like the sly old foxes which would secretly scheme different ways to build a good relationship, and then use that to their advantage. These students had innocent thoughts of befriending the stylish Arnin. 
    "You go first." The students began to bicker amongst themselves, which gave Arnin a headache. He decided to quickly leave the area and find his lodgings and also to get Lilise and Elidia sorted out. 
    "Lilise, Elidia, let's go find where you will be staying. I need to know where you will be so that if anything happens, I don't have to search aimlessly." Arnin spoke with a dull expression before walking forward. The two girls nodded their head. 
    "Wow, do you guys see that tiger behind him? It's so cool." Some of the children noticed Vilis walking in through the gates and couldn't help but gasp. They didn't seem to consider him a threat since he was in the academy. 
    "You guys want to go and pet him?" One of the boys asked his friends. 
    "You can go. I'm too scared." His friends didn't follow his mindset however, the young boy was determined to pet Vilis. 
    He quickly followed behind Arnin with his fastest speed. 
    "Wait, hey!" Arnin turned around only to find a boy running towards him. The boy was around the same age as Arnin and had short brown hair. He was a little chubby which was clearly shown as he ran. His flabs vibrated like a bouncing water balloon. Wrinkles spread, and it looked quite hilarious. Arnin, didn't show much of an expression, however Lilise and Elidia found it hard to hold their laughter in. 

    "Yes?" Arnin asked. He wanted to quickly get things sorted out and begin cultivating. Also, he need to go and find out how his classes would work with the Mark Master task he was assigned. Plus, he need to quickly practice some more marks, since he had only succeeded in making one mark so far. 

    "Umm… can I touch your beast? Only for a sec, it won't take long." The chubby boy asked with some hesitation. However, the more he looked at Vilis, the more excited he got. 

    Arnin smiled at the boy before nodding his head. It was only something simple as touching, and it would take about a second. 

    "Really? Haha!" The chubby boy's eyes began to sparkle as he walked towards Vilis. At first the beast growled, however Arnin glared at him, making the beast reluctantly agree. The chubby boy first placed his hand on the side before placing two hands, then he touched the fur with his head. Next thing you know, he is clinging onto Vilis. 

    "Haha! This feels so good. I could stay like this forever." The chubby boy fell into his own dreams the second his whole body clung onto the beast. Vilis looked at Arnin for help, his eyes were becoming watery which could be interpreted as him saying, 'Get this kid off me!'. 

    Arnin walked over to the chubby kid before tapping his shoulder. 

    "You seem to really like beasts, huh?" Arnin noticed that the chubby kid did not show any fear. He looked at Vilis the way one would look at a lover. 

    "Of course! They are the greatest creatures in the world. If only I could be one too." The chubby boy put on a face of sadness and reluctance. Arnin was surprised by his words, but he then thought of an idea.

    "What do you think of my beast?" The chubby boy touched the fur once again before putting his face back onto Vilis. 

    "What do I think? If I wasn't a human boy, I would marry this beast. Wait, can I still marry him?" The boy began to seriously contemplate, which caused Arnin to become a little flabbergasted.  

    This kid was really weird, however Arnin noticed that he really did seem to like beast, although maybe a little too much. 

    "If you are interested, why don't you become my Beast sitter? You can look after him while I am busy. In return, not only will you be able to hang around my beast, but I can even teach a thing or two to you." Arnin really needed to find someone to take care of Vilis. Because he would be going to classes and even working at the Mar Master department, Vilis might become irritated. If the chubby guy would look after him, then Arnin would be able to get rid of one problem off his shoulder. 

    "Really? Do you mean it? Do you truly mean it?" The boy's blue eyes sparkled when he heard what Arnin said. 

    "So, what's your name?" Arnin began to walk away while the chubby kid followed with his hand firmly planted onto Vilis, unwilling to let go. 

    "My name is Akig and I hail from the great village in the east." Arnin didn't care where he came from. He nodded his head slightly before reaching an area where a long line was. Kids that wore the white robes stood in an orderly fashion, however it was filled with chatter. Arnin sighed when he saw how long the line was. 

    "Are you trying to find some lodging? Don't worry…" The kid was stumped. He didn't even know Arnin's name yet.

    "My name is Arnin." The kid nodded his head before continuing. 

    "If you need a place to stay, then you can live with me. My home is the largest of them all. I have the best beds and even the best food. What do you say Arnin?" Arnin could tell that the boy was flaunting something that wasn't even true, however he didn't try to expose the kid. 

    "I will get my own home, plus these two also need a separate room." Arnin shook his head and rejected the notion. He needed privacy, and he truly needed a large room that would be able to allow Vilis to live in it. Ideally, he would need a field in the back.


    While the two boys were talking,a teacher was walking around and supervising the area. He had a smile on his face, however it froze when he saw a certain student. He noticed that the robe of the student was navy blue with a Moth on the front and back. He quickly ran towards the group. Of course, that student was Arnin. 

    "Hey, are you a Moth group student?" The teacher quickly questioned Arnin as he approached them with a smile. He looked to be around Florian's age, which was pretty young for a teacher. Arnin raised an eyebrow before nodding his head. 

    "If you are a Moth student, you don't need to wait in line. Come with me, I can help you get a lodging right away." Arnin followed the teacher with a big smile. He was satisfied with the treatment that the Moth group got. Other than him, Vilis, Akig and the two girls followed as well. 

    They were taken into a back room, which contained nothing but a small bookshelf and clean wooden table. There were also some chairs, however too few for all the people. The teacher turned around and was surprised to see so many people. He thought that only the beast would come, but never expected there to be so many people. 

    "Since you are in Moth group, you are able to get a much larger lodging then rest of the kids.You probably didn't notice this, but this academy has two large buildings. One of them is for the Moth group, while the other is for the Butterfly group. Unlike the Butterfly students, Moth students are assigned a lodging beforehand. All I need is you to give me your identity card so I can find where it is."  Arnin nodded his head and passed his card over. The teacher then took out an orb and placed the card inside. A bunch of symbols appeared, the teacher memorized the content and then handed the card back. He took a deep glance at Arnin before telling him to follow. 

    "Your lodging is actually one of the larger ones. Not only is it unattached to the Moth building, it is also in front of a large field. Of course, other lodgings are also there, but only for very prestigious students. Seems like the teacher who assigned this for you must have thought of you to be quite spectacular." The teacher couldn't help but compliment Arnin. Although he was a teacher, a Moth student would usually have a much brighter future, especially students who were treated generously from the start. When he first found out Arnin's lodging, he knew that Arnin must be special.

    They walked out the Butterfly building and across a large field. The field had short grass, but there were many different things placed onto the field. There were some large crystals and even a small forest to the left. As they approached the other building, the teacher stopped in his tracks. 

    "Since I am a Butterfly teacher, I can only lead you this far. Just go into the building and find a teacher to help you out. I will help your friends find a place to stay." Arnin nodded his head and continued into the building with Vilis. When he entered inside, the atmosphere was completely different. He didn't see students walking around or hear any loud noises. It was very quiet, which satisfied Arnin. As he walked in the large, spacious building, he finally found a teacher roaming the premises. Arnin walked towards the teacher.

    "Teacher, would you happen to know where I can get my lodgings?" Arnin didn't know how the place worked so he could only question. Plus, since he wasn't told where he was going to stay by the other teacher, he had to ask someone else. 

    "So you are a new student? Here, come with me." The teacher was much less enthusiastic than the previous teacher. He didn't have a smile, rather he seemed a little serious in his conduct. Even though this was the case, Arnin didn't really mind. Everyone was different and had different personalities, so he could care less. He followed the teacher into a similar room. The same thing happened with the orb and this time the teacher looked up suddenly. 

    "Which teacher tested you for the examination?" He had a serious look when he looked at Arnin. The previously dull expression was gone.

    "Teacher Xillar and Teacher Kelnorin proceeded with the exam. Is there a problem?" Arnin was unsure of what the issue was. Wasn't it only lodging? When the teacher heard the teachers' names, he took a deep breath before sighing. He then looked at Arnin again, however this time there was some interest. 

    "Do you know where you will be lodging?" The teacher suddenly asked.

    "I was told that it was a large home, however I am unsure of any other details." Arnin answered. 

    "Well, the place you will be staying is only for the top Moth students. Although it is a fine location, it is also quite a competitive place to stay. People will most likely come and challenge you in order to take that home. Do you still want to live there?" The teacher solemnly asked Arnin. Since the Moth group was very competitive over resources, the housing also fell under this category. Everything in the Moth group was up for grabs. If you were strong, then you would be able to keep it, however if you were weak, then life would only get worse. 

    Arnin thought for a moment, before nodding his head. He was not going to run away because of a little competition. If he wanted to keep a low profile, then he could have Vilis guard the home. 
    The teacher gave Arnin another deep glance before nodding his head. He went to the desk and brought out a key. It was a black key that was only a little smaller than a knife. 

    "This is the key to your home. I will lead you there, however don't expect to have a peaceful time." The teacher warned him once again before leading Arnin out. 

    They walked back on the field, however this time they entered the forest. They walked for a few dozen minutes before coming to a large residential area. It looked almost like a mini village. Arnin saw students of different ages walking around the place. It seemed that the reason the Moth building was empty or very quiet was because everyone was over here. When Arnin stepped into the residential area, the teacher that led him stopped. 

    "The place where you will be staying is at the end of this area. The number for your lodging is one. It's one of the largest, so it will be hard to miss." Arnin nodded before proceeding forward. The teacher looked deeply at Arnin's back before shaking his head.

    "Good luck."

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  • Chapter 30: Unexpected Humiliation

    Arnin slowly walked through the large residential area. It was like a small village. As he progressed with the key in his sleeves, he noticed that the smaller houses belonged to children around his own age. There weren't many that were around his age, possibly five or so, but it seemed that as he progressed, the bigger the students got, so did the houses. 
    While he walked, the students that were outside their own lodges noticed Arnin. They were surprised to see that instead of occupying one of the first houses, he kept on going forward. They thought that maybe he was confused as to how the lodging worked, but the look in Arnin's eyes didn't look confused or lost. Everyone looked at him, but no one approached. Some people looked without any emotions, others with some pity, while a few even had the intent to fight written all over their faces. 
    Slowly, he progressed and the houses continued to get larger. He needed to get to the end of the residential area and would need to find one of the largest houses. However, that was all the information that was given to him. There was nothing on the characteristics of the house or even the number plate to distinguish it. Arnin noticed the various looks that were thrown towards him, however he ignored them all. 
    Even though he ignored their stares, he still inspected the cultivations of each of the people. He was surprised from what he gathered. The five year olds were still in Orb Birth - Earth, however they were reaching the pinnacle. As the ages increased so did the cultivation. He finally understood why the Moth group was considered a place for talented people. Finally, he reached the end of the place and noticed that the ages here were around twenty. Not only that, but the students were at least at Essence Manifest. Some were younger then Brajus and Dane, but their cultivation still surpassed them. 
    At the end of the residential area, he found that the houses were extremely large. They were smaller then the one the village elder had, however only by a small amount. Just as he reached the area he heard a voice from behind. 
    "Little kid. What are you doing over here? This area is for the older students." The voice contained some anger. Arnin turned around only to find a group of students who looked to be around the age of twenty. The person who spoke seemed to be the leader of the group. He had shoulder length black hair, and jet black eyes. He was tall and dashing, especially with the tattoo drawn over his left eye. It looked like a tattoo of a blue diamond. 
    Arnin didn't answer the question and only pulled out his black key and shook it in front of their eyes. Vilis also walked forward in order to defend Arnin. The cultivations of the people in front were all above Orb Birth - Heaven. They were stronger than Arnin. 
    "It was for older students. Since I will be living here from now on, it is also for smaller kids." Arnin stared directly into the eyes of the leader. He didn't threaten the guy, but his deep stare still intimidated him. He took a couple steps back when he saw Arnin's stare. However, because of this action he felt his face become deep crimson. 
    "What do you mean? Who gave you that key? Give it to me!" The leader felt humiliated, so he angrily spoke to Arnin. He even stretched out his hand to grab the key, however Arnin just pulled back his hand and shoved the key back into his sleeve. Vilis took another step forward and growled at the leader. 
    "What do you think you are doing? Don't touch something that isn't yours." Arnin felt a little annoyed at the leader's attitude and his sudden reach for the key. Although he was young, he wasn't someone that could be bullied so easily. He had his own dignity as a past Demon Lord, so why would he let others push him around? 
    Noticing Vilis getting angry, the leader and the group took a few steps back. It was known that a beast was usually stronger than a cultivator of the same realm. The reason behind this was because of the beast's strong physical body. It surpassed those of humans, which allowed beasts to be more difficult to deal with. This was the reason that Von and Jelen had a difficult time dealing with Vilis inside the forest. (Author note: Von and Jelen were the two people that Arnin met and killed. Von was stabbed through Arnin's oscar winning acting, and Jelen was the brawny man that Arnin kind of toyed with until he eventually killed.) 
    The leader of the group had a cultivation of Essence Manifest - Sky, while the rest were still in the Earth smaller realm. Vilis, who was sitting a Rank One - Hell beast, was much stronger than the whole group. 
    "Kid, control your beast." Feeling humiliated once again, the seething leader glared at Arnin.
    "You want me to control my beast? Well, aren't I doing that right now? If you don't scramble away now, my pet here can be controlled in different ways." Arnin had a wicked smile on his face, which caused the group to look straight into Vilis' menacing eyes. They felt a shiver run down their back. 
    "You better watch your back kid. Once I call the seniors over, they will handle both you and your beast." The leader ran with his tail between his legs, but not forgetting to threaten Arnin. When Arnin heard this, he couldn't help but shake his head. 
    "Vilis, go bring me that loud-mouth." Arnin stood there standing with his arms crossing over his chest. "Try not to kill him though." Arnin warned Vilis.
    Vilis quickly chased after the group which his eyes shining brightly. The group never expected that Arnin wouldn't even let them go, however they kept running. 
    "H-hey kid, stop your beast!" The leader yelled while he ran. Arnin ignored his yell and only waited silently. A few moments later, Vilis, with the leader in his mouth, waked back valiantly. 
    "You want to bring back some stronger people since you couldn't handle my beast? Just for that line, you will be accompanying me with finding my lodging." Arnin didn't know where he was supposed to stay, so he decided to use the leader to find his abode. 
    When the leader found that he was not going to be killed, he released a sigh of relief, however his eyes contained a deep hatred for Arnin. If the beast wasn't present, he would have given him a thrashing. 
    Arnin ignored his stare and continued to walk around. "Tell me, I don't know how to find my lodge, how do I know which one is mine?" Arnin asked the leader as he walked. All he knew that his house was very large, but he was given no other information. He was honestly at a loss. He didn't want to go and try his key at every door, hoping that it would open. That would be a huge waste of time. 
    The leader didn't answer his and only turned his head to the side. This displeased Arnin somewhat. 
    Vilis made a deep growling noise when he saw Arnin being displeased. This caused the leader to panic and his hairs to stand up like soldiers. 
    "Alright, alright. Can't you tell your beast to let go of me? It's not like I can run from him or anything." The leader asked with some fear. This fear was was not of Arnin, but of the beast.
    "No!" Arnin gave a straight answer without even thinking about it. "Answer my question. Once I find where I will be staying, you can go." Arnin didn't want to waste time with the leader, he just wanted to find where he would be staying so that he could continue with his cultivation. 
    "Kid, although I may be weak, there are seniors that live in this area that are much stronger than me. Most of the seniors have reached Essence Manifest - Hell and Heaven, so it would do you good to let me go." The leader, although scared of the beast, began to threaten Arnin. He didn't think that a child his age would try to kill someone else, especially since they were too young and naive for that. He felt that if he threatened him a little more, then there was a chance that he would make the beast let go.
    Arnin was somewhat surprised when he heard the information, but it wasn't new. This information was given to him by Dane's group previously, so he knew that this would be the case. 
    "Tell me how I can find my lodging, I won't ask another time." Contrary to what the leader thought, Arnin didn't budge. Rather, there was a layer of coldness in his eyes that deeply penetrated the leader. 
    "Fine. Your identification card should have a few things written on them. The bottom left corner should have a number, that number corresponds to your house. Tell me the number and I will help you get to where you will stay." The leader finally gave in. Although he felt some coldness from Arnin, he knew that he was at the mercy of the beast. One wrong move could possibly get him in deep trouble. 
    Arnin was surprised that the information would written on his card, so he quickly pulled it out and looked it over. The number written was ten. 
    "What did you say? Ten? There is no way!" The leader looked at Arnin with shock. Then he suddenly smiled coldly. "Kid, I think that this home is a little too much for you. You should try and give it up, or else you might not even know how you were thrown out." The Moth group was known for competition, and this involved houses as well. 
    "Don't speak nonsense, and just tell me where to find it." Arnin understood that his house was probably much larger than others and possibly would bring him some trouble. Although he planned to keep a low profile, that didn't mean that he would give in to others. He would just have Vilis guard the place. 
    "I am not speaking nonsense, I am actually trying to help you out of my good will. The place where your house is located is the seniors' location. Plus, these are the oldest seniors. Their cultivation has already surpassed that of Essence Manifest." The leader warned. Arnin was slightly flabbergasted. Arnin felt that this would be somewhat troublesome. He was not able to handle Essence Manifest cultivators yet, let alone people who were a realm higher. The only way he could handle them was if he released some of his original powers, but that was only something he would do if he was facing a life or death situation. 
    "Take me there. I will handle the rest." Arnin decided that he would try and see if he could live there. If things got to the point where he was unable to reside there, then he could just find a different place to stay. Although he was arrogant, he knew when to stop. 
    The leader face darkened and his smile got even colder. 'This kid is doomed.' He couldn't help but be glad that Arnin didn't follow his advice. He suffered under his beast, so he was looking forward to see Arnin suffer under someone else's hands.
    The three approached an area with very large houses, however it was not connected with the residential area. They had to walk passed the forest and find the location. The houses were larger than that of the village elder's, which surprised Arnin. The leader, who was still in Vilis' mouth, couldn't help but look at the houses with anticipation and reverence. Just as the three continued to walk, two people approached them from the front. They looked to be around the same age as Dane and Brajus, however the aura they released was much deeper. Arnin squinted his eyes and found that the threads inside their bodies were thicker and there was even an unknown power mixed within them.
    "What do we have here? Do you guys not know that this is only for the top students?" The two people looked at Arnin and the leader with surprise. One of them was a boy while the other was a girl. The male was the first to speak, however his face was dark when he noticed the three. 
    "Senior, please help me. This child had his beast grab me and bring me here. Plus, he is going to be taking over house number ten." The leader quickly complained with hurt eyes. He acted like a child who was complaining about someone else in front of his parents. 
    The two were somewhat shocked, but their faces became cold when they looked at Arnin. 
    "I don't care what you did to this man, but I do not permit you to live in house ten. This place is only for those who have surpassed Essence Manifest. You seem to still be in Orb Birth- Sky." The man spoke coldly. He walked closer to Arnin and looked down at him. 
    "I don't believe that I need your permission to enter. Step aside." Arnin also became somewhat annoyed. Although the two in front of him were people he couldn't handle, he wasn't going to back down just because of that. Before he became a Demon Lord, he had to face many foes who were much stronger than him. He lost to many of them, almost dying a couple times, but he would never bow his head. 
    "Kid, I don't think you heard me right. Let me explain it in a different way…" The man then walked over and released his aura. It was a strong aura that caused the leader to shiver in fear, however Arnin didn't budge. He was able to handle Xillar's pressure, let alone a student's. Arnin released his own aura to counteract the other's. Seeing that Arnin still didn't budge, he was very shocked. Never would he have guessed that an Orb Birth cultivator would be able to stand under his aura without breaking a sweat. 
    "Seems like you have some skill, but that still doesn't qualify you to stay here." The man then vanished into thin air, appearing in front of Arnin. He quickly extended his hand and lifted Arnin into the air. 
    Arnin became surprised that the man was able to lift him into the air like that. He was able to notice the speed, but wasn't able to react to it. Seeing that he was being held up, Arnin's eyes became colder and a red glint appeared. He was just about to swing his leg towards the man before he found himself being thrown back onto the ground. 
    "As you can see, you can't match up to me. Just give it up and find a new place. House ten is only for the tenth strongest." The man began to laugh as he walked away. Arnin gritted his teeth, but he didn't make another move. With his current cultivation, he would be unable to handle the man, and he couldn't release his sealed power either. Vilis was weak as well, so he could only leave in defeat. 
    "I told you kid, this place is not for…" Just as the leader was about to finish speak, Arnin grabbed his arm and cracked it. 
    "AHHHHH!" The leader screamed in agony as his arm limped to his side. He hatefully looked up, however nothing came out of his mouth. All he saw was Arnin covered in a sinister aura that shrouded him completely, making him look demonic. He also saw an image of a demon appearing from the aura. He took a deep gulp before closing his eyes in fear. 
    Arnin had his fists clenched and his eyes were extremely sinister, however he was not frowning. He held a very evil smile, scaring even Vilis, who usually enjoyed such things. 
    "You think that this is the end? You have just humiliated me, Arnin! I will make you suffer more than you can imagine for this!" Arnin whispered to himself, but every word caused the leader to tremble in fear. 
    'Who is this kid? Why do I feel so frightened by him?' The leader could only utter such words in his head as he continued to tremble under the sinister aura.

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  • Chapter 31: Beauty into Beast

    Arnin walked out of the forest with a darkened expression. His aura was still lingering around him, which caused the leader, and even Vilis, to tremble in slight fear. The aura was just too frightening. 
    "U-umm, I helped you find the place, e-even though s-senior didn't let you through, I c-completed my job. C-can I g-go now?" The leader was trembling slightly. He never imagined that this kid would be so scary that he would even frighten his own beast.

    Arnin turned his head and looked at the leader coldly. This caused the leader to look down slightly, unable to even meet his cold eyes. 

    "You aren't done yet. Since I have lost my housing, how do I obtain another one? Do I have to go back and try to apply for a new one?" Arnin glared at the leader with anger. He needed to direct his anger onto someone, and this leader was the perfect person. 

    "Y-you don't apply for a new home. S-since you lost yours, you can t-try to take someone else's. H-however, you have to initiate a proper duel." The leader spoke hesitantly, but told Arnin the details. He told him out of fear, but was hoping that Arnin would try not to duel him directly. "A-also, the duels are fought o-one on one, so your beast is not a-allowed to participate." The leader told him the most important rule. If group fights were allowed, then people could create their own groups and take over a district forcefully. 

    Arnin nodded his head and coldly looked towards the different houses. He needed to quickly increase his own cultivation without bringing more attention towards himself. So, any large houses were now out of the picture, he needed to go and take over places that had only Orb Birth cultivators. 
    "Alright then. Help me search for a home. I need a place that isn't too large but also not too small. It has to be in a more quieter area with cultivators only in the Orb Birth realm." Without waiting for the other's approval, Arnin began to walk. The leader looked at Arnin with reluctance and fear. 

    'What did I do to you? I only asked for the key. Why are you torturing me like this? Can't we just part ways?' The leader couldn't help but cry to himself. 

    They got back to the area where lots of houses were present, both big and small.  People were shocked when they saw Arnin once again, plus they also saw the leader in the beast's mouth, so they couldn't help but continue staring. 

    "Didn't that kid go to the deeper areas? Why is he back now?" A teen asked with confusion. 

    "He probably got kicked out of the place. That's what he gets for being so arrogant and getting in over his head." Another person mocked from the sides. However, seeing that the leader was in the beast's mouth, they didn't try to approach. 

    The leader stared at the people with anger. 'Are you guys trying to get yourselves killed? If he is able to hold me like this, wouldn't he be able to do the same to you?' The leader couldn't help but sweat because of their stupidity. Although some of the people mocking Arnin were in Essence Manifest, the rest were still sitting around the Orb Birth realm. He, as an Essence Manifest - Sky cultivator, wasn't able to face the beast, so what gave them the guts to try and mock him?  

    "Since we are now well acquainted, what is your name?" As they walked, Arnin turned his head and questioned the leader with glare. 

    'Well acquainted? What the heck does that mean? Plus, why the heck are you glaring at me?' The leader couldn't help but feel as though he was being treated like a slave. 

    "M-my name is Revi. What about you?" Since he was being asked for his name, he wanted to also know the name of his warden. 

    Arnin didn't answer his question and only turned his head. This caused Revi to scoff with annoyance. 

    'What the heck is with his attitude? I am asking for his name, not his life.' 

    "Now tell me, which location should I start looking from?" Arnin spoke without turning his head towards Revi.

    "Yea, the lodging area that you want should be this area, however I don't know which home you would want." Although he didn't like Arnin's attitude, since he was under the other party's mercy, he could only answer Arnin's question. 

    "If it is here, then I will just have to find the place myself. You are free to go now." Arnin nodded his head and waved his hand towards Vilis, who let Revi go. 

    The leader felt as though he had been freed from hell itself and couldn't help but scream towards the sky with happiness. Just as he was about to turn around and run away, he found that Arnin had already begun to walk towards a house. It wasn't a large one, rather it was smaller than the ones in the area. It was quietly placed in the corner, making it a little harder to see than most of the other places. Revi was bewildered towards his actions as he assumed that Arnin would go and try to get a house on a larger scale, but that's not what happened. 

    'What is he up to? Maybe I will watch him from a distance.' With that decided, Revi moved further back and observed. 

    Arnin slowly walked up to the silent house and knocked on the front door. The house was simple from the outside and had stone brick walls with a timber roof. Since the place was quiet, Arnin found that this would a suitable place to stay before he got his revenge on the senior student. He didn't care what the senior was called, all that mattered was what level of cultivation he was at. 

    A few minutes later, the stone door swung open and a young girl walked out. She had short orange hair which was tied into a ponytail. Her eyes were a bright sapphire and were filled with iciness. When she stepped out, her eyes examined the surroundings, and then she looked down to see Arnin. Her age seemed to be fifteen or so, and she was much taller than Arnin. 

    "What do you need?" The girl glared at Arnin with her ice cold eyes. There was no hint of warmth within, even though Arnin was only five. 

    "I need you to step out of the house and find a new place to live." Arnin smiled towards the girl before walking passed her and into the house. He pushed her aside and began to inspect the interior. "Not a bad place." He smiled once more before glaring at the girl. 

    She looked at him with a frown. 'How dare he just walk in to my home? Does he have a death wish?' The girl thought that Arnin might have some mental problems, which was why he was doing what he was. 

    "Why did you enter my house without my permission? Get out now!" The girl looked at Arnin menacingly, however the only reply she got was a mocking smirk. 

    "Your house? It's mine now. If you want it, then come bite me." Arnin waved his hand towards her. Suddenly, right when she was about to berate him even more, Vilis walked past her as well, entering the house. As the beast walked, he made a growling sound towards her, threatening her to move aside. She reluctantly stepped out and her face became bright red. Never had she felt such humiliation.

    "Do you dare duel with me?" The girl noticed that she was no match for the beast so she could only threaten Arnin. 

    "You want to duel? Do you have the capability?" Arnin had already fought with two people who were at Orb Birth - Heaven. Although she was also at this realm, this didn't matter much to him. All of them were the same to him. 

    'What is this boy saying? He is only at Orb Birth - Sky, does he really think he could match me?' She had a perplexed look when she heard his words. However, she still felt that Arnin was boasting with nothing to back him up. 

    "Whether I have it or not, come and see." She didn't back down and only looked at Arnin with hatred. Although Arnin was only a child, she could care less about that. Anyone that stepped on her dignity, she would teach them a lesson. 

    "You asked for it. I am in a bad mood, so prepare to get some serious injuries." Arnin began to walk towards the girl with his aura slowly being released. 

    From afar, Revi began to sweat because of Arnin's boldness. Not only did he walk into the house without the other's permission, he also had her initiate the duel. This was too great of a move. 
    'Kid, you are really something.' Although he hated Arnin for how he treated him, he still felt that Arnin had some capabilities, especially because of the aura that he released previously. 

    Suddenly, he felt the same aura that he felt before. It was sinister and also demonic. He began to get the chills and his hairs stood upright. His body trembled slightly before he saw Arnin walk out of the house with a black hue surrounding him. 

    'This kid is releasing that aura again. That girl is in trouble now. Even I can't think properly under his pressure.' Revi couldn't help but feel scared, so he took a step back. 
    The girl widened her eyes as she felt the pressure of Arnin's aura. She couldn't help but also take a step back as she slightly quivered. 

    'What is wrong with this kid? This aura is just too… evil.' She noticed that she herself was moving back, which shocked her. The girl strengthened her resolve and faced Arnin, however some fear was hidden in her eyes. 

    "Do you still wish to continue?" Arnin asked the girl. Although he was in a bad mood, he still didn't want to expose himself too much. He needed to lay low before getting rid of the senior.

    "Of course. You are the one who took my lodge. I won't take this lying down." Suddenly, the girl released her strong aura. It was Orb Birth - Heaven realm, however it didn't hinder Arnin in any way. 

    "Well since you are so adamant about this, let's begin." Arnin finally stepped outside the house, and then he vanished. The girl looked around and couldn't find Arnin. She began to slightly panic, however she felt something behind her. Turning around, a fist flew towards her face. Quickly, she lifted her arms and blocked it, however she was still pushed back a couple of steps. She felt a tingling pain on her arms so she looked down, only to find that her forearm was slightly bruised. She was astonished that someone who was two small realms lower than her was able to injure her so quickly. 

    Revi watched and also felt astonished. 'That kid is so fast. Even I couldn't see his movements.' 
    Arnin was somewhat surprised that the girl was able to block his move. Brajus wasn't even able to react to him, which clearly showed the difference between a Butterfly student and a Moth student. 

    "Impressive. You are stronger than I thought, but that still isn't enough to win against me." Arnin smiled and released an even stronger aura. He vanished once more and appeared on the girl's left. She wasn't able to react to his increase in speed and was directly hit on her cheek. A stinging pain appeared and she was off balance. Arnin took the opportunity to get under her and trip her onto the ground. 

    'What a shameless kid. He even tripped her right after punching her in the face? What happen to children learning to respect women?' Revi couldn't help but feel flabbergasted because of Arnin's actions. 

    Revi was a self-proclaimed lady's man that always tried to impress women. He felt that women should be put on a pedestal and respected greatly, so what Arnin did really bugged him. 
    The girl fell onto the ground with a thump. She felt that Arnin would at least let her get up, since this was supposed to be a respectful duel, however Arnin continued his assault. 

    He lifted one of his legs and kicked the girl's abdomen. She spat out a mouthful of blood before hitting the wall of the house. She hatefully looked at Arnin who approached her once more. His small hands grabbed her hair and lifted her off the ground. 

    "Do you still want to continue with this duel? You have the option of forfeiting now, or letting me beat you until you can't fight any more." Arnin threatened the girl with a wicked smile. He didn't care whether the person was a girl or a boy, if they got in his way, then they would be beaten black and blue. 

    The girl looked at Arnin with some fear, however she didn't back down. 

    "If that's what you want, then blame only yourself." Arnin lifted his hand and hit her in the face, however he didn't let go of her hair. He continued to beat her until she looked less like a beauty and more like a beast. Finally, the girl fainted and fell onto the ground. Although he didn't fully release his anger, he felt that more would kill the girl.

    He dropped the girl and patted his hands. There was some blood on his knuckles and slight bruising,  however it didn't bug him too much. He walked towards the house and before entering, looked towards Revi who was standing in the distance. 

    "Take her away from here. I don't want garbage lying around my house." With that Arnin walked in and shut the door. 

    The crowd began to whisper amongst themselves about how ruthless Arnin was. Revi felt his face go white like a sheet of paper when his name was called out. 

    'That kid! Why the heck is he calling me over? See if I listen to his commands. He isn't my boss.' Revi was about to turn around and leave, however he stopped. He had this feeling that Arnin was watching his back and his every move. He hesitated before turning around and walking towards the girl. He noticed her appearance and found that her cheeks were swollen and blood was leaking out of her forehead and mouth. 

    'That kid is truly a beast. Why the heck did the academy teachers let him in? Plus, he has his eyes on me now. What did I do in my past life to deserve something like this?' He cried inside before lifting the beaten beauty. He slowly walked away from the house, not turning his head in fear of being seen by Arnin.
  • Chapter 32: I Will Take This One

    The crowd watched as Revi took the girl away. Since most of them were in Orb Birth - Heaven, they could tell that Revi was much stronger than them. If Arnin was able to make Revi do his bidding, then what could they do to him? 
    "That kid is too strong. Where did he come from? He looks like he is part of the youngest group, so how could he be so strong?" The people in the crowd couldn't help but wonder. They wanted to go up and talk to Arnin and figure out his secrets, but after seeing what happened to the girl, they decided against that notion. 
    Inside the house, Arnin sat quietly in the middle. He took over the girl's house by force, which was something he didn't mind, however there were some things inside the house which belonged to the girl. He didn't have a use for them, so he thought of tossing them out. Some of the items included clothes, books, and even some other personal belongings. Grabbing all of her things, Arnin shoved them inside a wooden box that was in the corner. He then picked the box up and took it outside. 
    Just as he was about to open the door, something fell out the box. It was a book. Arnin placed the box down and leaned down to pick it up, however the second he touched it, he felt a bunch of essence begin to gather around him. He was surprised by such a phenomenon. Arnin looked at the title of the book and couldn't help but smile. 

    Water Fist Battle Technique.
    It was a battle technique. Arnin hadn't seen any of these yet, but he knew of their existence. In his past life, there were many things just like this. Not only that, he made his own battle techniques as well. The black gas that was released from his horns wasn't a battle technique, they were something he gained after his powers reached a certain level. However, the wall of black gas that appeared in his village was a certain battle technique that he had created. It made the gas into an impenetrable wall that would deflect or cause damage, depending on his will. 
    This battle technique was the first one that he saw in this world. He was intrigued by the essence of Afloria so he decided to see what kind of battle techniques there were. He opened up the book and began to read.
    "The essence of the world begins to form a cyclone inside the orb. Splitting of the catastrophe leads the hands, forming a smooth sphere of essence. The sphere absorbs impacts of other parties, leading to collection of esse…" As Arnin read through the technique, he wasn't greatly impressed by the concept. He was able to understand it right away. The cyclone that they mentioned was basically the essence creating a type of whirlpool in the orb. That whirlpool then becomes a thick, water-like essence which travels to the fist. Once it reaches there, it creates a glove that can absorb a certain amount of impact, and direct it back to whoever the user wants. It may seem to be strong, however it can only absorb so much. If the power is too strong, then the sphere won't be able to absorb the impact and it would backfire onto the user. It was a low level skill. 
    "Such a useless skill." Arnin coughed, before throwing it back into the box. He needed to acquire better manuals and learn from them. The Water Fist was too weak for him. He also planned to make his own techniques, so he needed to find a way to learn more about the orb and the essence. 
    He walked outside and threw the box onto the ground. 
    "Are you the person who injured the young mistress?" Just as Arnin was about to turn around and walk back into the house, he heard a raspy voice from behind. He turned around and found an old woman glaring at him. She was wearing the same clothes as Xillar. Her eyes were cold when she looked at Arnin, as if she wanted to kill him.
    "Young mistress? Oh, you mean that girl? Yeah, it was me. What about it?" Arnin looked at the woman with a mocking smile. He could already feel the ill intent from the woman. The woman might be the guardian or something for the girl, which meant that she probably came from a pretty good background.
    "Insolence! How dare you even touch the young mistress?" The woman shouted at Arnin as if he was her greatest enemy. Arnin only smiled at her with mockery. He hated people that would come to him and spout nonsense like that. 
    "Not only did I dare to injure her, I would do it again, even if I knew who she was." Arnin stepped forward and spoke with great arrogance. He could feel that he was no match for the woman in front of him, however as a teacher of the academy, she wasn't able to do anything to him. 
    "Y-you arrogant… come with me! I will get you expelled from this academy right this instant!" The woman walked forward and tried to grab Arnin, however she suddenly felt a huge aura restrict her movements. 
    "Teacher Zesiro, what do you think you are doing?" All of a sudden, a person walked out from behind the woman. Arnin looked over and his face darkened. It was Teacher Xillar.
    "Teacher Xillar, this man injured the young mistress. Don't tell me I can't even apprehend this little kid?" The woman was fuming when she was stopped. Although she was strong, her strength was still below that of Xillar's. 
    "Apprehend? Do you really think that is fair? The Moth group is bound to have injuries and competition. Just because the young mistress was injured, that doesn't mean that the person who injured her should get in trouble. The Moth group will always be like this. Are you saying that we will have to get rid of every person who hurts another?" Xillar looked at Zesiro with a smile. 
    Zesiro grumbled for a minute before turning around and walking away. "Teacher Xillar, you better be able to explain this to her father." The woman spoke before vanishing from the area. Xillar took a deep sigh of relief before looking towards Arnin. He expected a look of gratitude, or something along those lines, however he didn't get any of that. Rather, Arnin's face was dark and he looked angry.
    "What happened? Why do you seem upset?" Xillar asked quickly. He couldn't help but feel that something happened. 
    "Were you watching me? How did you get here at such a perfect moment?" Arnin asked through gritted teeth. He never expected Xillar to appear at such an good time. It was too much of a coincidence for that to happen, and Arnin didn't believe it was unintentional. 
    Xillar was shocked before he put on an awkward smile. 
    "U-uh, yeah, I was watching. I was curious to see what you would do when you first arrived. I have no ill intent, so don't worry about that. Still, do you know who that girl was?" Xillar tried to quickly change the subject and questioned Arnin. When he was watching Arnin, he didn't expect to see him injure that girl. She was an important person that had a good background. 
    "No, I don't know who she is, however it doesn't matter. She was a nuisance, so I took her out." Arnin spoke casually about the issue, which almost caused Xillar to trip.
    'Doesn't matter? Nuisance? You were the one who barged into her house and you call her a nuisance? What the heck is wrong with you?' Xillar felt that Arnin was a little too much. 
    "Then let me explain. Her name is Monifa Neige and she is the youngest daughter of a very powerful clan leader. Although he can't do anything to you in the academy, once you leave, he is able to kill you if he wishes." Xillar looked at Arnin weirdly. Why would he attack someone he doesn't even know?
    "Whether he can kill me or not is dependent on his skills. Plus, isn't the Moth group supposed to encourage competition, so why are you saying that as though I made a mistake?" Arnin was feeling displeased. The rules clearly stated that competition was allowed, so it shouldn't matter who he beats up. It was in the rules. 
    Xillar look at Arnin and nodded his head. 
    'It is true that competitions are allowed, which is why the school is not going to lecture or punish you because of this incident. However, the parents and families of students don't have to follow this rule outside of school. I am just warning you to be careful. People here are from great backgrounds, so don't just beat someone up because you want to." Xillar spoke to Arnin without any anger present. 
    "Teacher, thanks for your information, but I will do as I please. Also, if you continue to watch me, then make sure that you do it without me finding out. I may be weak now, but I have ways to tear this academy down without wasting an ounce of energy." Arnin threatened with a glare. 
    'This kid is too much. I just saved him from that old woman, and now he is threatening me?' Xillar felt fury boiling up inside of him, but he managed to control himself. He nodded his head, and then vanished from sight. 
    When Arnin spoke about destroying the academy, he was not lying. He would do just as he said if things were pushed too far. He could release his powers and completely destroy Afloria if he wanted. He was the creator of the world, so really he held complete authority over it. 
    Arnin was going to stay in the house to cultivate, however he also needed to find out where Lilise and Elidia were going to stay. Plus, the chubby kid was going to look after Vilis for him. Although there was lots of competition in the Moth group, they could only fight the owner of the place if they wanted the house, and since Vilis wasn't the owner, and the chubby kid wasn't either, they wouldn't be in danger. With a nod, Arnin walked towards the exit of the forest.

    "That kid is so annoying! He thinks he is a big kid, but really he is just as childish as anyone else." Inside a small room with two beds, a girl couldn't help but complain with gritted teeth. The girl was none other then Elidia. 
    "Big sis, Arnin is actually really nice. He let you sit on his beast, and even helped us when the teacher was being mean." Lilise couldn't help but pout when she heard her sister's words.
    "Lilise, why do you and grandpa defend him so much? He is not so…" Just as Elidia was about to say more, a knock was heard from their room. 
    Elidia was already in a bad mood and with someone interrupting her, she couldn't help but feel even worse. Seeing that her older sister might cause a big problem, Lilise quickly rushed to the door to see who it was. She opened it up slowly and found that the person in front of her was Arnin. 
    "Arnin? What are you doing here?" Lilise couldn't help but ask. She knew that Arnin went to the Moth group location to get his own house, and she assumed that he would be very busy after that, but he suddenly came here. 
    "I just came to check on you guys." Arnin didn't wait for an invitation and just walked in. Lilise was surprised at first, however remembering her sister's anger, she panicked. 
    "Arnin, big sis is mad…" But before she could say anything, she heard her sister's screams. 
    "What are you doing here? Get out of here! You are such a pest!" Lilise's face lost all of its colour when she heard that. 
    "What the heck are you yelling about? I just got in here!" Arnin was already in a bad mood, so he couldn't stop himself from yelling loudly. This caused both girls to tremble slightly as there eyes reddened a little. When Arnin yelled, some of his aura was released, which frightened them both. 
    Arnin noticed their reaction and couldn't help but sigh. He stopped his aura from releasing and looked at the girls angrily. 
    "I just came here to check on you and what do I get? The older sister yelling at me, as though I killed her whole family. Whatever, I won't pursue the matter. I want you both to come with me. This place is too small." Arnin walked out the door. Elidia and Lilise were somewhat scared to follow, but they gritted their teeth and obeyed. Arnin led them towards the outside. He passed the field and walked into the Moth building with the two girls. He looked for the residential place and finally found a teacher standing there. It was the same one that led him to the forest. The teacher saw him and couldn't help but feel surprised.
    "What are you doing here? Did you get kicked out already? Unlucky, but I can't help you with… wait, why are there Butterfly students here?" The teacher questioned Arnin with a glare. Butterfly students were not allowed in the Moth building. It was a rule that was set a long time ago. 
    "Does it matter whether they are here or not? Let me ask you a question." Arnin waved his hand and ignored the teacher's question.
    "Of course it matters. It is a rule that was set by the previous principal. However, since this is your first time here, I will let it go, but there won't be a next time." The teacher glared at him, but then calmed himself down. "What is your question?" He asked Arnin with some curiosity.
    'I was wondering, how many houses are we allowed to occupy in the Moth residential area? Like if I want more, can I?" Arnin noticed that the houses in the Moth area were much better and had more essence in the surroundings then the enclosed house of the Butterfly group.
    The teacher looked at Arnin with shock. His face darkened and he couldn't help but scoff. 
    'If you aren't even able to take over one house, who gave you the courage to try and get two? To answer your question, yes, you are allowed to get more than one house. Really, as long as you can beat the other person, you can have them all. Still, you are too weak to even get one, so forget trying to get more." The teacher began to speak with annoyance.
    'Who gave him the courage to ask such a question? He is too weak to have one, yet he wants two? The arrogance.' 
    "Whether I can maintain or fight for one is none of your business. Since you have told me I am allowed, then I am done here." Arnin waved his hand and walked away with a fuming teacher looking at his back. 
    Lilise and Eldia couldn't help but feel astonished and worried that Arnin kept making enemies with every teacher. It wasn't good for him. 
    "Let me show you where I'm staying right now, then you guys can pick a house as well." Arnin causally spoke to the girls as if it was an everyday task.
    "Wait, Arnin, are we even allowed to have a house there? Like, that is the Moths' residential area, and we are only Butterflies." Elidia asked worriedly. She didn't like Arnin, but she wouldn't ask someone to put themselves through trouble just for her. 
    "I am not asking for your opinion. The old man and me made a deal, so it is better if you are in my sights rather than in a completely different location." Arnin didn't give them a chance to speak much. If they lived in such a far location, not only would it take more time to get to them, the lack of essence would also slow their cultivations. 
    The two girls nodded their heads when they saw Arnin giving them no other option. As they walked across the place, the different students gave the girls looks of mockery. As Moth students, they felt superior to Butterfly students. Arnin ignored all the stares, but the girls couldn't help but feel as though they were being pricked by hundreds of thorns. It was a very unsettling feeling. 
    "Ignore them. They think they are strong and whatever, but they are really quite weak. If you follow my training plan, I can get you guys to be much stronger than those pitiful losers." Arnin calmed the girls' mind quickly with his words. He needed to have his own group in the academy. He only had himself and Vilis, which was not enough. If Lilise and Elidia were also able to become strong, then they could do harder tasks for him. Finally, the group approached Arnin's house. The two girls were shocked when they saw the size of it. Although it was much smaller than their grandpa's home, it was still really big for a five-year-old. 
    "I can't have you guys sharing a house with me, so let's go find one for you. We will go into a less crowded area, so yea." Arnin showed them his place just so they knew where he lived. Next, he took them to look for a home that was close by, but wasn't too eye catching. 
    Suddenly, Arnin found a small house which was similar to the one he had, however it was located in the lower cultivation areas, which was a good place for the two girls. 
    "This house seems like a good place. I will take this one!"

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  • Chapter 33: Servant

    When Arnin pointed at the house, the girls couldn't help but get a little shocked. Although they knew Arnin was saying that he would get them a house, they never expected that it would be such a large one. 
    "Arnin, we won't be able to protect a house like this. Plus, we aren't Moth students, so we can't have one." Elidia couldn't help but remind Arnin of the circumstances they were in. 
    "Don't worry about those minor things. This house will be under my jurisdiction, and you guys are just using it as my people. If others want it, they have to duel me, not you." Arnin spoke nonchalantly, however this caused Elidia to be annoyed. 
    'Who is your person? I am nobody's person.' She couldn't help but curse in her mind. Just as she was about to continue complaining, she saw Arnin go up the house and knock on the door. 
    A young man walked out the house. He looked to be a little younger than the girl Arin beat up previously. His realm was also at Orb Birth - Heaven, but it looked as though it was a recent breakthrough. 
    The young man had a set of snow hair and midnight eyes. His sharp jaw that still had some baby fat outlined what would become a dashing look in the future. His hair was tied in a bun, while his clothes were tight fitting. Although he didn't have muscles like an adult, he was much better than other children his age. 
    "What do you want?" The boy didn't exude an aura of coldness like the girl and didn't show hostility like Revi, however he was really domineering. 
    "I want this house. Leave!" Arnin smiled as he looked up at the young man. Arnin didn't care who the other person was, he would get what he wanted, even if he had to cripple the other party. 
    The boy showed a surprised face before his expression darkened. However, instead of attacking Arnin right away, the boy took a deep breath before showing a very shiny white teeth.
    "You want my house? Sure, but as the rules go, beat me a duel." The boy was somewhat angered but it didn't seem like he was going to lash out. 
    "Sure." Arnin agreed readily. It was much simpler to negotiate with people who would go straight to the point. Since the boy understood that he wasn't able to deny the duel, he went ahead and brought it up. 
    Both parties walked away from the house and stood on opposite ends. They faced each other without any hostility emitting from them. Arnin was still frustrated after his meeting with the senior who threw him out of the higher tier houses, but he had calmed down significantly after beating the girl up. 
    Arnin looked at the boy as his eyes slightly glimmered with a thought. "Before we start, why don't we make a bet?" Arnin proposed. He could see that the boy he was facing was talented, he most likely had a higher talent than Revi. 
    "A bet? Little kid, aren't you worried that this bet would be more beneficial to me?" The boy was shocked at first, but he laughed slightly. Arnin was much smaller than him in height and most likely strength as well. He didn't think that Arnin would be able to win the duel, let alone a bet. 
    "Don't worry about me, and let me just explain the bet. Just agree or disagree." Arnin looked at the boy seriously. 
    "If a little kid like you is so confident, why should I back out? Go ahead, explain your bet." The white haired boy smiled before signaling Arnin to continue. 
    "If I win, you have to give me the house and you will become my servant." Arnins words were extremely arrogant and the boy couldn't help but widen his eyes before his face showed a hint of displeasure. 
    "What happens if I win?" The boy showed annoyance after learning what would happen if he possibly lost, which he believed was not going to happen. 
    "If I lose, the house will stay as yours and I will become your servant. Is that a deal?" The boy thought for a moment before he nodded his head. Although he didn't need a servant, it didn't hurt to have one. Plus, Arnin was also a Moth student, which showed that he was talented. If he could have a talented servant, then he would be able to get better resources and more respect in the Moth group. 
    "Alright, it is a deal. Remember not to go back on your wo-" Suddenly a sheet was thrown towards him. The boy grabbed it and glared at Arnin for his sudden assault., however the latter only pointed towards the sheet. The boy harrumphed before looked at what the paper held. 
    It was a contract that stated the things they just discussed. The boy was shocked that Arnin was able to create something like a contract without him even realizing it. 
    "Sign the contract with your blood, I already did. After that, this bet will be final and neither of us will be able to go back on our words." Arnin smirked as he watched the boy drop his blood onto the contract. 
    The boy was somewhat hesitant, but he resolved himself and then dropped his blood onto the contract. Suddenly, it vanished into thin air, which made him a little shocked about Arnin's skills. 
    'This kid was able to make a contract like that so easily, he might be tougher than he looks.' The boy didn't look at Arnin like he did before. Just the contract was a product of high essence control, which only talented or strong people had. If Arnin could do it, that meant that he wasn't weak. 
    "Let's begin th-" The boy was just about to finish his sentence before he saw that Arnin was gone from his previous location. The boy was surprised in the beginning before he jumped forward and twisted his body around.
    Arnin appeared from behind and couldn't help but slightly widen his eyes. The boy had really good reflexes, which showed that his control over his body and his mind were very stable. Arnin couldn't help but smile wickedly. He didn't use his speed to get behind the boy this time, rather he landed, and pushed off the ground towards the boy. 
    The boy scoffed, before also jumping towards Arnin. Although both of them were different ages, the boy didn't care about that. He felt that Arnin was strong enough to be fought seriously, which even frightened him somewhat. 
    Both of the boys used their fists to face the other. The fists collided against one another, causing the two to take a couple steps back. Arnin's fist, which at first seemed normal, was anything but. When both of the fists collided, he inserted some threads into the other's body, causing the boy's fist to become numb. 
    The boy shook his hand in the air, but he felt it losing feeling. There was a small bruise on his fist, but he felt that his loss of feeling was the greatest surprise. He also knew about the numbing effect of the threads, however he wasn't proficient at using the skill. Seeing that Arnin was able to use the numbing effect caused him great surprise. He lifted his head and looked at the approaching Arnin. He felt a dreadful aura being released from Arnin, causing his body to tremble, albeit slightly. 
    "Since we did a small exchange, let's get on with the real thing." Arnin spoke quietly as a small tinge of red appeared in his eyes. 
    'Small exchange? Little kid, that was more than just a small exchange. You basically messed up my hand. How is that a small exchange?' The boy cursed in his head before also releasing his aura. He tried to counter the one Arnin was releasing, however he still couldn't overcome the dread that resulted from the sinister aura. He took another deep breath and his aura began to decrease in size. 
    Arnin saw the change in the boy's aura. Although it wasn't as large as before, he felt that it was much sharper. 'He condensed it? This boy is much more talented than I thought.' Arnin couldn't help but praise the boy's feat. He condensed his aura into a much stronger form, rather the continuously increasing its pressure. Arnin watch carefully before trying to attempt the same thing. He had past experience with this, but never tried it with the essence aura. 
    Suddenly, a beastly howl was released from the aura around Arnin. The sinister feeling from before increased by a significant amount. Not only that, but the aura began to squirm slightly, making beastly noises that induced fear into everyone that was watching. 
    The boy who was facing Arnin couldn't help but take a few steps back. The aura that Arnin was releasing caused his breathing to increase rapidly, his eyes becoming blurry. Since he was the one being directly affected by the aura, he could feel the murderous and evil intent. His eyes blackened before he slowly passed out, however before he did, he noticed that a large Demon like creature had taken form behind Arnin. It had three large horns with a black gas surrounding them.
    'What the heck… is… with … this...kid' the boy couldn't take it anymore and blacked out, 

    *Drip Drip*
    The boy felt water falling onto his face. His eyes opened the gates of darkness and found a brown ceiling. The boy blinked a couple times before turning his head around. He realized that he was inside of a room, rather it was his room. 
    'Didn't I lose the duel? Why am I in this house?' The boy knew that he lost the duel when he blacked out. He just couldn't understand why he would be in his room.
    "You're up. Well hurry up and get changed, we have lots of things to get done." From the left, the boy heard a noise. He turned his head and saw Arnin standing by the door.
    He had a confused look on his face before he slowly got up from the bed. Right when he was about to get up, he noticed that he was shirtless. He didn't get flustered or anything, however he noticed a weird mark on his chest. It was crimson mark that resembled a drop of blood. 
    "What is this?" The boy became horrified at the sight. He jumped out of bed and began to examine his body to see if there were any other marks.
    "What's taking so long? Hurry up!" Arnin's voice resounded from outside the door. The boy blanked out before his expression became ferocious. He ran out and glared at Arnin. 
    'What did you do to me?! What the heck is this thing on my chest?!" The boy was flustered and his previous calm state was gone. 
    "What do you mean? That mark is there because you are now my servant. Remember the bet? You just lost the bet, so stop acting like you lost your family!" Arnin was annoyed by the boy's reaction. He lost the bet, so of course the contract would bind him to the agreements 
    "C-contract?" The boy felt as though a bucket of cold water was dropped on top of him. He looked down and clenched his fists until his knuckles became white. 
    "You are now my servant and this house is now mine. So hurry up and get your stuff out of here. As your master, I won't let you live on the streets, but you are going to have to find a new place to live from now on. If you need help finding one, tell me." Arnin acted as though he was showing the boy a new path that could help him. 
    'This is your fault, you damned kid. If you didn't duel me, I wouldn't be on the streets.' The boy felt infuriated, however he couldn't do anything except accept the truth. He did sign the contract and it was his fault for losing. 
    "You can find a house later though. For now, you are going to follow me and help me get some of my tasks done." Arnin didn't wait for the boy, swiftly walking out the house. The boy was stunned for a second before quickly following behind. He could only try and be a servant until Arnin relieved him of the bet. He didn't want to be a servant for a person younger than him, especially since they were both in the Moth group. It would be humiliating if someone saw him. 
    As he followed him out, he saw two girls standing outside, waiting 
    "Lilise, Elidia, this is now your place to stay. You will move your things here." Arnin waved his hand and walked away. The girls nodded their heads before rushing into the house with happy expressions. The boy watched all of this happened and his mouth couldn't help but twitch. 
    'My house belongs to Butterfly students now? What the heck is this?' The boy felt as though he was going crazy. If Arnin took the house, then that would be a little better, since he was a Moth student, but the house now belonged to Butterfly students. He couldn't help but feel wronged. 
    Both of them walked in while the boy continued to stay depressed. 
    "What is your name?" Arnin turned his around and asked the boy. The boy looked up with his dull, black eyes.,
    "Kurse." He only said one thing before looking back down. Arnin noticed this and smirked. 
    "You lost the bet so stop acting so low. If you follow me, I will let you see things that you would never have imagined." Arnin smiled before consoling Kurse. He didn't need a half-hearted servant. What he wanted was someone who would complete his tasks for him without much problems. He liked the attitude of the boy when he first met him, which was why he decided to take the boy in. However, if he became a nuisance, then Arnin would be without a servant. 
    The boy nodded his head and complied. He couldn't really saying anything else because of the contract. If he tried to do something that would go against the contract, he would feel a burning sensation from his chest.
    When the two people walked out of the residential area, Arnin turned around and looked at the boy. 
    "Kurse, as your master, I will explain some of the things that I will be doing in the academy, so you have to prepare for them. I own two houses in the residential area, the original and the one I took from you. My original house also has my demonic beast, which will be taken care of by another Butterfly student. As my servant, you will be assigned to go to my place and make sure that no problems occur with other students. If someone comes and asks for a duel, you will only accept it if you can guarantee a win, if not then you do not accept and tell them to wait for my return." Arnin slowly explained some minor tasks which Kurse reluctantly accepted. Then, a thought hit his mind and he couldn't help but look at Anrin with confusion.
    "Wait, what will you be doing then? Like other than the lectures, most people stay in their homes to cultivate. What about you?" Arnin kept saying that he would be away from the house, but where would he be?
    "That's my next point. I am going to be working in the Mark Master building. I was assigned a job, so a good portion of my time will be spent there. Your duty as a servant will also require you to follow me there. I will try to find another person to help you with these tasks, so don't worry about that. 
    Kurse's mouth twitched when he heard that. 'Another servant? Which unlucky person will share the same fate as me?' He couldn't help but feel sorry for the next person that would fall under Arnin. He already felt the strength that Arnin had, so he didn't feel that anyone in the Orb Birth realm would be able to match him. 

    "W-wait. Did you say Mark Master!?" the boy suddenly remembered Arnin's words and his mind began to spin. 

    'You're a Mark Master as well?' Kurse looked at Arnin with bewilderment.

    "Yeah, it isn't too difficult. Just make sure that you complete your duties. Now, lead me to where the Mark Master building is." Arnin waved his hand. Kurse almost spat out blood when he heard Arnin. 

    'You don't even know where the Mark Master building is, yet you are one? Kid, stop pulling my leg!'
  • Chapter 34: Done Playing Nice

    Kurse helplessly led Arnin to the large Mark Master's building. Although it was called a 'building', it was actually just a large department in the Moth group building. The Moth group had many departments that were specially kept for them, these included the Mark masters section, lecture halls and also some small markets. It had a great variety of options for the Moth group, which was something the Butterfly group was unable to have. 
    The Mark Master department was on the far left of the Moth building. It was large and had many rooms. There were three floors for the department, the lowest floor selling some stones that Arnin hadn't seen before. The stones had marks on them which gave off various auras. Some of the stones were brimming with white light, others with black. They were different, and the more marks Arnin saw on a stone, the stronger the aura he felt. 
    "What are these stones? Are they related to cultivation?" Arnin could only make a guess at this point. He was still new to the whole Mark Master role, and didn't know much about it. Although he was able to create a mark on his first try, it didn't mean that he was knowledgeable on the subject. 
    'You're a Mark master, and you don't even know what this is? What the heck is wrong with this person? My future looks so dark.' Kurse couldn't help but lament his misfortune. At first, he assumed that Arnin had some capabilities because of his strength, and when he found out that Arnin was also a Mark master, he had a small amount of hope building up, but it all came crashing down. 
    "Uhum! Well, these stones are, as you said, related to cultivation, however only cultivators that are at Essence Manifest and above can use them. At the moment they are useless to us." Kurse decided to slowly explain. Although he felt that Arnin was too oblivious, as a servant, he had no other choice. 
    "So these are for cultivation? How does one use them?" Arnin couldn't touch the stones because they were stored behind a glass wall. In his mind, these stones were very similar to the marks inside his body, and would enhance a certain aspect for him in a given interval, but he was unsure as he had never seen one before. 
    'This kid!' He couldn't help but sigh because of his encounter with Arnin. 
    "From what I have heard, one just needs to hold onto them while they cultivate and their essence absorption will increase depending on the type of stone." Kurse looked at the stones with sparkling eyes. He had always wanted to get them and boost his own cultivation, however as he was still in Orb Birth - heaven, he was unable to use them.
    Arnin nodded his head and looked around a little more. Other than the stones, he also found some weapons that had marks placed on them as well. He found various things in the shop, but the stones seemed to be the most popular. 
    After looking around for a bit, Arnin decided that he would go to the second floor. The first floor was only the shop, meaning the second floor was probably related to the creators or something like that. He walked passed all of the products and found the front desk. There was an old man standing behind it. His short white hair blocked some of the wrinkles that laid on his forehead. His azure eyes looked serene and calm like a silent lake. 
    Arnin walked over and, with his small frame, stood in front of the desk. 
    "I need to go to the second floor. I am a new Mark Master that was assigned by Teacher Xillar." Arnin didn't bother with any greetings or other formalities, he just needed to get to the next floor and begin his work. 

    The old man raised his eyebrows and couldn't help but scan Arnin with his eyes. His eyebrows wrinkled for a moment before opening the door for Arnin. 

    Arnin nodded his head and continued passed the old man. Kurse followed behind and was a little skeptical of the scene. Usually one would need to present their student identification card for anything like that, but Arnin didn't do that and still got the right to enter. 

    He looked at the old man while he walked by and could help but nod his head. The old man also did the same and then went back to his position. 

    "That old guy is asking for a death sentence! How dare he!" Kurse was bewildered at Arnin's words. He looked over and found that his face looked extremely sinister.  

    "W-what happened?" Kurse couldn't help but ask. He saw that nothing was out of the ordinary, so he couldn't understand why Arnin was so angry. 

    Arnin glared at Kurse and couldn't help but scoff at his confusion. 

    "You are pathetic. That old man placed a mark inside of you, and you didn't even notice? Absolutely pathetic." Arnin spat and walked forward. Kurse was shocked and couldn't help but examine the inside of his body. He use his threads to find the mark that Arnin was talking about, however he couldn't find anything. 

    "You might have just been mistaken. I can't fi-" Before he could finish, he found that Arnin had vanished and appeared behind him. He felt a stinging pain coming from his shoulders, and next thing he knew, Arnin was holding him by the throat.

    "I recall you being my servant, right? So why don't you call me master?" Arnin had a wicked smile on his face that also looked somewhat like a glare. Kurse was surprised that Arnin suddenly attacked him, and he felt infuriated. 

    "I may be your servant, but I will not call you mas- Ahhhh!" Kurse was going to finish his sentence but he began to feel a burning pain coming from his throat. It felt as though a scorching knife slowly melted onto his skin; it was a horrible feeling. 

    "I am not asking you to call me master, I am telling you! You will do as I say, when I say." Arnin dropped Kurse onto the ground. Although Arnin was much shorter than Kurse, he was able to force him onto his knees with enough strength. 

    Kurse couldn't help but let out heavy coughs before using his hand to feel his throat. To his surprise, there were no bumps, or any sign of physical injury. He couldn't help but look at Arnin hatefully. He still couldn't understand why Arnin had become so aggressive all of a sudden. At first, he was walking fine, but then out of nowhere, he lost his cool. 

    Kurse got off of the ground and walked towards Arnin with some hesitation. He knew that Arnin was much stronger than him and this incident also showed that he was extremely difficult to predict. 
    As both of the people walked, Arnin felt his blood boiling. From the start of his reincarnation, he didn't do anything major since he wanted to focus on cultivation, however others took that as an indication of his weakness. First, he was humiliated by the senior in the large residential area, and now he was taken advantage of by the old man? Arnin felt as though he was being a little too lenient with everyone. 

    'Since others see my patience as a sign of weakness, let me forgo this restraint and humbleness. I am the Demon Lord that has ruled the universe for millions of years. Let me show this world what true hell is.' Arnin felt that he was done playing the quiet kid. He would not only cultivate and have a breakthrough, he would also incite fear into the hearts of all the people in Afloria. 
    Kurse, who was walking behind Arnin, felt a sudden change in the latter. He couldn't put his finger on why, but he felt that Arnin was giving off a very sharp presence. 

    As the white clouds slowly glided across the sky, a hooded person sat on one of the puffy white cottons. 
    "Seems like the Lord is done playing nice. Hehe! Let's see what kind of chaos this world will fall into now." The hooded person's face wasn't revealed and simply sitting on the clouds that quietly drifted further away. 


    The second floor of the department was much larger than the first floor. There were many large tables and some bookshelves that sat in the corner. It was a peaceful place that looked like a great learning environment. Kurse saw many people wearing white robes walking around with books in their hands. Some were quietly reading on the tables, while others discussed different topics. 

    Kurse couldn't help but glance at Arnin, who walked towards the bookshelves in the corner. He went ahead and began to read some of the titles of the books. Arnin found that some of the books described different marks and their usages, while others talked about the creation process. 

    Arnin picked out two of the basic books and began to read through them. Kurse watched from the side, unwilling to say anything. He was still somewhat unsure as to why Arnin acted the way he did, but he didn't feel that talking to him would make things any better. 

    All of the white robed people looked towards Arnin, who casually picked up a book and began to read. They felt a little shocked to see such a young child in the Mark Masters department. One of them wasn't able to hold himself back and walked towards the two. 

    "Hello, is there anything I can help you with?" The white robbed man was humble and didn't put up any air of arrogance. He looked around the age of Brajus, making him pretty old. Arnin look up and continued to flip through the pages. The white robed man didn't get upset and continued to smile at Arnin. Kurse saw what was happening and couldn't help but panic a little. 

    'Are you seeking death? This kid is not in a good mood, so you should leave before you make my life more miserable.' Kurse was feeling somewhat anxious when he saw the white robed man talking to Arnin. He quickly walked over and pulled on the sleeve of the white robed man. 

    "You should come with me. He is studying, and I don't want him getting disturbed." Kurse could only speak in a humble manner to the white robed man. The Moth had people with high talents, so he knew that the white robed man would be much stronger than both him and Arnin. 

    "Oh? Well, if you say so, but please do come to me if you need any help." The white robed man walked away with a smile. Kurse patted his chest and couldn't help but sigh in relief because of the white robbed man's politeness and patience. If the man were to make a big deal out of the issue, then things could have gone downhill for him. 

    "Kurse, go get me something to drink." Arnin didn't look up and commanded Kurse.  

    "Y-yes." Kurse could only do what he was told. Although he felt humiliated being treated like that, he knew that if he didn't do it, then the contract would act up. Kurse quickly left the area to find something for Arnin to drink. 

    The white robbed man noticed what happened from far away and couldn't help but feel shocked. He walked towards Arnin once more and looked at him with a smile. 

    "Little boy, is that person a part of the Moth group?" Arnin didn't answer back and just continued to read the book. The man didn't feel irritated. "Little boy? Would you mind answering my question?" The book suddenly closed and Arnin stood up. He glared at the white robbed man and felt really annoyed. 

    "What do you want?" Arnin glared at the man with his dagger-like eyes. 
    The man was a little surprised by Arnin's attitude, and started to feel somewhat displeased. 

    "I am only asking you a question. Why are you getting mad?" He couldn't help but feel that Arnin was being a little too rude. 

    Arnin glared at the man before ignoring him and walking away. The man felt that Arnin was too ridiculous. 'Children will be children.' The man shook his head and walked away, but what he didn't know was that Arnin was walking away with a smile. 

    Although Arnin was acting more like a child than a Demon Lord, he had his reasons for doing so. He was done being the nice guy, but that didn't mean that he was going to expose himself. He decided to act like an annoying little brat, so people consider him a child and do not send some strong people to deal with him. 

    Kurse quickly came back to the room, only to find Arnin missing. He looked around and saw that Arnin was walking towards the staircase to the third floor. He dashed towards Arnin with a drink in his hand. 

    "Umm, here is your drink." He didn't call him master, as he didn't feel that it was necessary to do so. It was too humiliating.

    "Did I not tell you to call me master from now on? Do you want to experience that pain again?" Arnin glared at Kurse. 

    "U-uh, m-ma-master, here is your drink." Kurse felt his neck burning again. Although Arnin wasn't touching him, he couldn't help but feel a strong burning pain. 
    Arnin nodded his head and walked away.

    'Some people need more than words to understand my authority. Since I am done playing good, it's time to establish myself in this academy.' Arnin grinned evilly before heading up to the third floor.
  • Chapter 35: Saintly Smile

    Walking up the stairs, Kurse felt like there was some invisible hand choking him. Arnin was fine a while ago, but the old man did something that pissed him off. 
    'Why am I being crapped on when it was that old man who did something? I need to find a way to renege this contract.' Kurse was in low spirits because of Arnin's attitude. 
    Finally, they made it to the third floor. Unlike the second floor, the third one had no bookshelves. There were some large tables and many stones and weapons. The stones were mostly clear of any marks, which was probably because they would be used for training, or they would be filled and sold. 
    "Arnin! You finally made it!" In front of them, a teacher came running with a wide smile. When Arnin saw him, his mood began to sink.
    'Why is this guy always following me? I need to teach him a lesson soon!' The person running was none other than Xillar. 
    "What are you doing here?" Arnin knew that Xillar was not a Mark Master, so why was he at the department? 
    Kurse was astonished that Arnin showed no courtesy or any sort of respect for the teacher. Although he himself didn't know all of the teachers in the Moth group, he knew that each and every one of them was extremely powerful. They were on a completely different level than the Butterfly teachers. 
    "You are a really cold person, you know that? As a child, you should try and act a little more cute." Xillar awkwardly smiled at Arnin. He lifted his hand and scratched the side of his lip with his thumb before walking towards Arnin with a stone. The stone in his hand was one of the empty ones that needed to be filled. 
    "Whether I act like a child or not shouldn't concern you." Arnin harshly looked at Xillar before grabbing the stone out of his hand. 
    'This kid really is too much. He just grabbed the stone out of my hand without any warning. Whatever, it was meant for him either way.' Xillar couldn't help but feel that Arnin was a little too bold and direct. He didn't wait for anyone and did whatever he wanted. 
    "These stones are what Mark Masters use to practice and engrave with marks to sell. Since you will be working here from now on, let me explain some of the ins and outs." Xillar smiled before walking towards the tables. Arnin followed suit with Kurse behind him. 
    "Every Mark Master will get a personal table for their work and to practice. We can go pick one later on, so you don't have to worry about that." Arnin nodded his head and looked at the large table. It was made out of a pure white stone and had some books scattered here and there. 
    "Wait!" Just as Xillar was going to continue explaining, Arnin suddenly stopped him.
    "What is it? Are you confused about something?" Xillar looked at Arnin with some confusion. 
    "I remember us having a deal about this whole thing. Do you remember what the deal was?" Arnin glared at Xillar, who was dumbfounded. Xillar then squinted his eyes and began to recall the whole scene. 
     'I will accept it, only if you provide me with the orthodox way of making marks.' Then it hit him. He was supposed to give Arnin a mark making manual that allowed him to go through the normal path.
    "Yeah, I have it right here. I didn't forget, so no need to get so angry." Xillar laughed, before pulling a book out of his ring. Arnin noticed the ring and narrowed his eyes. 
    'Seems like this world has storage rings as well. However, I don't know how important they are or how hard they are to obtain, so I will figure that out later.' Arnin put the thought on the back of his mind. Storage rings were very handy, as they would be able to store many items, and sometimes even living creatures. In his past life, Arnin didn't carry around a storage ring. He had control over space, so he was able to store stuff in different locations, some even being black holes. 
    "Since you have it, give it to me. I don't care about all this other stuff. You can go and set everything up while I go and read this manual. Kurse, go follow him and make sure I get a quiet place." Arnin took the book and turned around. He headed back to the second floor, leaving the two people dumbfounded. 
    Xillar was a little shocked and somewhat displeased at Arnin's actions. He felt that Arnin was acting a little more aggressive than usual. In the past, he would call him 'Teacher Xillar' or at least 'Teacher', however, that wasn't the case anymore. He now referred to him as 'you'. Xillar looked at Arnin's back before turning and glancing at Kurse. 
    "Student, what is your relationship with Arnin?" Another thing that he couldn't understand was why Arnin was bossing this student around. From the robe, and even cultivation level, he could tell that Kurse was a talented Moth student, so why was Arnin able to do so? 
    Kurse's face became somewhat red with embarrassment. He coughed before speaking with some hesitation. "Today, Arnin dueled me and we had a bet. I lost the bet so I'm now his… *cough cough*... servant." Xillar's face became weird as he looked at Kurse. 
    "Well, we can't do anything about that right now, so as his servant, come and help me get his stuff sorted out." Xillar turned around and left a gaping Kurse.
    'What kind of a teacher are you? I became a servant for a younger student and you don't even try to comfort me? If not comfort, you could at least give me some advice since you seem to know Arnin.' Kurse was dumbfounded by Xillar's indifference to his pain and suffering. 
    "Yes teacher! Arn-... Master said that he wants a quiet place for his table, so I was thinking of a corner table. Is that alright?" Kurse didn't want to screw this up, so he needed to get Arnin's Mark Master setup completed without a single error. He felt fear towards Arnin, which even he didn't understand the reason behind. Although Arnin had a sinister aura, he was still a child. However, Kurse couldn't help but still feel fear regardless of all of this. 
    "I was thinking the same thing That kid doesn't seem to be a social person and he is also somewhat… let's say aggressive. I can't have him starting fights in this place." Xillar still remembered when Arnin was ready to fight him over the small issue of becoming a guard. Although he knew that it was more so because of him not wanted to pledge his loyalty, Xillar felt that Arnin could have just told him. 
    Xillar shook his head and lead Kurse into a back room. When they both got inside the room, they saw a large stash of stones in one corner, while the other one had a bookshelf with thousands of books. Kurse was astonished that there were so many books in such a small room. In the middle, there was a table with a purple sphere. 
    "I am going to sign Arnin up for the most isolated table, just in case. I just can't have him…" Xillar didn't finish. He picked up the sphere and started to speak in a weird cryptic language. The sphere began to shine with a blinding purple light before suddenly dimming. 
    Kurse watched with great interest, and after the light vanished, he found that there was a small obsidian-like sphere in Xillar's hand. 
    "Teacher, what is that?" Kurse couldn't help but wonder. He had always been interested in mark making, but he never had the talent for it. He sadly had to forgo the idea of ever becoming a Mark Master, which made him fully concentrate on his cultivation. 
    "This is just Arnin's Mark Analyzer. It lists all of the marks he has drawn, the highest level of mark, and his identity. This can be used anywhere in Afloria, and it's kind of like a Mark Master's Identity Sphere. Right now, it is empty and we require Arnin's blood to complete the Identity Sphere." Xillar explained. He looked at the black sphere with envy. In the past he failed to become a Mark Master, which made him unable to possess such a sphere. Even now, he was unable to create marks. 
    "Arni- Master might be busy right now, so I think we should just go to the second floor and wait for him to finish. Teacher, I can take this to Master and have him complete it later. First, can you show me the table that he will be getting?" Kurse was still not completely use to calling someone 'Master', especially not a child like Arnin. Xillar noticed this, but decided to ignore it. It wasn't a big deal to him. 
    'Alright, let me show you where he will be staying. Oh, wait, take this." Xillar took out a small blade and handed it over to Kurse.
    "What is this?" Kurse looked at the badge and saw what was written on it.
     'Mark Master Assistant'
    "This badge will allow you to assist Arnin in his mark making. Although you won't be making the marks, you will be able to observe him and even get some tips. Who knows, you might be able to become a Mark Master in the future." Xillar gently smiled towards Kurse. Although he was acting ignorant regarding the bet, he knew that a Moth student had great pride. The being forced to become a servant of some younger would be a great blow. 
    Kurse was astonished before he looked at Xillar with a grand smile. "Thank you, Teacher. This is a great gift; I will not let you down." Kurse bowed quickly, before shoving the badge into his robe.
    Xillar smiled when he saw this. The Mark Master department was run by the students, however there were only a few who were able to make marks. Maybe even less than ten in the whole school. If Kurse was able to pick something up by watching Arnin, then that would be a great benefit to the academy. 
    "Don't worry about it, and just try your best. That's all we teachers want to see." Xillar waved his hand before leading Kurse out the room. 

    Arnin was sitting by the bookshelves once again. The other students saw him, but they decided to ignore him. The previous senior also saw Arnin, however last time Arnin was being rude, so he decided not to interact with him. No one noticed Arnin go up to the third level. The stairs that went up and down were connected, plus they were blocked by a curtain, so no one would know which way a person went. 
    Arnin was happy to see that no one was going to bother him, so he quickly opened up the manual. The mark making manual was very thin, having only five pages. Arnin was able to quickly read through it and engrave the details into his mind. 
    The manual talked about a completely different way of making marks. It was very simple and even somewhat disappointing to Arnin. When he first went through the trial, he assumed that the solar essence must be used directly, but that wasn't the case. The manual stated that a person could draw the mark with their own essence and then let it absorb the solar essence. Although this method was smart, it would not allow a mark to be made out of the solar essence. There would only be a small portion of solar essence inside the mark. 
    Arnin kept scanning through what he read and found out how one would go through with this. While the creator made the mark, they would have to circulate their cultivation, which would allow the mark to absorb the solar essence, similar to how one would absorb the worldly essence, but there was still something that confused him. A normal cultivator is only able to absorb the worldly essence, so how would one allow solar essence to be absorbed? 
    As he continued to contemplate, Arnin couldn't help but feel that the orthodox method was lacking. If one wanted to cultivate with the stones that had the mark, they would be absorbing the essence of the Mark Master as well, which would bring about impurities.
    "This is such a stupid manual. I might as well practice my own method. What a let down." Arnin sighed before getting up from the ground. He stretched his small body before walking towards the staircase. The book was in his left hand, not covered by anything. 
    The senior looked at the departing Arnin once more and noticed that he had a book in his hand. His eyes narrowed as he tried to read the title of the cover. Mark Making Manual.
    His eyes immediately widened and his mouth opened up. He began to tremble slightly as his steps became unstable. Everyone saw this and couldn't help but look at the senior with worry. 
    "Torne? What happened?" The others walked over and looked at the trembling senior. 
    "Look at what that kid is holding." Torne calmed himself down and began to walk towards Arnin. Everyone else looked at the book in Arnin's hand before they also began to tremble. Torne quickly approached Arnin with a bright smile. 
    "Hey kid, where did you get that manual?" Torne spoke with a little more caution and respect this time. He wanted to seem polite and favourable so that Arnin would possibly let him see the book. 
    "This is something that you don't have." Arnin looked at Torne nonchalantly before continuing towards the stairs. Torne felt bewildered and clenched his fists with some anger. 
    'I am being kind and polite to you, but you keep showing me the same attitude. You are looking to be beaten up.' Although Torne thought this, he didn't show any ill intent on his face.
    "Kid, I know that I don't have that, but I was hoping that you could allow me to get a glimpse of that book." Torne became even more respectful in his way of speaking. He really stooped down to a boot licking attitude. (Author's note: The 'Kid' Torne keeps using is not an arrogant one. It is a more formal or respectful use. At least his tone is.) 
    Torne wasn't a Mark Master, but he had always wanted to become one. He was just a Mark Master assistant, so he was only able to help the Mark Masters with collecting and selling stones. Since he had never gotten to see a mark making manual before, he felt jittery when saw one in Arnin's hand. 
    "You want to see this book?" Arnin looked at Torne once more and couldn't help but smile. 
    "Of course! It is a dream of mine to be a Mark Master, so I would love to see the manual. Would you be kind enough to let me see it?" Torne spoke gently but he began to move forward, indicating that he would take it. Arnin smiled even more brightly, which boosted Torne's confidence. 
    "If you really want to see my manual, I don't mind letting you. Not only that, but I can even give this to you." Arnin smiled like a saint when he looked at Torne. This made Torne even more happy. 
    'Seems like this kid isn't that bad. Is he actually going to give the book to me? That's great.' 
    Torne was already in front of Arnin, and he slowly reached for the book. Arnin looked at his face with a smile. Just as Torne was about to finally touch the book, Arnin's smile vanished and he swung his empty hand towards Torne's cheek. 
  • Chapter 36: Utterly Bashed

    Xillar and Kurse were walking down from the third floor towards the second. They were finally done getting everything ready for Arnin. All that was left was for Arnin to take the sphere and drop his blood into it. After that, Arnin would be an official Mark Master and could begin his job of creating marks. 

     The two people looked at each other when they heard the sound. 
    "What was that?" Kurse looked at Xillar with confusion. He had a strange feeling that the sound was not a good thing and that it was related to Arnin. 

     Xillar shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. "I don't know, but it is most likely related to that kid, Arnin." Xillar had the same train of thought. Both of them quickened their pace.

    On the second floor, Arnin's hand violently slapped Torne's cheek. The latter couldn't help but feel dumbfounded, and even a little confused. 
    'What happened? Did I just get slapped? Why?' Torne was in utter confusion. He wasn't able to process what happened. He was about to grab for the manual, but then his cheek felt a stinging pain. Then, a thundering noise erupted in his ears that caused him to blank out. 

    A few moments later, the processing was finally done. It clicked right then. He was slapped by the kid for no good reason and it was a very painful slap. Torne's face began to turn red with anger and humiliation. He glared at Arnin as his left hand touched his left cheek. 

    "You little sh*t! How dare you slap me!" Torne roared with anger. He was being a nice senior to Arnin the whole time. Although Arnin was rude and even shrugged him off, Torne ignored that, but now he got slapped? There was no way he could ignore that. 

    "I dare. Why wouldn't I dare? Are you the ruler of this world? Are you a god? Even if you were, I would still dare." Arnin spoke with nonchalance. He wasn't afraid of the man before him. After a small inspection, he found that Torne was only at Essence Manifest - Earth. It was considered high talent in the Butterfly group, however in the Moth group, it was the lowest of the low. At his age, he should be in the upper levels of Essence Manifest. 

    "Little sh*t! Let me teach you what respect means!" Torne couldn't care less that Arnin was only a child. He would teach him a lesson as his senior. In his mind, he was going to do the right thing. 
    He released a small amount of his aura as he tried to pressurize Arnin. "As a senior, I will go easy on you. However, if you get onto your knees and slap yourself five times, then I will let you go. That a deal?" Although Torne kept telling himself that it was the right thing to give Arnin a beating, he couldn't bring himself to resort to violence. He had an image of being an amicable person, so if he beat a younger student, then that image would go down the drain. 

    "You are a funny person, you know that? Here, let me propose my own deal. If you get on your stomach and punch yourself a hundred times, and then call me 'Master', I will spare you a good beating. However, if you want to get a beating, then you can call me 'Master' later." Arnin smiled as he looked at Torne. 

    "Don't go overboard, little sh*t! I was just giving you a way out, but since you don't want it, then as your senior I must teach you some manners!" Torne was fully riled up. Fury grew in his heart as he charged towards Arnin. He wasn't going to do anything major, only give him a scare and a small beating. 

    The crowd watched on without any interference. They looked at Arnin with anger and mockery. They felt that Arnin was a little too bold and disrespectful. He slapped Torne and even taunted him later on. 

    Just as Torne was about to reach Arnin, a wild wind blew him away. Arnin noticed the wind beforehand and also felt a familiar aura within. He couldn't help but snort. 

    "What are you two doing? This is the Mark Masters building, not your house. Stop causing a ruckus!" From the wild wind, Xillar stepped out. His face contained a hint of anger and displeasure. 

    Torne, who was blown away by the wind, stood up slowly. With a face full of complaint, he began to speak bitterly. "Teacher, this child has gone overboard. Not only did he slap me, but he was also being extremely disrespectful. As his senior, I was only going to scare him. I hope Teacher can punish him." Torne sighed in relief. He was furious towards Arnin, however he wanted to maintain a good image. Now that a teacher was here, he could be relieved of the duty as a punisher. 

    Xillar turned around and found that the other party was Arnin. He couldn't help but curse at his bad luck and even felt helpless at Arnin's actions. 

    "Arnin, did you really slap him?" He asked. As a teacher, he had no choice but to carry out punishments impartially, however as a person who knew Arnin, he hoped that the child could lie a little. That way, he could try and reduce the punishment, or even scrap it altogether. 

    "Yea, I slapped him. Is there a problem with my actions?" Arnin smiled saintly towards Xillar. His eyes shined with righteousness, as if they were saying, 'The slap was a task given to me by God.'

    Xillar almost fell over. He couldn't believe that Arnin admitted to it so easily. Not only that, but it seemed as though Arnin was happy about it. 'Can't this kid take a hint? I am trying to help him out.' Xillar couldn't help but curse Arnin's answer. 

    "Since you have slapped him, there must have been a good reason behind it. Tell me your reason, and if it is acceptable, I will let this matter settle." This was Xillar's last resort. Although it may look like favoritism, Xillar didn't care. It was favoritism. Arnin noticed and understood Xillar's plan, and he couldn't help but smirk. 

    "I slapped him because I felt like it. Is that a good enough reason?" Arnin looked at Xillar with scorn. He didn't like Xillar, and felt like making him miserable. 

    'This stupid brat is playing me! Does he not understand that he will get punished for this, not me? This brat is such a piss off!' Xillar yelled and swore in his heart. 

    "Teacher, he admitted that it was for no good reason! He needs to receive a proper punishment." Torne felt something was off with the way Xillar was treating the situation, so he quickly pushed the topic back to punishment. Plus, Arnin admitted to doing it without any sort of reason, which should result in a more serious punishment. 

    Xillar heard Torne and couldn't help but release a deep sigh. He looked at Arnin and shook his head. 'I tried to help you kid, but you just didn't go with the plan.' 

    "Since he has admitted to slapping you, I will carry out the punishment. He will be sent to-" Just as Xillar was about to announce the punishment, Arnin raised his hand. 

    "What do you mean by punishment? Why should the master be punished for teaching his servant a lesson?" Arnin looked at Xillar with a smile. 

    "What do you mean servant? I am not your servant, and you are not my master. Who decided this?" Rage boiled inside his heart. Torne felt that Arnin was being a little too ridiculous. 

    "I decided this. You are my servant, whether you want to be or not." Arnin spoke to Torne in a commanding tone. 

    "Teacher, this kid is too much. Please carry out the punishment." Torne was furious, but he looked at Xillar and pleaded. 

    "Servant, if you don't admit that I am your master, then watch what punishment you will receive later on." Arnin glared at Torne. 

    "You little sh*t, I am your senior, not your servant. If you keep this up, then the punishment will be something you won't be able to handle." Torne was getting more and more riled up. Arnin's constant taunting left him speechless. Xillar was also flabbergasted by Arnin's actions. 

    "Servant, since you won't call me master, I will deal with you outside. You better not get involved in this. This is between a master and his servant." Arnin stared at Xillar and threatened. He showed no respect to Xillar. "Servant Kurse, come. I will show you what happens to people who don't call me master." Arnin waved at Kurse, who was watching from the sidelines. 

    When Kurse heard his name being called, he couldn't help but feel some fear in his heart. He shook his head bitterly before following behind Arnin. 

    The crowd followed them to the stairs. All of them walked down the stairs. The old man was still behind the front desk. When Arnin saw the old man again, he stopped in his tracks. 

    "Old man, you better watch yourself. Don't think I don't know what you put inside me." Arnin walked away after threatening the old man. Xillar, who was a little further behind, heard Arnin threaten the old man and couldn't help but feel confused. 

    "Old Staloc? What happened?" Xillar was utterly confused. He didn't think that Arnin would threaten the old man in such a way. 

    Staloc had a glint in his eyes as he looked at Arnin. He couldn't help but release a small smile before sitting down into his chair. 

    "Don't worry about it. That boy is special. He saw through my mark implantation. He is a talent that is difficult to come by. He might just be able to fight against those two, since he is the only person who was able to find that mark." The old man waved his hand and began to speak to Xillar. 

    "You think he is that impressive? To be able to go against even those two?" Xillar couldn't help but feel surprised. The old man in front of him was a real Mark Master, and even the leader of the department. He rarely praised anyone, but for him to give Arnin such an appraisal, it made Xillar astonished. 

    "He may be a good seedling, but there is something about him that is mysterious. He seems deadly and even somewhat… forget it. Just don't get on his bad side, I feel that the results would not be good if he becomes angry." Xillar looked at the old man with bewilderment. 

    "Old Staloc, he is only a child and in the Orb Birth realm, what's the worst that could happen?" Although Xillar agreed that Arnin was an abnormality, he felt that Staloc was being a little too cautious. 

    "I don't know either. Something about him just doesn't seem right." That old man sighed before waving his hand. Xillar took the hint and followed the rest of the students towards the outside. 

    Arnin was outside, facing Torne with a smile that didn't seem like a smile. It looked evil and caused goosebumps to appear on Torne's arm.
    "Servant, since you don't acknowledge me as your master, then sign this contract. If you win, you can choose to do whatever you want with me, plus you can even have the mark making manual." When Arnin spoke and outlined the bet, Torne felt happy but fearful. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he didn't feel too good about the bet. 
    "What happens if I lose? Will I become your servant? That's fine with me." Although he felt somewhat unsure but the whole thing, he was confident that he could beat Arnin. Plus, the mark making manual was also in the bet, so how could he not agree?
    "No, you will not become my servant. That position is too high for you." Arnin spoke with a wicked smile. 
    "Then what happens if I lose?" He asked with some confusion. 
    "If you lose, then you will become my eternal slave." Arnin spoke with great malice. A black contract appeared in Arnin's hands before it was sent towards Torne. 

    Torne looked at the contract with some hesitation and began to read it over and over again. He felt that if he won, then his gains would be extremely high, and he also knew that he was stronger than Arnin. After looking through it for some time, he nodded his head and signed it with his orb threads. 
    Contracts varied. The lowest form of a contract was a verbal consent, while the highest form was through the orb threads of a person. This was equivalent to the soul of a person, so when Torne signed the contract, he was basically signing with his life away. There was no escape.

    When Arnin saw that the contract was signed, he couldn't help but release an evil smile. He then vanished from his position and reappeared in front of Torne. Torne jumped back after seeing Arnin appear so suddenly. 

    "Despicable! We didn't even say go or anything of the like. How could you begin so suddenly?" Torne screamed at Arnin with some hate.

    "We didn't agree on when the duel would begin, so it is your fault for not paying attention. Hehehe!" Arnin laughed wickedly before rushing towards Torne again. Arnin didn't hold any weapons, but he was extremely strong with just his bare hands. Suddenly, a thought struck Arnin.

    'The white saber inside of me helps with mark creation because of the tattoos, but is is also made from my threads. Can it be used as a weapon?' Arnin thought for a moment before deciding to give it a try. He called on the saber inside of him and had it appear on his palm. This time, he didn't divide it into the fingers, but directed all the energy to his palm.

    Torne noticed a short, snow-white blade appear on Arnin's hand. Although it was inside of Arnin's palm and wasn't that long, he still felt the sharpness. 

    Arnin looked at the weapon on his hand and couldn't help but shake his head. Although it appeared on his hand, Arnin felt that it just looked like a blade, but didn't have the properties of one. 

    "What if I try to insert some threads into it? Maybe the balance will tilt towards the threads rather the tattoo portion." Arnin nodded his head and gave it a try. He didn't have enough time to experiment with the battle capability of the saber, so he could only improvise. He began to add different threads to the blade. The threads didn't go into the blade, rather they wrapped around it like a web. 

    Torne noticed all of this and felt the sharpness of the blade increase. "Little sh*t, what are you doing? We never agreed to use weapons." Torne felt that this was unfair. Although he believed he was stronger than Arnin, that didn't mean he underestimated the latter. 

    "We didn't agree to having weapons, but we never said we can't have any either." Arnin smiled before rushing towards Torne with the blade. 

    "Despicable. You are truly a demonic little sh*t. How could you be such a despicable child?" Torne leaped to his side to try and avoid the saber, however he was a little slower than Arnin's swing. His right arm received a small cut, however something weird began to happen. When he was cut by the blade, he felt some of his essence disappear. 

    Arnin also noticed that his saber absorbed some of the essence from Torne. 'Interesting.' Arnin nodded his head and swung it towards the other party once again. 

    "Little sh*t, what is this blade?! Why am I losing strength?!" Torne began to feel a large amount of fear. He never knew of such a weapon's existence. It was absorbing his essence, but not only that, he was also losing a great amount of energy. 

    Arnin ignored the screams of Torne and crazily swung the saber. It didn't leave serious wounds, but still cut deep enough to do some damage. Arnin was slashing Torne without any hesitation, and there was also an intoxicated smile on his face. 

    Throughout the whole fight, Arnin noticed that although Torne's cultivation was high, his actual strength was actually even lower than Kurse's. 'Seems like this guy is not a fighter.' Arnin nodded his head and began to increase the strength in his swings.

    The crowd watched on with wide eyes. They all knew that Torne was not a good fighter, but his cultivation was much higher than Arnin's. Suddenly, Torne fell to the ground. His body was covered in cuts that were both large and small, some deep, others not so much. He looked extremely pathetic. 

    The blade on Arnin's palm went back into his skin. "Slave, since you have lost the match, let me teach a small lesson as to what happens when one goes against his master." Arnin walked towards Torne and lifted his own hand. He then began to punch Torne's face repeatedly. 

    "ARGH! AHH! STOP! STOP! AHH!" Torne's shrill screams resounded in the sky. They started off loud, but they slowly become weaker and more pitiful. Xillar, who didn't step in the whole time, couldn't bear it anymore. 

    "Arnin, stop! He can't handle it anymore. This is only a spar. Why are you treating your fellow student like that?" Xillar gulped before he spoke out. He didn't fear Arnin's strength, but he felt that Arnin was way too vicious. Suddenly, Arnin pulled Torne's shirt up. A sinister ball-like tattoo appeared on Torne's chest. It wrapped around his shoulders and waist like a snake. 

    "W-what is that?" Xillar couldn't help but move little closer and ask in astonishment. 

    "This is the slave mark. He lost the bet, so he is now my slave. He is not a fellow student, so I can do whatever I like to him. Got it?" Arnin looked at Xillar sternly. The latter felt that Arin was becoming increasingly vicious as time went on. He could only shake his head. He could try and help Torne, but he knew that Arnin would still beat him up later. Suddenly, a thought popped in his mind. 

    "If you try and take him from my sight, then I will make him live a life worse than a dog's. You can try your luck if you wish." Arnin looked at Xillar with a wicked smile. The latter laughed bitterly before taking a step back. He did think of taking Torne under his wing to try and protect him from Arnin's beatings, but that plan was a no go.


    In the blue sky, a black robed person sat on top of the clouds and watched the scene unfold with great pleasure. 
    "Hahaha! The Demon Lord is really not playing anymore. That slave mark is really something brings back memories. Hahaha!" The black robed person kept laughing with a voice that was neither that of a woman's, nor of a man's.

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  • Chapter 37: The Pitiful Servant and Slave

    "AH! ARG! AH STOP! PLEASE! AH!" Tragic sounds continued to resound outside the Mark Master department. Wailing, screaming, and grunting; all of these sounds were like slaps that hit everyone in the crowd. They could only watch as the person was tortured, however they couldn't do anything about it.

    "A-Arnin, don't you think that's enough? He might die if you continue to beat him more." Xillar couldn't help but step forward once again. He felt bad that he couldn't do anything to stop the sight in front of him. If he attacked Arnin, then Torne would be tortured in a different way. His hands were tied.

    "He won't die unless I want him to. Kurse, watch carefully. This is what happens to my servants, or anyone for that matter that disobeys me." Arnin then continued to beat the bruised and bleeding Torne. Kurse watched with fear as he regretted ever making a bet with Arnin.

    'If I knew you were like this, I wouldn't have dared to even breathe in front of you, let alone make a bet.' Kurse couldn't help but sigh bitterly at his own hapless life. What made it worse was that there was no time limit for the bet. At one point, he thought that he could get rid of the mark as soon as he wanted since there was never a time limit, however it wouldn't leave. The only way to break the contract was if Arnin allowed him to leave. 

    Half an hour passed and Torne was now unrecognizable. His face was completely swollen and blood leaked from his nose and mouth. His arms were covered in deep, black bruises that also secreted blood. Snot and mucous surrounded his swollen lips and even covered his shredded clothes. The sight was unbearable. The crowd looked at Arnin in horror and took a step back away from him.

    "Get up! I have work to do and don't have time for your laziness." Arnin glared at the exhausted and pitiful Torne. He didn't show any concern for Torne, only annoyance.

    "Arnin, he isn't doing well. Maybe we should take him to a physician first." Xillar quickly spoke up. He had to speak in a different manner since the issue was now technically between a master and slave. Although both of them were students, he couldn't do anything to Arnin because of his mysterious backer, and he also couldn't help Torne since Arnin could just torture him through the mark. He was at a complete disadvantage and couldn't do anything about it.

    "This is none of your business. As my slave, I can do whatever I like with him. This does not concern you. Hey! What did I say? Get up!" Arnin calmly looked at Xillar before lashing out on Torne. The pitiful fella could barely move his arms and legs before receiving another small beating. Everyone watched with seriousness. 

    'Isn't this kid going to far? Senior might die because of this' Someone in the crowd couldn't help but think about this.

    'This is no five year old. He is a monster, a demon!' The people in the crowd began to have their own thoughts about Arnin. They shivered at the sight. 

    Torne wailed under Arnin's new beatings. "I a-a-am g-g-get-t-ting u-up, p-ple-ease s-sto-p-p." Torne was barely able to make out hid sentence with his face all swollen up. 

    "Hurry up! I don't have time to waste on you." Arnin snorted before walking away from Torne.

    "Master, wait!" Just as Arnin was about to leave completely, Kurse remembered the issue around the black sphere.

    Arnin turned around and asked in annoyance. "What is it?" 

    "Umm, this black sphere identifies you as a Mark Master. You have to add a drop of your blood to finalize the whole procedure." Kurse had shaky hands as he handed Arnin the black sphere.
    Arnin looked at the sphere before dropping a small amount of blood on it. The black sphere then began to shine with a red hue before dimming once more. 

    "How do I use this thing?" Arnin didn't understand the use behind the object, so he looked up and questioned Kurse.

    "Teacher Xillar, would you mind explaining?" Kurse didn't know the details about the sphere so he could only hand the job over to Xillar. The teacher nodded and walked over with wrinkled eyebrows. He was still thinking about Torne's condition and how helpless he was regarding the whole situation.

    "To access the sphere, you just need to insert a small orb thread into the core. Then the information will be shown in your mind." Arnin nodded his head and did just that.

    [Arnin Foro - Age: 5 - Mark Master: Pink - Race: (D) Human]

    Arnin looked at the information and nodded his head. Although his Mark Master level was not considered high, it was much better than almost everyone his age.

    Arnin put the sphere into his robe and began to walk away. "Kurse, go and grab me some of those empty stones. Then, meet me back in my house and bring the slave along with you." Arnin didn't turn around but gave his command. 

    "Y-yes." Kurse felt defeated. He couldn't do anything else anymore. His goal of becoming something or someone great was in the hands of Arnin.

    Xillar watched the scene and sighed in his heart. 'These kids have really fallen into a pit. Maybe the principal could do something about this, but with that person protecting him from behind the scenes, even he can't do much.' Xillar shook his head and vanished into thin air.

    Kurse quickly ran into the Mark Master department and took some of the empty stones. He then rushed out and helped Torne towards the residential area.


    Before going to his own house, Arnin decided to head to the two girls' house. He needed to make sure that no one was going to try and duel for the house. If there was someone there, then he needed to go and teach those people a lesson.

    Arriving at the small house, Arnin walked in without knocking. Entering the house, he found the two girls sitting cross-legged with their eyes closed. They were cultivating tirelessly. Arnin decided not to disturb them and headed back to his home. He would go find Akig before his classes began tomorrow. After all, he still needed someone to look after Vilis while he was away.

    When he got to his home, he found a person standing in front of it. When Arnin saw the individual, he couldn't help but start to feel some annoyance. It was none other then Fae. 

    "What do you want?" Arnin glared at the woman sharply. 

    "Why do you always push me away? Am I really that bad?" Fae looked at Arnin with some 'sadness'. 

    "I don't want to hear you speak nonsense. Just tell me what you want!" Arnin began to feel even more annoyed. He just couldn't bring himself to like this person. Her every action pissed him off. 

    "Don't be that way. I helped you out with the whole entrance thing as well. You should at least show some gratitude." Fae looked at Arnin with a smile.

    "Whether you helped me or not doesn't matter. No one asked you to help, so don't expect anything in return." Arnin spoke with nonchalance, however his heart was pumping blood, getting him ready to fight at anytime.

    "True, true. Well, let us speak inside. I want to give you something." Fae walked into Arnin's home without hesitation, however Arnin didn't care too much about that. He was curious as to what this woman wanted to give him.


    Stepping inside, Arnin saw Vilis growling at Fae. She, on the other hand, showed no fear. Fae just smiled at Vilis, brightly.

    "Vilis, move to the side." Arnin calmly spoke to Vilis, who in turn walked to the side of Arnin.

    "This is a pretty cute house. I didn't think someone such as yourself would like this type of place." The woman gave Arnin a deep smile. The latter ignored her words and sat down onto a chair, not offering Fae anything.

    "Cut the chatter. What do you want?" Fae nodded her head without getting angry. She took out a sheet of paper and handed it to Arnin. He looked at the page with confusion. It was blank. 

    "What is this?" Arnin became even more annoyed at Fae for trying to be mysterious. 

    "You will find out in about a month. This page will only reveal its contents around that time. Well, I have done my job. See you." Fae left the house and the disappeared. Arnin snorted before focusing on the page. He tried to inspect it with his orb threads, but nothing came up. He used the saber to see if he could drag any essence or energy out, however there was no reaction. 

    Arnin couldn't figure anything out with his current abilities. He needed to quickly achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation so that he could go and take over other houses. Although he didn't need more homes, the more he had, the more servants he could get. If he occupied a bunch of houses, then he could have the Moth students do things for him in exchange for those homes. However, he wasn't the strongest in the area so he needed to first increase his cultivation. 

    Arnin sat down onto the ground and closed his eyes. In the past, he would use his threads to absorb the essence in the world, but with the new ability of the saber, he could increase his absorption. Arnin controlled the saber and had it come out from his hands, feet, chest and head. Although the blades were white, his body was surrounded by a deep red hue. The significant number of blades that came out from different parts of his body allowed for rapid essence absorption. Not only that, but the essence came in a cluster of different kinds. There was worldly essence, solar essence, and some other types. Arnin was absorbing most of them into his body and converting them into his own essence, however he kept a lookout for the time component. Ever since he discovered the time essence, he became excited for a breakthrough in his mastery of time. 

    An hour passed and Arnin's orb was almost completely filled with essence, however there was no sign of the time component. 'It is a rare essence; even in the whole universe it is extremely difficult to find.' Arnin stopped with his cultivation and walked to his door. He had Kurse bring him some empty stones for him to practice with, so he went to check whether he had arrived yet or not. 

    "H-how could you become a servant for such a demon child? He is not going to treat you well." Kurse was walking extremely slowly with the injured Torne. They were both discussing their unfortunate encounter with Arnin. 
    "I didn't want to become his servant. Who would have known that he was so strong at such a young age? He really is extremely frightening. Haha." Kurse bitterly laughed as he spoke to Torne. 
    Kurse had grabbed a large amount of the stones, but since he was bringing an injured person back, it was taking him much longer to get back to Arnin. He was somewhat scared that Arnin might beat him for getting late, however he couldn't move any faster with an injured person. 
    "You got it lucky. You are just a servant, however I was forced into becoming his slave. Not only do I have the slave mark, I can't resist him. My luck is so bad." Deep sadness was written all over his face. 
    Kurse looked at Torne with some pity. He really did have it tough. 
    "What took you so long?" Both of them were almost at Arnin's home when they heard a voice. Both of them looked up and couldn't help but sigh and feel somewhat frightening. 
    "Master, sorry. We were a little slow. Torne is injured and I had to bring the stones, so it took a little longer." Kurse was the one to speak up. Although he was a servant, he felt that if Torns spoke, then Arnin might get angrier. 
    "Stop giving me excuses. You are at Orb Birth - Heaven realm, it shouldn't have taken you so long." Arnin glared at Kurse with his dagger like eyes. 
    "S-sorry maste-" Before Kurse could finish, Arnin kicked him onto the ground. Arnin knew that the two took longer than they could have. If Kurse wanted, he could have ran with two people in his arms. 
    "Incompetent. Hurry up! If you take too long, don't blame me for having Vilis tend to you both later." Kurse had a bitter look on his face as he picked up Torne, who had fallen along with him. 
    Arnin vanished from their sight. Torne and Kurse couldn't help but sigh deeply. They really felt that their lives had fallen to the lowest. Torne, who was older, accepted it much more easily, however Kurse was on the verge of tears. 
    "It's alright Kurse. We will regain our freedom one day, however the only way to do so is to have that demon child renege the contract, or find someone who can do it for us." Torne noticed that Kurse was feeling extremely down and his face was completely red. Although he himself was beaten black and blue, he found that Kurse was more pitiful. Kurse was still so young. 
    "I don't think it is possible. If it was, don't you think teacher Xillar would have done something already? We can't even kill him, if we do then you will die along with him, and who knows what will happen to me." Remembering Xillar's reaction and his helplessness, Kurse felt like he was drowning even more. 
    Torne shook his head bitterly before picking up his speed. Although he was in extreme pain, he didn't want to get another beating, or even get Kurse in much more trouble. Just as they were about to finally approach Arnin's home, an idea hit Kurse.
    "Senior Torne, there might be a way to solve our problem." Kurse happily looked at Torne. His previous sunken face had regained some hope. 
    "Oh? And what is that?" Torne noticed this change and couldn't help but wonder. If he could get out of the contract, then he would be safe and out of harm's way. 
    "Arnin is not alone. He has two other girls that he takes care of. They have taken over my house, but if we ask them to speak up for us, then he might just break the contract. He seems to care for them a lot." Kurse remembered how Arnin took over his home just for the two girls. If Arnin cared about them so much, then he might listen to them as well. 
    "Are you positive that Arnin will listen to them?" Torne asked with some doubts.
    "Well, he took over my house just for them. They are Butterfly students, so him bringing them here would cause problems. If he didn't care, why would he do this?" Kurse spoke reasonably.
    "That's true. If that's the case, then you go and speak with them at some point. Let us hope this might save us." Torne closed his eyes and prayed. 
    As they both chatted in front of Arnin's house, they didn't notice someone glaring at them with a wicked smile.

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  • Chapter 38: The Library

    Torne and Kurse knocked on the front door. "Leave the stuff outside." They heard Arnin's cold voice order from the inside. Kurse quickly placed the empty stones onto the ground before taking a step back. He didn't leave just yet, since he didn't know if Arnin would allow him to. 
    "M-Master, is there anything else that we should do for you?" Kurse asked after some hesitation. He really just wanted to quickly head over to the two girls and beg them to save Torne and him. 
    "Not right now. You guys can leave. I will have Vilis fetch you when I need you." Arnin's voice came from inside once more. This time, it was as if the heavens were playing their trumpets alongside his voice. The two were extremely excited that Arnin allowed them to leave for now. They quickly nodded even though no one could see them, and left. 
    "Kurse, where are the two girls? We should hurry to them." Torne was feeling somewhat anxious. Although he hadn't even spent a mere day with Arnin yet, he still couldn't forget the beating he received.

    "They are not that far away. We should get there very soon." Kurse replied quickly, with a tinge of excitement in his tone. 

    Inside Arnin's house, the stones that Kurse brought were placed on the ground. They were all still empty, but were arranged in an octagon like pattern.

    Arnin knew what the two were up to, however he couldn't care less at the moment. He wanted to figure out how to create cultivation stones. He was very close to breaking through and needed a small push. If he could further master mark making and create lots of cultivation stones, then he could finally have a breakthrough into Orb Birth - Hell.

    "Let me first try the orthodox way of creating marks. After practicing that, I can then further my own method." Although Arnin looked down on the mark making manual, it was still  better way to start than not having any method. His personal mark making method was difficult to use and required great control over the saber, something he was lacking. If he could increase his mastery over his saber by using the orthodox method, then that would be a great situation. 

    The reason Arnin arranged the stones in such a way was because the marks in his body were in that formation. Those octagon marks helped increase his body's physical strength, so he wanted to see what sort of effect the stones would have. Would they further the development of his physical body? Would they fail to do anything? He wasn't sure, so he decided to experiment. 

    Arnin had the saber come onto one of his fingers. Instead of absorbing the essence from the world or solar essence, he had the saber pull some of his own essence out. The saber was covered in a black and red hue, which was the color of Arnin's essence. Before he could begin, a thought hit him 

    'It says that I have to circulate my cultivation, but I don't have a set cultivation.' Arnin was at a loss. He never used a set cultivation method to increase his powers or to absorb essence. He directly absorbed the worldly essence in the most rudimentary way, which would not work for the orthodox mark making method. 

    'Hmm, seems like I have to go and find myself a proper cultivation method, and then I can just alter it later.' Arnin shook his head and stopped with the whole mark making. His plans of practicing came to an end. He couldn't do it without meeting the requirements. Although he could add in one of the symbols he used in the past to absorb the essence, that would change the method completely. It wasn't the same as the normal way of going about things. 

    Arnin decided that he needed to go and find a library or vault that held all the cultivation methods. 

    While Arnin was getting ready to head out, Torne and Kurse were almost at Lilise and Elidia's home. Their hearts were beating like crazy. If they could convince the two girls to help them, then they would be free from Arnin. It was a matter of life and death. 
    *Knock Knock*
    After approaching the house, Kurse went ahead and knocked quickly. He wasn't able to barge into the house since it wasn't his anymore, plus he needed to give a better impression of himself so that they would help him out. 
    "Kurse, you are sure these two can convince Arnin? What if they can't and we get in an even worse situation?" Torne, although harbouring some hope, was still very anxious. He didn't want to go through another beating. It was just too painful. 
    Kurse was silent. He was also somewhat doubtful, but then he remembered how Arnin treated the two girls. Arnin fought him so that they could live in a better place. He shook his head and smiled at the hunchbacked Torne. 
    "I can't guarantee success, but from what I have seen so far, Arnin does care about these two. We can only give it a try and hope for the best." Kurse was set on asking for help. He didn't want to experience what Torne did, nor did he want to be someone else's servant. He wanted to become someone great. He wanted to become the strongest. Kurse knew he had great talent, however if he were to continue being a servant, he wouldn't be able to put that talent to use.
    Torne became silent and nodded his head solemnly. It was true that they didn't have many options left. It was better to try than to give up. 
    As the two were deeply thinking about their situations, the door began to open. Kurse and Torne looked up and their eyes became determined. No matter what, they would find a way to convince the two girls to help them. 
    The person who opened the door was Elidia. She had a look of confusion on her face when she saw the two people in front of her. One of them was so injured that he barely resembled a human. The person next to him was someone she knew. He was the person that they took the house from.

    "Yes? Do you guys need something?" Elidia knew that she was a Butterfly student and shouldn't be in the Moth living quarters. She kept herself restrained to the house and hadn't gone out since Arnin gave it them. 

    "Would you mind if we come in and talk to you about something? It is very important and only you and your sister can help us." Kurse asked in an almost begging tone. Elidia thought the two looked genuine and they didn't seem to be here to make trouble so she let them in. She already knew that Kurse was now Arnin's servant, so she had a small amount of trust that he wouldn't do anything to her. 

    "Come in then." Elidia moved to the side and allowed the two inside. Kurse and Torne smiled brightly as their hopes began to grow. 

    'This girl is already kind enough to let us in. She might even listen to our request.' Kurse was excited. He entered the house and sighed bitterly. This used to be his home until Arnin took over it. Before, he could enter the house without worry, but now he had to ask permission first. 

    "So, what did you guys want?" Elidia sat down with Lilise. They kept a distance from the two and asked with some hesitation. Lilise didn't speak at all and let Elidia do all the talking. 

    Torne looked at Kurse and nodded his head. The latter sighed before telling them their problem. 

    Arnin had already left his house and made his way towards the Moth building. He had to quickly cultivate himself to a higher level so he didn't have the time to rest. 
    After entering the Moth building once again, he scouted for a teacher. He didn't know where he could find the cultivation manuals, so he could only ask the teachers. Arnin looked around for a while before stopping in his footsteps. 
    "If you are here, then come out already. I know that you have been following me for a while now." Arnin angrily said. 
    "Hehe! I wasn't following you, I just happened to be in the same area as you." a man walked from behind Arnin. It was none other than Xillar, the greatest stalker in history. 
    "Hmph, you really don't know when to stop until someone does something." Arnin snorted. He couldn't do anything to Xillar at the moment because he was stronger than him and also had the backings of the academy. 
    "Truly, I wasn't following you. We just happened to meet here. Haha!" Xillar laughed embarrassingly. He had to keep an eye on Arnin, and now he was even more serious about it. He wasn't going to leave Arnin alone, lest he found himself another slave or servant. 
    Arnin felt that Xillar had been following him since he left the Moth group housing area. 'This guy is really seeking death.' 
    "Since you are here, then lead me to where I want to go." Arnin said in a commanding voice. 
    "Uh-hum! Arnin, I am a teacher you know. Shouldn't you show me some respect?" Xillar looked at Arnin bitterly. 
    "I don't need to show someone who follows me around all day respect." Arnin said mockingly. Xillar laughed embarrassingly. Although he showed no anger on his face, he was somewhat displeased with the way Arnin kept treating him.
    'Kid, you are lucky that person is protecting you. If not, I would have beaten you a long time ago.' he kept these thoughts in his head. That person who was protecting Arnin was not someone he could match up to. 
    "Where did you want to go?" Xillar coughed a little before speaking. 
    "I need to find some cultivation manuals. I don't have a cultivation method yet, so help me find some." Arnin spoke to Xillar as though he was speaking to a subordinate. Xillar ignored his way of talking and answered back.
    "Well, you can find different manuals in the Moth library. Although there are a bunch of cultivation manuals there, they are all low level ones." Xillar briefly explained.
    "Low leveled? How do I get better ones?" Arnin didn't care about the cultivation manual  he got since he was only using them temporarily until he created his own, however better cultivation manuals would allow him to understand the various ways one could cultivate with the essence. 
    "You will learn about these things tomorrow when you head to the first lecture. For now, I will just help you get to the library." Xillar quickly cut the conversation short. Although it wasn't any secret, he felt that the more he answered Arnin's questions, the more he felt like a servant.
    'I am a respectable teacher! I will not answer your questions just because you want me to.' Xillar quickly walked passed Arnin. The latter snorted before following him. 
    As both of them walked, the silence irritated Xillar. It was suffocating. Although he didn't want to talk to Arnin, he didn't like the silence even more. 
    "Where is Teacher Kelnorin? I haven't seen him for a while." Arnin suddenly spoke up. He had been wondering what happened to the first teacher he met. When he first saw Kelnorin, he found that his strength was extremely deep, much higher than that of Xillar's. However after that small meeting and examination, he never met him again. 
    "Teacher Kelnorin is busy getting all the other students information sorted. We won't be able to see him until tomorrow" Xillar sighed when he heard how respectfully Arnin mentioned his colleague. 
    'Where is my respect? He tried to kill you at one point!' Of course, he wouldn't say these things out loud. He might just get killed if he did. 
    Arnin nodded his head. He could tell that Kelnorin had a much higher rank than Xillar. Maybe Kelnorin wasn't an ordinary teacher? 
    "Let me ask you something else. After one reaches the Essence Manifest, how does a person then make his way towards the Elemental Formation realm? Also, what are the different elements?" Arnin remembered that Dane was telling him about how the students in the Moth group would usually graduate while achieving Elemental Formation realm. He didn't think much about it until he met that infuriating senior who kicked him out of the greater lodging area. He knew that the senior had to be in the Elemental Formation realm, or else he wouldn't have been able to make him feel so weak.
    "Hmm, the Elemental Formation realm is actually not hard to achieve. It just takes a long time. After you enter Essence Manifest, you will begin to condense and gather different types of essences. Unlike the Orb Birth Realm realm where you just take these essences and increase cultivation, the Essence Manifest realm begins to seperate the essence into individual components." Arnin nodded his head as he listened. The separation of the essence was something that he already achieved. Although he had to do it manually, he was able to find the time essence because of this process. 
    "After separation, depending on the cultivation technique you are using, the different essences will either increase your quantity of essence or convert into your elemental seed." Arnin continued to listen. The more Xillar explained, the more he understood the difference in strengths. 
    Seeing that Arnin was seriously paying attention to him, Xillar raised his nose towards the ceiling and laughed on the inside. 'Kid, even though you act as though you know everything, you truly need a magnificent teacher like me to guide you.'
    "Elemental seeds? Are these condensed essence components, or are they something else?" From what he learned, Essence Manifest was when the essence was separated and condensed, so the elemental seeds were most likely the condensation of the various components.
    "Correct. They are the condensed essence components. I won't explain much more, as you will learn more about these things in the lectures. You will also find out more if you read in the library. You can ask me for help when you need it." Xillar felt very successful. He had been taken advantage of by Arnin for a while, and now that he was able to make Arnin listen to him, he felt as if he was flying towards heaven. 
    'I am a true Teacher. This is what I am, young student.' Again, he didn't speak this out loud and just thought about it. 

    As both of them continued to walk, they finally got to a place with two large doors. These doors seemed to be made of some blue rock. They were polished nicely and even had many marks placed over them.

    "This is the library. Just scan your Identification card, and you can enter the first level." Xillar explained arrogantly. 

    Arnin ignored Xillar's haughty way of talking and did what he was told. He scanned his card on a circular device that sat in the corner. 


    The doors slowly opened. Arnin watched carefully as he saw thousands upon thousands of books appear through the opening. There were people scuttling through the large place with books in their hands. 

    "So this is the so called library? Not a bad place." Arnin walked in happily as the doors behind him closed abruptly.
  • Chapter 39: Elidia’s Righteousness

    Arnin entered the large room known as the library. Large bookshelves stood in hundreds of rows, stairs leading to an upper floor which contained even more books. It was much larger than even the village that he came from. 
    The doors shut behind him and Xillar was gone. He was left in peace to discover the books he needed himself. Although there were many students in the library, what surprised him even more was that even teachers roamed through the area. 
    He headed towards the large circular desk that sat in the middle of the large library. It looked to be made of an orangy yellow wood. The color, however, was more on the darker side than the light. It fit perfectly with the dark oak floors and walls. 
    Approaching the front desk, he found a young man standing tall like an arrow. He looked to be around the same age as Revi, and also had a strong cultivation, Essence Manifest - Sky. He wore a white scholarly robe and had a small braid on the left of his face. His skin was uncommonly bronze, however it looked unique and somewhat captivating. His mature face, with his beautiful honey eyes really made him stand out. (Author note: Revi is the leader who Arnin dragged around when he was trying to find his home. His first appearance is in chap 30) 
    Arnin approached this man with a small smile. The handsome man noticed Arnin coming his way and smiled back towards him. "How may I help you, young man?" His way of speaking was very professional, not showing a hint of contempt or mockery. 
    "I am looking for cultivation manuals." Arnin answered calmly. Since the other party was asking him directly, why should he waste his time with unnecessary chatter?
    "Ah! Alright, would you first give me your Identity card so that I can check what levels of the library you are authorized to have access to?" The man extended his slender hand in front of Arnin. His pearl white teeth showcased themselves in their utmost glory when he smiled, however Arnin found something weird about the man in front of him. He didn't feel annoyed the way he did for Fae, rather he found something peculiar and interesting about the man in front of him. He couldn't help but inwardly smile because of this feeling. It was all too familiar. 
    Arnin pulled out the card from his sleeve and handed it over to the man. The latter took it with a smile and inserted it into a crystal sphere that sat on his left. Arnin decided to ignore the man for now and also looked at the orb. Because of his small height, he had to stand on his toes just to get a good look. If someone were to know that the little boy who could barely see over the counter was a Demon Lord reincarnation, then they would probably spit out all the blood that was in their body. 
    As Arnin intently watched the sphere, the number '2' flashed by. "Alright, you are allowed to scope through the floors one and two. Here, let me lead you to where the cultivation manuals are." The man stepped out from behind the desk. He handed Arnin's card back to him and waved for him to follow. Arnin put the identification card back into his sleeve and began to walk behind the man.
    "What does one require to be able to get onto the second floor?" Arnin asked, confused. From the way Xillar spoke, he assumed that he would only get access to the lowest floor, but that didn't seem to be the case. 
    "You should already know that the Moth group is much smaller than the Butterfly group, right? Well, the academy decided to build one large library in the Moth group and allowed any student, no matter their group, to enter." The man explained slowly. Arnin only smiled as he listened to the man and carefully examined his smiling face. 
    "Isn't there a rule stating that Butterfly group members are not allowed to enter the Moth building? This library is in the Moth building, so how do they get access?" Arnin was somewhat perplexed. Although he was somewhat shocked to find such an extravagant library in the Moth building, he still assumed that the Butterfly group had their own library because of that rule. 
    "It is true that the Butterfly group is not allowed to enter the Moth building, however the library has more than one entrance. The academy built a portal that links the first floor of the library with the Butterfly building." When the man began to speak about the portal, Arnin couldn't help but feel somewhat shocked. Although portals weren't considered a large thing in his previous life, he never expected to find one in such a small academy. Not only that, but when he roamed around as the Demon Lord, he had run into various types of transportation portals, however the core of each of these portals was related to one's understanding of space. 
    'Seems like someone has a good understanding of space to create a transportation portal.' Arnin continued to listen to the man, waiting for him to answer his first question.
    "Well, because the Butterfly group is able to come to access the library as well, the academy created another rule. The Butterfly students have to pay once for access to the first floor of the library, while Moth students are allowed to enter the first floor for free. Only highly talented Moth students are able to access the second floor right away." The man looked at Arnin with a hint of respect. Arnin smiled in response to the respectful gaze, however in his heart, he put on a different expression. 

    "Since you are able to access the second floor as well, I will ask you to choose whether you want to go up right away or if you want to look over the manuals on the first floor first?" The man asked Arnin when they finally came to the staircase that led upstairs. 

    Arnin pondered for a moment before deciding he wanted to check out the manuals on the first floor before going up. "Let me check out the manuals that exist in the first floor. I will head up after checking those out." The man looked at Arnin and hesitated for a moment. 

    "Umm, if you don't mind me saying, but I don't recommend looking at various types of cultivation manuals. If you want, I can help look up some specific ones for you, so that you can narrow the number of manuals you would have to look through." It was a known fact that if one looked at too many cultivation manuals, their path could stray. This would be very detrimental to future growth and in a worst case scenario, it could halt one's cultivation progress. The reason behind this was that each manual focused on a certain pattern in cultivation, and if one looked at too many, then they would begin to compare and might even try to combine the different methods. This would cause them to lose focus and would stop their cultivation path. 

    "It's alright, I know what I am doing. Just take me to the section where I can find the cultivation manuals." Arnin showed an expression of smiling that wasn't really smiling, when he spoke to the man. 

    "Well, if you want to, then I can't stop you. My name is Surk, and you're Arnin, right?" The handsome man named Surk looked at Arnin with a smile. 

    "Yeah, my name is Arnin. Lead the way to the bookshelves that contain the manuals." Arnin knew that his student identification card showed his name. However, it showed only some information, nothing private. 
    Surk led Arnin to a place where Moth students were gathering and discussing with bright eyes. "These five rows contain all the cultivation manuals of the first floor. You can look through them and just give me a shout when you are ready to go to the second floor." Surk pointed towards the many large bookshelves that contained hundreds of books. 
    "Where are the Butterfly students? If they can access this library, where are they?" Arnin was confused because he couldn't see any Butterfly students.

    "The Butterfly students don't get access until tomorrow. You will see them roaming around everywhere after the lectures tomorrow." Arnin nodded his head and walked towards the bookshelves. If they weren't here yet, then that wasn't bad for him. He liked silence. 
    The man continued to smile at Arnin's back. A hidden glint flashed through his eyes, but quickly disappeared. 'Arnin… Foro? Hehe!' Surk inwardly laughed as he walked away. 

    Lilise and Elidia sat in their homes with looks of shock and disbelief. Kurse and Torne saw these expressions and were inwardly happy. If the two girls began to feel concern for them, then they might just be saved. 
    "Sis, I can't believe Arnin would do something like that. He doesn't seem like that kind of person." Lilise looked at Elidia with great shock. She had always looked at Arnin with respect and adoration. He was kind, and smart, and very strong. She always thought that he was a good person, but after hearing what the two people in front of her had to say, she began to feel conflicted. 
    'I told you, Arnin is not a good person. I always said that, but you and grandpa just wouldn't listen." Although she was also feeling slightly conflicted, she carried an air of excitement. She had kept saying to her grandpa and Lilise that Arnin was not someone good, but they never believed her. With this as proof, she felt as though she had just stumbled upon gold. 
    "But sis, he gave us this house. He fought someone for us. He can't be a bad guy." Lilise felt as if her whole world was crumbling in front of her. Although she didn't have feelings of love towards Arnin, she still felt really close to him, especially after staying as his home for a period of time. She treated Arnin like an older brother. 
    "Lilise, you are just too nice to see the bad people in the world. Arnin is only doing this because his deal with grandpa. If that wasn't the case, he wouldn't treat us like this." Elidia finally found something bad about Arnin and didn't want to back down. 
    "But…" Lilise was still in disbelief. Elidia patted her head and looked at the two people in front of her.
    "Don't you guys worry, I will handle all of this for you. I will make sure that Arnin releases you from your contracts." Elidia smiled righteously towards Torne and Kurse. She felt on top of the world at that moment. She disliked Arnin, and now she could cause him more trouble. Why wouldn't she be happy?
    Kurse and Torne began to tremble with excitement. "Thank you very much! If you are able to solve this problem, then I don't mind becoming your protector." Kurse was the first to speak out. A protector was different from a bodyguard. Unlike bodyguards, who would have to be around the client for long periods of time, a protector would only help when a problem arose. 
    "Yes, if you can solve this, then I will help you as well." Torne spoke out right after. Elidia's eyes sparkled when she saw the two's reactions. They were both older than her by more than a few years, with Torne being even more than ten years older, however they still thanked her in such a way. She felt like a queen, like the ruler of the world. 
    "Don't worry, leave it to me." Elidia smiled brightly, however Lilise was still feeling extremely disheartened. She never expected Arnin to do such things. 
    "When should we go and find master?" Kurse asked with some hesitation. He couldn't help but want to get rid of the contract right away, however everything was in the hands of the two girls. 
    "You don't have to call him master anymore. Just call him Arnin. We will head out right now. Where is he?" Elidia puffed out her chest adorably and walked forward. She headed for the door and turned to look at the two. 
    "Umm, I don't know where he is, but I will find out right away. Just give me some time. You can wait here. Senior, let us go find m-Arnin's whereabouts." Kurse spoke to Torne with some excitement. Torne nodded his head before getting up and limping towards Kurse. Both of them walked out the door and began their search. 
    Elidia noticed that Lilise was still glum and walked towards her. She sat down beside her and rubbed her small back. "Lilise, just don't think about him. He was nice to you, but that was only him lying. Did he finish your training? No! Did he talk nicely to grandpa? No! Did he run away from home? Yes!" Elidia began to list all the problems she found in Arnin in a single breath. Instead of consoling Lilise, it looked more like she was pointing out Arnin's bad points. However as a child, Elidia still didn't understand how to console a person. 
    "Grandpa said that he had an important reason to leave." Lilise looked at Elidia with tearful eyes. Elidia couldn't help but shake her head. 
    "Lilise, Arnin is not our friend, or our big brother. He is only being nice to us because of the deal he made with grandpa. Just concentrate on getting stronger, and you will see how much of a bad person he is when you become strong." Elidia spoke happily as she explained. 
    "Alright, but what if the two of them are tricking us? What if they are the bad guys and not Arnin?" Lilise was still reluctant to believe that the kind person she had perceived was just an illusion. 
    "Lilise, you need to stop being such a baby. Arnin is not a good person. Those two looked so sad and were even beaten up. That explains everything!" Elidia used her flawed logic to explain why Arnin was bad. 
    "Who are you calling a baby? You are only a little older than me." Lilise pouted before becoming quiet. Elidia ignored Lilise and began to practice her way of dealing with Arnin.
    'Arnin, you evil person. Release these two! No no no, hmm. What about… Arnin, I always knew you were evil. Let these two go and I will pretend I didn't see anything.' She began to copy the ways many of the heroes in her favorite stories spoke to evil people. 
    Suddenly, a knock resounded from the door. She walked towards the door and opened it up to find Torne and Kurse standing there with happy expressions. 
    "We found him! He is in the library." The two spoke excitedly. They were one step closer to getting freed from the contract. 
    Elidia nodded her head and turned to look at Lilise. "Lilise, let's go. We need to help these two and make sure Arnin learns that being evil is a bad thing." Lilise slowly got off the bed and headed towards the door. She looked at Kurse and Torned with an angry expression. Both of them didn't know why she showed such an expression, however they decided to ignore it. 
    Elidia pointed forward and laughed happily. "Lead the way."

  • Chapter 40: Understanding Elements

    Arnin sat on a table with dozens of books stacked beside him. All of them were about the various ways of cultivation a person could choose to go about. Cultivation manuals were separated into various elements which would help to direct the cultivation towards that specific element. Fire, water, air, and earth were the four main cultivation manual types. Each of the cultivation manuals had a particular pattern for absorption of essence based on the element they were related to. Although the four types were considered the main elements, there were still countless other types out there. Some of them were related to darkness, some to light, and many more. 
    When people decided to find a cultivation manual, they would look at many different types of cultivation manuals, however all of them would be under the same element. Looking at different elements could ruin the state of a person's mind and even impact the pattern of someone's cultivation. It was a risk people didn't want to take. Arnin, however, was different. He had a bunch of cultivation manuals stacked beside him, and many of them were of different elements. The surrounding Moth students and teachers were dumbfounded when they saw the various manuals beside him. 
    "What is that kid doing? Doesn't he know that if he looks at all of those different types of elements, he may fall astray?" A kid asked his friends. They looked at Arnin with pity and even mockery. 
    "Who cares? That's one less genius to worry about. Haha!" Another kid couldn't help but laugh slightly. 
    Unlike Arnin. who came from a humble background, most kids in the Moth group were from prestigious families. They were taught many things about cultivation before they headed towards the academy. Arnin didn't know about the cultivation realms after Essence Manifest until he heard about one from Dane, however everyone in the Moth group knew about it beforehand. The education they got before entering the academy was superior when compared to Arnin's, who received basically no previous instruction. 
    Surk heard the commotion coming from the cultivation manual section and couldn't help but raise one of his ink-like eyebrows. He walked towards the laughter and chatter, and couldn't help but feel dumbfounded at the sight. Quickly, he walked towards Arnin with a worried face. 
    "Hey, Arnin, you shouldn't look at so many elements at one time. They can ruin your future. Here, let me help you find a suitable cultivation manual." Arnin looked up and stared into Surk's eyes, 
    "I am fine with what I have. Don't worry, I know what I am doing." Arnin looked at Surk expressionlessly. Surk shook his head and released a sigh. 
    "If you know what you are doing, then that is fine. However, remember not to go overboard, or your cultivation could be affected." Surk could only warn Arnin with words. He wasn't able to forcefully stop Arnin from doing what he wanted since it was none of his business, but he couldn't help but lament Arnin's terrible decision making.
    Arnin watched as Surk left as quickly as he came. He couldn't help but smirk before drowning himself with cultivation manuals once more. He had learned quite a lot about the cultivation patterns that the different elements go through, and although it wasn't enough for him to create his own, it was still a decent amount. 
    Although all of them revolved around the orb of a person, but the way they rotated, the path they took, and the amount of energy used in a circulation was very different. Not only that, but the cultivation manuals helped to circulate specific components of essence. Although they still had other components inside of them, it was still acceptable. Only when one reached the Essence Manifest realm would they be able to properly divide each component, so only then would the cultivation manuals be very helpful. 
    Arnin had memorized how the four elements cultivated, and he even looked at other minor elements, such as darkness and light. Elements like metal, wood, lightning, and many others were rare, so he couldn't find anything on them. There were so many different elements, however some of them were not even considered an elements by definition, one example being wood. This was not an element by definition, however it still fell under the element category because it functioned in a similar way to elements in cultivation. 
    Since he had read the main manuals on the first level, he wanted to head over to the second level and see the difference. 
    Arnin walked back to the front desk and asked Surk to take him to the next level. "You're already done checking those manuals out? Did you find anything that suits you? Remember, we can still do a test to see what your affinity is, and with that we will know what sort of element you should focus on." Surk kept reminding Arnin of the same thing over and over again. He didn't want Arnin walking down the wrong path. Cultivation was the basis of life in Afloria; If one stagnated or even completely lost their cultivation, that would be a fate worse than death. Plus Arnin was a Moth student, which showed that he had great talent in cultivation, so it would be a real loss if he couldn't progress in his cultivation. 
    Arnin shook his head and rejected. "I don't need to do a test. I am just looking at the moment, and if I find anything that suits me, then that is my luck. I don't want to do some test for it." Although Arnin said that, he wasn't really looking for anything specifically. Even if he stumbled upon something that was suitable for him, at most he would look at it with more detail. His goal isn't to find a cultivation manual that suited him, rather it was to create one. This was why he didn't want to do unnecessary tests for affinity. He already had an element that he wanted to focus on, and that was time. People were able to focus on more than one element, however it was hard to find a cultivation manual that would allow this, and it was also much harder to progress in. Arnin had decided that his main element would be time, while space would be his secondary element, and so on. He was going to have many elements to focus on because he wanted to progress his Demon Lord cultivation. He couldn't be lax, and so he was looking to create something major. 
    Surk sighed deeply before walking towards the second floor with Arnin. "I have a question for you. How do we know what is an element and what isn't?" Arnin's question was based on the facts that some of things that weren't actually elements were called elements. 
    "Hmm? Well, when you get to Essence Manifest, you will be able to separate essence into different components. We call these components elements. Whenever a new one is discovered, it is considered an element." Arnin finally understood. Everything was based on the separation of essence. Time was considered an element because of it being a component of essence. 
    Arnin nodded his head and continued to follow Surk to the second floor. He got his answer, so there was no need for him to ask any more questions. Surk looked at Arnin weirdly, unable to comprehend what he was thinking. 
    'What is weird person, he asks a sudden question and just goes quiet after. What is he thinking?' Surk pondered about Arnin. He knew that Arnin was actually a great talent, as only people with really high talent would be able to access the second floor right away. Even he himself didn't get that privilege. 
    "Alright, we are here." The second floor looked exactly like the first floor. There was, however, a greater abundance of book than on the first floor. 
    Arnin quickly followed Surk towards the cultivation manual bookshelves. Surk looked at Arnin as he picked out various books right away. "Remember not to go overboard. You don't want to ruin your cultivation." Surk knew that Arnin wouldn't listen to him, so he waved his hand and walked away while shaking his head. 

    Kurse was leading Elidia and the rest towards the library. Although Butterfly students were not allowed into the library until tomorrow, he could still try and let them through with his identity as a Moth student. Every Moth student was able to take in one outsider into the library, however that person would need approval from the academy. Kurse could take in Elidia, while Torne was going to take in Lilise. Since they were both already students of the academy, it wasn't going to be difficult to take them inside. 
    All four of them arrived in front of the large doors. Since it was not the first time that Kurse and Torne were going inside the library, they knew the procedures pretty well. Quickly, both of them scanned their ID cards on the sphere, and then the door opened up with loud, thundering sounds. The girls began to get excited. They had seen books in their old home, but they were very basic. Being able to go into an academy library excited them greatly.
    Torne and Kurse saw the expressions on their faces and felt relieved on the inside. The happier that they made the girls, the harder both of them would try to free them. Their hearts were palpitating at the thought of freedom. It hadn't even been a day yet, but they were frightened by Arnin.
    When the doors finally opened, the two girls couldn't help but widen their eyes. The amount of books was greater than the amount of people they had seen in their life. They looked around, nodding their heads. 
    "Lilise, isn't this place huge? It is even bigger than grandpa's house. Wow!" Elidia was trembling with excitement. She loved to cultivate and was really serious about it. Although she didn't have high talent, this didn't discourage her from wanting to reach greater heights. Lilise was also feeling somewhat overwhelmed. The place was way too big. Just a small section seemed to be bigger than her grandfather's home. The books were plentiful, which made her want to quickly go and read them, albeit she could barely do so.
    Children were taught to read very early on in their childhood. Because of the higher density of  worldly essence, people had longer lifespans, and they would also mature much quicker. This resulted in most children learning to read at a very young age. Although Lilise was able to read, she still found it somewhat difficult. 
    "Where is Arnin? Take me to him." Elidia looked at Kurse and Torne and said in a heroic manner. Both of them began to get even more excited. 
    "Yes, let me first find out where he is. Maybe the front desk people have seen him." Kurse quickly ran towards the front desk. What met him was a golden eyed, bronze skinned prince. Although he was a man himself and didn't find other males to be attractive, he couldn't help but feel astonished. The person in front of him was like a heavenly god that descended from a handsome land. 
    "Can I help you?" Of course, this person was none other then Surk. He was just so handsome that it was blinding. He noticed Kurse's expression, however he was unaffected by his reaction. He continued with his professional attitude. 
    Kurse quickly pulled himself together and straightened his back. "We are looking for a fellow Moth student who was seen in the library earlier. He is around five years old, and has black hair." He quickly began to describe the looks of Arnin. Surk shook his head and smiled at Kurse.
    "Can you give me some more distinct features, or can you tell me his name?" He asked with a pleasant grin. 
    "Oh yea, he has three tattoos on his forehead. They look like horns. His name is Arnin." Kurse scratched his head with embarrassment as he described something more unique. His former description was very general, however the name and the tattoos were extremely unique to Arnin.
    Surk's eyes glinted before he looked deeply at Kurse. "Why are you looking for Arnin? He is on the second floor at the moment. If it is serious, then I can go and call him" Surk noticed that there was more than one person looking for Arnin.
    "Yeah, it is kind of important. Would you mind asking him to come down?" Kurse spoke spoke bitterly. It was important for them, but Arnin may think otherwise. 
    "Sure, just tell me your name, so he can know who it is." Surk smiled and asked for his name. Although he could go up and just say someone wanted to see him, he felt that getting the names of the people would be more appropriate. 
    "Umm, about that…" Kurse began to hesitate a little. He didn't want Arnin to know that he was the person calling him down. 

    Elidia noticed his hesitation and walked up confidently. "Tell him that Elidia is calling him. He will know who it is when he hears my name." Elidia acted like Kurse's savior at that moment. She felt good when helping others, especially when she was helping them from someone she disliked, like Arnin.
    Surk raised an eyebrow when he saw how Elidia spoke. Although she may have seemed to have spoken with righteousness and confidence, he felt a hint of arrogance in her tone. He smiled inwardly before nodding his head. 
    "Alright, I will go tell him that Elidia wants to see him. However, whether he comes down or not, I can't guarantee it." Surk smiled before quickly heading towards the second floor. Although he didn't know if the matter was something important, from the way Elidia spoke, he felt that something interesting was going to happen. This somewhat excited him, although he didn't know why.
    He made it to the second floor relatively quickly, and located Arnin even faster. The latter noticed that Surk was coming towards him with a smile. He raised an eyebrow and looked at Surk suspiciously. "What is it?" He wondered why this man was looking for him so hurriedly. Although he felt something familiar about Surk, he couldnt put his finger on it. It wasn't disgust, but something else. 
    "Some people are looking for your downstairs. They say that it is important. A girl named Elidia is part of the group." Surk watched Arnin's expression when he spoke, however he didn't notice a change. It was the same calmness, causing him to feel somewhat depressed. Still, he didn't know why he felt this way. 
    "Alright, I will go see what they want." Arnin got up and headed towards the first floor. He was confused as to why Elidia would come to find him and what group was with her, however he had an idea about who it might be. Surk followed from behind and watched Arnin with some interest. 
    Arnin finally reached the front desk and saw the group that wanted to see him. It consisted of Elidia, Lilise, and his servant and slave. He smirked when he saw them because he already knew what was going to happen. He expected them to approach him eventually, as he had heard Torne and Kurse discussing their plans. 
    Elidia saw Arnin smirking and couldn't help but feel somewhat infuriated. However, when she thought of how she was going to cause Arnin some problems, she began to feel better and more confident. 
    "Arnin, I need to talk to you about something important." Elidia stepped forwards and spoke in a somewhat arrogant manner. Surk watched from behind as his eyes glistened. He was excited because he had a feeling that things were going to turn bad soon. 
    Arnin casually waved his hand forward, gesturing her to explain. There was a hint of playfulness in his eyes when he saw Elidia's attitude and how Lilise was standing behind with some reservation. He didn't care what they thought about him since they were just a part of his contract. He only made things easier for the two because of Lilise's relationship with Nekaia. That was it.
    "I want you to set these two free. I don't want them to be a servant or slave anymore. I know all the bad things that you did to them, so let them free, or else…" Elidia spoke confidently, however she found it weird that Arnin didn't have a single reaction. He just kept smiling.
    "Or else? Or else what? Enlighten me." Arnin leaned against the front desk, however he could only touch the lower half of it, as he wasn't able to reach the top. 
    "Or else I will tell everyone about what you do, and I will even tell my grandpa. Let's see if he favors you then." Elidia thought that this would affect him, however she thought wrong. 
    "Alright, go tell everyone. You know what, let me just show the world how evil I am." Arnin then walked towards the group.
  • Chapter 41: Watch Me Help Them

    Arnin slowly walked towards the group. His eyes twinkled with an evil light. Elidia was dumbfounded by Arnin's actions. 
    'What did he mean he will show everyone?' She looked at Arnin with some confusion. Torne and Kurse noticed Arnin staring at them after he said those words. They began to feel frightened and felt a chill run down their spine.
    "Get on your knees. Why are you standing without my permission?" Arnin stared at the two with a smile. His voice sounded demonic, causing the group to shiver uncontrollably. Even Surk felt somewhat uncomfortable. 
    Elidia looked at Arnin with some hatred. "Didn't you hear what I said? I don't want them to be your servant or slave anymore. Set them free." Elidia was still feeling somewhat annoyed that she trembled for no reason. 'What heck was that?' 
    Arnin turned his head and looked at Elidia with a casual glance. He then turned his head towards the reserved Lilise. "Lilise, tell your sister to be quiet." Arnin spoke with some annoyance. Lilise trembled slightly when she heard him. She looked at Arnin and couldn't help but feel some somewhat nervous. The feeling he was giving off was very similar to the one he gave off when he broke through at her house, sinister and cold. 
    "Who do you think you are, Arnin? Just because my grandpa likes you doesn't mean that I have to like you too. You are younger than me, so show me some respect." Elidia was extremely annoyed. She disliked Arnin because of the things he did, and now she wanted to get some revenge, however she was being treated like a speck of dust. 
    "Lilise, tell her to quiet down." Arnin said once more. This time, there was some force in his words that caused Lilise to tremble with fear. Her eyes began to tear up slightly because of the aura that Arnin was releasing. It was too frightening. 
    "You little…! Stop talking like you are an adult. Lilise, don't listen to him." Elidia's eyes were burning with flames. She was pissed off because of the way Arnin spoke to her. 
    Arnin noticed that Lilise wasn't going to do anything so he just ignored the two girls. He then stared at Torne and Kurse, who were still standing in front of him. 
    "Did you two not hear me? Get on your knees, I haven't given you the permission to stand." The two looked at Arnin with some fear. They couldn't do anything to him because of the marks on their body. They could only look at Elidia with some helplessness. 
    "Arnin, stop commanding them! Release the contract…" Before she could finish, Torne and Kurse fell to the ground. They were shaking and their eyes were showing large amounts of fear. 
    "Since you won't listen to your master, I think another lesson should be given to you guys." Arnin walked forward towards the seizuring Kurse first. He squatted down and stared deeply into his eyes. 
    "So unfortunate. I treated you quite well today. You even got a Mark Master Assistant token because of me. Is this how you are going to repay me?" Arnin shook his head before getting up and walking towards Torne, whose condition was even worse than Kurse's. 
    "And you, I gave you a beating just today, yet you still don't understand your place. I was going to give you the cultivation manual as a reward for hard work, but it seems you like beatings, you masochist." Arnin smiled while he spoke. Elidia saw the two people on the ground and couldn't help but feel enraged and worried. 
    "Arnin, what the heck did you do? Why are you hurting them?" Elidia walked towards Arnin and glared into his cold eyes. Lilise was also somewhat upset because of Arnin's actions. 
    "Why are you hurting them? They just want their freedom." Lilise spoke in a mouse like voice. She didn't look at Arnin and only stared at the ground. 
    Arnin looked at the two girls and began to feel somewhat irritated. "The two of you are really getting on my nerves. I gave you a house to cultivate in, so why the hell are you guys here?" Arnin glared at the both of them. He had showed some kindness because of Lilise's relationship with Nekaia, however he didn't care anymore. 
    "We are here because you are not a good person. You will set them free, or else I will tell my grandpa." Elidia trembled under Arnin's glare, however this made her even more mad. 
    Surk stood behind and watched this with some pleasure. He wished to have something to eat so he could more thoroughly enjoy the scene in front of him. A crowd slowly began to gather to see what was happening.
    Arnin pushed Elidia aside and walked towards Kurse once more. He lifted him up from his throat, however he couldn't make him dangle in the air because of his size. "You say I am not a good person? Well, let me show you how good I am." Arnin smirked before dragging Kurse towards the front desk. 
    "What are you doing? Let him go!" Elidia was enraged and was beginning to feel even more worried. 'This is not going well. Why isn't he listening to me.' She quickly turned around and looked at Lilise. She thought that Lilise could possibly change his mind.
    "Lilise, tell him to stop, or things might go bad for these two." Elidia spoke with seriousness. Lilise didn't know what to say. She already tried to stop him with a mouse like voice, however she was ignored. 
    "I will try." Lilise nodded and thought that Arnin might not have heard her. She walked towards Arnin and stood in front of him.
    "What?" Arnin looked at Lilise with a smile. Lilise took it as he would listen to her, so she gained some confidence. 
    "Can you let them go? They are good people and I know you are good too, so can you set them free?" She looked at him with some hope. Arnin didn't change his expression, however he dropped Kurse to the ground. Right when he hit the ground, Kurse stopped shaking. He looked at Lilise with some gratefulness, however he still held a lot of fear towards Arnin. 
    "Kurse, take Lilise back to her house, then come right back." Arnin glared at Kurse. He hesitated for a moment before wobbling towards Lilise. 
    "Here, you go home first. He won't be my servant anymore when he comes back, however I need you to go home first. Your sister can stay here to make sure everything is alright." Arnin smiled wickedly towards Lilise, who took the smile as something warm. She nodded her head and walked away with Kurse. 
    Elidia looked at Arnin with some anger. "Hurry up and free this senior then. You already promised that to Lilise, or should I call her again?" Elidia spoke with some arrogance and made sure to mention Lilise. She thought that Lilise might be Arnin's weakness, however that thought couldn't be anything but wrong. 
    Arnin waited until Lilise was out of sight. Although he didn't care much about Lilise, she was still friends with his sister, so he would try to make things easier for her, albeit only a little. 
    "Surk, would you mind grabbing me a chair?" Arnin turned around and asked Surk with a smile. The latter shivered at the smile before asking with some confusion. 
    "Why do you need a chair?" He wasn't sure why Arnin would need something like a chair. 
    "You will know once you get me one." Arnin smiled even more sinisterly. Surk thought for a moment before grabbing a chair from behind the circular front desk. Arnin took the chair and placed it opposite to the crowd. 
    "Elidia, sit here. You can sit down and watch as I help Torne." Arnin smiled towards Elidia. The latter felt that Arnin was finally showing her due respect, and so she sat down on the chair with an air of arrogance
    "Let's begin." Elidia said, and waved her hand. Arnin didn't move and just smiled. 
    "Let's wait for Kurse first. I will help them together." Arnin said as he walked towards Torne and sat down on ground. The crowd was confused, however they felt something was going to happen so they decided to stick around. Their senses were much higher than Elidia, so they knew Arnin that was up to something. Surk smirked when he heard what Arnin said. He also felt Arnin was going to do something, however he wasn't going to interfere. It wasn't his business. 
    Ten minutes passed and Arnin saw Kurse running back with unstable breathing. It seemed like he rushed back, causing him to become extremely tired. 
    "He is here now, so set them free now." Elidia looked at Arnin with a look of superiority. She felt that she now had the upper hand in this. She was extremely happy. 
    Arnin suddenly vanished from his position and grabbed onto Elidia's hands. "W-what are you doing?! Let go!" Elidia struggled, however Arnin didn't let her escape. He began to insert his threads into her body and started to numb her legs and arms. Now she couldn't move or do anything. 
    Surk saw all of this happen and felt a little displeased. "Arnin, although this is none of my business, what are you doing?" He didn't care what would happen to Torne and Kurse, however he still felt uneasy with Arnin hurting little Elidia in the library and in front of him. 
    "Just watch and see. If you dare to interfere, I will kill you!" Arnin smiled towards Surk, however his eyes were cold and deadly. 
    Surk shut his mouth right away and didn't say anything more. Although he was stronger than Arnin, he felt that if he fought him, things would not turn out well. The crowd saw that Surk wasn't doing anything, so they also stayed behind and watched. If someone strong like Surk didn't have the courage to go up and stop him, then why would they?
    "Arnin! Let me go!" Elidia could only yell at Arnin since her body was basically paralyzed. The latter smirked before walking towards Torne. 
    "I said that I would help them, not free them." Arnin lifted Torne up from the throat and dragged him towards the desk. "Watch carefully, little girl. Remember, you caused this." Arnin smiled before suddenly slamming Torne's face onto the lower portion of the desk. 
    "ARG! AHH!" Torne screamed out in agony as his face began to bruise and bleed. Elidida watched the horrifying scene with fear. Her eyes began to tear up a little. 
    "Arnin, stop it! He didn't do anything." She spoke chokingly, however Arnin only smiled towards her. 
    "These two didn't get onto their knees when I said so. As slave and servant, they didn't obey their master, so a punishment must be carried out." Arnin then slammed Torne's face once more on the desk. Torne fell onto the ground, unconscious. Arnin smiled before walking towards Kurse. 
    "Master, please, I won't do it again." Kurse got onto his knees and began to move back with a frightened face. Surk stood by and did nothing to prevent this. Although he felt guilty, he couldn't do anything about this. 
    "Arnin, it's not their fault. Let them go." Elidia panicked when she saw Torne laying on the ground unconscious. She was feeling extremely guilty since she was the one who guaranteed their freedom. "I will tell Lilise if you continue to do this." Elidia was depending on her sister as her last hope. It seemed that Arnin cared about Lilise, which was why he sent her away.
    "Don't get me wrong, but I don't care if you tell Lilise, or anybody for that matter. I only sent her away because it could affect her cultivation, and she is my sister's friend. Other than that, I could care less about how she feels." Arnin spoke coldly. Elidia began to regret her decision to confront Arnin. Even if she closed her eyes, she could hear the screams. This was going to become something that would ruin her future. 
    "If you are worried about your cultivation, then don't be. I was told to help you, so I will. I will make sure your cultivation doesn't stagnate, but you are going to have to watch all of this. Haha!" Arnin slightly laughed before kicking Kurse's face. He then lifted him by his neck and slammed his face against the desk wall. 
    "ARH! PLEASE! ARG!" The screams caused everyone to shiver and look at Arnin with fear. There was also some hatred in their eyes. They couldn't understand why Arnin was treating them like this. 
    Surk couldn't help it anymore and walked towards Arnin. "Arnin, that is enough! Let them go!" He released his aura of a Essence Manifest - Sky realm cultivator. 
    "Enough? Well, that's for me to decide." Arnin smiled and released his own aura. Although it was of Orb Birth - Sky, the sinister feeling was domineering and suppressing. 
    "If you set them free, I will give you ten academy points. Is that a deal?" Surk didn't want to fight Arnin, however he didn't feel right watching all of this happen. He initially didn't want to interfere, but he never expected things would get this bad. He thought that at most, an argument would happen, but not such extreme violence. 
    "Academy points? What's their use?" Arnin looked at Surk as his left hand held onto the back collar of Kurse's robe. The latter's face was completely swollen, while blood leaked out of his mouth. However, the rest of his body was fine. Arnin made sure that he could still move around so that he could get things done for him. 
    "Academy points are the currency used in the academy. You can use them to get access to higher floors in the academy, buy weapons, and much more." Arnin pondered as he dropped Kurse onto the ground. His knuckles were covered in blood so when he brought them up to his face, it looked very weird. 
    "What can I do with ten points? Is that a lot?" If he was going to spare his people, then he wanted something good for it. If ten points were too little, he was going to ask for more. 
    "With ten points, you are able to buy at least five cultivation stones, you can access the third floor for two days, or you could even get yourself a low-level weapon." Surk explained the different things he could get, attempting to entice Arnin. 
    "I will spare them, however you need to give me a total of twenty points. Any less, and I will continue to beat them until they only have one breath left." Arnin asked for ten more points. If he could get so many things with just ten, then he want to double that. If he asked for triple, he felt that the other party might just fight it out with him. 
    Surk hesitated before painfully agreeing. "Give me your ID card and I will transfer the twenty points." Arnin tossed him his card and walked towards the sphere where the information would be shown. A few moments later, he saw a section that said [Academy Points: 0] turn into [Academy Points: 20]. Arnin felt happy and took back his card. 
    "Good doing business with you." Arnin smiled before kicking Torne and Kurse in their stomachs and walking out the library. Before he left, he freed Elidia and dragged her with him. 
    Surk gritted his teeth when he saw Arnin kick the two before he left. 'Shameless, even after we had a deal.' However, he calmed himself down and had the crowd take Torne and Kurse to the medical department. 

    The mysterious figure sat on the clouds and laughed while holding his (Author note: Only using his for now, gender still unknown) stomach. 
    "Hahaha! Great, this is great! The great Demon Lord is truly a despicable bastard, even hurting such little kids. Haha!" The mysterious figure continued to laugh with a hard to distinguish voice.

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  • Chapter 42: Breakthrough

    Arnin walked out of the library with Elidia following him from behind. She was quiet while they walked, making for a stifling atmosphere. Arnin ignored her presence and was contemplating what he read in the library. He learned about the different elemental cultivation manuals and how they worked in the body in conjunction with the orb. He found the idea to be simple, however he would need some time to create his own. Although his goal was to create a cultivation stone and start to improve his control over the saber, he decided to put that on hold. He didn't want to cultivate a random manual anymore since it could impact his future cultivation. 
    Elidia didn't say a word and continued to look at the floor. The agonizing screams of Torne and Kurse kept replaying inside her head. The sounds they made and the looks on their faces horrified her. This may have seemed like a bad thing, however there was a small benefit. She now understood that things would not go her way and that Arnin was not under her or Lilise's thumb. She lifted her head slightly to take a look at Arnin's back. 
    Arnin suddenly stopped and turned around. Elidia looked up at him with surprise before looking back to the ground. She didn't want to talk to Arnin, as she found him to be a repulsive person who really was a bad guy. Arnin smirked when he saw the way she was acting. 
    "How did you like the show? You seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit while sitting comfortably on that chair." Arnin spoke with some mockery in his tone, however Elidia wasn't able to catch it. 
    "I wasn't sitting comfortably! You did something so I couldn't move. Just wait until I get home. I am going to tell Lilise everything that I saw, let's see what happens then." Her pearl white teeth clenched together while she spoke with seething hatred. Her beautiful, sky blue eyes were shimmering with coldness, however Arnin faintly smiled towards such a glare. 
    "Go ahead, tell the little Lilise. She is so little, it isn't like the news is going to hurt her and make her extremely sad, but that is up to you. I know that you want to make your sister sad, so go ahead and tell her." Arnin spoke without much of an expression. Elidia went silent after hearing him, she didn't want to make Lilise sad, but she didn't want her to think Arnin was good either. 
    "Why didn't you stop? Why couldn't you let them go?" She consoled herself, but she began to rethink about the scene in the library. She hadn't seen anything major like that before and the aura Arnin was giving off really frightened her. 
    "I don't know why are you asking such dumb questions. Keep this in mind, everything that happened inside was because of you. If you didn't agree to their request, they wouldn't have been beaten." Arnin continued to taunt her without caring about her reaction. Elidia couldn't take it anymore and sat on the ground in fetal position. She buried her face in her legs as her body trembled slightly. 
    The sound of sobbing was heard in the building; it was heartbreaking. Arnin glared at Elidia's childish actions. He would have killed her on spot if he wasn't bound by the contract. Arnin didn't care if others hated or disliked him. The only people in Afloria that he truly cared about were Nekaia and his parents, and although he cared about the latter, it was only to a certain extent. He wouldn't harm them, which was why he had left, but he wouldn't sacrifice his life for them either.
    Elidia, who was crying in front of him, was neither Nekaia, nor family member, so he only felt annoyed at her tears. "Get up!"Arnin glared at her as he spoke with some annoyance. 
    "No! I don't want to!" Although individuals matured faster in Afloria than normal people, Elidia was still a child. She would cry like a baby when she was upset or sad; it was normal. 
    "If you don't get up, then I don't mind showing Lilise the same things you saw today." Arnin threatened her. He wasn't planning on being a good guy, nor did he want to be one. He himself knew that he was not a good person, but that fact didn't bother him. 
    Elidia quickly got up and wiped her tears. She glared at Arnin before stomping off in a fit of anger. "I hate you Arnin!" She ran off towards the exit with tears appearing in her eyes once again. Arnin ignored her reaction and looked towards the ceiling. 
    "Stop hiding, I know you are here." Arnin was glaring at the dark ceiling when a figure jumped from the top and landed in front of him. This time, it wasn't Xillar, it was Fae. 
    "You are such a bad guy. How could you make such a pretty girl cry?" Fae showed a hurt expression when she looked at Arnin. She then looked at the running figure with pity. 
    "Why are you following me?" Arnin ignored her question and struck her with one of his own. 
    "Well, I heard you were looking for some cultivation manuals to study. I have a few here that might interest you." She smiled brightly before taking out a dozen or so books from a ring on her finger. "These here are some of the books that I have collected over the years, take a look." She handed them all to Arnin. 
    Arnin placed them onto the ground and began to look through them very quickly. Blood, space, darkness, and shadow were only a few of the many types of elements . These books talked about rare elements that he wasn't able to find on the first and second floor of the library. These books were extremely helpful for him since they discussed some of the main elements that he wanted to focus on. 
    He got off the ground and looked at Fae with some confusion and suspicion. After thinking for a moment, he smiled wickedly towards her. "What do you want in exchange?" He knew that these would not be given freely. There was a catch, and it most likely something difficult. 
    Fae's eyes brightened before she spoke as well. "You catch on quick. Well, at the moment I don't need anything, but remember to keep that page I gave you close by. You will know in due time." She giggled cutely before vanishing into thin air, however she dropped a small bag before leaving before leaving. 

    Arnin frowned. He didn't like owing someone anything without even knowing what he needed to owe. However, he felt that the day the page had a reaction, things might become more interesting. Arnin picked up the bag and slowly inspected it. He was surprised to find that it had the properties of space revolving around it and knew right away what it was. Just like the ring that was on Fae's finger, it was a interspatial bag that could carry many items without increasing their weight. He inserted his threads into the bag to inspect the interior and found that it was empty. He smirked before placing all the books into the bag. 

    The interspatial bag was deep black and gave off a mysterious aura, however the space inside of it was not too great. At most, he would be able to fit twenty or so more books. Still, it was better than not having anything at all. Arnin tied the bag onto his waist and continued his way towards the the residential area. He wanted to quickly break through into the next realm. Arnin believed that he should be able to have a breakthrough now, especially since he had absorbed enough essence into his body and had even separated some of it. 

    Fae appeared inside an unlit room where a few figures were barely distinguishable as seated. She quickly got onto her knees. 
    "Did you give him the items?" The voice was very soothing, almost numbing. The voice was very charming and seemed to belong to a woman. 
    "Yes, I gave him the cultivation manuals and the interspatial bag." Fae smiled her usual smile, the one that Arnin found to be disgusting and annoying. 
    "Good. He had probably figured something out already, but it doesn't matter. Let's see what he does when the page finally reacts." The woman snickered in the dark.

    Arnin was oblivious to Fae's meeting with the unknown woman, however he already felt that something was happening in the dark. It didn't seem like it was going to be anything good, however he didn't care much. As long as he benefited, he could care less about anything else. 

    He finally approached his home as the sky was slowly darkening. He didn't plan on sleeping because he wanted to see the difference in the essence of night and day. He got inside his house and found that Vilis was already napping in the corner. He didn't disturb him, and sat down in the middle of the house, and began his cultivation. 

    He had the sabers come of this body like the last time so that he could absorb essence at a faster rate. His body glimmered in a dark light and when the essence finally made its way inside his body, Arnin began to inspect the essence components one by one before absorbing them. He separated them slowly to see if he could find any more time components, however he couldn't. It seemed that time was extremely rare. Arnin sighed before continuing with his inspections. He found darkness, earth, water, and even an ice element. Arnin knew that this was probably because of the high amounts of Yin in the air during the night. There were some fire essences, however it was an extremely small amount. Arnin decided to absorb the darkness element into his body while he took the other elements and spread them throughout his body for normal absorption. There was a difference between the types of absorption that one could conduct. Usually, only an Essence Manifest cultivator was capable of this because of their ability to separate essence, however Arnin was an exception. 

    The essence that went directly into his orb as a component would alter some of the threads and force them into having similar characteristics to the component absorbed. In this case, Arnin absorbed the darkness component directly into his orb, which would allow some of his threads to have some of its characteristics, albeit a very minimal amount. The other absorption method that went through the threads first created energy. That energy would just increase the overall essence inside the person, not changing anything in the process. 

    Arnin absorbed the components using the two different methods. He mostly found the darkness element, however sometimes, he would run into the death element. Death was an uncommon element. It was very strong, however it wasn't overpowering. Arnin had control over death in his previous life, so he went through with controlling it in this life as well. Death was very weak in the beginning stages, and even during the mid stages, it wasn't able to be ranked anywhere near the top, however once one mastered death, they would become extremely mighty. 

    Darkness and death were the two main components that Arnin was directly absorbing. These two fell under the negative aspect of essence, however there were still plenty of people who absorbed them. The shadow element was also very useful, however Arnin didn't directly absorb it since he didn't need the essence. 

    Hours passed and Arnin continued to silently cultivate. He didn't go to see whether Elidia was alright and just stayed in his home. If he did go to see Elidia, then he might have noticed a small change inside of her. 

    Sitting down with a dull look, Elidia watched Lilise sleep. Her eyes were still puffy from her previous bouts of crying, however she had calmed down. Lilise luckily didn't see in her in such a state. Elidia began to recall the scenes from the library and couldn't help but slightly tremble. She remembered how Arnin slammed the two guys' faces onto the desk without showing any expression. 

    "He isn't normal. Arnin is the same age as Lilise, but why is he so different?" Elidia couldn't help but question this. She didn't dare to think about acting arrogantly in front of Arnin anymore, or rather, she was too scared to. She sighed as she slowly laid beside her sister. She pulled the covers onto her body and closed her eyes. 

    Her orb, which was originally a faint greenish color, began to slowly show signs of black. It was the same black that Lilise had during her blood test. If Arnin saw this, he would have been extremely surprised. Elidia had a change in her orb and it would either help or destroy her future cultivation 
    As she slowly closed her eyes, she felt a sudden burst of aura in the air. This aura was extremely familiar to her; it was Arnin's.
    The latter was sitting quietly when he finally heard a popping sound. After the pop was heard, his aura exploded forth and began to spread out. Vilis opened his eyes and looked at Arnin with happiness. 


    He couldn't help but roar loudly because of the comforting aura that Arnin released. It was extremely sinister. Everyone in his surroundings also felt this burst of aura, and they trembled slightly before rushing out of their own homes. 

    "What is that?" A young woman asked.

    "I don't know, but it seems to be coming from there." Another young man spoke and pointed towards Arnin's home. 

    "Is he breaking through? Why is his aura so powerful and… scary?" The young woman asked while she took a couple of steps back. All of them could hear Vilis' roars and felt the frightening aura that Arnin was releasing. 

    Lilise woke up when she felt the aura. She was once treated by Arnin's threads directly, so she was more sensitive towards his aura than most people.

    "Sister, Arnin is breakthrough, I think. This is just like when he broke through at grandpa's house." Lilise quickly jumped off her bed and began to get ready.

    "What are you doing?" Elidia asked with some confusion. 

    "I am going to go and check it out. Let's go." Lilise excitedly changed her robe and rushed through the front door. Elidia hesitated a little before gritting her teeth and following Lilise. 

    Xillar who was standing by and watching from the dark had his eyes wide open. In others' perspective, they would only be able to feel how sinister the aura was, but because he was on a much higher cultivation, he felt a lot more. Darkness, death and even something else was hidden inside of Arnin's aura. 

    "I need to go and get the principal and the others." Xillar was about to turn around and go before he saw some figures appearing in front of him. 
    "We are already here. This kid is really… something." The principal looked at the house with his deep eyes, not letting others figure out what he is thinking. 

    In a different place, Fae watched Arnin with brightened eyes. "This kid is a talent. Even at such a young age and such a low realm, he is able to comprehend components? Haha, this is great!" Fae laughed with happiness when she felt the sinister aura that Arnin released. 

    Elidia and Lilise finally made it close to Arnin's house, but they could only stay at a distance. The aura was so oppressive that they couldn't help but tremble. Lilise had it worse, as she could faintly see a giant Demon manifesting within the aura. It looked terrifying. 

    On the clouds, the mysterious figure watched everything with nothing but seriousness. There was no laughter or jokes, just suppressing silence. "What is that other essence inside of his aura? Is that… time!? The Demon Lord has found time!?" The mysterious figure got onto his feet and disappeared into the darkness. 

    Arnin's aura was increasing by multiple folds, while his orb was also slowly becoming larger. It began to turn darker, and small symbols appeared on the surface. The symbols gave off a eerie light, however Arnin found them to be amazing. 

    Suddenly, his aura retracted back into his body. It left so quickly that everyone stood in their spots, dumbfounded. "What the heck just happened?" A kid couldn't comprehend how the aura disappeared so suddenly. 

    "I think that the person inside broke through?" Another kid answered him, however he still spoke with uncertainty. 
    Everyone watched the door with confusion. Slowly, it opened up and Arnin walked out with a deep, sinister aura lingering around him. Lilise saw Arnin walk out and was the first to run towards him. 

    "Arnin, did you just breakthrough?" She asked with excitement. The aura this time was much stronger than the one that appeared in her grandpa's house. 

    "Yeah, I am officially in the Orb Birth - Hell realm." Arnin smiled before speaking. Although his voice wasn't loud, everyone was able to hear what he said. 

    "He is only in the Orb Birth Realm!? What the heck!" 

    "That aura was way stronger then any Orb Birth realm cultivator's! This kid is crazy!" Everyone discussed frantically. Fae watched with glittering eyes as she disappeared. The principal sighed before looking at Xillar. 

    "This kid will either be our greatest student or our greatest enemy. Make sure that he isn't the latter." The principal disappeared after saying his piece. Xillar looked at Arnin with astonishment before retracting into the shadows.
  • Chapter 43: MM WOH WOH

    Arnin was feeling great after his breakthrough. He felt that his whole body had an upgrade, and it wasn't a small one either. In the past, when he broke through into the Orb Birth - Sky realm, that change was incomparable to the one he had now. Not only did his powers increase, he also felt that he was able to have a small amount of control over some of the elements he had absorbed, mainly darkness and death. Although he had absorbed components of time before, it was so little that it couldn't be controlled. 
    Lilise looked at him with glittering eyes. She was happy that Arnin broke through, completely forgetting his title as a bad guy. Elidia watched from further away, however she didn't come forward. She didn't feel like speaking to Arnin, and she was only there because of Lilise. 
    "Well, it's late, so go and get some sleep. We are going to start our lessons tomorrow." Arnin waved his hand towards Lilise and Elidia. He had just broken through into a new realm and wanted to get used to it. Although he felt his body was much stronger, he still needed to figure out how much stronger, plus he wanted to test out if his control over the saber had increased in any way. 
    "Alright, I will see you tomorrow then." Lilise smiled before running towards Elidia and rushing back home. At the moment, she still didn't know about what happened in the library, so her impression of Arnin was still that he was a good person. 
    Arnin smiled as he looked at the trees behind his house. He scoffed before walking back inside. 
    Entering, he found Vilis looking at him cutely. He then walked towards Arnin and rubbed his head onto his clothes while purring. Arnin gently rubbed Vilis' head with a calm look. He then faintly pushed him aside and sat down back onto the ground. He delved back into his body and began an inspection. Other then the larger orb, Arnin found that all of his threads had the same symbols that the orb did. Each thread carried a hint of death, darkness and a very small amount of time. This pleasantly surprised Arnin, who began to look over his physical condition. 
    He found that his blood had a small change in it as well. Although it was still crimson, he found hints of black. They weren't impurities, rather they looked like something that was a part of the blood. 
    Arnin tried to figure out what the black in his blood meant, but he was unsure. Even in his Demon Body, his blood had stayed a single color. He had never heard of blood that had more than two colors. It was extremely fascinating and mysterious. 
    His body's muscles were more toned than before, however only to a certain extent. His body was small since he was five, so his muscles couldn't grow too much. His hair, which was previously midnight black, started to show small amounts of ash grey. His skin was also smoother, and more pale. 
    Overall, Arnin found that his physical appearance had a small change, but his physical strength was atomically boosted. Plus, his threads went through another change and were more sensitive towards the three types of essence that he had directly absorbed. Arnin felt that he could truly match up to an Essence Manifest - Sky cultivator without much of a problem. In the past he was able to barely match up to a Essence Manifest - Earth cultivator, but he could go up a small realm, possibly even another small realm. 
    The next thing Arnin wanted to check was his control over the white saber. He had already found three major properties of the saber. First, it could absorb various types of essence. Second, it could control essence to a high degree and be used to create different things. Third was that it could be used as a physical weapon. 
    Arnin was able to take advantage of the the first property pretty well and could somewhat control the second property as well, however bring it into a physical form was extremely difficult. He was barely able to do it in his fight with Torne, but he couldn't bring out much of it's hidden power. 
    Right now, Arnin wanted to see how much of the third property he could utilize. He couldn't practice the second one until he made himself a cultivation manual. 
    Arnin called for the saber and directed it towards his right palm. In his mind he was able to see that the sword was very long. It had a blade, a hilt and even a small fiery ribbon which wrapped around the hilt, but he could barely form the blade, let alone the the rest of the saber. 
    Slowly, a white blade began to pierce out of Arnin's palm. It didn't damage him, but instead it smoothly moved out. Arnin knew that at this moment, the blade was still in spiritual form, exactly how it would be when he was absorbing essence, or creating a mark. This time, however, Arnin did not stop and try to give it physical form, rather he wanted to see how much of the blade he could pull out. 
    Soon, a meter or so of the blade was visible. Although this was extremely long, Arnin felt that there was a little more left before the hilt. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to bring out anymore. Now that he had pulled out a spiritual blade, Arnin held onto it tightly and tried to figure out a way to make it something tangible. The first thing he tried was to command the saber to turn into a physical entity, however there was no change. Arnin tried to command it a couple times, and even tried to make a deal with it, however there was no change. He scratched his head in confusion. He had many spiritual weapons when he was a Demon, and most would turn into a physical form the moment he grabbed them, while others would turn only when he commanded them to, however he had never run into a spiritual weapon that stayed spiritual after so many attempts. 
    He was bewildered and couldn't think of anything. This spiritual weapon was different from others because it was formed with the weird essence. It was an anomaly, something he couldn't change. Coming to this point, Arnin decided that he would need to do some research on the spiritual weapons in Afloria. A better option would be if he could find a person who had experience with these types of weapons. 
    Now that his attempt failed and he had come to a conclusion, Arnin decided to see what kinds of powers the spiritual form could release. He remembered that during his fight with Torne, even though the blade was not in a physical state, the latter still received a wound. Not only that, but some of Torne's essence had begun to disappear. Arnin walked towards a vase and slashed it with the saber. The saber went right through the vase like a ghost, however a small crack appeared on the place where Arnin slashed and then the vase… disintegrated. It vanished into the air like ash. 
    "What is this power? It felt similar to death, but all of the essence was sucked out from the vase." The vase was long gone, however Arnin felt a small amount of essence enter his body and slightly increase his overall essence. 
    'So, this works similar to how I absorb essence from the air, however I can absorb it directly from other things?' Arnin nodded his head and swung the saber at another item. The same thing happened. Arnin smiled brightly before chuckling. 
    "What if I used this on a beast or human?" Arnin turned to look at Vilis, who noticed the evil stare. Vilis took a couple of steps back and prostrated onto the ground. Arnin shook his head and decided not to harm Vilis. He still needed him for protection, and even as a companion. 
    'I will try this on Torne.' Arnin nodded his head and walked out of his house. He tried to scan the area to see if there was anyone watching him, however he felt that no one was around. Nodding his head, he vanished and began to sprint towards the Moth building. 

    Arnin could sense Torne's position because of the slave mark. He knew exactly where he was, so he was able to sprint towards him without a problem. As he got closer, he smelled a faint fragrance of herbs and plants. He looked towards the walls and found two words, Alchemy and Medicine. 
    From this, Arnin knew that the two were most likely recuperating from his previous attacks. He couldn't help but wickedly smile. 'Oh Torne, you are my slave, so why are you trying to heal something that I gave you? Such a…' Arnin didn't finish and quickly ran into the medical department. So far, he didn't find any teachers keeping watch, or any students walking around. He knew that most people would be asleep during these hours, and the only reason that there was crowd around his house was because of the commotion his breakthrough made. 
    Just like the Mark Master department, the medical department had three floors. The first was for selling some pellets for healing and other medicinal herbs, and the second floor was for the injured people. Arnin quickly got onto the second floor. He traced Torne's presence and quietly walked towards him. On the way, he surprisingly found another familiar person. 
    Monifa Neige. The pretty girl who he had beaten up and stole the house from. Arnin smiled before walking towards her still swollen and bruised face. He looked at her sleeping face before lifting his hand and caressing her bulged cheek. 
    "You really are a pretty little thing., however if your father goes against me, I don't mind killing him along with your whole clan." Arnin spoke quietly as his caressed the young girl's cheek. Although he had seen many beauties in his life, that didn't mean he didn't like them anymore. In the past, he had abducted many young girls from difference races, and made them his or his general's playthings. If he liked something, he would take it without hesitation. However, right now his body was of a small child's and his powers were weak. He couldn't do the same things he did in the past until he got stronger. Although he had his eyes on this girl, he was going to wait until she grew up and became ripe. 
    "Hehe! Remember to doll yourself up for our next meeting." Arnin wickedly laughed before walking away. He silently stepped towards the sleeping Torne. He was in a more severe condition then Monifa. For some reason, his silent sleep irritated Arnin. 
    "Get up!" Arnin grabbed his throat and lifted him off the bed. When the victim opened his eyes and saw Arnin in front of him, he began to panic. 
    "Arnin! What… are… you… doing… here. *Cough cough*" He forcefully spoke, even though his throat was being tightly held by Arnin. 
    "I think I heard you wrong. Did you just call your master by his name? Do you want another beating?" Arnin smiled evilly towards Torne. 
    "M-master… spare me." He began to panic when he saw Arnin's smile. Torne then fell onto the ground face first when Arnin let go. "*Cough cough*, Master, why…" He was just about to question Arnin when he saw the latter glare at him with cold eyes. Quickly, Torne shut his mouth. 

    "Get up. As my slave, you have work that you must complete whether you are dead or alive." Arnin turned around and began to walk towards the exit. Torne hesitated before his chest began to burn as if a scorching rock was placed right on top of him. 

    "Master, I am coming, please stop!" Torne spoke a little loudly when he begged for mercy. Arnin vanished from his sight, and next thing he knew, Arnin was stepping on his face with his foot. 

    "Stop being so loud, slave, or do you want Kurse to experience this with you?" Arnin smiled before creeping towards Kurse with a wicked smile. Torne was a good person who would try and help his juniors, so he began to sweat and panic when he saw Arnin walking towards the injured Kurse. 

    "Master, please spare him. He is still young. I will listen. I will listen." Torne was much older then Kurse, so he didn't want his junior to suffer at Arnin's hands too much. He already knew that Kurse was beaten silly by Arnin, and that made him extremely sorrowful and mad, but he couldn't do anything about it. 

    Arnin turned around and looked at Torne, showing his snow white teeth. "Are you sure? If I bring Kurse along, the amount of work you will do can be reduced by half." Arnin looked at Torne with a taunting expression. 

    Torne hesitated before resolving himself. "I am sure!" He spoke with determination, however his teeth were still gritting hard against one another. He knew that the 'work' Arnin mentioned was not going to be anything good. 

    "Such a loving senior you are. It almost makes me want to free you." Arnin walked over with a face of reluctance. When Torne saw this, his heart began to beat quicker. 

    'Is this my chance?' Although he didn't think Arnin would free him, he felt that there was a chance that Arnin might upgrade his status from a slave to a servant. 

    Arnin knew exactly what Torne was thinking. Not only that, but he knew it word by word. Because of the slave mark, he was able to hear the thoughts of Torne, so he knew exactly what to use against him. However, he could only see his thoughts when Torne was in front of him. 

    "I can't free you, but maybe I can change you from being a slave into a servant?" Arnin touched his chin as his eyes didn't miss a single expression that appeared on Torne's face. The latter's heart was picking up pace and he couldn't help but feel somewhat thrilled. 

    "Master, I am willing to serve you without a single complaint if you…" However before he could finish, he felt a sharp pain on his head. 

    "Joking." Arnin was squatting in front of him as he grabbed onto his hair and tugged it. "You are my eternal slave. There is no going back. Hehe!" Arnin found the grief filled expression on Torne's face was extremely pleasing. He stood up and tugged hard on Torne's hair. "Let's go!"
    Torne felt as though a bucket of ice cold water was thrown on top of him and he was buried under extremely cold ice. His last bit of hope was crushed. He felt completely dead on the inside and didn't even know whether he should continue living under such conditions. 
    "If you plan on killing yourself, then get that out of your head. You won't even be able to scratch yourself unless I say so." Arnin didn't turn around and walked away. Torne got up with his eyes not having much light left in them. He followed Arnin, hoping that the 'work' wasn't too bad. 

    Arnin arrived back to his house with Torne following him from behind. This was his first time being in Arnin's home, however only one thing in the whole house caught his eyes. 
    Vilis was snoring in the corner, however when he heard footsteps, he yawned, exposing his sharp teeth to the world. Torne noticed that the beast's realm was much higher than his own and he couldn't help but gasp. 
    Arnin waved towards Torne, who quickly walked towards Arnin. "Master? What is…" Everything suddenly went black for Torne. 
    "Vilis, take his robe off, and fetch me some rope." Vilis quickly used his claws to rip up Torne's clothes. He then ran towards a box and pulled out a long rope. "Actually, give me a long chain, not the rope." Arnin changed his instructions, however Vilis happily obliged and got a long, metal chain. 

    The darkness that trapped Torne slowly began to fade. His eyes opened up, but everything was blurry. He blinked a few times before everything finally cleared. 
    "Wohh…" He tried to say something, but felt his mouth was extremely numb. He felt nothing, preventing him from making any noise. He tried to use his hands to touch his jaw, but found that he couldn't move his arms. They were bound by something. He tried to look over, but felt something tightly wrapped around his neck. 
    Everything was bound, and he couldn't break through whatever was binding him. Usually, even a metal chain could be broken by him, however the chains that held him in place felt much tougher. He just couldn't break through. 
    Arnin suddenly walked out from a room with a tray. On the tray, there were a couple of knives, and some roles of bandages. Torne began to understand what was happening. 
    "WOH! WAH! MM!" He tried to make some sounds from his throat, but even those were extremely quiet. He moved around, but nothing happened. Fear was written all over his face, and a small amount of tears even appeared in his eyes. 
    Arnin smiled before walking towards Torne. "Don't worry, I am only testing some theories out. They might even be beneficial to you. Also, I think you need to know pain before understanding what happens when you keep going against me." Arnin shook his head before walking back to the tray. He grabbed a small knife and walked towards Torne. 
    "MM! WOH! WOH!" Torne tried to scream, but nothing came out. Suddenly, the knife was placed on his lips. Arnin glared right into his eyes, and Torne found that in the black pupils, there some demonic red. 
    "Shhh! This will be over soon."
  • Chapter 44: Experimentation

    Arnin raised the knife and placed it on of Torne's lips. His eyes glittered with an ominous light which deeply frightened him. He couldn't do anything or even say anything against Arnin because of the slave mark. Now that his mouth was numb as well, he couldn't scream for help. He knew that this night would be his doom, or at the very least, something completely unforgettable. 
    Arnin smiled before taking a step back. "So, I will be doing some experiments on you and testing out some of my theories, however don't worry, it will only hurt… a lot. Even if you try and pretend like there is no pain, you will still feel pain. I will make sure of it." Arnin's words were like a bomb that made Torne aware of the events that would occur in the night. 
    Arnin began to think of what he wanted to test first. The night was long, and he had many different options to go with. "Hmm, maybe I will check out your talent?" Arnin nodded his head and walked over to Torne's arm and sliced it without warning. 
    "MMM!" Torne's eyes became red as he felt his bicep open up slightly due to Arnin's cut. His pain tolerance was not high because he had not participated in a lot of fights as a student, and instead had spent most of his time studying marks. 
    Arnin quickly took out a bowl as he collected the blood that was dripping from Torne's bicep. He wasn't affected by his treatment of Torne since he had done these kinds of experiments many times in the past. He would experiment on more than just humans and demons, sometimes choosing to experiment on phoenixes and dragons. 
    He wanted to do the same test he did on Lilise and Nekaia in the past. The conditions were optimum for the test. There were tons of negative emotions, an abundance of essence, and the person's blood was now with him. Arnin put the bowl of blood aside and brought out a needle and thread. 
    "Let me help you stitch this wound up." Arnin faintly smiled before using both of his hands to aggressively squeeze the cut. 
    "MM! UUU!" Torne wasn't able to shake his head, however he tried his best to show that he didn't want the stiches. If Arnin numbed his arm before stitching him up, he might have agreed, but he was already feeling intense pain from his bicep. He found the pain from the cut to be unbearable, so he couldn't imagine the pain he would feel during the stitching. 
    "It's alright. As your Master, it is my job to make sure that all of your injuries heal as quickly as possibly." Arnin's cold eyes scared Torne witless, however he didn't stop trying to make noise. Arnin shook his head and ignored the man's sounds of agony. The corners of his lips rose before he began to slowly stitch the wound together. His skills were extremely refined, however he made sure to 'accidentally' touch the muscles. 
    "UU! OO!" The sounds he made weren't too loud, however they were horrifying. 

    "I am not perfect, so I will make mistakes too. Don't worry though, this should be over soon." Arnin continued to stitch very slowly and finally completed the procedure. Arnin knew that he shouldn't have stitched the wound right away without cleaning it first, and plus he might need more blood later, however Arnin didn't care about that. If he wanted more blood, he could just cut open another part of Torne's body. 
    After the torturous stitching, Arnin sat beside the bowl of blood and began to insert essence into it. Now that he was a Mark Master, his control of essence was considerably better and he was even able do control essence more efficiently with the white saber, which could be considered a godly weapon that could control and absorb essence. 
    Arnin had a small blade appear on his finger as he began to absorb the worldly essence. He didn't need to split them into different components and also didn't need to absorb them into his body, so he was able to complete the whole process fairly quickly.
    The color of the blood slowly began to change into a blueish purple color. Arnin shook his head and looked Torne with some disappointment. The latter felt his heart begin to tense up, as he couldn't understand what was going on. The disappointment on Arnin's face was didn't hurt him, rather it made him tremble. 
    "You really are such a pitiful person. You can't even be considered a passable talent. Such bad talent." Arnin shook his head and continued to look at the bowl. He could try and add negative energy into the bowl of blood and make a bath, however why would he do so? 
    'Hmm, what if I add in separate components of essence into the bowl of blood? Will I be able to figure out his affinity?' Arnin had a sudden thought and thought that the idea may be feasible. Nodding his head, Arnin walked towards Torne with a knife in his hand once more. The latter began to make weird sounds again. 
    "WOHH! UUU! MMM!" His eyes were completely red and there were small hints of tears. Arnin laughed and shook his head. 
    "Shut up, and stop making so much noise. Do you want to completely lose a body part?" Arnin got annoyed so he had the blade point towards Torne's third leg. Torne panicked and his eyes showed an intense amount of fright. He stopped making noise and could only tremble when he felt the pain.
    Arnin smiled before taking the knife and slowly cutting Torne's abdomen. He had the knife in go very deep, however not deep enough to kill his test subject. Blood began to pour from the wound like a waterfall. Vilis, who was watching by the side, couldn't help but drool. Arnin noticed this and smiled wickedly. 
    "Vilis, are you thirsty? After I grab a couple bowls of blood, come and lick it off, but don't bite or suck." Torne began to sweat even more when he heard Arnin's words. His eyes looked at the large Vilis, who was drooling profusely. 
    'What the hell did I do to deserve such treatment? This is inhumane, wouldn't the academy punish Arnin for doing this?' Torne felt extremely wronged because of his treatment. Although he didn't like Arnin's beatings either, they were still not too bad compared to what was happening to him right now. 
    Arnin grabbed five small wooden bowls from a box and began to fill them up with the blood that continued to gush out the major wound on Torne's stomach. After all five of them were completely filled to the top, Arnin allowed Vilis to go and lick off the blood. Of course, the pain would be immense during this, because his sandpaper-like tongue would most likely scrape against Torne's organs, and possibly some other things as well. 
    "UUUHH! WOHH! MMMM! MMM! ARRR!" Torne shook all of his chains as if the numbing was no longer effective in the face of such torture. He moved around frantically, making all sorts of sounds. Tears slowly slid down his pale cheek as he went through the pain of being licked by Vilis' rough tongue. 
    Arnin scoffed before taking the knife and inserting in Torne's mouth. "You really make lots of noise. Maybe this will quiet you down." Arnin didn't smile and only showed an irritated expression. He took blade and stabbed it into Torne's tongue and slowly cut it down the middle, causing it to split from the midpoint. Crimson blood filled his mouth like water. 
    "UHHUH! HUHU!" High pitched sounds were released from Torne. Even though he wanted to hold it in out of fear, the pain was just too great. He was able to do it. The weird sounds he made were the only things that he thought could possibly distract him from the pain, however they didn't. 
    Arnin covered his ears and looked at the Torne with annoyance. "Would you shut it if I cut this up?" Arnin took the knife and cut Torne's uvula. He then grabbed the little thing and tossed it to Vilis. "Eat."
    "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" Arnin knew that the noise was not coming from his mouth, or anything like that; it was because of his throat. Torne would not be quiet unless he was either sleeping, unconscious or… dead. 
    Arnin smirked, before tilting the latter's head towards the ground so that he wouldn't choke on his own blood. He then walked towards the five bowls. He temporarily stopped his torture and began to experiment. Since he had five bowls of blood, he was going to test out five different components.
    The first bowl was mixed with the darkness component, the second with water, then ice, death and lastly fire. The fire component was difficult to find because of high amount of yin in the air, however it was still there in small amounts. 
    He watched carefully to see what the effects would be. The first bowl's blood turned purple. The second turned dark blue… the last bowl turned light blue, almost white. Arnin smiled and was happy with the results. This meant that the blood test was able to determine how great one's affinity was with the elements. It was a simple procedure that didn't require much effort, only a little bit of blood and some control over essence. Most likely, only a Essence Manifest cultivator who was able to control essence outside the body would be able to accomplish this, or even a Mark Master that was able to make marks. 
    Arnin's cold eyes looked deeply into Torne's, then he smiled faintly. "We are almost done. I am going to do one more thing, and then I will send you back to the medical department." Arnin had tortured enough and had gotten most of the things he wanted done. The last experiment was on the octagonal symbols. Ever since he discovered them in his body, (Author note: Chap 14) he had wanted to test them on others. He wasn't able to place more inside of himself, however he could try and improve the current ones so that their effect could be greater. 
    Torne's dull eyes sparkled slightly when he heard that. He wanted to quickly leave the presence of the demonic Arnin and rest. He had lost lots of blood and felt extremely weak. Luckily, he was an Essence Manifest cultivator, or else he would have been long dead. His tenacity was also much higher than normal people. 
    Arnin grabbed one of Torne's legs and inserted his threads into it. Torne began to shake uncontrollably. His leg slightly swung. He was frightened that Arnin would something crazy like what he did to his mouth. He wasn't able to control his fear and accidently moved his leg and… kicked Arnin's face. 
    'OH NO!' Torne didn't think that he would hit Arnin. Although it was barely even a touch, his leg still hit Arnin's face. The latter looked up and stared at Torne with a chilling smile. 
    'He is going to kill me! What the heck did I do?!' 
    Arnin quickly took the knife and sliced off Torne's third leg. 'UUU! MMM UH! UH UH UH!' The pain ran through his body and caused Torne's face to turn deathly pale. Tears rained down his face and didn't stop for a second. 'WHY?!' He couldn't scream due to his inability to use his voice. Previously, he was scared of Arnin and just wanted to stay away, but now he hated him to the core. He had lost his middle leg; he could never have descendants. 
    "How dare a lowly servant kick his Master's face?! If you weren't still useful, I would have killed you for such audacity." Arnin glared at the latter, however he didn't do anything more. He continued with the experiments. He inserted his threads into his leg and started to create the octogonal symbols. He understood how to make them and where to place them after some small tests, so it only took him a few minutes to create the symbol inside the limb.  

    Arnin undid the chains on the leg with the octogonal symbol and looked at Torne with a glare. "Try to test out your leg and tell me if you notice a difference." Arnin wasn't scared that the latter would try and escape, or do anything out of order for that matter. He was confident that he would be able to take Torne down with ease, plus Vilis was right next to him. 
    Torne was still in bad shape, however he did as he was told. He moved his leg and felt that it was much stronger than before, however he didn't know how to explain the change. His tongue and uvula were cut, and his mouth was numbed in a way that he couldn't move speak. 
    Arnin knew that this was a problem, so he decided to use head movements. He quickly made sure that the neck was able to somewhat move. "Nod if the improvement was good, or shake your head if the experiment was ineffective. If it is damaging, then don't move your head." Torne quickly nodded his head. The quicker the experiments finished, the quicker he could leave this devil's den. 
    Arnin nodded his head and smiled. "You are done for the night. I will take you back and let you rest for now. You better be in good shape for tomorrow, because I will need you to start your tasks as a slave." Arnin spoke as if Torne's injuries were mild, however it was the complete opposite. His injuries were very severe. He had a deep wound on his bicep, although stitched, prone to infection. His abdomen had a severe laceration that could allow one to even see his organs and ribs. His tongue was split in half and his uvula was missing. Not only that, but he had lost the major body part that defined him as a man. He was severely injured. 
    Arnin knocked Torne out suddenly and pulled him down from the bindings. He began to drag the bloody body back to the medical department. With his current strength, Torne didn't weigh too much, so it was simple to carry him. 

    Finally reaching the medical department, Arnin placed Torne back onto his bed. He didn't bother to clean him up and just walked away. He gave Torne and Kurse a quick glance, before smirking at the sleeping Monifa.
  • Chapter 45: Who Calls My Name

    After Arnin came back from the medical center, he decided to sleep right away. It was already quite late, and tomorrow would be the first official day of the academy. The smell of blood continued to linger inside of his house, and there were even many dark stains on the ground. Arnin didn't clean the tools right away and simply placed them to the side. He would clean them at a later date, or he would just go and get new ones. The tools he used before were not the best, since there was no scapula, or tweezer, or anything that would be good for a proper dissection. 

    The next day arrived very quickly. Arnin left his house wearing his Moth group robe that also signified his Mark Master identity. Although no one would notice right away, if one stared long enough, they would realize that Arnin's robe also showed his Mark master status. 
    On the first day, all of the students were required to head to the field that was between the Moth and Butterfly buildings. Many things would be clarified there and students could go and meet their teachers. 
    Arnin was of course walking with Lilise and Elidia. Both of them were excited for the first official day, however Arnin noticed the dullness on Elidia's face right away.
    'Seems like the whole scene in the library caused some sort of change in her. I should see what happened later and make sure that it isn't detrimental.' Although Arnin didn't care much, the contract binded him to the demands and he was supposed to take care of the two girls. He needed to look over their cultivation and make sure that nothing bad happened. 
    Elidia noticed that Arnin was looking at her and she quickly turned her head away. She still felt somewhat fearful of Arnin, and even had many bad feelings for him. 
    Noticing her quick reaction, Arnin smirked before looking straight ahead. He was also looking forward to the first official day. He was still not sure about many things related to Afloria, and so he wanted to learn about them as quickly as possible. The quicker he learned, the faster he could move on and rule the world. 
    The trio approached a multitude of people standing in the middle of the field. More than two-thirds of the students were from the Butterfly group, while the rest were from the Moth group. Arnin examined his surroundings in hopes to find any of the seniors that lived in the ten major houses. He wanted to see the one that humiliated him so that he could burn the man's face in his mind. He was going to get revenge, and it wasn't going to be quick or simple. He wanted to thoroughly destroy that man.
    The three walked passed the chatting students, however when the students saw them, many discussed in hushed voices. 
    "Do you see those two girls?"  whispered one of the boys. 
    "What about them?" asked a fair little girl. 
    "They are Butterfly students like us, however they live in the Moth residential area." he answered. 
    "How are they able to live in the Moth area? Aren't only Moth students allowed there?" The little girl was astonished and confused. 
    "It's true that the place is just for Moth students, however my friend's brother, who is a Moth student, said that the house the girls live in belongs to a strong Moth student." He spoke proudly when he mentioned his relation to a relative of a Moth student.
    "Those girls are so lucky. If only I could live in the Moth area." The other student began to daydream about the Moth residential area. It was supposedly much better than the one the Butterfly students lived in, so she was somewhat jealous.
    The two girls heard bits and pieces of the many conversations around them and could make out the subject of those conversations. Lilise was feeling extremely proud because of the fact that she lived in a the Moth residential area. Elidia, however, was feeling something else. She enjoyed the Moth area, although she barely came out, but she would rather go back to the Butterfly living quarters than stay close to Arnin. 
    Arnin also heard the conversations but chose to ignore them. Since the students were useless to him and discussed no important information, why should he pay attention to such small talk? 
    Arnin walked with the two girls following him from behind. The crowd was split in two groups. The front consisted mostly of Moth students, while the back had more Butterfly students. Of course, some students of each group were on both sides, depending on whether they were with friends from the other group. 
    Arnin didn't want to stay in the back and pushed his way to the front. He still kept a lookout for the senior students, however for some reason, there were none in sight. He felt disappointed, however he ignored it. Maybe not now, but he would eventually meet them all and have them die slowly under his feet. 
    Even though there was only one senior student that had humiliated him, Arnin felt that the rest of the seniors were probably no different. Power made one arrogant, and if one with great power acted kind on the outside, then they were most likely sly foxes. Arnin had experienced many things and he firmly believed in this. No person was inherently good, not even someone from the Heaven tribe. 
    As Arnin was walking through the group of Moth students, he heard someone from behind. "Hey! Who the hell said that you could go in front of us? The newest students stay in the back; only the older students can go forwards." 
    Arnin turned around and found a young Moth student who was around the same age as Kurse. He had azure eyes with short brown hair. His skin was pale, however if one looked closer, they could find a tan line above his elbow. The robe he wore was one from the Moth group, however it seemed as though he cut half the sleeves off. 
    "I think you have it wrong." Arnin smiled towards the brown haired youth. 
    "What do you mean I have it wrong? Get to the back of the group." The brown haired boy didn't budge and insisted that Arnin moved to the back. He shook his head and slowly walked towards the boy. Elidia felt a small amount of aura being released from Arnin and she couldn't help but panic, thinking back to the library scene. She quickly ran and stood between the boy and Arnin. 
    "What are you doing?" Arnin glared at Elidia who stood in front of him. Although he was supposed to make sure that she wasn't hurt by others, that didn't mean that she could continue to come in his way and bother him. 
    "Arnin, can't you let it go? He is only stating some rules that he knows. He hasn't said anything wrong." Elidia spoke in an almost pleading tone. Her eyes showed fear and panic, and Arnin of course saw it cleary. Lilise quietly stood by, confused. She didn't think that Arnin would go and do anything bad, primarily because she was sent out of the library, so she didn't know Arnin's personality too well. Elidia, on the other hand, knew a little too well. She knew that if Arnin wanted, he could ruthlessly beat up the boy in front of him, leaving him in a half-dead state. 

    "Elidia, move aside. I won't ask again." Arnin glared and spoke with irritation. He hated it when people came in his way just when he was about to do something. It didn't matter who it was, it would always bug him. 

    "Little Butterfly girl, get out the way. He can't touch me even if he wanted. He is nothing more than a brat." The boy behind Elidia smirked before pushing Elidia aside. He didn't push her too hard, however Elidia still fell onto the ground. Arnin smirked when he saw this, but then looked back at Elidia. 

    "I am supposed to make sure that no one hurts you guys. Since this guy here pushed you onto the ground, I have every right to do whatever I want. You can watch with your sister or…" Arnin smiled at the fallen Elidia. Lilise quickly went to help her sister up, however she suddenly felt a hand grab tightly onto her arm. 

    "Sis?" Lilise looked at Elidia with confusion. She heard what Arnin said, however she still couldn't convince herself that Arnin would do anything bad. She had fully believed him when he said that he would let Kurse and Torne have their freedom, and so she continued to blindly believe in him.

    "Lilise, come with me for a sec. I want to show you something that Arnin gave me." Elidia knew that she couldn't do anything to help the brown haired boy, so she bitterly shook her head and tried to quickly get Lilise out of the area. She had seen Arnin's ruthlessness and didn't want Lilise to see it too. 

    "But what about Arnin?" Lilise could also feel that something wasn't right. Elidia quickly thought of an excuse and suddenly came up with one. She moved her mouth towards her sister's ear and whispered quietly. 

    "This boy is Arnin's good friend, however Arnin hasn't met him in a long time. I didn't know, but Arnin secretly sent me a message that he wants to talk to this boy alone." Elidia didn't have anything else to say. She could only hope that Lilise would fall for the lie. 

    "So that is the case? He could have just told me too. Why does he need to hide it?" Although Lilise 'understood' the truth, she still felt confused. 

    "Let's just go and give them some time to talk." Lilise nodded and quickly walked away with Elidia. The brown haired boy saw the whole scene and was dumbfounded. He then looked at Arnin, who was slowly approaching him. 

    "Now then, let me explain the real rules to you. The weakest stay in the back, while the strongest go to the front. This is not about seniority, but strength." Arnin smiled and was already in front of the boy. He was still just five years old, so his body was smaller than the boy's, however the aura that was slowly emitted by him was much stronger. The boy felt the sinister aura that Arnin was releasing and he couldn't help but take a deep gulp. 

    "Stop!" Suddenly a voice sounded from the crowd. Everyone turned to look towards the sound. Arnin also heard the sound and couldn't help but snort. Quickly, he punched the boy in the abdomen, causing him to spit out a large amount of saliva. He then fell to the ground, holding onto his belly. 

    The person who screamed out was no one else, but Xillar. He noticed Arnin's aura from afar and felt that he was going to start something once more. He couldn't do much to Arnin because of the mysterious protector, but that didn't mean that he couldn't protect other students from him.

    'Dammit, this kid gives me no respect!' Xillar gritted his teeth when he saw Arnin punch the other kid without any hesitation. 

    "Oops." Arnin looked at Xillar with a faint smile before walking towards the place where Lilise and Elidia went. 

    Xillar shook his head before walking towards the fallen boy. "Teacher, you have to teach that kid some manners. I am his senior. How could he hit me like that? Not only that, but he did a sneak attack! What a shameless person." The boy was gritting his teeth and couldn't help but complain. He felt Arnin's power in that one punch, and he knew that he wasn't nearly as strong as him. 

    "Don't worry. Someday, he will be taken care of." Xillar spoke in a serious tone, however the boy didn't here the second half of the sentence. He only heard the 'Don't worry' part. 

    Elidia and Lilise waited patiently for Arnin. Elidia was feeling anxious and worried for the boy, while Lilise was happily waiting for Arnin to finish speaking with his 'friend'. 
    "You two, let's go." Arnin walked over without them noticing, and then walked back to where he came from. Lilise looked at Elidia before following quickly. Elidia, on the other hand, was somewhat hesitant, however she forced her way forward. 
    "Elidia, my friend was lucky today. We didn't get to talk at all." Arnin spoke with a dark smile. Elidia was somewhat happy that nothing happened, however she was astonished that Arnin knew what she had whispered to her sister. 
    'How did he hear me? I was so quiet.' Elidia shook her head and decided not to think about it. She knew that Arnin was mysterious, plus he was very strong. Elidia wasn't able to figure him out, and didn't wish to. He was just too scary. 
    "Arnin, if you need to talk to your friends, you can just tell us. We won't mind." Lilise spoke sweetly. Arnin looked her before looking at Elidia. He then smirked. 
    "Lilise, do you want to know what me and my friend were talking about?" Arnin didn't look at Lilise when he spoke. His eyes kept looking at Elidia, who then began to panic. 
    "Umm, if--" Before Lilise could answer, she felt a pinch on her arm. "Ow!" She looked at the person who pinched her. 
    "Lilise, it is rude to ask about other people's affairs. Don't ask again." Elidia glared at her sister, who quickly ducked her head and didn't say anything else. Arnin teasingly smiled towards Elidia, who looked away with anger. 
    Arnin decided not to go towards the front anymore, instead, he wanted to go and find the chubby kid, Akig. It would be better for him to know where the chubby kid lived, so he could ask him some other small things. 
    Arnin slowly walked and looked around. He wasn't too tall, so he wasn't able to see over the other people. He then turned around and looked at the two girls. 
    "Do you guys know where Akig lives? Also, do you know which group he stays with?" Arnin had left Akig and the two girls to find his house on their first day, so he didn't get the chance to discuss much with the kid. 
    "Akig? Who is that?" Lilise asked innocently. 
    A chubby kid was standing behind a group of people and coincidentally heard his name from somewhere. This person was none other than Akig. he quickly walked around the group and looked around with great arrogance. 
    "Who calls my name, the friend of a Moth student!?"
  • Chapter 46: Academy Introduction

    When Arnin heard the voice, he couldn't help but smile. There was something about Akig that he liked, but he just couldn't figure out what. The two girls turned round and saw Akig speaking with his round head held high. He lightly punched his chest, causing his arm and face to jiggle. 
    "Who is it? Who is gossiping about me behind my back?" Akig tried to put on a strong front, but he just seemed like a clown. Arnin smiled, while Lilise, and even Elidia, couldn't hold back their laughter. 
    "Akig, over here." Arnin called out to him quickly. This boy was going to be his Beast-sitter in the future, so he wanted to talk to him a little more. 
    Akig turned around and tried to find the person who had called out to him. His eyes latched onto a small kid around the same age as him. He had black hair and three horn tattoos on his forehead. Beside the kid were two girls. One looked to be a little older then himself, while the other was around the same age as him. He recognized them immediately. 
    "Arnin! Wow, I haven't seen you in like what, one day? It feels like one year." Akig quickly ran over and tried to hug Arnin, however the latter exerted some force and lifted his hand, so Akig wasn't able to even get close to Arnin. 
    "You keep getting stronger and stronger, Arnin. No wonder you are a Moth student." Akig could feel himself being repelled by Arnin, so he didn't walk any closer. He spoke with some happiness, but then began to look around with frantic eyes. 
    "Where is the beautiful beast? Is he not here?" Akig asked with worry. 
    "Calm down, Akig. You can see Vilis later." Arnin smirked when he saw Akig's behaviour. The latter smiled with relief before walking towards the two girls. 
    "I haven't seen you guys since you got your house. I heard that you are in the Moth residential area. Wow!" Akig showed some envy when he spoke. 
    Just then, a group of guys came from behind Akig. They were all around the same age as him. 
    "Akig, who are these three friends of yours? You want to introduce them?" The three boys smiled without any ill intent. It seemed as though they were friends of Akig. 
    "Haha! You guys, these are the three people I was talking about. This guy right here is that Moth student." Akig spoke with arrogance. He talked as though he was showcasing the most important person in the world. 
    The three boys were surprised and looked at Arnin with some shock. He was a little bigger than most kids his age, but he still looked like a child with devilish good looks. 
    "So you're that Moth student that Akig kept talking about. Wow, I never thought that I would be able to speak with a Moth student." One of the boys looked at Arnin with an idolizing gaze. His lips reach his ears, showcasing his bright white teeth. 
    "Yea, I never thought that Aig was actually telling the truth. So where is the beast that Akig was talking about?" Another one of the boys asked with some confusion. They had also seen the beast in the past, but they didn't see it now, causing them to wonder where it was. 

    "Vilis is at home right now. Why are you guys crowding around my friend? Make way." Akig quickly stepped in front of his friends with a proud smile. He tried to act like Arnin's bodyguard, which made them all smile with some helplessness. 
    "Akig, are you still going to come and take care of Vilis for me? If you are, I can get you a house in the Moth residential area as well." Arnin smiled towards Akig. He liked the boy, and since the other party was going to take care of Vilis, him having a house closeby would make things easier. 
    When Akig heard this, his eyes began to sparkle. "Haha! I told you guys, Arnin and I are buds." Akig laughed loudly, rubbing it in his friends' faces. 
    "You're so lucky, Akig. If only we were able to get a place at the Moth residential area as well." The three friends became envious of their friend's luck and couldn't help but voice their desires. Arnin smiled and shook his head. 
    He wasn't holding a charity where he would provide everyone with a place to stay. Only people who were useful to him would be given a house, and that too only if it would make things easier for Arnin. 
    Akig acted smug and followed Arnin, who began to walk towards the front of the Moth group. He had found Akig, so now he had no reason to stay in the back. 

    Arnin made it to the front of the place with the other three. Akig's friends weren't able to come, however Arnin didn't care. Many people looked at Arnin and his friends with anger, however some of them knew about Arnin's beast. They had seen the beast attack one of the older students in the residential area, so they didn't want to do anything stupid. (Author note: This is talking about the Leader that Arnin had Vilis grab and drag around on the first day in the residential area.) Anyways, most of them just wanted to hear the announcement, so they minded their own business. 
    After a few minutes went by, an old man walked up onto the stage. He had a long grey beard and very little hair on his head. He stood on top of the wooden stage, while behind him stood some teachers. Most of the teachers were of the Butterfly group, with only a few belonging to the Moth group. Xillar was among the Moth teachers. 
    "Uhum! Students of Lepidoptera Academy, welcome. Many of you have been here for years, while some of the students present are new. We do this every year, so I will begin by explaining some of the expectations we have of you. In Lepidoptera Academy…" The old man began to talk about the common rules of the academy. Most students already knew about the rules because of a handbook that everyone had received. 
    The old man made a little speech on how he expected every student to try their best, and make sure to represent the academy in a good light. Arnin found the speech to be rather boring, as did many of the older students, however many of the new students listened with passion, their eyes burning with flames. 
    "Now then, we will begin most lessons right away. On the stage we have many teachers. Most are from the Butterfly group, while some of them are from the Moth group. A teacher from each group will come up to the stage and begin to explain some of the procedures of each group." The old man finally finished speaking and allowed a pretty Butterfly teacher to walk forward. 
    The teacher looked absolutely stunning. Her hazel eyes, combined with her long blond hair, made her extremely attractive. Many of the older boys watched with fervent eyes, while the older girls looked on with envy. 
    In Afloria, marriage took place quite early for many children. Most girls would be able to get married at the age of fourteen, while boys would be able to get married at the age of sixteen. However, people of much higher status might accelerate the process, while commoners would usually allow their children to grow up a little more. Most students in the academy were around the ages of fourteen and fifteen, while a minority of them were around twenty years old. Arnin still couldn't understand why there was such a disparity, but he felt that there had to be a reason for this. 
    "Hello students, I am the teacher for the Green Butterfly students, however I will explain some things now for you Butterfly students. The Butterfly students…" There was another long explanation, however the woman's soothing voice made many of the older boys blush, and even feel excited. Arnin snorted at their actions. Luckily, Akig was still a child so he didn't do anything like that. 
    The teacher talked about splitting students under their respective class colors and some other small things about resources and cultivation. Arnin didn't really pay attention to the teacher since it didn't concern him. He only cared about what the Moth teacher had to say. who would explain the rules for him. 
    "Now that I am done, I will allow a Moth teacher to come up and do his own introduction." This time, the person who stood on top of the stage was Kelnorin. Arnin was surprised to see him. He had assumed that it would be Xillar, or some other teacher, as he didn't even see Kelnorin sitting on the chairs.
    'Where did he come from?' Arnin continued to suspect Kelnorin's identity. He just didn't seem like a normal Moth teacher. 
    "Thank you. I will explain many things related to the Moth students, but some of the info is also helpful for the Butterfly students." Kelnorin began to speak. "Moth students are different from Butterfly students because of their abnormal talent, however this doesn't mean things will be easier for them." Arnin listened intently. He knew of some small things, but not the major details. 
    Kelnorin continued. "A Moth student will not get a set class. In fact, they won't even have a set teacher." When the new Moth students heard this, they began to chat amongst themselves with some panic. Arnin also frowned slightly when he heard this. 
    'If we don't have a class, or a teacher, how will we learn new things?' Although he was thinking this, Arnin didn't say anything. He knew that Kelnorin would explain.
    "This may seem unfair to most students, but this is the way a Moth student will be nurtured. All of the academies in Afloria do the same thing. However, we won't let the students just do nothing, so we have implemented a method to make the Moth students more productive." Arnin thought about the Academy points that Surk told him about. 
    "Moth students, and Butterfly students too, will start off with zero Academy points. You can use these points to enter floors of the library, get private lessons, and even buy different things inside the academy." When the Moth students heard this, they became somewhat upset. They thought that the Moth group would allow them to always be ahead of others and be personally nurtured by the best teachers, however they were wrong. 
    "This is unfair! We should at least get some lessons. Why do we have to work for it when we passed the examinations, just like all of the Butterfly students?" One of the new Moth students screamed out his complaint. He was grumpy because he was going to need to work for his lectures, and even had to fight for a place to live. This was not an academy, it was basically the real world. 
    "I understand your complaints, but this is how all the academies work. If you don't like it, you can switch into the Butterfly group, but I will tell you now that the Moth group has many benefits that the Butterfly group doesn't." Kelnorin knew that the Butterfly students would get upset over him saying that the Moth group was better and the students were more talented, however facts were facts. There was no need to hide them.
    "How do we get Academy points then?" The boy didn't want to go over to the Butterfly group since the Moth group did have better final results. 
    "I was just going to get to that. To earn points, there are actually many things that you can do. You can do well in the academy competitions, do jobs, complete missions, and much more." Kelnorin didn't go into too much detail, however he did explain some of the jobs that one could do. These included working with the medical department, being a Mark Master, selling items, etc. He also explained where the missions would be found. 
    "Now, Moth students may seem to be in a bad place, but there are some benefits that many have probably already used. Moth students can get free access to the first floor of the library, and possibly even the second, if they are talented enough, and even have personal housing. There are more than enough houses for all of the students, so even if one loses a duel, they can still find a place to live." Arnin had experienced these benefits, not only that but he got himself two houeses. He had to admit that although the Moth group was more competitive, the perks were not too bad. 
    The angry student who spoke out before calmed down and began to smile proudly. He had already found a house for himself, albeit small, but it was still his. He hadn't gone to the library but he had heard many things about it. 
    Kelnorin finished his piece and disappeared once more. Arnin watched with some suspicions but he stayed quiet. The old man came back onto the stage and began to divide the students, making the Butterfly students go to their respective teachers. Lilise and Elidia went towards the beautiful teacher from before since they were in the Green group. 
    The Moth students had it different. Three teachers came up and gave them three options. Xillar would lead the students towards possible jobs they could do, while another teacher would lead them towards the mission area. The last teacher was going to lead the students towards the training grounds; this was another benefit that the Moth students had. 

    Only the Moth group had a personal training ground. It was huge, and had an abundance of essence in the air. Arnin pondered for a moment before deciding to follow the third teacher. He already had a job as a Mark Master, plus missions were not important to him at the moment. Right now, he wanted to cultivate. He could go do missions in the future.
  • Chapter 47: Large Training Field

    The group that was heading for the training grounds was fairly small, with maybe a few dozen Moth students. The Butterfly students had already left for their own classes, while the remaining Moth students also went their own way. 
    Arnin was a part of the group that was going to the training grounds. He didn't need to get a job since he had one already, and missions could be done later. Right now, he wanted to break through into the Essence Manifest realm as quickly as possible. He needed to cultivate quickly and learn more about the different components, especially the time component. 
    Although it may have seemed as though Arnin had plenty of time, he did not. The other world that he wanted to go to was difficult reach because the gates for that world only opened at certain intervals. He needed to cultivate and have a breakthrough quickly, so then he could go to that world. 
    The group mostly consisted of older students around the same age as Kurse and Monifa. All of them chatted amongst one another about the training grounds, and since Arnin was new and had never been there, he listened in on their conversation. 
    "I am going to cultivate on the surface for now. It has a lot of Essence, plus it is easier to absorb. What about you guys?" A boy with braided brown hair asked his group of friends. 
    "You are such a wimp, Nettle. I am going to enter the first floor of the training tower. It is much better than the field." Another boy with curly black hair mocked. 
    "You're not even an Essence Manifest cultivator. The tower will be too difficult for you. You should stay on the surface with me." Nettle, the boy who spoke first, didn't get flustered by the mockery. He didn't ridicule the boy in return, but instead gave him a suggestion with a smile. It seemed like Nettle was not one who would taunt others. 
    "Who cares! The first floor is still pretty good for Orb Birth cultivators. If I begin to struggle, I will come to the field with you." The boy helplessly shook his head and spoke with a slight hint of determination. It seemed as though he really wanted to go to the tower. 
    Arnin listened in on their conversation and was somewhat surprised. When he first heard of the training fields, he assumed that it would just be a large field with an abundance of essence, however it seemed like there was more to it than just that. 
    Arnin had learned even more from other conversations that were going on around him. The large field that was between the Moth and Butterfly buildings was used by Butterly students for their cultivation. The Butterfly students did not get a private training field like the Moth students, however they still had some opportunities too. Although the private field was intended for the Moth students, the Butterfly students could get access to it if they paid a heap load of academic points, however they would only get access to the first three floors of the place called the Essence Tower. 
    Arnin began to look forwards to this tower. It seemed as though it was meant for Essence Manifest cultivators, which meant that it probably had something to do with components. Not only that, Arnin found that other than the tower, there were also many different areas in the training fields that were reserved for the Moth students, no matter how much the Butterfly students paid.
    'The Moth students really have a lot of benefits. The Academy's way of building loyalty within the Moth group and motivation for the Butterfly group is excellent. Such crafty people.' Arnin smirked when he thought about the system they had in place. He knew that everything had a reason. Although the Moth students were treated extremely well, that didn't mean that the academy would lose out. With such good treatment, most students, if not all, would remain loyal to the academy. Not only that, but the amazing treatment of the Moth students would ignite envy in Butterfly students, making them work harder. This would then lead to better outcomes from the Butterfly group as well. 
    Arnin didn't know if this was a system that was collectively used by all the academies, but one thing he did know was that the larger and wealthier ones would have much better treatment for both groups. Lepidoptera was not a big academy, rather it was considered to be an average academy when compared to others. This made Arnin look forward to seeing other places in Afloria. 
    The group walked through a large forest, using a narrow dirt path to cut through it. Soon, they finally left the land of trees and approached a large field. Arnin was astonished by the scene. As a Demon Lord, he had seen far too many sights and sceneries. He had gone to what mortals considered Hell and Heaven. He lived inside a black hole that many didn't even dare to approach. He had walked through the hottest volcanoes and the deepest oceans. However, he was surprised that such a small academy could have a field so large.
    In front of his eyes, there were lush green fields that shimmered with abundant life further than the eye could see. Not only was there grass, and groups of trees everywhere, animals roamed in every corner. These weren't hostile animals like Vilis, rather they were calm and docile. Deers with single horns, small brown bunnies with antlers and tiny insects that moved in colonies were everywhere. The environment was extremely peaceful, but this wasn't what astonished Arnin the most. 
    As a person who was able to seperate essence into components, combined with having the white saber in his body, Arnin had an extremely high sensitivity towards essence. Usually, he could feel the essence around him, however it wasn't visible to him, and it didn't ever seem suffocating. However this time, he essence in front of him was like an ocean, pressurizing him from all sides. He could even see some of the essence in the air. The sight was magnificent and Arnin couldn't help but feel extremely comfortable. 
    Most of the students didn't have much of a reaction since they had been in the training field before, however there were a couple of students who were new to this place, just like Arnin. They looked at the field with glittering eyes. 
    Arnin swept through the field with his eyes and saw something in the distance; it was an extremely tall tower. Arnin automatically knew that the structure was most likely the Essence Tower. 
    The Moth teacher who was leading the group turned around and looked at all of the students. He had a slight smile on his face, but that was it. "We will be heading towards the Essence Tower from here. Older students can leave now and do what they want, however the new students will follow me towards the tower." With that, the Moth teacher began to walk towards the tower. 
    The older students looked at the new Moth students and one of them quietly whispered. "Try to keep up with him." Then all of them disappeared, leaving only Arnin, and three other students. Arnin pondered what the boy said and looked at the teacher, who was getting further away. He quickly caught up, while the other three also ran after a pause. Other then Arnin, none of them thought about the words of the older student. They all carried expressions of confusion and idleness, as if the words had no deeper meaning. 
    Arnin shook his head, however since they were just five years old, they would not be as perceptive as Arnin. They hadn't experienced much. 
    The Moth teacher turned his head and smiled slightly before increasing his speed. Arnin noticed this and also increased his own. The other students were still oblivious that something was happening, however they were able to keep up thus far. 
    The Teacher turned around and looked at the few students behind him, before increasing his speed once more. This time, he was jogging. Arnin reacted the quickest, while the rest took a moment before finally speeding up to a jog too. The Essence Tower was kilometers away from the forest they just came from, so it would be a long jog. Only Arnin was higher than Orb Birth - Earth. Almost every new Moth student was at the Earth level for Orb Birth, however there were always a few exceptions. They hadn't started their official cultivation because they had just gotten to the academy, so they were still in the beginning stages. 
    Arnin carefully watched the teacher, and noticed that he had quickened his pace yet again. This went on until Arnin finally got the pattern. The teacher was changing his speed every one hundred meters. Although it was a slight increase, the students would get tired very soon. 
    A few minutes passed, and the three Moth students were already breathing rapidly. Sweat was dripping down their foreheads, however they continued to persist. Arnin was still doing fine. His endurance was high because of previous training, and because his realm was higher than that of the other three. The Teacher noticed this of course, and couldn't help but smile with satisfaction. 
    'This one seems to be a great talent. His realm is much higher than the other students.' This teacher did not know much about Arnin since the principal wanted to keep quiet about it. Some teachers did know that Arnin was very talented, but they didn't know about his evil personality and the mysterious backer. 
    "This…*huff huff*... is so… *huff huff*...tiring." One of the boys couldn't help but quietly complain to his fellow students. Of course, he tried to make sure that the teacher didn't hear him. 
    "Yeah, I… am about… to drop." A little girl replied, her face completely drenched. Even her clothes were soaking with sweat. 
    "Keep going Alisma… we can… make it… *huff huff*" The third student replied. He seemed to be doing the best out of the three. Although he was exhausted and sweaty, he still looked like he could go on for a long time. 
    Arnin watched as the three spoke. He didn't say anything, and continued following silently. If they fell, then they fell. It didn't affect him much, so he didn't want to interfere. He just found them somewhat interesting. 
    Ten minutes passed, and the group were about a kilometer away. Arnin noticed that the change in speed happened every two-hundred meters now, rather than every one hundred meters. Arnin was able to go on for a long time, however he felt that the other three were at their breaking points. They were basically sprinting towards the Tower now, however the three students' faces were extremely pale and their lips looked dry. 
    'They are only five-years-old, so this much is already acceptable.' The Teacher nodded his head and began to slow down. He was satisfied that all the students were able to make it so far with sheer determination. 
    "Alright you guys, let's take a break first. Try to gather as much energy as possible, because we will be increasing our speeds much more." The teacher stopped and turned around. When the three heard what the teacher said, they fell onto the ground and tried to catch their breath. They didn't have any water to quench their thirst, so they could only silently gulp down their own saliva. 
    The teacher looked at the three on the ground before his gaze fell upon Arnin. The latter was standing about three meters away from them. His eyes were closed, and his breathing seemed to be very steady. 
    'This kid is really something. He doesn't seem tired, and is even doing a breathing exercise.' The teacher could, of course, figure out what Arnin was doing with just a glance. Arnin didn't try to hide his actions either, so it was fairly easy to figure out. 
    He walked towards Arnin and began to silently watch him breath in and out. He saw his chest rising and falling, and even saw his nose quiver when taking in the air. 
    Suddenly, Arnin sat onto the ground and opened his eyes. He looked up at the teacher and asked without a single thread of emotion. "What do you need, Teacher?" There was neither respect, nor disrespect in his voice. The teacher didn't take his attitude to heart, rather he admired it. He found that Arnin was different from the others, not because of his talent, but rather because of his composure. 
    When he first took the group towards the field, he found that Arnin gave off a feeling of something ancient. He quickly found that Arnin was quick witted, and exuded an air of confidence. His face had some arrogance, but he didn't interact with others. 
    The teacher found Arnin to be different from the normal, cold and haughty students. His arrogance seemed to be innate, but for some reason, he felt that it was not out of place. The feeling was extremely weird, and he couldn't even describe it properly. 
    "Nothing, I just wanted to see what you were doing." The teacher smiled towards him. He didn't say anything else and continued to stare at Arnin.
    "Have you seen enough? If so, you can leave and check on the others. I don't like being bugged by flies." Arnin smiled wickedly towards the teacher. 
    The teacher just smiled when he heard Arnin's words, there was no other reaction. He then turned around, and waved his hand. "I will be here then. If you need anything, do ask. We will be leaving in about five minutes, so get ready." The Teacher then went and inspected the other students. He said some things to them, however Arnin scoffed before ignoring him. 
    While he ran from the forest, he had been sensing the essence in the air. The closer he got to the Essence Tower, the more chaotic it became. The essence in the field was like slow moving balls. It moved freely without much action, however around the Tower, the situation seemed to be different. 
    He noticed that the essence would move much quicker as he got closer to the Tower. It felt as though each of the essence components were at war with one another. Arnin also felt that the variety of essences increased as he got closer to the Tower. This made him very excited.
    Five minutes flew by quickly, and it was finally time to head out. The three weren't completely ready, but they were in better condition than before. Quickly, they set out towards the Tower once more. A kilometer was overtaken speedily since they moving much faster than before. By the time they got there, the three Moth students were about to collapse of exhaustion, while Arnin couldn't help but grin widely. 
    He felt it. He could feel that the Tower had hundreds, or even thousands of types of essence components. He could even vaguely feel some time essence somewhere in the tower. 
    'Time essence, I can feel that you are in the Tower. Haha, good, good. This is perfect.' Arnin couldn't stop himself from smiling evilly. When the teacher noticed this, his body couldn't help but shudder.
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