The Dark Demon Lord

The strongest in the universe! The most vile creature in heaven! Unmatched in his ruthlessness and strength! This very being, who is known as the Demon Lord, has reincarnated into the body of a newborn child. What will become of this new world, where the most powerful Demon Lord has been reborn?



  • Prologue

    In a dark dreadful hole in the middle of space, a building continued to blur and solidify. The ashen grey walls that seemed to blend in with the surroundings blocked the passage that led into a large gaseous door. Continuing down the large ancient hallway, the black flames that gave off a eerie light flickered into small sparks. A crystallized floor that seemed to be created from glass led the way into a room. Creatures of different kinds stood there unmoving. Their faces cold and grave, not willing to even blink an eye. Further up, steps led up to a bone covered chair. This chair, which melted into the crystal ground, held a sinister creature. Three large horns laid dormant on this creature's head. Each horn emitting a black gas-like substance. His face had a sharp jaw with skin like iron. His eyes that resembled a pool of blood viciously stared at the beings in front. His almost three meter body slowly stood up, his two refined arms suddenly grabbed towards a Phoenix like creature. Its bright red wings trembled and slowly it flew towards the mountain like hands.

    "My Lord! Please, my Lord forgive me! It was only a small mistake! I beg for your forgiveness!" The Phoenix creatures high pitched cry rang across the hall. Its narrow eyes were full of fear as it looked towards the towering figure that held its wings. "My Lord, I beg of you! I will never make a mistake again! Please, m-"


    The Phoenix creature shrieked as it's wings were torn apart. The magnificent wings that brought envy from others laid on the ground, bleeding profusely. Before the Phoenix could ask for more forgiveness it's head was severed from its body and thrown towards a wolf like creature that slept beside the large chair. Its azure eyes which contrasted deeply with its pale green fur, glinted ferociously before it pounced towards the blood drenched head. The sound of crunching echoed through the room, causing the other creatures to silently tremble.

    The ruthless Demon Lord, turned and sunk back into his seat. He observed the reactions of every creature before lifting his arm slightly in the air. A demon with two curved white horns creeped out from the Lord's shadow. With his dull red eyes and wrinkled eyebrows, the demon servant walked towards the middle of the group. He solemnly glanced at all the beasts in the room.

    "My Lord will be going to be away for some matters and will need someone to handle his affairs here. As his humble servant, I will be taking the role to watch over his abode." The demon servant swiftly spoke to the rest. The Demon Lord's droopy eyes slowly opened up before he stood up and indifferently strolled away with the wolf beast following suit. As the Demon Lord faded into the distance, the lingering essence that was left behind caused the group to be tense and silent. Their gazes were downcast, not daring to glance towards the domineering figure with his three sharp horns.


    The Demon Lord leisurely walked through the ghastly building that got darker as he progressed through the building. The wolf bared its teeth before suddenly transforming into a handsome youth. The pale white skin accentuated his aged azure eyes. The green hair that rested on his oval head reached just below his shoulders. While walking silently behind the three meter monstrosity, the wolf's height reached the Demon Lord's stomach.

    "Master, where do you plan on going this time? If you want something, this beast of yours can quickly obtain it." The emerald haired youth curiously looked towards the Demon Lord. As the strongest being to have ever existed, his Lord never needed to go out. Creating different species and worlds, conquering territories and even slaying the mightiest of beings were only things the Demon Lord did out of boredom. With his unmatched strength, was there a need to travel?

    "Zhaik, why do you speak so formally with me? You are welcome to speak any way you wish!" The Demon Lord looked annoyingly at the wolf, Zhaik. As his closest friend, The Demon Lord did not like the formality that Zhaik used. It felt unnatural.

    "My Lord, as you are now the mightiest being in existence, I am only showing the adequate respect." As a creature that achieved realms far out the view of anyone in the universe, the Demon Lord had no equal. He had no one that could stand with him at his peak. His life became dull. To liven things up, he proclaimed himself as the Evil Emperor and fought against the world. But none were a match for him and his army. He wanted to go out and discover new power. A power system that could give him enlightenment to further his path.

    The feared Demon Lord, who in the eyes of others was the most talented and ruthless person, stared into the empty space sorrowfully. Zhaik watched his master quietly. As a creature that followed The Demon Lord for the longest time, he knew how his master truly felt.

    "Zhaik, a very long time ago my family was slaughtered ruthlessly just because they were common Demons. As my closest friend I wish for you to treat me the way you did in the past. However, if you feel that it is uncomfortable then act as you wish." The Demon Lord helplessly shook his head

    "Master Arnin, why do you wish to travel?" Zhaik was still confused as to why his master, Arnin wished to travel.

    "Zhaik, I once created a world that was only smaller than heaven. This world was sealed away ten million years ago in a reclusive space. In that space was a type of energy that differed from what we see around us. I wish to study that power and use it to break through into a new realm." Arnin stared into the the void, his gaze penetrating until it reached a vast green planet. Slight twirling blue threads and chunks of brown were placed in random. Zhaik, who did not possess the power to penetrate space with his gaze, watched Arnin silently.


    While Demon Lord Arnin and his wolf beast Zhaik were conversing about the journey, the demon servant, Kulgag was discussing some plans with the other creature emperors. "Dragon Emperor, how long do you think master will take on this trip? We need to keep his place the same as before or… you know the consequences!" Kulgag, who was pushed to take responsibility solemnly spoke to the Dragon Emperor. Other than Arnin, Zhaik and the heaven lord, the Dragon Emperor was one of the strongest beings in the universe. The Dragon Emperor's dark blue scales dimmed when compared to his bright golden eyes. The two curvy horns sat on top of his pointy long ears. His body, which shrunk into a small size, allowed for his thousand meter tail to only be five meters.

    "Lord Kulgag, you already know how much I fear Master Arnin. I may be strong but I am not even worth breathing the same air as that godly monster." The Dragon Emperor helplessly shook his head. Kulgag, whose power was very similar to his own, and maybe even a little stronger, was only a servant to Demon Lord Arnin. What could he then do?

    "Dragon Emperor, I just want you to make sure that no one from the heaven realm comes to this black hole. After Master Arnin leaves, I am planning to teleport this hole into a more secluded area."

    As the two beings discussed their plans, the other creatures listened quietly, not daring to make a sound. The stifling environment suddenly became a lot more tense when a large door slammed open.

    "Kulgag, I will be leaving with Zhaik. Make sure nothing happens, or you will be answering to my blade!" Arnin spoke harshly as he grabbed one of his long, black blades. This blade, which resembled a katana, was extremely long and narrow. It was thrusted into the open space and a tear appeared. This action was seen by all creatures but they were too nervous to even look towards the mighty being.

    Arnin and Zhaik stepped through the tear and suddenly disappeared. Noticing that the heavy pressure was dissipating, all the creatures raised their heads and gave a heavy sigh of relief.


    In a far away space, a small tear appeared. Stepping out was a large, three horned demon and a green furred wolf. Both stared at the world in front. "Zhaik, I am going to seal my powers and force a reincarnation. I will be placed into a random location and into a random species. You do the same. Make sure not to use your powers unless it is necessary!" Without looking back, Arnin made some complicated hand signs, which caused his body to shrink into a light beam. The grey beam shot into the vast world, leaving Zhaik to watch with a slight smile.

  • Chapter 1: Birth Of The Twins

    Deep in a luscious green forest, the trees reached for puffy white clouds. A cheerful hamlet, made up of thatched houses, each deliberately placed, was guarded by trees on all sides, the boreal wall was only breached by a single dirt road. Every home and building was connected by paths of dirt that crisscrossed over one another. To the north of the small village, a house with wooden walls and thick green leaves as a roof, stood silently. Many humans gathered in front of the house. They were watching, waiting, their eyes seemed to sparkle, later dimming as time passed on.


    The stone door that blocked the entrance was slowly pushed open. Pebbles on the dirt ground started to move until a hunchback man stepped out. His black hair contrasted with his pure white clothes greatly. The deep brown eyes in his sockets glanced at all the people in the surroundings. Everyone became silent.

    "It's a boy!" His mouth curved up into a small smile after staying silent for minute. Then suddenly the people roared with happy laughter.

    "Hahaha! We knew it would be a boy!" Shouted a small old man. "It's a good day! Hahaha!" Everyone cheered loudly. They were patting each other's back, but then another piece of news dropped loudly onto their ears like a drum.

    "I am not done speaking! She had twins. The second child is a girl!" The hunchback man annoyingly stared at the town's people as his smile grew wider. The cheers got even louder.

    "A girl as well? What luck to have two children!" As everyone was laughing merrily and discussing the great news with one another, a couple silently sat inside the house. On a bed, a frail woman who looked like she was in her thirties cradled a baby boy. Her puffy blue eyes, which seemed to have shed some tears, looked lovingly at the child. Her long blonde hair dangled in front of him, who in turn played with the hair quietly. Beside her sat a slender young man whose age was similar to hers. In his thick, long arms was a baby girl. The man's black eyes lit up as he took in the view of the girl with a smile.

    "Ashia, we finally have children. We can now be parents, and what's more we have two! I am now a father!" The man looked happily at his beautiful wife. Ashia and Florian were a newlywed couple whose background was of common birth. They lived normal lives, but they hoped for their children to have a more splendid and adventurous life. The couple, who just had the two new babies, did not care about the ruckus that was going on outside. They just quietly looked at their newborns.

    The baby girl, who was in Florian arms, had tiny blonde strands on her head and blue eyes like her mothers, while the baby boy had strands of black-grey hair with deep black eyes, somewhat like his father's. However, both babies had something on their foreheads that was abnormal yet enticing. The baby boy had three small horn shaped tattoos on his forehead, while the little girl had a single tattoo. The little boy's tattoos were straight and sharp with small curves at the end, while the little girl's single horn tattoo had no curve and didn't seem sharp whatsoever. This discovery led to the couple's astonishment. Their children had tattoos right when they came into this world. It didn't seem like an auspicious sign, but it was still an unknown mark. The parents decided the marks were like birthmarks and that they were only a unique type of birthmark.

    "Florian, I have the names for our children already decided. I want the boy to be name Arnin and I want the girl to be named Nekaia." The soothing voice of Ashia reverberated in the room. Florian quietly nodded in acceptance.

    Florian felt very content because the Foro family bloodline was able to carry on. As a small family, it was very difficult to survive. The two new babies brought hope for the continuation of the family, especially the boy, Arnin.

    As the couple were blissfully occupied with their two new children, the people outside were slowly scattering away. Other than wanting to know how many children there were and whether they were boys or girls, the town's people didn't really think much of it. They had children if they were lucky, but if not then their luck was very bad. Many had their own children, allowing them to continue their families bloodline, however those that did not have children had to accept the facts and move on with their lives.


    The next morning, Ashia and Florian quickly took their children off their bed. Since Arnin and Nekaia were still newborns, they slept on the same bed as their parents. However, the parents were not wealthy, rather they were somewhat poor. Leaves were being used as the covers over the hard wooden bed. Although it seemed uncomfortable from afar, it was actually not too bad. The babies slept soundly with the parents throughout the night. Ashia was able to sleep through the whole night with Nekaia, but the hapless Florian was busy with the crying Arnin, who kept crying even after Ashia fed him.

    When the couple stepped outside with their two newborns, their neighbors rushed towards them.

    "Ashia! Florian! Good morning, and what might these adorable things be called?" An old woman who lived very close by quickly approached the couple. She was very friendly towards Ashia since her daughter and Ashia were good friends. As an old woman who had seen Ashia grow up, she also took joy towards Ashia's blissful family.

    "Aunty Varena, good morning. Hehe! These two are called Arnin Foro and Nekaia Foro." Ashia happily smiled towards the old woman. She had very good feelings for the old woman who she had known since she was young.

    Florian on the other hand, smiled and nodded towards the old woman. He just held onto Nekaia, letting his wife tell others their children's names. He enjoyed seeing his wife so full of smiles and laughter. It gave him a sense of accomplishment. After Ashia was done introducing her children to the neighbors, Florian and her started to walk around the village. She wanted to let her children get used to the environment.

    The couple walked into a crowded area and headed towards a large building. It was made of large logs and bright green leaves. There was clear glass for windows and a large sign that said 'Orb Identifier'.

    In the world of Afloria, there were different jobs one can do, however, what really allowed one to survive was strength. Every child was born with an essence orb, which allowed for one to absorb the world's essence. This essence would become one with the child's body and strengthen it slowly. Of course, the essence could be used in different ways. Depending on the type of orb and how much talent one had, a child could become a farmer or a warrior. Every family desired a warrior because these people could earn a more stable amount of money.

    Each warrior would have to go through different stages and be ranked depending on those stages. The first rank would be called 'Orb Birth'. This rank had four smaller realms inside. Earth, Sky, Hell and Heaven. These four levels stayed constant through every large realm.

    The village where the couple lived, was called Talonton village. It was a small village that made money through the selling of animal meat, however, the meat was from normal animals and not essence beasts. A warrior would be a big-shot in the Talonton village because the highest level achieved by the village leader was, Essence Manifest - Hell. Anyone who didn't enter Orb Birth - Sky was considered as a regular human. Ashia and Florian were respectively Orb Birth - Hell and Heaven, making them a part of the average group in the village.

    When the couple entered the large building with their babies, they saw a front desk made out of refined stone. There were small plants placed in front of the many doors, which gave off a very comfortable feeling.

    Behind the desk was a small lady with brown eyes and brown hair. Her figure was petite but her face looked mature, which gave off a unique presence.

    "Are you two here for an Orb Identification checkup?" The girl asked. Her tone was high pitched but it wasn't irritable. Actually, it fit well with the young woman's appearance. Ashia nodded and signaled towards Florian, who put took out ten pieces of copper and placed them on the table.

    "So we are having two checkups? Ok, please head to room four. I will send someone to tend to you." The woman pointed towards a hall on the right. There were five rooms so room four was found easily. The couple quickly walked towards the room and entered. Inside was a large tree-like plant that hid beside a bed. The bed was wrapped with a soft piece of cloth. There was also a stone desk with some ink and pages.

    The identifier job was a good job to have, but wasn't considered prestigious. Almost anybody could do it, however in the poor village of Talonton, even an identifier was treated with great respect.

    After waiting for a few minutes, an old man walked into the room. He had a bundle of white hair and his white robe was also quite clean. In his hand was a round object that was blue in colour and had a white cube inside. The old man did not bother to introduce himself and looked towards the two babies.

    He hovered the round object over Nekaia first. He raised an eyebrow when he saw the cube become black. He hovered it once more, but the result was the same. He wrote some things down on a paper and continued with the identification. Arnin was next. The old man put the object over Arnin's head, but the same thing happened. The cube was black, but this time it seemed a lot deeper and demonic. The old man raised both his eyebrows and quickly wrote something on a piece of paper.

    After finishing the quick identification, the old man tossed two pieces of papers to the couple. "Each page has info about the children's orbs and talent. You can see for yourself, however the result may not be a good thing." The old man took another glance at the babies and walked away.

    Ashia and Florian quickly looked at the pieces of paper and gasped.

    '(Nekaia) Sex: Female. Species: Human. Realm: Orb Birth - Earth. Talent: ??'

    '(Arnin) Sex: Male. Species: (D)Human. Realm: ???. Talent: ??'

    The couple was bewildered. Both babies had unknown talent, and Arnin even had an unknown realm. Also, what did it mean by the 'D' in front of the 'Human'? What did all of this mean?

  • Chapter 2: Arnin and Nekaia

    Ashia and Florian were extremely worried about the results of their children's Orb Identification. With their talents unknown and even one with a questionable realm, would their children ever be able to live a good life? What confused them even more was the 'D' in front of the 'Human' for Arnin. It said 'Human' so they knew that Arnin was a human, however, why would there be a 'D' in front? As they silently discussed these issues, they failed to notice that a small red spot was forming in Arnin's eyes. Although very tiny, if one looked closely it wasn't difficult to find.

    Arnin, whose memories were awakened during the Orb Identification, looked around with his eyes. He looked at his parents, who were discussing something with frowns, and then looked at his sleeping sister. This was his second reincarnation, but his memories were intact and his powers were sealed. What surprised him though, was the fact that the mysterious round object was unable to distinguish his talent and power realm. With his past powers still lying dormant inside of him, that would possibly alter his realm results, but how was his talent altered? Did his talent from his past life carry forward into this life? Arnin began to come up with different conjectures about the issue related to him. While thinking about the identification, he was very surprised that his species was listed the way it was. Although he was reborn as a human, there seemed to still be some demon essence inside of him.

    The couple continued to walk back to their homes, and Arnin continued to take in the surroundings. When they finally got back to their small home, Ashia and Florian laid the children on the bed and started to play with them.

    "Little Arnin and little Nekaia will grow to become very successful. I just know it! Florian, we will provide everything for our children no matter what! I will not let them fall behind anyone else." As Ashia spoke resolutely, her eyes started to fill with tears. She just wanted her children to become successful and live life without any worries. Florian walked in front of her and got on one knee. He large hands grabbed her red cheeks and his thumb started to wipe the tears slowly. He smiled and looked confidently at her.

    "They will become great people when they grow up. As long as I am alive, no one will bully them, or you so don't worry and wipe those tears. They make you look like a ghost-" Ashia softly pushed Florian away. Florian laughed happily as he pulled Ashia into his embrace and started to rub her head lightly.

    Arnin, who saw all of this, started to ponder something. In his past life, he was the almighty Demon Lord that was feared everywhere. Maybe if his family was not slaughtered he would have become a respected Lord, rather then a feared one. His new parents that were shedding tears for him and his little sister made him feel soft inside. The only person that had ever shown him so much love was his friend, Zhaik. Now that Zhaik was gone, this was his family. A family that was alive and healthy.

    Arnin, at that moment, made a vow to take care of his new family. He would grow up quickly so that nothing like what happened in the past happens again.


    Five Years Later

    Arnin and Nekaia were now five years old. Arnin had short black hair and he was taller than most kids around his age. He was a handsome child but looked somewhat evil. He always kept a frown, unless he was with his parents or Nekaia. The three tattoos were ashen grey and still the same size. Nekaia on the other hand, turned out to be very beautiful. She had the same demonic air as Arnin, but it wasn't as strong. Her blue eyes became brighter as she grew and her long blond hair had already reached her upper back. Many in the village called her fairy because of her beautiful looks, azure eyes and long blonde hair.

    Arnin and Nekaia did not look that much alike, but they still had some similarities such as their tattoos. They were very close and would stick to each other like glue. When they walked together, they gave off a very weird presence. Arnin with his cold countenance contrasted his sisters welcoming aura greatly.

    Arnin had no friends from the beginning, but he seemed to be ok with it. Nekaia, however, was very popular. She was both beautiful and welcoming making people feel attracted to her.

    "Arnin, want to come and play with me and my friends?" Nekaia looked at Arnin with sparkling eyes. She knew her brother didn't like to talk to others, and others didn't like her brother much either. She felt that her brother just needed to open up a little, then people would start to treat him very well. Arnin looked at his little sister, his eyes softening. He gave a slight smile and patted her on the head.

    "You can go on and play. I will go and see if mom and dad have work for me to do. But don't stray too far, ok?" Arnin looked lovingly at his sister. These past five years further developed his desire to protect his new family and keep them out of harm's way.His mental state, which was of a one-hundred-million-year-old Demon Lord, made him treat his sister in a child-like fashion.

    Nekaia pouted her rosy lips and made an annoyed face. She lightly pushed Arnin's hand off her head and ran towards her friends. She smiled brightly at her brother from a distance and waved at him. Arnin watched silently then started to walk back to his home. The house still looked the same, except there was an extra bed placed in the one of the other corners. This bed was for him, while Nekaia still slept with their parents. He was a little too big to sleep with them, while Nekaia was still very small. He also found it rather unnatural to sleep with his parents.

    When he walked in, he saw that his mother was peeling some apples while his father was helping with the clothes. Ashia and Florian noticed his entrance and smiled happily towards him. "Where is Nekaia, Arnin?" Florian noticed the Nekaia's absence and asked. His face didn't seem worried, rather his face gave off a look of helplessness. He already knew what Nekaia was doing and why Arnin was home alone. He bitterly smiled towards Ashia who also smiled back.

    "Arnin, why don't you go and play with your sister and her friends? You need to make some friends or you will become very lonely!" Ashia went towards her son and pulled him into her embrace. She really wanted him to be a little more open, but his cold personality was getting in the way.

    "I'm alright mom. I don't need friends. They will just bring me trouble. Here let me help you and dad with something!" Arnin smiled towards his mom before walking towards the peeled fruits.

    "Arnin! Go outside and do something. I am not going to allow you to come inside until sundown. I don't care what you do outside, just do something. Make some friends will you?" Ashia finally snapped at him. She wanted him to make at least one friend and enjoy what kids his age enjoy.

    Florian and Arnin were startled. They never expected that Ashia would become so mad over such a matter. Getting the hint, Arnin quickly ran outside and reluctantly closed the large stone door. He looked around to see kids playing with leaves, rocks, and twigs. In the distance, he could see his sister playing with a group of girls. She was role-playing as a princess and her friends were acting as other characters. Arnin walked towards the shade where he sat down. Since he still had his memories, he was a lot more mature than other children and even more mature than most adults. He understood that he was different because of this and that it hurt his mother and father, but he couldn't change his personality.

    From a hole that acted as a window in the house, Ashia looked at Arnin sitting alone in the shade. She released a sigh and walked back towards the fruit basket. Her blue eyes were somewhat red as she glanced towards Florian.

    "Why do you think he is like this? He is a very good child, but why won't he talk with others?" Ashia started to question Florian. Florian, who was done with the clothes, walked towards Ashia and sat down.

    "There is nothing wrong with him. He is just different, so let him be. He will eventually find a friend, a good friend." Florian smiled as he embraced his wife. He then helped with the fruits and looked towards the isolated Arnin in the shade and Nekaia who was surrounded by children in the sun. The sharp contrast in scenes made him heavily sigh.

    Arnin who was oblivious to what his parents were discussing silently sat in the shade with his eyes closed. Ever since he awakened his memories, he had been trying to figure out the power of this world. Through many inspections, he found a tiny black orb near his chest. It was releasing strands of grey that traveled everywhere in his body.

    He understood that the grey strands helped strengthen his body and mind. He had been trying to control the movement and intensity of these small snake like strands, except for the intensity he could not yet control where they traveled in his body. After numerous tests over the course of five years, he eventually came to the conclusion that he needed more strength to control the grey strands.

    In contrast to other children who didn't even know where their orbs were located, Arnin had figured out how to absorb energy into his body. This energy became one with the orb, enlarging it. Although, he had an unknown realm, Arnin figured that he was still in Orb Birth - Earth. The difference, however was that he was approaching the peak of the realm, while others his age were just in the beginning stages. The people of Afloria believed that when a child turns five they should begin to cultivate their orbs. It was the most optimal age to begin because the children would have absorbed a good amount of essence that could now be used in training. Arnin and Nekaia would start their orb cultivation in three days time. Before that, their parents had to prepare the money for them to attend the lessons given by a scholar who came from a nearby city. Every city wanted young talents, so they would send a scholar to see which children had high talent. They would then try to recruit them, leading them to a better life. This was one of the many reasons that a family hoped their children could become warriors.

    Arnin had been reluctant to participate in the lessons because he had already gotten a good foothold on understanding the orb himself. However, to prevent others from having suspicions about his power increase and to learn more about how the natives controlled the power, he decided that attending the lessons would not be a bad idea.

  • Chapter 3: Orb Cultivation Lessons

    Three days passed in a blink of an eye. Arnin and Nekaia were getting ready to head to the lessons given by the scholar. Ashia and Florian dressed them up in training attire. Arnin had a grey robe that tightly stuck to his body. Nekaia had a blue robe that similarly stuck to her small body. These clothes did not look new, rather they seemed kind of work out. This caused the parents to be slightly embarrassed when facing their kids, but with their financial situation, it was the best they could do.

    Arnin and Nekaia didn't really mind that their clothes were worn out. Nekaia instead was very excited for the lessons and so she ignored everything else. Arnin on the other hand already knew of the situation so he did not complain about what he did and did not wear. Both kids quickly left the house after giving their parents a small hug.

    "Arnin, do you think we will be able to become warriors? Our talent was unknown so I am worried we won't be able to cultivate." While walking, Nekaia was pouting and complaining to Arnin about their unknown talent. Arnin just smiled towards her. He already knew that both of their talents were insanely high. The mysterious identification object was just not able to calculate the degree of their talent. Nekaia, who noticed that Arnin's smile, stopped pouting and happily grabbed onto his arm. She decided that she would just try her best and hope that nothing would go wrong.

    Both children reached an open area inside the woods. The trees surrounded them like giants but still allowed some light to get through. When they saw the open field, they were astonished because of the amount of children present. There were dozens of children of different ages. Some were five like them, but there were even children between the ages of six and seven. Everyone was huddled in the front area of the field, waiting for an announcement. Some parents were nearby, making sure that their kids would not make trouble.

    Suddenly, an old man with grey hair walked forward. He had a small grey beard and a mole on his right cheek. His clothes looked new and expensive. On his waist, there was a golden medallion with a 'CS' symbol. This symbol meant, 'City Scholar', meaning a scholar from a city. He walked and stopped three meters away from everyone else.

    "Today, all of you children have come for my lessons. The fees will be paid on my right. After you are done, enter the open area and continue standing in a straight line!" The old man who seemed humble on the outside was actually very greedy. Arnin noticed a glimmer in his eyes when the subject of fees were brought up.

    Everyone quickly did what they were told and paid their fees. Arnin was given money by his parents for both him and his little sister. He was given a total of two silver by his parents for their fees. Money in Afloria was quite simple, one-hundred copper equaled one silver, while one-hundred silver equaled one gold. His father, made an approximate amount of five silver a month. Their food expenses took the majority of that money, leaving very little for anything else. Arnin's father had reduced the amount of food just to pay their lesson fees. This was a great blow to their financial situation, however, their parents never complained. This further motivated Arnin to not waste the money his parents had to put in.

    Everything went smoothly with the fees, and so Arnin stood in the line with Nekaia. After everyone was done paying to the old man, that old man walked in front and started a personal inspection.

    "This miss and I will be checking all of your physiques before we begin. I want the boys on the left and the girls on the right!" After shouting the instructions, all the kids got into lines. There was loud chatter everywhere, but the old man and the miss continued their inspections. Sometimes they nodded and other times they shook their heads. When the old man got to Arnin, he started to press on different parts of the body to see how sturdy it was. As a five-year-old, the old man did not expect Arnin to have a ridiculous physique, but he was surprised to find that Arnin was a little more muscular than all of the children. His physique was by far the best he had seen in a five-year-old. The old man took a deep glance at Arnin and gave a satisfied nod, then continued his inspection.

    Arnin did not feel surprised that his physique was good, as a past Demon Lord he knew how to keep his body in shape. After the inspections were complete, the old man had all the children undergo some physical training. It wasn't strenuous, rather it was just to get the body warmed up for cultivation. The kids jogged, stretched and did some stationary training. Half an hour passed and the children were extremely tired. Their sweat poured down like a waterfall while their panting sounded like a vicious beast ready to eat its prey. The old man didn't flinch once when he saw this, he only gave a slight nod before calling everyone over. He then started his first real lesson.

    "Now that your bodies are all tired and heated up, we can begin our first cultivation lesson. For this lesson, I am going to help you locate your orb." Every child became excited. They had never seen their special orbs, and now that they had the chance, how they not be excited? They all sat down in a cross-legged position just like the old man had said. Everyone was following his instructions step by step except one person, Arnin. He had already found his orb years ago, so he found this lesson to be unnecessary. He sat down beside Nekaia and tried to help her in any way he could, however, if her talent was similar to his, then she didn't need much help.

    Just as he was thinking about this, his sister opened her eyes. She seemed to be happy as her eyes were glimmering brightly. It seemed that she had found her orb very quickly. The old man who was walking around and helping others noticed Arnin's idleness and Nekaia's weird expressions. He assumed that they didn't know what to do so he walked towards them.

    "Do you two not understand what to do? Here let me explain once more. Sit cross-" Before he could finish he noticed that Nekaia was not paying attention and Arnin gave him a somewhat mocking smile.

    "Old man, my little sister gets it and has already located her orb!" Arnin point2d towards his little sister who was happily sitting there. Since he didn't want much attention to himself he allowed his sister to gain recognition quickly. He knew that his sister would not be in danger with her talent. Although it was frightening, she was still a little girl who may fall during on the road to becoming an expert. In the eyes of others, she would just be a quick learner, however, if others found that he learned how to absorb essence at a much younger age and even self-taught it to himself, than a major problem could happen. Arnin, of course, would not allow his sister to become a failure or fall during her rise.

    The old man watched with widened eyes. He had never seen such monstrous talent in his life. He had only just begun the lesson and a little girl completed it instantly. He quickly ran towards the woman who was helping him with the inspection. The woman showed a slight shock on her normal face, but quickly hid it. She quickly came before Nekaia and sized her up. The woman's chocolate eyes scanned Nekaia from top to bottom. She then came down to Nekaia's level and touched her head.

    "Little one, what is your name?" The woman wasn't the most beautiful person in the world, but a very mesmerizing voice. It was quiet but lovely. Nekaia wanted to quickly speak, but she was lost for words. She looked towards Arnin, hoping that he would help her. Arnin smiled helplessly and looked at the woman. He inspected her level and noticed that the threads in her body were of the blue color and were much larger and thicker than his. She was on a very high level and since he didn't know the leveling system here, he couldn't exactly tell what level she was on.

    "Miss, my little sister's name is Nekaia, Nekaia Foro!" Arnin deeply looked at the woman whose level was much higher than the village elders. He hoped for his sister to help his father and mother financially and let them live better lives. Of course, he would try his best, but he still had his own goals that needed to be achieved. He was not going to discard them anytime soon.

    The woman looked at Arnin and nodded. She then looked back at the gorgeous five-year-old. "Would you like to become a disciple of mine? I have been searching for a very long time and you seem to have enough talent to be mine. I won't mistreat you or your family, you can move your family to the city and they can live comfortably." The woman boldly stated her desires, not beating around the bush in any way. Nekaia sat there blankly, not knowing what to say. She had never expected to be asked such a question and be given such attention. It was only locating the orb in one's body, it shouldn't determine one's talent of strength.

    What Nekaia thought was not incorrect, being able to find the orb in one's body quickly should not affect strength. What she didn't know was that being able to locate the orb showed one's talent in mental strength.

    Mental strength could be used in a variety of ways, but it was not something that could be trained or learned. What many did not know was that if it took more than five hours to locate the orb, then one had very weak mental strength, making them unable to utilize it. Nekaia, who was able to locate her orb in an extremely short period of time, had very strong mental strength. The woman was looking for a disciple who had this very strong mental strength, which was why she wanted to recruit her as a disciple as quickly as possible.

    Nekaia who was about to say something was stopped by Arnin very quickly. Although Arnin approved of this woman's straightforwardness he wasn't stupid enough to let his little sister, who hasn't experienced much and was easy to fool with free candy, make such an important decision.

    "Miss whatever your name is, I don't dislike how direct you are, but who are you trying to fool? You know my younger sister would easily convince if you threw out some benefits, but I am not so easily convinced." Arnin spoke slowly, but his tone was a little irritated. Why would he let his little sister be conned in front of him? He had millions of years of experience so he knew what to do at that time. He could go get his parent's consent, but they would be just as easily fooled with their low experience. He decided to handle this himself and get berated later if need be.

    The old man and the woman looked at Arnin with surprise. Who could have imagined that a five-year-old would be so decisive and cunning? They continued to stare at Arnin, and the woman started to feel somewhat awkward. It was true that she was taking advantage of the little girl's lack of experience.

    Arnin noticed the atmosphere becoming awkward so he pulled out a blank piece of paper. He scribbled a large number of characters and added a symbol on the bottom right. The piece of paper started to glow with a faint golden-red hue, making it seem attractive yet dangerous. He rolled up the piece of paper and tossed it towards the woman.

    The woman silently watched all that was happening without hiding any of the surprises on her face. She only reacted when the scroll was about to hit her face. Her face contorted at the disrespect that was being shown to her, a slight snort was released as she opened up the scroll. She read the scroll as her eyes started to darken and even showed immense signs of shock.

    "Little boy, where did you learn to write a contract? Also, what does this symbol here mean, I have never seen anything like this!" The woman threatened Arnin for an answer. Contracts were difficult to make because they required precise control over one's orb. It wasn't something a normal warrior could do, let alone a five-year-old boy.

    "It's a soul torture contract. If you sign it and break any of the conditions, your soul will burn for a hundred years, not even death would be an escape during the punishment." The woman and old man became completely silent after hearing Arnin's reply.

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    I don't like typing long messages so I will keep it short.
    I enjoyed this and its good, just don't get carried away like most authors e.g. MGA/ATG and keep recycling plots.
    I want to know if this will be a harem or not.
    also what am I going to expect from this Light Novel?
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    Thank you for your comment, I really do appreciate it.
    Now for your questions, I will answer to the best of my ability. This will not have any harem, at least I don't plan on having any harem any time soon. My GOAL is to not recycle plots because I do read MGA and ATG (Both of them and many more) so I understand your concern. From this light novel you can expect a protagonist who is basically like the protagonist of Emperors Domination, but put into a new world where he is lacking knowledge. I can't spoil too much, but there is lots of adventure and there will be inspiration from some novels (I will try to avoid same plot and stuff) because I have read so many of them and have enjoyed them thoroughly. There is lots of adventure and action (lots of adventure). Thats all I can say atm, but feel free to leave suggestions and feedback (be ruthless if need be, it helps me learn my mistake).

    Again Thank you for your comments I appreciate them very much <span>:smiley:</span>

    Also if you want to get chapters a TINY bit quicker, you can go to web novel, because I also post their. I post both here and there, but over there I do not need to wait for approval so sometimes chapters will be released like an hour - many hours earlier. lol 

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    Okay I'll make sure to go over there. 
    I don't particularly mind if you use the same plot used in other novels as long as it has some originality to it. I also like the concept where you use ED MC but one that doesn't know everything. Also I'm looking forward to the adventures. Since you've given me your word about leaving suggestions then don't mind me being ruthless. 
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  • Chapter 4: The Cunning Child

    The contract had many demands. At a closer look the demands weren't extreme, however the woman felt it was humiliating that a five-year-old took advantage of her. She continued to look through the demands which wanted her to take care of his family and sister, but surprisingly she couldn't find a single demand that Arnin wanted for himself. 

    "Don't you want anything?" This was bugging her somewhat. Why would he not have any demands of his own? What game was he playing?

    "Just sign the contract if you want my sister as your disciple. If you can't even accept something as minor as this, then forget about having my sister follow you." Arnin ignored her question and instead threatened her. The woman solemnly looked at Arnin before biting her small finger and letting bright red blood flow out. The blood began to shine with colorful characters before being absorbed into the contract paper. Once the transformed blood was absorbed, the woman sighed in relief. She lifted her head and sized Arnin once again, but this time there was no mockery. She looked at him as though he was an old man that tricked her into his home; it was a look of disgust and fear.

    "Your name is Arnin right? Well, the contract is signed, now can I take your sister in as my disciple? Also, let me meet your parents!" The woman pulled Nekaia towards her before Arnin could give her a nod. She wanted to get to know Nekaia as soon as possible. Also, she wanted to find out more about Nekaia and Arnin through their parents. Arnin was mysterious and probably had the same, if not more, talent then Nekaia.

    "Sure we can go meet my parents, however, I want to complete the lesson before I go. Just wait till it ends then we can go." Arnin waved his hand towards the woman and looked at the old man beside her. The old man kept his silence the whole time, watching everything with a dropped jaw. He came back to his senses when the lesson was mentioned.

    "Little Arnin, don't worry about the lesson. Today, the kids only needed to find their orbs, there will be nothing more after this. Hehe!" The old man nervously laughed when he noticed the woman looking at him. He would just end the lesson for now and continue later. His life was more important than any lesson. 

    "Well, since the lesson has been completed, take me to meet your parents now!" The woman pulled Nekaia and started to walk out the open area in the forest. She wasn't polite to Arnin who had just duped her into signing a contract. 

    Nekaia didn't mind being pulled by the woman because she felt that the woman was in no way dangerous. Plus, she knew that she had been sold by her brother, who didn't even ask her whether she wanted to become someone's disciple. 

    She looked at Arnin angrily, who immediately turned his face in a different direction when he noticed her red face. He was embarrassed about what he had done, but it was for her and his family's future. They would live much better lives and Nekaia would be able to become much stronger. He felt it was a great deal.  


    In the Foro household, Ashia and Florian anxiously sat on their bed. All they could think about was the orb identification test five years ago. Arnin and Nekaia had unknown talents, which made them believe that their children had little talent. They were worried that things may go wrong for their children. 

    *Knock Knock* 

    A series of knocks resounded in the house, causing the parents to quickly get on their feet and rush towards the door. They thought that Nekaia and Arnin came back early because they weren't able to cultivate, so they only wanted to quickly comfort them. Yet, when they opened the door, they saw a completely different scene. In front of them was Arnin, who continued to have his casual, detached expression. Behind him was a woman with average looks, and an age similar to their own. The woman held onto their princess, who didn't seem to be struggling in any way. Both parents couldn't help but be shocked at what they were seeing. 

    "Arnin, what is going on?" Florian quickly came back to his senses and questioned his more mature child. He felt that something was off with the way Nekaia was being held. 

    "Dad, this here is a woman from the city. Her name is… what was your name?" Arnin finally remembered to ask the woman for her name. He was too busy thinking about the benefits that his family would receive, causing him to completely forget about asking the woman her name. 
    The woman's face became slightly red and dark. Arnin's question humiliated her once again, and this time in front of her disciple's parents. The woman quickly pulled herself together and gave Ashia and Florian a warm smile.

    "Hello, my name is Avian, Avian Illume. I have come from the city in hopes to find a disciple. Your daughter here is very talented and I hope to take her in as my disciple. Your son, Arnin, has already forced me to sign a dreadful contract, I reluctantly signed it and have taken your daughter in as my disciple. I hope that you won't mind, I wanted to speak with you first, but your child gave me no other choice." The woman showed a pitiful face when she spoke about Arnin's deeds, making it seem like she was taken advantage of, which wasn't completely wrong.

    Ashia and Florian were gaping at the thought that their child, Nekaia, was now the disciple of a person from the city. However, when Ashia heard the last few lines, her face darkened.

    "Arnin! Is what she said the truth? Did you force her, your sister's master, to sign a dangerous contract?" Ashia was extremely mad, but cunningly called the Avian Nekaia's master. She pulled Arnin over and grabbed his ear tightly.

    "Mom, why are pulling my ear!? I only prevented Nekaia from falling for this witches tri- Ahhh! Mom, I am sorry please let go now!" Arnin's ear became red as Ashia kept pulling. Avian on the other hand was slightly trembling when she heard Arnin call her a witch. 

    "Miss Avian, I apologize for my son's rude behavior. He has always been different from others, but I can assure you that he is a very good boy. Arnin, come here and apologize!" Arnin was rubbing his red ear in the corner when he heard his mother's call. He didn't walk over, instead, he gave Avian a glare. Avian felt like she was placed naked in a cold storm when she saw Arnin's glare. 

    "Miss Ashia, it's alright. Arnin didn't do anything terrible, rather he is a very good son." Although Avian felt that Arnin was immoral and cunning, she still thought of him as a good son. When he made the contract there wasn't anything for him, rather all the demands were for his parents and sister. She could only dislike his attitude towards her, not his filial piety. 

    Ashia felt that a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders when she heard Avian compliment Arnin. She still gave Arnin a glare before happily welcoming Avian into their home. Arnin continued to rub his ear, while Florian patted his head before following his wife and Avain inside. Nekaia was already in her mother's arms when Ashia finished abusing Arnin. As both women sat on the beds, Nekaia sat on Ashia's lap, while Florian stood behind Ashia. He felt it was better to let Ashia speak about Nekaia's discipleship. Although he himself was concerned about the matter, Florian felt that Ashia would be able to make the best decision. 

    "So, miss Avian you were talking about taking my daughter in as your disciple and a… contract that you signed before this? Would you mind telling me the demands of that contract? I will have Arnin release you of any demands that you do not like!" Ashia shot a glance at the cowering Arnin when she spoke about the contract. She also apologetically looked towards the 'victim' in the deal. 

    "Mom I know you're mad, but it is not possible to remove any of the demands in the contract. The moment she signed it, she agreed to never…" Arnin didn't finish his sentence when he saw his mother ferociously looking at him. He then released a small sigh before waving his hand in the air, drawing a mysterious character. That mysterious character flew towards Avian and then disappeared into her body. He then took out a piece of paper and started to scribble some unknown letters on them. 

    "I removed the first contract off of her, but I will not let Nekaia become her disciple until she signs this contract. Mom, I know what you're thinking, but I will not allow this woman to take advantage of our family and my sister's talent." Arnin, at that moment, lost all his cowardliness and viciously looked at the quiet Avian. He was extremely pissed, but his mother was the one making him change the contract so he could only do as he was told. Arnin then walked out the house, calling his father out as well. Florian followed his angered son with a smile. 

    With both the men outside, Ashia shook her head. She knew that Arnin was doing it for their sake, but she was not willing to put her children in harm's way just for a better life. She looked lovingly at her oblivious daughter who didn't completely understand what was going on. She kissed her head and looked towards Avain, adjusting herself in a way that could allow Nekaia to fall asleep on her lap. 

    "Miss Avian, I am happy that you would like to take my daughter in as your disciple, however she is still young and has never left home. I would like to wait until she is at least ten years old before letting her explore the world. As for my son Arnin, he deeply cares and understands our situation. He only wants me, Florian and my little girl to live happily. I hope you don't mind his personality." Ashia helplessly defended Arnin and tried to deny the discipleship without offending Avian. She truly wanted Nekaia to live a good life, but Arnin was not ready to accept it without anything in return. 
    Avian silently picked up the new contract and suddenly signed it. She then gave the contract to Ashia. 

    "Miss, I really do want your daughter as my disciple and have spoken to Arnin on the way here. He is a remarkable child that really does care about his family. Here, look at the demands listed by him. There isn't anything he wants except for you guys to move into the city and live there peacefully. I am ready to accept these conditions and will even stay in the city and train your daughter in your presence. I will only take her out to travel when you feel that she is ready to leave." Ashia looked through the demands and was surprised to find that everything was done for their safety and peacefulness. She looked out the window to see Florian looking at Arnin with some helplessness in his eyes, which caused her to release a beautiful smile. 


    While Ashia was inside discussing with Avian, Arnin was looking at Florian seriously. He took out a piece of paper and handed it over to Florian who looked somewhat confused. He looked at the paper and saw a small list of materials; a map, a blade, and a bag.

    "Dad, the reason I made those demands was so you, mom and Nekaia can live in peace without any financial worries. This piece of paper is a list of things that I would like you to help me get. I know our situation is bad, but believe me, that woman will accept the demands, no matter what. Nekaia is a genius even greater then the sages you told me about." Arnin spoke seriously while his father's eyes became serious and helpless.  

    "Arnin, you want to go out and travel? You are only five years old! I know that you are different from kids your age, but you are still a child." Florian became somewhat anxious at the thought of Arnin adventuring at such a young age. He was able to forcefully stop Arnin, but it was the first request that Arnin had ever asked of him so he was hesitant to deny it. 

    "Dad, remember all those great warriors you told me about? They would start their adventures at a very young age, well I also want to start now!" Arnin brought up the legends his dad would tell him. The greatest warriors in Afloria would start their adventures when they were able to cultivate. It would be at an extremely young age, and because of the hard life they would live, many of them would be able to become top-notch lords. "I am telling this to you, but I hope that you won't tell mom about it until I get all of you settled into the city." Arnin was worried that his mom would overreact so he wanted to keep it a secret until he actually left.

    "Alright, Arnin. I will get these items for you, but only if you're able to prove to me that you can handle adventuring alone. I will give you two days to prove yourself, however if you can't, then forget about leaving!" Florian strictly looked at his son who had the three tattoos on his head.
  • Chapter 5: The Village Elder

    After having the discussion about leaving with his father, Arnin knew that he was limited on time. A normal child around his age would be on the Orb Birth -Earth level until the age of eight, however, he was already at the peak of the level. He needed to break through in two days so that he could prove to his dad that he is is able to venture out on his own. The only option that appeared in his head was seeking some advice from a native that had gone through the process of breaking through already. This would allow him to gain some enlightenment which could boost his cultivation and help him break through into the next small realm. He did not have a proper route;  he was doing everything himself and needed some external help. If he had gotten a week, he could achieve a breakthrough on his own, but to speed it up he needed a helper. The village elder, who had already achieved Essence Manifest - Hell, had much more experience with the orb then Arnin.

    Being the strongest in the village allowed the village elder to live in the most central area. His home was much larger and spacious then Arnin's. There was a hall right in front of the entrance, and a front desk for visitors. Although it was the village elder's home, it was also a place where many of the problems were discussed. The village elders home was very chaotic because of the lessons that were going on. Many wanted their children to get the opportunity to become warriors of the city, but the lessons were stopped mid-way because of an unknown issue. This became a large setback for the village, so many high ranked officers came in to discuss it with the village elder.

    In the large hall, different sizes of people were gathered, some were wearing good quality clothes, while others were wearing tattered clothes. The village elder tried to not discriminate against others, which made him quite likable.However, he treated his grandchildren with more love than even his own children. He was impartial towards everyone except his grandchildren, which was good because it showed that he treated his family as something very important, but it was bad because it made him seem somewhat hypocritical. 

    Arnin, who entered the hall, did not cause much attraction because of his size being smaller than the rest, which made him difficult to find. He swiftly walked through the many people, however at the same time he tried to observe their orb threads. He wanted to see the difference between their levels and his own. Some had very thick threads while others had thinner ones, but none had the same thickness as the woman who came to find him. He was able to determine the level of many people quite easily, some took a little longer but were also eventually discovered. This was not the case for Avian because her level was still unknown to him. After walking around for a while, he noticed an old man sitting on a chair in the corner. The old man had black hair with many wrinkles over his face. His eyes were closed, looking as if he was unperturbed about what was happening around him. The two little girls had sky blue eyes which complemented their long black hair, almost a perfect combination. They were beautiful children that would become incredible demonesses when they grew up. One of the girls was around the same age as Arnin, while the other looked to be a couple years older. 

    While everyone in the hall discussed fervently, Arnin started to make his way towards the old man and two girls. He already knew that this was the village elder because the threads in his body were the thickest in the hall. He was only a dozen steps away when he felt someone approaching him from behind. A large man with a goatee walked towards him with a glare. His threads were thicker than the average person in the hall. He seemed to be a part of the stronger group in the village, giving him a higher status. 

    "Little boy, what are you doing in this place!? Not just anyone is allowed here! Who are your parents, tell me their names so that I could call them to fetch you!" The goatee man was very haughty when he approached Arnin. His nose was raised in the sky, while his voice loudly reverberated in the hall. Everyone quieted down when they heard the goatee man's voice. When they saw Arnin and started to discuss in private. 

    "Who is this little kid? Doesn't he know that this is the village elders home." said a middle-aged man with tattered clothes.

    "I don't know who he is, but looking at his clothes he must be a part of the needy group like you. I bet you he is here to beg for some money or something. Just what I would expect from the poor. Haha!" A well-clothed man snickered at the middle-aged man with tattered clothes, with a hint of mockery and disgust in his tone. 

    "What did you say? All you rich folks only know how to leech off our hard work! I bet you were an insect in your past life because you are both small and blood-sucking like one!" The two men fought using harsh tones.

    While everyone was arguing about different things, the goatee man had already walked towards Arnin. Judging by the thickness of the threads, the goatee man was very likely an Essence Manifest - Earth. It wasn't the highest level, but it was still very good in the village considering there was only one small realm between him and the strongest. Arnin on the other hand just looked at the man for a second before turning around and walking towards the village elder. 

    "Did you not hear me? What are you doing here?" The goatee man was angered that he was treated like thin air in front of so many people. He raised his voice and spoke a little more harshly, however to his surprise he was ignored once more. Arnin just kept walking towards the village elder without looking back. The goatee man lost his composure and rushed towards Arnin, wanting to grab him and give him a good beating. Just when he was about to reach him, Arnin sidestepped without turning his head. The goatee man fell forward onto his face, which gave him a few cuts. Although they were not deep, it was very humiliating for the goatee man, so he stood up wanting to rush towards him once more. 

    Just when he was about to rush towards Arnin again, a shriveled hand grabbed his shoulder. The goatee man turned around and saw the village elder looking at him calmly. The goatee man gritted his teeth and stepped back, allowing the village elder and his two granddaughters to walk towards Arnin.

    "Young man, it seems you have something you would like to discuss with me. Tell me, what is it that you would like to say." The village elder spoke calmly towards Arnin. Everyone thought that the village elder was being kind, but they didn't notice the hint of killing intent in his stare. Arnin, however, noticed it. He knew why the village elder was mad and didn't blame him for it. Who wouldn't be mad if their people were humiliated in their own home? Arnin glanced at the younger of the grandchildren before his lips curved up into an evil smile. 

    "Elder, I see that your youngest granddaughter is doing well. Can I see her one hour from now, or will she faint from being overwhelmed by my presence?" Everyone in the hall started to berate Arnin for being shameless and arrogant, but the village elder suddenly released a terrifying aura. 

    "Everyone, I would like you to leave for now. I have something to discuss with this young man!" The people in the hall quickly left the hall with their tails between their legs. On the way, they silently cursed Arnin for causing such a mess, some even pitied him for receiving the anger of the village elder. He looked at Arnin and laughed with unhidden mockery. 

    Arnin was unconcerned with what the others thought. He only looked at the village elder, knowing that he understood the hidden meaning of his sentence. When everyone finally left the hall, Arnin walked towards a chair and casually sat down. He signaled towards the village elder to take a seat as well, but it was unnecessary because the old man continued to stare at Arnin.

    "Little boy, how did you know about the ailment that my granddaughter has? Speak now or else the consequences will be dire!" The old man lost his calm and started to speak much louder, almost shouting. Arnin rubbed his ears and smiled towards the village elder.

    "Elder, why the need to shout? I can help your granddaughter if that's what you really want to know, but in exchange, you will help me. Is that a deal?" Arnin with his small hands rubbed his chin. He felt like he was back on his throne, speaking to one of the stronger beings in the universe. 

    The village elder was at a lost for words, he didn't know how to reply to the young man. "How will you cure my granddaughter of her illness? Do you, a little boy, even know what you are speaking about?" The old man became angry again. He felt that Arnin's demand may not be so simple, and Arnin would most likely be gaining more then he would. Yet, his granddaughter was more precious than his life so he was willing try betting on this kid. 

    "Well, that's a stupid thing to say. Why would I mention your granddaughter's ailment if I can't help you with it? Old man, have you grown muddle headed because of your age?" Arnin spoke rudely towards the village elder right from the start. He didn't feel that respect should be given to such a hypocritical person who claims to be impartial towards everyone but is still biased towards his grandchildren. He could remove the impartial title from his name then everything would be fine, but that title made him seem very hypocritical. 

    "You disrespectful brat, how dare you to speak to your elder in such a way? Did your parents not teach you respect? First, you humiliate my people in my own home, now you do the same to me? Where is your decency?" The old man was so angry that his pale white skin became as red as roses. His veins were about to burst on his forehead when he suddenly became dizzy and stumbled back. His granddaughters quickly rushed to support him, while the elder one glared at the casual Arnin.

    "Remember, it wasn't me that wanted a fight, it was him. And who told you to have thoughts of killing me? Just consider me sparing your life as being respectful. Now back to the main topic, I can treat your granddaughter. All you have to do is agree to my demand. You and I can sign a joint contract that forces us to do as we are told in the given time frame. Do you have any other complaints?" Arnin drew up a black and white contract. He took the black one and signed it while sending the white one to the stumbling old man. 

    The village elder fell onto his seat and took in a deep breath. He caught the contract and read each piece of information carefully. Surprise filled his eyes when he read the demand. He knew the type of contract that was given to him and how deadly it was. He looked deeply at Arnin and signed his name on the contract.

    "I read through the contract and know that if you go back on your word, you will suffer tremendous punishment. I don't know why you want me to give you tips about cultivation, but since I have already signed then I can only do just that." The village elder reluctantly sent the contract back to Arnin, who happily stuffed it in his robe. 

    "Old man, since we are now in business, let's start right away. I will cure your granddaughter in front of you today so that you can train me tonight and tomorrow. I need a breakthrough by tomorrow, so you better not fail me." Arnin spoke to the village elder as if he was the leader speaking to a subordinate. The village elder released a self-pitying laugh before sending his granddaughter towards Arnin.

    "Well let's begin then!"
  • Chapter 6: Curing The Granddaughter

    The youngest granddaughter, who was around the same age as Arnin, walked forward. Her beautiful black hair gently laid on her back as her face became red with anger. She didn't have a good impression of Arnin because of what he did to her grandfather. Although she didn't know about her ailment in detail, she couldn't believe that a five-year-old boy could help her. As she got closer, she was able to get a better look at the dashing young man that exuded the aura of a tyrant. His deep black eyes that even looked red at times mixed with his black-grey hair caused him to look like a handsome demon. The three tattoos on his forehead were especially beautiful, making Arnin seem much more charming. The youngest granddaughter's heart couldn't help but tremble slightly at the sight. Arnin's devilish looks were just too attractive, causing her face to heat up.

    "What is your name?" Arnin ignored the reaction the girl had towards him. He just wanted to quickly complete his side of the deal so that he could begin training. Although, the girl was beautiful, he had seen many beautiful things in his past life as a Demon Lord.

    "Her name is Lilise! Stop asking unnecessary questions and just do what we agreed on, brat!" The elder was still fuming at Arnin's attitude. He just wanted to quickly complete the contract so he wouldn't have to meet Arnin again. "Remember, I am only allowing you to help her, if anything unexpected happens, I will interfere and you will lose your life!" The old man looked seriously at Arnin with his eyes glinting with murderous intent. 

    Arnin had Lilise sit beside him while he lifted her hand to check her pulse. Lilise was blushing slightly and kept her head down. She only snuck glances at her angry grandpa and the good looking Arnin. After checking her pulse, Arnin used his own threads to infiltrate her body, for a more thorough inspection. Lilise gave out a shriek as her body started to feel like it was being grabbed from everywhere. Tears surfaced in her eyes as she looked at her grandpa for help. 

    "Don't disturb me right now. This is a crucial moment, if anything happens then her orb could be further damaged. Lilise, just bear with it for a bit. After I am done you should be cured." Without even lifting his head or opening up his eyes, Arnin stopped the village elder from interfering and helped Lilise calm down. Yet when he said that he would be able to cure her, both the elder and the two girls were very surprised. Although they felt happy, they were skeptical about the whole situation. Arnin was only five-years-old. Could he really cure Lilise of her condition? Even though the ailment was not incurable and a treatment could be found if one went to the city, it still wasn't as easy as Arnin made it seem. 

    Inside Lilise's body, Arnin's threads were feeding essence to her orb. A worm-like mark on the orb brightened as its size became excessively large. This was the problem the prevented Lilise from cultivating her orb. The solution that Arnin thought of was to feed the worm his threads, bloating it, until it cannot digest anymore. Then, his mental energy would drag that worm into his own body. Arnin was not nice enough to sacrifice his own body for another's, but since he was foreign to this world, he wanted a closer look on how the orb reacts to ailments. It could further improve his cultivation. 

    Thirty minutes went by very slowly for the family of three, Lilise's pale face was still burning because of Arnin's threads inside her body. The old man and the other granddaughter were quietly watching everything happen, not daring to breathe too loud. Suddenly, a blue hue encompassed Lilise, causing her pale face to become more rosy. Her sweat precipitated into the air like smoke. Arnin's closed eyes opened up and he nodded towards the old man.

    "Her condition is now stable and she should be able to cultivate like normal people soon. The only problem is that she is not in any power realm and needs help to achieve Orb Birth - Earth before cultivating. I think you can accomplish that much at least?" Arnin nonchalantly concluded the treatment as he leaned back and closed his eyes again. Although he was powerful in his past life, with his new power still in infancy, he would get exhausted easily. Lilise opened her eyes and found Arnin resting on his seat. She felt her face blush when she thought of the treatment and couldn't help but take another look at his enticing tattoos. She got up and ran towards the stairs, leaving her sister and grandpa behind. 

    "Grandpa, I am going to go with Lilise, you can continue what you were doing here." Lilise's sister smiled towards the old man before giving Arnin a deep glance. She didn't notice a slight flush on her face before she chased her sister. The old man gave a low sigh before smiling towards the resting Arnin. Now when he looked at him, there was no killing intent or fury, rather it was gratefulness and satisfaction. 

    "Arnin, although you are a disrespectful brat that needs to be beaten for indecency and- *cough*, I mean thank you. Because of you, my Lilise can now cultivate like others, for that thank you. Let's start your training right away!" The old man held himself together before finally completing his sentence. Although his granddaughter was treated, he didn't want Arnin staying for too long or he might not be able to keep his sanity. 

    "Old man, since I helped you, you better not fail your part. I cured your Lilise, but I can also bring her condition back and make it much worse. Let's got to a bigger area, take me to your back training ground. You do have one, right?" Arnin walked himself towards the training ground. He already discovered where it was when he scanned his surroundings. The elder helplessly shook his head because of Arnin's attitude. He didn't like it, but atleast Arnin wasn't licking his boots like many others.


    Inside a large room with many dolls and a large bed, Lilise was laying with her face fully red. In her mind, Arnin's face and tattoos kept on appearing, causing her to be even more flustered. Suddenly, her room door opened up and her older sister walked in.

    "Sis Elidia, why are you here? Shouldn't you be with grandpa?" Lilise collected herself and spoke silently to her sister. She didn't lift her head to look at Elidia because she didn't want her sister to see her expression.

    "Lilise, why did you run off?" Elidia looked at Lilise teasingly. In the world of Afloria, children would mature at a much quicker rate and live longer because of the large amount of essence in the air. Especially for wealthy children or people in higher societal ranks,  they would have to grow up quick because of the high competition. Most children in Afloria had a mindset that was a couple years older than that of a normal person. Arnin was a special case because he acted very differently than children his age. The village elder saw that he was different when he first came to the gathering and the way he exposed Lilise's ailment did not seem like something a five year old could do. 

    "Sis, I don't know why. Just forget about it. Is grandpa going to the training ground with…" Lilise stared at the training ground out her window happily at the mention of Arnin. Elidia shook her head before grabbing her sister's hand and walking out the door. 

    "Let's go watch grandpa train with that boy. You can probably get some enlightenment before you start your own training." Elidia continued to tease Lilise. 

    As they approached the large training ground which was covered in large trees and dummies, they felt a sinister aura in the air. Lilise could faintly see a black thread slithering in the air. This thread connected to other threads, flowing towards a boy. The boy's three tattoos were giving off a grey light while his short, dark hair fluttered in the air. His eyes were closed tightly while on the side, her grandpa watched with wide eyes.

    Lilise walked towards her grandpa with Elidia. "Grandpa, what are those black threads around Arnin's body? What are you guys doing? This aura feels scary!" Lilise hugged the elder's arms before asking her questions. The old man was about to answer when he saw Arnin open up his eyes which had a red streak that was now very visible. 

    "Old man, I just advanced into the next realm, Orb Birth - Sky. Spar with me!" Arnin was very surprised that he was able to rank up without the old man's help. He knew that he still needed some time before he would breakthrough, but surprisingly the worm-like mark that he absorbed from Lilise's body provided him with a large amount of essence, rushing him into a breakthrough. When he was about to begin training, all the essence inside the mark suddenly gushed out, filling every part of Arnin's body. Arnin thought that the reason it exploded now was because of how much he bloated it during the treatment.  

    The old man was gaping with his two granddaughters, his hairs rose when he thought of the sinister aura that Arnin released. On the other hand, Lilise's eyes were sparkling greatly. 

    "Old man, spar with me! I need to familiarize myself with this new realm." The village elder composed himself before slowly walking towards Arnin. He released some of his strength, but kept it on the same level as Arnin's. 

    Arnin vanished in front of their eyes before reappearing behind the old man. He swung his fist towards the old man's head, but he missed and hit thin air. The old man appeared behind Arnin and aimed for his back, however Arnin vanished from his sight. Arnin arrived back to where he was with his back drenched in cold sweat. There was a large hole in his clothes, luckily the bruise was not bleeding.

    "Arnin, you really are something. I was using Orb Birth - Hell strength just to match you. Come here and let me see that bruise. Elidia can you go and grab me some ointment." The elder quickly instructed Elidia before turning and staring at Arnin. He felt that if he didn't increase his strength, he would have been seriously injured with Arnin's first strike. 

    Arnin walked over and took his tunic off. Lilise blushed before turning her head around. Arnin smirked at her action and was about to walk over when the village elder gave him a stern look. The bruise on his back was slightly purple, but it didn't bother him too much. It was only slightly painful.

    "Arnin, you are very powerful for someone your age, so much so that you will be considered a Demon like talent anywhere you go. Since you have such great talent, I was wondering if you would like to attend an Orb Cultivation academy with my two granddaughters?"
  • Chapter 7: One Strike

    The village elder looked seriously at Arnin after asking the question. He knew that with Arnin's talent, he could easily get into the academy, even without any outside help. As the village elder, he understood the living situation of most of the people, but he couldn't assist anyone because of how much money the village lacked. His only alternative was to help families that had children with high potential. If those kids grew up to be famous and wealthy, then they could hopefully lend a helping hand to the village. He had been doing this for years, but Arnin was the first child that he thought would naturally become someone famous, if he doesn't die prematurely that is.

    "You want me to go to the academy with your two granddaughters? You should already know that I come from one if the more poor families in the village, so I would not be able to afford going to an academy." Arnin's family was actually very poor, but if Nekaia's master is able to abide by the new contract, that wouldn't be the case anymore. Although they wouldn't be wealthy, his family would at least be able to eat and sleep without much to worry about. 

    "Don't worry about all those little things; I will handle them for you. I just need a yes from you and your parents. There are many ways to improve your strength quickly." The way the old man was trying to convince Arnin continuously made him understand that all of this was not for free.

    "Tell me what you want me to do for you! I know that all of this isn't free, so stop trying to cover it up!" Arnin was getting more annoyed with the village elder who tried to pull tricks on him. There was no way that the old man was a saint who would assist him no charge.

    "Haha! I like how smart you are. I only have two conditions, the first is that you protect Lilise and Elidia in the academy from danger. I would have sent someone with them but the academy only accepts children under the age of fifteen and you are stronger than most people in that age group. The second condition is that if you become famous in the future, be sure to assist this village the best you can. That's all!" The thick faced old man didn't even care that he was asking for a lot, he only knew that this would benefit the village and his two granddaughters. He could care less about what people thought of him because of this.

    "You want me to meet all of your conditions just for an entrance into an academy? I think you know better then most that if I wanted to, I could join many academies with just my talent. I am not bragging, but the truth is the truth. So tell me, what will I receive in compensation for becoming a bodyguard for your little girls?" The village elder mocked himself for thinking he could fool a monster like Arnin. He was seen through in a minute. There wasn't much he could offer at the moment but he really wanted Arnin as his little girls' protector. 

    "If you really do want me as a guard dog, then I have one condition for you. No matter what happens in the future, my family will stay in the village whenever they want, whether I am labeled as good or evil, you will keep them here! If you agree to this minor condition of mine, then I can be a bodyguard!" Arnin drew up another contract that listed the conditions of each party. The only reason he asked for such a demand was because he might be hunted down in  the future and his family may possibly get involved. 

    "Hmm. Your condition seems safe from a distance, but in the future you could very well be a great disaster, but I don't mind looking after your family. That is a deal!" The elder signed the contract and sent it back towards Arnin who also quickly signed it, binding both to the content inside the contract. Lilise watched all of this happen with some excitement. She still tried to avoid looking at the bare chested Arnin.

    Moments later, Elidia came in running with some ointment. She handed it to her grandfather who then applied it to Arnin's back. "Arnin, let me meet your parents. I want to see who gave birth to such a brat. Haha!" The old man smacked Arnin's bruised back before he laughed heartily. His eyes glanced at the smiling Lilise. Arnin shrugged his shoulders before leaving the training field himself. The village elder and the two girls quickly followed behind. 

    In Arnin's home, Avian was still inside discussing things with Ashia. They had settled on all major matters while Arnin was gone, and now Ashia was helping Avian familiarize herself with her family. As Nekaia's master, she could now be considered a part of the Foro family. Ashia and Florian were very excited that one of their children had high talent and would be able to have a much better future than themselves. Florian did not talk about the little deal he made with Arnin because it would worry Ashia more than anything. Although children would go out at a young age, five years old was still a little too young. Most would wait until atleast they were ten to leave their home, because by then they would be at the upper levels of Orb Birth. Arnin, who they believed to only be at the beginning stages of Orb Birth, couldn't possibly be ready to head out. Florian only made the deal to motivate Arnin to work harder. He was not willing to let him head out yet. Although he knew there was something different about Arnin when compared to other children. In his eyes Arnin was still a five-year-old child that needed his parents. Little did he know that that very child had already reached Orb Birth - Sky and could match people in Orb Birth - Hell. Ashia herself might not be a match for Arnin. 
    While the people in the house were busy, Arnin had already arrived with the three people. When the three saw the state of the house, they looked at Arnin with different expressions. The old man had a look of satisfaction because it showed that Arnin had his strength not because of others, but because of his own skills. Lilise and Elidia really wanted to meet the parents of Arnin. They wanted to know who brought up an amazing talent in such a bad situation.
    "Mom! Dad! I am home! Can you guys open the door?" Although the house wasn't locked, he didn't want people walking in if his parents were discussing something important. He didn't want his parents feeling awkward or anything because he brought people in while they were discussing finances, so he just wanted to make sure that they knew he was home now. The door swung open and Ashia came walking out. Her face was somewhat red from anger, which caused her not to see the people behind Arnin, and rushed towards him. She grabbed his ears and started to scold him.
    "Arnin, why are you home so late? Did you tell me or your dad that you would be going out? You little brat, first you make a ruckus with Avian, and now you come home late? Just watch how I take care of you!" Ashia began to pull his ears even harder causing them to become redder. She only let go when she saw Arnin's ear becoming too red. When she was done releasing some of her anger, she noticed the three people behind her son. She couldn't recognize the two little girls, but she knew the old man in the middle. 
    "Oh, village elder, I am so sorry for the scene that you just saw." Ashia quickly gave a bow before glaring at Arnin, who she believed to be the reason the village elder was here. She was thinking of the many ways she would beat Arnin later. 
    "You don't have to bow to me. I don't mind what I saw. Rather, seeing that brat so obedient makes me really happy. Haha!" The old man laughed out loud while the two girls also giggled before glancing at Arnin who was quietly rubbing his ear. They didn't think that such a cunning person could be so submissive. Ashia, on the other hand, was somewhat confused and glanced at Arnin before facing the village elder again. 
    "Look at me, I completely forgot to mention why I visited today. Your son hea- I mean helped me greatly today and so I wanted to meet the parents of such a talent. My two girls also wanted to meet such parents. The older one is Eldia while the younger one, who is about the same age as Arnin, is Lilise" The village elder beckoned both girls forward. Ashia gave another look at the two gorgeous children, but her reaction wasn't extreme because her own daughter, Nekaia, was also a great beauty. Her reaction however, surprised the old man and the two girls. Although, they were not narcissistic about their looks, they still believed themselves to be quite pretty, but Ashia's reaction made them dissapointed on the inside. 
    Suddenly, Florian walked out with Nekaia and Avian. When the two girls saw Nekaia, they gasped internally. She was extremely beautiful and she even had a tattoo on her forehead like Arnin, making her seem even more pretty. When the three people compared Arnin and Nekaia, they found that they both had slight similarities, but the aura they gave off was completely different. Arnin seemed more sinister and mysterious, while Nekaia was angelic and welcoming. Lilise felt a little sad that she wasn't as pretty as Nekaia and didn't have the same tattoo as both siblings.

    She knew that these parents had outstanding children, both in looks and talent, so finding a way to impress them would be very difficult. What the village elder was shocked about was not the beauty of Nekaia, rather the presence of the woman behind Nekaia was invisible, even to him.
    "Miss, I am an elder of this small village and was hoping you could tell me your great name?" The elder's attitude took a complete one-eighty turn. Ashia, Florian and the two girls were somewhat shocked. Nekaia was oblivious to what was going on so she just ran to Arnin and locked her arms in his, smiling. Arnin wasn't too surprised towards his reaction because he knew that Avian was on a much higher level then him. 

    "My name is Avian Illume. I am from the city and am the master of Nekaia Foro." Avian answered in a very monotone manner, not giving the village elder any formal greeting.

    "Wait, do you mean the great Illume family? Like from the central city?!" The elder let out a shocked cry when he thought of Avian's background. Arnin looked at Avian before giving a puzzled look to the old man. 

    "Arnin, since you are young, you may not know much about Afloria, but it is a very large world. There are five major continents in this world, one for humans, one for demons, one for the animal tribes and the last two are unknown. Some say that it is for dragons and phoenixes while others say that it is for anyone that is able to enter. Forget about that for now, let's talk about the human continent. The humans have five large districts. There is the West, East, North, South, and Central district. Of course the central is the most powerful of all because it is in the middle. The other four however are close in strength, but there is still a ranking for each one. The weakest district is our West district. Even though it is the weakest, it is still very strong. The other four continents would not be able to attack and leave freely. The West has over five thousand cities. The central city is the most populace and powerful city in the West. This village is not even counted as a town, let alone a city." The old man quickly gave a summary of the place they lived in, allowing Arnin to further understand the geography of Afloria. 

    Arnin wasn't too surprised because he was the one who created the world of Afloria. Arnin just nodded before giving Avian another deep look.
    Avian noticed this and smirked, but Arnin just looked then turned his head away, making Avian feel extremely displeased about his lack of interest. After the old man described everything, Arnin looked at his mom and dad.

    "Mom, Dad, I plan on entering an academy for a while. I need to go to the academy to further my cultivation at a rapid pace. The fees and everything else will be taken care of by the village elder. Is that OK with you guys?" Arnin asked the most important thing he wanted to talk about. He wanted to go so that he could get a better grasp of Orb Cultivation. He also wanted to have more spars with his power so that he could adapt to it quickly.

    Ashia and Florian were surprised but began to deeply consider this. Florian allowed Ashia to make the decision because the effect would be greatest on her in comparison to himself.

    "Dear, do you really want to go? You can stay at the city and cultivate there, but if you really want to, I won't stop you. But you have to prove to me that you are powerful enough to take car-" Before Ashia could finish her sentence, Arnin released his aura causing everyone to shiver. Nekaia, who was the closest, did not find the aura uncomfortable, rather she hugged Arnin even tighter because she liked the aura. Ashia and Florian were somewhat uncomfortable because Arnin tried not to aim his aura towards them, however everyone else was shaking and had goosebumps. The more experienced Avian and the village elder felt even worse and were somewhat frightened because of the mass release. Elidia and Lilise were pale white, looking in fear at the aura. The old man noticed this and quickly told Arnin to take his aura away.

    "Brat, that's enough! Can't you see Lilise and Elidia are about to faint?!" The old man was angered but also frightened. He had never felt such sinister aura in his life. Arnin looked towards the girls before taking back his aura, he smiled towards both of them. 

    Sorry about that. If you both want, you can stand beside Nekaia while I fight the old man again. Mom and Dad, you guys also come here and watch this. Old man, let's do this!" Arnin walked forward and took his top layer off. His bruise was seen by Ashia, which caused her to rush towards Arnin, but Florian held her back before facing the upcoming fight. The village elder scoffed and grunted before walking out. He kept his aura At Orb Birth - Hell so that he wouldn't get overpowered again.

    The old man started out with a rush towards Arnin, however Arnin vanished from his sight at a much higher speed before reappearing on top of him. Arnin hit the back of his neck, causing the old man to stumble and then fall on his knees. Some blood leaked out of mouth before he looked at Arnin in great shock.

    "I understood the crux of your movement speed when we were sparring last time so I just increased my own." Everyone watched in shock, it started and ended in less than ten seconds. What kind of monster was Arnin?
  • Chapter 8: Five Day Training Begins

    The village elder spat out a small amount of blood from his mouth. He didn't look severely injured but his face was pale and he looked weak. Everyone was silent because of shock. Who could imagine a five-year-old beating an old warrior in a single hit? Even though the old man reduced his strength, the battle experience was still there. 

    Arnin didn't think too greatly about his own battle strength because he had over a hundred million years of experience. He was the strongest warrior and could still be the strongest if he undid his seal. This win was an easy one which made him think that he could even possibly beat an Orb Birth - Heaven warrior, however he did not want to show all of his cards too early. As everyone stood in shock, the village elder got up slowly with his body swaying. He held his pounding head before walking towards Arnin. He lifted his hand and patted Arnin's head.

    "If I knew you were this strong, I would have bumped my power to Orb Birth - Heaven, or even Essence Manifest - Earth. You are a great talent, the greatest I have ever seen or heard of. I am going to head home and recover, I will come back in five days to pick you up. We will head to the academy then." With that said, the village elder turned around and began to walk back from where he came from. Elidia took a quick look before following behind him. Lilise, on the other hand, was somewhat reluctant to leave. The village elder noticed this and exposed a somewhat bitter smile. Why would she want to stay around such a brat?

    "Also, Arnin I am going to leave Lilise here with you and your family. Please help her cultivate to Orb Birth - Earth before the trip. Thanks!" The old man quickly left, leaving Arnin gaping. Even though Lilise was five, because of her maturity she had some insight towards relationships between a man and woman. Although she found herself blushing in front of Arnin, she still couldn't fully understand how she felt. Ashia and Florian noticed Lilise's expression and understood immediately. They were surprised that such a young girl would start to develop feelings for the cold and aloof Arnin. Both of them however did not mind the presence of Lilise. They were given some financial aid from Avian, who was now the master of Nekaia, so food was not a problem.

    "Arnin, make sure to help little Lilise cultivate well! You better not go off and do your own thing again! Nekaia dear, make sure Arnin trains Lilise well." Ashia said her piece before walking into the house with a smile. She was extremely pleased that people found her son attractive or atleast, likable. Which mother wouldn't be happy about her own children's popularity? Arnin sighed before walking towards Avian.

    "So you're from a powerful family? I should have made more demands from you. What a waste!" Arnin impolitely stated his thoughts before walking away, with Lilise following behind. Nekaia, who now liked Avian very much, gave her a hug before following behind Arnin. She waved back as she got further away which caused Avian to smile.


    Arnin and the two girls reached a shaded area. It was an open area with many houses and trees surrounding it. This was the place that Arnin practiced the most, making it the ideal ground for the girls' training. It wasn't crowded and was a good distance away from his home. The shade kept the area cool, which allowed them to practice for a longer period of time. He decided that since he had to help Lilise break into the Orb Birth - Earth realm, he would take her to his own training ground. Because Nekaia was tagging along as well, he would try to help her reach the peak of Orb Birth - Earth. 

    He had already thought of a training plan for Lilise and Nekaia. Of course the one for Lilise would be less extreme because she wasn't even at Orb Birth - Earth realm. He had both girls stand on two different sides of the training area. He, as the teacher, stood in the middle so that he could give them directions at the same time. 

    The first step was a physical warm up. First he had them do stretches for their legs, arms, back, and other major body parts. Next, he made them do physical enhancement exercises such as pushups, situps, jogging, and many more. Nekaia found them to be easier to do then Lilise because she was already in the realm, Orb Birth - Earth, which made her stamina higher than that of Lilise. Her face was pale and beads of sweat poured down her face like a waterfall. She was extremely tired, but Arnin wouldn't let her rest any time soon. He would make her feel like she was running on fire by prickling her feet with his orb threads, which kept her going.  

    Nekaia didn't get it any better, rather she was treated even worse. Her clothes were completely drenched, her hair in a complete mess. She inwardly cursed Arnin and the village elder for her current appearance. If the elder didn't make Arnin train Lilise, then she could have been at home with her parents and master, but now she was basically bathing in her own sweat. Disgusting! 
    Arnin pretended he didn't notice the expression of the two girls and continued to lead them through their practice. After they finished with physical training, he allowed both girls to rest for a few minutes.

    "Lilise, I am going to help you in a bit, so you can wait in the corner. Nekaia, come here. I am going to start with you!" Arnin didn't show any of the care that he previously would have. He beckoned for Nekaia, who snorted angrily and walked over. She limped her way towards Arnin before glaring at him.

    "My dictator brother, please tell me, your mistreated slave, what to do!" Arnin was flabbergasted by the way Nekaia spoke. He couldn't help but release a small chuckle. However, with Nekaia's icy stare that felt like needles all over his body, he pulled himself together and coughed ever so slightly. 
    "Nekaia, since you have already located where your orb is, I am going to show you a method that brings essence into your body. It may not be the best method, but it will do for now." Arnin decided to teach Nekaia his method of collecting essence from the world. It helped him progress quickly through the earth realm, so he didn't think it would be a terrible method. 

    Nekaia sat down cross legged before Arnin grabbed both of her hands. He released orb threads into her body which caused her to quiver. The threads made their way to her orb and started to disappear. A small red symbol appeared on Nekaia's snow white orb. The red symbol brightened until strands of different colors entered Nekaia's body. These strands were the essence of the world and that symbol acted like a vacuum that sucked the essence into the orb.

    Arnin retracted his hands and allowed Nekaia to slowly absorb the essence and understand the mark. He couldn't provide her with help during this phase because it would all depend on her own comprehension ability. Arnin got up and walked towards the resting Lilise. Her face was more energized then it was before he helped Nekaia. 

    "Lilise, since we need to get you to Orb Birth - Earth, you are going to have to follow my every instruction. Some things may be extreme, but it is the best I can do in five days time." Arnin seriously explained to Lilise. 

    The first task for Lilise do was some breathing exercises. He had her breath in and hold for a minute and then release, slowly. She had to do this continuously and slowly increase the time she held her breath for. This went on for half an hour, which was Lilise's limit. She was only able to do it a little more than twenty rotations, and could barely hold her breath for two minutes. This wasn't bad for someone who wasn't even in a power realm, so Arnin didn't have much to say. 

    The next step required Lilise to let Arnin strengthen each individual part of her body. Other then her internal organs, Arnin needed to provide essence into the arms, legs, chest and back, head, hands and feet. This process would take three days to complete and after it was done, Lilise would have the same physical strength as an Orb Birth - Earth realm cultivator.

    "Lilise, I am going to need you to lay down on the ground for me. Remember, whatever I do requires you to be absolutely still. Got it?" Lilise nodded her head before laying straight onto the cold, hard ground. Arnin decided to start from her lower body and make his way towards the head. First, he grabbed her left leg and lifted it up. Lilise shook slightly before she closed her pretty blues eyes tightly. Her faced blushed slightly, but she tried to hold in any sound that would come out of her mouth.

    Arnin directly inserted some orb threads into her left foot and spread them out inside her blood vessels. He added little symbols that resembled the one on Nekaia's orb, but this time the color was green. The symbols spread throughout the whole left foot, allowing Arnin to access more areas inside her foot. This lasted an hour before he repeated the process on the other foot. When he finished both feet, Lilise felt them with her hand and gasped in shock. They were softer and felt stronger than before. 

    Nekaia also woke up at this time and walked towards Arnin. Her azure eyes looked at Arnin, who was sitting beside the flustered Lilise, with a smile. Although, she didn't reach the peak of Orb Birth - Earth, she felt that it wasn't too far away. Nekaia felt that she might even be able to break into Orb Birth - Sky by the end of the five days.

    "Nekaia, since you have done some of your training I am going to help strengthen your body to another level. This will help you cultivate more quickly and would make you stronger than a person in the same realm as you. Here sit down beside Lilise for me." Lilise pouted when she heard that Nekaia would be receiving the strengthening process as well. Nekaia, on the other hand, was very excited. She really wanted to cultivate much faster and catch up with Arnin. 

    Arnin had Nekaia lay down and repeated the same process with her two feet. This time, the process lasted an hour longer. The reason behind this was because Nekaia already achieved Orb Birth - Earth, so strengthening it to a higher level would require more time and energy. The sun started to set, which marked the end of the day, however Arnin planned to continue in his home, but this time he needed to have the two girls dip in a medicinal bath. The medicinal bath would help nourish their and cleanse their bodies. The bath would even help rapidly increase strength if enough impurities were cleared, however the problem was that Arnin did not have any medicine to use. 

    The three children arrived home and noticed Ashia and Florian waiting outside with smiles. Lilise would be staying with the Foro family until departure so Ashia wanted to make sure that Lilise did not feel uncomfortable. 
    "Mom, would you mind preparing two baths for me? It's for their training." Arnin requested his mother to help him with the menial tasks because it would only take her a few minutes. He still needed to prepare some other things for the bath. He asked Florian to show him all the medicine that they currently had however Arnin guessed right; they had none. Arnin couldn't make a real medicinal bath, but from his past knowledge on medicinal baths and cultivation resources, he was able to create different type of bath with a few simple steps. He first needed the blood of the people going into the bath, then needed to combine the blood with worldly essence. That blood would change colour depending on the person blood. It would turn into a new liquid that could only be used by the individual that the blood originally belonged to. The next step was to mix that new liquid with something demonic or negative. That substance would help eradicate any waste inside the body, helping with a good cleansing. The process was simple and the bath was effective, however it was not considered a medicinal bath. A medicinal bath always needed medicine and herbs for it to be labeled as a medicinal bath.

    Arnin called the two girls over and had them pour some of their own blood into two seperate bowls. He then tried to manipulate as much of the essence of the world and inserted it into the two blood bowls. The blood inside the left bowl, which contained Nekaia's blood, turned extremely white. A coldness was being emitted from the new liquid, which somewhat surprised Arnin. The blood in the right bowl, which contained Lilise's blood, also turned white, but there was a hint of black in the middle. 

    Arnin knew that the reason everyone had different liquid colors was because it helped to point out one's talent. Although it wasn't the most accurate type of talent measurement. In Arnin's old world it was commonly used by poor villages and poor people who could not afford a proper talent test. White meant high talent, blue meant passable talent, while purple meant no talent. Nekaia had extremely high talent which was a little higher than Arnin expected. In his past life, Arnin got wasn't able to understand his own talent because the color came out to be black. It was the first black to appear, so no one knew the height of his talent. Back then, Arnin had thought that he would never see anyone with a black colored liquid other then himself. Now, he was able to see someone with a hint of black, which made him extremely shocked. 

    Arnin pulled himself out of his trance before deeply looking at Lilise. Arnin shook his head before continuing with the final step; adding something demonic or negative. As a past demon lord, Arnin had the ability to control negative emotions and power. His main power was one of the most demonic ones out there, however he wanted to add the negativity of the individual. Since Arnin's original power was still sealed, he would not be able to control demonic or negative energy, so he could only have the two girls try to insert it themselves. 

    "Nekaia, Lilise, I want both of you to stand in front of your blood and hover your hands on top. Then, think of the most evil or bad thing that you can, try your worst nightmare or anything like that." Nekaia and Lilise nodded before following the instructions given to them. Half an hour went by, but their facial expressions stayed the same. Suddenly, Nekaia's face contorted. Tears began to silently slide down her cheek which landed in the white liquid. Red surfaced on the liquid, causing it to get darker. Ten minutes later, the white liquid turned crimson red and Nekaia began to get dizzy. Arnin quickly caught hold of her and laid her down on the ground.

    "Arnin, I saw d-demons, lots of demons! They were d-d-dying one by one, leaving me alone, but then I was c-caught by another large demon and was thrown in front of a group of m-monsters. They were doing bad t-things to me!" Nekaia cried loudly with  a frightened look longer face before tightly embracing the stunned Arnin.
  • Chapter 9: Memories?

    While Lilise silently tried to recall anything negative, Arnin stared at the weeping Nekaia in shock. What did she say? Demons? Arnin pondered what Nekaia said before he thought of something. Was it possible that Nekaia recalled the memories of her past? Arnin, who was the strongest existence in his past life, knew for a fact that certain creatures could reincarnate or switch bodies with others. Unlike a phoenix's reincarnation, when other creatures did it they would not be able to recall past memories… unless something triggered them to reappear. 
    "Nekaia, don't cry anymore. Just tell your brother what else you remember, ok?" Arnin quietly consoled Nekaia and tried to find out more about her past. She said that she was surrounded by demons and was possibly even raped by them. Could she have been a member of a demon family that was massacred at the same time as his own? This being true was not an impossibility, and Nekaia recovering some of her memories could also happen. However, Arnin was unsure if this would be detrimental to Nekaia or not. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it could change Nekaia completely. 
    "Nekaia, forget about what you saw just rest for now. I will make sure that nothing happens to you I will always protect you!" Arnin, lost his whole family in the past and was not willing to lose his new one. He would be devastated if Nekaia changed for the worse and turned into a new person. He wanted her to forget about the bad memories and just concentrate on her life now. 
    Lilise's face also began to twitch slightly as tears flowed down her face as well. Although there were tears, she looked more angry than frightened. Arnin wondered what she was thinking about. The liquid in front of Lilise also turned red, but this time it wasn't crimson like Nekaia's, rather it looked like dried black blood. Lilise opened her puffy eyes before she walked towards Arnin and sat beside him.
    "Lilise? What's wrong?" Lilise's face was covered in tears, but there was anger and sadness on her face. She held onto Arnin's free arm before pushing her face into it. Arnin silently sat between the two tear stricken girls. He knew that this was a horrible experience for many so he didn't mind their reactions. The only thing that worried him was Nekaia recovering her memories of the past. He looked down and kissed Nekaia's head.
    Ashia walked into the room and noticed the scene. She quickly ran over and pulled Nekaia and Lilise into her embrace. "Nekaia, dear what happened? Lilise, why are you crying? Arnin, what happened?" Ashia became frantic when she noticed Lilise and Nekaia both burst into tears. Arnin just smiled slightly before shaking his head. 
    "It's alright mom. Just think of this as part of training, its the only part where they would suffer this much. Just comfort them while I go finish up the medicinal baths." Arnin left Ashia alone with the two girls. He lifted the two bowls, with the final changed liquid, and headed towards the bath area. When he reached the steam filled area, he found two small tubs filled with hot water. They were each large enough for only one person, which worked well with Arnin's plan. He quickly poured in Nekaia's transformed liquid into one bath and Lilise's transformed liquid was poured into the other. Arnin didn't use a rod or stick to stir it, rather he inserted his threads into the bath and mixed them thoroughly while also adding in some of his own essence. Adding his own essence would not cause any harm or additional effects to the bath, it would just mix the bath more thoroughly. 
    After the water baths combined with the liquids, Arnin ran into the room where his mom was caring for the two girls. 

    "Mom, can you bring Lilise and Nekaia over now? I need to have them cultivate inside the medicinal tub as quickly as possible." Arnin hurriedly called his mother over who nodded her head gently. She lifted both girls in her arms and slowly walked to the medicinal baths. Arnin pointed to each bathtub and told her who should be placed in which tub. Ashia was surprised at Arnin's talent, but she decided that as long as it didn't harm him, she wouldn't ask him much. Arnin left the area and allowed the two girls to undress and enter the bath tubs. He only re-entered the area when both were fully submerged inside the bath tubs. Nekaia didn't really mind her brother's presence because she was already hidden under the water, Lilise on the other hand was bright red. Ashia glared at Arnin.

    "Arnin, you can't come in when a lady is bathing! Do you not know your manners!" Ashia quickly pulled Arnin's ear and tried to pull him out but she felt Arnin hold her hand gently. 

    "Mom, you know what type of person I am. I am only here because I need to help Lilise and Nekaia cultivate in the bath. It's ok though, I won't have them stand up or anything. Actually, since you are already here, help me with their training."  Arnin chuckled. "Also, do you know where that witc- I mean Nekaia's master is? She could possibly help me as well." He asked about Avian who he hadn't seen since he left with Nekaia and Lilise to train. 

    "Avian is not here at the moment and will arrive in five days. She will come pick us up when you leave with the village elder." Avian explained. She knew that Avian went to the city to settle some things for her family. Arnin smiled and walked towards the bath tubs. He walked towards Lilise's bathtub while Ashia walked towards Nekaia's. Since, Arnin knew more about the whole procedure, Ashia wanted him to make sure nothing happened to Lilise. 

    "Mom, this will be a very important step for both of their cultivations, alright? So do as I tell you." Ashia, who was smiling towards Nekaia, immediately became serious when she heard Arnin's words. She nodded her head and began to pay attention to what Arnin was about to say. "For this step, we will be putting both the girls into a state of emptiness, meaning we will have to make them unconsciously cultivate. The first thing you will need to do is insert your orb threads into Nekaia's brain, then try to make a path from the brain towards her orb. Make sure that you only go straight towards her orb and nowhere else, or else this method won't be as effective." Ashia nodded and did as she was told. When she made the path from the brain to the orb, she looked at Arnin once again. 

    "I made the path to her orb, what should I do next?" Ashia was sweating slightly when she finished making the path. Her control over the threads were not as good as Arnin's because she didn't focus much on cultivation. Although, she wanted to cultivate, but she did not have the time or the talent to do it. 

    "This next step is the most crucial. Use your threads to grab onto the largest essence string inside Nekaia's orb. When you firmly lock onto it, slowly pull it back into the centre of the brain through the path you made." Ashia took twenty minutes to find the largest thread and took another thirty before she could bring it back to where Arnin said. Her face was already pale, when Florian walked into the bath area. He was surprised to see what was happening and was about to walk over to Ashia when Arnin stopped him.

    "Dad, don't go to mom yet, she is at a crucial moment. In a while, I am going to need you to sub in for mom, ok? She won't be able to keep this up for long so you will need to replace her!" Although, he felt slightly tired, he would be able to go on for a longer period of time then his mom because of his precise control over the threads. Florian nodded his head and sat beside the tired Ashia and waited. After the thread slowly sunk in the two girls' brains, both of them fell unconscious in the tub. 

    "Dad, switch with mom now. Remember to switch slowly. When you are in position I will explain the next step." Ashia couldn't handle it anymore and was about to fall herself, luckily Florian walked in on a good time. He was able to switch smoothly with Ashia, and when he inserted his much stronger threads inside Nekaia's brain, he noticed the activity happening inside and cried in shock. The path from the orb was crystal clear with many white strings tangled together. It resembled the main orb very much, but there was still a difference in size and essence. 

    "So the next few steps are not as crucial as the last one, but they require lots of energy. We will make our threads act as parts of their body and cultivate for them. You should notice a round ball filled with threads being created in her brain. That is like another orb inside her, but it will allow outsiders to control it as well. We will insert our own threads inside and help the girls cultivate." Arnin started on Lilise's round object while he was explaining. This was a method that he created based on a parasitic ability of certain monsters from his previous life. However, he changed it into a type of support cultivation method that will induce emptiness, and during this time if one cultivates, then their body will be able to get the best results. However, it only worked optimally if the person is able to induce themselves to the state of emptiness, rather than getting outside help. 

    Florian did as he was told and inserted a small amount of threads inside the parasitic orb. Suddenly, he noticed Arnin get up and walk towards him. "Dad, I am going to add in some cultivation symbols that can help Nekaia cultivate during this state. All you need to do is make sure you show her a way to cultivate and repeat it three times. When you are done that, remove your threads and allow Nekaia to self-cultivate in this state. It may take more than three rotations, so do not leave her brain until she begins herself." Arnin had planned this cultivation bath since he was told to train them and had all the steps ready to go. He immediately inserted nine strange symbols which all resembled each other. They imprinted themselves on both the main orb and the parasitic orb. Right at that moment, Florian started his rotations. 

    Arnin walked back to Lilise and did the same thing. This time however, he inserted eighteen symbols. Nine on the main orb, and nine on the parasitic orb. Since Lilise was still making her way into the Orb Birth - Earth realm, she would need more help. It was easier for an immortal to become strong, but it was extremely difficult for a mortal to become an immortal. This was a similar case with the realms going from a normal human to Orb Birth - Earth was much more difficult then going from Orb Birth - Earth to Orb Birth - Sky. 

    Arnin was going through his first rotation when he felt something change on Florian's side. He turned around and saw a small whirlpool appear under Nekaia. The whirlpool started off extremely bright and colorful, but slowly it lost its luster. Arnin knew that the self-cultivation had begun, however it was much quicker than he had predicted. This was related to the talent Nekaia had, but even still it was outside Arnin's expectations. Could it be because of those memories? 

    "Dad, move away from Nekaia and go rest with mom. Nekaia will be like this until morning so I don't need you here right now. So go on and rest with mom." Arnin smiled towards his exhausted dad who was sweating profusely. He was fine with staying up because he didn't need lots of sleep. Although his body was of a five year olds, there was still the power of his past life sealed inside him, so he didn't get as tired as others would. 

    While Arnin was thinking, Lilise's bath started to create a whirlpool as well. It wasn't as strong as Nekaia's, but it wasn't bad either. There was no surprise in Arnin's eyes, he just silently watched both girls cultivate. He was thinking about what steps to take next. What he was doing now was trying to use his past memories to help these girls, but there would have to be a better method out there. Something that specifically worked on the orb. 

    While he was thinking of ways to improve his cultivation method, his mind was still stressing over Nekaia's memories. Did she really have the memories of a demon that faced the same catastrophe as his demon family?
  • Chapter 10: Will He Become Evil?

    The memories that were trapped inside Nekaia were like a thorn that pricked Arnin's mind. He didn't want Nekaia changing because of her past memories. If she changed for the worse what would he do? Arnin shook his head and continued to sit beside the two cultivating girls. 

    The sun began to rise by the time Nekaia's cultivating water was completely drained of essence. She slowly opened her eyes and releases a warm breath. Even though she was in the bath for a long time, her skin didn't look any worse. Rather it was softer and cleaner then before. Nekaia looked down at the water and then saw Arnin sitting not too far away. Arnin got up and brought clothes for Nekaia. He turned around to let her change into the clean set of clothes.

    "Nekaia, how are you feeling?" Arnin turned around after Nekaia finished changing. She had a bright smile on her face before she walked towards Arnin and lifted her arm in the air in front of him.

    "See for yourself!" Arnin looked weirdly at Nekaia when he noticed how excited she was. Arnin held her hand and inserted threads inside her body for an inspection. He found that the threads were much thicker inside her body and the orb was somewhat throbbing. The white colored orb was like a snowball; cold and extremely white. Arnin was very shocked, Nekaia had achieved Orb Birth - Earth peak level. Arnin took back his threads before warmly smiling at Nekaia. He was very happy to see his sister become stronger, at least she would be able to protect herself better.

    "Congrats! For the next few days, I want you to spar with me so that you can get some battle experience. Although, it won't be life and death, it is better that you understand how to fight rather then just watch." Arnin explained his plan to Nekaia. He wanted her to learn battle techniques so that when she went with Avian, Nekaia wouldn't be worse than anyone else.

    "Arnin, when will Lilise wake up? Also, how did you become so strong and smart?" Nekaia held onto Arnin's arm while she spoke. She had many questions and even looked at Arnin with slight respect. She had seen her brother grow up with herself, so how did he become so strong and smart?

    "Well, you always went off and played with your friends. I on the other hand worked my butt off to understand cultivation. You are just a lazy little girl!" Arnin joked with Nekaia who began to look angry. She punched Arnin's shoulder before walking towards Lilise's bathtub. 

    "Arnin, are you really going to go to an academy? Why can't you come with me, mom, and dad to the city? I like master Avian, she treats me just like mom, she will treat you the same if you come." Nekaia's eyes became red when she thought of separating with her brother. Her puffy eyes looked directly at Arnin before turning towards the quiet Lilise.

    "Nekaia, I need to go to an academy to learn more about cultivation. I want to become strong enough to protect you, mom, and dad. I can't depend on your master to survive!" Arnin was resolute in his decision which made Nekaia a little sad. She silently nodded her head when Lilise finally opened her eyes. Lilise found herself looking at Nekaia's sad face, which made her confused. Did she unknowingly say something or do something bad? Just as she was about to say something to Nekaia, Arnin picked up some clothes from ground and handed them to her.

    "Lilise, change into these. After you are done, go and do some breathing exercises. I am going to rest inside and when I wake up, we will continue with the training." Arnin turned around and walked into the house from the back. 

    Lilise nodded slightly before walking out of the bath. She put on her clothes in front of Nekaia before sitting down. Before starting her exercises, she looked towards Nekaia in contemplation. 

    "Nekaia, I have always wondered where you and Arnin got your tattoos. Was it placed there by someone or were both of you born with it?" Lilise found the tattoos to be mesmerizing. If it was placed by someone then she had a chance in the future to get one for herself, but if it was by birth then she would never be able to get one.

    "These tattoos were on Arnin and I since birth. My mom and dad don't know why we have them, but they always said that this mark is special and that Arnin and I are the only ones they have seen with it." Nekaia's eyes began to shimmer when she thought of the specialty if her tattoo. Although it wasn't as great in number as Arnins, it was still unique to her. Lilise felt somewhat downcast, but she got over it quickly.

    "So, Arnin is going to the academy with you and your sister? I hope that you guys can look after my brother, he is very different. Whenever I play with my friends, he would go and do something alone. He doesn't like talking with people outside my family. Your family seems to be an exception so please look after Arnin." Nekaia helplessly looked at Lilise and spoke in a somewhat begging tone. She grew up with Arnin so she knew the type of person Arnin was. He was a distant person that hated to interact with people outside his own family. She was surprised to see Arnin having a friendly relationship with the village elder, but she was happy to see that Arnin found someone to speak to. Even if that person was an old man past his prime. 

    Lilise nodded towards Nekaia, agreeing. She also wanted to further interact with Arnin, both because of his wits and because of her favorable impression of him. She felt that going to the academy with Arnin would be a thrilling experience; Arnin was a monstrous talent and was able to defeat people who were higher than him in strength. As a person from Talonton village, Lilise couldn't help but be happy that such a person was from her own home. She was also happy to see that her grandpa found someone to speak to as well. Just like Nekaia, Lilise was concerned about her grandpa's loneliness. Although, he was the strongest in Talonton village, he still wasn't considered to be a very strong person wen compared to the whole world. His friends grew distant because of his lacking strength, which caused him to suffer greatly. However, with Arnin's appearance all of this changed. Her grandpa seemed a little more lively and did not hate the way Arnin spoke to him, rather he was happy to find someone who wouldn't bend his for him and treated him like a friend. 

    "Nekaia, what kind of person is Arnin? Since I will be attending an academy with him, it would be better for me to understand him more." Lilise really wanted to know more about Arnin. How could such a young person know so much? Her best bet was to ask Nekaia because she would have spent the most time with him. 

    "Honestly speaking, the person who would know the most about him is my mom. He is always sucking up to her and doing whatever she says. He is such a mommy's boy!" Nekaia talked about Arnin annoyingly. He would always listen to Ashia except for the one time, when Avian came. That was the first time Arnin went against Ashia. Nekaia was actually very happy at that moment because she was one of the many reasons he went against her. While Nekaia was speaking, Lilise listened with a smile. Inside the house, Arnin was laying on the bed while Ashia was silently massaging his head. Ashia was looking at Arnin with love and sadness.

    "Florian, I know that Arnin is going to leave for the academy, but don't you think that we should be with him during this age. It's true that children around his age would go to the academy, but I don't want him to leave us at such a young age. He is still my little baby." Ashia was speaking with red eyes. Her hand continued to rub Arnin's hair as she spoke quietly with Florian. 

    "Ashia, he is young and this is the best time for him to cultivate. If we keep him with us, wouldn't we be burdening his growth? Remember, he is very mature and different from the other children. If anything, we should be worried about Nekaia instead of him. Hah-!" Florian tried to brighten the mood, but Ashia only gave hive a glare which made him stop laughing. He walked and sat beside Ashia, also looking at Arnin. Although he hid it, he would also be worried about his son. Who wouldn't worry about their five year old child separating from them for a long time? 

    "Nekaia will be with us for a long time so we don't have to worry about her. Arnin will be all alone in that academy, and knowing him, friends will be difficult to make. If only I could go with him to the academy, but Nekaia will need me more then Arnin." Ashia sighed slightly before smiling towards Arnin. She loved both her children equally, but Arnin was a special case because of his personality. She knew that Nekaia would always be surrounded by people in the future, but what about Arnin? While the two parents spoke, Nekaia and Lilise continued to discuss things about Arnin.  

    "Although, my mom doesn't show it, she treats Arnin differently. She makes him go outside and play with other kids while she tries to force me to become a little more mature. Mom wants him to change and make friends, but that never happens. I don't really mind how Arnin is. He is different but he is still my older brother. He takes care of me and makes sure I don't ever lose out to other people." Lilise listened with heightened interest. When she met Arnin for the first time, he was very haughty, but after listening to Nekaia she understood a different side of Arnin. She knew that Arnin treated her like a student, but she really wanted to become friends with him. 
    "Nekaia, do you think that Arnin will become evil in the future?" Lilise suddenly asked a strange question. This question was always on the back of her mind. She still remembered that when her grandpa was signing a contract with Arnin, the only demand he had was for him to take care of Arnin's family if he was ever labeled as evil in the future. Since he said that he might be labeled evil, she kept thinking that Arnin may not be a good person. Nekaia was surprised by the question but became somewhat angry. She glared at Lilise before calming herself down. 
    "I don't know what you see in my brother, he may be different and may have tricked your grandpa, but he is not evil!" Nekaia said with irritation before stomping off. She didn't think that Nekaia would react so angrily because of her question. She quickly chased after Nekaia. 
    "Nekaia, I am sorry! I didn't mean it like that. I don't think he is evil. Please Nekaia, listen!" Ashia heard the shouts and walked out with confusion. She saw Nekaia coming inside with a dark expression while Lilise was wearing a pale one. She hushed both the girls and pointed towards the resting Arnin. She then called them both over to the other bed, Florian also watched with some confusion. 
    "Alright, stop making a ruckus. Tell me, why are you both fighting?" Ashia first looked at Nekaia and then turned her face towards the almost tear stricken Lilise.
    "Miss Ashia, it was my fault. I asked Nekaia a question that made her mad." Lilise was on the verge of tears, but she held them in. Ashia was even more confused and curious as to what question she asked. 
    "Mom, dont worry about the question. It was about Arnin, and you may not like it. Hmph!" Nekaia did not want her mom to know the question because she would be hurt the most from it. She knew how her mom felt about Arnin, so anything negative said about him would be a big blow to her mentally. She was overprotective of her children, and with Arnin's isolated personality, she took terrible comments against him to heart. 
    "Nekaia, be quiet! Little Lilise, tell me the question. I might be able to answer it for you if it is about Arnin." Ashia kindly asked Lilise. Little did she know that this question would completely traumatize her. Lilise was somewhat hesitant, but Ashia showed such goodwill that she couldn't hide it from her. In a very quiet voice she state her question once more. 
    "I asked Nekaia whether she think that Arnin will turn out to be evil in the future." The question hit Ashia's ears like a bolt of lightning. Nekaia glared hard at Lilise before running to support her mom. Florian lost all color on his face after the question was asked. His brows wrinkled and his face showed slight anger. Ashia's smile froze and she stood up like a statue. 
    "Lilise, why would you ask such a question? Did Arnin do something or say something bad?" Although Ashia felt hurt, she still needed to ask the main question. Why? Why would she ask this question? Lilise was somewhat frightened by everyone's reaction. She didn't know whether she should tell them about the contract between her grandpa and Arnin. However, at that moment, Arnin got up and opened his droopy eyes. Ashia noticed this and walked towards him slowly. Her eyes showed more care and love then before, and there was even a hint of worry. 
    "Mom? What happened? Dad, why are you mad?" Arnin was became confused and when he saw his parents' expressions. Even Nekaia had a angry expression. He turned his head found Lilise looking at him with a apologetic and sad face. This confused Arnin even more so he turned towards his mom with a look of puzzlement. 
    "Dear, I have a question to ask you. Did you ever say or do something bad to Lilise? Because today she asked me a weird question, and there is no way she would ask this question without a reason. Did you do or say something in front of her or even to her that would make her think you are evil?" Ashia was still very heartbroken about the question that was asked about her son. Arnin was dumbstruck before he looked at Lilise. He then tried to recall anything that would have given her that kind of feeling. Different things came up in his mind, there was his dictator type training, him tricking her grandpa, and injuring her grandpa. He thought for a bit longer before he came to a conclusion. He sighed before looking at his parents and Nekaia once more. 
    "The reason she asked that question is because of a discussion I had with the village elder. Don't blame her, I shouldn't have spoken with the village elder in front of anyone. Just know this, your son will never be evil if you say so. If you think I am evil then I am, but if you think I am good then I am good." Arnin smiled towards Ashia who was very pale. He stood on the bed and rubbed her head slightly which caused Ashia to pull him into her embrace. Florian's face was better than before, but he was still thinking about what Arnin said. What discussion did he have with the village elder that would make Lilise ask such a question? Ashia also had the same thought in mind, but what her son said helped relieve her of most of her worries. However, she was now more reluctant to part with Arnin. What if more people began to start asking the same question? Would her son really become something evil in the future?
  • Chapter 11: He Was Too Impatient

    With Arnin now awake, the girls would be able to continue their training. Lilise was feeling down because of the incident that happened inside the house. She really didn't mean any harm it was just a question she had. Nekaia was still somewhat angry at Lilise, but it was reduced after Arnin clarified that there was a reason the question was asked. Arnin decided that training was the best thing to let Nekaia and Lilise cool down, as for his parents, the situation was different. Ashia and Florian seemed to act normal on the outside but Arnin knew that this was a thorn on their sides. Arnin regretted that the contract was created in front of Lilise. If she didn't hear the contents of the contract then she wouldn't have asked Nekaia such a question. Luckily, she never told his parents what he said specifically and Arnin wanted to keep it that way. Before leaving for the training grounds, Arnin pulled Lilise to the side and told her not to mention the details of the contract. Of course, Lilise readily agreed. She didn't want to get on the bad side of anyone so she was willing to hide the contract details.

    Arnin had four more days before the departure so he needed to speed both girls' training up. Lilise was the priority because Nekaia had enough talent to break through on her own. She also already had a rich master that knew more about the orb then him, so he wasn't too worried about Nekaia's progress. What concerned him was Lilise. She absorbed all of the essence in the bath, but still there was no signs of getting near a breakthrough. Even though he only just started the training, there were no hints of a breakthrough. Arnin knew that this was because he just didn't have enough knowledge on orbs and training. He needed to find ways to increase his understanding because trial and error could only do so much. Arnin thought of going to the village elder for some help, but he was probably busy with the academy registrations. A thought suddenly appeared in Arnin's mind. What about the lessons? He already paid for the class so he might as well go and learn things he doesn't already know. 


    Arnin headed to the lesson area. He didn't bring Lilise or Nekaia along because he was only going there to learn more about the orb and its functions. His walk to the open forest area was filled with the sound of chirping birds and whistling wind. After walking for another ten minutes, people finally started to come in sight. Although there were many kids around the same age as him and some were slightly older he didn't recognize any of them because he never really cared to speak to them. However, there was one person he did recognize, granny Varena. She was the woman who had seen his mom grow up and was also their neighbor. She didn't notice him so he walked towards her himself. He was a distant person, but he wasn't going to ignore a person that had been nice to his mom since she was young. 

    "Granny Varena!" Arnin called out loudly. He only called her granny because she was called aunt by his mom, so to not mess up the seniority he decided to call her granny. 
    Granny Varena turned around and noticed the young but handsome Arnin run over. She smiled lightly before waving towards him. 

    "Little Arnin, how are you? Are you also going to the lessons today?" Granny Varena looked at Arnin with a deep smile. To her, Arnin was like a grandchild, so she enjoyed his company. 

    "Yea, I am heading to the lesson ground. What about you? Are you here to watch or are you bringing someone to the lessons?" Arnin was somewhat surprised to see Granny Varena heading to the lessons. Of course, she wasn't going to attend them because of her age, but none of her children could attend them either. They were all grown up and even had some children now. Just as he asked that question, two children walked out from behind her. There was a boy and a girl. The boy had brownish yellow hair that reached just below his ears. His grass green eyes looked at Arnin with no emotion. Beside the boy was a girl with silky, chocolate hair that reached her back. She looked at Arnin with her black misty eyes with curiosity.

    "These two are my grandchildren, Vizran and Navo. Both of them are five-years-old, just like you. maybe you guys can become friends?" Granny Varena kind heartedly recommended to Arnin. Vizran, the boy, ignored the comment and looked to the side. Navo, the girl, hid behind her grandma, acting like a cat. Granny Varena helplessly shook her head when she saw how her grandchildren reacted. She apologetically looked at Arnin, who in turn smiled and waved his hand. Arnin didn't mind their attitudes because he was going to leave the village very soon. Arnin spoke a little more with Granny Varena before quickly running to the lesson place. He wasn't too far from the place and so he decided that we would get this done with and head back. He still needed to look after the training of Nekaia and Lilise. 

    When he got to the lesson area, he saw the old man and a new woman helping him. The old man noticed Arnin's appearance and quickly came to greet him. 

    "Little Arnin, is there something that you need? Just state it and this old man will help you acquire it!" The old man proudly stated. After the incident with Avian, he knew that these children were important and not to be offended. 

    "Old man…" Arnin didn't know the name of the old man so he tried to stretch out his sentence so that the old man could tell him. 

    "Uvan, this old man is called called Uvan. So what did little Arnin need?" Uvan didn't mind licking his boots, he could even become Arnin's horse if need be. 

    "Old man Uvan, I need you to help me understand our cultivation orbs. I want to know how they work, what they are used for and how to cultivate with them." Arnin wanted to know many things, but he just wanted to learn the basics first. Although he found a way to cultivate them, that was only using his past knowledge of cultivation, so it wasn't the most effective method. He wanted to compare what he created with the normal cultivation method. If he could, he wanted to improve on his own cultivation method. It was created by him making it easier to understand

    "So little Arnin is here for that. I can of course explain to you what little knowledge I have, however it wou-" Uvan stopped speaking when he saw Arnin toss a silver coin into the air and catch it once more. There was mocking smile on his face when he looked at Uvan, who took a big gulp. 

    "If you want this coin, then stop the useless chatter. You give me what I want and I will give you what you want. Acting like an amiable old man? Don't make me laugh! I know how you greedy people are, so just do what I asked you and I will give you this coin!" Arnin was irritated with Uvan because of his shameless behavior. Uvan, on the other hand, kept staring at the coin like a starving beast looking at food. His eyes were slightly red, but he still held himself back.  

    "Little Arnin, you know how to make someone happy. Haha! Ok, let me quit the useless chatter and explain what I know." Uvan pulled himself together and began his explanation on the orbs. "As you already know, every person is born with a cultivation orb in their body, which makes it possible for almost anyone to cultivate. However, there are always exceptions to this rule. One exception is that an Orb that is incapable of cultivation. This means that a person's orb is just too weak and is unable to properly assimilate worldly essence. Of course there are ways to fix this; medication, duo-cultivation, and some more. The second exception includes people with certain diseases or conditions that either indirectly or directly affect their orb. The former is easier to deal with because an indirect effect will still allow cultivation to be doable, however the latter is trickier. A condition directly linked to the orb is more difficult to handle because it specifically affects the cultivation of the person. Without a way to cultivate, one won't be able to strengthen themselves, plus many treatments require essence inside the person's body." When old man Uvan began to talk about the direct orb conditions, Arnin knew that the one Lilise had was under this category. However, the mark was able to collect essence so it wasn't considered a terrible condition, but just to make sure that he didn't treat it improperly, Arnin needed to know how a normal doctor would treat it. 

    "Old man Uvan, how would you treat a person with a direct orb condition? Like, say the direct orb condition is in the form of a mark that devours the worldly essence for itself, not allowing the user to get any of it. How would you treat this?" Uvan was surprised towards Arnin's specific question, but he decided not to ask anything and answered willing.

    "That type of condition is called a 'cultivation curse mark', and it has many levels. It should be treated in the early stages because it is quite easy then, but when it starts to grow, it could at one point become life threatening. A worm-like mark is considered the easiest to treat because it is the beginning stages of the condition. As the curse mark grows, the shape also begins to change. The highest level mark will not only devour worldly essence, but also bodily fluids, life force, and even cells. It is the most extreme type and is also very rare." Arnin was somewhat surprised that such a condition existed. He became even more interested in the worlds essence that could give birth to such a deadly condition.

    "Can you tell me how to treat the worm-like curse mark and how to help them regain the ability to cultivate?" Arnin was serious during this mini lesson because he could unmask some of the major questions that he had. 

    All the other children were ready to proceed with the lessons, but when they saw that the scholar was busy with Arnin, many became angry.

    "What is that old man doing there? We payed for these lessons so he should at least teach us at the proper time!" A child who looked around seven spoke with annoyance to a child beside him.

    "Exactly! I paid good many for this, so He should teach us what he is supposed to." The younger child was also very mad. Talonton village was not a rich village so the parents of every child had a limited amount if money. Since they used that money for the lessons and the scholar wasn't even teaching them, many had dark expressions. The seven year old child decided to be the common man's hero and began to walk in Arnin's direction.

    "Mister scholar, when will you begin the lessons? If we begin too late, we will not have enough time to-" Just as the seven year old was complaining in a humble manner, Arnin slowly walked towards him. His face was dark because he was in the middle of learning about the condition, but an annoying pest came out of nowhere and disturbed him. "Little kid, when two people are talking, you shouldn't interrupt. Do you not know manners?" The seven year old arrogantly berated Arnin, his nose slowly rising higher into the sky.

    Arnin vanished from the child's view before reappearing behind him. He grabbed the child's arms and pressed his foot onto his back. Slowly, he pulled the seven year olds arms and pushed from his foot. The child and everyone watching became terrified and angry. How fast was this youth? Was he insane?

    "What are you doing?! Do you know who I am?! I am related to the village elder so you better let go- AHHH!" A snap was heard from the child's arms before Arnin released them, letting them land weakly beside the boy. The seven year old began to cry hysterically. "MOM! DAD!" The child screamed from the top of his lungs as tears and snot started to mix together on his face. Arnin coldly looked at the boy and spoke  with a cold tone.

    "Do you know why I broke your arms? Let me tell you why. When someone is talking, one should patiently wait at the side. You didn't do that, so I needed to punish you for your crimes." Arnin said the same thing that the seven year old said to him previously "I went easy on you for now, but next time something like this happens, your arms won't be the only thing I break!" Arnin lost his cool when the kid disturbed him. He didn't mind killing people, so why would he care about breaking another person's arms? The child was being arrogant and a hypocrite, which Arnin found to be a good excuse for his actions. He only cared about whether he could get what he wanted or not.
    Everyone became silent when they saw what happened. They looked at Arnin in horror and anger. What did that kid do to get his arms broken? He only wanted to call the scholar for the lessons. What a ruthless and evil character. Just as everyone was silently looking at Arnin in fear and hatred, a couple sprinted through the entrance of the lesson area. There was worry and anger on their faces. The mother had tears falling down her face. When both parent finally got to the little boy, their eyes became even more red. They viciously looked at Arnin and released their own auras.

    "Why the hell did you break his arms?! You demon child, today I will rip you to shreds!" The woman, who was most likely the mother of the seven year old, glared murderously at Arnin.

    "Why did I break his arms? Let me see, why did I break his arms?" Arnin put on a pondering expression as he pretended to think of a reason. This action infuriated the parents even further, but Arnin could care less.

    "Oh, now I remember. He was a little too impatient for his own good, so I needed to teach him about how one should act. Your welcome!" Arnin smiled wickedly towards the couple before releasing his own aura.
  • Chapter 12: Orb Birth - Sky vs Orb Birth- Heaven

    The parents of the child got up together. The father took the seven-year-old in his arms as he began to calm him down. The mother, on the other hand, released all of her aura as she walked towards Arnin. The aura she released was higher than Arnin's, but it wasn't in the Essence Manifest realm yet. The woman was in Orb Birth - Heaven, and not only that, it seemed like she was at the peak of the realm. Arnin wasn't flustered in any way because he had always wanted to fight an Orb Birth - Heaven cultivator. It would help him understand how far he could go with his current strength.
    Uvan watched silently without showing any effort to interfere. He also didn't like the way Arnin handled the situation, but because of Avian, he couldn't berate him either. His only option was to let Arnin handle the woman himself. He would only interfere if things looked really bad.
    An Orb Birth - Sky vs an Orb Birth - Heaven. This was an unexpected match, but many of the children became extremely excited. A particular group of three were horrified by the scene in front of them. Granny Varena and her two grandchildren, Vizran and Navo, were watching Arnin from the side, silently. Granny looked at Arnin with mixed feelings. She didn't like what Arnin did but because he was Ashia's son, she still wanted to help him. 
    "Miss Orsesa, would you mind letting little Arnin off just thi-" Before Granny Varena could even finish her sentence, the mother, who was supposedly named Orsesa, gave her a glare. There was an intense amount of murderous intent filled in the gaze, which caused Granny Varena to take a couple steps back. 
    "So, your name is Orsesa? Well stop picking on others and just concentrate on me! Just like your son, seems like you want to waste my time as well. Granny Varena, it's alright. I will handle these kitties soon." Arnin mocked the mother and even taunted her, causing Orsesa to become extremely mad. Granny Varena was silent and looked at Arnin without saying a word. She loved Arnin, but she couldn't help him because he was in the wrong. 
    "Arnin, which I presume is your name, let's begin. Don't go crying to your mom when I completely cripple you!" Orsesa snickered before launching her first attack. Everyone was surprised that Orsesa took the initiative, but no one said anything about it. Arnin was in the wrong, and his attitude also made them very angry. 
    Orsesa didn't try to sneak behind Arnin, rather she made a clear frontal assault. Her speed was much quicker than that of the village elder when he was in Orb Birth - Hell mode, however, Arnin wasn't too surprised. He just took a deep breath before narrowing his eyes and concentrating on Orsesa. A red light sparked in his eyes, but no one noticed it at that moment. They were too busy watching Orsesa rush towards Arnin with unimaginable speed. Most people watching were Orb Birth - Earth, with some being Orb Birth - Sky, this excluded Uvan, and the seven year old's father. Orsesa reached Arnin before grabbing towards his arms. In her mind, Arnin was only at Orb Birth - Sky so he wouldn't be able to counter any of her moves, but she could only blame herself for underestimating Arnin from the beginning. A hand caught her own and another hand quickly grabbed her neck. As she was lifted into the air, her eyes widely looked at Arnin who scornfully smiled at her. Orsesa quickly calmed down before grabbing Arnin's hands and inserting orb threads into his blood. Arnin's hands felt numb before his grip on Orsesa weakened enough to allow her to escape. 
    "That was a good trick! I didn't think you could use the orb threads like that. Haha!" Arnin was excited to find new methods to use the threads. He didn't think it could be used for direct attacks, but now that he knew he would be able to increase his battle strength two-fold. 
    Arnin didn't allow her to attack first this time, rather he rushed towards her and slowly released some threads. The threads crept towards her legs before he jumped into the air. Orsesa tried to jump aside, but her legs were numb, which made her movements extremely slow. She was shocked at how quickly and suddenly she was trapped. Arnin landed hard on her legs, causing Orsesa to scream out loud. He tried to grab her hair, but he was punched away by the disheveled woman. Her hair was in a mess, and she was limping because of her legs. Arnin smiled towards her before directing his threads out once more. Orsesa was blazing before she gathered a small number of threads around her injured leg. The pain numbed which allowed her to regain proper movement. 
    "Another trick? Hmm, if you could numb a part of a body, can you.." Arnin thought of an idea when he saw how Orsesa was able to numb a part of her body. If she could numb it, then couldn't he try to strengthen it? But how was he going to do that? With Orsesa trying to catch her breath, Arnin was able to test out some things very quickly. He inserted some of his threads in the blood around his hands, but he only felt numbness. He tried to increase the number of threads, but that only caused more numbness. Just as he was going to try something else, Orsesa rushed towards him one more time. She vanished from his sight and appeared behind him. This time she didn't try to grab him, she only went straight for a punch. Arnin stood there with his eyes closed, he directed his threads towards his back in order to numb it. He wanted to see whether he could reduce any of the damage or pain. The punch landed directly on his back, causing the spectators to turn their heads away in fright. Arnin was blasted off his feet, but he felt very little pain from his back. While in the air, he smiled slightly before coughing a small amount of blood. The damage was reduced slightly, which made Arnin extremely happy. He turned his body around in midair, only to see Orsesa right in front of him. Her face was malicious, but Arnin only smirked. Just as she was about to reach him, he kicked his foot into her face and moved further back. Orsesa had dirt all over her face, and there was even a footprint. She was enraged even further, but Arnin continued to smile. When he landed on the ground, he numbed both his hands with the threads and rushed towards her with lightning speed. 
    "What speed is this? It's even faster than Miss Orsesa's!" All the people were alarmed at Arnin's speed. It was much quicker than before and even reached a limit faster then Orsesa's. 
    Orsesa was horrified but held her position like a rock; unmoving. In front of her was the swift Arnin, but suddenly he disappeared like smoke. She felt pain on her back before being launched into the air. Her head turned, only to see nothing there. She felt another burst of pain on her left cheek before being blown back once again. Arnin held nothing back and attacked her from all directions. Orsesa spat out blood whenever she got hit, her consciousness slowly blurred. She cursed Arnin in her mind before taking the last hit without any resistance. She was kicked beside the father and the seven-year-old. She was unconscious and there were bruises all over her face and body. Arnin gracefully landed further back and looked at the unconscious Orsesa with a smile. 
    "That was a fun spar. When you wake up, please do come find me" Arnin dusted himself off before walking towards the exit. He walked by Uvan and gave a look. "I lost my interest, so take this coin for now. I will be back again, so you better not run away or do something stupid." Arnin tossed a coin towards Uvan before walking off.

    The father quickly kneeled before Orsesa and checked her pulse. When he found nothing wrong with it, he sighed in relief before picking her up. He looked at Arnin with an intense amount of hatred.  
    "Little kid, you are lucky that my wife and child are injured. If they weren't, I would have ended your life right now!" The father whispered to himself and disappeared from everyone's sight. Arnin had a chilling smile when he finally vanished as well. 
    When Arnin finally left, everyone started to discuss what happened with astonishment. An Orb Birth - Sky cultivator beat an Orb Birth - Heaven cultivator? How was that even possible? People were still very flustered because of the events, but they could only accept the truth that they saw with their own eyes. Conversations were erupting everywhere, however, three people were silently standing and looking at the direction Arnin left in. 
    "Navo, Vizran, I don't know why Arnin is like this, but I want both of you to ignore what has happened today. Try to keep a distance from him and do not get on his bad side. I will speak to Ashia about today's events." Granny Varena did not wish for her grandchildren to fall under any bad circumstances because of Arnin's actions or even be hurt by him. She was frightened by his actions, but because of her relationship with Ashia, she couldn't hate Arnin. Although she thought it was his fault, she couldn't completely hate him. 

    Arnin was walking with blood stains and his clothes in tatters. He wasn't seriously injured or had any deep wounds, but he got punched around enough for him to spill some blood. However, Arnin didn't care about any of these things. He was fully engrossed in the threads inside his body. During the fight, he learned a new use of the threads and even thought of ways to implement them in different ways. 
    While walking, he was trying to figure out how to strengthen his body rather than numb it. The threads could go into the blood and stop movement, which would cause some numbness. If more threads were added, then they could even reach the nerves, which would amplify that numbness. However, he still couldn't figure out a way to strengthen his body parts. Suddenly, Arnin stopped walking and a thought crossed his mind. He strengthened Lilise's body with his threads by placing symbols in her blood vessels. Those symbols, like a vacuum, absorbed worldly essence which then strengthened the body to a new level. However, this strengthening would take a long time because it would be permanent. Arnin created the symbols once more and started to gather them onto his right hand, however it was still slow. Arnin thought for a long time before thinking of another possible solution. What if he added the symbols directly onto a portion of his orb threads? Then couldn't he strengthen the area that the threads pass through for a short period of time? 
    Without even knowing, Arnin reached his home. He got out of his trance and found Ashia and Florian putting clothes on a line. Lilise and Nekaia were nowhere to be seen. Ashia bent down to grab another wet piece of clothing when she saw something on from the corner of her eyes. She turned her head and found a bloody and tattered Arnin. Her eyes widened before she rushed towards him. 
    "ARNIN!" She screamed. Her eyes were already watery when she reached him. Florian heard her scream and when he saw the scene, he darted towards Arnin with a heavy heart. Nekaia and Lilise who weren't seen before rushed out of the house and saw Arnin's state, almost tripping over themselves. Arnin was surprised because of everyone's reaction, but when he looked down and saw how he looked, he released a sigh. He completely forgot that he was in a 'bad' state. Ashia reached Arnin and began to inspect his body. Her red eyes were misty, which hindered her inspection. Florian noticed and moved Ashia aside. He did the inspection and tried to see if there were any major injuries. Arnin was stripped by his parents, but he didn't think much about it. He was five years old. His dirt and blood covered shirt was thrown onto the ground by Florian, who used a clean cloth to wipe the sweat and blood off him. After Arnin was slightly cleaned by the cloth, Florian began another small inspection, but couldn't find anything major. There were a couple of bruises, but nothing serious. Florian also released some of his orb threads into Arnin's body just to make sure nothing was wrong inside of him. He sighed in relief when nothing was found. 
    "Arnin, what happened? Who did this to you? Tell dad and I will go teach them a lesson!" Florian was furious. He wanted to go and find the person who put his son in such a condition. He didn't question whether it was someone else who hurt him or if it was just an accident. The bruises looked like wounds from a fight, so he didn't need to ask. 
    "Arnin dear, tell mom what happened. Who did this to you?" Ashia tightly hugged Arnin and questioned what happened. Arnin just shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. 
    "Mom, dad, it was nothing. I just sparred with someone, so I have slight injuries. It is nothing too bad. If someone really wanted to hurt me, would I only have light bruises?" Arnin's question stumped both parents and made them embarrassingly cough. Of course, they knew about spars between children. It was very common to get injuries during a spar, so what Arnin said was reasonable. Florian calmed down and dragged Arnin to the bath area. 

    "Arnin, since you are here and dirty, come take a bath. Let your dad give you one." Florian smiled before pulling Arnin away. Ashia was left with Nekaia and Lilise in front of the house. Ashia laughed before wiping her eyes that were filled with tears that didn't drop. She took a deep breath before walking back to the clothes. 
    "Nekaia, Lilise, make sure that when you train with Arnin, do not let him do anything too strenuous. If anything happens, tell me immediately. Also, try to ask him about the spar if possible because I have a feeling he is hiding something." Ashia was feeling uneasy about the whole spar thing. Arnin was already much stronger than any of the children in the village, so he wouldn't need to spar anyone his age, let alone get injured. That only left the older generation of the village. Arnin was stronger than Orb Birth - Hell cultivators, at least he was able to defeat the village elder in one hit when he was in Orb Birth - Hell, so the person he 'sparred' with was most likely high ranked in the village. But who? 
    Ashia was distracted and didn't notice that Nekaia and Lilise already left. While she was putting up the clothes, Granny Varena arrived with her two grandchildren. Ashia was oblivious to their arrival so she couldn't go and receive them.
    "Little Ashia, are you busy? I need to speak with you." Granny Varena walked closer and spoke in a somewhat reserved manner. Ashia turned around and smiled gently towards her. 
    "Aunt Varena, I am sorry, I didn't see you there. No,  I am not busy, so of course we can speak." Ashia smiled at Aunt Varena and the two children. She wiped her forehead before taking Aunt Varena to the clean grass. Both women sat down with the children, but aunt Varena had a serious expression. 
    "What is it, aunty? Did something happen?" Ashia got worried and questioned. Aunt Varena took a deep breath before speaking. 
    "I want to talk about what happened today at the lessons. Arnin was there as well and this is about him. Has he come home yet?" Ashia nodded slightly before gesturing towards the bath area. 
    "So he is already here? Well, you probably saw him in a tattered state, right? I am here to talk to you about that. Today at the lessons…" Aunt Varena slowly recalled the events with some fear and worry. Ashia felt like she was struck with lightning. She grabbed her head with one hand while the other was placed on her chest. Both her head and heart felt like they were tearing slowly. Ashia couldn't help but breath rapidly before her eyes shut and she blacked out.
  • Chapter 13: Tears of Sadness

    Granny Varena was shocked when she saw Ashia faint. She quickly tried to wake Ashia up, but there was no response. She checked her breathing and luckily it was normal. KNowing that Ashia was not in danger, Granny Varena had Navo and Vizran get Florian. 

    Five minutes later, Florian came rushing out the house with Arnin in tow. Both of them had an extremely worried looks on their faces when they saw Ashia laying on the ground unconscious. Florian quickly checked her pulse and breathing. After finding everything to be normal, he heaved a sigh of relief. Arnin also came around and began a more in-depth inspection. He inserted threads into her body to see if the blood or anything had injuries or abnormalities. He was glad to find that nothing was wrong. Arnin then looked at Granny Varena.

    "Granny, did something happen? Do you know why my mom fainted? Did she fall out of nowhere or did something happen?" Arnin had a feeling that the reason she fainted was closely related to him. 

    "Umm, Arnin I think I know why she fainted. I told her about... what happened during the lessons." Granny Varena spoke with some hesitation when mentioning the lessons. Arnin wasn't surprised, rather he felt helpless. Even he knew that doing such a thing would cause Ashia to feel pain. Florian, on the other hand, was oblivious as to what happened during the lessons. He looked at Arnin questionably.

    "Dad, it wasn't something major. I just injured another child and fought with his mother. It wasn't something serious." Arnin spoke like it was an everyday issue, however Florian was shocked. He looked at Arnin with a glare before turning to look back at Ashia. 

    Several minutes passed, before Ashia finally woke up. The first face she saw was that of Florian's. She sat up slowly with her eyes still somewhat droopy. Ashia looked around and saw some familiar faces. When her eyes finally landed on Arnin, she stopped. Her eyebrows wrinkled before she stood up.

    "Aunt Varena, thank you for coming today. I need to speak with Arnin, so you should go home early." Ashia walked away while holding onto Arnin's hand. Florian followed behind, while Granny Varena left with her two grandchildren. 

    Inside the house, Arnin was silently standing in front of Ashia and Florian. Florian didn't say much and only looked at Arnin with a piercing gaze. Ashia had a complicated glare. It was both of anger and frustration. 

    "Arnin, you tell me. What happened during the lessons? If you lie even a little, then you can forget about going to some academy." Ashia used a harsh tone when she spoke. Her face was red and sweaty. Arnin was quiet before he told them what happened. He told her about why he went to the lessons, why he broke the arms of the seven year old, and what the dad said before he left. 

    Ashia and Florian were frightened by the things Arnin told them. Just because of an interruption he broke the child's arms? He was threatened by an Essence Manifest - Earth realm practitioner? Ashia felt a huge headache come about when she heard the news. She was extremely frightened. Who wouldn't want to avenge their children? She couldn't find fault in the actions of the mother and father. She could only see Arnin's mistake. Ashia got up and grabbed Arnin's hand one more time. 

    "We are going to go to that family and beg for forgiveness. You caused this so you better not walk away." Ashia didn't even turn back when she spoke. 

    "No, mom. I am not going to apologize to tho-" Before Arnin could even finish, a palm struck his face. A red mark appeared on his right cheek. Ashia had just slapped him. 
    Florian and Arnin were shocked. They never imagined that Ashia would slap him. She had never truly hit Arnin or anybody. This was the first time.

    "Arnin, I don't want to hear another word out of you. Do you not even understand what you did? You broke the arms of a seven year old just because he interrupted you! How could you do something like that? You even fell out with both of that child's parents. One of them, who neither me or your dad can even face, has threatened you! How do you think we feel?" Ashia began to scream at Arnin with tears falling down her cheeks. She was of course mad about how Arnin broke the arms of a seven year old, but she was more worried about the threat that the seven year olds father gave to Arnin. Neither her or Florian could handle such a person. Suddenly she pulled Arnin into her arms and cried silently.

    "Why did you have to injure them? I just want you to be safe. If you have a problem, why don't you tell your parents about it?" Arnin, who silently listened to his mother's weeping, finally understood that he was not the same Demon Lord he was in the past. He had a family now and they cared about him. Arnin couldn't help but close his eyes and allow the warmth penetrate his very being. 
    "Mom, I'm sorry. I will go and apologize to them myself. You and dad don't need to blame yourself for what I did." Arnin silently whispered to his mother. He felt extremely guilty for what he did. 

    "Be quiet Arnin. What if he suddenly attacks you? I can't let my little boy go there alone. Dad and I will come with you. And next time, if you have a problem just tell me or dad, ok?" Ashia used her sleeve to wipe her tears as she gently grabbed onto to Arnin's hand. She quietly took Arnin to the family's home. She knew exactly where the family lived when she heard the mothers name; Orsesa. This woman was very high in rank. Her husband, Viret, was the son of the second strongest person in the village. Ashia, as a commoner, needed to know who the high ranked people were, so she knew of the whereabouts of Orsesa.  

    Arnin silently followed behind with clenched fists. He knew that he had to bow towards the couple, so he was extremely mad, however since it was because of his mother he was willing. As the three reached an area with large houses, they were met with weird looks. Since, Florian and Ashia did not make much money, they did not have good clothes, so they stood out in a place where people wore somewhat expensive clothes. When Florian saw the people looking at them with weird gazes, he clenched his fists and looked at Ashia and Arnin with determination. He really wanted his family to live well but because of his lack of strength he was unable to make lots of money. Ashia and Arnin ignored the people's looks and continued to walk. Finally, they reached a large house that had clean wood walls and a beautiful stone roof. It was much larger and looked better than their own home, but the three were not intimidated in any way. 

    *Knock Knock*
    Ashia went up and knocked on the door. A few minutes later, the wooden door opened up without rumbles or creeks. A man with hazel eyed and brown haired walked out the door. He had sweat dripping from his forehead and had a frown on his face. He angrily swept his gaze on the people with little to no expression, but when he saw Arnin, his eyes flared. 
    "YOU?! What are you doing here?! Are you seeking death?!" Viret, maniacally screamed at Arnin. Ashia and Florian quickly got in front of Arnin and looked at Viret. 
    "Sir Viret, please calm your anger. We are the parents of Arnin and have come to your home to apologize. Please!" Florian tried his best to calm Viret down. As the person with the highest realm, he knew that he has to speak up first. 
    "Apologize? After your demon child broke my son's arm and injured my beloved wife, you think an apology will suffice?" The man was spoke with a seething hatred. How could he ever forgive Arnin for what he did? As a father and a husband, he was unable to forgive Arnin. 
    "Sir, then please tell us what you would like us to do. I just hope that you can spare my child, please!" Florian was anguished when he saw the reaction of Viret. He knew that things were extremely bad and that something needed to be done quick or Arnin would not be safe. 
    "Compensation? Can you even afford that? No, I want a tooth for a tooth! Since that demon broke my son's arms, you must break his. If not, break your own!" Viret said what he wanted, but it stunned the couple. Ashia looked Viret with anger, but still stood in front of Arnin to protect him. Florian didn't even turn around before walking up to Viret. 
    "You want to break my arms? Here do it! I just hope that this will allow you to spare my child!" Florian looked at Viret with determination. He couldn't allow his son to break his arms, so Florian sacrificed his own. Arnin and Ashia were surprised, but Ashia continued to stand in front of Arnin. Arnin couldn't see the small tears appearing in her eyes, however he noticed Ashia trembling. 
    "Dad, don't do it! Just call the village elder, he can talk this out with them!" Florian only smiled at Arnin before standing firmly in front of Viret. He was willing to sacrifice his arms for his son's life anyday. Viret maniacally grabbed onto Florian's arm and started to pull. Florian trembled, but held his ground. Ashia began to silently cry, but didn't let Arnin go by her. Arnin's pupils turned from black to red. Veins appeared on his forehead at the sight of his father in pain. 
    Snap! Florian's face went pale when his first arm broke. Ashia couldn't help it anymore and turned around. When she did, she noticed one of Arnin's tattoo glowing. His eyes were furiously red, and veins were appearing everywhere. Just as she was about to reach out for him, Arnin disappeared from her sight. 
    "AHHHH!" Viret screamed loudly. Ashia turned around and Florian opened his eyes. The sight caused them to take a couple steps back. One of Viret's arms was missing. Blood was profusely spilling out. 

    "How dare you hurt my father! I will slaughter you and your family!" Arnin, who was standing behind Viret, chillingly spoke. What caused everyone's hairs to stand was the fact that in Arnin's right hand was Viret's missing arm. 

    Ashia and Florian were frightened by Arnin's actions. Ashia quickly rushed towards Arnin.  

    "Arnin, stop it! Calm down, Arnin! Dad's alright. Arnin!" Florian called out to Arnin many times. Arnin only looked at Florian with deep sadness. 

    "Dad, it was your son that caused you to feel such pain. I will fix everything and leave. I will not bring you more pain." Tears fell from Arnin's face. Arnin, who lived for over a hundred million years, had only ever shed tears once. That was when his family was annihilated. This was his second time ever losing himself in sadness. 

    A sinister aura erupted from Arnin. A single tattoo lit up and released a small gaseous substance. The black gas masked Arnin and the house, leaving Ashia and Florian outside. 

    "Arnin! Arnin! Please, stop it." Ashia screamed from the top of her lungs, but there was no answer, She tried to touch the gas, but it knocked her back. More and more people began to come out of their homes and look at what was happening. 

    "Florian, go and call the village elder! He may be able to help." Ashia quickly told Florian to call the village elder, who was the strongest in the village. Just as Florian was about to leave, the gas began to fade away. Both Ashia and Florian ran towards the home, only to find that it was a wreck. The roof was no longer on top, and the door was crumbled into pieces. The glass windows were shattered and the walls were collapsing. 

    "Arnin, where are you?!" Ashia madly screamed for her child. Suddenly, a trail of blood began to appear. The dust had yet to fade, but the blood was still discernible. Her eyes followed the trail, only to see three bodies lying on a pool of blood. Beside the bodies was Arnin. His body had cuts and bruises all over. His hair was a mess and his clothes were shredded. Arnin's knuckles had ripped skin and were covered in a grey light. He turned his head slowly and looked at his parents. Ashia and Florian cried when they saw half his face had a large cut and tears of blood dripping down. 

    "Mom, Dad, I caused lots of pain for you guys. Because of me, you had to bow your heads towards such beasts. Not only that, dad got his arm broken because of me." Arnin spoke mournfully.

    "Arnin, its ok! Just come to mom. Everything will be fine, just come to me." Ashia wiped her eyes, but the trembling of her voice was clearly heard by Arnin, who could only clench his fists. 

    "Mom, I hope that you live well in the city. When I one day become strong enough to protect you, I will come back for you, Nekaia and dad. Just take care of yourselves." Arnin vanished from their sights, leaving only the destroyed home and the cold bodies. Ashia fell onto her knees before she began to cry loudly, Florian tried to hold his tears back, but it became difficult. 

    The village elder was busy in his study, scribbling words on a piece of paper. Suddenly, he felt a familiar sinister aura erupt from far away. He got up from his desk, but then a figure appeared in front of him. 
    "Arnin? Is that you?" The village elder saw the three tattoos and immediately associated the figure with Arnin. He helped Arnin up onto his seat. 
    "Elder, give me the location of the academy. I will meet you there. I can't stay in the village anymore so I need to leave right away. Do not tell my parents where the academy is located, please. Sign this contract for me." Arnin spoke very quickly, not giving the elder anytime to understand what was going on. 
    "Arnin, slow down. What happened? Why are you in such a state? And why do you want to leave so quickly? Tell me, what happened?" Arnin didn't answer his questions and gave him the contract. 
    "Just sign this. Know this, my parents cannot come find me until I find them myself. I did something that I shouldn't have so I need to leave." Arnin briefly explained what happened which caused the village elder to stumble with shock. He couldn't believe that Arnin did such a thing. A five year old killed three people? The village elder took a deep breath before signing the contract. 
    "Alright, I won't tell anyone where you are . I'll bring Elidia and Lilise to the academy in three days time. Don't worry about your family's safety, everything will be taken care of. Here is the map for the academy's location." With that said, Arnin gave the village elder a smile, then disappeared from the room with the map that the village elder gave to him.
  • Chapter 14: Strength Upgrade

    After Arnin met with the village elder, he decided he needed to find a secluded area. When his dad's arm was broken, a tattoo on his forehead lit up because of his rampaging emotions. Although he still had control over himself, Arnin's rage still triggered a reaction from the tattoo. The tattoos on his head were not his sealed powers, but they had a connection with them. The tattoos had the ability to control and bring out his real power, which was Arnin's final trump card in case of an emergency. Now that one of the tattoos was controlling his original powers, he needed to seal it up once more. If he let it stay unsealed, then his powers would erupt and devour the essence around him. 

    Arnin ran to the lesson area very quietly. He bypassed many people without them even noticing his presence, until he found a cave just outside the lesson area. Luckily there were no essence beasts, or Arnin would have had to fend them off with his powers. The cave devoured Arnin's shadow as he walked into the chilling darkness. Water droplets fell from the top of the cave. That sound was the only thing he could hear other than his own breathing. The rocky ground caused Arnin to stumble many times as he walked because with the impenetrable darkness in front, Arnin could only feel out his surroundings. 

    After walking for what seemed like a decade, Arnin sat straight onto the ground. He felt his hand touch a sharp rock that slightly impaled his skin, leaving a small wound on his palm. Arnin chose to ignore the gash and began the sealing process. Since his powers were extremely strong and immense, the time it took seal them was more than a few seconds. Arnin closed his eyes and followed his blood towards the tattoos. When he got there, he found that there was a cube-like object inside his forehead. A bright light from the tattoo had attached itself onto the cube. There was no damage, but the light was stuck onto the cube like glue. Arnin tried to command the tattoo to leave the cube, but there was no reaction. He then tried to use some of his original gaseous powers to cut the light, but that only made the light brighter. Arnin was stumped. With his original powers, this would have been as easy as breathing, but now that he couldn't use them, he had to depend on other means. 

    While Arnin was thinking, his essence orb started to vibrate and release a dark light. Black threads shot out from the orb and traveled directly towards the cube that sealed his powers. Arnin watched in shock as to what was happening. He never directed the orb to do anything, so why was it acting on its own? Arnin decided to observe the clash and see what would happen. 

    The black threads buried themselves into the cube and began to become darker and redder. After the threads became pitch black with a red hue surrounding them, they got out of the cube and attacked the tattoo light. Arnin, who was watching this from the side, began to get a splitting headache. The threads continuously attacked the tattoo light, while the other attacked the threads. At first, the light had the advantage, but because the orb was providing energy for the threads, the tattoo fell to a disadvantage. Arnin was unable to watch what was happening because of the intense pain he was feeling. Even as a past Demon Lord, he had only felt such dreadful pain a couple of times. As the two powers rampaged inside his body, Arnin was not able to hold himself together and fainted. 

    The threads continued their attack and tried to absorb the light, while the light did the same. The essence orb became pitch black with a red hue around it, just like the threads. However, a symbol began to appear on the orb. It looked like the three tattoos on Arnin's forehead. The threads were gaining the advantage very quickly, and the light was becoming dimmer. Just as the tattoo light was about to get completely absorbed, the other two tattoos also lit up. Two new lights supported the first and began to thrash against the threads. With the two lights joining in, both powers became equivalent. The only way to break the equilibrium was if Arnin's real power joined in, however, both the thread and light would be absorbed immediately if that happened. The tattoo's on Arnin's head began to change somewhat with the new balance. There was now a small orb on each of the tattoo's tips. 

    Half an hour passed, and the two powers continued to be at a deadlock. Then suddenly, a saber-like object began to form. It was black with a red hue but also had the three grey lights mixed in. With the combination of the two powers, the color of saber gradually changed from a pitch black into a snow white. 


    Arnin was still oblivious as to what was happening inside of him. The only thing he could see were the faces of Ashia and Florian before they disappeared. The reluctant looks on their faces and the fear they had, penetrated deep into his soul. He was just happy that Nekaia didn't see anything. Suddenly, the pain he felt before disappeared. The darkness crumbled, taking away the faces of his family. Arnin did not have any reaction, only silently watching everything disappear. 

    When Arnin opened his now black-red eyes, he didn't see darkness anymore, he could clearly see the inside of the cave. Nothing changed, there weren't any torches or any sort of light. Arnin was astonished by what he saw and quickly remembered what happened inside of him. He dived back into his mind to find what had changed. When he reached the place where the threads and the light faced off, what he found astonished him. The threads and the light were gone. The only thing present, other than the cube that sealed his power, was a snow white sword that released a whitish grey gas. Arnin took a closer look at the sword and found that it was like a very long saber. The blade had a slight curve, while the handle was wrapped with what seemed like white flames. The sight was astonishing and extremely abnormal. Arnin did not feel uncomfortable with the sword in any way, rather he felt close to it. It felt like the cube and the orb; his own power. Arnin called for the saber, however, there was no answer. Arnin tried many more times, but the saber didn't respond. Arnin inspected it one more time, surprisingly found that the saber was a combination of his tattoo power and the power from his orb. He knew that the tattoo was able to control his real power, but never thought it would be its own system. 

    Realizing that he wasn't able to call upon the sword yet, Arnin began to thoroughly inspect his whole body for changes. To his surprise, he found that his orb threads that fed his entire body changed into pitch black with a red hue. They seemed much stronger and sturdier than before, plus they released the same aura as his original power. Arnin was extremely happy with the change because he was more comfortable with his original power than anything else. He had used it for more than a hundred million years so nothing was better. 

    As Arnin drowned himself in ecstasy because of the big change to his threads, he almost forgot to inspect the source of those threads; his essence orb. When he got to the orb, he found that just like the threads, it was darker and red, however, there was something new. Three symbols that resembled the tattoos were now on the orb. Arnin guessed that it was because the fight that happened before he fainted, so he didn't really think much about it. As long as it didn't harm him, he was relieved.

    Arnin stood up from the ground and stretched his sore body. Crackles resounded in the silent cave. Arnin began to head out from the cave, however, when he took his first step he realized he was much lighter now. Arnin was still confused as to how he could see in the cave and why he felt lighter. He knew he didn't make a breakthrough, all he could relate this change to was the combination of the tattoo, his power, and the orb. Arnin decided to see the threads in his eyes once again. He traced the threads all the way to his eyes and did a deep inspection. He found that there were many symbols deeply embedded inside his threads. They were similar to the ones he used for cultivation, however, the power resembled that of the tattoos. Arnin also noticed that there were slight differences in the symbols he made and the ones that was in his eyes. Rather than a single symbol, the ones in his eyes was compacted with many symbols. They were placed together in an octagon pattern, which seemed to absorb body essence and provide it to the eyes.

    Arnin's eyes lit up when he saw that. He finally understood why the symbols he was using before numbed different parts of his body. What he was absorbing before was the worldly essence, however, to strengthen a part of his body or improve it, he needed to use his own orb essence. Although the orb essence originally came from the world, the difference between the two was that the orb was able to convert the world essence to match Arnin's body. Arnin decided to do some more experiments with this new discovery. He applied the octagon pattern symbol to his arms and legs and found that there was already some patterns present and increasing the amount was not making much of a difference. Arnin could only experiment on others now that his body already had the patterns. 

    Outside the cave, the sky was dark which told Arnin that he was in the cave for a while. Arnin found himself a large boulder and sat on top of it. He looked at the night sky and started to think deeply about different things. Were his parents alright? Would his sister have awakened her memory the next time he met her? Where was Zhaik and how was he doing? Many things appeared in mind as he closed his eyes. 


    Arnin was sleeping on a large boulder in the middle of the forest. The rock was covered in the light of the sun that was able to escape the blockade of the large trees. Arnin slowly opened his eyes and blocked the light with his hands. Everything was still somewhat blurry, but after keeping his eyes open for a few seconds, the blurriness faded. Arnin got up from the boulder and stretched slightly. He then kicked his feet off the boulder and gently landed on the ground. He knew that he had to meet the village elder at the academy in two days time, so he pulled the map out of his pocket and began to study it. The map was small and only showed a small area. In the middle of the map was Talonton village, on the extreme top right side of the map was the academy that Arnin had to go to. There wasn't anything major on the road to the academy, only some dangerous areas that the village elder marked for Arnin. 

    Arnin studied the map for a while longer and decided on the path he would take to the academy. He didn't know how long it would take him exactly, so he wanted to leave as soon as possible. With everything set, he rushed towards the academy.


    While Arnin was making his way to the academy, the village elder was extremely busy at his home. 
    "Village elder, you must get justice for my son's family. Please, help me avenge my son." A large man that looked no younger than the village elder, was kneeling in front him. The man had a grievous look, with tears falling down his face. 

    "Zuko, I know what you are feeling, but I can't help you in this. The person that is supporting that family is not someone you or I can offend. If you go against that family, not only will I not support you, I will stop you with all costs." The village elder sighed as he looked at his saddened friend. The man in front of him was Zuko, the father of Viret. He was only second to the village elder and was even a large contributor to the village. The village elder was, of course, sad about the events that took place, but because of the contract he had with Arnin, he could only protect his family.  

    Zuko was shocked when he heard what the village elder said. "Village elder, why would you stand in my way to avenge my son's death? I have supported and protected this village for my entire life, even if you don't help me, you shouldn't go against me!" Zuko was more angry then sad. He was mad that his son was killed. He was angry that he couldn't even get the support of the village elder. Now he couldn't even avenge his son's family?

    "I am sorry, but I really can't help you, even if I wanted to" The village elder was helpless. The contract forced him to protect Arnin's family no matter what. 'So this is what he meant when he said no matter what?' The village elder mockingly sighed. He got tricked by a five-year-old to protect his family no matter the cost. The village elder had some fear growing inside of him because of Arnin's deep calculations. 


    As the two old people were discussing, the door to the village elder's home opened up. Three people walked into the house; Ashia, Nekaia, and Avian. Ashia and Nekaia had pale faces, while Avian had an angry one.

    "Village elder, tell me where Arnin is! I know you know where that brat is, so you better tell me!" Avian loudly spoke with great anger. When she finally came back from the city, she heard about what happened and was shocked. Arnin killed three people and fled the scene. The news shocked her and when she saw how Nekaia and everyone were handling it, she felt extremely mad. They were all depressed and gloomy, Ashia even had tear stains on her face.  

    "Who do you think you are, barging into this place? Don't think I won't dea-" Just as Zuko was about to berate Avian's manners, he felt his blood rush to his throat and coughed blood. A frightening aura erupted from Avian's body. It was not as sinister as Arnin's, but it was extremely powerful. 

    "Who do you think you are, old man? When I am speaking to someone, you need to silently wait in the corner. Now scram!" Avian didn't have time for Zuko's nonsense so she used the most effective way to shut him up; absolute strength. 

    "Miss Avian, please calm your anger." The village elder struggled to his feet under the terrifying pressure. He walked towards Avian with great fear and told her about the contract that Arnin had her sign. 

    "That stupid rascal and his contracts! Ashia, don't worry, I will get information about him as soon as possible." Avian gently looked at Ashia before glaring at the village elder. 

    "Little Ashia, Arnin told me to tell you that he doesn't wish for you to find him. He said that after he becomes stronger, he will come look for you himself. He just wants you guys to be safe." The village elder quickly spoke before stopping under Avian's penetrating stare. 

    "Village elder, was he alright? Is he safe right now? I hope that you can look after him for me. He is only five years old. I don't know what happened to him, but he is not a bad child. So please look after him." Ashia fell to her knees as she spoke with a sobbing voice. The village elder got on one knee and patted her head gently. 

    "It's ok dear, I will look after him. Nothing will happen to him with me around, so just live happily and leave the rest to me." The village elder whispered quietly to Ashia. Ashia got up slowly and nodded slightly towards the village elder before walking out with Avian and Nekaia. 

    After the three left, the village elder rushed towards Zuko and helped him up. Zuko, as a friend, I am telling you not to offend them. That woman is just not someone we can ever hope to take on. So please, for my sake, try to forget about it. Think about your remaining granddaughter, who was luckily not at the house when all of this happened. Take care of yourself so that she can also live knowing there is someone left." With that said, the village elder quietly left Zuko in the hall. Zuko silently cried for his son's family. He couldn't do anything except take care of his last family. 

    "Arnin, you devil spawn! You are lucky my granddaughter was spared. If she wasn't, I would have chased you for eternity." Zuko cursed under his breath before leaving the hall as well.
  • Chapter 15: The Lost Little Boy

    The towering trees blocked the light from entering their domain, standing tall like the guardians of the forest. A dark light dashed passed each tree, causing the leaves to shake back and forth. The figure that rushed past the trees slowly revealed his countenance under the gaps that the sun rays were able to sneak through. Hair as black as the night sky, but with a hint of stone like grey, swayed under the pressure of the wind that pushed against his face while he ran. Obsidian-like eyes that carried a hint of red menacingly gazed forward, making sure that all obstacles were evaded. 

    Arnin was a good distance away from the village. After his power upgraded, his speed was also increased exponentially. Within a few seconds, he was able to cover more than a few hundred meters. The map that Arnin was using had an easy route to get to the academy, however, it would force him to take a much longer time to get there. He had to circle around many dangerous areas that had essence beasts. Although the beasts were of the lowest level, even that was equivalent to a Essence Manifest - Earth realm cultivator. Arnin, who wanted to get to the academy as soon as possible, could care less about the obstacles. He decided to go straight through the dangerous areas, rather than wasting time with circling them. Plus, Arnin really wanted to see what the essence beasts looked like. Would they similar to the animal beasts that he had seen during his rise to become a demon lord? Would they be completely different? Arnin also wanted to gauge where he stood in terms of strength. He couldn't call Viret's death as a proper test because he used his original power, albeit a small amount, it still was his original power. 

    Arnin continued to travel through the dense forest. The map showed that he was approaching the first dangerous area and that he should take a right, however, Arnin kept running forward. A few minutes later, he finally approached a forest that seemed a lot brighter than the one he came from. Arnin took a quick stop to inspect his surroundings. He wasn't dumb enough to rush into the forest without making any plans. Arnin sat down cross-legged and began to adapt to the new environment by absorbing the essence. Surprisingly, his orb was able to absorb the essence at a much quicker rate and convert that essence into useful energy. Arnin continued his cultivation for ten minutes before getting up and continuing his journey. This time, he took his time to pass through the forest since it was dangerous grounds. The first thing Arnin decided to do was climb to the top of the trees and travel from a good height. If he could see what was approaching him from a distance,  he would then be able to properly prepare. 

    Arnin leaped up onto the closest tree and began to jump from branch to branch. With his strengthened vision, not only was he able to see better in the darkness, he was also able to see longer distances. While jumping, Arnin gathered that the deeper he went, the thicker the essence got. 

    'Is there perhaps a strong essence beast here?' Arnin could thought that a very strong beast was in the forest, which was the reason the essence was so thick. In the world of Afloria, cultivation was a norm, however, not everybody cultivated the same way. Humanoid creatures had orbs inside their bodies that converted worldly essence into bodily essence. This essence was however very nutritious for essence beasts. Unlike humanoid cultivators, essence beasts did not absorb worldly essence, they had to devour different creatures and plants to get their energy. Although it seemed to be a very tedious way to cultivate, it was far quicker than the method used by humanoid creatures. Plants and animals were everywhere, so they were able to get their essence quicker. The reason that worldly essence gathered around strong beasts was still unknown to common folk.

    Arnin continued to move forward, but this time he moved a lot slower. He needed to make sure that the beast would not attack him if it was really there. Arnin decided to get back onto the ground because the branches would not provide him with much movement and dodging capabilities. Arnin slowly moved deeper into the forest. He had yet to meet any essence beasts along his path which further provided evidence that a strong beast was present. The large beast would hunt down the smaller ones for its own cultivation, so why would there be any left? The beasts only moved on animal instinct so they did not care about extinction or endangerment of species. They only cared about whether they would get food or not. 

    *Clash, Clink*

    Just as Arnin was silently creeping forward, he heard some noises. It sounded similar to a blacksmith's swordsmithing. It was very similar, but not as high pitched. Arnin masked his presence by stopping his absorption of the essence and sealing any pores that would release energy waves. He crawled towards the sound and hid in a bush that was very close to the sound. Moving aside the snaring leaves, Arnin saw a group of people attacking a large beast. There were three humans, all about the age of twenty to thirty. In front of the tiger-like beast, a tan-skinned man with a titanic body and stubble beard clashed head-on. His silver ax collided with the single beige horn on the beast. There was a large scar in the brawn man's left cheek, and many fresh cuts and bites were all over his body. He looked to be on his last stand, however, his aura didn't seem to fade away. The man's two partners were on the ground. One had a deep cut on his right leg, while the other treated him. The injured person had a short sword lying beside him, while his pale face was in great pain. His long yellow hair was on his side, while his green eyes tightly scrunched up. The last person was a woman with long, silver hair. Sweat was pouring down her pretty, colorless face. Her amber eyes intently looked at the swordsman's leg, while she applied some sort of cream. The injured man wrinkled his eyebrows when she applied the cream; his teeth gritted as he looked up and tried to fight against the pain. 

    Arnin watched all of this happen with some amusement. He found it funny to see such a cliche type scene. A big man holding off the beast, while the maiden heals the injured man. He already guessed how this would go down, so he decided to continue watching the show.  

    "Cher, you need to take Von out of here. I will hold off the beast while you guys escape!" The brawny man screamed at his comrades before blocking another one of the tiger beasts blows. 

    "Jelen, I am already injured, so you take Cher and run. I won't be able to get far so let me hold this beast back. Please!" Von, who was the injured man, looked at the brawny man, Jelen, with determination. Cher was on the verge of tears when she heard the conversation between the two men. 

    Arnin, who was hiding in the bushes felt no sympathy for the three, rather he was finding it hard to hold his own laughter in. Such a scene was always told about in tales of heroes or other stories that Arnin found to be totally stupid. Arnin's face was completely red from holding his laughter in. Arnin took a deep breath, but still couldn't hide the smile on his face. He was debating on whether he should save the people or just fish in troubled waters. Arnin silently inspected each of the people and tried to see what their respective strengths were. The brawny man was at Essence Manifest - Sky, while the injured person was only a small realm lower; Essence Manifest - Earth. The woman, on the other hand, was the weakest, Orb Birth - Heaven. In Arnin's mind, this was the classic scene where the men try to protect the woman and sacrifice their own lives for it. The woman would then escape with the injured man and fall in love and then live happily ever after. Arnin hated these types of stories the most because he found that sacrificing oneself was a dumb idea. 

    Arnin had a malicious scheme planned inside his head, where he would use one of them to get out of the forest in the quickest manner. He would use one of the people to lead him out of the dangerous forest and then lead him to the academy. He was only going off the map, but the map was not to scale and maybe there might have been things that the village elder missed. Because of this, he needed a guide to get to the academy. Arnin decided that saving the girl was the best idea. The brawny man was too powerful and  Arnin wouldn't be able to get him to do anything for him, so he was out of the picture. The injured man would become a nuisance because of his leg, plus he was also a little strong. The girl was the weakest in strength and would be the easiest to control. With this planned out, Arnin continued to watch the show in front of him. 


    "Cher, runaway! Jelen and I will hold the beast back. No matter what happens, do not turn around. We will meet you on the outside of the forest." Cher shook her head, but Von grabbed her hand and smiled at her. "Cher, we will meet you outside the forest, so please, for now just run." She shed a small amount of tears before getting up and rushing away from the scene. Arnin, who saw all of this happen, smiled brightly. He could now get rid of the two nuisances. 

    The beast that the brawny man was fighting, was around the same strength as him. Since the two were evenly matched, only a break in that power equilibrium could cause the death of either one. The break could be a direct influence or messing with one of the people's emotions. Von was extremely tired and pale, the blood coming out of his leg had already created a pool. This was his weakest moment, so Arnin knew he could kill him if he caught the guy by surprise. Arnin waited ten minutes before beginning his plan of action. 


    "Uwahhhhh, where's my mom?! Mommy? Where are you?" Arnin walked out the bush with tears in his eyes. He looked pitiful, and with his small frame, he also looked very innocent. "Ahhhhh! A monster! Mommy where are you?" Arnin got on his knees and covered his ears. His tears increased and fell down like a waterfall. 

    "Sh*t! What the hell is a kid doing here? Von, quick, take the kid to a safe place! I will hold this beast back! Make sure you come back right away!" Jelen quickly shouted out.

    Von was surprised to see a kid crying in the middle of the forest so he got up slowly and limped as quickly as he could towards Arnin. "Little boy, what are you doing here? How did you get into this forest?" Von picked Arnin up and started to question him while he walked away from the scene as quickly as he could. 

    "I don't know! I was collecting plants with mom, but then I got lost! I want my mom!" Arnin continued to act as the lost little boy, which greatly affected the heroic Von. 

    "It's ok, I will find you a safe place to hide. After I finish that bad monster, I will take you to yo-" Just as Von was about to finish comforting the 'lost' Arnin, a hand pierced through his body. Von looked down at Arnin with astonishment. His chest had a large hole and Arnin's hand was piercing him. 

    "L-litt-le b-boy, wh-why d-did *Cough Cough*" Von coughed out blood and fell to the ground. His body was trembling as he looked at Arnin with confusion.

    "Oh, I'm sorry. Did that hurt? Here let me ease your pain." Arnin wickedly smiled at Von before piercing through his chest one more time, but this time he aimed towards the heart. Arnin got up and looked at the angered Jelen. Jelen completely forgot about the beast and murderously looked at Arnin.

    "You demon! How could you kill him?! AHHH! I'm going to grind you into dust!" Jelen turned away from the beast and rushed towards him. Arnin looked at Jelen with scorn and let out a yawn. 

    "Was that your friend? Haha, he was so dumb. I love ridding the world of such ignorant people. You're welcome." Arnin brightly smiled towards Jelen like a hero that had just saved the day from a catastrophe.
  • Chapter 16: Sudden Turn of Events

    Cher ran through the forest at a very quick speed. Her breathing increased by the second and sweat drenched her whole body. As she ran through the endless forest, she kept praying for her friend's safety. 

    "AHHHHHHH!" Cher had gotten very far from her friends, but she heard the scream of Jelen. 
    "What happened? Oh no, I have to go back!" Cher quickly pushed against a tree and did a full one-eighty turn. She began to run back towards the beast and her friends. 

    "You demon! I will slaughter you! I'll kill you!" Jelen kept yelling at Arnin as he quickly approached him. Behind Jelen was the tiger beast, which didn't seem to care about anything except its prey. 
    "Blablabla! Why do you talk so much? If you want to thank me so much, then just say it outright. Jeez, you seem to be extremely excited after your friend's death. Maybe I should just give you his body. Make sure he is properly dead. Hehe!" Arnin continued to mock Jelen with words he knew would hit Jelen's sore spot. He then finished off by kicking Von's body towards Jelen. A glare that could kill was directed towards Arnin when the body finally reached Jelen. 
    Arnin took many steps backward so that a good distance could be kept between him and the enraged Jelen. He continued to smile at Jelen in mockery. Jelen became even more enraged, but before he could even do anything, the tiger beast finally reached him. 
    "ROOAAR!" The beast pounced towards Jelen with its fangs bared and its claws out. Jelen moved his head to the side but wasn't able to avoid a deep cut to his face. The beast landed on its front legs and then quickly turned to face Jelen. He brandished his ax and charged towards the beast. His face was full of fury. The silver ax, which at first seemed to be a normal ax, began to shine in bright green. Arnin who was watching from afar was surprised. He, with his heightened vision, closely looked at the ax to try and figure out the crux of the move. Arnin wasn't able to figure anything out from the first look so he calmly waited for the next time such a move would be used. 
    Jelen crazily smashed his ax onto the tiger beast without any thought. His aura didn't decrease in any way, rather it was rapidly increasing with his rage. Arnin quickly leaped onto a branch and began to observe from the air. He needed to make sure that he witnessed everything that was happening so that he could further understand the orb's power. 
    The tiger beast released a loud howl and pounced with his thick hind legs towards Jelen. It opened its mouth and bit the ax. It then increased the strength it put into the bite and tried to hold onto the blade. Jelen lifted his left hand and smashed the tiger beasts face, but very little damage was done. The tiger beast shook its head furiously, trying to get Jelen to release the ax. He kept a tight grip, but it was futile. The beast was just too strong. The ax was forced out of his hand by the beast, who then spat it out of its mouth onto the ground further back. With no weapon in hand, Jelen's fighting capability was reduced by half.

    Even though he had lost his ax, there was no fear in his eyes. He continued to look at the beast, before running towards it. A cluster of light, similar to the one that appeared on the blade, formed onto Jelen's hand. He punched towards the beast's face, tearing the wind apart. The tiger beast had no way to dodge so it took the hit directly. It was launched backward, falling onto its back. Jelen didn't want to waste any time so he quickly rushed towards the beast to finish it off. 
    Arnin, who was on top of the tree, didn't want the fight to be finished too quickly, so he broke off a branch and vanished from the tree. He reappeared beside Von's body and began to poke his head. 

    "Mister ax man, look! Von is breathing!" Arnin said in an exasperated voice. Jelen, who heard what Arnin said, turned around quickly. There was some hope in his eyes, but when he saw the look on Arnin's face, all the hope he gathered in that one second crumbled to pieces. Arnin had a very bright smile on his face, almost too pleasing, however to Jelen, that smile was akin to a curse. 

    "Oops! Sorry, did I say Von is breathing? I meant to say that I was! Haha, isn't that great? Oh no, mister ax, look behind you! The tiger is ready to attack." Jelen was only distracted for a couple of seconds, but that small time frame allowed the tiger to get back on its feet and ready its next attack. Jelen turned his head to look at the beast before turning and looking at Arnin ferociously. 

    "You dirty little brat! Just wait until I finish off this beast. You're going to be next!" Jelen turned his head around one more time and got back into a battle stance. His fists lit up with the green light once more. The tiger didn't pounce towards him this time, rather it slowly walked forward. Drool was dripping from its mouth. What surprised Jelen, even more, was that the tiger wasn't looking at him, he was looking in the air. 

    When Jelen looked up, the sight devastated him. Von, his comrade and friend, was dead, but he still couldn't rest peacefully. On the tree branches, he saw Arnin holding Von's severed head by the hair. 

    "You bast**d! Can you not leave his corpse alone?! You godda-" Arnin tossed Von's head towards the tiger, who then shot into the air to catch it. The tiger didn't swallow immediately, it slowly chewed on the head. Jelen who saw the scene couldn't help but burn with anger. His eyes were became red because of the grief that began to build up inside of him. His head turned to the side while he quietly apologized to Von's body. Suddenly an immense aura surged out of Jelen's as he jumped towards Arnin. Tears fell down his face as his eyes only looked towards the demonic Arnin. 

    "I will kill you even if I have to sacrifice my life!" Jelen swung his fist towards Arnin, who quickly sidestepped. Arnin tapped Jelen's back before jumping to a different branch. 

    "Oh really now? If you want to kill me, let's see if you have the skills to accomplish that." Arnin kept jumping from branch to branch, barely avoiding Jelen's hits. Although Jelen was much stronger than Arnin, he was exhausted after fighting the tiger beast. The sudden aura that he released only increased his power, not speed. 

    Everytime Arnin dodged, he would tap a part of Jelen's body. At first, Jelen thought that Arnin was trying to numb him, but even after many taps, he didn't feel numb anywhere. However, because of his unstable mind, he couldn't care about Arnin's plan. The only thing he wanted to do was tear Arnin apart. 

    As the fighting continued, the tiger had already completely devoured Von's head. It didn't chase after the two cultivators, rather it slowly walked towards the headless body. There was a greedy look in the eyes of the beast and the drool continued to spill from its mouth. 

    "Would you look at that. The beast still wants more of your friend. What will you do? You going to continue attacking me and allow your friend to be completely eaten, or will you go and protect his body?" Arnin continued with his mind games. Since he couldn't beat Jelen in direct combat, he could at least slow him down and destroy him from the inside. 

    Jelen panicked. He ignored Arnin and pushed off a branch and rushed towards Von's body. The tiger felt something approach so it turned its head quickly. A fist landed on its face, then a foot kicked its stomach, throwing it further back. The tiger beast bared its claws and pounced towards Jelen. 
    Arnin watched on without any expression. He then sensed someone approaching from behind him. He turned his head and looked down towards the approaching entity. When he saw the person who came, a deep smile couldn't help but appear on his devilish face. 

    "Now, to finally finish the last part of my hunt."


    Cher finally got back to where her friends were. When she stopped to inspect the surroundings, the sight frightened her. Jelen was facing the tiger beast without his ax and was at a disadvantage. There were countless holes in the trees and many branches on the ground. There was even a headless corpse.

    "Jelen! Where is Von? Jelen, how did this happen?!" Cher became frantic when she couldn't find Von. She hurriedly called out to Jelen, not thinking about the consequences if she distracted him. 

    "Son of a..! Cher, get out of here! Hurry, run!" Jelen sunk into despair when he saw Cher. He couldn't help but curse his luck for being so bad. Things only got worse by the second. "AHHH!" That moment of distraction that Jelen had was fully occupied by the tiger beast. The beast aggressively bit his right leg, giving him a wound that was similar to Von's.

    "Oh no! Jelen!" Cher ran towards Jelen, but suddenly she felt her arm being grabbed. She turned around and was surprised to see a child. Jelen, who noticed Arnin appear and catch Cher, couldn't help but become mad with hopelessness and fear. 

    "You brat! Let her go! Cher! Cher, get away from him! Run, Cher" Jelen continued to yell, however, Arnin annoyingly glanced at him. 

    "Can you stop being such a pest? Let me speak with the missy, will you?" Arnin then looked at Cher with a bright smile. "Miss, would you like me to save your friend from that tiger beast?" Arnin looked at Cher with his warmest smile. 

    "Cher, don't listen to hi- get lost you stupid beast!" Jelen couldn't shake off the tiger that kept attacking him from every side, and it became even more burdensome with his injured leg. 

    "Well, would you like me to save him from the tiger beast?" Cher looked at Arnin and then at the terrible state of Jelen. She nodded her head quickly. 

    "Please save him. I will do anything if you can just save him." Cher didn't think straight when she saw the situation getting worse for Jelen. Arnin smile before drawing up a contract.

    "Here is a contract that you will need to sign for my services. You can read through and confirm whether you agree with it or not." Cher quickly read the contract:

    Party 1 (Arnin) will save (Jelen) from Tiger Beast.
    Party 2 (Cher) will become Party 1 (Arnin)'s guide out the forest until Party 1 (Arnin) reaches his destination. 

    Cher agreed right away with the demand. She quickly signed the contract with her blood before giving back the contract to Arnin, who also signed. 

    "Well, now that we are in business, let me get my part done," Arnin smirked coldly before slowly walking towards Jelen. The tiger was still attacking the weakened Jelen relentlessly. Arnin completely released his sinister aura. Cher and Jelen gaped when they felt the strength of the aura; Orb Birth - Sky. Jelen became frustrated that such a weak child played him like a fool, but what he felt more than frustration was fear. Arnin, who was at such a low level, was extremely strong. So strong that Cher wouldn't even be a match for him. 

    The tiger beast stopped attacking and looked at Arnin in confusion. The aura that Arnin released was actually very comforting. It sniffed the air before slowly walking towards Arnin.

    Arnin and everyone present were very surprised. The tiger beast was actually walking towards Arnin? He never expected that the tiger beast would like his aura. Arnin couldn't completely trust the beast so he took a single step back. His aura was then released to a higher degree. The evil presence and the killing intent that his aura released caused the tiger beast to howl in the air. Joy could be seen in the greedy eyes of the beast. Arnin was taken aback once more. It really seemed like the beast liked 
    Arnin's aura. He began to think about why this would happen. 

    After thinking deeply, Arnin came to the conclusion that it had to do with his demonic powers. After his orb transformed, it began to emit the same presence as his demonic powers. It was known far and wide that demons were the only species that could tame essence or demonic beasts. This was both true in his past world and also in Afloria. Although essence beasts could one day become humanoid, they would still be beasts by nature. Arnin became extremely happy about the sudden turn of events. In the past, Zhaik was his beast, but now that he was gone Arnin could only make do with the tiger beast. 

    Arnin reached out his hand and called out for the beast. The tiger quickly ran over and bathed in Arnin's aura. Purring noises escaped the beast's mouth when it showered in his aura. Arnin gently patted the beast's head as his eyes didn't show any evil intent. Although Arnin was considered human now, he had been a Demon for over a hundred million years, so he enjoyed the presence of beasts more than humans. 

    "Well, now that my part is done, let's move onto yours. Oh wait, let me heal your friend first." Arnin crouched down behind Jelen and reached out his hand. However, Jelen turned around and swung his fist towards Arnin.

    "Just because you saved me doesn't mean I am going to let you live!" Arnin dodged his attack and took a step back. He then walked towards the tiger beast and smiled evilly. 

    "Are you sure you don't want my help? If I don't heal you, you could die because of blood loss." Arnin emphasized each line. Cher quietly listened before speaking up. 

    "I will go heal him. You can just watch from the side. Is that alright?" Cher walked as she spoke. She finally got beside Jelen and took out the same cream she used on Von. "Jelen I will apply some to your leg, I just need you to slowly cultivate and absorb essence. It will increase the healing." Jelen nodded towards Cher and before he began to cultivate, he whispered some warnings to Cher about Arnin. Jelen then closed his eyes and began to cultivate. However, just as he began to absorb the essence, he began to feel numb all over. Also, the worldly essence rushed into his body with speeds that he couldn't handle. Jelen became completely paralyzed. He opened his eyes and looked at Arnin in fear and anger. 

    "What did you do to me? You bast**d!" Jelen, who couldn't move his body, fell to the ground. He couldn't move anything because of the numbness that spreading through his body.  

    "Do you not recall our little spar on the trees? Remember how I kept tapping your body? Well, planted some, let's say curse marks, into your body that would not only increase your absorption but would also numb you." Arnin dashed towards Cher and quickly held onto her arm. He then began to quickly numb her legs and threw her in front of the tiger, "Don't eat her yet" The beast, who seemed to understand Arnin, closed its mouth. 

    Arnin then grabbed Jelen by the throat and inserted some threads into his body. The black threads traveled to the orb and began to place down many symbols. With an increase in symbols, the essence of the world increased their input inside Jelen's body. Arnin then dropped him to the ground and walked towards Von's short sword. Arnin lifted the blade in the air and examined it. 

    "Not a bad blade, it will do for now." Arnin walked towards Jelen and crouched down. 

    "Please don't hurt him! How could you go against the contract? Didn't you agree to save him? So why are you hurting him?" Cher screamed questionably at Arnin. She was confused as to how Arnin was able to go against the contract. 

    "What do you mean 'go against the contract'? I did no such thing. The contract stated that I would save him from the tiger beast. There was no mention of what I could do with him after I saved him." Arnin casually replied to Cher and then lifted the sword into the air. 

    "When you reach the other world, send my regards to that swordsman I killed. Hahaha!" Arnin then quickly stabbed the sword through Jelen's skull.

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  • Chapter 17: The Hunt Begins

    As the sharp, short blade pierced through the skull of Jelen, Cher couldn't help but release a shrill scream. Her puffy red eyes filled with tears as she saw her friend die without her being able to lift even a finger. 


    "You will pay for this! No one will let you get away with this! You demon! Devil!" Cher couldn't help but tearfully curse Arnin. Her screams echoed through the forest before abruptly stopping. Arnin covered her mouth with one hand and rubbed the blood covered blade on her cheek. 


    "Miss, you shouldn't be too loud. You don't want the beast getting riled up, do you? If you do, then I am willing to let it chew on a leg or two. What do you say?" Arnin, with his devilish voice, whispered quietly into the ears of Cher. She couldn't help but take a deep gulp and fearfully look at Arnin from the ground. 


    "Now that my part of the contract is done, lead me to where I want to go. Here is the map, although it has a path, it will waste my time. I want to go through the dangerous areas, so you will be my guide. You can't really deny since you signed the contract, so let's get going." Arnin lifted the numbed Cher and placed her on top of the beast. "Oh shoot! I can't have you doing anything funny while we travel so let me think of a way to restrain you. Hmmm!" Arnin put on a thinking look while he looked around the battle area. He walked over to Jelen's body and kicked it over to see if there was anything useful. 


    Cher couldn't help but angrily stare at Arnin for his actions. Arnin continued to search the body, but couldn't find anything useful. He then moved towards Von's body. There was no head, but his items were still on him. After a few minutes of searching, Arnin still couldn't find anything. He got up and let out a sigh. 


    "Tough luck miss. Since I couldn't find anything, I am going to need to improvise. Don't blame me for what I am going to do... actually, go ahead and blame me." Arnin slowly walked towards Cher. The blade that was in his hand was lightly placed in his shoulder. 


    "What are you going to do?" Cher was frightened by the approaching Arnin. The five year old that should have been angelic and innocent continued to look more and more like a demon from the depths of hell. Arnin didn't answer and only smiled. He stopped directly in front of Cher and grabbed her hands. 


    "I will give you two choices." Arnin didn't even say the next line before slicing Cher's fingers off. It was a clean slice that took all ten of her fingers at once. Cher sat dumb for a moment before her face scrunched up in pain. 


    "AHHHH!" The pain caused her to almost faint. She looked at Arnin with intense fear. Her body shook terribly. Tears fell down her pale cheek. Arnin then wrapped her hands with cloth as to prevent too much blood from being lost. He then numbed her hands and legs once again. 


    "Now that everything is sorted out, you can abide by your part of the contract. If you give me incorrect directions, don't blame me from taking more than just your fingers!" Arnin lost his smile and looked at Cher with a deadly glare. Cher could only nod her head in fear.


    In Talonton village, the village elder stood in front of a large flying beast with his two granddaughters. 

    "Grandpa, will we really see Arnin at the academy? Then won't aunty Ashia and aunty Avian be able to find him easily?" Lilise looked at her grandpa with hope. She didn't hear what Arnin did exactly, all she knew was that he ran away from home. 

    "You are right. It is easy to find him even if I don't tell them where he is. However, it is very difficult to gain access to the academy. Although Avian may have a great background, it is not possible for her to just barge into any academy." The village elder talked about the academies with great respect.

    An academy would garner great respect from any person because of their goal to teach martial arts and other subjects to people. However, something that many did not know was how dangerous academies were. On the outside, academies may seem to be independent from one another, but it was actually completely the opposite. Every academy had an unbreakable alliance. If something happened to one academy, then all the others would try to help the academy or directly attack the other party. This knowledge was not secret, but it was still forgotten because of the many competitions that took place between the various academies. 

    "Lilise, don't worry about anything. Just concentrate on your studies. I need to have a word with Arnin for not completing your training. I will just complete it while we make our way there. We need to rush though or else Arnin will get there before us." The village elder smiled before walking towards the flying beast. It was a giant hawk like beast with a wingspan as long as twenty feet. The giant hawk's feathers were brown like the dirt; it wasn't a pretty color. However, something eye catching on the hawk was the insignia that hung around its neck. The insignia had a white butterfly and a black moth as the symbol. It was the symbol for the academy. On top of the beast was a man with a long grey beard. His face carried wrinkles and the dark blue eyes made the man seem gloomy.

    "Mister, we are ready to head out now. Sorry for the wait." The village elder respectfully bowed to the man on the beast before proceeding to put his granddaughters onto the beast. After both of them were on, he also jumped up and sat on the very back. 

    The man on the beast nodded when all three were finally on the beast. He lightly kicked the beast's side before it launched into the air swiftly.



    The tiger beast quickly ran through the forest with the two people on its back. As the strongest beast in the dangerous area, it was able to move unhindered. The traveling speed was very quick ever since Arnin was able to ride on the tiger beast. And with Cher pointing the way, the efficiency increased even more. Arnin questioned Cher about where she came from and why she was in the forest. He needed more information on her and the group she came with. Jelen, who was the strongest in the group, was equivalent to the village elder in strength, which meant that her background was most likely not simple. 


    Cher, under the threats of Arnin, reluctantly answered his questions. She told him that she was from the academy that Arnin was going to. Her group came far out to hunt beasts and gain experience. Jelen and Von were not students from the academy, rather they lived in the town that surrounded the academy. The academy accepted children from the ages of five to twenty-five.


    "So, we are considered fellow students?" Arnin was kind of shocked when he found out that Cher was from the academy. "Did anyone know where you were going?" Arnin asked the question that was bugging him the most. If the academy knew where she went, then they would also know who she went with. If they found out he killed them, then he would need to be extremely careful. 


    "Of course they know where we went. It's the rule in the academy that all students must report their whereabouts if they ever head out." Cher answered without thinking much about the reason Arnin was asking. Because of her fear of Arnin, she answered all his questions without trying to understand the underlying meaning behind them. 


    Arnin's eyes became sharp when he heard her answer. Since they knew where she went, he would need to make sure that he won'tt get suspected for killing her comrades. He needed to silence her and guarantee his own safety in the academy. 


    The tiger beast moved swiftly through the forest and the two on the back stopped their conversation. Arnin had to think of a plan before getting to the academy. One of the options was creating a contract, but there was a chance that someone in the academy could break that contract through force. He couldn't take that chance so an alternative method was needed. Leaving her in the forest was dangerous because she could be found by someone else. The only method left was to kill her. Arnin smiled before questioning Cher once more. 


    "How long until we can get to the academy?" Cher, who was sitting in front of Arnin, was not able to see his face when he asked the question. If she could, she would have been frightened beyond compare. 


    "It should take less than half a day since you have this tiger beast. We have a large danger area to pass before we can finally reach the town. However, this danger area is not as dangerous as the previous ones we went through. Since this is the closest to the academy, it is also the best hunting grounds. We might even see some people from the academy." Cher silently clenched her teeth when she thought of meeting others. Her eyes were full of hope at the thought of escaping from the demonic Arnin. 


    Arnin, on the other hand, became alert when he heard her. If people from the academy were in the forest, then getting rid of Cher would become difficult. The gears in his head turned as he derived a plan to get rid of Cher without others finding out. 


    Arnin and Cher approached the last danger area before the town. Just from the entrance, Arnin felt a reduction in the worldly essence. Although worldly essence would always replenish itself, if there were too many cultivators absorbing the essence, then it would take much longer. Arnin didn't want to take any chances so he slowed the tiger beast and had it steadily move across the forest. 


    "Tell me the quickest route to the academy! I want a route that doesn't have lots of people! If you take me to a place that has people then you better pray for your future!" Arnin glared at Cher ferociously. He couldn't trust Cher, so he needed to scare her enough so that she wouldn't do anything that would make things difficult for him. 


    Cher nodded her head before pointing towards where she wanted the tiger beast to go. The beast followed the direction without a noise. Cher had the beast do many twists and turns while giving directions. The scenery in the danger area was stunning. The large trees that acted like giants with their long green leaves. The sun that slowly sunk into the horizon emitted a beautiful orange-yellow light. Arnin couldn't help but praise himself for creating such a beautiful world. 


    The tiger beast approached a long, winding river. The wrinkling water gently flowed into the distance, carrying fish and twigs with it. The tiger beast took a quick stop and began to drink some of the water. Arnin got off the beast and also walked towards the river. His reflection emerged on the surface of the crystal blue water, showing a young, beautiful face. There was a small amount of blood and dirt smeared over his face which Arnin did not mind. However, with the approaching town, he needed to make sure that he didn't stand out. Arnin took off his shirt and pants, before walking into the river. Cher only silently watched, fearing that moving out of place would anger Arnin. 


    Arnin didn't care about Cher. In his eyes, she was only a nuisance that needed to be taken care of sooner or later. He walked far enough that his head was fully submerged inside the water. The tiger beast also slowly walked in the water and also ducked its head under water. Arnin released some of his aura for the beast, just to increase the comfortability. He really liked the tiger beast because it reminded him of his life as a Demon Lord. Although five years shouldn't have been something major for someone like Arnin, since he was in human body as a child, he found that time moved like a sloth; slow yet steady. Arnin didn't find the speed of time to be something negative, it was an old feeling for him. Something that he used to care about before he became the Demon Lord. 


    On the shore of the river, Cher anxiously watched the water. She wasn't worried about Arnin or the tiger beast, rather she wanted to sneak away from them. She wanted to make sure that she snuck away at the best time. When she found that there was no movement from the water and that everything seemed to be quiet, she quietly turned around and ran. She made sure not to make any noises while she ran, however what she didn't expect was that Arnin knew what she was going to do even before she did. 


    Under the water, Arnin had a cold smile on his face. He could clearly see Cher run away, but he didn't plan to stop her yet. He wanted to give her some hope of escape before crushing it completely. As his body soaked under the cold water, the tiger beast began to become chaotic. Arnin smiled at the beast before nodding his head. The tiger beast jumped out the water, its eyes becoming red with murder. Arnin slowly walked out the water and gently stroked the beasts head. 


    "Make sure you don't kill her right away, just play with her and then bring her right back. I will let you do what you please when you bring her back. Now go, have fun." Arnin laughed as he retracted his sinister aura. The beast crazily smiled and opened its menacing mouth wide open. The razor sharp teeth were soaked in drool while its wet fur began to quickly dry up under the increasing aura that it released. 



  • Chapter 18: My Hand Slipped

    A figure dashed through the trees, panting and sweating. Her hair was in disorder and her fingerless hands began to release blood once more. Cher, who had just escaped from Arnin, was in deep fear while she ran. She used the chance that Arnin was distracted to escape, but she knew that if she was ever caught, then her ending would not be a good one. 
    Cher's body shook when she heard the roar of the beast. In her ears, the roar was like the battle drums of a Demon. She almost tripped while running when she heard the roar, however she had to console her heart. Since she had already escaped, there was no way that she would be let off so easily. Her speed increased once more, blowing the fallen leaves in a chaotic pattern. 
    Tears couldn't help but slide down her face while she ran. All she could think about was how Jelen was killed and how she was going to be next. 
    "Why did Jelen have to die? Why did that Demon have to appear?" These questions appeared in her mind while she ran for her life. Luckily, her speed wasn't too bad or the tiger beast would have caught up by now. Cher panted as she ran, her red eyes became blurry, which slowly began to block her view. 
    The direction she headed towards was the town where she was supposed to take Arnin. Since Arnin wanted the route that had little to no people, to get to a place where lots of people hunted, she needed to head to the town from a different direction. Although she knew that she might run into some beasts, it was the only way. 
    Further behind her, Arnin stood by the river and smiled. He wasn't worried that Cher would escape since her level was far beneath that of the tiger beasts. The tiger beast was able to completely control one danger area, so it had many tricks of its own. Arnin only observed the scenery. He was very close to the academy and was actually getting there ahead of time, both because of the tiger beasts speed and because of the directions he got from Cher. He had to admit that Cher knew her way around the danger areas quite well, however escaping was her one mistake. He would have eventually ended her life, but she would have been able to live for a longer time if she hadn't run. 
    "What a shame. If she followed my instructions, she wouldn't have to die so early on. Huh." Arnin could only sigh, however it wasn't one of sadness, rather it was one of pity for Cher's stupidity. Arnin continued to sit down watch the river until he heard some sounds of laughter. 
    "Hahaha, what a good hunt! I can't believe we were able to kill a rank one beast without an Essence Manifest cultivator." A loud, manly voice was heard from behind Arnin. It was a youthful voice that was filled with vigor and excitement. 
    "What do you mean 'we'? You just stood there and watched us fight the beast. You were so pitiful! Haha! You are lucky that it was the lowest of the rank ones; Rank One Earth beast. If it was a Rank One Sky beast, then none of us would have escaped." Another loud voice, which seemed to be of someone who was older was heard behind the bushes. Both were male and even the older voice had some excitement. Arnin didn't plan to hide away from the group that slowly approached him. There was no reason to hide. Arnin picked from their conversation that in their group an Essence Manifest cultivator was not present. 
    The group walked out from behind the trees with smiles. There were about seven people.. There were four males and three females. Other than two people who looked to be around the same age as Arnin, the rest were close to Cher's age, if not younger. The two males that Arnin heard walked in front of the rest. The one with the younger voice had a set of long short, spiky black hair. His sharp nose and golden eyes made him look like a cunning yet fiery person. It was a contrasted look, but weirdly it worked. The man beside him, who had the older voice, had a similar appearance. There were the similar golden eyes and sharp nose, however, his hair was red. If Arnin didn't see the different colour of hair, then he would have thought that these guys were brothers. Their faces had similarities, and they seemed to have personalities that mirrored each other. 
    Behind the two boys were the quieter members. The other person who looked to be around the same age as Arnin, gave off a completely different air. His azure eyes,  matched with his golden-yellow hair, gave him a cold and calm aura. He didn't have the same cunningness as the other child; the boy looked to be the cautious type. His eyes never looked at the same place twice; they roamed around. 
    The last male of the group looked to be the oldest of them all. Although he looked to be at most Cher's age, his eyes carried a hint of experience. There was no happiness or anger on his face; it was neutral. His ocean blue eyes matched well with the ink-like hair. Stubbles grew onto his straight jaw and pointy chin. This man, like the cold young boy, looked around cautiously, his eyes trying not to glance at something for too long. 
    The three girls looked to be different ages. The oldest of them, had glossy bronze hair that was tied into a ponytail. Her emerald eyes gave a her a holy look. This contrasted with the other two girls evil presence. The other two girls looked extremely similar in looks. Both of them had lush, sandy hair that were done into pigtails. Their sapphire eyes looked menacing and unwelcoming. Although they had a smile on their faces as well, those distant eyes could not be hidden. The girls were somewhat different, but all three of them were breathtaking. Arnin wasn't too interested, but he also had to admit that their beauty matched that of Nekaia and Lilise. 
    When the group walked out the bush, they noticed Arnin right away. Before they approached him, they all looked around to make sure that nothing was out of the ordinary. Arnin watched their actions with a smirk, however he didn't say anything that would cause conflict between them. After fighting Orsesa, he believed that Orb Birth - Heaven cultivators were not difficult to deal with, he didn't want to cause conflict right away. 
    The spiky, black haired youth was the first to walk up towards Arnin. "Hey, what are you doing here alone? You do know that this forest is the hunting grounds for the Lepidoptera Academy, right?" The spiky haired youth began to question Arnin from a distance. Although his manner of speaking was aggressive, it was still said in a way that didn't make him seem arrogant. Also, the way he kept his distance from Arnin allowed him to retreat quickly if a conflict did arised. 
    "I don't think I need to answer your question, right? You say this is your hunting ground? Well, where is your name then?" Arnin answered back with his own questions. The spiky haired youth frowned towards Arnin's questions. He was about to burst into a fit, but he calmed himself down. He smiled towards Arnin once more before allowing the oldest man to walk forward. 
    "Kid, we are only asking you these questions because this forest belongs to and is protected by our academy. Let me ask you this question once again, who are you?" The eldest of the bunch began to intimidate Arnin. His tone carried a small amount of ill-intent that Arnin was able to pick up. Arnin wasn't frightened by the group in any way, but he wasn't bored enough to cause conflicts wherever he went.  
    "If you want me to answer your question, then tell me your name first. I don't need or want to tell some guy my name without even knowing his. So if you won't introduce yourself, then forget about knowing who I am." Arnin answered back with a smile. There was no threat in his tone; it was said very casually. The older man didn't flinch before Arnin and only looked at him for a couple seconds before replying. 
    "My name is Dane. You don't need to know my family name. So now, what is yours?" The oldest person in the group, Dane, only gave his first name before asking for Arnin's.

    "Well then, you gave me your name so why shouldn't I give you mine? Honestly, if you didn't give me your name, I still would have told you mine. It's not like I am someone famous. What's there to hide? My name is Arnin. Same as you, I don't need to tell you my family name." Arnin spoke to Dane as if he was talking to a person of the same age. There was no politeness, but he wasn't rude either. 
    Dane's facial expression didn't change because of Arnin's trick. He turned to look at his group before nodding towards them. They began to slowly spread around, not closing in on Arnin, but still putting pressure on him. Arnin found the scene to be funny but annoying. 

    "Why are you guys becoming so aggressive? I was minding my own business, not causing anyone trouble, but you guys come and question me, and when I answer your question, you want to attack me? Talk about bullying the weak with numbers." Arnin snorted while he spoke. He found the actions of the group to be extremely irritating. He was about to release his aura and attack them when he suddenly heard the roar of his tiger beast. 

    "ROOAAR!" Arnin smiled before rushing passed the group. Dane reached out his hand and tried to grab Arnin before he ran, however he misjudged Arnins speed. He couldn't help but twitch slightly when he couldn't grab Arnin. He turned around and chased Arnin after his initial miss. 

    "Come with me, we are going to follow him. He is fast, but he shouldn't be too strong. When he ran, I felt that his strength was only at Orb Birth - Sky realm. We should be able to handle him." Although Dane said that, he was still extremely cautious. Arnin's speed seemed to be around the same as his, if not faster, which meant that Arnin was not weak. "Follow him!" 

    From where the beast roared, the scene was extremely pitiful. Cher was finally caught by the tiger beast. She was under his massive paws, choking. The astonishing weight of the tiger beast was fully pressed on top of her, making it difficult to breath. What was even more tragic was the fact that both of her arms were gone. Blood was gushing out of where her arms used to be. Without the numbing effect, the pain was causing Cher to tremble crazily. Her eyes couldn't stop producing tears. It was torture for her. 
    The tiger beast only got hungrier at the sight of the blood. It knew that killing Cher would be going against Arnin and it was trying its best to hold back, but as time passed, that became extremely difficult. It only hoped that Arnin could hurry up. Although it was supposed to go back to Arnin with Cher, the beast didn't think that it would make it back with Cher alive. 
    "Please let me go. Please, I just want to live. Please!" Cher tried her best to speak with the beast. She didn't know if it could understand what she was saying, but she didn't know if there was anything else that she could do. She was at the mercy of the beast, and with it's howl, Arnin would be coming soon. Suddenly, a thought sprung up inside of her. The howl should have been heard by more than just Arnin. Her mind slightly calmed and hope arose inside her when she thought about it. There should have been others that would have heard the howl as well. She might be saved by those people. 
    Traveling at lightning speed, Arnin rushed towards the roar. He pushed himself to the limit because he also felt that others might have heard the roar of the beast. He was feeling irritated that the tiger beast didn't bring back Cher when he told it to.
    "That stupid beast! Just wait till I get my hands on it. It won't be getting its meal for today." Arnin rushed past the trees at a speed that was far beyond an Orb Birth - Sky cultivator. The group that was trying to follow him couldn't keep up with him. They were falling behind, especially the two that were around the same age as Arnin. They were at low realms so they weren't able to keep up in anyway.
    "D*mn, we are losing him. I am going to go ahead. All of you just meet me back at the academy. Brajus, you follow me." Dane told the red haired man to follow him. The group split up and headed in different directions. Dane increased his speed and bursted forward with Brajus in tow. 
    Arnin was still far up ahead, but he felt that the pursuers were getting closer. He smiled slightly before also bursting forward at a greater speed. Although he had reached his max speed, he was able to force a greater speed if he concentrated on the octagon pattern in his legs. 
    A few minutes passed before Arnin finally reached the place his tiger beast was. Since his pursuers were getting closer, he needed to hurry and dispose of Cher.
    "Miss Cher, I told you that if you ran, I would make you miserable. Well since you both disobeyed the contract and went against me, I need to make sure that your ending isn't too great. Luckily the contract will take care of your soul after death." Arnin noticed the refreshing blood smell when he got there. He noticed Cher's missing arms as well. Arnin knew that he had to get away from the scene as quickly as possible. He tried to scan and see how many people were following him and when he found that only two were behind him, he couldn't help but frown. If all seven were to come, he would be able to get rid of them cleanly and then escape, but with only two here he couldn't do that anymore. If he got rid of the two, then the other five would know that it was him. Arnin walked towards Cher quickly before grabbing her throat and lifting her into the air. 
    "You won't get away with this! The people from my academy will find out what you did and they won't let you go!" Cher, who already saw death, couldn't help but curse Arnin with a mocking laugh. 
    "That's fine, it's not like the academy is my final destination. It is just a stepping stone in my pursuit to power. If they get in my way, then I won't mind destroying them thoroughly." Arnin smiled towards Cher wickedly. 
    "You Dev-" Arnin used both his hands and tore Cher's head from her body. Blood sprayed all over him. Cher's body, which trembled in midair, collapsed to the ground without making another movement. 
    "Oops! My hand slipped!"
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  • Chapter 19: Reaching Town

    Arnin tossed Cher's head towards the beast and picked up her body. "Since you didn't listen to instructions, you only get the head. Hurry up and finish it before the people come!" Arnin jumped onto a tree and climbed. From to branch to branch, he kept leaping. He needed to go quick or the pursuers would get to him soon. As the tree opened up into the vast, blue sky with white, puffy clouds, Arnin settled the body onto the thick green leaves that grew no further. The leaves that were once green, began to soak in the red of Cher. 
    Arnin dug through the leaves and landed on the branches. His foot landed on a branches that were lower until he steadily got onto the crimson dyed grass that was green no more. With light footsteps, the measly body approached that of the giant tiger. It's grey stripes blended with the orange coat showcased its grandeur. One leg swung over the mountain like back, while the other rested onto the opposite side. 
    "Let's go! We need to meet those pursuers before they get here. Do not attack them!" The flickering glare of the young human forced the beast to bow it's head. Even though it was stronger then the pitiful human, it just couldn't find the heart to go against him. 
    As the wind began to pick up, the fur on the beast began to pitifully sway back. Patches of grass that once stood tall, collapsed under the weight of the beast. The young human sat on top of the tiger beast unyieldingly, his short, black hair moving with the wind. His coal-like eyes were tinged with red, focusing on the two approaching figures. Dirt flew into the air with shredded grass accompanying it. Claw marks slid and tore the earth into shreds. The beast halted in front of the two figures. 
    The ocean-like eyes glared at the beast. Dane's face flinched when he found that the strength of the beast was much higher than his own. His bronze hand lifted into the air to prevent his companion from moving forward. 
    "So, Arnin was it? This beast must be yours then? I was wondering how you could tame a demonic beast of such caliber without being a demon yourself?" Dane knew that he could not match the beast even with his whole group present, but he was resolute to find out who Arnin was. 
    "I don't need to answer your question. All you need to know is that I am not yet your enemy." Arnin smiled towards the two. His small frame faulted his domineering tone, however with the beast under him, the words carried strength. 
    "Since you don't want to answer, don't, but I will ask you again, what is your reason for being in this forest?" Dane decided to take a step back with his words. Although he thought he was stronger then Arnin, he knew he could not handle the beast. 
    "You really are such a pest! Fine, I will tell you why I am here, but you are going to lead me out of this forest then." Arnin jumped off the beast and walked towards the two. Sadly, he wasn't able to get rid of the two because all members of the group were not all present. 
    "Sure, if you give us a suitable answer, we will be more than happy to take you out of the forest. But only if I like your answer." Dane didn't show any weakness. Brajus didn't say anything. Although he was usually angered quickly, he knew when to hold himself back.
    "I am a new student for the academy that you guys call Lepidoptera. I was traveling through the forest with my beast companion in order to get there." Arnin smiled towards the two and answered 'honestly'. Dane and Brajus were surprised at Arnin's answer. They still had some doubts, so they didn't take any steps. They were firmly planted to their spots. 
    "Why was your beast not with you? And why did it howl jus-" 
    "Hey hey! I don't need to tell you anything else. You got your answer, so lead me out the forest now." Arnin cut Dane off. He wasn't willing to answer every question they threw at him. 
    Brajus looked at Dane with hesitation. Worry was written all over his face. Dane didn't turn his head to look, he only pondered for a bit before nodding. 
    "Alright, we will bring you to the academy. If you're telling the truth, then nothing will happen to you, however if the academy finds you to be lying, then the consequences will be dire!" Dane took one last glance at the beast before turning around and speedily running through the forest. Brajus reached his hand towards Dane to say something, but he was tongue-tied. He only looked at the human boy standing in front the beast before following Dane. 
    Arnin turned his head and looked at a tall tree that reached for the sky. "Bye Cher, make sure you don't meet me in the otherworld. I have lots of friends there. Haha!" The young boy laughed and leaped back onto the beast. 
    Patches of the earth flew into the air as the group of four traveled. Leading the group were Dane and Brajus. They kept a clear distance between them and Arnin. They still could not trust Arnin's claim of being a new student at the academy. They were also unable to get any answers out of Arnin, which furthered their doubts. 
    "Dane, do you think that he is telling the truth? I honestly cannot trust him, there is something about him that just seems off." Brajus silently whispered into Dane's ear as he moved. 
    "I also feel that something is off about him, but is there really a reason for him to lie? He could have gotten rid of both of us if he really wanted to with that beast of his. And if he is truly one with ill intentions, then the teachers can get rid of him easily!" Dane kept a calm expression as he ran. He believed in the strength of the academy. He was only surprised about how Arnin was able to acquire a Rank One - Hell demonic beast. It was known that Demons were the only species that could tame a demonic beast. The only way for other species to get beasts was through suppression or demon crystals. Dane decided that he just needed to report what he saw, he would leave the rest to the academy. Brajus noticed that Dane was contemplating something so he kept quiet. 


    The trees continued to vanish in a blur and the ground that was before covered in grass, slimmed into a narrow dirt path. The tree's closed in tightly. A smell of perfume and meat permeated the air. Arnin smiled lightly as he knew of this smell. It was not of the forest, where shrubs and leaves were all that one could smell, it was not one of the battlefield where blood and sweat was all there was, no. It was one of a civilisation. They had finally reached the town where the academy was. 

    The light in front seeped into the forest, covering the scene that was about to be shown. As the group moved forward, the amount of tree's lessened and shapes of the buildings took form. The smell got stronger and the light brighter. The two in front vanished into the light, and Arnin followed quickly behind. The beast stepped through the light that blinded their eyes. Arnin lifted his hands to block the radiating sun that tried to pierce his eyes. The smile on his face didn't leave; he was happy to finally get to his destination. 

    "Arnin, this is the town where the academy is located. The academy is an hour away if we walk, but we can get there in about thirty minutes if we run. As you are new to this town, let us walk there so that you can see some of the sights." Dane still had suspicion toward Arnin, but he knew that he was unable to handle the beast. He had to also meet his group in the village if they hadn't already left for the academy. Brajus wanted to say something but he was stopped by Dane with a wave. 

    "Sure I don't mind, but let's walk quick. I have to meet some people at the academy as well." Dane and Brajus were surprised that Arnin wasn't going to be going there alone. They were also secretly relieved because if Arnin was meeting someone there, then his intentions were most likely not bad, however there was also the off chance that this was a gathering for people who wanted to attack the academy. As a cautious person, Dane was sure that the former was correct. No one in their right mind would attack an academy, especially one in a small area. 

    Arnin got off the beast and walked by its side. His small steps forced the beast to also walk slower, but it didn't mind. As the four walked, people looked frighteningly at the beast. They didn't say anything bad, but their looks were those of fear. Arnin ignored all of the stares. He didn't think that it was abnormal for others to look at the beast with such stares. The tiger beast did look frightening with his grey and orange coat, red, beading eyes and the single horn on its head. It's size was also very large; almost two times Arnin's. If the beast stood on its hind legs, then one can only imagine how large it would be. 

    Dane ignored the looks as well, but Brajus found it somewhat uncomfortable. As a student from the academy, he only received looks of praise, never those of fear. He turned his head and gave Arnin a sharp glare, which was ignored in broad daylight. He had been holding his temper back for a long time, but he wasn't able to resist forever. 

    "Arnin, can you not have your beast wait in the forest? The villagers are getting frightened because of how hideous it is." Arnin's face abruptly changed. Although he knew the beast for a small amount of time, it was his first link to his past life. Arnin never liked it when other's rebuked his underlings.

    "Listen here, lobster head. If you don't like my beast, why don't you try moving him?" Arnin was mad, but he didn't want to kill people from the academy in broad daylight... yet. He didn't think he was strong enough for that. 

    "L-lobster head? Who do you think you're calling lobster head? You wanna die?!" Brajus couldn't help but flare up. His eyes burned with fire while he flexed his arms and lifted his sleeves. "Come at me little boy! Don't hide behind the beast!" Brajus got into fighting stance instantly. People from different stalls heard the commotion and rushed over. 

    "Lobster, I don't have time to fight you. Don't you have any shame trying to attack me, a five year old, when you are already in the twenties?" Arnins sharp, mocking words caused Brajus to hesitate. 

    "Brajus, pull back! Why are you making a scene right now?" Dane, with his expressionless face, pulled Brajus back. He looked at Arnin before walking into the crowd. Arnin patted the beast and smiled before following as well. The crowd dispersed when they saw that nothing happened. 

    While walking on the stone ground, Arnin saw many different types of shops that one wouldn't find in his village. Other then the common meat shops and other food places, there were shops for essence beast meat, cultivation resources and other things. Arnin wasn't surprised by the increase of shops because a town was supposed to be much larger than a small village, especially a town that had an academy looking over it.  During the whole trip, Dane didn't speak a word and Brajus tearfully avoided shops that served lobsters. 

    "Little boy, is that a Rank One Beast?" Arnin was walking silently when suddenly an old woman called out to him. His head turned and he looked towards the sound. A large shop stood alone with small field behind it. The wooden roof resembled the top of a tower a point in each corner. The limestone walls were plastered with signs, some talking about discounts and others about the information of the shop. Arnin read the large sign that hung from the roof; 'Beast Shop'. Arnin was surprised by the sign and couldn't help but walk over with the tiger beast.

    "Hello, Miss. I am sorry but I am unsure of what you mean by Rank One Beast." Arnin spoke to the shop owner like a little boy. Although he was a child, the way he spoke greatly differed from his usual speech. 

    "Oh my, come here sit down. Let me explain this to you briefly. This old lady has been serving this shop alone so I was hoping to speak with someone, so please come little one." The old woman showed great warmth when she looked at Arnin. She welcomed Arnin into the shop with great enthusiasm while the beast also followed Arnin in. 

    Dane and Brajus watched from the side before walking towards the shop as well. Arnin looked at the two approaching before smiling evilly. 

    "Old miss, don't let those two in. The one with lobster hair bullies me, while the other one doesn't let me do anything because of my friend. Can you tell them to go away?" Arnin didn't really need a guide to the academy once he came to the town. He could ask anyone for directions, however the two didn't seem to leave him alone. Arnin understood their intentions to keep an eye on him, but he hated when bugs swarmed around him. 

    The old woman looked at Arnin and at his 'friend' before nodding knowingly. "Don't worry child. Not everyone loves beasts the way we do. Let me shoo them away for you, alright?" The old woman turned and faced the two humans. "Why don't the two of you wait out here for now? I want to speak with this little friend alone." The old woman didn't wait for a reply before closing the beast patterned door. 

    Dane didn't approach the shop and only stood outside waiting. Brajus, on the other hand, was about to rush forward but was held back by Dane. "Don't do anything stupid. We can wait here for now." Brajus crossed both of his arms over his chest before standing behind Dane.

    "How dare that kid call me a lobster head again?" Brajus couldn't help but silently whisper to himself. Dane heard his complaints but said nothing about it. 

    Inside the shop, Arnin sat beside a large window that faced the field. The tiger beast laid beside him on the ground, its eyes drooping and unfocused. Arnin placed his hand onto the head of the beast. The old woman closed the door behind her and walked towards Arnin amiably. She looked at Arnin as if he was her own grandchild, and her eyes lit up even more when she saw the tiger beast beside him. 
    "Little boy, what is your name? I want to chat with you so lets start with introductions. My name is Inme Tenebrae." Arnin nodded with a smile before introducing himself as well.
    "My name is Arnin, Arnin Foro." Arnin didn't pick up any ill intent from Inme so he was alright with sharing his family name, anyway's a family name wasn't important unless the person was from a large family with great influence. Inme nodded her head before looking at the beast. "He doesn't really have a name. I haven't given him one. Let me think." Arnin pondered for a while before continuing. "Maybe I will call him Vilis." The beast didn't show much of a reaction towards the name that was chosen for him. However, the smile on Inme's face grew even more. 
    "So you didn't know what a Rank One beast was right? Well let me briefly explain the rankings of the essence beasts. An essence beast is a term used for any beast that can cultivate essence. As we know, beasts cultivate by taking it from others, while we cultivate by taking it from the world. Now, an essence beast is divided into two types of beasts. There are the demonic beasts and the radiant beasts. There are two major differences between the two. A demonic beast can only be tamed by a Demon or forcefully suppressed by demon crystals. These types of beasts are much more bloodthirsty, The radiant beasts are gentle creatures that can be tamed by anyone. Well, if they know how to tame them, that is." Arnin was surprised that beasts could be tamed normally by others as well. In his past life, the only way to tame a beast if one was not of the same race or of the demon race was through suppression or through a very rare act of good. There was no other way, however in Afloria this was possible. The interest Arnin had for the worldly essence, grew. 
    "Old Miss Inme, what about the rankings of these beasts. Are they the same or what?" Arnin continued to act like a child in front of Inme. 
    "The ranking for both beasts are the same. A beast will only be considered Rank One when they reach Essence Manifest cultivation. Then, similar to the humanoid creatures, they have the Earth, Sky, Hell, and Heaven separation. So from what I can see, Vilis is a Rank One - Hell demonic beast." Arnin's eyes 'brightened' when he heard that.
    "Wow, my Vilis is so strong." Arnin 'happily' rubbed Vilis' head, which irritated the beast. Arnin didn't mind the reaction and only continued to smile. 
    "So little Arnin, why are you here? Are you a traveler? Also, how did you tame a demonic beast?" Inme asked without any underlying meaning. She looked at Arnin with wonder filling her eyes. 
    "I am here to join the Lepidoptera Academy to further my studies. As for Vilis, I found him injured by a tree and I helped him. It was also really hungry so I gave it some food. After that, it never left my side." Arnin forged a story for how he acquired Vilis. He knew it was because of his aura, which had some demonic presence, but he couldn't just tell her that. 
    "That is extremely lucky but dangerous. I am just happy that it didn't attack you or anything. Haha!" The old lady giggled before getting up and leading Arnin towards the door. Arnin followed behind the old woman with Vilis in tow. The door opened up and the light rushed in like a starving person. 
    "Well little Arnin, I can't hold you forever. Enjoy the academy because it is a wonderful place. We might even meet each other very soon." Inme waved at Arnin, who began to walk towards the two waiting men. 
    The two nodded towards the old lady and continued to walk in the direction of the academy. Arnin took one last glance at the old woman who disappeared into her shop. Through their conversation, Arnin didn't learn anything about her other then her name. She also only asked questions about him and the beast. This seemed normal, however Arnin found this to be anything but. 
    "I hope the next time we meet, you won't be someone I have to get rid of." Arnin solemnly whispered.
  • Chapter 20: Does A Lobster Have Enough Meat?

    In a town packed full of people, a young boy rode on top of a beast. The orange and grey coat of the beast stood out in the town, it's single horn looking sharper than fine swords. The young boy held onto the horn which could pierce through the thickest of armors. This boy, with his ashen, obsidian-like hair, looked like a beautiful demon. The grey tattoos that evoked jealousy from countless people shined like the moon on a dark, dreadful night. The two men in front of the boy had their own unique characteristics. The man with inky-black hair gave off a cold presence that made people want to stay away. His ocean blue eyes scanned the surroundings, intimidating everyone on the path. The more enthusiastic man, beside the cold one, had flame-like hair that stood out even in the darkest of areas. His golden eyes glowed like the radiant sun. 
    "Daddy look, that guy has a lobster on his head!" From afar, a little boy sat on his father's shoulders. His little fingers pointed towards Brajus' red hair. 
    "What did you say?! Come here! Say it to my face! See if I don't put a lobster on your head!" The boy's father walked away with an awkward smile, while the boy on his head continued to laugh. Brajus' face became as bright as a tomato. He was feeling both embarrassed and angry.
    "See what I said, lobster head? Haha!" Arnin laughed from behind him, which further angered Brajus. He turned around and gave Arnin a piercing glare before ignoring him once again. He touched his short, red hair and brought it in front of his eyes. He released a sigh before walking with a hunched back. His eyes seemed less alive than before and his face became duller. Arnin continued to laugh at him with mockery. 
    Arnin calmed himself down and looked at the buildings that slowly began to reduce in numbers. Up ahead, Arnin noticed a hill that climbed towards the sky. The path widened from stone into the dirt once again. The trees were nowhere to be seen; all that was left was a smooth hill path. As Arnin approached the massive hill, he noticed a stand at the base. There was a gate that stood in front of the hill, but the passage was blocked by a few people. 
    "Kid, we are approaching the academy gate's so you better behave yourself." Brajus turned around and spoke to Arnin like a superior. He felt that with all the teachers that were going to be around, he had enough backing to face Arnin. Although he was trying to act high and mighty in front of Arnin, he didn't get a single reaction from him. Even worse was the fact that Arnin was completely ignoring him. 
    "Hey, are you listening? If you listen to me now, then maybe I can help you later. What do you say?" Brajus put on a mocking and superior smile. He tried to taunt Arnin but he didn't notice him getting flustered or scared. Suddenly, Arnin turned and looked at him.
    "Lobster head, would you mind quieting down? Some people aren't into seafood." Arnin evilly smiled towards Brajus who was about to rush towards Arnin. Dane turned and grabbed Brajus.
    "Go and see if the others are here or in the academy." Dane didn't have time to bicker so he only gave a command before leaving. He then turned to Arnin and looked at him expressionlessly. "To get into the academy, you have to take an exam of talent and other small things. You can go on and do that while I go report some things to the teachers." With that, Dane left Arnin alone with Vilis. 
    "Since the village elder isn't here yet, I will just complete the tests. Maybe I can get accepted before he arrives." Arnin couldn't see the village elder when he came. He still had a day before they would arrive. Arnin got off of Vilis and walked towards the entrance to the hill. He found a teacher holding a pen and paper, so he walked towards him. He inspected the teacher as he approached him and was surprised to find a cultivation level that was much higher then his own beasts. Since Arnin didn't fully understand the realms, he didn't know what the teacher achieved. However, it was on the same level as Avian's, or at least around the same level. The teacher had long silver hair that reached just below his shoulders. He wore glasses with large lenses and had a small mole on his left cheek. His asphalt eyes intently stared at the piece of paper in front of him. His clothes were half black and half white. The white side had a symbol of a coal-colored moth, while the black side had a pure, paper white butterfly 
    "Excuse me, would you happen to know where I can take the entrance exams for this academy?" Arnin politely asked the teacher. The man abruptly lifted his head and looked at Arnin with surprise. He looked down and saw the small Arnin and smiled, but when he saw the beast behind Arnin his smile froze. 
    "Little boy, is that your beast?" The teacher had some fluctuation in his speech. He didn't look frightened, rather he looked surprised and even somewhat envious. 
    "Yes sir, this is my beast, Vilis. So, where can I take the exams?" Arnin went back to the main topic. He only really cared about the exams, not making small talk with a person. 
    "Oh yes, the exams. You don't need to go anywhere, I am one of the conductors for the exams. Well, I wouldn't call it an exam. It is more like a talent check and battle test. So, how did you get such a beast?" The teacher seemed distracted when he spoke. He went back to the topic about the beast. 
    "Teacher, can we talk about the beast later? Let's first get the main things out of the way." Arnin helplessly tried to avoid the topic about the beast. He found the teacher to be quite laid back. Although Arnin didn't mind, he still found it tiresome to answer the same questions for different people. 
    "Oh sure. Haha. So, the talent check is extremely quick. I want to stick your hand inside this aura flame. Depending on the color that appears, we will know how high your talent is. Let me first tell you how each talent is divided from lowest to highest. Brown, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, and White. One has to have at least Red flames to gain entry into the academy. However, if they get Brown or Yellow, their battle scores determine their entrance. Also, if there is an off chance that none of these colors appear, then one has to take an extra test. First, they would take the battle exam and only if they do well will they be allowed to do the final exam. The final exam is special so I won't mention it right now." The teacher spoke a mouthful before finally taking a break. He released a breath and smiled towards Arnin weakly. Arnin nodded seriously. 
    This time the test was very detailed. They incorporated the unknown as well, which Arnin found to be extremely surprising. In his past life, that was never a result. It got him thinking that maybe there were others like him and Lilise who had the black talent or some other color talent. 

    The teacher produced a flame on his palm which seemed to be colorless. It was a weird flame that was abnormal and mysterious. Arnin lifted his hand and slowly submerged it into the mysterious element. There was no pain, or any sort of negative feeling. It felt like the wind was wrapping itself onto his hand. Suddenly the flame began to change color. It didn't turn into any of the colors that the teacher said, which Arnin didn't find too surprising. The teacher, on the other hand, was astonished. His eyes began to glow when he looked at Arnin. The flame color increased in height and turned pitch black tinged, with an ashen grey hue. The flame didn't stop increasing in height. It reach the the length of a full grown man, but it still didn't stop. Arnin noticed that the higher it grow, the greater the glow in the teachers eyes. Arnin quickly pulled his hand back and placed it by his side. The flam stopped moving and began to shrivel up. It faded into the open air and turned back into the colourless flame from before. 

    Sweat poured down the teachers face as his breathing rapidly increased. He tried his best to collect himself, but that became too difficult so he allowed himself to act like a fool. The people from the surrounding noticed the large flame so they walked over. However, by the time they reached the location, the flame disappeared. A man that had similar clothes to the teacher walked out from the crowd and rushed towards him. He quickly stood beside the panting teacher and began to question. 

    "Kelnorin, what was that flame I just saw from afar? Hey, are you alright?" The man addressed the glasses teacher as Kelnorin, which Arnin took note of. The man didn't see Arnin but did notice the beast beside him. He only gave it a glance before questioning Kelnorin. 

    "Hey, little boy, what is your name?" Kelnorin ignored the man and quickly asked Arnin. He was still unstable after the whole flame incident, but he found his footing and looked at Arnin seriously. 

    "Teacher Kelnorin, my name is Arnin. Can we get to the battle test now?" Arnin wanted to avoid the eyes of the people since he wanted to keep a low profile [Author note: Yea Right].  Kelnorin noticed that Arnin was looking at all the people watching and understood his intentions right away. 

    "Everyone here, other than the teachers, please leave," Kelnorin shouted to the crowd before walking away with Arnin and Vilis. He stood near Arnin since he was unafraid of the beast. The surrounding people began to whisper among themselves before leaving the scene. Only a few people who wore the same attire as Kelnorin stayed behind. They followed behind and discussed something between themselves. 

    "Why do you think Kelnorin wants us to come with him? Do you think that the abnormal flame was produced by that child?" The man that approached Kelnorin in the beginning asked an old man with white hair. 

    "I don't know, but it is most likely related to that child. Xillar, that child seems to have a fairly strong demonic beast. How do you think he got it?" The white-haired person spoke silently with the first man, Xillar.

    "I don't have the slightest clue. Let's see what Kelnorin has to say." Xillar followed behind but he was intently staring at Arnin and the beast.

    The group walked towards a less crowded area and stopped when Kelnorin halted. He turned around and looked at all the teachers seriously. He produced the same mysterious flame on his palm, and looked happily at Arnin, who helplessly shook his head. Arnin lifted his hand and placed it in the painless flame. The same coal flame with the ashen grey hue formed. It reached the height of a child before Arnin pulled his hand out. All the teachers stood dumbly. Their eyes widened, their mouth dropped and sweat appeared on their foreheads, spilling like a waterfall. 

    Xillar weakly lifted his hand and pointed at Arnin. "K-Kelnorin, where did you find such a child?" He couldn't restrain himself and impolitely pointed at Arnin. He swiftly recovered his trance and pushed his hand back beside him embarrassingly. 

    "I didn't find him anywhere. He came to me looking to take the entrance talent test, and then this happened. Arnin, would you mind telling me where you come from?" Kelnorin looked at Arnin with some excitement. He knew that Arnin was special, but he didn't know anything about such a special child. 

    "You will find out more tomorrow. Let's just complete the next test so that I can rest." Arnin waved his hand and avoided the topic. The village elder would arrive tomorrow so he wanted to leave the explaining to him. 

    "Sure sure, that's fine too. Here let's begin the next test to see what kind fighting ability you have." Kelnorin hesitated before speaking. "Also, we don't allow help from outsiders, so you have to take this battle test without your beast." He didn't know if Arnin was dependent on the beasts skills or not, but the rule said no outside help.

    "That was my plan from the beginning. Vilis, go stand by the side." Arnin stood in place, while Vilis stepped outside the circle and laid on the ground. "Who do I fight, or what do I do?" Arnin looked at Kelnorin with some excitement. Being the Demon Lord in his past life, he truly enjoyed fighting strong opponents. It gave him a thrill that he couldn't explain. 

    "You will fight a student from the academy. He will be way above your realm, but he will not do any serious damage to you. He is here to test you out, so just bear with the pain. Xillar, go call a student from the group that arrived today!" Xillar nodded and quickly disappeared. 

    A few minutes later, Xillar returned with a student. Arnin looked at the person who was brought and couldn't help but laugh on the inside. The person Xillar brought was Brajus. When Brajus got to the place filled with teachers he had a confused face. He looked around and saw Arnin standing in the middle. Cold sweat appeared on his back when he thought of Arnin doing something bad and his group getting the blame. 

    "Teachers, I don't know what this kid did, but please don't involve me and my group. We only brought him here because he said that he was applying to this academy. Dane even thought him to be a suspicious character so we wanted the teachers to check him out. His beast was stronger than us so we couldn't do anythi-" All the teachers present became surprised at Brajus' outbreak. Kelnorin looked at Arnin questionably who returned him a shrug. 

    "Brajus, calm down. There is no problem, we only want you to spar with him for the exam. However, if you don't want to then we can ask someone else." Kelnorin smiled slightly towards Brajus, who in turn became surprised. After pausing for a bit and collecting himself, a smirk appeared on his face. This smirk, which he thought he hid well, was seen by everyone, including Arnin. 

    "So that's the case. Haha! I am willing to spar with him. Arnin, I will go easy on you so don't worry about that." Brajus wickedly looked at Arnin who had been taunting and annoying him the whole trip. 

    "Do whatever you like. I just hope that a lobster has enough meat for my beast. Haha!" Arnin vanished from sight before appearing in front of Brajus and swinging his fist towards his face.
  • Chapter 21: Are You Really Five Years Old?

    *Drip Drip* 

    A crimson liquid slowly fell to the hard, stone ground. The redness seeped into the grey bricks, traveling through the cracks, trying to get as far as possible. 


    Another red liquid fell on top of the previous one's, furthering the distance they traveled. The crevices filled up with the thick and vibrant blood. Tiny pebbles drowned in the incoming bloody liquid. 

    Hair that resembled the crimson liquid swayed in the pushing wind. Further down, a small cut appeared on the pale forehead. This cut was the origin of the red liquid; the blood trailed down the sides of the sharp nose and slid over the dilated golden eyes. It reached the rosy lips and branched into two trails. One fell from the upper lip, sometimes entering the widened mouth, the other one kept going until it reached the jaw. It took a sharp turn toward the chin and fell towards the ground. 
    The man with the cut blankly looked at the fist that was touching his forehead. The knuckles only pierced the skin, going no deeper. The man followed the fist and found the attacker looking at him with a mocking smile. 

    "If this was a real-life situation, then you would not be standing right now." Arnin pulled his fist back and spoke in a way that only Brajus could hear. Coldness crawled down Brajus' spine when he heard Arnin's words. He knew that the boy was right; if this wasn't a sparring match, then his head would have had more than just a cut. He pulled himself together and took a deep breath. His aura slowly rose until it reached the peak of Orb Birth - Heaven. The way he looked at Arnin also changed, there was no anger or haughtiness. His golden eyes shimmered with determination, there was only battle intent and resolution in his stare. 

    Arnin didn't get into any position and only stared at Brajus with his undisguised scorn. His body began to also quietly reach its peak. Although one could not see Arnin in a battle stance, his aura was still building up. 

    Kelnorin and the other teachers that were watching had wide eyes. The smiled they had on their faces touched their ears, their hands clenched into fists. They never imagined that Arnin would be able to get Brajus by surprise in such a fashion. They were also very surprised with Arnin's cultivation realm. It wasn't at Orb Birth - Earth like most five-year-olds, rather it was already in Orb Birth - Sky. Not only that, it seemed to be fast approaching peak level. They couldn't help but mockingly laugh at themselves. 

    "Arnin, seems that you are much stronger than I thought. I won't be holding back this time, so make sure you are ready." Brajus jumped back before circling Arnin at high speed. His speed accelerated and created a dust storm. Rocks flew everywhere, and the dust created a type of smoke screen. Arnin stood in the middle calmly, his eyes looking at the storm intently, trying to pick up anything that could be abnormal. 

    Brajus kept circling Arnin and when he found that he wasn't moving, he leaped out of the dust cloud and rushed towards him from the back. He wasn't using killing blows, but his fist carried a great amount of essence and power. Arnin felt the fluctuation in the air, and instead of turning his head, the first thing he did was duck his head. The fist flew above him unstably, causing Brajus' body to fall forward because of the miss. 

    Arnin then lifted his body upward and jumped into the air. His head directly hit Brajus' chin, forcing him to fall backward. Brajus lifted his hands and grabbed his head. He felt dizzy and couldn't keep his eyes open. 

    Arnin noticed this moment of thoughtlessness and rushed towards Brajus. With the octagonal pattern in his body, Arnin was countless times stronger than when he fought Orsesa (Author note: The mother of the seven-year-old). However, he noticed that Brajus was also much stronger than Orsesa.

    Just as Arnin was about to go and land another blow onto Brajus, the dust suddenly dispersed. A rapid wind tornado appeared causing everything to return back to normal. Arnin turned his head and saw Kelnorin walking towards him with a smile on his face. 

    "As a five-year-old, you are extremely gifted. You have Demon-like fighting capabilities. I wonder where you learned to fight in such a way. You are only five, so you shouldn't have experienced much, right?" Kelnorin looked at Arnin with a cunning smile. However, he was returned with an expressionless face. Arnin didn't puff out his chest or even accept the praises, he just looked at Kelnorin without much of a reaction. Only, there seemed to be a glint in Arnin's eyes that no one seemed to notice. Kelnorin noticed that Arnin wasn't going to answer, so he decided to switch the subject. 

    "Since you did outstanding in this test, way beyond anything that I have ever seen, you can proceed to the final test." Kelnorin was very satisfied with Arnin, however even though he showed an appearance of satisfaction, no one truly understood how he felt on the inside. His back had cold sweat, while he was also holding back his trembling hands. This was not of excitement, but of fear. Arnin's talent was way beyond that of anyone. Not only did he produce a frightening grey-black flame, his fighting skills were also on a much higher level. Kelnorin believed that if Arnin was given the same cultivation realm as him, then he would stand no chance against Arnin. He was especially frightened about how ruthless Arnin was when he fought, it was not something that he would see in a child or even in many adults. 

    Kelnorin decided that he needed to report information about Arnin to the principle and have him decide what to do with Arnin. 
    "Now, let me explain to you what the special test was. It is not a physical test or a talent test, rather it isn't even a test." When Kelnorin spoke, Arnin became confused. If it wasn't a test then what was it? Noticing the confusion on Arnin's face, Kelnorin put his hand into his robe and pulled out a white orb. 
    "There is a rule in our academy that only teachers know about. If a student is eligible to take the special test, they must accept three conditions in order to get into the academy. If you won't accept them then not only will you now be able to enter the academy, you will also not be able to enter any other academy in Afloria. The reason for this is because each academy has the same special test and it cannot be changed." As Kelnorin spoke and place the orb on the ground. It didn't roll around like a normal ball, rather it began to project a blue light that caused it to slowly lift into the air. 
    Arnin looked intently at the orb, but couldn't figure out what it was and what it was made of. His knowledge of the essence and everything else was too lacking to know what it was. 
    "What are these three conditions that you speak of? I will only accept them if I find them reasonable and not too demanding." Arnin made his stance clear before receiving the conditions. If they were something that would hold him back, then there was no point in attending such a restrictive academy. 
    Kelnorin smiled slightly before walking around the orb and standing beside Arnin. "The conditions are not too demanding, however, they will restrict you for a certain period of time. I cannot tell you the conditions myself so we will head to the academy right away so that the head of the academy can explain them to you." Kelnorin placed his hand on the orb and released some blood. The orb rapidly transformed into a set of wings that climbed flew onto the back of Kelnorin. Arnin was surprised when he saw what happened. He assumed that the orb was related to the test, but who knew that such an orb was able to turn into a set of wings. 

    "Teacher Kelnorin, I cannot head over to the academy with you just yet. I am waiting for someone who will be attending the academy with me, so I wish to wait until they arrive before meeting with whoever you want me with." Arnin took a step backward before speaking to Kelnorin. 

    "Umm, alright then. We will head over tomorrow. I will be away for the day, but if you need any help or have any questions then ask the teachers around here." Kelnorin quickly spoke to Arnin before flying into the air and heading towards the stoneless hill. Arnin watched him leave before turning around and walking towards the crowded area once again. Although he didn't like to be around crowds, he found that large groups easily spread information. Arnin wanted to collect some information about the academy and anything else that he considered important. 

    Vilis got up and followed behind Arnin, while the rest stood there blankly before walking away. Xillar didn't walk away with the other teachers, rather he decided to chase after Arnin and ask him a few questions. 

    "Hey, kid, wait a minute! I want to talk to you!" Xillar quickly ran towards the departing Arnin. His face glowed with excitement. 

    Arnin stopped walking and turned around. He looked at Xillar with some annoyance. "Yes, teacher? What do you need?" Xillar stopped walking and stared at Arnin with great interest. He looked at Arnin from top to bottom. His eyes landed on the tattoos on his head and didn't move for a few long minutes. 

    "I just have a few things I want to ask and discuss with you. Why don't we speak while we walk?" Xillar stretched his arm outward and allowed Arnin to begin walking first. He then flashed beside him with a quick step. Arnin didn't act surprised, which caused Xillar to have some speculations about his age. 

    "Let me begin with a few small questions. What is your cultivation realm? I can see that you are at Orb Birth - Sky, but you were able to defeat an Orb Birth - Heaven cultivator with ease." Xillar didn't move his eyes away from the grey tattoos on Arnin's forehead. He couldn't understand how such tattoos appeared. He almost believed that they were placed there by another person, yet he couldn't help but deny that thought. 

    "My cultivation realm is as you say, Orb Birth - Sky. Me defeating that lobster head was only luck, plus he was really dumb." Arnin gave a vague answer, not allowing Xillar to divulge more into the topic. 

    "Achoo!" Brajus suddenly sneezed lightly. His golden eyes watered up and his nose became slightly red. He lifted his right hand and rubbed his nose with a smile. "Seems like I am being spoken about. I wonder who is talking about me. Haha!"

    Xillar pitifully smiled when he heard Arnin's answer. Luck? Who would believe that after seeing the spar? Xillar just took it as Arnin not wanting to answer the question. 

    Arnin didn't truly want to expose his skills and other secrets about him, so he didn't answer truthfully. He didn't even try to think of a good reason because he knew the teacher would be able to understand his thoughts. 

    "Before I ask you more, do you have any questions for me? Say about cultivation or the academy?" Xillar puffed out his chest when he made such a suggestion. He knew that his knowledge had to be higher than a five-year-old regarding cultivation.  

    Arnin thought for a moment before looking at Xillar with interest. He remembered that he wanted to learn more about the orb from the scholar in his village, but because of the events that took place there, he wasn't able to quench his thirst for knowledge. 

    "Since you are suggesting this, then let me ask you some things." Arnin smiled towards Xillar. His obsidian eyes twinkled ever so slightly. Cultivation. It was the reason for him traveling and his reincarnation. Why wouldn't he want to learn more? 

    Xillar looked extremely happy with Arnin's response. He wanted to get on Arnin's good side in the early stages so that he would benefit later on. He was willing to be shameless if he would be able to benefit further down the line. "Ask away, young grasshopper." 

    Arnin lifted one eyebrow but chose not to comment on such a name. "Well, I wanted to learn about ways one can strengthen the orb threads in the body. For example, if I want to boost eyesight for a short period of time or boost my strength for a period. How would I accomplish that?" Arnin had always wondered if Afloria had something similar to the symbols he had in his body. Those symbols were able to strengthen his body indefinitely and even increase strength to a further level for a short period of time. However, the symbols were not completely in sync with the orbs; he wanted to know if the world had something similar that was tailor-made for the orb. 

    Xillar looked at Arnin with astonishment. He looked away for a few minutes and began to ponder the question. "Well, there is a way to do that, but one can only accomplish such a task if they enter Essence Manifest Realm, however even then, the strengthening wouldn't be too great. If I recall correctly, one can have characters placed in their body by a type of Mark Master." Xillar spoke with great admiration, however, there was also a seriousness in his voice. He looked at Arnin before opening his mouth once more. 'Why do you ask such a question? Do you want to get such characters in your body, or is there a different reason?" 

    His eyes glimmered as he intently inspected the tattoos on Arnin's head. They didn't look like characters, but he had a thought that maybe they were linked to Mark Masters.

    Arnin was glad that there was a way to strengthen the body. What made him even happier was that this strengthening came in the shape of a character, which would be similar to his symbols. Mark Masters? Arnin thought of this job title but began to ponder deeply about how he should acquire a person with such skill, or if he was able to gain the abilities himself. 

    Xillar looked at Arnin and noticed that he didn't ask about Mark Masters right away, or even about how to speed up cultivation. In his experience, children would ask about cultivation increase tips and other common things, however, Arnin asked such an unexpected question. A thought appeared in his mind that he at first wanted to scratch, but couldn't help but not push away. 

    "Arnin, are you truly a five-year-old, or are you disguising as one?"
  • Chapter 22: Controlling the White Saber

    "Arnin, are you truly a five-year-old, or are you disguising as one?" 

    A question that Arnin never thought would be thought of, was asked of him at that moment. He maintained his calm appearance and only smiled at Xillar, however, a killing intent began to brew inside of him. He now wanted to get rid of the overly smart Xillar. 

    "If you want to consider me as someone who has disguised as a five-year-old, then you are welcomed to do so." Arnin looked dead into the eyes of Xillar. His expression remained unchanged, but his eyes carried a hint of murder. Xillar felt a chill run down his spine. For some unknown reason, he wanted to get on his knees and apologize. He didn't understand why he felt this way, but the more fear he felt, the more he thought Arnin to be abnormal. 

    "Don't get me wrong, I just think that your fighting style is not something one would see in a five-year-old, plus your demeanor greatly differs from those around you." Xillar pulled himself together and casually spoke with Arnin. He found the feeling to be weird and frightening, but it also left so suddenly that he couldn't completely understand it. 
    "Whatever, since you asked me your question, let me ask you mine. What is Mark Masters? How do I become one?" Arnin, although uncomfortable with Xillar's question, wanted to continue asking his own. He wanted to learn more about these Mark Masters that had similar techniques to his own. Xillar didn't show much surprise to hear Arnin's question, he only nodded and began to explain. 
    "Well, Mark Masters are very important people in Afloria. They are able to insert different marks into our body that help with restoration, strengthening and much more. Not only that, they are able to concoct pills as well, although not as well as Alchemists, they aren't that bad either. They are very important, it is harder to find a Mark Master then an alchemist. It is just more difficult to become one." Xillar released a sigh of reluctance. He shook his head and continued his explanation. "Now, to become one, a person needs especially high Mental Strength. Without it being strong, then people can forget about it. We can do a test for your Mental strength soon if you would like." Xillar didn't go into a detailed explanation but did talk about the some of the important parts. Arnin remembered that his Mental Strength was considered extremely high. No one knew that, but when he judged Nekaia's strength and how Avian spoke about it, he assumed he was high as well.     
    "Let's do a test then. I want to know if my Mental Strength meets the mark. If it doesn't, I won't ask anything more about Mark Masters." Arnin decided that he would only ask more if he could become one. If he couldn't pass the test, then there wasn't a reason for him to ask about them. 
    Xillar nodded and waved at Arnin to follow him. "Usually, mental strength, or Animo, is tested for before cultivation. It would allow for a person to see the Animo someone has before their strength begins to grow, however, there is an alternative test." Xillar didn't stop talking while they walked towards an open area. The place was brimming with people who showered in the intense light of the sun. (Author note: I am going to call the star giving them light the sun as well. Just makes it easier to understand :] ) "This alternative requires one to be in a place full of sunlight. This is the best place we got down here."

    Arnin nodded and proceeded with Xillar. The people in the place ignored Arnin's presence because they didn't recognize him, but they allowed Xillar through unhindered. His teacher robe had a good effect on the people who were yet to be in the academy. The crowd also made room for Vilis; he was just too scary and gave off a very strong aura.

    "Well, what do you want me to do now?" Arnin turned around and looked at Xillar after he stood in the center of the place. It was very bright where the sun spat most of its brightness, mostly because there were little buildings nearby.    

    "Now that there is a good amount of sunlight, we can begin the Animo test. This is going to be somewhat rough, but it is an accurate test. Here!" Xillar pulled out a book from his robe and threw it towards Arnin. It was a brown book with scratches and craters. The book was in terrible shape and looked like it was extremely old. Arnin caught the book and looked at Xillar in confusion. He knew that the book was for the test but he didn't know how to use it for the test. 
    "Do you want me to write in it or something? What do I do with this?" Arnin asked simply. He was getting a little excited because he would find out whether he could use Animo or not, but his dull face and undetermined eyes showed otherwise. 
    "That was a great guess. Yes, we will write something, but not inside the book. The book lists a series of marks that a beginner Mark Master must be able to draw. I want you to draw as many as you can on the ground." Xillar smiled towards Arnin when he mentioned drawing the marks. Arnin nodded his head and was ready to begin drawing, but he paused. The test seemed too easy, there must be a catch. Arnin placed the book on the ground and look towards Xillar. He had wondered since the mention of this test as to why Xillar always looked so reluctant about the test and how he had possession of the book of marks. Arnin had a feeling that not every teacher carried the book around, so why did Xillar? 
    "Teacher, I have a few questions before we begin." Arnin could start the test in a few minutes, but he wanted to know more and possibly pick up some hints about the test. 
    "You can ask me anything, but I will not explain the test details and ho to go through with it. I already told you everything that I can, but go on. What is your question or questions?" Xillar put on a meek smile when he first heard Arnin wanted to ask him some questions. He felt that Arnin was very smart to not start the test right away and gather some information. This was an important skill to have, but somewhat difficult to develop. One needs to know when to ask and what to ask exactly. Now he needed to see whether Arnin knew what to ask exactly. 
    "My first question is this, have you ever tried this test yourself?" Arnin didn't hold back and went for his first question. It was a question that didn't dig too deep into his past, but well enough for Arnin to derive more clues. Xillar smiled and then nodded. 
    "I have taken this test in the past, next question." Xillar didn't say anything else, only a straightforward reply that could not give any other info. Arnin nodded and fell into a silence. Xillar took the test before and he was holding the book of marks. He either passed the test and is a Mark Master himself, or he failed it and tests others.

    "My next question is about the sunlight. Can we absorb essence from it or not?" Arnin remembered that the test could only be done in sunlight, which means that the sunlight had something that affected the test. The only think Arnin could think of was the worldly essence, but that may not be the case. The sun was outside of Afloria, so it wouldn't have the exact same properties as the essence in Afloria. However, because the sun was still in the reclusive space where the abnormal essence resided, there were some connections.

    "Arnin, you seem to be picking some things up. The essence of the sun is absorbable, but the way it is processed is different. The essence of Afloria has a combination of different elements and some strange factors, however, the Sun's essence is different. It has only two properties; life and fire. These two are the components that make up the sun's essence." Xillar smiled and explained in detail. He was happy to see that Arnin was getting closer to the trick behind Mark Masters. He was also extremely frightened by how smart and cunning Arnin was. The questions were not directly related to mark making, rather they focused on the other factors that support the creation of a mark.

    "Last question, well more like a theory that needs confirmation. I have an idea as to what I should do, but I just need you to tell me if it is right or not." Arnin gathered everything that he knew about the essence and the orb and thought of a theory. It was a long shot, but he wanted to test it out and see whether it would work. It may not be orthodox, but if it worked, then that's all that would matter.
    Xillar gave a deep nod and continued to pay attention to Arnin's movements. Arnin lifted his hand in the air and directed his orb threads towards the tips of his finger. "What I am doing is using my threads to gather some of the solar essences. I will not absorb them, rather I will use them directly to create a symbol." Arnin briefed his plan to Xillar, who listened with a gaping mouth. His eyes were widening in disbelief as sweat rained down his face like raindrops on leaves. He took a couple steps back before slowly sitting on the ground. He continued to watch Arnin with a dry tongue, unable to make any words come out. 

    'This kid is a demon! Creating his own Mark method without even being one yet? I have to tell the Principal about this!' Xillar was unable to calm down. He, in the past, also did the Mark Master test, however, he failed to draw even one mark. He was just unable to figure out how. Yet, in front of him was a boy, that was only five-years-old, who was creating his own method for Mark creation when he wasn't even able to figure out what to ask. Xillar wanted to find a hole and just sit in silence. He was too ashamed to even look at Arnin. 

    Arnin's threads rapidly made their way to his fingers, then he lifted his hand into the shining sun rays, soaking his hand in their light. He then began to guide his threads into sucking the solar essence, but Arnin only felt the essence of the world coming into him. Arnin wasn't surprised by this because he had never absorbed anything other than worldly essence. His hand stayed in the air while Arnin fell into a trance. He needed to find a way to absorb the solar essence. Arnin remembered Xillar saying that the properties of solar essence were life and fire. He knew that these two correlated very well, a fire could give birth to life and flames can be reborn, gaining life. These two had good connections, but Arnin was not a specialist with these two elements. As a Demon Lord, Arnin had worked with the darker side of the elements, which revolved around death. 
    Suddenly it hit him. Death and life were, as many knew, inseparable. Arnin remembered that he had four powers stored inside of him. His original sealed power, the orb power, the tattoos which had the ability to control his main power, and lastly the white saber. That saber was created through the mixing of the orb and tattoos, it went through a birth and got a life. Although it wasn't a living thing, it was its own power system. Not only that, the saber had some relations to flame, possibly a higher level flame. Arnin decided that a way to absorb the solar essence lied in using the saber. He needed to find a way to control it or at least put it into use. 

    Arnin pulled his hand back from the sunlight and switched his eyes into the place where the saber was dormant. He had some information from the blade; it was created from the tattoos and the orb. The orb had the ability to absorb essence and help increase or decrease strength. It was the base of his body. The tattoo, however, had the capability to control. He didn't know any other abilities other than that, but it was something extremely useful. If absorption and control were combined, then both abilities would significantly benefit the other. The saber most likely had this power. 

    Arnin had to find a way to control this power, but how? He knew it wouldn't fall under him because of his lack of strength, but what else was there. Suddenly, Arnin recalled that his orb absorbed some of his original powers, giving them higher strength and a more sinister aura. If he weakened the blade with his orbs and used the tattoos to control it, would it work? Arnin knew that he would only find out after he gave it a shot.

    Arnin sent out a large cluster of threads and firmly grabbed onto the white blade. The gaseous white flame that was being released from the saber slowly burnt away some of the threads. Arnin watched in surprise, but he continued to add more threads onto the blade. With the orb providing with a large number of threads, the blade wasn't able to burn them all away. It was finally completely covered with threads. Arnin then had the threads release the numbing reagent and weaken the saber. Although, numbing a blade would affect it much, but this blade was spiritual and the threads were a lot stronger. The blade, being numbed intensely from all sides, began to lose its flare. The weakening was working, which elated Arnin. 

    Next, Arnin had the tattoos ram into the saber and firmly hold onto it. Arnin learned something about the orb which surprised him greatly; it was able to absorb almost any type of power and increase its own strength. Learning this made Arnin extremely happy, he couldn't help but grin widely. 

    Outside of Arnin's body, a small crowd had gathered and were watching closely. Xillar was also very serious when he was watching Arnin. When Arnin began his trial to control the White Blade, his body began to secrete a white flame mixed with black threads. Not only that, but his three tattoos were completely lit up. Rather than looking like a five-year-old, Arnin's powers made him look more like his previous Demon Lord form. The three tattoos look like live horns, while the threads and flames mixed to create giant pressure and figure. The presence was aspiring yet dreadful. Xillar and the surrounding people couldn't help but gulp and breath heavily. 

    A teacher walked over to Xillar with an extremely serious face. He looked at Arnin before turning his head towards Xillar. 

    "Go and call the principal, right now! Things are becoming serious!" Xillar lost his playful, teacher-like visage and looked more noble and commanding. He was like a completely different person. 
    "This child is not simple. He may actually not be a child! We need the principal to look at him, now!"
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