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    Chapter 15, Current Skill!

    Nobody had expected a second monster to pop out from the side. They had no choice but to face the monsters head on. The movement speed of wolves were faster than players by a considerable amount. If they wanted to flee, only Xu Xiang would be able to lose the wolves. 

    It was hard to place the blame on Lin Xin; the wolf hiding in the knee-length grass had been well hidden. It would have only been discovered if someone had taken a few steps foward. 

    “I’ll get the other one.” Xu Xiang dropped a sentence before following Number One under Heavens’s lead to pull the aggro of the wolves. Wang Xue caught the words in her mouth as Xu Xiang moved off. If it was just stalling another wolf, she believed that Xu Xiang was more than capable of that. A thief’s agility was nothing to be scoffed at. 

    Number One under Heavens laughed grimly to himself. He did not believe that Xu Xiang, as one thief, would be able to stall the wolf, a monster built for speed. Initially, he had planned to 'relax' a little to lose control of the wolf. Who would have thought Xu Xiang would point the muzzle of the gun at himself. 

    Number One under Heavens used his taunt skill and pulled the aggro of one of the wolves to him. Xu Xiang pulled the other wolf to another side, but clearly, Xu Xiang had more in store than just stalling the wolf. Xu Xiang agilely twisted to one side as the wolf lunged at him. As the wolf landed, scraping at the ground to stop its lunge, Xu Xiang ran his knife into the wolf's eyes. '102' Massive damage sprung up as Xu Xiang made a critical hit on it.

    The blue-eyed wolf snarled, slashing towards Xu Xiang with its claws. Xu Xiang ducked deftly. A MISS sign sprung from XU Xiang's head as Xu Xiang jabbed at the wolf again, dropping the wolf's HP by another 32 points. The blue-eyed wolf had already lost more than half its HP, while not a hair of Xu Xiang's body had been grazed. 

    Everyone gawked. Wang Xue's lips parted in a silent gasp as she noticed that Xu Xiang's rate of disposing the monster was not any lower than theirs when they grouped up on one. His skill was breathtaking. It was the first time they had seen a player make use of his limbs' motion to evade the attacks of monsters.

    It wasn't that players couldn't move their limbs to evade monster attacks, but the sheer skill and experience required was high. Many players had attempted to recklessly dodge the attacks of monsters and ended up badly. 

    Wang Xue's eyes sparkled as she watched Xu Xiang's swift disposal of the monster. Jealousy flickered in Number One under Heaven's eyes, but he attempted to learn from Xu Xiang's movements and dodge. However, his agility stat was too low, and he was still a novice in the game. When placed next to Xu Xiang, a seasoned veteran who had immersed himself in the game for 2 years, his attempts to evade were only met with failure. 

    Within the next 3 hits, Xu Xiang had turned the blue-eyed wolf into a dead wolf. It left something as the body disappeared. 

    Gray wolf boots

    Level requirement: 5

    Type: Leather

    Defence: 9

    Can be enhanced by 1 level, movement speed +1%

    Weight: 8

    User's requirements: Thief, Archer. Not limited to race. 

    The wolf at the other side was quickly ended too, dropping a few coppers as it died. Xu Xiang grabbed the equipment and passed it to Wang Xue. "You can distribute it, I don't need it." Since Xu Xiang did not need it, the boots would naturally go to Lin Xin, since they were the only two professions which used leather. 

    "You don't need it?" Wang Xue repeated as she glanced at Xu Xiang's equipment. He only wore straw sandals, something given by the system. It had good quality and would not receive wear and tear. It did not add attributes.

    "I already have one. It's level 5." Xu Xiang remembered the pair of snake king leather boots back in the storehouse. 

    Wang Xue nodded as she passed the gray wolf boots to Lin Xin.

    What happened afterwards was a smooth grinding experience without any hitches. Occasionally, they would accidentally pull the aggro of 2 blue-eyed wolves instead of just one, but Xu Xiang would quickly dispose of the second wolf. What was startling was that Xu Xiang seemed to be undamaged at the end of every fight. 

    A professional. That was what Wang Xue ascertained after watching his first fight with the wolf. Number One under Heavens seemed to turn even greener with envy, but he said nothing. 

    Number One under Heavens was not an idiot either. He knew that Xu Xiang's skill was not low, and if he caused trouble for Xu Xiang, it would be tough luck for him. It was best to do nothing for now. 

    Time flew as they repeatedly grinded. Soon, it was 11:30 p.m.. Most of the players logged off at this time. After all, most players did not spend almost all their time online like Xu Xiang where he made a living off the game. Hence, their time together as a small grinding time came to an end. While grinding, Xu Xiang had also gained an extra equipment:

    Gray wolf leather armour 

    Level requirement: 5

    Type: Leather 

    Defence: 11

    Can be enhanced by 1 level, +2 defence 

    Weight: 9 

    User's limitations: Thief, Archer. Not limited to race. 

    "Feng Xiang, wanna add each other as friends?" Wang Xue stared at Xu Xiang, expectation in her eyes. 

    "Right." Xu Xiang eagerly replied. He had just been worrying about finding a good reason for adding Wang Xue as friends. Well, he certainly hadn't expected her to request it herself. 

    "Ding~ Wang Xue, Mingri Zhixin (Ming'ri Zhi'xin) have sent you a friend request. Ding~ Congratulations for becoming friends with Wang Xue, Mingri Zhixin." Mingri Zhixin was Lin Xin's username. After they added each other as friends, their small team disbanded. They had merely bumped into each other and formed a team for grinding as convenience, and there was hardly any friendly feelings with each other. However, Xu Xiang and Wang Xue had already made contact with each other. As for how things would develop...well, let's wait and see.

    Xu Xiang knew that building friendly relationships with a professional was something commonplace. He had revealed the tip of iceberg of his skills. If Wang Xue still had no plans to keep in contact with him, it would be weird. 

    "Then, I'll see you tomorrow!" Wang Xue did not forget to bid Xu Xiang farewell as she logged off. A tingly warmth spread throughout Xu Xiang as his decision to protect everything grew firmer. Xu Xiang did not log off yet. He still planned to raise his level to level 5 by tonight. The first famous player who reached level 5 had made it at around 4 a.m. in the morning. Xu Xiang prepared to level up to level 5 following that player's rise to level 5. 

    The first person who got the crab would have the most attention. But if it was the second guy, he would be a lot less known. Xu Xiang's intention was exactly this; to not lose out on levelling but avoiding the attention. 

    However, the plan was not able to catch up with the change. This was something Xu Xiang was unable to predict. 

    Just before, grinding as a team had brought Xu Xiang 30k+ experience. He still needed 60k more experience. However, Xu Xiang's solo grinding was only so much more effective than team grinding. Grinding solo gave him less experience, but Xu Xiang was efficient. Now that he had money, Xu Xiang's backpack had a great amount of elementary instant HP recovery potions. 

    Xu Xiang was thinking of testing his strength. Because he was only level 4 now, his attributes were lower as compared to his previous stats. There were hence some movements he were unable to execute because he lacked a bit of skill. Xu Xiang did not really have an accurate measurement of his strength. What he had fought so far was either too strong - which he was completely unable to beat - or too weak, where he would be unable to measure his strength. But now was the perfect moment to measure his strength. 

    Xu Xiang had always wanted to know how much skill he had after his rebirth. He possessed a slightly stronger body than most people, a brain and eyes that had been toughened over years of mercenary work and the mature nature of a 24 year old. What exactly would he get if he threw all these things together in a blender? 

    It was night. The pale azure of the wolves' eyes were as sharp as daggers under the moonlight. Like fluorescent specks of light, they gleamed like ice in the grassland, striking and terrifying. 

    Xu Xiang's figure danced between 3 wolves, as graceful as a gazelle. All kinds of evading motions were performed by Xu Xiang. A wolf in front of him sent its razor claws tearing towards Xu Xiang. At the same time Xu Xiang sidestepped its claws, he felt a cold feeling burn on his back as he quickly ducked. The claws of a wolf streaked overhead. Xu Xiang attacked with his dagger at every opportunity.

    Chapter 15, END

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