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Sorry guys, but there is really no point in translating this anymore... I was already on the edge when I found out that the author was renowned for dropping stories, but now I see that I can't really get onto the front page of wuxia world by translating this novel. On the plus side, I will definitely move on to something else soon, but I really don't know yet. 


  • Synopsis

    In the entire world there lays twelve paths to climb the Tower of God, and in legends these twelve pathways towards the legendary road of immortality. However these paths in the Tower of God, are far too long, without end.

    In ancient times there were once many types of martial arts, sadly the world underwent terrible changes, and only three were left: Flame, Dragon, and Star Martial Arts. Even now, generations of experts of those three martial arts are still searching for the road to immortality.

    Witness a Star Martial Arts practitioner on his journey of a lifetime, a boy with plans to become the Highest God.
  • Chapter 1 - The Three Great Martial Arts (1)

    A tremendous raging river flowed endlessly from the foot of a seemingly endless mountain range that stretched into the distance. Within the mountain range, one could often hear the roars of demonic beasts. These bellows echoed throughout the mountains as though it were rolling thunder.

    Standing erect by the vast plains beside the river banks was a mighty city.

    This city was located on the edge of the Ji Province of the Great Zhou Empire; it was naturally named Heavenly Ancestor City. Due to the fact that the city's position was near the border, it resulted in wars that had continuously ravaged the city over the past years. During the last few years, the area had been slightly calmer due to the increase in the Great Zhou Empire's strength.

    Heavenly Ancestor City, Heavenly Star Academy

    The sun had reached its highest point, it's rays reflecting off the faces of those present, sounds of cheering could be heard from a vacant field within the Heavenly Star Academy.

    In front of the students was a young male teacher who was currently demonstrating martial arts; the muscles on his entire body were bulky, similar to those of an ancient colossal beast. His incomparably thick and sturdy arms were covered in dark scales that gave off a deep metallic luster under the sun.

    "The Martial Path is extremely broad and profound, from the ancient times until present, martial arts have experienced multiple evolutions. After centuries of war, only three martial art forms remain: Flame, Dragon, and Star martial arts." The young teacher tightly clenched his right fist, causing the muscles in his arm to bulge, it soon began emitting a violent and powerful pressure. He threw the fist toward the massive rock next to him that weighed several hundred jin.

    From within the muscles, a burst of explosions sounded forth, wantonly showing off its strength.


    Stone fragments shot through the field.

    A spiral-shaped punch mark, the size of a millstone, remained on the massive rock, it was as though someone had drilled through it with an iron auger.

    It would be hard to imagine the consequences if a person were to receive a punch of this strength.

    The crowd of students gazed over in awe, what kind of terrifying strength was this? The Dragon martial artists among the students were overwhelmed with emotions and were unable to calm themselves for a long period of time. Apparently, Dragon martial artists were capable of possessing this kind of formidable strength.

    Among the students was a youth earnestly sitting upright, his gaze was completely fixed on the teacher. He seemed to be fifteen of sixteen years old; his clothes were quite plain and simple, and due to extended exposure to the suns rays, his skin was slightly tanned. His body was covered in beads of sweat, but even so, his appearance was still exceptionally delicate and handsome.

    This youth's name was Ye Xinghe, he originated from Blue Carp Town of Heavenly Ancestor City. Ye Xinghe was the only person in the entire Blue Carp Town who possessed the qualifications to enter the Heavenly Star Academy. Therefore, it was only natural that he treasured opportunities like this.

    The teacher continued his lecture, "Those on the Dragon martial path have the greatest numbers, however, they are not the strongest. The strongest martial artists are the Flame martial artists; if a Flame martial artist were to engage with a Dragon martial artist in close combat, then it would not necessarily be the stronger of the two. However, a Flame martial artist's powers come from the power of the flames, hence, they are able to use powerful fire seals to directly defeat several Dragon martial artists of the same rank.

    "What about Star martial artists?" A melodious voice rang out from a young girl.

    "Star martial arts cultivate the power of the stars, with each martial artist possessing a different unique cultivation method. The power of the stars grants numerous abilities such as healing and movement acceleration. In the ancient era, the Star martial path was one that produced many formidable experts, some were even capable of moving stars and moons! However, many of these cultivation techniques were not passed down, so among the current Star martial artists, the number of martial artists capable of reaching the ninth Heavenly Layer realm are very few!" The young teacher explained.

    Ye Xinghe subtly clenched his fist. During the admittance, Ye Xinghe, along with the other students, and partaken in a test. There, he was told that he possessed the physique of a Star martial artist.

    "Haha! It seems like Star martial artists are useless!" A youth laughed, he was deemed to possess a Flame martial physique, thus, his heart was filled with pride. 

    Ye Xinghe's face burned with shame. Out of the thirty people in his class, only six of them were Star martial artists. Of these six, five of them were girls. As the only male Star Martial Artist, Ye Xinghe was the subject of mockery, after all, being a male Star martial artist was an extremely shameful thing.

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    Chapter 1 - The Three Great Martial Arts(2)

    "Quiet!" The instructor released some of his aura, silencing the students. "Each of these three paths are extremely profound. As long as one can cultivate to a high enough level, limits can be broken, and new techniques can be found or created." The young mentor became very serious as he said this. "If you insult the Star martial path at its current state, you are simply giving no honor to its entire heritage!"

    The teenager who was previously mocking Ye Xinghe immediately shut up and no longer dared to speak. Although there was indifference in his heart, he still understood the meaning of his teachers words.

    The instructor continued, "there was once a mighty Star cultivator who had the ability to change the stars. The power he drew from them was strong enough to wipe out an entire kingdom in a single stroke! The reason why the Star cultivation path had declined to such a point is not because the heritage is weak, it is just that without the proper cultivation techniques, it is nearly impossible to succeed."

    The power to destroy an empire!

    Ye XInghe's hopes rose up once again as a fascinated look appeared on his face. Was it really possible to become such a supernatural existence?

    "Since you have already entered the school, you have all already undergone a round of physical testing. In two hours, you will be tested for talent." Said the young tutor, before walking away.

    After the instructor left, the atmosphere lost its nervous tension and the students began talking to each other. After all, they were going to be classmates in the future. 

    One of the teenagers, a young boy dressed in white ropes swept across the trainees with a cold gaze and began to speak. "Today will be the first day for us in the Heavenly Star Academy. I understand that some of you belong to noble houses while others belong to subordinate provinces." His shout drew the attention of everyone sitting in the area. "However, I do not care about who you are or what background you are from, in the future, I will have the final say! From this day forth, I am the boss of this class!"

    After hearing his words, the class erupted in chatter.

    "Who is this extremely arrogant person?" One student asked in a low voice.

    "You don't know who he is? That person is Liang Yu, the young master of the Darkmoon family." A young man replied before another cut in.

    "The Darkmoon family is only second in power to the City Lord's Mansion. I've heard that his family controls six of the twelve towns under Heavenly Ancestor city's protection. In fact, several of Heavenly Ancestor city's nobles are the sons of the Darkmoon family!"

    Upon hearing the scattered whispers of his fellow classmates, Ye Xinghe's eyes flashed with a spark of hatred. The white clothed teenager was actually a member of the Darkmoon family! However, this spark was quickly put out as he lowered his head and kept quiet.

    Ye Xinghe's home, Blue Carp Town was naturally one of the six town under the control of the Darkmoon family. There, members of Darkmoon wielded peerless power and were allowed to do whatever they wanted.

    Every year, Ye Xinghe's Azure Feather family was required to pay an unfair amount of tribute to their Darkmoon overlords. One year, due to drought, the harvest was extremely low. Regardless of this, the Azure Feather family was still forced to pay the same amount of tribute, and the amount of food remaining was not enough to feed the towns population. That year, many of the elders willingly starved themselves in order to save food for the children.

    Ye Xinghe's family had simply suffered too much because of the Darkmoon family's actions. He could remember that when he was young, he had an aunt that doted on his every move. Ye Xinghe's aunt was one of the most beautiful young women in the town at the time, but one day, she was taken away by members of the Darkmoon family. Two weeks passed before she returned, and the night she came back, she committed suicide! Although he was too young to understand at the time, he now understood the horrendous acts that were inflicted upon his aunt.

    The pain his family had to endue was ingrained in Ye Xinghe's heart. If he could not make the Darkmoon suffer as his Azure Feather family had, then he could no longer be called a man!

    From a young age, Ye Xinghe had dedicated himself to changing his family's fate. Due to his good talent and extremely hard work ethic, his Azure Feather family made efforts to support him, and after years of training, he was able to enter Star Academy.

    He came to Star Academy not only to change his own fate but the fate binding his family as well!
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    Chapter 2 - To Kneel Or Not To Kneel

    Seeing the students unable to refute his words, Liang Yu smirked, a satisfied look appearing on his face as his eyes glanced over the despairing teenagers. 

    In his case, there was only one group the Darkmoon family was powerless against, and that was the City Lords Manor.

    Lucky for him, there was no one from the Manor in his class. His previous words were simply said to put people in their place. Liang Yu had known from the start that in his class, there was no one who had the qualifications to challenge him.

    As Liang Yu's gaze swept over the class, it landed on Ye Xinghe's body. Noticing this, Ye Xinghe quickly lowered his head as his long hair swept down and covered most of his face.

    Liang Yu's eyebrows pricked up slightly at this sight. If he remembered correctly, this boy belonged to the Azure Feather family that paid tribute to his own Darkmoon family. He stood up and began walking towards Ye Xinghe.

    "You, lift your head!" Liang Yu commanded.

    All of the students looked at Ye Xinghe and the white robed Liang Yu standing in front of him. They did not know what relationship the two had, but it was clear in their minds that this was not going to end well for Ye Xinghe.

    Ye Xinghe's body tensed up as a member of the hated Darkmoon family was standing in front of him, but he could not do anything. If he offended the Darkmoon family, then his entire clan would pay the price.

    Although Ye Xinghe was reluctant, he slowly raised his head.

    "Name!" Liang Yu frowned, noticing Ye Xinghe's sluggish movements

    "Ye Xinghe!" Ye Xinghe andwered. 

    Hearing this, Liang Yu suddenly lifted his foot and slammed it into Ye Xianghe's body. 

    The surrounding students were stunned by Liang Yu's actions and felt fear rising within them, a few girls even called out in alarm. 

    "If I am not correct, you must belong to the Azure Feather family, and should have recognised me the moment you saw me. Yet, you dare speak to me, you dare to look up at me with such contempt! You should have understood by now that your Azure Feather family are nothing but slaves to my Darkmoon family!"

    Once again, Ye Xinghe was knocked to the ground, coughing as he felt the taste of copper in the back of his throat. Liang Yu's words were akin to a knife, stabbing deep into his heart. 

    "Your Azure Feather family are nothing but slaves to my Darkmoon family!"

    These words resounded deeply in Ye Xinghe's ears 

    Ye Xinghe was filled with insufferable rage, almost causing him to lose his reasoning. 

    Why? Ye Xinghe asked the heavens, The food painstakingly cultivated by his family was constantly being taken to the point where there was not enough food to last half a year! No matter how many people dies of starvation, the Darkmoon family returned, year after year, to take away the same amount for their so called tribute. Why was the world so unfair? Who decided that his Azure Feather family had to be slaves for the Darmoon family.

    Looking back, Ye Xinghe could still remember the look of desperation in his aunts face the night she returned. Hatred surged from his blood to the depths of his bone marrow.

    Gritting his teeth, Ye Xinghe crawled up from the ground.

    "Who says you can get up?" Liang Yu kicked out once again, striking Ye Xinghe in the face.

    Ye Xinghe's hand grasped the ground underneath him, his teeth now stained with blood. He clentched his jaw, eyes straining, but without tears. The shame inflicted upon him today by Liang Yu was nothing compared to what his family had faced. 

    Looking at Ye Xianghe's body on the ground, Liang Yu sneered. "You may have gotten into Star Academy, but do not forget your origins as a slave to my family! If a master speaks to his servant, the servant must kneel!"

    "Liang Yu!" A girl's tender voice snapped. "You have simply gone too far this time!" The voice belonged to a delicate-looking girl. Her face was extremely beautiful with long black hair cascading down her back like a waterfall. She wore a white silk dress that did little to hide her budding figure. 

    From her sleeve extended an arm that was as smooth as jade, her wrist adorned with a simple bracelet that seemed to enhance her elegant beauty.

    "Too far? Ha! What a joke. Is Xueyun trying to tell me what I should do with my subordinate? Don't tell me that your Eternal Heaven family wants to start a dispute over a mere slave."

    The girl, An Xueyun frowned upon hearing his words. Her eyes swept over Ye Xinghe with a tinge of sadness within them "Even if he is a slave to the Darkmoon family, you do not need to bully him here. How will he be able to raise his head in Star Academy after this?"

    "This brat is nothing more than a slave, yet he still wants to raise his head?" Liang Yu laughed as he turned his gaze back to the struggling teen. "Ye Xinghe, who would have thought that there would be a beautiful woman willing to stand up for you." His eyes shined with a mischievous glint. "Because I am feeling generous today I will let you off easy... How about this, Ye Xinghe, all you have to do is kneel and kowtow to he three times, and I will leave you alone. Otherwise... Let's just say that dealing with a small Azure Feather brat like you would be simple."

    "You!" An Xueyun clenched her fists, this Liang Yu as simply too unbearable!

    Ye Xinghe clenched his fist as blood dripped from his mouth onto the ground. Kowtow three times? This was not kindness, this was blatant humiliation!

    A mans knees had gold under them, therefore one should only kneel to those who are deserving. 

    Anyone facing this sort of situation would be ashamed to the point of losing their reasoning. 

    All of the students that were watching Ye Xinghe looked upon him with pity. This was humiliation in its purest for,. Some students had eyes full of anger, but were afraid to act out. Was it true that in the eyes of the noble families, their subordinate clans were nothing less than slaves that could be passed from generation to generation?

    Ye Xinghe lowered his head, an act that was noticed by Liang Yu who smirked silently. 

    Was Ye Xinghe planing on resisting?

    Ye Xinghe's vision was now tinted red with the anger he held for Liang Yu. However, he still thought back to his family, his parents and grandparents who had worked so hard to raise him. If he retaliated, it would not be only him, but his entire family who would suffer. When dealing with a clan as powerful as the Darkmoon family, the complete annihilation of the Azure Feather family was something that could be done with a snap of their fingers.

    Although it was obvious that he was humiliated, there was nothing he could do.

    Liang Yu crouched down and slapped Ye Xinghe twice. "So boy, are you going to kneel or not?"

    Ye Xianghe felt as though his heart was contantly being pierced by a dagger. His pride was being ruthlessly stomped on, but he could not do anything about it.

    Ye Xinghe recalled the scene of when his parents and clansmen had sent him off at the town's gate, their eyes full of pride and joy.

    If he were to resist here, than the ones to suffer would be the members of the Azure Feather family.

    However, if he were to kneel, then he would never be able to raise his head within the academy walls, hence Ye Xinghe remained unmoving and still.

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    Chapter 3 - Lin Hong(1)

    "The teacher's back!" An Xueyuan to the side suddenly said.

    Hearing this, Liang Yu felt his heart tense up as he immediately looked around and spotted the teacher walking over in the distance.

    "You got lucky today, I'll make sure to properly discipline you in the future." Liang Yu snorted as he turned and headed back to his own spot.

    Ye Xinghe raised his head and glanced at An Xueyuan who was also walking back, a look of relief on her face.

    Ye Xinghe picked himself up and sat back down with his head lowered, unable to forget what had just happened. 

    Without strength, one could only be humiliated. 

    I have to be stronger, for the sake of my clansmen.

    A short moment later, the instructor returned, his gaze swept past all the students, frowning as he noticed the blood on the corner of Ye Xinghe's mouth as well as the palm marks on his face. The teachers voice became firm as he said with a sinking voice, " what happened here?"

    Hearing the teacher's words, Liang Yu's eyes flashed frantically. The Heavenly Star Academy was not a simple place, it was a place of education under the direct patronage of the Great Zhou Empire. Even the City Lords Mansion didn't dare do anything here. If the teacher were to let off what had happened to Ye Xinghe, then everything would be fine, but if the matter was investigated, then the situation would turn ugly.

    The crowd of students looked towards Ye Xinghe with hopeful gazes as they silently wished for him to expose Liang Yu for his actions.

    "Reporting to Teacher, I merely fell down by myself just now." Ye Xinghe said with his head lowered.

    Hearing what Ye Xinghe said, the crowd of students sighed with disappointment.

    "Coward!" A student next to Ye Xinghe mocked.

    Ye Xinghe remained silent.

    The young teacher muttered to himself for a moment, he had pieced together what had happened to a certain extent. Seeing Ye Xinghe's disheveled figure, he faintly sighed, he understood that there were certain things that he shouldn't delve upon further.

    "The test will occur soon, you should all prepare now!" The instructor said.

    Seeing the teacher no longer pursuing the matter, Liang Yu let out a sigh of relief as his fear turned back into arrogance. It seems like Ye Xinghe knew his place! If he had told the teacher what had actually occurred, then Liang Yu would have personally made sure that the Azure Feather family faced punishment.

    As time passed, the trainees began to calm down and prepare for their tests, Ye Xinghe was no exception.

    However, for some reason, the inside of Ye Xinghe's mind began emitting a buzzing sound that drilled into his mind. Was this the result of his anger and humiliation? Over time, the buzzing increased as it soon began to feel like all the qi and blood within his body was crashing into his head.

    Bang! A flash of light appeared, and the buzzing sound faded away. Although Ye Xianghe could still feel the anger and resentment in his heart, his mind now felt empty and silent.

    Ye Xinghe opened his eyes and was greeted to a bright dazzling light as mins slowly became tranquil and calm. Somehow, he could feel himself being immersed withing a white ray.

    "Where is this?" Ye Xinghe's eyes were filled with astonishment as he strained them in order to take in his surroundings. To his surprise, he found himself in a place containing extremely beautiful scenery. 

    The area he was sitting in seemed to be a lake within a forest, the atmosphere there was tranquil with a large moon reflected in the waters of the lake.

    Ye Xinghe couldn't understand why such a scene existed within his mind, furthermore, everything here seemed so genuine, so real.

    While he took in surroundings, a bright ray projected from within the lake.

    He opened his eyes in astonishment as the ray began moving towards him, drawing closer with every passing second. 

    Soon the ray had become a blindingly bright pillar in the sky, further piquing Ye Xinghe's interest.

    Within the light, one could faintly see the outline of an ancient monument that gave off an ancient aura. The monument was covered in cracks and had mysterious writing carved into it. Looking at it make one feel like a millennia had passed in a single instant.

    Suddenly, an ancient and majestic voice exploded withing Ye Xinghe's mind. 

    "Condensing pills from nothing, following the path to its beginning, memories of cultivation fade into emptiness, the meaning of the heavens and the earth, a memory engraved within the soul!"

    Every word and stanza spoken by the ancient voice shook the inside of Ye Xinghe's mind. 

    The pillar of light shook, then released a ball of flame that collided with Ye Xinghe before he could react.


    Ye Xinghe's body shook as a ferocious power exploded throughout his body, carving its way through his one hundred meridians.

    The light on the ancient monument grew grighter and brighter as the flame surrounding Ye Xinghe increased in size and power, causing him to feel an intolerable burning pain. The surging white flame was like a vicious wave in a stormy sea as it constantly bombarded Ye Xinghe.

    Every pore within his body felt like it was being fried!

    "Aghh!" Ye Xinghe felt himself being engulfed by the dreadful white flame, unable to move as he suffered for what seemed like hours.

    Within that moment, his body was completely disintegrated by the flames!
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    Chapter 3 - Lin Hong(2)

    Ye Xinghe's surroundings disappeared in a flash of white light light as he opened his eyes gasping for air. He was still sitting on the practice field with his classmates meditating around him. 

    The surrounding students were shocked out of their meditation as they gazed at Ye Xinghe. "What is he doing?"

    Ye Cinghe was at a loss for words as he examined his surroundings, what just happened? Where was the lake, the ancient monument? Was he dreaming? He narrowed his eyes, how could a dream be so realistic? I can still feel a prickling pain in my body.

    Ye Xinghe slowly stretched, his body seemed to be still intact.

    But the feeling of an immense scorching power was still there, surging within his veins.

    His breathing slowly returned to normal. Should he tell someone? No. No one would believe him anyway. If he were to tell anyone about what happened, then they would have thought that he was delusional, or letting his imagination run loose.

    Besides, he was new to the Heavenly Star Academy, with no friends and no one to take him seriously.

    Ye Xinghe then silently sat down and appeared to continue meditating.

    A few minutes later, the young instructor returned. "Alright, the test is ready now, follow me!"

    The students quickly stood up, formed a line, and followed behind the teacher as he lead them to a courtyard in the distance.

    Although the line was slightly messy, it was a line none the less. At the front walked Liang Yu and An Xueyuan as well as other members of the noble families. In the middle were some of the members of the Heavenly Ancestor City's wealthy merchant families, and following at the end of the line was Ye Xinghe and the rest of the commoners from auxiliary families.

    It was obvious that although every student was seemingly equal in Heavenly Star Academy, it was still hard to forget about outside social distinctions.

    While Ye Xinghe was walking in silence, a youth near him walked closer. This youth's height was about the same as Ye Xinghe, and although he wore a plain outfit, his appearance was still extremely handsome. He had middle length hair, white skin, elegant and sharp facial features, and eyes like stars. 

    "Are you alright?" The boy said with a lazy smile. "You were breathing quite heavily back there, I thought you got sick or something!" The youth laughed. 

    "I'm okay." Ye Xinghe said, not really understanding why someone was talking to him.

    "As long as you're fine, then its all good. Er, I guess we'll be classmates in the future huh?[1] Nice to meet you!" The youth said with a cheerful smile.

     Ye Xinghe couldn't help but to raise his head and glance at the youth, his smile was bright like the sun and it gave people a feeling of fresh air.

    "You're not laughing at me?" Ye Xinghe asked, his gaze turning back into the distance as he tightly gripped his fist. He still felt the humiliation within his heart,

    "Laugh at you? Why would I laugh at you?" The youth asked confused before understanding what Ye Xinghe meant. "Why would I laugh at you? Getting angry is easy, but what about the people back home? I guess if Miss An wants me to kneel, then I'll do it, but she has a good heart so she would never make anyone kneel to her." The youth said before pausing. "Oh! Right! I'm Lin Hong by the way, I'm from Anyang town." The youth smiled again. 

    Ye Xinghe frowned, "Then, aren't you afraid of offending Liang Yu?

    "Ha! What's there to fear? I come from an auxiliary family of the Eternal Heaven family, not the Darkmoon family. I have Miss An supporting me!" Ling Hong laughed indifferently.

    Seeing the sincere smile on Lin Hong's face warmed Ye Xinghe's heart. "Thank you" 

    After being humiliated in such a manner, there was finally someone who could understand him and was willing to befriend him.

    "We're here!" During their conversation, the teacher had led the students into a wide hall. At the very front of the hall was a high platform where approximately ten people sat. These people were all above the age of 40 to 50 years and were discussing something in a low voice, each of them were dressed in simple clothes, but exuded grand auras.

    On the empty floor below the platform thirty or so tables were placed with a number of strange tools resting on them.

    The chatter among the students slid to a stop as the atmosphere grew tense. Each and every one of them understood that today could very well be the day where their fate would be decided.

    [1] - it sounded kinda weird direct translation, so i kinda changed it a bit to sound more friendly

    This are the five chapters I owe to you guys, thanks for sticking with me through my technical difficulties. 

    I owe a lot of the overall structure of the chapters to this dude who stopped translating called Tofu. 

    In addition to that, I will start updating once a day from now on except for the weekends:) Thanks for your support!
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