TDG completed?

TDG status on LNMT site says the novel is currently completed. Does this mean the author dropped the novel or is LNMT or someone just mad Mad Snail is taking too long on releasing chapters.


  • you answer yourself it taking aim too long 
  • Ssato23 said:
    you answer yourself it taking aim too long 
    On top of the fact the author got called out and found making another novel looooong before he dropped, the thread named Conspiracy of Mad Snail.

    In addition, when I unfortunately decided to check out this novel because the manga got me interested to continue the story, this was the first Wuxia novel I got into, but I started when his pace had already dropped to barely 1 chapter a week (when comments noted he used to do up to 8 chapters a DAY of his internet Web blog of the novel).

    Basically Chinese version of the author of HunterXHunter or Berserk, where initially successful content pumped out then they suddenly go "I don't feel like writing anymore" and go on hiatus for (literally) at least half a decade.
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