Coiling Dragon The Return of Linley

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Hey everyone,
Being an unfulfilled fan of how coiling dragon ended and seeing all the fanfic out there about it, I decided to create my own small artistic spin off about it 

Hope you enjoy, and if you have any suggestions on how it should progress or what to add and which path to follow post them below thanks.

Here we go:

After Linley's chat with Hongmeng, he started his return to skyrite mountains full of anticipation about his family's reaction, of him being alive and his new level of power (:*)

He started reminiscing about his past adventures and all the things he had accomplished in his small but adventurous life

But that wasn't the end of it, although achieving what he had and returning  in triumph. Linley was full of regetet about his family's life, the hardships they had to to through because of him and especially about his own kids 

Because of the constant need for him to fight and get stronger, Linley was never a huge part of his child's life nor of his wife Delia or his brother wharton or his grandchildren and that was the one thing he wanted to fix the most 

After some time passed, Linley returned to skyrite mountains and appeared in front of his family. Delia,Bebe,Beirut,wade,blurfire the 4 patriarchs of the 4 beast clan along with many of his relatives and friends were there waiting for him and ready to congratulate him on his victory after of course they were informed he was still alive through Bebe's and his own mental communicstion. He was hugged by his wife Delia and she gave him a simple but sweet kiss that went along with a "I love you" and "glad you are back" response before she started tearing Bebe also was happy and said "welcome back boss" and so did the rest of the people present 

Linley was finally done with all the situations and occurrences that constantly troubled him and was finally ready to settle down for a while and be with his family as active as he could, but before that he had some things he wanted to settle. Firrst and foremost, although his relationship with the 4 beast clan wasn't that tight as he had joined at a later point and they had also been opposite to him at a certain time he still appreciated their help and decided to gift the 4 patriarchs with a sovereign spark each to which all 4 of them knelt down crying cause they had finally gotten revenge for their parents and had also finally completed their hope and goal of becoming the next sovereign's of their clans and finally being able to get both revenge and return it to it's former glory

Of course Bebe also received a sovereign spark to which of course he burst into tears and started bragging to the others being all clumsy and happy as always 

And after that  a huge feast was held in the 4 beast clan with all of their friends and family before night came and everyone settled down

Delia was on the bed with Linley lying on his soft chest and looking at his handsome face after a while she asked 'can we return to the yulan plane' 'i miss my brother dexie and our son and daughter as well' to which Linley replied 'of course' to which after they Both fell into deep sleep in a nice dream 

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