Marching Against All Odds

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Hi, guys!


Should we blindly walk by faith and lead a life full of denial like lambs to slaughter?

Should we sell our souls to the Devil only to end up kneeling in front of the gates of Hell?

Should we commit suicide to save ourselves from the agonizing pain?

Pain upon slaughter upon terror upon death. 

Oh mother, when will it end?


The million year peace treaty between the Nether Demons and the Heavenly Gods ended. 

In the middle of the uprising war was the helpless mortal race whose species were barely kept alive by a chosen few, the Immortals.


Living in a small, neutral city was a not so typical child who will discover a lot of weighty secrets as he grows up. 

Will the secrets be the cause of his demise? Or will they change the tide of the bloodiest war and make it flow in his favor?

Read this short warning or else, you might cough up blood:

Im not a bookworm nor a good writer. English is not my first language nor my second. I also never received an outstanding grade from my HS English professor. (Sorry mom and dad) I am but a humble otaku who is mystified by the bizarre world of Xianxia and its arts. A world where you can grow as powerful as the Gods! Who doesn't dream of that?

Anyway, thank you for viewing this thread and sorry for wasting your time. (May I introduce to you, my lovely low self-esteem) I will accept all critics and of course, compliments ("If there are any", mumbles my lovely low self-esteem) with an open heart. *doki doki* (I tried to make this formal but my otaku persona took over at times)


  • Good luck
  • Ooh~ Hello, my fellow member in the Inferiority Complex/Low Self-Esteem Club! Hope we'll get along well. ^^ So since we're clubmates, I'll gladly help you with English grammar stuff. Heck, I'd proof-read for you if you want. (English is not my first language either, but I think I'm not that awful with it. I might make some mistakes, though, but I'll do my best! >.<) Your synopsis is interesting, so I'll be waiting for the chapters. ;)
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    dremaer3 said:

    Lol that's immoral to say your inferior! Because your my kohai (>y<)

    T-then...can I also call you Ema-senpai? >__<
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