Immortal Roots?

What happende to them? wasnt MH supposed to be able to reform them with his 9th sealing Hex?
He was supposed to be able to go back from the path of the Devil, but i never saw anywhere what happened


  • Oh those

    Nah, he abandoned the path of the immortal a long long time ago, around the end of the war between the 33 heavens and the mountain and sea realm. Where he became the real demon. In fact, its impossible to become the immortal. This is because the true immortal is the original body of Allheaven at the center of the universe. That existence makes it impossible for there to be an immortal. It was never going to happen from the beginning. Meng Hao became the Demon. 
  • Meng hao was never going to be the immortal. Its actually impossible, because of the true body of allheavan at the  center of the universe. Thats the real immortal and that existence makes it impossible for there to be another immortal. Meng Hao truly became the demon during the end of the mountain and sea war against the 33 heavens. 
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