What is the relationship between Xiao Yan and Fairy Docter

Hey, I read in wikia, Xiao yi Xian is referred to as Xiao Yan's wife in TGR.

Is that true.

When I read manhua, I like the Fairy Doctor in the appeal of other girls. So it would be disappointing for me if my favorite character is not a mc wife.

Can someone tell me. And it would be great if also mentioned chapter.
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  • they were pretty close but as far as i remember they were only very close friends, dunno why the author never went that route, xiao yan had 2 wives medusa and xun er
  • In the last chapter of Battle to the Heavens Xiao Yan ends up with 2 official wives, Cai Lin and Gu Xun Er, and (implied) 3 concubines, Xiao Yi Xian, Yun Yun and Ya Fei.
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