Alchemy and the Tenth World

How relevant is Alchemy as the story progresses? 

In the current Arc, does LQY perform life replenishment on the Hallowed Ancestor?

When he travels to the Tenth World is Alchemy still a big thing and how good is LQY at it relative to the others?

Alchemy has been an enjoyable part for me and I hope it doesn't just die out as he goes to the tenth world.

Also regarding the destruction of his dao foundation, he only loses his cultivation and still has his physiques, seven nights dao and his various treasures in his palace intact right? I'd hate to see all of the thing he's gained on his journey be lost the moment he ascends to the 10th World.

Thanks for reading.


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    He will never lose his physiques, Dao and treasures. Its always just the cultivation that resets due to different cultivation system of different worlds. You will see him resetting his cultivation again when he goes to 3IW. 
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