Great demon king(大魔王)

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---------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1
After a period of time, Han Shuo painfully opened his eyes. His whole body ached especially his head. It felt as if he had migraine and there were random items piled up in his brain.

Looking around, there were piles of bones messily scattered around the dark room. There were also some strange black items further inside the room. There was a smell that made people want to vomit.

"Ahh. I'm really dead. This is definitely a prison in the underworld."

Han Shuo was disheartened, thinking of the early age at which he had died. How unlucky was he? His ancestors were abandoned. He had to hurry and be reincarnated to recruit some new people. He had to take the initiative and make sure the younger generation doesn't turn out like him.

Suddenly, Han Shuo's head started aching again, more painfully. As he clutched his head, he felt as if he learned many things.

"Bu Cai En...Bu Cai En...who is that?"

Han Shuo was disbelieving, thinking how reincarnating in another person's body was the kind of thing that only happened on TV, how could it happen to himself? Furthermore, he was reincarnated into a foreigner's body. I have no idea what that crazy god did but didn't he make a mistake?

Han Shuo's eyes slowly adapted to the darkness. He moved around, looking at his arm. His wrist was completely clean and not a single blemish could be found, only a single ominous scar. As Han Shuo looked at it, he shuddered, oddly fearful.

This body wasn't his, Han Shuo realised. Stunned, he realised that he was really reincarnated into another person's body...

Although Bu Cai En was already dead, Han Shuo knew, for some reason, Bu Cai En's past. Bu Cai En was not born in the US or Britain and neither was he in a western family.

He was in a different world called the Profound Continent, in a state called the Lancelot Empire. In this strange continent, different races ran wild and there were swords and Mo Gong.

Bu Cai En's parents died when he was 10 years old after which he was sold to a slave dealer by his aunt and uncle. The slave dealer sold Bu Cai En to a Mo Gong military institution in Babylon. Ever since, Bu Cai En's life became dark.

Bu Cai En died before the age of 16 in the Babylon mo gong military institution.

In these 6 years, Bu Cai En worked for the students in the corpse department. Whenever Mo Gong experiments failed, resulting in skeleton bones, the corpses were thrown away as if they were trash. Besides this task, he made tea and swept the floor. Things in a mess were also his responsibility.

Furthermore, the students in the corpse department would take his experimental skeletons or his ghoul's combat capabilities and Mo Gong cultivation.

The weak and timid Bu Cai En, throughout these 6 years, went through a living hell. His body had countless scars. Whenever he was eating or doing his tasks, those students would seek him out and try things on him.

16 years of life, 6 years of torment, towards a child, how brutal would the payment be?(*1)

Bu Cai En constantly thought of committing suicide. However, Bu Cai En was very cowardly. He did not have the courage to commit suicide. Like this, he silently endured those 6 years of pain.

Until the previous day, when a female student in the department, Li Sha, invaded his soul, killing him. However, Bu Cai En only felt relief, no pain.

After moving corpses and broken skeleton bones for 6 years, Bu Cai En was now also one of those trash.

Han Shuo originally felt as if his life was very dark. However, when compared to Bu Cai En, he felt as if his life was very blissful.

Understanding what Bu Cai En had gone through, Han Shuo felt as if he was able to cry. He choked down his sobs as he muttered softly" How could this world be so insane? Such a young man! Bu Cai En, now that i occupy your body, what should i do for you?"

Suddenly, Han Shuo felt threads of liquids within his body. At this point, his head started hurting again. Those threads of liquids slowly winded around his body. At this moment, Han Shuo looked slightly dull. In his head, he became aware of some things from that old god Chu Cang Lan.

Mo Gong has nine different layers. The layers are divided into the solid realm, the open veins realm, the molded spirit realm, the true magic realm, the bloodsucking realm, the seperate spirit realm, the carnal realm, the nine changes realm and the omen realm. Reaching enlightenment causes one to seek absolute strength, able to disregard all moral laws.

Once you were able to practice Mo Gong, you would have direct access to the highest authorities. You could penetrate a mountain, move it to the sea and even make an entire area barren.

After sitting for a while, Han Shuo felt as if he had learned of many things which he would previously have never thought possible. That last bit of Mo Gong from Chu Cang Lan must have encountered some sort of problem. Bu Cai En's soul was gone but every bit of cultivation progress he had had been passed to Han Shuo.

Within his body was the trace of a thread of liquid which was the most foundational and important to practitioners. Following Chu Cang Lan's memories, all Mo Gong embodies this. Normally, one had to train for 3-5 years. Han Shuo did not know anything, did not do anything. However, the presence of that thread in his body and the feeling of it hinted that it was genuinely his Mo Gong element.

Han shuo thought about Chu Cang lan. Although he sent Han shuo to a strange time and space, all his knowledge of mo gong cultivation was due to Chu cang lan leaving it to him.

Although Han shuo obtained his information on the world from Bu cai en, Bu cai en was only the Babylon's mo gong military institution's cowardly errand boy. The things that he knew were also very limited.

Bu cai en was already dead and Han shuo was occupying his body. Han shuo was now Bu cai en. Furthermore, Bu cai en was sold to the institution as a slave. That was an eternal brand on his dignity. In this strange world, servants and slaves who ran away were given given cruel punishments. As such, Han shuo could not run away, regardless of whether he could make it or not. Furthermore, Han shuo did not have any money, not even a single copper coin.

After carefully considering for a while, Han shuo decided to go back to the institution. Only at the institution could he change his position as a slave. He could also be able to do something for the pitiful Bu cai en.

His whole body was aching and Han shuo couldn't resist crying out in pain before dropping back onto the ground. Towards Chu cang lan who forcibly sent him here, Han shuo did not have a single strand of gratitude. In this world, Han shuo was still a stranger. The only thing was that Han shuo was able to practice mo gong and strengthen his body. After he trained for a while, flying and moving mountains would not be impossible.

Although Han shuo felt as if Chu cang lan was mentally deranged, he was able to take Han shuo and fly him over the moon. As long as Han shuo continued cultivating his mo gong, flying in the sky would definitely happen.

Han shuo's body had a faint trace of mo gong element. Han shuo recalled a method to cultivate his mo gong. He followed the solid realm's law and started to gather energy force, attempting to control his mo gong element.

Han shuo gathered the energy and followed the law. After a while, he realised he could freely move his mo gong element.

Han shuo celebrated in his heart, secretly thinking that Chu cang lan although seeming mentally deranged, actually left him such a thing. He started cultivating again and tried to make his mo gong element orbit around his body as stated by the solid realm's law.

Only when Han shuo's stomach started grumbling did he stop cultivating. He only cultivated for a short while but he could already feel his body's aching diminish. His body was also strengthened. He only cultivated for a short while but there was already such a difference. Chu cang lan cultivated for so long, no wonder he dared to go to the moon. Han shuo could imagine how overbearing he was when he was alive.

After he stopped cultivating, Han shuo discovered something wierd. When he stopped cultivating, his mo gong element instead of following the solid realm's law and orbiting around his body, actually went around his arms, legs and skin.

The solid realm level is a type of forging. The body's muscles, skin and bones goes through a process of strengthening. In the solid realm, besides the mo gong element being polished, the body will also be strengthened. Various methods could also be used to continuously hit the body and sfter getting heavily injured, cultivate to allow the mo gong element to progress faster.

"This method of cultivating is basically a form of self-humiliation! However, Bu cai en always trains using this method. If it wasn't for the institution, my cultivation would not progress this fast. Me occupying Bu cai en's body, isn't without benefits!"

Han shuo planned to first leave this place. He realized that always staying in this place was very stupid. It was very smelly and he couldn't take it anymore.

Accordingly to his memories, there was a hole in which the corpses were thrown in above him. Han shuo stood up aching all over. 6 years of torment and poor food to Bu cai en had made his body very weak. He was only 1 meter and 6 centimeters.

Standing on the moss, Han shuo used all his strength and started climbing up. After climbing for a while and falling 5-6 times, Han shuo finally managed to climb out. The moon illuminated him and shone on the graveyard. Han shuo felt a strange sense of happiness.

Feeling that the mo gong element was still moving through his body, Han shuo was slightly comforted. This time, if he did not die, it would already be a great fortune. However, he still had something to rely on, the mo gong cultivation method that Chu cang lan had left him.

What Han shuo did not know, was that the mo gong element that Chu cang lan left to him could not only help him train in mo gong, but was also a seed. While this 'seed' strengthened his body, it also changed his way of thinking. The evil thoughts he had beforehand were not implemented but due to this evil seed, Han shuo would want to control himself but it was not sure whether he could control his life.
*1- My guess is retribution.



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    Chapter 2


    Lancelot Empire's Babylon mo gong military institution occupies a very large area. In Lancelot Empire, the institution had a very distinguished reputation. It was the best place to cultivate prospective knights and mo gong practitioners.

    The institution was divided into the light department, the dark department, the fire department, the water department, the wind department, the earth department, the thunder department, the summon department and the space department. Every department had its own independent classroom building, library, laboratory, cultivation field, living district. Each department was like a small living district.

     Bu cai en did errands in the dead system which was a branch under the dark department. The dead system did dealings with the various corpses and dark creatures. In recent years, the dead system had declined into being the weakest causing it to be despised, even by its own dark department. 

    In those 6 years in the institution, Bu cai en was the weakest and also in the hated dead system. Furthermore, he had to do that 'special' job, causing him to be bullied all those years without exception.

    Han shuo followed Bu cai en's memories. From the mountain road at the back of the institution, he moved to the small gate which he used to do his tasks.

    As it was already midnight, the students had already went to sleep. The road that Han shuo took was also very secluded, he did not meet anyone on the way. Along the way, Han shuo carefully observed all four directions and discovered that the institution was designed in an European style. 

    Han shuo finally returned to the institution and made his way to Bu cai en's 'room', a warehouse. This matched his position as a gopher(*2).

    The warehouse was filled with many random items, the majority of items being abandoned items.

    The items inside were all waiting for Bu cai en to organise them and/or throw them away. They were thrown away by the other students. Once they did not need them, they would just throw them into the warehouse and get Bu cai en to throw them away.

    The warehouse was originally not very big. Besides all the random abandoned items, there was only space for a wooden bed for Bu cai en. Even the wooden bed had items constantly thrown on it as the other students did not take note of where they threw the things.

    Bu cai en worked until evening every day. The first thing he does once he gets back was to clear the items on top of the bed. The next day, when everybody was still sleeping, he would throw away those that he needed to throw and organise the other things.

    When Han shuo reached the warehouse which resembled a dump, his nose started twitching again. How did Bu cai en manage to survive those 6 years?!

    The warehouse was filthy beyond belief, even opening up the windows had very little effect. The smell was given out by the abandoned items. Thinking that Bu cai en had died, the other students continued dumping their trash into the warehouse.

    Wearily walking, Han shuo felt that even walking was difficult as the floor was riddled with abandoned items. At last he reached the bed. He originally planned to be like Bu cai en and clear the bed of the items before sleeping.

    However, Han shuo was not totally Bu cai en, after clearing half the items, waves of anger floated to the surface. At first, the anger was only half-hearted. However, the evil 'seed' in Han shuo started rapidly moving. The half-hearted anger in Han shuo slowly started blazing.

    Finally, Han shuo suddenly stopped moving, fiercely shouting" I'm not Bu cai en! I will not stand for this punishment! Bu cai en...Bu cai en, now that I occupy your body, I will help you take revenge on that student, Li sha!"

    Han shuo did not know, that although he might have previously had this personality, but he would definitely not have made this reckless an action. Previously he might have this evil thought, but it would never have become courage in reality!

    Walking out from the warehouse, Han shuo headed towards the female dormitory. In the silence of the night, Han shuo stealthily made his way towards the dormitory. Bu cai en frequently came here to clean the dormitory so he was very familiar with the layout. Where Li sha's room was, he was also knew clearly.

    The dark department had lesser students than every other department and so each student had their own private room. Every room had a large space and when compared to Bu cai en's room, the warehouse, it was paradise.

    Li sha's room was at the 2nd floor and although at night Han shuo would not be able to sneak into the room, there was a big tree outside her room. Han shuo withdrew, resembling a small monkey as he climbed up the tree stopping close to the window of Li sha's room.

    The window wasn't closed and Han shuo was secretly delighted. He stood on tip-toes and approached Li sha's window. Looking around, Li sha's room was the normal pink colour and there was some furry toys on the wall and tables.

    The smell of perfume caused Han shuo to wrinkle his nose. He could not imagine that Li sha, who seemed to be very cruel, would actually make her room so... cute.

    Han shuo was confused but he took another look at Li sha's room. He noticed a pink hazy curtain, he knew Li sha's bed was located behind that curtain.

    From his bag, Han shuo took out a vial of experimental blood and painted it on himself using a mirror which Bu cai en had picked up. He also messed up his hair a little. The final result was that he was blood-stained and looked terrifying and spooky.

    "heh heh. If I can't beat you, I'll scare you to death!"

    Han shuo was very satisfied with his current appearance. Nodding his head and chuckling softly, he stepped onto the tree trunk, balancing himself. Then, he stretched out his hand and knocked on the window.

    "Knock... Knock... Knock..."

    Li sha was still half-sleeping after being woken by the knocking sound. She moved the curtains aside and moved across the pink carpet.(*3) She looked so graceful, white jade feet on a pink carpet.

    Li sha was younger than Bu cai en, an aristocrat family's young lady. Not even seeing how she treated Bu cai en, she was a noble lady through and through. Her hair was golden and long. 1 meter and 62 centimetres, she was bigger than Bu cai en. Slender eyebrows, straight nose and dark red beautiful lips.

    Wearing pink pyjamas, she got out of bed and moved towards the source of the knocking, the window.

    A familiar bloody face appeared in front of her. Both eyes, nose and mouth were all bloody. The face was terrifying and looked sinister. The body was shaking on the window as if he did not have any weight. The eyes were lifeless and he had the aura of someone who was not alive.


    Li sha was scared to death and she screamed in terror which resounded throughout the dormitory. 

    Han shuo smiled creepily. Even if I don't manage to scare you to death, I can at least make you faint! As he thought this, Han shuo's expression became more and more terrifying. The whites of his eyeballs were shown and he started swaying more ferociously.

    Because he showed the whites of his eyes, Han shuo could no longer see Li sha. When he heard her scream and his expression became more terrifying, suddenly, he could no longer hear her.

    She should have fainted, Han shuo thought. Listening to the swearing of the other students in the dark department, Han shuo decided that he should start running away now.

    As he was about to change his eyes back to normal, his nose ridge and head suddenly started hurting severely. Han shuo fell from the tree and his body became numb.

    Mo gong elements like rain drops fell onto Han shuo's body, attacking him. "Bu cai en! Did you not see how you have no prospects? Last time you actually did not die but did you become stupid? Everyday I'm cultivating the dark department's cultivation method but you are always together with corpses. Who knew you idiot would pretend to be a corpse and scare me! I really admire your idiotic action. I'm a future instructor of the dark department. Don't tell me that without a soul you cannot tell this?"     

    Han shuo's body hurt but his heart hurt even more. This idiot Bu cai en did errands in this dark department for 6 years, how did he not even know this common sense point? This was the only time he did something bad?! Who knew that this would end like this?"  

    The dark cultivation method? He only knew how to differentiate this mysterious cultivation method and only some finer details. In this strange world, apparently he still had to learn of many things so that this dreadful matter would not repeat itself again.    

    While he was being attacked, Han shuo cried out in pain and started thinking. The dark cultivation did not sound like a very easy path. However, if he cultivated both the dark cultivation and the cultivation Chu cang lan left him, would the cultivation clash with each other or would it give him a boost?

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *3- The pink house! How pink can this get?!                                                                                                                         

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    Chapter 3


    As Han Shuo was thinking, his whole body was in pain. Li Sha was still hitting him crazily. Han Shuo's body was still very frail. Li Sha's first attack hit him on the bridge of his nose causing tears to uncontrollably flow out. Furthermore, he fell down from the tree and now he could do nothing but curl up into a ball, the most meaty parts of his body the only target for Li Sha. For example, his rear end.

    After a while, Han Shuo discovered something weird. His Mo Gong element was coincidentally moving towards his rear end which was getting hit. When his element moved to a place, that area would no longer hurt.

    A previously burning part, would not hurt as much when his element drew near. In fact, it would feel somewhat relaxing.

    Han Shuo was baffled. This solid realm level is just like self-humiliation isn't it? As Han Shuo was thinking this, his Mo Gong element moved to his right hip which was coincidentally being kicked by Li Sha.

    "Ah!" "Wa!"  

    Both sounds, one high and one low, rang out from both Han Shuo and Li Sha. Li Sha suddenly felt as if Han Shuo's right hip was harder than iron and steel. Her foot ached and she immediately withdrew her feet and gasped in shock.

    Han shuo, however, felt that his right hip where Li Sha kicked didn't hurt at all but actually felt more comfortable. His whole body was in pain but his right hip was actually feeling so comfortable. This made Han Shuo involuntarily cry out. The 'Ah' sound he made made him sound a little lecherous. 

    "Bu Cai En! Why do you have a rock hidden up your pants?"  

    Li Sha yelled at Han shuo angrily as she massaged her feet. At this moment, some students of the dark department had already appeared around them, drowsily looking at the both of them.

    Han Shuo's body wasn't hurting anymore and he had already stopped involuntarily 'weeping'. Han Shuo moved his body, sitting up on the grass patch. Disciples Li Sha, Ai Mi and Ah Xi Na and Primary Mo Gong instructor Bei La stared at Han Shuo angrily.

    With killing intent...(*4)

    Compared to Li Sha, Ai Mi, Ah Xi Na and Bei La were very different. They were all 16 or 17 years old. They were not very beautiful at first. Now that their sleep, which would help increase their appearance(*5), had been disturbed, their mood was very bad. 

    "You little idiot! What are you looking at? Speak! Why did you hide a rock up your pants?"

    Cultivator Li Sha looked coldly at Han Shuo with her hands on her hips, her right feet oddly on tip toes.

    "Am I really an idiot...?" Han Shuo coldly smiled inwardly. Han Shuo looked blankly at Li Sha. He stood up with some difficulty and sighed. He smiled lightly, saying" There isn't any. I don't have any rocks in my pants."

    He turned around, back facing the 4 disciples and unzipped his pants. He hadn't even pulled down his pants when 4 shrill screams pierced the air along with the sounds of flustered footsteps.

    "Bu Cai En, you idiot! Hurry up and wear your pants! Don't make me kill you!" Li Sha yelled quickly but obviously panicking.

    "Oh!" Han Shuo emotionlessly replied. However, Han shuo smiled in his heart. A few delicate little flowers, I can handle you easily.

    A while later once the 4 disciples faced Han Shuo again, Li Sha carefully looked at Han Shuo for a few breaths before saying indignantly" This matter about the rocks in your pants, I won't argue with you anymore. However! What were you planning to do, climbing up the tree outside my window?"

     Han Shuo sighed again and pointed at a broken plastic bag hanging on top of the tree, said naturally" To bring that broken plastic bag down of course!" 

    "You came to my room at midnight to take a...trash bag?" Li Sha said angrily, feeling as if she was about to go crazy.

    At this moment, Instructor Bei La sighed and said to Li Sha" Ahh. Li Sha can't you see? This Bu Cai En has obviously already gone crazy. Since your soul invasion didn't kill him, he must have gone crazy instead! What do we have to argue with a crazy man?"

    Ah Xi Na sleepily yawned and said" There's still school tomorrow, I'll go back to sleep now. Elder sister Li Sha, you can decide what to do with this madman."

    Ai Mi looked at Han Shuo as if she sympathised with him. She looked at Han Shuo for two breaths, then sighed and shook her head. Without saying anything, she turned around with Ah Xi Na and went back to the dormitory. 

    If Han Shuo did not act as if he was retarded and crazy, he was afraid that besides Li Sha, the other three females would also have turned on him angrily. By acting as a madman, the other three would not lower themselves to argue with him and so they left to go back to go sleep.

    After the three students left, there was only Han Shuo and Li Sha left. Li Sha stared at Han Shuo ferociously and coldly said" Go do what you need to do. I'm tired right now. Two days later, I will come and get even with you. If you dare disturb me again, I will use my Mo Gong and make sure you go crazy again!"

    After she said this, Li Sha stared at Han Shuo and unwillingly walked away. As she opened the door, she softly muttered" So painful. This little idiot actually hid a rock up his pants and actually went crazy because of my soul invasion." 

    After Li Sha left, some tranquillity and peace seemed to have been restored. Han Shuo looked at Li Sha leave, still a little fearful. Fortunately, Li Sha did not use her Mo Gong. If she had invaded his soul again, Han Shuo was afraid that he would really go crazy.

    After everyone left, Han shuo also left while cursing, dragging his body and went back to the warehouse.

    After returning to the warehouse, he swept away all the items on top of his bed and went to sleep.

    The next day...(*6)

     As Han Shuo was still sleeping, the door to the warehouse opened and a "Wa" sound could be heard. 

    Han Shuo woke up blearily and saw a slightly fat blonde-haired man whose eyes were blue-black, wearing coarse clothes. He pointed at Han Shuo with a stunned look on his face, "You...You..."

    "Oh! It's you Jie Ke. Why did you come to my house?"

    Jie Ke was the same age as Bu Cai En. Maybe because they were in the same boat, Jie Ke was one of the few people in the dark department who treated him well. Jie Ke's family was very poor and a few years ago, his father had sent him to the institution to be an errand boy, earning a few sliver coins a month.

    Both Jie Ke and Bu Cai En were errand boys. However, Jie Ke was not sold to the institution and he still had his pride and dignity, unlike Bu Cai En who had been sold to the institution by a slave dealer as a slave.

    Because Jie Ke was a slave, although he was also an errand boy like Bu Cai En, he would be bullied. However, he would not be treated the same as Bu Cai En who would be beaten, scolded and occasionally used for experiments. Jie Ke would not be treated like a slave where they did not care whether he lived or died. 

    " Hu. Hu. You scared me Bu Cai En. So you didn't die, that's great!"

    "How is it great? I'm starving to death! Jie Ke, do you have any food? I'll repay you next time."

    After saying this, Han Shuo realised that Jie Ke wasn't saying anything. His small, beady soybean-like eyes looked weird. "What is it? Do I look very handsome?"

    Jie Ke looked at Han shuo weirdly and said" All these years, you have never asked me for food on your own. You will also not speak to me like that. Bu Cai En, you seem different now."

    Han Shuo was shocked. Even Li Sha did not realise something was wrong. But Jie Ke actually discovered that something was wrong with just one sentence from him.

    Recalling Bu Cai En's memories, Han Shuo realised that Bu Cai En rarely talked to other students of the dark department. Whatever other people wanted him to do, he just did it, there was no conversation at all. Even between Jie Ke and Bu Cai En, it was mostly Jie Ke speaking and Bu Cai En listening. However, they spent a long time together and so Jie Ke quickly discovered that something was different.

    Chuckling softly, Han Shuo said" After I almost died due to the soul invasion by Li Sha, I realised that I lived quite poorly previously so I'm trying to change right now."

    Jie Ke sighed, nodding his head and said" So that's how this is. I was afraid that you had become stupid after almost dying because of the soul invasion technique from Li Sha."


    "Here. This is a black bread which I have been keeping for a while. You eat it. The fact that you didn't die is very good! Everyone thought that you had died but they haven't found a new errand boy yet. All your work was passed down to me and this morning I was rushing here and I accidentally knocked into Ba Ke who gave me this black eye ."

    Jie Ke said as he handed Han Shuo the black bread. Jie Ke was happy that Bu Cai En was alive.

    As Han Shuo munched on the food, he ferociously said" Ba Ke hit you again. He's too fierce. Come, let's go take revenge for this!"

    Jie Ke froze in shock. He rushed forwards in front of Han shuo. " Bu Cai En. Have you gone crazy? Weren't we already used to this? Ba Ke is a dark department Mo Gong disciple! He won't purposely come make trouble for us and we are already fine. We don't have to go take revenge for this!" 

    "Just relax. I have a plan. I'm already crazy, right now all the students in the dark department should already be aware of this. Who am I scared of?"

    After saying so, Han Shuo dragged Jie Ke out of the warehouse, arrogantly walking out. Han Shuo's Mo Gong element started moving more quickly through his body...

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *4- Beauty sleep!                                                                                                                                                            

    *5/6- This is literally what is shown in the raw.

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    Chapter 4


    Once it was morning, the dead system students hurriedly woke up and moved towards the dark department's students' teaching block. Jie Ke was panic-stricken, looking very unwilling. However, once he heard Han Shuo's plan, thought of how Han Shuo was taking revenge for him, the cowardly Bu Cai En wasn't even scared. Would he, Jie Ke, allow Bu Cai En to do this himself? And so, at last, Jie Ke agreed to his plan.

    Beside a limestone on the road, there were statues erected. These statues were huge and were very life-like. They were of the top students and the pride of the institution.

    One of Bu Cai En's job was to clean the statues and ensure there was no dust on them. Ever since Bu Cai En arrived here, he wiped the statues clean everyday. Then, Bu Cai En was even shorter. In order to complete his work. otherwise he wouldn't get any food to eat, he still had to carry around a stepladder. 

    Standing beside a bearded statue, he wiped the chest of the statue of Ke Lai Er. Using a brush to brush off the dust., Han Shuo said to Jie Ke" Jie Ke, when will the statue of the 2 of us be placed here?"

    "Don't joke around Bu Cai En. We are just errand boys, we can only eat until we are full. If we are not beaten everyday, it would already be pretty good. How could we become cultivators? Ah...Bu Cai en, you have changed a lot. Last time you would not be daydreaming like this and definitely not thought of this idea."

    "Why can't we be cultivators?"

     "If you want to be a cultivator, you need to have innate talent and also need to enter a Mo Gong school(*7). Entering a school requires a lot of money. You need to have a lot of experience. Even if you were the child of a aristocrat family, you need to have high innate talent to enter a Mo Gong school and become a cultivator. We are just commoners, we don't even have to think about this. Furthermore, you are a slave, you don't have any hope!" 

    "Right now, we are working in a Mo Gong school, we have great advantages don't we? We don't even have to pay fees. If we don't learn a little Mo Gong, how would we have the face to say that we are from Babylon Mo Gong institution?"

    "Bu Cai En, stop acting so confident. We are not even students of this institution, we are just errand boys. In the future, I may be able to leave this institution, but as for you, I'm afraid you will never be able to leave!"

    Jie Ke looked at Han Shuo, who was still wiping the statue of Ke Lai Er without the usual concentration he had. He only had the look of ambition on his face. Jie Ke found Bu Cai En slightly confusing. He honestly said out what he was thinking.

    "Hah. Let's not talk about this anymore. Cultivator Li Sha is heading here now. Let's start the plan." Han Shuo said as he saw Li Sha who was limping slightly as she walked towards them. Bu Cai En had been here for 6 years and he knew most people's law for themselves(*8).

    Li Sha always woke slightly late. Most of the time, she always moved towards the teaching block herself slowly. Today was obviously no different. Li Sha was wearing black cultivator robes. As she walked along, she yawned constantly, obviously not having gotten enough sleep after yesterday.

    Li Sha was very beautiful but she was only 16 years old and she hadn't developed fully yet. She was self-conscious of her small breasts and lately, she was trying to think of methods to change this.

    Both Jie Ke and Han Shuo looked as Li Sha walked nearer to them. Jie Ke pretended to continue to be wipe Ke Lai Er as he muttered softly out of the side of his mouth to Han Shuo.

    "Bu Cai En, I didn't hear wrongly right, how could Ba Ke say that about Li Sha?"

    Suddenly, the quietly whispering Jie Ke said this sentence louder.  

    The absent-minded Li Sha who was walking along the road heard her name being mentioned. She continued walking forwards and she focused all her attention on the conversation the two of them were having.

    All girls like to hear what other people think of them, Li Sha was apparently no different. To prevent the two people in front of them from seeing her and not stopping their conversation, she hid behind one of the statues. She inquisitively looked at them, her eyes stealthy.     

    Turns out its this little idiot Bu Cai En, Li Sha thought to herself furiously, preparing to find Bu Cai En later to get even with him. But before that, let's see what Ba Ke said about me.

    Han Shuo said blankly"You didn't hear wrongly, I heard Ba Ke say to the other students that Li Sha's breast looked the same as a loaf of bread that someone had stepped on!"

    The moment Jie Ke heard this words, he tried to supress his laughter, his face was turning red and he was bent over. 

    On the other hand, Li Sha flushed and her face turned green, her eyes flashing angrily as she pursed her lips together. She ground her teeth together, trembling in anger behind the statue for a few breaths. She walked towards the teaching block, even forgetting her silent promise to go find Bu Cai En to get even with him.

    Seeing Li Sha's murderous look on her face as she walked out from behind a statue and towards the teaching block, Jie Ke could no longer hold back his laughter" Wahaha...". He said as he laughed uncontrollably" Bu Cai En... you really are very bad. The fact that Ba Ke likes Li Sha, even I, an errand boy knows. Li Sha also hates people remarking about her breasts the most. Looking at Li Sha just now, Ba Ke will definitely die!"

    Han Shuo chuckled darkly, keeping his brush as he looked at Jie Ke" Stop brushing Ke Lai Er for now. Let's go look at what Li Sha will do for revenge!"

    Jie Ke was influenced by Han Shuo's excited air as he hurriedly kept his brush, laughing loudly as he said" Come! I want to see how that Ba Ke will die, dare to hit me this morning?"

    The two dead system errand boys excitedly followed behind Li Sha, quickly moving towards the teaching block, making a few students baffled. Did the two most cowardly errand boys eat the wrong medicine this morning?

    The dead system students, being a branch of the dark department, shared a teaching block and there were cultivators teaching Mo Gong everyday.

    Li Sha moved very quickly. When they reached, they saw that Li Sha had already snapped and hit Ba Ke.

    "Li Sha! My love for you, even the errand boys of the dead system know. Why would I say something bad about you? Who did you hear this from?"

    Ba Ke's eyes were already swollen, hiding from a bone arrow which had been shot. He screamed loudly, sounding very misunderstood.

    That morning, when Ba Ke had been knocked into by Jie Ke, he had ruthlessly beaten him. The pain and suffering that Ba Ke felt now was nowhere near what Jie Ke had endured so far.

    Ba Ke was the child of an aristocrat family and was 17 years old now. He was however, the dead system's most inferior disciple. Against Li Sha who was already qualified to be an instructor of the dead system, he was not able to put up a good fight. Furthermore, Ba Ke loved Li Sha, he would not attack with all his strength. When facing a murderous Li Sha, it was no surprise that he was scared out of his wits.

    " You don't have to worry about this point. That person said it when they thought I wasn't there. There is definitely no mistake. Anyway, since you are so vicious, why don't you take this!"

    To Li Sha, Han Shuo and Jie Ke really said it 'unwittingly'. Furthermore, Han Shuo is a half crazy half stupid person, according to normal logic, this type of person would not invent a lie. Furthermore, he was an errand boy. He definitely could not casually invent such a lie.

    As this involved Li Sha's taboo, there were a lot of people spectating this. To avoid getting laughed at by other people, Li Sha did not say who told her that Ba Ke had said something bad about her. Since she already made the effort, she wanted Ba Ke to look carefully.

    " Fallen dead soldiers! Hear me and answer my call! Emerge and exist!"

    She pointed her arm at the sky, muttering this incantation. Once she finished, two skeleton soldiers emerged from the ground in front of her, holding identical white bone daggers. When Li Sha pointed at Ba Ke, they raised their bone daggers and charged towards him.

    At the side, Han Shuo watched dumbstruck, his first time watching a Mo Gong cultivation technique. He watched excited as the skeleton soldiers charged towards Ba Ke.

    "Li Sha's energy force is not bad, she can actually summon two skeleton soldiers.

    "Hah. The dead system was originally so weak. We are not even united. No wonder we are the weakest department. This truly shames our name."

    As Li Sha summoned the skeleton soldiers, two students of the dark department discussed with each other. From their conversation, Han Shuo figured out that even with the same cultivation technique, there were many different power levels. As some people had good energy force and some people had bad energy force. For example, if a strong cultivator used this same technique, they would be able to summon many more skeleton soldiers.

    Ba Ke looked at the incoming skeleton soldiers, frustrated as he cursed in his heart. If only he had trained in the cursed arts of the dark department, he would not be here right now, going to get killed. Han Shuo and Jie Ke would also not be laughing right now.

    If only Ba Ke could summon a skeleton too. Then he would not be being chased by Li Sha's skeletons...

    The two dark department students looked at Ba Ke, who was in dire straits, and laughed loudly. Ba Ke was distracted by their laughter and a skeleton managed to kick his lower abdomen. His face turning purple, Ba Ke sank down to his knee.

    Seeing her skeleton raise his dagger while standing over Ba Ke, she hurriedly stopped it, dispersing her two skeletons. After all, it was not a life and death battle and Li Sha seeing that Ba Ke was already injured, felt that it was enough. Furthermore, the institution strictly forbid killing.

    When Ba Ke stood up, he saw Han Shuo and Jie Ke laughing loudly at him. Ba Ke could not accept this and he immediately charged straight at them, yelling" The two of you also dare to laugh at me?!"

    Ba Ke did not dare to vent his anger on Li Sha and the two students of the dark department. Nearby, there were Han Shuo and Jie Ke who were just errand boys who he could beat up. Furthermore, the both of them were still laughing, this really angered Ba Ke.

    Li Sha, who was originally no longer angry, saw Ba Ke who was so arrogantly scolding Han Shuo and Jie Ke and disregarding her, her temper flared again. She coldly chanted another incantation." Endless darkness. Bestow upon me death's power, impose pain and suffering on his soul. Soul's Grieve!"

    The moment Li Sha finished her incantation, a faint black air mass shot through the air towards Ba Ke. As the air mass moved through the air, it twisted and changed repeatedly. In the end, it became a faint black flame.

    The moment Ba Ke heard Li Sha's incantation, he turned around and saw the black flame, his face changed and he fiercely charged towards Han Shuo and Jie Ke. When the black flame was almost upon him, he crouched down and rolled away on the ground.

    His trick succeeded and the currently laughing Han Shuo was taken by surprise. He saw Ba Ke roll away from the black flame which immediately smashed into his body.

    There was a brief burst of pain in his head as his eyes rolled up into his head. With the same smile n his face, he toppled backwards...  


    *7-The school is basically the institution. When I'm not referring to the Babylon Mo Gong institution, I will just say it as school.

    *8-Basically how they live. Not sure how to say this...


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    Chapter 5


    When Han Shuo woke up, he realised that he was lying on his bed in the warehouse, his body cold. Beside him, Jie Ke was holding a wooden bucket. He was standing on a stool, about to pour the water on him.

    The weather was currently a little chilly and Han Shuo's whole body was soaking wet, already shaking with cold. He saw Jie Ke about to pour another bucketful of water and hurriedly shouted out" What are you doing, Jie Ke?!"

    The stool that Jie Ke was standing on was abandoned and he was shaking. Surprised by Han Shuo's sudden and urgent shout, the bucket fell out of his hands and all the water poured onto Han Shuo. The bucket also hit Han Shuo's chest.

    "Ah, Jie Ke. Are you trying to kill me?" 

    Two buckets full of water had already been poured on Han Shuo and now, his body was trembling all over. Furthermore, a bucket had hit him on his chest, making him grimace in pain.

    "Sorry Bu Cai En. I thought that first bucket didn't wake you up and the stool was originally shaky. You scared me when you suddenly shouted out and I accidentally dropped the bucket." 

    Jie Ke said, slightly embarrassed as he took a rag beside him and he tried to wipe the remaining water puddles off his body.

    Suddenly, Han Shuo screamed like a killed pig as he stood up hurriedly, anxiously saying" Jie Ke. The rag you are holding has some bone powder from some experiments. Those stuff pierces a person's body like a needle. Are you really trying to kill me?"

    "AH! I'm so sorry Bu Cai En. I didn't do it purposely, really."

    Jie Ke said, also somewhat shocked as he threw the rag far away, relieved that the side he was holding did not contain any bone powder.

    Sneezing, Han Shuo said" Nevermind, Nevermind. Anyway, why am I here Jie Ke? I remember that bastard Ba Ke. Did he get hit by Ii Sha's Soul Grieve?"

    Han Shuo's throat was red and he tore off his clothes in a mad rush as he grabbed Bu Cai En's grimy towel, wiping himself clean.

    "Bu Cai En, you have a lot of scars on your body!"

    Hearing Jie Ke say this, Han Shuo took a look at his body carefully for the first time. Anywhere he looked, there was at least one scar there. He sighed in his heart, once more pitying Bu Cai En.

    "A scar is a man's medal. You know that is meaningless. Quickly tell me what happened after I fainted."

    "After you fainted, class conveniently started and Li Sha hurried off after she said a few sentences. I grabbed Uncle Sha Lu and the both of us carried you back here."  

    "So Uncle Sha Lu also came over. Oh right. What did Li Sha say before she left?"

    Han Shuo nodded his head and said as he wiped himself dry. Uncle Sha Lu was the institution's oldest gopher. Already 50 years old or so, he treated Bu Cai En and Jie Ke pretty well. When Bu Cai En had arrived here, uncle Sha Lu had already worked there for around 10 years already.

    "Li Sha said that you were just unlucky. If it had struck Ba Ke, he would only be in pain for three days as he was a disciple and his energy force is stronger. But you are not a student and you don't have any energy force. You will be in pain for approximately a month. She said that because yesterday you woke her up, hid a rock up your pants and made her feet hurt, she won't help you get rid of the Soul Grieve."  

    "That Li Sha! She actually dares to do this to me. Sooner or later, I'll punish her!"    

    The moment Han Shuo heard what Jie Ke said, his face turned cold and he swore. Jie Ke was surprised, thinking that this was not the first time she treated you like this.  

    Han Shuo pondered for a while before he said" Ba Ke is a disciple and he only needs to hurt for three days while I have to hurt for a month. My innate talent is better. If I learn cultivation, I might be fine after three days."

    "Bu Cai En, you are an errand boy. How could you learn cultivation?"

    "How do those disciples learn cultivation techniques?"  

    "First, they meditate. Then, they induce their Mo Gong element. Once you have energy force, can't you read a Mo Gong book to learn the incantation? Things that you don't know just ask a Mo Gong instructor!" 

    "Isn't this easy? I can also meditate. As long as I have an energy force, can't I learn incantations and practice Mo Gong?"

    "But you don't have a Mo Gong book."

    As Jie Ke said this, Han Shuo moved beside him, grinning as he said" But we have you don't we? Don't you clean the library?"

    Jie Ke was shocked. He moved away, anxiously saying" Bu Cai En. You want me to steal a Mo Gong book for you?" 

    "How tasteless! Why do you call it stealing? I just want you to help me borrow a book. Once I finish reading it, you can just put it back. Nobody will know about this. Jie Ke, today I was so unlucky all because I was helping you, shouldn't you help me a little too?" Han Shuo said as he stared at Jie Ke, wording his words as if Jie Ke owed it to him.

    When night fell, Jie Ke sneakily went to find Han Shuo, taking out two books from his clothes. He handed the two books, <Dark Mo Gong Basics> and <Mo Gong Guide>, over to Han Shuo, urging Han Shuo to finish them quickly before he left, furtively looking around. 

    Bu Cai En's status as a errand boy originally does not give him the privilege of learning how to read and write. But because he had to do many things, some requiring him to learn these skills, he managed to learn many words over the years. This knowledge was transferred over to Han Shuo so he was able to read the two books.  

    When Jie Ke had left, Han Shuo closed the door to the warehouse and opened the first book, <Dark Mo Gong Basics>. He took out the first light yellow paper and started reading excitedly. 

    Mo Gong is a type of energy force. In this world, Mo Gong can also be used as a type of communication. Mo Gong can be used through 4 ways: incantations, magic scrolls, finger gestures and formations. 

    The dead system flourished previously. All dark techniques were classified under dead techniques. Only now that the dead system has stopped declining, it became a branch under the dark department. 

    The Mo Gong of dead system controls souls and dead bodies. Over the years, the experiments continued to change and the more techniques were created. Eventually, it became an aspect of the dark, becoming the representative of the dark.

    The basics of any Mo Gong is energy force and the only way to obtain energy force was to meditate, feeling your element. Only when you obtain energy force, will you then be considered a disciple.     

    After Han Shuo read <Dark Mo Gong Basics>, the first thing he did was to meditate and try to feel his element. However, Han Shuo meditated for a few days but did not manage to feel his element and obtain his energy force. Through these days, Han Shuo only meditated in the evening. In the morning, Han Shuo acted as Bu Cai En, cleaning. As, if Han Shuo did not complete his cleaning duties, he didn't have to think about eating something, let alone continue to stay in this institution.

    Because of Soul Grieve, a few times everyday, Han Shuo's head would suddenly hurt. The first two times, Han Shuo immediately fell unconscious. But after that, although Han Shuo's head would still hurt, he no longer fainted, maybe because he adapted.

    In this period of time, the fact that Han Shuo was half crazy half stupid was spread around the institution. Although Han Shuo looked as if he was very crazy and stupid, he still finished all his duties. The institution saw that although Han Shuo was crazy and stupid, he still finished his duties so they didn't chase him out of the institution.

    The students developed a theory of Han Shuo's weird behaviour: Although he was crazy and stupid, over the years, he had developed the habit of doing all these duties. As such, he continued doing all his duties even though he was supposedly mad.      

    Throughout this period of time, Han Shuo had a very good excuse to give to the students who came to find him to use for experiments. Whenever they came for him, he just had a sudden 'headache'. When he had a headache, Han Shuo became crazier and sometimes, the experiment would become very messy. All the students knew that Han Shuo was hit by Li Sha's Soul Grieve. Add on the fact, that Han Shuo was mad, many people stopped finding Han Shuo for experiments.

    The reason why Li Sha started fighting Ba Ke, until now, many people still didn't know. In this period of time, Ba Ke was very melancholy. He kept trying to find a reason to come beat up Han Shuo. He was stockier than Han Shuo so Han Shuo was hit very badly.    

    At night when he went back to the warehouse, Han Shuo immediately started cursing loudly" Ba Ke, you bastard. You just wait. One day, I'm going beat you up so bad that even your parents won't recognise you!"

    That day, Han Shuo  was beaten up by Ba Ke yet again. Ba Ke summoned a skeleton and the both of them beat Han Shuo up. Han Shuo's whole body was now blue-black. In this period of time, Han Shuo felt his strength increasing. His appetite also increased and he frequently went to Jie Ke to ask for more food.   

    Furthermore, after he was beaten by Ba Ke, although his whole body hurt a lot, once he went back to the warehouse and practised the solid realm's cultivation method, once he slept, he would not be in pain anymore the next day. Furthermore, his energy would be better. The amount of pain he felt from Ba Ke also decreased constantly.  

    Continuing on, every time Han Shuo was beaten, he immediately returned back to the warehouse and started cultivating the solid realm. In this period of time, the element in his body slowly became bigger.

    After each time he got beat up, Han Shuo's body underwent a forging. His element slowly grew to the size of a fingernail.

    This made Han Shuo both excited and scared. Excited because his element was growing and his body and energy force was getting better. Scared because as his element grew bigger, he found it difficult to control himself and he did things that he regretted later.    

    From underneath his wooden bed, Han Shuo fetched the book <Dark Mo Gong Basics>, looking over it again, he started to meditate. The element in his body also continuously moved throughout his body as usual. The wounds on his body felt better as the element moved near them.

    As Han Shuo meditated, the element in his body slowly moved towards his head. At this moment, a familiar wave of pain transmitted from his head. Han Shuo knew that Soul Grieve, the technique that Li Sha had cast, had activated once again.

    Suddenly, as Han Shuo's head pounded, his element went into the center of the pain. This was the first time that his element had entered his head as Soul Grieve was activated. Han Shuo only felt that there was a rumbling sound in his head before he fainted again...


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    Chapter 6


    When Han Shuo woke up, it was already late at night. His element was still randomly moving around his body but Han Shuo knew a few more things and things looked a lot clearer. Han Shuo quickly meditated, he carefully felt a while and in the end, confirmed that when his element had gone into the root of the pain, he had acquired energy force. 

    "Wahaha. Looking at this, I'm really a genius! I acquired energy force so quickly just by meditating. Hu hu, now that I have energy force, I should try to use the lowest dead system technique. Let's see if I can summon a skeleton soldier!" 

    He hurriedly took out <Dark Mo Gong Basic> and leafed through it, trying to find the incantation for summoning skeletons. At this moment, Han Shuo found out that the book, <Dark Mo Gong Basics>, did not contain any incantations for Mo Gong techniques and only some knowledge for Dark Mo Gong. 

    Han Shuo wrinkled his eyebrows as he thought of the incantation Li Sha had muttered. He copied what Li Sha had did, and pointed his hands at the sky, gathered his energy force and muttered the incantation" Fallen dead soldiers! Hear me and answer my call! Emerge and exist!"

    After Han Shuo finished the incantation, he felt the little amount of energy force he had leak away. In a short while, all the energy force was gone. He felt something indistinct and suddenly, his head hurt again. Han Shuo collapsed onto his bed, panting heavily.  

    As Han Shuo tried to regain his breath, a brief flash of black light appeared in the warehouse. A skeleton suddenly appeared, half the height of the skeleton Li Sha had summoned. 

    Looking at the skeleton who was carrying a bone dagger and had two blank holes in his head for eyes, Han Shuo went wild with joy. Although the skeleton was smaller than what other people could summon, but it was still a skeleton. This meant that Han Shuo had successfully managed to use a Mo Gong technique. 

    His mind slightly drowsy, Han Shuo read through the <Dark Mo Gong Basics>. He learned that the reason he had collapsed but only summoned a skeleton half the size of normal skeletons was because he had too little energy force.

    Looking at the skeleton, Han Shuo felt as if he had an invisible connection with him. However, Han Shuo's energy force was too weak. He couldn't even give the skeleton an order, let alone disperse him.

    Han Shuo decided that since no one would be coming here, and without any orders, the skeleton wouldn't be running around, he could just leave the skeleton here. 

    It was already very late at night. Han Shuo was very tired, his happiness had already wore off and he felt slightly weary. He drifted off to sleep.

    The next day, when it wasn't fully light yet...

    Han Shuo had already woken up. While he was in the institution, he had developed the habit of waking up before anyone else so as to clean up the rubbish in the warehouse. As he rose up, he noticed his skeleton standing beside a pile of rubbish.

    After having slept, Han Shuo had recovered some of his energy force. Although the amount of energy force he had recovered was not enough to disperse the skeleton, it was enough for Han Shuo to give him an order. Han Shuo gathered all his energy force and gave the skeleton a single order-help me clean up the rubbish.    

    After the order was given, the skeleton grabbed a pile of rubbish and shuffled out of the warehouse.

    "Hu hu. No wonder everyone wants to learn Mo Gong. Using Mo Gong saves trouble. From now on, he can just help me clear out the rubbish for me!"     

    Han Shuo saw that the sky was still not bright and he continued to sleep. Until now, this was the first time that Han Shuo had slept late.  

    After sleeping for a while, Han Shuo opened his eyes and saw that the skeleton had already returned. The pile of rubbish had already been cleaned.  

    Rising from his bed, Han Shuo went to wash his face, he realised that the bruising on his face had mysteriously disappeared. Even some scars on his hands had dimmed, the skin having already been cast off. When Han Shuo had exhausted all his energy force yesterday, besides being a little dizzy, his body still felt pretty good. 

    The solid realm stage of Mo Gong will continuously change his body. Once he went past the solid realm stage, all the scars on his body currently would disappear. His physical strength and energy force would also greatly improve. Once he reached that point, it wouldn't matter if it was Ba Ke or Li Sha, if they wanted to pick a fight with him using their skeleton's, the only thing Han Shuo was scared about was that balance would be lost.

    Han Shuo thought as he washed his face, looking at the students on the road, one by one walking towards the teaching block. He hurriedly grabbed his equipment, rushing towards the statues and started cleaning them.

    "Ah Xi Na, this morning when it still wasn't light out, I went to the toilet and saw a small skeleton holding some rubbish outside slowly shuffling towards the dump. So strange right?" Disciple Ai Mi said to Ah Xi Na who was beside her while they headed towards the teaching block.

    "Weird. Which student was so bored that he would summon a skeleton to throw away rubbish. Isn't that the job of that crazy Bu Cai En?"  

    "It's true! I saw the skeleton carry two rubbish bags. Anyway, I feel pity for that Bu Cai En. He was already very terrible and now he was made crazy by Li Sha. Recently, he is also being beaten by Ba Ke."

    "You must have not been sleeping properly. Bu Cai En is an errand boy. Furthermore, he was sold here as a slave. You are too kind. It is already fortunate for him to be alive. Why should you pity him?"

    The two students had already walked further away and Han Shuo could not hear anything else. Soon, Jie Ke had also arrived and he started cleaning the statues. After cleaning for a while, Jie Ke stared at Han Shuo  and said" Bu Cai En, you have gotten meatier lately. Furthermore, didn't you get beaten by Ba Ke? I saw you yesterday. Wasn't your face all blue-black? Why is your face normal now?"    

    "Ba Ke now has a very empty look in his eyes, how could he have a lot of strength? Continuing on like this, I reckon he wouldn't be able to beat me soon." As he said this, Han Shuo's stomach grumbled. He continued on to say to Jie Ke" My appetite these days is quite big. Let me eat some of the food you are hiding."

    "Ah. How did you know that I hid some bread on me?" 

    "All the errand boys know that you have the habit of hiding food on you. Only you think that it is still a secret. Anyway, just hand me some food. I'll pay you back next time!" 

    Listening to what Han Shuo said, Jie Ke reluctantly took out a bread. Looking at the piece of bread, Jie Ke tore off a piece of the bread and handed it to Han Shuo.   

    As Han Shuo stopped working and started secretly munching on the bread, Jie Ke suddenly exclaimed" Ah! Ba Ke is coming now! And also Li Sha!"

    Ba Ke was holding two delicate white boxes, talking to Li Sha with a flattering smile on his face" Li Sha, this is something that my family specially sent me. This is very delicious. You have definitely not eaten breakfast, why don't you eat this?" 

    Yesterday when Ba Ke had beaten up Han Shuo, he had accidentally been hit by Han Shuo. His face was slightly swollen and he had a small bruise. When he smiled while talking, his bruise hurt slightly. His face twitched, making him look very ugly.   

    "Hah. I'm not hungry. Give me less things. I hate your type of people the most, saying nice things in front of me but saying bad things behind my back!"

    Li Sha ignored Ba Ke, continuing to walk. When she reached where Han Shuo and Jie Ke, she looked at Han Shuo coldly, saying" Bu Cai En, you just wait. After this one month when Soul Grieve has worn off, I'll be looking for you to practise things on you!"  

    Listening to Li Sha, Han Shuo then remembered. Starting from that morning, when he had acquired energy force, Soul Grieve hadn't activated once. Han Shuo guessed that when he had acquired energy force, he had managed to dispel Soul Grieve. Otherwise, it would have activated at least once.

    When Li Sha prepared to move, Ba Ke stared at Han Shuo, puzzled, as he said' How can this be? I remember beating you yesterday until you were blue-black. How could all those bruises have disappeared already?"

    Han Shuo stared at Ba Ke, seemingly silly, saying" Haha. I'm very healthy!"

    Li Sha who was preparing to leave, heard what Han Shuo said and involuntarily giggled softly, looking very adorable. This idiot Bu Cai En. After he went mad, he said some very funny things! Unlike previously when he said nothing. Thinking of this, Li Sha walked off unhurriedly.

    Jie Ke knew that Bu Cai En wasn't stupid and he realised that he was purposely making fun of Ba Ke. He tried to withhold his laughter, but failed and couldn't help chuckling. When Jie Ke realised that he was making matters worse, it was already too late.

    Ba Ke was furious, thinking that his measly bruise still hadn't healed but Bu Cai En's more serious bruise had actually already healed fully. When Li Sha had giggled, Ba Ke didn't dare to do anything. But when Jie Ke had started laughing, he snapped, yelling furiously as he charged towards them" You little errand boy also dare to laugh at me?! I'll beat you to death!" 

    When Jie Ke saw Ba Ke charging towards him, he stood there pitifully, waiting for the beating to start, not daring to run. At this moment, Han Shuo grabbed his head, yelling" So painful!". He stood in front of Jie Ke. Ba Ke, once seeing that in front of him was now Bu Cai En, raised his hand and punched him.

    "Thud" Han Shuo had been hit but compared to yesterday, he felt as if it was lighter. He stood there, not even swaying.

    But Han Shuo still acted as if it was painful. He pretended to go crazy, using his two hands to randomly hit in front of him. Ba Ke had been hit three times, his left eye already black. Ba Ke yelled" You lowly person! You actually dare to hit me?! If I don't use Mo Gong and kill you today, I'll have lost face!" 

    "Ba Ke. You are bullying Bu Cai En again. Class has already started. Get back there now!"

    A delicate voice shouted out from far away. A tall, long light purple hair beautiful lady walked towards them.

    She looked around 25 years old. She had a straight nose, oval face and rosy lips. She had tanned skin and was wearing trimmed Mo Gong robes.

    She was holding a few Mo Gong books in her left hand, her right hand holding an emerald staff, which she used to point at Han Shuo.

    "Ah...teacher Fan Ni. You didn't bring your spectacles again today. The person you are pointing at is Bu Cai En." Li Sha said, helplessly.

    "Spectacles are items that destroys a girl's beauty. I won't bring such a thing everyday!" Fan Ni said smilingly. After which, she finally found Ba Ke, using her staff to make an action as if she was hitting a head and said fiercely" Hurry up and get to class! Otherwise, don't blame me for the consequences!" 

    After she said this to Ba Ke fiercely, she smiled again, and said to Li Sha" Li Sha, you better hurry back to class. A student who is always late isn't very good you know. I still have to prepare for my class this afternoon. I'll go first"

    After she said this, she glared at Ba Ke and continued walking. She shocked everyone... 

    "Ah! Teacher Fan Ni! That isn't the way to the staff block, you are walking the wrong way! You better wear your spectacles."

    Li Sha exclaimed. As she was about to leave, she suddenly thought of something and stopped in front of Ba Ke, coldly looking at him, saying" Useless fellow! Can't even beat an errand boy!" After this, she looked at Han Shuo and chased after teacher Fan Ni.

    Ba Ke furiously pointed at Han Shuo and Jie Ke, saying" The two of you just wait. I'll come get revenge soon enough!" After which, he rushed off towards the teaching block. The threat by teacher Fan Ni had obviously had some effect.

    Han Shuo narrowed his eyes as he looked at teacher Fan Ni's retreating back, not even putting Ba Ke's threat to heart. When she could no longer be seen, Han Shuo thought to himself" No wonder Bu Cai En secretly likes her. Who knew that our tastes weren't that different."

    "Bu Cai En, don't look anymore. I know that you have liked teacher Fan Ni for a very long time now. She also stops students from bullying you. But you are just an errand boy and she is a very high ranked teacher here. Do you know how strong and powerful she is? Although she is short-sighted, a lot of students also secretly like her. Stop dreaming."

    Jie Ke reminded Han Shuo, shaking his heads in front of him.

    I'm already hooked! I can't wake up already!" Han Shuo said. Suddenly, he impulsively added" Sooner or later, I'm going to get her!"


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