[Creation of Martial Soul] WIP


Optimal Standard for Spirit Ring

Spirit Classification (Tool, Beast, Body)

Spirit System (Assault, Defense, Agility, Control, Auxiliary)

Up to TWO Spirit Bones

As many original ideas as possible

Go ahead with making Twin Martial Souls

If many people support your idea, and you think it is perfected,

[Creation of Martial Soul] Completed!

Follow the Tenth Pledge & Have Fun


  • Winterspan Phoenix

    Winterspan Phoenix from birth is only a Pseudo Divine Beast.
    It still stands at the apex of mortal beasts with Absolute Ice.
    It reigns in the Northern Desolate, on par with the Snow Empress.
    The Winterspan Phoenix similar to normal phoenix goes
    through the Nine Rebirths.
    However, when it succeeds in it's Seventh Rebirth, it ascends
    into a Divine Beasts as the Rebirth Tribulation refines its
    bloodline, as well as its Absolute Ice into Absolute Time.

    Beast Soul Classification, Control Class SSS
    First Spirit Ring: Frozen Field
    Field of Icy Roses appear within an area,
    anyone within such area will be slowed tremendously.
    (Area Size dependent on Rank)
    Origin: Snow Heaven Vine 432 Years [Yellow]
    Second Spirit Ring: Ice Implosion
    Ice Spears sprouts out within the grounds
    Of Frozen Field with the ability to explode.
    (Explosion Strength depends on Rank)
    Origin: Icehorn Pegasus 762 Years [Yellow]

    Third Spirit Ring: Snow Aegis
    As long as ally is within the range of Frozen Field,
    they can be granted a Snow Barrier, weightless and
    wouldn’t affect their agility in movement.
    Origin: Ice Devil Titan 1789 Years [Purple]

    Fourth Spirit Ring: Icewind Accel
    Provides Instant-Movement
    Origin: Icewind White-Roc 4999 Years [Purple]

    Fifth Spirit Ring: Black Snow Death
    Able to add four varying types of poison to your Ice.
    Origin: Red Eyed Ice Toad 10 988 Years [Black]

    Sixth Spirit Ring: Icesteel Prison
    Tough steel-like Ice formed Prison from within
    the Frozen Field emerges to trap anyone within its range.
    Origin: Armoured Glacial Dragon 19 623 Years [Black]

    Seventh Spirit Ring: Winterspan Phoenix Avatar
    Boosts all Ice Related Abilities. Increases all Built by 100%
    Evolves the Frozen Field to Winterfrost Domain
    Origin: Heavenfrost Phoenix 48 888 Years [Black]

    Eighth Spirit Ring: Nine Seasons of Winter
    Merge the Nine Season Power into Winterfrost Domain,
    able to freeze or slow time to a certain extent depending
    on the level of the enemy in terms of Rank.
    Origin: Frost Jade Emperor Scorpion 99 999 Years [Black]

    Ninth Spirit Ring: Phoenix Ancient Ignition
    Rebirth of the Phoenix, Recovers from
    all injuries, stamina and energy source.
    Takes 81 Days to recharge after every use,
    possible use of eight more times consecutively,
    however, every extra usage reduce One Spirit Rank.
    Consecutive Ignition will provide user with the strength
    of the starting maximum.*TBE
    Origin: Divinefrost Phoenix 125 769 Years [Red]

    Heavenfrost Phoenix Torso Bone
    1) Extra Skill: Frozen Astral Shower
    Frozen Asteroids fall from the sky.
    Boosts all Ice abilities 100%
    2) Extra Skill: Frost Guard (Passive)
    Ice shield that protects the user always.
    Origin: Heavenfrost Phoenix 48 888 Years

    Divinefrost External Bone (Wings)
    Extra Skill: Provides Flight
    Origin: Divinefrost Phoenix 125 769 Years

    *First Ignition at Titled Douluo Rank 94, when used the second time,
    Rank drops to 93, but that ignition will provide power of 94, even if ignited
    7 more times, but it will only last for 9 hours maxed counting from second Ignition.
    After the 9 hours is over, rank will drop to whatever rank it burned up of.
    If ignited 9 times (the limit), then User will be Douluo Rank 86.
    He will lose his spirit ring, but his Abilities will not be the same as
    long as he gets a Red Spirit Ring.

    As this was meant as a manifestation of a Time Spirit,
    I will be trying to perfect my Void Spirit to roughly the same
    standard of this spirit, before perfecting them both together,
    as well as making a Spirit Fusion of them.
    (Wu Siduo)

    Yours Lovingly,

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