When does BXC grow up a bit?

I'm currently 350 chapters in and well BXC is still very childish like a lot. compared to ISSTH where at this point in the book meng hao was much more mature and understanding taking things a lot more serious sure he had his occasional behavior like when he was back in reliance sect but it was much more rare.. wheres as right now BXC is still ooh gotta show off gotta be cool etc,etc. When will he get to that point where this doesn't happen every 10 chapters it was funny and enjoyable at first but at this point its kinda annoying and when it starts it just makes me not look forward to reading the rest of the chapter.


  • I have bad news for you. He doesn't really grow up that much (well not at least until the very end). However the antics is spaced out more towards the later part of the novel because the plot is moving forward but if the antics will never really be over.
  • sorry but I disagree with your opinion, I feel he's a lot more mature than meng hao ever was and will be. He cares about the safety of his lives and his companion's lives more than anything, he understands the consequences of taking reckless actions more than anyone too. Just because meng hao was an alpha and didn't give a shit and did whatever he wanted to, doesn't make him mature, it makes him far more childish. While meng hao just stole from people, he would blatantly just make them owe money, xiaochun actually uses his "showing off" (aka talent) as a way to strike deals with higher powers to get the resources he needs in return for his miracles. 
  • I've also read upto 320 chapters, Not growing up is fine, but does he even suffer any major setbacks or is his whole journey smooth sailing..and by major setback I don't mean like in the luochen mountains, that was a tribulation, by setback I mean that he loses something or someone important or a major hurdle during his cultivation, because up to this point his whole process has been really easy, everything he needs just comes up to him one way or another
  • pretty smooth sailing in the current chapters, though I heard it does get pretty dark later on
  • Man, it would be fun if it got a little dark, it feels like fun n games now
  • I'm at 720. In my opinion, BXC matures quite noticeably. Yes, he still shows off and adores the attention, but I look at this as more of a quirk he exhibits when times are peaceful. On the other hand, when times are chaotic and/or his friends lives are at stake, his aforementioned obnoxious behavior is nowhere to be seen. Actually, as far as I remember, he's also like this in the earlier chapters. 
  • His quirk is what makes him enjoyable lol
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