Nie Li rushed to the place notified to him. His mind recalls the memory when he saw Gu Bei in front of him covered with bloods.

Gu Bei has been defeated by a mysterious expert who somehow excel at supreme sword intent just like Gu Bei. But obviously this mysterious expert is far more powerful than Gu Bei in sword intent.

When Nie Li arrive at the place, he see a man already waiting. Surprisingly, this man is so young and probably at the same age as Nie Li.

Nie Li feel shock with the pressure he feels from the mysterious man. It’s like he was surrounded by over a thousands blades around him. Nie Li could tell this youth has already comprehend a more profound states of sword intent better than Gu Bei.

Nie Li cupped both his hands “May I know who is this young expert and what crime did my friend has done to you?”

“You must be Divine Feathers Sect Master, Nie Li” the mysterious youth also cupped his hands.

“I must apologize for hurting your friend too much. I sense his cultivation in profound sword intent and couldn’t help myself to test his skill. Not in my thought that his understanding in Dao of Swords inferior than mine, otherwise I could have not attack him with my powerful sword skill”

What Nie Li heard from that man’s mouth is nothing more than an insult to Gu Bei.

“I could tell you have so many question and I will tell you but I hope Sect Master will not interrupt everything I’m going to say first”

Nie Li nods his head as sign that he agree.

The mysterious man continue to talk.

“There no need for me to tell you my name but I come from a higher realm than this Draconic Ruins Realm”

Nie Li feel shock hearing from that youth. A realm higher than Draconic Ruins Realm. Is it possible the same realm which the Supreme Expert come from and bring along Temporal Demon Spirit Book with him?

The mysterious youth smile when seeing Nie Li’s face. “Seeing your reaction is enough for me to deduce that you already heard about it. And I also believe you already know about him and that book”.

Nie Li feel his heart beating so fast as everything that young man said is absolutely true.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m not here to snatch Temporal Demon Spirit Book from you”

“Let me tell a bit about myself. My cultivation in Dao of Swords start when I was still a young kid. My soul realm didn’t have any attribute but it take a form as a sword. After I learn about my unique soul realm, I began cultivating “Heavenly Sword Technique” which allow me to bond with seven different type of soul weapon swords. Each of my soul weapon swords have it own attribute such as Gold, Ice, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Holy and Chaos. I also cultivate in Law of Sword and from there I could comprehend a profound sword intent”

Nie Li feel confuse hearing the existence of Law of Sword. Not to mention that the young man in front of him could bond with multiple soul weapons. What he knows is you could only bond with one soul weapon in your lifetime. But then he realize, his soul realm could hold seven different demon spirits, each with a different attribute because of his Heavenly God Technique while other demon spiritualist could only hold one.

“Not only I could hold different type of soul weapon swords in my soul realm, I could also combine these attribute to give me advantage in battle. If I want my to give more impact in my attack power, I will use Lightning Fire Sword attack. My Lightning Wind Sword attack give me more speed and my opponent will have not much time to counter it.”

That man continue talking as if he want to reveal all his secret technique to Nie Li.

“If Sect Master thinks that my soul weapon swords is as easy as ordinary soul weapon, then you are wrong. With my Heavenly Sword Technique, Law of Sword and also my Primordial Sword Intent that I achieve, my soul weapon swords is more powerful than any Dragon Bloodline Demon Spirit even at god level”

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