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I'm still on chapter 318 but reading through the wiki I came to know that the Wang patriarch in going to steal Meng Hao's cultivation base then Wang tengfei is going to consume his elder and gain the mc's powers. Does that mean that Meng is also going to lose his demonic core along with his never ending flame bestowed to him by his master? and if yes does he get it back?


  • No.

    Well more like its not really clear.

    When Meng Hao recovered he was just back to normal but it had nothing to do with stealing his cultivation back. He used a second severing to sever his perfect cultivation (which was easier since it was stolen)

    I think what was stolen was just his perfect foundation
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  • At foundation estabilishment level, meng hao had a perfect foundation, that's what the wang patriarch stole from him, but meng hao get something better after he 'sever perfection' at spirit severing level.
  • So basically it went like this

    Meng hao first reached, 13 qi condensation levels, which was the first step to gaining perfection, then he reached perfect foundation establishment with 10 dao pillars instead of 9, he could only get 10 with the 13 levels of qi condensation, and none of them had any cracks in them. Then he reached perfect core formation with a gold core, to do this he upgraded the normal violet core (Which is he got first and is normally the best one you can get). Then he reached the perfect nascent soul stage. Thats basically when he created 9 nascent souls for himself. 9 is the peak number so that makes a perfect nascent soul stage. Each added nascent soul is an added anima, its like having 9 taps that you can turn on and off with the first tap staying open indefinitely, the more taps he opens, the more powerful he is. Later he performs his first severing, there he severs something on the level of a grand dao, (wont go into that cause it is a spoiler you didn't ask for).

    Then the 10th wang clan patriarch goes after him. The wang patriarch wants to reach the immortal stage, and he is just one step away from it and is at the peak of day seeking. He feels that if he gets the perfect foundation, he will become an immortal. After the first severing, the wang patriarch kills Meng Hao and takes the foundation. But theres a catch Meng hao is not actually dead and hangs by a thread, but he has completely lost his cultivation. Then he falls onto a boat in the milky way sea, this boat has old man extermination on it. (He is an above ancestor realm character, you dont have to worry about him at all, but he DOES appear in both beeseech the devil and Renegade Immortal.) Then Old man extermination takes him on a trip in his boat and shows meng hao the lives of other transcendors (again, dont worry about that untill much, much later). He drops Meng hao off at the southern domain, near where the state of zhao is. There Meng hao meets xu qing and they end up going to the resurrection cave. (which is one of the 3 danger zones of the southern domain). There he reaches the cave and almost dies, but xu qing gives him her life force. then as meng hao is close to death, an immortal comes and tells her to get a medicine, Xu qing gets it and saves Haowies life. The immortal is actually the Roc that swept Meng hao and chu yuyan into the crevice. She is also half of the mother of the resurrection lily inside of Meng hao. The Lily helps Meng hao, not for him, but because she saw Xu qing giving her life force to meng hao. this keeps meng hao alive, then Shui dongliu (the painter dude) Drops by and guides Meng hao. He tells him to sever away perfection, becuase he qualifies for something beyond perfection, and that it is very easy to get for him. The next level for Meng hao is the supreme stratum, or the dao fruit. But after Meng hao perform the second severing, Shui dongliu tells him that he qualifies for somethin even better than the supreme stratum, he qualifies for the eternal stratum. Which is the best base you can get. To do that he has to comrehend what the word eternal truly means. He does (hes the MC of course he does) and gains the eternal stratum. 

    He does see the wang clan patriarch again though

    Later, after Meng hao reaches Dao seeking, he found wang tengfei almost being killed by his foes, in his madness, the wang patriarch killed all of the wang family on planet south heaven, wang tengfei is the only survivor. Wang tengfei and Haowie run into the patriarch, Haowie attempts to kill him, but Tengfei stops him and tells him that it was his fight. And the patriarch absorbs wang tengfei (obviously because the difference in power is huge) then he runs off. Later it is revealed that Tengfei beat the absorbtion somehow (its not mentioned how), and he took over the patriarchs body and cultivation. He becomes more powerful later. (I wont elaborate). 
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