Novels different from the usual.

Hi there I was wondering if, anyone knows a novel that does not follow the usual trend. Basically most novels always are dealing with fire, swords, always following the righteous path of cultivation. And most of the time always in one way or another the the author finds or forces a way to bring a girl inside novel to be related to the MC(there are two or three novels so far I found that, the setting was in way that the MC don’t need to have a relation with a girl but as the story progressed. The author still manages to find a way to bring the girls in and ruins the whole novel and I just stop reading). Or basically a novels that have no romance to do with the MC. 
So my question is, does anyone know of novels that the MC just focus on cultivation that has nothing to do girls always bothering him and stuff. Or a novel that the MC cultivates the dark path. Cause am pretty tired of reading these novels where always the MC is always cultivating the sword or fire or thunder. I just want to read something different. 
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