Immortal Shadow, a 2D Xianxia game created by myself.

Hello, first of all, sorry for my poor english.

About the game:
The game is created by myself with the Unreal Engine 4 (I know that some gamers will think that any game that uses UE4 will has a realistic graphics, but wrong, mine is not that good). And as the title says, it's based on the culture of Xianxia novels (Actually, most of the Chinese culture.), but in Immortal Shadow it's little different from most Xianxia novels because it has a light climate instead of the overpowered Main Character, i mean, it doesn't has any ten thousands of kilometers cultivator body (Sorry if i wrote it wrong, i'm bad at math compared to IET.) I know that for some people it's not considered as Xianxia if it doesn't have those big things, but wrong, if we use the standard of some Xianxia TV series, then it's not that big like the novels one.

Why i'm saying this? But first let me say that in Immortal Shadow doesn't has a story WRITTEN CURRENTLY (Sorry if it sounded rude), MAYBE in near future i will put one that i already have imagined and still need more information about Chinese Mythology and don't know how to write it with short words for the game. (I hope, i can finish the story)
So, why i'm saying this? Because in Immortal Shadow, it's set on a Chinese mythology dynasty called Xia 夏(Actually before the founding of the Xia Dynasty) so this means that the objects or living being can't be too big like most Xianxia novels because, well, you know, it's in the Earth (The only exception that i found is the Journey to the West, it's quite like the actual Xianxia novels). But in my story the only exception will be the place where the Gods lives, it has too be big...
NOTE: When i refer with being too big, it's not because that an object has a stature of a mountain, but a stature like a planet.

The game is very casual, it's like some old mmorpg, kill and level up, kill and level up and PK. (In this case, my game doesn't have levels and not PK).

The Game is Available in for free:
*Amazon Appstore.
*Aptoide (Currently, it's not available here, i will update the post when it's available).
*SlideME (Currently, it's not available here, i will update the post when it's available).

The game isn't available in Google Playstore, and i think, it won't be there in the near future. So it's only in Amazon Appstore, Aptoide and SlideME.

What the game has: Ok this one I copy and paste what I wrote in my game description. So it would sound like some advertisement from TV.
*High Quality Graphics 2D.
*High Quality Sound Effects.
*10 Stages to play (And more in the future!).
*Difficulty: Easy (1-3), Normal (4-6), Hard (7-10).
*Upgrade the power of Solitary Sword.
*Shop to buy equipment, Spirit Helper and Flying Sword.

Some In-Games Images:

This is my first time developing a game, so the game won't be that cool.

So, thanks for reading the post. My game countains ads, but actually i don't know if it's working because i can't see ads but it says i'm receiving ads... Maybe because i'm living in a third world country. So when you play the game, can you tell me if the game is showing ads? Thank you and remember to leave a review, not here, but in Amazon appstore, aptoide or SlideME.

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