Finished reading... Whats next?

I need to say this is the best novel out there. Its incredible, there are no voices of stupid crowd telling how mc is that or this, there are very little fillers in the story (yet they exist, doron e.t.c I have skipped) Leylin is one of those MC's where you do not even know what he is going to do, but everything he does is well though through, calculative. The previous one I read was Peerless God, and now comparing these two, its not even like heaven and earth difference. Peerless God is full of crap and repetition, Lin Feng suffering because people do not respect him, there is atleast 40-50% content that is filler, or copy paste of same things. Lin Feng was saved like 99 times from death by some Divine Intervention or help of a Great God because you have "nice eyes".

Warlock of the magus world is top novel for sure. I am not even certain there is anything on the same level out there, but I hope to find something readable.

I am looking for some new novels to read. Where MC is not stupid, childish, arrogant and annoying. Where it is not about provocation between different egos, and some divine luck (Goddess of plot armor) helping mc out every single arc.

I have already tried Azure Martial Bla Bla with Chu Feng, and it is just so bad.. The MC is arrogant, stupid, unlogical, and just lame. All his "powers" come from some diving lighting from heaven. It is a type of mc, I would kill myself first, if we were living in same world. Such fairytale stories are for children.

So, I want to ask those people who finished warlock of magus world, what did you find that compares to it. I will post later in this thread if I come across something good.


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    I agree with you 100%. Apart from WMW I have also finished coiling dragon and ISSTH, and though they have their own charm there are too many repetitive parts, some wich I skipped (though I am a slow reader and for me to finish them proves that they are interesting and good enough).

    After I finished reading WMW I have been searching for other similar main characters, but it seems the cruel, calculative and manipulative MC isn't a widely spread archetype.

    I have started reading recently Chaotic Sword God (on gravitytales), but once again the common problem of all this genre comes up, power up      --> powerfull enemy shows up --> conflict --> more power up.

    If you find any novel similar to WMW please let me know.

    As an aside and going for other genres, for me who loves being with the "bad guys", I have also read Overlord wich I enjoy and is fairly popular, and I can suggest the saga "The demons of Astlan" its yet unfinished, and though they are not really "bad" they're simply misunderstood it's quite funny and enjoyable (I only found the first book for free the others are cheap in amazon). "The Dark Lord's Handbook" is another novel for a cold, calculative MC seen with some humour, I don't think it's as good as the previous ones but its readable.

    Edit: After seeing your ID, I guess suggesting Overlord was unnecessary? xD
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    I found a very good evil novel, which is fresh and ongoing
  • If I had to rate novels, I can think of a few I preferred over WMW.

    The first one I highly recommend is ISSTH. I would say Meng Hao is a significantly more fleshed out than Leylin. In fact, many side characters in ISSTH make Leylin feel rather shallow in comparison.
    While it might not be to your taste, ATG does have a rather deep character. Unlike the deep brilliance of WMW, ATG has very many emotional highs that other stories can compete with.
    If you enjoy your comedy, definitely check out AWE. The MC is a profoundly shallow accident prone genius.
  • I highly suggest History's Strongest Senior Brother. Rather than being a completely original novel, it confronts the cliches in the genre of pretty much all the Xianxia/Xuanhuan novels where you have cultivators, sacred treasures and techniques, sects, MCs with plot armor as thick as the Great Wall of China is long, and overwhelmingly stupid bullies who are favored sons that pick on them for no reason just to be trampled on by the MC.

    It turns it all on its head when the MC named Yan Zhaoge is transported from our world (and he has read a lot of web novels, LOL) into the body of a typical favored son senior brother who is almost always the first stepping stone of the MC. 

    It is funny, interesting, and awesome.

    And yes, Overlord is also great :) .
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    If you're still searching for a similar novel, try out Reverend Insanity. You can find it in Qidian.

    The protagonist is similar to Leylin in the way, that they don't have any plot armor, even if there are some, they are minimized to such a level that you would instead appreciate that little plot armor and take a breath of relief. There are no "jade beauty falling in love at first sight", story progresses in the most sensible and logical way. Not to mention, the world is VERY cruel, unlike other novels where the author will mention that the cultivation world is cruel but later send a divine light of protection whenever the MC is in trouble. The protagonist is very well written and very obedient to the set ups the author has set him up to be . As far as I've read, the MC hasn't shown any deed that comes even close to break his "character".
    Last but not least, the antagonists are not random idiots with short tempers, they're very witty and intelligent but unfortunately falls short when compared to MC. 
    Check it out if you're interested 
  • If you're still searching for a similar novel, try out Reverend Insanity.
    Thanks! Based on the first 9 or so chapters I'm pretty impressed. This could be good. What is most important, the main character is a calculating, impassive lone wolf who doesn't give a damn if others think little of him.
  • thanks i found nice novel companions  B)
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  • The best light novel I’ve read is
    1. Reverend insanity-fang yuan
    2.WMW-leylin farlier 

    1. Fang yuan has a cold nature and doesn’t care for anything except reaching immortality goes vary far with cold acts and is well thought out in the timeline with how calculative he is and trust me there are some messed up things he does like around Ch.300 something. If u like WMW go read reverend insanity they even made a manhua currently like 100 ch./ compared to the book it’s like ch.110 out of 2000+ch
  • I personally think that Lord of the Mysteries is an amazing novel on par with this one.
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