Redemption and Catharsis

Redemption and Catharsis


What would happen if you found out that your reality is nothing but a simulation?
Your universe and all the others like it are nought but a miniature breeding ground?
Your entire existence is just to act as mere sacrificial pawns in the battle to dominate the realms?
Your religions are just seedlings of the massive factions that play god in the worlds above?
A scientist and a cultivator, this is a story of two diametrically opposed teenagers battling against fate. Watch as they mature into men while contemplating the profundities of life.

Book 1: Beyond Good and Evil.

What is morality? What are virtues? What is “real”?

Authors Note:

First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my work! This is my first attempt at writing anything like this, I’ve never once written a book or a thoroughly thought out plot. The closest I ever got to writing was in writing assignments for school a couple of years back. So, I hope you don’t expect too much from me, but I’ll try my best, regardless. This is my attempt at trying to create a story with multiple different topics such as philosophy and science while still being an enjoyable martial arts novel at heart. Fingers crossed, I hope it doesn’t end up ambitious but rubbish. (Shout out to all my Top Gear lovers.)
Another thing, you might have noticed from Book 1’s title, I’ve been inspired quite a bit by Nietzsche’s philosophy. Due to this, I decided I might as well honour him in one of the titles. If you’re wondering about release schedule then I can only reply with: I don’t know! This is my first time writing, I’ll try to release weekly, or bimonthly up until July. The reason why it’s so slow is not only because I can’t estimate how long it’ll take but also due to the fact I have major exams until then. Sorry, if this inconveniences you but I’ll try to release as frequently as possible.
Final thing (Sorry for waffling!) Please, please, please leave behind some constructive criticism; being a new author is hard work, and without seeing any comments to motivate and drive me, I don’t know how long I can keep going. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my work!


  • Redemption and Catharsis

    Book 1: Beyond Good and Evil

    Chapter 1 – A second chance, perhaps?


    10:37 AM 19/06/2018

    Beep Beep Beep -

    “WAKE UP RAHU, I SWEAR TO GOD THIS IS THE FINAL TIME!” the sound of my nagging mother is usually the first thing I hear in the morning, every morning.


    “DON’T YOU EVEN THINK OF SNOOZING AGAIN!” Another yell comes storming into my room.

    “For **** sake” I mumble under my breath as I struggle to turn my phone's alarm off. Rays of sunlight flit around my room, I squint; fighting the urge to close my eyelids and fall right back asleep but, I succeed eventually.

    I wish I didn’t.

    In my dreams, I’m where I should be. Not in this dingy little house, in the most deprived district of my city. From lavish mansions to borderline homeless; what a fall from grace, eh?

    I drag myself out of my bed with the sound of low thuds and creaking floors breaking the brief, blissful periods of silence.

    Sometimes I wonder, What’s the point? Seriously. What is the point of living? To reproduce and pass on my genes? For the sake of filial piety? Because it’s a “gift from God”? Because our life isn’t just our own, but it belongs to everyone around us?

    I open the tap in the bathroom sink; waiting for it to fill to the brim before slamming my face into it.

    Yeah, right.

    These stupid excuses can only placate the susceptible masses, after all, without a reason to live most people will be utterly useless to society. It’s a shame that this spell can never be broken, the invisible top dogs running the world wouldn’t let that slide; after all, who’d want to give up mindless drones that exist to give them an endless profit? I loathe those cretins; the hidden monarchs, the ones closest to a god among us mere mortals, the bastards who took everything away from my mother and me. If I got my hands on one of those ****ers I’d ki-.


    Whatever, sooner or later I’ll work my way up to the top and ruin every single one of them; torturing them at every opportune moment. I swear to ****ing god I’ll make them regret their actions for every second of their lives.

  • Ah.

    I’m getting angry again.                                                                           

    A sigh slips out from my mouth as I begin to count to 10; another useless ritual taught to me by a bunch of morons in school. After a couple of incidents, they kindly ‘advised’ me to take anger management classes. Talk about an overreaction, all I did was kill a couple of injured birds on the school field. They were going to die sooner or later, if anything, I did them a favour by ending their miserable existences.

    After a period of time, I open my eyes; staring into a dirty mirror. Years of wear and tear had left everything in tatters, but despite this, the same old acne scarred, unkempt face is standing there. Staring with those lifeless black eyes that haven’t changed since the day I turned nine; the day they killed dad and took away everything I had. I slowly look back down and let the water drain into the sink. Dazedly, I brush my teeth and make my way downstairs.

    “Hey sweetie, your breakfasts ready on the table.” I hear as I walk through a dilapidated archway into my tiny kitchen. “Thanks, mum,” I grunt back while groggily pulling out my chair.

    My mum’s probably one of the few people left that I care about. Living in this crappy world, you quickly come to the realisation that before kin, kith is worthless. The love between family is the only unconditional one there is. Acquaintances should be nothing more than that; else you’ll experience nothing but betrayal. I’ve had my fair share of that. I sigh and look down the unpalatable food, but I make quick work of my porridge, trying hard to ignore the expired milk’s slightly sour taste. She’s been trying hard for the both of us for a long time, I won’t make her life any harder than it has to be.

    “Didn’t you tell me that science thing is happening today in a couple of minutes?” I hear as she walks up beside me, “Oh yeah?” I reply while pulling up the live stream of it on my phone. The sound of a raspy old presenter crackles through my speakers as my mum leans on my shoulder.

    “Lauren since you’re an official representative, could you explain to the audience what on earth is the Plurality Project?”

  • “Of course, I will Steve, in fact, the council has given me explicit instructions to inform everyone on what’s going to happen today.”, Replied a beautiful guest, “To first understand plurality, we must first talk about a singularity. In physics, a gravitational singularity is a point in spacetime where the gravitational field of a celestial body is concentrated completely in a single point making it infinitely dense. This is the “hole” part of a black hole, and due to gravity tending to infinity at the centre, the attractive force is so immense that nothing can escape it. Whatever goes into a black hole can never leave; well, you can’t unless you are willing to never return back to our universe.” She takes a pause before continuing, “So, what do you think is happening to all of the matter that’s entering a black hole?”

    I already know the answer, so I turn my head to the side and attentively watch the live broadcast of the scientists preparing the countdown.

    “Perhaps, it's being stored away?” he questions weakly.

    I nod with affirmation, if you researched a bit you’d know that the International Council for Science released some bits of information regarding plurality.

    She smiles and nods, “Not bad, we have a couple of ideas based on the fact the black holes do actually increase in size if it absorbs more matter. The theory we’re testing right now related this very principle. It suggests that a part the black hole splits off and forms a sort of mini universe with all the particles inside being kept away. To put it in layman terms; imagine a safe with all your family photos, but you forgot the pin and thus can’t get access the inside of it.”

    Steve sits there in contemplation before he smiles “I see!” He ponders for a brief moment before asking “So are all the contents quite secure inside the safe-like black hole?”

  • Lauren states matter-of-factly, “No.” then proceeds to take a sip of her drink before replying “We know that some of the mass is radiated away via Hawking radiation, but the vast majority is retained inside. For the entire mass of a large black hole to be radiated away, the last star in the universe would’ve been long dead. Another important facet of the theory is to understand how our universe will die. We believe that it will likely end in heat death through a similar process to how black holes die; they both reduce energy to the lowest possible entropy. Eventually, every single atom will be identical to another, which is just like how black holes process information and destroy it to just pure gamma radiation. Now compare the two, there’s not much of difference, right? Do you understand what I’m hinting at?”

    My mouth springs open, I realise where this is going.

    His mouth gapes, “A-a-re really you suggesting that...?”

    She smiles charmingly, “Our universe just might be a mini-verse inside of a black hole, and today we’re going to try and break out”.

    Utter silence.

  • Adonai

     “Wake the **** up kid.”


    “Ahhhhh” I scream from the sudden coldness spreading across my face.

    My eyelids shoot open, and I look around with icy water dripping down my face. What the hell? What happened? This isn’t my room…

    A cold, mocking voice sounds from behind me, “Rise and shine princess, you’ve got some work to do.”

    I try to turn around to face my captor, but I’m firmly tied up by some rope; I wiggle around hoping to free myself, but it only results in me burning the skin of my arms. I muster some courage before yelling, “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Do you know who the hell I am? I am the son of the greatest busine- “


    A resounding slap reverberates around the room, my brain feels like it’s going splatter from the force of it smashing against my skull.

    I yell out loud uncontrollably, wincing from the pain. After a while, the pain begins to subside, and I lift my head up to see an old man standing in front. His tall, and muscular stature threatens to devour me whole. After waking from shock, I realise that he’s armed to the teeth.  A member of a militant group, perhaps?

    Only one way to deal with these kinds of people.


    “How much to buy my freedom? If you’ve kidnapped me, you should know who I am, so how much?” I state after coming to a rational conclusion. I look at his uniform and my surroundings, praying to find some clues I can read off but, as expected, my prayers go unanswered.

  • He grins slightly as if completely expecting such a response from me, I tremble after realising the consequences of this discovery; to find this kind of professionalism in militant groups is virtually impossible, it would only make sense if he’s a member of a private mercenary organisation. Following that train of thought, I realise my chances of successfully bribing him are close to nil.

    Before I get a chance to say anything else he pulls up a picture of my little sister, Bella, tied up on the floor with bruises all over her face and body. It’s clear she’s been tortured and abused; god knows what else these people have done to her.

    My heart tightens as tears begin to roll down, clouding my vision.

    “Kid, just do as I say. If you don’t want her dead, then all you have to do is follow my instructions.”

    I say nothing and give him a lifeless look, he grins again.

    I finally get it now, it’s all been planned out. It isn’t that I was smart by figuring out his mercenary origins, I merely found out because he wanted me to know. He fed me the clues, and I followed his plans just like a donkey being lead along with a carrot on a stick. My final defences crumble as I reply, “Just don’t hurt her.” Another grin, however, this time I sense that it’s laced with pity.

    He goes behind me and cuts open my ropes allowing me to regain control of my hands again. His cold voice sounds back, “You don’t need to do much, just grab these clothes and this briefcase.” He points to the door as a masked man walks inside with a military uniform, and nestled underneath is a black briefcase.

  • “Inside the briefcase, there’s a pill and a mobile phone. All you need to do is wear the clothes, and infiltrate into a building.” I look at him oddly ready to voice my complaints, but he beats me to it, “Relax, it’s not going to be just you, just follow the man you’re assigned to and once you reach the right location wait there. After a period of time, the phone will ring inside the briefcase. Open it up and ingest the pill. Don’t ask what the pill is, you don’t have a right to know.”

    He turns to leave the room and right as he’s about to shut the door, he halts and laughs, “Oh yeah, remember when you’re there don’t be scared if you hear a little something out of the ‘ordinary’.” I look at him questioningly, but all I get in response is a slammed door.


    She carries on, “Are you aware of the existence of dark energy?”.

    No reply.

    The previous statement managed to stun the entire cast, including myself and probably everyone else on the ****ing planet.

    She continues as if anticipating the current response, “The universe is expanding, but the expansion is constantly accelerating. The cause? Dark energy. We have no idea on what it is except that it is stronger than even gravity. We’re going to use dark energy to create the opposite of a black hole, and the product, which is aptly named a white hole, will have a point of plurality at its core.”

    She pauses. 

  • Takes a deep breath and then slowly sips on her glass of water. After placing it back down, she says smilingly.

    “We’re going to attempt to reverse the big bang.”

    I look at Steve and see beads of sweat dripping down his forehead. He speaks while trying to maintain a calm demeanour, “I-i-is that s-safe?”.

    She smiles again, however this time, the charming smile from before turns slightly demonic.  She giggles “We might destroy the universe in the process.”


    Uproar throughout the entire live stream, I look to the chat, and there’s nothing but “what the ****” and comments alike but before she gets to speak the stream switches, to a black screen with a skull.

    The chat goes silent once more.

    The skull flashes on the screen and a morphed voice sounds through my speakers. “Do you really think that your organisation is the only one in humanities entire existence to flourish without a mole? You council members act so high and mighty during conferences, yet you are actually so naïve enough to believe that there are people who won’t stop you?” Crazy laughter plays out for a while eventually coming to a stop. “**** you, assholes.” The stream cuts back to the old live stream of the interviewer and the scientists preparing to countdown but I don’t see happy smiles anymore.

  • Adonai

    I look at the watch which came as part of the uniform.

    6:13 AM

    I let out a soft sigh, there’s nothing I can do. There’s three soldiers beside me and another four in front; eyeing me like birds of prey waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. Whatever, I’ll just wait until the car stops and see what I can do from there. However, as time passes, I realise that the journey in the dark night is a lot more boring than I thought, and despite my best efforts, I fall fast asleep.

    “GET UP”

    I jolt, looking up at the angry soldier waiting for me to get out of the car. I wipe the drool off my face and quickly open the door; taking slow, cautious steps outside. After making my way out, I begin to scout the area, looking for any major landmarks I can use to guess my location but there’s not much else apart from a couple of squadrons that came with us. They all gather together and run over the minor details regarding the operation, but I don’t really understand what they’re talking about. After a while, they split, and I take a look at my watch.

    10:35 AM

    “MOVE.” I hear from behind, “NOW.” I stall for a second, eyeing my surroundings in a bid to find any potential escape routes.

    Big mistake.

    I hear a click, and then the cold muzzle of a pistol is now rested against the nape of my neck, shivers run down my spine. These guys mean business.

    “Don’t make me repeat myself kid.”

    I learn my lesson and start walking.

    After a couple of minutes, I see familiar buildings in front of me, but I’m not entirely sure where I saw them. Regardless, I can’t afford to mess around; these guys will really kill me. A few moments later, “End of the road kid,” I stop, “See that building there?”, A soldier says while pointing north. I nod, “Good, now take the briefcase and walk in there.” He says while throwing the briefcase at me. I do as I was told and start making my way into the building.

    Once inside, I grab a chair and sit in silence, dreading the phone call that was awaiting me. A couple of minutes pass, and I glance at my watch again.

  • 10:43 AM


    I quickly lift my head, hearing a gunshot. Then another, and then another. I stand up, but I quickly realise this must be what he said about me hearing ‘something out of the ordinary’.

    Damn, I’m really in trouble this time.


    “Ahhh”, I jump.


    In a panic, I drop the briefcase onto the floor.


    I quickly pick it up and open it, answering the phone.



     “It’s time kid, take the pill and swallow it.” The same cold voice from before comes out the phone.

    I think for a moment, before looking out of the window.

    “Kid are you there?”

    I don’t answer, there aren’t any soldiers here, and the gunshots are from a distance away; I could make a break for it. I finally build up the nerve and reply, “No.”

  • Silence.

    “Bring ‘her’ out.” I hear him say, and after a few seconds, I realise who ‘her’ is. The sounds of a sobbing girl echo over the phone, “owwww stop it you’re hurting me.” And it’s not just any girl.

    It’s Bella.

    “STOP!” I repeatedly yell, “I’LL DO IT, JUST STOP!” I quickly throw the pill in my mouth, “I DID IT, I SWALLOWED IT JUST DON’T HURT HER!”

    Silence again, followed by “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 – “,

    I yell on the phone “WHY ARE YOU COUNTING DOW- “but before I can even finish my sentence, the world fades to black.

  • Rahu

    On the screen, the previous lab is replaced with a sea of corpses. The agonising cries of mutilated bodies overpowering the distant sounds of gunfire. I look at the once pristine walls, now sprayed with blood and bullet holes. In the blink of an eye, the lives of thousands were reaped. Just like that.

    The sound of my mother’s scream, followed by her wailing wakes me from my stupor. I turn around to comfort her in my arms while sitting there in silence asking myself; what should I be worried about more, the fleeting nature of life or how I have no reaction to the atrocities that just occurred before my very eyes.

    The stream cuts from behind me and I wake from my stupor. I walk out of the room to turn on the T.V. in my living room. With my mum following close by, I quickly switch it to the news channel, and they’re reporting on what just happened. I don’t hear much, only a few phrases. “…the scientists plan had a low chance of success; the stream’s interview was just a grab for attention…. thousands of lives lost in a planned massacre…. militant groups like this can only be funded by massive governments…

    The final phrase jolts me. I clench my fist so tight that my nails cut into the skin of my palm and blood beings to drip onto the floor. It hurts so much, but I don’t care. Why?

    Because it’s those ****ing bastards again.

  • “BREAKING: Police have caught a single suspect relating to the mass murder near the scene of the crime. If anyone can identify this person, please do not hesitate to call the number on the screen now.”

    I raise my head to see a tall male with light blonde hair and a pale, handsome silhouette; an unforgettable memory resurfaces.

    I laugh out loud, after instantly recognising the teenager on the screen, “Ahahahahaha you’ve really ****ing done it now, haven’t you?”

    The sole suspect in the most prominent massacre of recent years, guess who it is?

    My old best friend.

    “Adonai!” I yell.

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    11:31 AM 19/06/18

    “Kid, this is your final chance. What were you doing at the Plurality Project? Who did you come with? What was your intention?” I hear for the hundredth time.

    “Sir, I’ve already told you everything I know. If you want to know anything more I wouldn’t be able to tell you! When my father hears about this, he’ll bring our lawyers down, so please, just put me back into the holding cell. I can’t tell you what I don’t know!” I reply in a hoarse voice.

    The police officer in front looks at me with a grim expression, slowly growing angrier with each passing moment. After what seemed like an eternity, he gets up and turns around, “You rich ****ers really think this is a game?”

    “Sir, I didn’t d-“

    “Shut up.” He interrupts, “You bastards at the top think we’re nothing but ants, don’t you? You live out your lavish lives, prospering from the peasants who toil away beneath you. You really think you’re infallible against us ‘mere men’?” He yells, “Who told you that you could play god without permission?”

    I don’t reply this time, the wrong move now and he might really lose it.

    He turns to the side, and beckons to the female officer “Bring in the interrogation unit.”. She looks shocked and then replies, “But sir, the repercussions from this would be imposs- “. He proceeds to give her a cold stare causing her to quickly shut up and leave.

  • I yell, “SIR! THERE’S NO NEED FOR THI- “but before I can even finish.


    A sound resembling a metal gong pierces directly into my head. I look at the officer, and it seems like he heard it too.

    A strange language descends, utterly unfamiliar. It’s as if the information was directly transmitted into my head, in a robotic voice it says, “Simulaverse-J798021921 of the Marxi-Quen Quadrant has achieved the criterion for usage of undifferentiated fluxion quanta in record time. Preparing to transfer living entities from the celestial body.”

    The voice stops, and I sit there, stunned, in silence. Before I can even react, it continues, “Initiating transfer of consciousness to newly created clones.”


    Authors Note: What are the chances that Professor Steven Hawking would pass away on the very day I’m writing about his discoveries. Rest in peace to one of the greatest scientists of our time. I would like to personally thank his efforts in advancing the human race with his research on black holes and relativity. A truly great man, and a truly significant loss for our species. I’ll end with a quote of his.

    ❝We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special❞ - Interview, Der Spiegel, October 1988

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