Collision of myths

Hello all. I'm new to this whole thing and I'm still working on this story. I posted it in royalroad so if want to read more, please see it there.

Warning This fiction contains:
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Synopsis: You all have probably heard this one. A hero is summoned from another world and is needed to defeat evil. That's all well and good. But this story is not about him. No, this story is about His younger brother who has been reincarnated as one of his descendants. And he's bringing with him all the myths and cultures from the other world with him. His journey will be one crazy turn after another. But it looks like he's just the person to accept the challenge.


P.S. This is my first time writing stuff like this so go easy on me with the comments. I may also need some help with spelling and grammar

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"Alright Felix, just please remember not to go overboard alright. You need to live a little you know."- Female

"Yeah man, we hardly see that much of you anymore. Look, I know it's been hard for you and all but we really miss hanging out with you." - Male

"Alright sure, I'll see you guys tomorrow." - Felix

Felix Drake tried to put up a brave front for his childhood friends, Maya and Mark. He knows they're thinking about what's best for him and he has to respond to those feelings in turn. He hasn't seen his friends since he's been on this little crusade of his, but he was a man on a mission, and like on a battlefield, he'd strive to achieve victory.Though if he was to be honest with himself, He wasn't always like this. 

Felix Drake, came from a long line of warriors, be it Spartans, Romans, Samurai, etc. He was of Japanese/American descent and always had a thing for martial arts. His father had both his older brother and him train every discipline since they threw their first fist. As one can expect, the training was gruesome. Fortunately, both he and his brother Alex, were easily capable of keeping up with the daily exercises. Which was a good thing because their father drilled their studies into them as much as their training. Their father believed that they must incorporate everything they do into their martial arts. So whether it be sports, business, or fun it was added to the training regime.

While Felix didn't hate the training, and was quite adept to it, his heart was never really into it. He liked to do other things, which include playing video games, reading comics, and dating girls. He had quite a way with the ladies. His friends said he could even sway older women if he felt like it. All in all, he was just living on his own whims. While his brother Alex would always put his heart in everything, even trying to keep his younger brother in line. Felix thought he could keep this till life got serious. Unfortunately for him, that would turn out to be sooner than he realized. 

During a Martial Arts tournament, Alex, the 16 year old prodigy, was dominating easily to the finals while his 10 year-old brother cheered him on. When Alex won the championship, Felix ran to congratulate him, only for a magic circle to appear underneath Alex and make him disappear. When the light faded, Felix was by himself and Alex was gone. From that day on, Felix delved into his studies like a man possessed. For the next 12 years he mastered not only his martial arts, but also his science and mythology. through mythology he hoped to find every single trace of magic from every culture and continent that could lead himto finding his brother. Through science he hoped that he could push technology far enough to a least gain teleportation. He knew that his brother might have been sent to another world and he would do anything to get to him.

Which has lead up to this point. In his basement his life's work now will be put to the test. As Felix prepares to test his teleportation device, he mentally and physically prepares for what's to come when he enters this other world. Whether his brother is dead or dying, he has to know the truth and will do everything he can to get it. He starts up the machine and begins the activation process. The device powers up only for it to fail. He goes up to check the frame when suddenly it explodes and he gets zapped in the process. As his consciousness fades, he hopes to see his brother soon.

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