[Bug] "Go to next/previous chapter" buttons are gone


Like the title says, the "Next >>>" and "<<< Previous" buttons are gone on the Desktop version of the website, when one reaches the end of a chapter. They are there on the top of every chapter, but it's very inconvenient to scroll up for every chapter. On mobile ther are no issues, only on desktop.

I'm reading in half-window mode (with A++ fond size) and without the MicroGear scrollwheel from logitech, it's really a bother to switch chapters. :p


  • Scroll lower, the arrows your looking for are there.
  • edited March 12

    Uh? Could it be something on my end? I'll check other browsers or if an addon is messing with it.

    Edit: Found it. For some reason, the "new design" arrows are recogniced as ads by my AdGuard on desktop, but not on mobile (use adguard there too).
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