Question about good forgotten

Ok, mysterious title: achievement get.
I want to ask if site will revert "next chapter" "previous chapter" to the old links look. Why? Because i only read novels on my phone (it feels more like reading a book than on PC) and i cannot use those buttons on "readers mode" (otherwise it's unreadable, even in "night" mode").

Also BTW. Will you ever return the convenient novel list pre-site-downgrade which was much easier and better to use?


  • Prev/next links for mobile will be coming out in next update.
  • Will you bring back TL notes? This was the only way for us to get to know of any break TL would take or how many more chapters are for the week.

    But seriously. All i see so far is going even farther and farther away from anything good. "Old" site was perfect, it has everything it need to have to be comfortable to use. Now everything is either hidden or put in a way that is a pain in the ass to use. Like "update" thing... What was previously was clean, and nobody was forced to skim through pages upon pages of text to find information he needed.

    This change does NOT improve anything so far, it only diminish everything down to hell.
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