Novel suggestions

Hi everyone.

So I started out reading martial god asura and thought it was great. From some recommendations on here I started reading I shall seal the heavens  as my second novel and wow it was amazing. So I'm looking for some suggestions for what to read next. Looking for a novel: weak to strong, unique cultivation technique, beautifully written and refers back to things that may have happened a hundred chapters ago like its all well thought out and connected.

Thanks everyone


  • Oh i think i got a good one for you, it’s Overgeared. I mean, i like it personally cause you’ll be able to see how the MC grows from chap 1 to present. It’s still ongoing but it currently has 900+ chaps now. It’s sugoi. Just try it out.
  • So I found this guilty pleasure for quite some time now and it has gathered quite a bit of chapters so i might as well share it... also the translation in the early stages are rough but readable, this is just a disclaimer. 
    Here is the link:
  • One that I would recommend is Emperor's Domination. This one does not go from weak to strong as the MC is always op (Think of like one punch man). But the main thing about the story is the story itself, and how beautiful it is. The story is well thought out and many things connect back and have a lot of emotionally driven scenes while still having the typical action.
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