B.A.C.: Chapter 2 Following Rules

B.A.C.: Chapter 2 Following Rules

Seisho heard a very familiar voice behind him, and he immediately known who it was from the sound of her voice saying “amazing answer right!” He turned around and confirmed it was really Rosy. Rosy was her classmate since kindergarten, and she was given that name because it is the most distinguishing part of her face, her mother upon seeing her have decided to call her that name. The doctors themselves said her cheeks were so rosy complementing the name that they heard from her mother.

Rosy indeed have grown a little taller and became a little slimmer than before, after their graduation from elementary. She is wearing a nice blue flowery dress with a jeans like texture and the length of it was almost touching the floor if it’s not only because of her sandal with high shoe soles. Her hair’s length is already down to her waistline. She no longer wears any kind of jewelry like before. In other words a very natural look.

Seisho remembered how Rosy changed her style to comply with the new rules of all the schools that BAC help acquaint unto them. She also wants to join the ranks of the  tournament like Seisho. And these rules are not that hard because it is really the natural way and it is what’s written in the Holy Book. It says “ In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shame facedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;”

Rosy walks towards Seisho, and she ask him a question saying “are you attending middle school at UST too?” And Seisho said “yes I am! Why did you ask?” Rosy smile first showing her cute dimples and said “I thought you will be going to LVCC. Since they already won and the students there are no longer paying for their tuition fee.” Seisho also smiled back at her then he said, “well I still want us to become classmates, so that we can go home the same time just like before.” Rosy laugh and made a giggling sound and ask Seisho one last time. “Are you going home now? Can I walk with you to home again?” While she was saying that he also have seen the changes that happened to Seisho.

Before, Seisho’s hair was long and likes to pony tail it always. But when he heard from one of the questions of Bible Academia Challenged that the hair of male Christians should cut their hair, because that is one of the teachings of Christ in the Bible saying

"Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?  But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering."

Seisho answered Rosy and said “You go home first I need to get my BAC smartphone at BAC Center!” When Rosy heard about the smartphone, she took something in her bag and showed it to Seisho and said “look what I’ve got here! Let me come with you to get yours.” Seisho’s eyes got bigger and and felt very excited. He asks Rosy if he can hold the device he was referring with the BAC smartphone. It was his first time to see it up-close he sprouted out a very loud “wow”. Seisho told Rosy while nodding “let’s go to BAC Center while I inspect this gadget!”

These rules and regulations were added to the schools who will enter Bible Academia Challenge, the hair of the students should conform to, all male students should have a haircut to maintain a short hair and female students should not have haircuts so they will have a long hair. Together with the following other rules every time the tournament is conducted on the stage. First, any kind of electronic gadgets are prohibited (e.g. earphones, headphones, microphones, cell phones, tablets, laptop PC, cameras, music players, storage devices, and the likes)  except for the special smartphones that were given by BAC to each contestant. Second, paper, notes and the likes are prohibited. Third, you can ask anyone or collaborate as long as they are part of your team. Fourth, time limit for the answer to be written in the screen panel is two minutes. Fifth, anyone caught cheating is disqualified in that current game, another two more times will be disqualified in current year. An additional year of disqualification will result in total banned from entering anymore to BAC. Sixth, if a team or school did not arrive on time of the tournament they will be deducted one thousand points and their opponent will not be declared as winners, on the other hand both teams or school will be given a new school to play with. Seventh, These are the official set of rules and regulations that the BAC participants will follow in order to maintain their place in the competition.

It was in the semi finals of the first year of the Bible Academia Challenged when these were applied, and all the schools who will not follow will be disqualified from the tournament. There is already a school who have that same kind of policy, and  that school is the LVCC, they have won the 2nd place of that tournament, together with Oxforth University who was very willing to do the rules because not only they want to help their students to enter their school without paying for anything, they also want to be recognized as the best school in the world. They are considered one of the current prestigious schools in the world. With that they have seen the sincerity of Bro Eriya's words because two schools have been given the price the Bible Academia Challenged had promise. All the other schools administration have given there go signal that any student, teaching staff, who does not comply with that will not be given a chance to enroll or work at their school.

An additional bonus that were given to the schools who did not win but were very willing to follow the rules, they were given a building to be constructed and use as a learning facility regarding all things about the Bible, and they have the same network and technology with all the participating  schools so they can research properly with all the references and super computers that came with the building after they finish the construction. The building will be a base of learning for all students and coaches who are participating with the BAC competition. It has two stories, a library, a practice room, and ten classrooms were the students will be rank from level one to five. Those who gets to level five are the ones who will participate with the competition while the other students that ranks lower will have to level up in order to join.

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