Sithe Leaders power in main universe

I am curious why the Sithe Leaders powers would be reduced if he were to enter Ji Ning's universe? I get that when people enter a universe they weren't born in, they get rejected by it's dao, but wasn't the Sithe leader born in the original universe? He is technically not from any of the current universes, shouldn't he be accepted by all of them or rejected by all of them? Or is it that he has now bound himself to a universe, so the other universes reject him?


  • its just as you said. The different chaosverses have completely different prime essences. The Sithe leader has bound himself to another set of prime essences, which will obviously reject another set of prime essences. since Prime essences are the embodiment of a chaosverses laws, their power is decreased because those prime essences just arent compatible or work with another set. 
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    The whole "he's from the original omniverse" revelation comes at the very end of the book and isn't very elaborated on, so we really can only speculate on how that stunt worked out.

    He got mostly killed in the fight over the mainland, only his truesoul managed to escape.
    The soul then entered one of the new universes and reincarnated there.
    He wanted to wait for reformation of the mainland to regain something.

    So it could be that his soul was incarnated and aligned with the Prime Essences of the Sithe Chaosverse. Becoming compatible with them, and incompatible with all other Chaosverses.

    OR, he incarnated in the Sithe Chaosverse with his alignment to mainland Prime Essences, but he was still an Omega Autarch and despite being rejected by the chaosverse, with nobody having reached autarch level in it yet he was the strongest, so he managed to slowly erode and change it to take control of it and transform it to suit his prime essences.

    Though I personally think its the former.
  • what is his omega dao?
  • avijoyd said:
    what is his omega dao?
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    If I remember well, it was mentioned that he would technically become and Omega Dao Exalt in Ning's universe as he is stripped from his universe's power. Of course, he gained a lot of tricks as a universe controller so his actual power would at the minimum be at the level of an Omega Dao Autarch from Ning's universe. That would represent being a level stronger then Iyeree in Ning's universe
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