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Is the new site going to keep all of the old RSS features?  I was using them to keep track of my novels across wuxiaworld, gravitytales, volarenovels, etc.  I could probably find another way if necessary but I'd prefer being able to just use the RSS feed.
Absolute Choice is the first novel that I've read on Wuxiaworld that I genuinely do not like.


  • I'm hoping the same. the current RSS in the new site is for all novels. Hopefully we can have novel specific RSS
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    I had manually searched through my browsing history to even figure out where I left off on most of my novels. Think I have barely managed to get them all in the site's bookmarks. Made my own browser bookmarks as well just in case the site ones get broken/lost in the future. At least I'll have something hard to fall back on.

    I very much miss the RSS feeds. I have to visit the bookmarks page directly to see what novels have updates. Their is no dedicated RSS feed. It would be super awesome if RSS feed came back as an RSS version of the site's bookmark page. Something like

    For each novel in my bookmarks send three links to the browser.
    <novel name - current chapter>
    <novel name - next chapter to read>
    <novel name - latest released chapter>

  • For anyone who is still unclear on this question, the new RSS url that I've gotten to work is: whatever novel title here)

    so for example, the url for updates of The Desolate Era (shoutout to RWX btw for translating this) would be:
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