AWE - Path of Bai Xiaochun

Hey guys, is just me that hates the way Er Gen makes our MC special? For example, in Pursuit of the Truth we see a path of creation (which I think that's the best), but in AWE and other novels (that I'll not give spoilers) he do things like achieving a special realm.

Come on, in AWE, the Lower Reaches has a special place that makes our MC a Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment, something that is even rarer in Upper Reaches, just why? Creating ur path or having a high level insights in a specif Dao is much more attractive to me (like his medicine Dao). And how can Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect not pursuit the Heavenstring Energy their territory? It looks like they don't give a sh*t for this.

Above all, how can cultivation be ONLY about luck? It should be something that u can achieve with insights, will and effort. Not just luck.

Btw, now he needs five deva souls to achieve another extraodinary realm, really? Again luck and external power, why would you need deva souls to breakthough? If not with souls, then u need a pill, I really don't get it... Probably he only do it (breakthough with 5 deva souls) because of the heavenstring, which is something that he took with luck...

Maybe I'm influenced by others novels like Ze Tian Ji and Pursuit of the Truth, but I was trully not expecting to see a lot of external powers influencing in the breakthoughs of such a masterpiece like AWE.

I don't like the way the cultivation goes in the novel, so sad, because Bai Xiaochun is my favorite MC of all novels I read.

Well, I want to see other opinions.


  • This is Er'Gen style i guess... I readed ISSTH and dropped it after 1400 chapters (was a strife to get this far, i wanted to quit at the middle of book 6)
    If you like this king of MC you should try "Perfect World" or "The Sacred Ruins" from Chen Dong 
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