4 Fate Palace Symbols Significance

I hope anyone can enlighten me regarding this topic. What significance it brings/create when the four symbols are thoroughly complete:

Tree of Life - Leaf of Era
Cauldron of Life - Heavenly Dao’s Beginning
Water of Life - Life Origination 
Pillar of Life - Ancient Void Rune

when all of this are gathered/completed like LQY did, what did he obtain? Or what power? Where did he used it or what is it’s purpose? 
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  • Had some login problems with new site, so the answer comes a little bit late.

    As with many secrets in the novel, the author gives only few hints for the reader to puzzle everything together and keeps it often a mystery. What i write is only how i understood it and i give no guarantee because of the partly horrendous machine translation and the frequent changing glossary of lnmtl.

    Around 2130 Li Qiye talked about the path to become an immortal. To reach this state you have to cultivate your True Self to the peak.

    I see True Self as the cultivation of the True Fate ( vessel of the sea of memories, fate palaces and dao heart) and understanding of the 4 fate palace symbols, which culminates in the True Fate governing all powers of its owner, even supplements like the heavens will. Basically the power comes from the cultivator itself and isnt dependent on external sources.

    Cultivators of the 9 worlds and the 10th world can't cultivate True Self because they need True Qi, which doesn't exist in worlds that are directly governed by Old Thief Heaven, and are most likely not even aware of it because they do not know the secrets behind the 4 fate palace symbols. By becoming Emperors or High Gods and having 3 or more HW/Totems, they can sense some mysteries and start True Self cultivation, although at this level its already too late  and much harder than at the beginning stages of cultivation. With True Self they are capable to unite their Totems and Heavens Will to reach a more powerful state.

    The 4 "items" Li Qiye found, upgrade Li Qiyes 4 symbols to a perfect state and give him further insight into the fate palace symbols profound mysteries. I cant say what these items are, maybe a primordial super existence (or part of) like the 3 Great Vortexes or some final research product of ancient Supreme Giants. They are also most likely the reason he could already use the 4 fate palace symbols in the 9 worlds, e.g. when he cut down Long Aotian ( Flying Immortal Church Immortal Emperor Candidate) and Long Zhantian ( Aotians Dao Protector) with one move. No present powerhouse, even Emperor Assailants and Contenders, could see through this move ( I know, pretty convenient excuse for the author to explain nothing).

    One property of the symbols is to absorb Heavens Punishment Thunder Tribulation, the Ancient Void Rune in particular. Supreme Giants can tank Heavens Punishment for a certain time, maybe even endure it, but so far only Li Qiye was able to absorb it with the help of the 4 symbols and also redirect it at a target at will. From that i conclude the symbols are able to absorb and conduct any kind ofenergy, with Heavens Punishment being the most formidable form of energy known thus far.

    If i remember right besides the beforementioned "fight" with Long Aotian, he used the 4 symbols only on two other occasions. One was the fight against the Dark Giant who attacked the Deity Academy around the early 2100s. Second one was to supress the Eye of Darkness in the Bright Saint Courtyard around 2815, which tried to help the Supreme Dark Giant to escape from Li Qiyes Dao Heart world.
  • Thank you very much., It seems like I need to reread Northern Grand Sea Arc up till later, can’t seem to undestand some words in lnmtl which is most likely the most important parts. Thanks again
  • Isn't the Ancient Void Rune part of the Void Gate? I thought the ability to absorb lightning was a natural function.

    Anyone know where the side stories went?
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