Someone to answer a question doubt about Pursuit of the Truth

I am half confused, among the types of shamans, their powers and levels of power. if someone is so kind to explain them to me


  • From chapter 362

    They have six great Realms. They are divided into Battle Shaman, Spirit Wisdom, Thought Soothsayer, Soul Catcher, Spirit Medium, and Split Dawn.


    "They have six types of Realms, and each one of them is divided into four stages: Fledgling, Medial, Latter, and End. A Fledgling Shaman is equivalent to those of us in the initial stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm, and Medial Shaman is about the same as those of us who have attained the great completion of the Bone Sacrifice Realm. Latter Shaman is equivalent to those of us in the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm, and End Shaman is equivalent to those of us who have attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm.

    "There is still a legendary stage after the End. It is known as Hollow. Within the six great Realms, anyone who has gone past End can call himself or herself as the Hollow Shaman!

    You can reread the chapter if you want to know the powers of each type of shaman as I would be posting half the chapter if I was to list them all.

  • As said above shamans are of six types and each type has different powers for example soul catchers can control a puppet and other types have it like that,
    and the power levels are 4 fledgling, medical, latter, end, hollow
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