We are doing a research! Please help us!(2)

Hi, the readers on Wuxiaworld! We are two college students from China. Recently, we are doing a study about the translation of Chinese online novels, so we’d like to do a little research here. Could you please answer the following questions according to your real situations? Thanks so much for your help!
Meanwhile, if you feel like to accept our further interviews, we are looking forward to communicate more with you and we will prepare a beautiful little gift for your cooperation. Thanks again for your attention!
1. Why do you keep reading the Chinese online fantasy novels? What is your main reason?
2. How do you solve your problems when you find you have difficulties in understanding some Chinese-style words?
3. Besides the fantasy novels on Wuxiaworld, have you ever read any other Chinese classical novels? Such as the Four Classics in China (The Journey to the West, A Dream of Red Mansions, etc.)
If Yes, what is it? And what is the most attractive part for you and what is the most difficult part for you when you are reading.
If not, do you have any plan to read some of them after you have read some Chinese online novels? Why?
Shannon Yang,  Yingying Li


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    Just a heads up but you might want to post this on the Novel Translations subreddit, chances are you will have more responses
    -> https://www.reddit.com/r/noveltranslations/
    for me:
    1. They are slightly amusing
    2. Look at the context and see how the word was used. If that doesn't work I google it.
    3. No, I have not read any classic Chinese novels. If I get bored here I might read them but chances are I won't.
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