My personal recommendations

I had to edit and it still hasn't reappeared so i think ill just post it again.

I have read several hundred novels in this genre and so i would like to give you my recommendations of what i believe to be well done and somewhat original. I will do my best to not give away too much info, while still giving you a good idea of the novel.

The records of the human emperor: I really enjoy this novel. It has a powerful war general who reincarnates back in to his past to try to save his country. It does give reasoning as to why he gets sent back, and he has many regrets that he wants to right. There is politics abound, conspiracy, and betrayals. The kingdom has real issues, and he can't magically fix everything. For those who like op characters, he has some of that, but he is never too strong he can't be beaten. There are many interesting characters, and an interesting take on powers. There is a large amount of real history and it's quite interesting to see the mc in this world. So far in the translation there is no romance, so no one true love or harem.

There are some negatives though, as you would be able to see from my comments on those chapters. It does pad a little, but its kept to a tolerable level, except for one really annoying event. He is a little too filial for my personal tastes, but some may like that. The author really likes female characters, but can't write them very well, so i'm thankful there is no romance.

Superstars of tomorrow: I love this novel so far. There is not a a great deal of translated chapters yet though. The story basically follows a man who lived through the period of destruction which lasts a hundred years, but unfortunately he passed away in the 99th and never saw what happened afterward. Our main character, Fang Zhao, reincarnates in to a man who looks somewhat like him, 500 years in to the future. Before the war he was a composer of music, and so was the man who's body he took over after committing suicide. You follow his life as he continues his passion for music, but along the way you learn about his friends from the war, you read about his interactions with the new world, his interactions with other characters, and you get wonderful descriptions of his music and peoples reaction to it.

Tales of herding gods:This is a pretty interesting novel. Also not a great deal of translated chapters. This novel is about a young boy who is found by a village of disabled elderly people, and oh boy are they really disabled. You meet a character with one arm, a character with no lower body, a character who has no limbs at all, and so much more. Anyways the boy is saved by an old woman who hears a boy crying out in the darkness. This is no ordinary darkness though, as it's evil and kills anything that's in it. He is rescued from the arms of a woman who was long dead, and raised by these elderly people. We readers come to find out though, that these are no ordinary elderly people. They have been forsaken for reasons i won't tell you, to live in ruins people don't go to. These aren't good people though, so they are raising an impressionable kid, to basically be a villain. It has interesting characters all over the place, smart villains, many funny moments, all kinds of demons, and super cool powers. The boy is op, for reasons not revealed, and there are sprinkles of a possibly interesting backstory, but so far not much has been revealed.

I have many more recommendations, but i'll leave that to those who would like to know more. I've been a long time reader, but never really commented, so i thought i would make a post about the novels i currently enjoy for others to also read.

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